now i'm done. lol

The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!


Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)



(i would like to think they were exchanging smiles not only because of keith cracking a joke to make lance feel better in that moment, but because they were also sharing an inside joke from the previous moment; keith being like: ah yes I remember back on our first day in the castle when you called me a dropout for correcting you, while lance was thinking: keith, that comeback is a bit late)

The Orionids meteor shower is happening this weekend, but it’s cloudy…. so my boys are watching it in my place

I just got this great comment by aronin3151984 on AO3 and now I can’t help imagine this:

[Villains and Heroes are in the middle of a dramatic standoff]

Doom (sneers): You and your precious band of misfits don’t have a chance, Captain America!

Crossbones: Yeah! Because we will have Iron Man!

Tony (raises eyebrow in surprise)

Rhodey (sarcastic): Oh really?

Crossbones (smirks): Yes. Now come, join us on the Dark Side, Stark, because we have COOKIES!

Henchman #367 (pulls out basket of freshly baked, still warm cookies with melted chocolate chips)

Rhodey (horrified): Oh shit.

Captain America (laughing): Tony would never betray us for cookies of all things

Tony (stares intently at cookies with wide, glazed eyes)

Captain America (laugh falters): Tony? …uh oh…

Rhodey (desperate): Tony, NO! REMEMBER YOUR OATH!!!

Tony (shakes head): Right. Right. LOKI! GET OVER HERE!!

Everyone (blinks in surprised confusion)

Loki (doesn’t move, challenging): And why should I do that, Man of Iron?

Tony (blissed out smile): Because the Dark Side may have cookies but the Light Side has COFFEE

Villains (staring at Loki in alarm): !!!!

Loki (looks torn)

Tony: And take the cookies with you!


Villains (sadly skulking off to their secret emergency hide-outs, muttering): coffee…coffee…WE SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED THE COFFEE!!!

So I drew a single kid Stanley and then-

the signs as things dennis reynolds has done

Aries: imagining himself stripping naked and threatening wally the neighbor

Taurus: screaming at the hospital staff when dee was having her baby

Gemini: the D.E.N.N.I.S. system

Cancer: mac

Leo: singing dayman in that putrid silver outfit

Virgo: thinking he’s gonna be the best on family fight but ends up crying on the ground by the end

Libra: stealing Brian Lefevres identity

Scorpio: TOOLS i have to have my TOOLS 

Sagittarius: his speech about mac in the gang dines out

Capricorn: teaching the girl at the water park how to be more conniving 

Aquarius: getting addicted to crack to go on wellfare

Pisces: not wanting to celebrate valentines day because the gang never got him valentines/big feelings rant/reaction to mac’s gift

charlie version // mac version // dee version // frank version

ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land,