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The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!


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ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land,


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see--jane--rest  asked:

i hope you don't mind this question - it's about the "wangst" (i'm not sure what that means but i think i get the gist) i don't usually go into tags and most of the time i'm pretty indifferent to hc's etc i don't agree with, but i'm curious, what do you consider ooc langst?

i don’t mind at all! and for the most part i’m pretty indifferent to headcanons i don’t agree with, too, but it kinda grates on me when i can’t go five minutes without seeing them haha

imo, ooc langst is:

  • the team making fun of / yelling at / generally shitting on lance for no reason while he takes it like a human emotional punching bag also for no apparent reason
  • lance disappears / gets captured / leaves and no one notices
  • lance disappears / gets captured / leaves and no one bothers to look for him
  • lance joins the enemy because obviously they’ll treat him better than this awful team!!!!
  • the team exchanges lance for information (i’ve legit seen a few of these like… holy shit)
  • the team mutes lance’s comms because he’s being ~annoying~ and he gets hurt / dies as a result (seen a few of these too and like. what)
  • shiro being weirdly mean to lance or ignoring him or something
  • tbh anyone ignoring lance in general
  • like for the most part he’s the one we see interacting with the others the most?? it’s just weird
  • any fic where lance becomes completely dead inside esp for any of these reasons lol

yeah i dunno for the most part my pet peeves are when people make the rest of the team into these awful jackasses in order to write their lance pain porn. if you’re going to write angst at least make it accurate, in-character angst you cowards

Six Sentence Sunday (6/11/17)

“Had a bit of a revelation today,” Molly said, interrupting Sherlock’s train of thought as he gazed through the lenses of the microscope.

“I kept wondering and wondering…why I can’t manage to let you go,” she stated calmly, which naturally ended his interest in the sample he’d been studying and turned his stunned gaze to her instead.

“It’s awfully simple once I really thought about it; everything we’ve been through over the years and why my heart keeps coming back to you…over and over and over again,” she explained, her expression noticeably serene and strong.

Sherlock’s heart pounded, because in some way or another he could see what was coming and it frightened him a little to know that his world was about to be turned upside down. She must have seen that, because Molly gave him a smile of affection and understanding as she gently spoke the words of truth that Sherlock anticipated before they left her lips.

“It’s because you can’t let me go either.”