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Honestly, I think the whole “don’t pay the writers” thing boils down to the notion that everybody thinks they can write. It’s the old saw about the novelist at a cocktail party having to hear someone say, for the millionth time, “I’d love to write a book someday.”

Someone–Stephen King? Pretty sure I saw this in a Stephen King foreword–once said they’d like to say to a brain surgeon, “Boy, I’d love to do brain surgery someday.”

We treat “the ability to put words into a sentence” like it’s just the same as “the ability to form a coherent narrative that engenders a variety of emotions within the reader and puts them in a scene and shows them what they didn’t see before”.

And that’s like me drawing a stick figure and saying I’m an artist.

Writers are constantly devalued because everyone thinks they have a book in them and don’t realize the level of skill and commitment it takes to finish even a short story, much less a whole book. 

This goes well beyond fandom, but man, I would’ve hoped fandom would know better.

Was asked which one of them usually spoons: The spider

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(all prices listed are for a one-character piece, not the amount of characters in the preview. the prices for additional characters are listed next to them.)


Hey, guys!  I’ve started saving for some proper equipment and it would be great if you would be willing to help me out!

If you are interested, send me an email to so we can discuss the process! Also, if you have any questions, just ask!

Some more info:

  • I won’t draw complicated backgrounds or anything that could qualify as 18+/I’m not comfortable with
  • I can draw fantasy and OCs (with provided references- descriptions, general visual references etc.), fanart (fandoms I’m not familiar with are also ok) and animals
  • payment through PayPal
  • prices are negotiable

I’m always willing to answer any additional questions! Also, even if you can’t support me this way, it would mean a lot if you supported me through reblogging and spreading the word! :)

hopelessly in love with fahc freewood, send help

can you believe that after tomorrow is over, i’m basically a fully qualified teacher??? who put me in charge of all of these children?!?!?!!


Dolcetto: Has anyone seen my swords…?

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Today in “Annoying Gideon” we present… this.


My Bullet Journal Set Up

So some of you have asked me about my bullet journal (I’m looking at you, @munirastudies (and some anons - hi anons!)). Here it is: my set-up!

I previously did a post on my bullet journal at the very beginning of this studyblr, which can be found here. It’s just changed so much since then that I decided I’d post a new one!

- 1 - I’ve got a dotted Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook in a really dark blue - which fits because I’m Ravenclaw. I was actually planning on painting the house crest on the front cover, but I never got to do it… but I think I’ll do it soon haha.

- 2 - When you look at my bullet journal you’ll see that I have some bright tags there. They really help me find stuff quicker (but they aren’t sticky enough so they often get loose.. I should change that). You can see my tag list in picture

- 3 - and it’s at the very end of the notebook. For those of you who don’t know this system yet, it’s really simple! You just decide how you want to tag that page, for example “books” as I did in mine, and go to the back of your notebook to write it down there. Then you choose a colour and put a strip of washi tape (or I use post it flags) on that page in the back and also on the page you want to tag so that the colours are in one line and you can see them from the outside (god I’m bad at explaining this but I can’t find the page that explained it to me, sorry!).

- 4 - On the first three pages there’s an index, and I use the first page for years and months, then the second page (which you can see in the picture) I use for anything else.

- 5 - Then there’s my key. I have a colour coding system, but I use some colours twice (which is really bad, I know) because there just weren’t enough colours! I have one colour for each subject, then also for other parts of my life like work, family and friends, uni in general and health (which is anything really: when I eat, doctor’s appointments, when I clean my flat etc). There’s also a key for my expenses which I rarely use anymore, and one for how long it took me to do a task which I also don’t use anymore.

- 6 - In this picture, and also the one before, you can see my yearly overview (which I am still so proud of because I thinks it’s really pretty). I only write down really important stuff in there, and things I’m looking forward to.

- 7 - Now we come to the more important stuff in my bullet journal. In this picture you can see my monthly overview. Here I write down everything that happens that particular month, like when I have to work, exams, family and friends stuff, and birthdays etc. I also have space for goals that I want to achieve that month, and an expenses table. This really helps me because often times I would just go shopping for books and stuff and spend so much money (which you can see hasn’t really improved much {{I spent 70€ on books last month?!}}). Now I can see how much I spend and what I should do better next month (like, I should definitely buy less books {{I actually spent more money on books this month and it’s not even halfway through but shush}}). On the next page there’s an example of a weekly overview. This one looks pretty much the same every week (at least the layout). Here are some more examples:

There’s always space for my weekly goals, then a food table where I write down everything I eat (which should make me more aware of what I eat and change my habits of eating - but it kind of doesn’t), underneath that there’s my habit tracker (and you can see I’m not very good at that either), and then there’s some kind of time tracker…? I don’t know what it’s called, I just thought I needed to know how I spend my time each day, like if there’s a lot of pink I’ve been doing a lot for myself (reading, watching movies, listening to music), if there’s lots of yellow I did a lot with friends and family, then there’s days where I was very creative and a lot of the time is purple - or if there’s lots of green (history) and red (English) I did a lot for uni. I really like this one (and I think I came up with it myself, but if someone has already claimed credit I give it all to you haha).

- 8 - Let’s just ignore the fact that this was one of my most unproductive weeks of all time (like, do you see how often I migrated tasks here?!). Just like my weekly overviews, my daily overviews look pretty much the same every week - at least the basic layout. I get bored of a certain layout about halfway through the week, so I try to come up with a new one every week. See how I got an arrow based layout in the orange overview, and kind of tree/nature based in the green one? What I always include is how much water I drink. I try to drink 12 glasses of water, which in my case is about 2,5 litres. Then there’s the basic to do list thing that bullet journals have. I include my colour code here as well, it just makes it easier for me to see what kind of things I have to do each day. Some more examples:

- 9 - I also have pages in my bullet journal that I use for lists, uni stuff, recs, organisation and personal stuff. In this picture you can see my “books to read” list. On the first example picture of the daily pages you can also see my wish list (which only has “money” on it - figures) and a pro/contra list about the two options I have for my stay abroad. Here are some more examples:

My saving goals page (which isn’t really done yet) and my schedule for this semester(which doesn’t have the hours on it):

and a “movies to watch” list (some spelling mistakes included):

- 10 - This last picture is my current spread. I saw this on tumblr and wanted to try it, but my colour code kind of destroys it. Maybe I’ll try it again some time without my colour code… Here’s another picture of the weekly overview:

Wow. This got a little out of hand! I hope you enjoy this :)

Your Heart Was Beating Too Fast

Yeah…I know, I know. I said I was done. Turns out I wasn’t. This popped in my head, and spilled onto a page very quickly, and well…here ya go. A little prequel to the other two Supercorp/Sanvers/Kiddos fics. (At least this one’s short? Haha)

And now I’m done. For real. …I’m pretty sure…

Feat. Supercorp and Sanvers and Danvers Sisters and babies.

Alex and Maggie barely push the door open, when Kara cries, “Alex! In here. Please…please help me.”

There is a lot of crying coming from Kara and Lena’s bedroom, and not all of it sounds like it’s from their newborn baby girls.

Alex kisses Maggie on the cheek, leaving her to occupy their three kids in the living room and hurries down the hall toward all the noise.

Her jaw drops in the doorway to Kara and Lena’s bedroom.

Toys and blankets and diapers and bottles are everywhere. Kara is cradling two tiny, pink bundles—one in each arm—bouncing and rocking and trying everything she can to make them stop crying, which they don’t seem to be inclined to do, as her own tears stream down her cheeks.

Alex wants to laugh and cry at the same time.

“Lena had a meeting, she had to go…she…and I…I can’t. Alex, they won’t stop.”

“Oh, Kara…”

“Alex, please,” she pleads.

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