now i'm dead too


Goodnight, Captain
(AKA vague prequel to this)

Where freshly minted Captain Kirk reads up on stuff even when he’s not on shift and nods off in random conference rooms on the Enterprise. Certain first officers who don’t require as much sleep take care of things.


Casual reminder that this is the FIRST TIME Isak has complimented Even on his physical features.

That moment we were all Deadpool


Well, it seems I’m emotionally attached to a character that’s dead ;-;

For @smiles4voltron I hope you like it, I messed up a bit here and there (also had a bit too much fun on his hair)

I was crying like 70% of the time I was making this, oh I almost forgot to say the green words are supposed to be the king!

Everything you make is so beautiful I wish I could take it all and put it in a box then somehow attach that box to me XD

I get so excited every time you post something that my friends are starting to think I’m crazy, but I am crazy so it’s ok


Have I posted enough about Bones and his eyes? No?? Okay here’s more.

Remember how earlier in the season Kimball and Doyle were arguing? And he with naive idealism wanted to save everyone and she was trying to be a realist about how this is a war and people were going to be lost?

And then in episode 16, Kimball didn’t want to leave Doyle behind, and Doyle accepted that sacrifices had to be made to save the rest.

They were never as different as they wanted us to believe. He was a realist who hoped for the best possible outcome. She is just as naive as he seemed, she just tried so hard not to show it.