now i'll go cry


“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.

I can’t wait for that moment in a future for bawson when ginny gets out of a bathroom, gets down to the kitchen where Mike is making breakfast and he is saying something funny, but Ginny says nothing back as usual, so he turns around and she is standing there with her big eyes fix on him and says: “I’m… I’m pregnant.”


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

sarah smiles // panic! at the disco

As much as I hate what happened to Han Sung, I’m glad his last act was protecting the man he admired, helping his brother to realize that he’s a good person. Being able to die in the arms of the man he looked up to shows the heroic nature of the character who was learning how to be an adult and stand up for others, Han sung has spent his whole life being looked after and told what to do. His first and last action was his decision and he chose to sacrifice his life for someone who would be able to make a difference in this world.

You will always be a Hwarang Han Sung.

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We almost didn’t make it all because we were too scared of our feelings. But now all that seems so fucking ridiculous because nobody makes me feel this happy like you do and I never want this feeling to end.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend. ♥️

Hey guys so I don’t normally make posts like this but can people please go and take a chance on a show called Sweet/Vicious

i’m at the end of the second eisode and im in tears its so fucking powerful and important especially in the climate right now

i think it’s going to up for being axed if ratings dont get up soon

(also Im pretty sure it’s available to view on as well please just watch the first two episodes)

A Question to My Followers

Would you like me to work on the next chapter of A Short Quiz right now, or would you like me to continue writing that Valentine’s Day fic I put off to make that picture that got basically no notes? Both will be made and posted eventually, but I’m asking what you want me to work on right now.

I want you guys to make an informed decision, so I’ll give you a little information about both projects. 

The next chapter of A Short Quiz (Chapter 12) will mainly focus on Amy and Cream, and that is all I’m willing to say at the moment. The Valentine’s Day fic is a Sonamy two-parter based on a moment in season 2, episode 11 of Sonic Boom. 

So, leave a comment on this post about which you’d prefer me to work on right now. If you have problems making a comment, just send me an ask telling me which one you’d prefer. The most popular choice is what I will work on and post first, and I’ll let this post sit for a day before I start/continue my work. (I’m still working on something in the meantime, just not a fic)

A couple notes: If I continue to work on the Valentine’s Day fic, I cannot guarantee that I’ll have the next chapter of A Short Quiz posted by the second of next month, which means it will have been more than a month between the chapters being posted. Also, if the Valentine’s Day fic is chosen, I will post the next chapter of A Short Quiz before I make part 2. 

So, which one would you prefer?

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire: “The Internet is here.”

#i’m incapable of stressing at this point #niall could announce his engagement to bigfoot #and i’d be like mmm this gonna be good #baptize me in your river of lies
—  that-regular-chick on adopting a chill attitude since we’re constantly lied to by 1DHQ.

Sorry for disappearing off and not answering any replies or messages of support I’ve gotten, after the posts I made I ended up having a huge breakdown and crying hysterically for two hours…. until my three friends just burst into my apartment with snacks and stuff, and hung out with me until almost 6am… (also known as I’m blessed with super great friends and I love them lots ok)