now i'll go cry


“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.

how does one not get stressed


Soft Lips and Birthday Wishes (pt. IV)

May 14, 2017 - 03:42
1 Missed Voice Message
To: Maiolaine Bonneau

“Happy Birthday, again. Hopefully 20 is starting to treat you well… Uh-… I still smell like your perfume… it’s nice… But… that’s not why I’m calling you. I… I shouldn’t have kissed you last night, Io. I don’t regret it, but… fuck-… I shouldn’t have done it… Listen, Io… I can’t do this right now… “us”… You’re an amazing woman, and I do like you, but… I don’t think it’s our time… I… I think it would be best if we distance ourselves for… a while… I-… Maiolaine, I’m sorry…“

End of Voice Message

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy

I am so proud of the Ottawa Senators. Nobody thought they would even make it into the playoffs at the beginning of this season, and then to win round one, round two, and force a game 7 against the defending Stanley Cup champions that went to double OT? No, I don’t think a lot of people saw that coming. But they did that and so much more. Craig Anderson is a phenomenal goaltender, and we would not be here without him. Considering everything he and his family have had to deal with in their personal lives this year, it’s absolutely amazing to see what he’s accomplished. He was even able to tie the Senators’ record for most playoff wins for a goalie. Erik Karlsson continues to be our ridiculously talented captain, playing 30+ minutes on multiple occasions, all while breaking the Senators’ record for most assists in one playoff run and playing every game on a fractured foot. Kyle Turris is an amazing hockey player and a leader on and off the ice, and I don’t think a lot of people knew that before these playoffs. He was our top goal-scorer this season, and he dedicated as much time to his team as he did to the Capital City Condors, a team that helps bring the game of hockey to kids with disabilities, of which he is the honorary captain. Guys like Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman, and Zack Smith were also some of our best points-producers and everyone got to see that these playoffs. Derick Brassard welcomed his new team with a great season and came up clutch on multiple occasions this post-season. Jean-Gabriel Pageau got (another) playoff hatty, delighting his hometown crowd along with fellow Ottawa native Marc Methot, who lost part of his flippin’ finger this season. We also wouldn’t be here without our great defense, including Cody Ceci, Mark Borowiecki, and, yes, Dion Phaneuf (I can’t believe I’m saying that). All in all, there are so many heroes on this team, a team that went through so much adversity this season, a team that pretty much everyone doubted, and I’m so so so proud of the Sens and this wonderful season they’ve strung together for me to enjoy. Also big props to Guy Boucher, I think we finally got a coach we can count on. Thanks for this brilliant playoff run, Sens! Right back at it next year ❤

I’m mad. Fucking furious. Fucking furious that a medical professional who oversaw Ava’s first year and a half of life failed to order any of the tests that could have told us her brain wasn’t developing properly A FUCKING YEAR AGO. 

I know that anger is unproductive. I know that I did what I could when I could and I moved us where she would get the care she needed. This is why we came to Cleveland. This right here. Haven’t even been here six months and we’re miles ahead of where we were after 15 months with her old neuro. 

That’s good. That’s helpful. I can take comfort in that. That I didn’t wait any longer to get her where she needed to be. 

Right now she’s fine. She’s perfect. She’s full of life and personality. She is learning and growing and developing just fine. That can change at any moment though. And I have to stay vigilant. I have to be prepared for whatever might happen in her little baby brain. 

Right now I’m learning everything I can about Sturge-Weber Syndrome. About toddler brain development. I’m looking up how we can get her covered by Medicaid to make sure she can get whatever test/procedure she needs regardless of whether my private insurance covers it. 

I’m looking up early intervention services, early head start. Whatever I can do to help the left side of her brain grow normally to compensate for the right side not growing properly. 

I can’t fix her brain. I can’t make her blood vessels unfuck themselves. I can’t make anything in her head be right. 

But I can fight for her. I can get her whatever outside resources are available to her to help mitigate this bullshit her traitorous little brain is pulling. I’m on this. I got this. 

Battle Mom Mode Engaged. 

I can’t wait for that moment in a future for bawson when ginny gets out of a bathroom, gets down to the kitchen where Mike is making breakfast and he is saying something funny, but Ginny says nothing back as usual, so he turns around and she is standing there with her big eyes fix on him and says: “I’m… I’m pregnant.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favourite fic writer? If so what fics do you recommend?

I’m so happy someone asked this, now I can talk about my undying love for @floralseokjin She was one of the first fic writers I found and I fell in love with her work. Since then she has remained my No.1 favourite and I highly doubt that will ever change xD So if anyone is looking for an amazing fic writer, you should go check her out, my current two favourites are  Bones and Aquiver but everything she writes is perfect so you can view her masterlist here.  

I genuinely thought that one channel out of the six that normally air german football matches would show the pokal final but it turns out none of them will show it live for me 😢

#i’m incapable of stressing at this point #niall could announce his engagement to bigfoot #and i’d be like mmm this gonna be good #baptize me in your river of lies
—  that-regular-chick on adopting a chill attitude since we’re constantly lied to by 1DHQ.

 >>>>>> so I came home from my shrink to find ^^^^^^^ …. needless to say, serious mood drop and frustration.  I have hemmed and hawed before about doing graphics for money because I really just don’t mind making things for people but right now I have zero income and no way to repair or replace my tv and without my tv I have nothing to watch my shows / movies on for motivation and muse so…  I will be making a more professional ad at some point today but in the meantime: 

  •      >>>>>> 1000 static icons + psd for $10
  •      >>>>>> 400 gif icons for $10
  •      >>>>>> 250 gif icons + psd for $10
  •     >>>>>> 1 ad OR header +psd for $6
  •     >>>>>> 1 ad OR header with gif +psd for $10
  •      >>>>>> 1 background +psd for $10-$15  (no coding image only)
  •      >>>>>> 1 gifset (up to 10 images + text) for $10
  •      >>>>>> 1 aesthetic for $4
  •      >>>>>> anything else you might need can be discussed on a case by case basis!

     I’d be accepting payment via paypal.  I will keep an up to date post of what has been requested so that you know where you stand in queue and I will work on these with all due haste, though it may not be as fast as I’d like given that I am supposed to be starting classes / pulling my daughter out to home school her too but I can promise top priority wherever possible.  For your requests, the more details you give me about what you want, the more specific you are the better the chance you’ll like what you get – for banners / ads / backgrounds etc. I’ll show you my preliminary idea and then either try something else or forget ahead depending on feedback.  You’ll receive a watermarked copy when I am done and once payment clears I’ll send you your graphic(s) via dropbox / 4shared / your choice.


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.