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EB: here’s to hoping 2017 won’t be nearly as bad as 2016 was!

TG: god i hope so

ks chapter 21

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some actualyuuri/braveten updates ~~~

Just some stuff going on for anyone who cares:

  • I JUST HIT 2000 FOLLOWERS! That’s super surreal and thank you so much to everyone who follows me for putting up with my usually low-quality drabbles and rants!!! <3 <3 <3 ILY ALL!!
  • I won’t be around tomorrow because I have a programming competition!!!  So if you notice significantly less posts spamming your dash that’s why
  • The first chapter of if i’m never your hero, my vigilante AU, is currently on schedule to be posted Tuesday night (12am est) but that’s changeable! So much homework this week OTL
  • ASKS: If you sent me an ask BEFORE today (March 24th) and I haven’t answered it yet, that’s because it was a prompt/headcanon/au that I wanted to write something for (whether it be a drabble or bullet points). I will get to it eventually, and I probably did receive it! I have about 110~~ prompts/headcanons/aus in my inbox right now, but I’ll get through them all eventually!!! Just waiting until I have more time bc I want to read them all thoroughly!!

I was going to go to bed earlier…but then I wrote…I don’t think the fic is done yet…but it’s sooo close…*whispers* for anyone that saw meldy’s picture of Ezra in space…it’s a fic for that AU…and it’s so feelsy I love it…

ikon as things i've said
  • Yunhyeong, after waking up: Wow, what a long day, right?? Haha, I'm so tired, goodnight you guys!
  • Bobby: If you touch my food again .... I'll push you over yourself.
  • B.I, playing two notes on a xylophone: I'm a musical genius
  • Donghyuk: Yeah, I don't really think I'm indecisive about things .... or maybe I am .... well no, I guess I'm not ..... actually yes, probably. Wait- no, I actually am
  • Junhoe: I'm like in this perpetual state of judging everyone around me
  • Chanwoo: Listen, I know I look like a tall twelve year old but I'm practically an adult now, I go to bed at 11 now

And that’s why I don’t write comics professionally.

I finally had the time to catch up with the comics and this was the first thing that popped up in my head after reading. I think Rung needed some mental help with this one.

Best read in Egoraptor’s Halo Reach voice.

I’ll go to bed now, I’m sorry.

me all day: i need to go pick up my anime boston pass after classes today. it’s really close. i just need to do it. i can totally do it. i just need to remember.

me just now, laying in bed: …wait shit

Small Lilo comfort fic, because I felt like shit on Sunday and needed a pick-me-up. Tour era (whichever tour you like best).

Louis doesn’t open his eyes when the bed sheets he’s made himself a cocoon of are pulled away and someone awkwardly slips into his bunk, although he does uncurl his body, making more room for the intruder to squeeze themselves into. His head won’t stop pounding.

“Hey,” Liam whispers, gently stroking Louis’s temple and jaw - to think a couple years back he flinched anytime someone touched him; Louis would grin, if everything didn’t hurt. “Was wondering where you’d gone.”

“Headache,” is all Louis says. Liam’s clothes are crispy cold from his trek outside and Louis presses his face against Liam’s chest with a sigh; the coolness is wonderful against his forehead.

He grunts when Liam shifts away from him, wrapping an arm around his waist just in case Liam’s got delusions about leaving, but all Liam does is press his cold cold lips against Louis’s forehead, right in the middle of his eyebrows, and that feels even better than his sweater did.

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Notes at the bottom

Okay so I finished this so you can have it whenever I schedule it to post, it’s currently 1:43 in the morning on a Monday and I’m really salty because I couldn’t make this an audio post due to copyright even though I really just wanted a thirty-ish second cut of a song on the post. totally pisses me off so the video above is just the cut posted as an unlisted video on my account, I probably won’t ever do the whole song so you can imagine the rest of it in your mind, in my shitty shitty style.

Okay I am now going to go to bed, have fun looking at this at whatever time of the day I queue this for (aka not now at 1:43 in the morning)

My entire life I’ve
Lied to myself about
Who I really am.
“This isn’t me, I’m
Just confused, I’m
Probably just a tomboy.”

I’ve been bullied and teased
Because I’m a he,
Even though I wasn’t born one.
I would go to bed thinking
“Lord, if you’re up there please
Take me now. I can’t do this
Any longer.”
They never understood me
And who I really was.
“Silly girl, you’re not a boy,
Nor will you ever be.”

After 17 years I’ve
Finally accepted it.
I am not a girl, and
I never have been.
Underneath those dresses and skirts
Hid a broken boy who
Was too scared to come out.
I can embrace who I truly am
And not live in fear.
Tomorrow I start taking
Testosterone, and I can
Finally be me.
I am a boy,
And I’ve never wanted
Tomorrow to come so bad.


I’m going to bed but I can’t stop thinking about how sad I’m about the thought of never seeing isak again after this season. This character that with his season helped me so much and kept me alive and still keeps me alive with his storyline and now it just… going to end after this and there will be no more and… yeah it sucks even though I respect the decision that’s been made but right now it hurts and… yeah i just had to express that before going to sleep. 💔

me while thinking about newtina

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