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Hurricane Irma


Hey guys! Somehow my island was able to avoid being hit by a category 5 hurricane! It totally took a turn and MISSED US! Our southern islands got hit pretty bad because the eye of Irma passed over them but no loss of life because everyone was evacuated to our capital! My family and I are fine ^^ luckily we only experienced tropical storm conditions and a few areas flooding…the ocean even disappeared from one of our islands for a bit but its back now…its been insane. However, there is another concern…Hurricane Jose and the possibility that a THIRD hurricane is possibly in development…guys…I wont know anything about these ones until next week sometime…the fact that Irma missed us is a miracle but I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. Continue with the prayers and good vibes for all of the other islands and florida though guys! These storms are nothing to play with! Stay safe everyone!


Hey guys! I know most of you dont know but I’m from The Bahamas. In a few hours the central islands of The Bahamas (where I’m located) are going to experience hurricane Irma. My family and I have enough food and water and our home is as prepared as it can be. I’m not sure how long cell service/electricity is going to hold out for once this storm hits but I will try to keep everyone updated on my safety. If you pray please continue to keep my island and all the other affected islands in your prayers! If you don’t pray then please keep us in your thoughts and send good vibes. ❤

Commissions plus College

So the commission stuff is still going on and im gonna try to get more art out there so it looks better but im also having some troubles with a little Ebook I need (im using pearson MyMathLab)

Its about $150 dollars and my free trial expired a few days ago. Luckily I wont need it for another few weeks since we only use it for test reviews but i’ll have to get it at some point.

I do have a job as a CNA but between being a full time student and my responsibilities at home, I do not make many hours nor good enough money to get the ebook right now.

Which leads to the commissions. Sure, I could ask for donations but that feels a bit cheaty so I’ll do commissions. The prices are really wonky so at this point whatever anyone can give, I’ll draw you something for it (The amount im given does NOT affect the quality of the art)

Even if its 50 cents, I’ll draw you something for it, just be easy with the requests please, i’ll draw to the best of my ability but im no Picasso (as the saying goes).

Anyways, I hope this gets out because I really do need the ebook and hey, you’ll get some art from it.


You can slide on in my DM’s to commission me:

Thank you if you made it this far and didnt get bored and keep scrolling. Im still learning this website and how paypal works and all that jazz.




Three months later

“Tyson don’t you dare forget my hot cheetos, marshmallows, box of Krispy Kremes and nuggets!”, Lani aggressively warned as I clenched my jaw tight and literally had to bite down on my tongue to refrain from saying something foul. “Call me one more time and Imma whoop yo ass Lani, dont fucken try me”, I grumbled as she let out a scoff before hanging up on me. Wanting nothing more to call her ass back and give her an ear full for hanging up, I decided to let that shit rock only because I had Isaiah in the car and I didnt want him to have to listen through our bickering.

“Why mommy so crazy?”, Zay asked from the back seat causing me to look back through the rearview mirror and laugh at how serious he was, “Cause yo mom aint have this dick in a minute. Done caught a attitude”, I muttered under my breath but by the way Zay was looking at me with a confused stare I knew he had heard. “Dont repeat that shit either, I’on have to hear her voice if she knows I said that shit in front of ya”, I sighed as he nodded his head while swinging his legs back and forth while playing with his toy dinosaurs.

Counting down from 10 in my head, I couldn’t help but chuckle as my phone began to ring as soon as I hit 0. Shaking my head, I hit the answer button and waited for her voice to come thru the loudspeaker of the car. “Ty?”, Lani’s soft voice questioned as I look into the rearview mirror only to find Isaiah giggling at his mothers craziness. “Yea baby?”, I muttered as she let out a sigh, “Are you going to be home soon?”, She asked as I mentally rolled my eyes at the obvious question I knew she would be asking.

“Im around the corner La. We’ll be there in a few minutes”, I mumbled as she let out a satisfied sigh. “Good cause I miss you”, She chuckled into the phone as I couldn’t help but feel a grin tug at the sides of my lips, “Oh and sorry for hanging up on you. You get on my nerves”, She huffed causing me to shake my head, “Yea well the feelings mutual and you pull that shit again and you gonna get a whooping of a lifetime”, I grumbled as she instantly sucked her teeth and once again hung up.

This time Isaiah and I ended up busting up in laughter at Nalani’s antics. It wasn’t something new though as she had gotten rapidly moody about a month after our wedding. I honestly didn’t mind though, I mean yea it got on my nerves but just like she found entertainment in my bipolar I found her mood swings entertaining as well. Not only that but shit was so sexy when she caught an attitude,  it gave me a reason to really put it down on her when we get in them sheets. 

Unfortunately though, sex had been non-existent these last 2 weeks, simply because Lani wasn’t comfortable anymore and I low key had a fear of going to hard or deep and hurting my lil’mama. So now we was not only dealing with mood swings but sexual frustration as well.  I could barely go without sex for more than two days, now Id have to have for over two months cause Lani wont be able to have sex for 6 weeks after she gives birth. Then again I always had her back entrance, right?

It only took us another few minutes before I pulled up to our mansion.  Hitting the button for the gates, I sat patiently as I watched the large steel gates roll open and allow access to our long drive way.  Driving up, I coulnt help but catch a glimpse at the house on the left side of us and let out a chuckle. When Adrian sets his mind to something he never falls short of his goals or plans, so you can imagine when he said he was gonna get a joint near us he made sure that it was no less than a few meters away.

Our house placement was literally Adrian’s, mine, random person, random person and then finally Jeremiahs. If that shit wasn’t enough, I woke up hella early one morning, went out back for my smoke only to find a team of construction people pulling down the fence that was separating mine and Ace’s houses. Just when I thought shit couldn’t get any worse, this nigga Ace was amongst them wearing a hard top hat and one of them fluro orange vests as he directed them. When he finally spotted me he had the nerve to start cheesing as he waved before going back to calling out orders, as if he didn’t just pull out my fence to connect our back yards. He was lucky it was early in the morning and I was too tired to cuss his dumb ass out.

Lani however had a different view on it and was even happier that her best friend was next door. You’d think these women would get sick of each other after hanging out every other day, but that wasnt the case. I for one wasnt too thrilled to always have these niggas around simply because I was the type of person who liked to lay out in bed all day while buried inside my woman. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t seem to stop our no boundary having friends as they will shamelessly walk in while we are fucking just so they can have a chat. The thought alone had me chuckling. 

Parking the range in front of the garage, I turned off the car, got out and went to the back seat to help my little man out. Zay was officially 4 years old, crazy to think that it has already been a whole year and a bit since we took him home for the first time. During his time with us, Zay and I formed a strong bond. He was not only my shadow but little man was my best friend and I couldn’t imagine life without him. I hard out loved spending time with him, we could lounge around all day watching cartoons, eating food and not saying a word and I swear I lived for those moments.

This year for his birthday we ended up taking a trip to disney land as per his request. None of us had ever been and it was only right to go as a family even though Lani was almost 8 months pregnant. Of course the crew came along, well minus Jasmine and J as their girls were still way too young. Isaiah had mad fun though, shit I wont lie, I too had hella fun and it mostly had to do with the fact that Isaiah was losing his mind with excitement. I lived for making him happy.

Setting him on his feet, he stood close to me as I grabbed all of Lani’s requests and locked up the car. Having no spare hands, Zay held onto the back of my shirt as we slowly made our way up the few stairs and into the mansion. Making our way straight out the back, I couldn’t help but shake my head as I spotted Lani chilling in the pool with Briana while Ace sat back on one of the lounge chairs smoking. Noticing that his mom was in the pool, Zay let go of me before running out and instantly began trying to pull off his shoes so he could join her.

“You’re back!, Nalani beamed as I rolled my eyes at the obvious and began placing all her food on top of the table that was close by. Needing nothing more than a smoke, I dapped Ace before wordlessly accepting the joint he passed my way. “Bruh if I had to sit here for anotha minute listenin to them talkin bout nothing but shit I was ready to off ma self, forreal forreal”, Ace grumbled with an annoyed expression etched across his face that had me chuckling. “I feel ya, you think that’s bad you should see when Lani in her moody moments”, I grumbled while shaking my head only to jump to my feet seconds later at the feel of water spraying us.

Ace and I we up standing, soaked in water as we both narrowed our eyes at a glaring Lani and Briana. “You testing ma patience”, I gritted out while pointing my finger at Lani to which she responded with sticking her middle finger up like the mature person she was. Shaking my head as I knew this would just continue as back and forth banter, I waved her off as Ace chuckled, “You know what we need?… We need a trip to the strip club. Shit has been long way over due”, Ace boosted before quickly silencing and ducking as a baby Jordan shoe went flying his way.

“Get yo woman cuh”, Ace laughed as he straighten back up and childishly smirked at Lani. “Im surrounded by children”, I muttered as I pulled out my phone, deciding to call J as I needed some sort of adult around because these niggas were just not cutting it.

“What up bruh, was just about to pull through”, J muttered into the phone as soon as he answered, “Word? Was telling you to come over and save a nigga. Court in a few?”, I mumbled as I inhaled the smoke before handing it back to Ace, “Save you from what bruh… and yea Ill be there in a few”, He chuckled while I gave Ace a head nod so he knew that we was down for a game. Without wasting a second, I watched as Adrian jogged across our yard and towards his back door so he could change, “Save me from these childish ass motha fuckas brah”, I muttered back to J who instantly started chuckling.

“Nigga what you need to do, is call yo self some builders and get em to re install a gate”, He continued to laugh as he thought it was hilarious that I was stuck with the Ace’s crazy ass next door. “Man I aint paying for nothing, I aint the one who had it teared down. Plus this nigga threatening to just pull it down every time I get it fixed”, I huffed out in annoyance which only sent him into more laughter, “Bruh you aint helping. Bring yo ass on”, I mumbled before hanging up without waiting for his response.

My attention turned back onto the pool where Isaiah was now splashing around with Briana while Lani sat on the step in the water, eating her food. Crazy that she was due to pop out a baby at any minute yet she still looked as flawless as ever. It was true when they say that when you’re in love you cant find any faults in your significant other. That was Lani to me, nothing but pure perfection and all this pregnancy did was add an extra glow to her beautiful self.

Shaking my head at all my fruity thoughts, I smirked at how whipped this woman had me before wordlessly heading inside. Knowing that the boys would be other within minutes, I jogged up the stairs, into my bedroom and headed straight to the walk in. LJ’s long body was stretched out across the couch as he licked away at his fur coat. “Lazy ass cat. Always lounging around and shit”, I muttered towards the cat like he could understand me and possibly reply back.

Heading straight to my side of the closet I slipped out of my wet sweats and shirt while silently cussing Lani out for drenching a nigga. Tossing the wet clothes to the side, I grabbed my Heat basketball shorts and slipped them on before tucking my feet into some J’s. Not bothering with a shirt as I knew I’d end up taking it back off, I grabbed my phone and heading back outside. 

Jogging down the steps, two at a time I headed out the door and wasnt surprised when I saw J outside greeting the girls. “Wassup bruh”, I grinned as I walked over and dapped him just as Adrian was coming out of his of back door and headed back over to our yard. “Nuthin man, just ready to relax with ma boys, shoots some hoops, shit maybe even light one up”, He shrugged as I nodded my head in agreement as I liked the sound of his plan. 

“Where’s Jasmine and the girls?”, Lani asked as she stepped out of the pool and wrapped a towel around her rounded body. “She at her moms today, that means a nigga gettin a rest from the sound of crying babies”, J mumbled as he eyed out Lani’s Krispy Kreme donuts. Everyone and they momma knew that J had some weird undying love for them donuts and the nigga made sure to at least have one once a week. Giggling as she noticed his stares, she picked up the box and silently offered him one, to which he accepted without hesitation.  “You ready to hoop?”, I grumbled as I felt my impatience pick up while Lani began offering everyone donuts and noticeably skipped me.

“You just aint gonna offer me one? After I went out and got em?”, I added as she slowly turned around and gave me a sly grin that had me narrowing my eyes at her. Picking up the last one, she didn’t remove her eyes from my own as she slowly began drawing it closer to her lips. In the blink of an eye, I launched at her and grabbed it causing her to let out a surprised squeal while I held up the now squished donut with a smirk. Instantly a frown formed on Lani’s face while everyone laughed at our banter, “You wasn’t gonna share huh?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow as her eyebrows drew together and she was soon glaring at me.

“You’re just gonna snatch a donut from you’re pregnant wife?”, She glared while I subconsciously started grinning at the mention of her being my wife. Lani knew it was a weakness of mine whenever she was referred to as my wife or I as her husband and she frequently used it to get what she wanted. “Ight come here”, I muttered as her lips tugged up into a smile and without hesitation came into my outstretched arms. Melting into my embrace, I enjoyed the first bit of contact from her since being home and didn’t waste any time wrapping my arms around her while being careful not to get the donut on her.

“You done being grumpy and moody?”, I mumbled against her neck to which she instantly nodded her head and let out a sigh. Pulling away slightly she looked up at me with a pout, “Im sorry, hopefully you wont have to deal with it much longer”, She giggled as we both looked down at her rounded belly knowing that her due date was literally days away. “Ight, in that case you can have your donut now”, I chuckled as she looked at it with disgust due to it being deflated and all mushy within my hands, “It looks nasty now”, She mumbled with a frown while I simply shrugged my shoulders. “Shit if you don’t want it, Ill have it”, Ace called out causing me to suck my teeth, Lani to smack her lips while the others laughed at his dumb ass.


It was drawing near 7pm and after helping feed Isaiah his dinner, I took him up to his bathroom and began giving him a bath. Usually Lani would be taking care of Zay’s baths simply because he obviously needed to bath in warm water and I hated warm and hot water with a passion. However, now that Lani is too big to bend down and assist him, I had to put my fears and hatred for it aside and learn to cope with at least putting my hands and arms in it.

I wont lie, shit was hard as hell at first simply because the heat and steam brought back unwanted memories but I gritted my teeth and withheld from freaking out as I didn’t want Zay to see that. Now after a few months of the same nightly routine I was able to give him a proper bath without wanting to punch my fist thru a wall. Zay sat in the bath with bubbles covering his hair and face as he played around with his dinosaur toys.

“Daddy you play with this one and I play with this one”, Isaiah instructed as I sat on the floor beside the tub and took a hold of the stegosaurus toy he handed me. “Why I gotta be this one tho? Lemme be T-rex”, I frowned as I tried to hand my toy back and grab the other one but he instantly started to shake his head causing the bubbles from on top of his head to go flying.

“No I Rex!”, He stated as I let out a low groan and accepted my fate of being the underdog. “Whatever but Im the Trex of the family”, I told him sternly as he began giggling as he leaned over the bathtub and with wet hands lifted up my wife beater. “You have T-rex here”, He pointed as his wet fingers traced over my Dinosaur tattoo on the side of my ribs, “See I told you I was T rex”, I chuckled as he held up his toy and matched it up to mine.

“I get one like this?”, Isaiah  asked as I looked down at him with a amused look while shaking my head, “Hell nah and don’t say that shit in front of yo mom either”, I chuckled as he pouted with a sigh before slumping back into the water and once again began playing with his toys. I usually just sat here and watched him come up with different scenarios for his toys. Its crazy how much thoughts from a innocent mind could calm my not so innocent one. That was what Isaiah had become to me, he was now my sense of innocence. 

It wasn’t until 20 minutes later when the water had turned cold that Isaiah had finally decided he was finished playing. Standing up, I heard a few of my bones crack and let out a low groan as I grabbed his towel.  “Ight come here little man”, I mumbled as I pulled the plug out and wrapped the towel around his small body. Instantly he wrapped his wet arms around my neck while I chuckled and tried to dry him as he hung to me like a monkey.

“Gonna get you dressed, we’ll go say goodnight to mommy and than you off to bed”, I mumbled as I dried his hair before proceeding to carry him into his basketball themed bedroom. Without having to be told twice, Zay sat perfectly still as I dressed him completely before carrying him over my shoulder as he left his room. “I watch Tv with you and mommy?”, He called out as I continued to carry him down the stairs and towards the lounge room where I knew Lani was laying down and watching tv. “Nah its already past your bedtime”, I grumbled instantly causing him to start beating at my back with his small fists. “Please daddy, please!”, Zay continued to beg while I just chose to ignore his little ass. 

Entering into the lounge room I halted in my spot as I raised an eyebrow and looked over at Lani with a confused expression.  She was sitting up, her legs spread apart, hands resting on her thighs as she repeatedly took deep breaths. Noticing our presence she looked up and gave us a forced smile while sending a weak wave, “Why you look constipated?”, I asked as she instantly smacked her lips while rolling her eyes. My own eyes feel down to the crotch area of her grey sweats and I was instantly mushing my eyebrows, “You couldn’t wait till ya get to the toilet to take a piss?”, I huffed as I sat Zay on his feet while he began giggle, “Mommy wet her pants”, He added as I couldn’t help but chuckle with amusement.

“If I wasn’t about to give birth right now, I would have got up and whooped you both”, She breathed out painfully as my chuckling halted and I stared back at her with wide eyes. “Baby coming?”, Zay squealed with excitement as he let go of my hand and run over to his mom while I stood stuck frozen in my spot. A hundred and one different things were currently running through my mind and for the first time in my life, I had absolutely no idea what to do. “Tyson! I need you to snap out of it and help me right now okay? No time for freaking out”, Lani coached as I slowly nodded my head and some how willed myself to start moving my legs towards her.

“Are you in pain?”, I frowned as I bent down in front of her and watched as she slowly nodded her head as she continued with her breathing exercise she had learnt in birthing class. “Shit what the fuck do I do, I aint prepared for this shit”, I freaked out as my eyes roamed all over her body as if the answer was somehow magically there. “Daddy said a bad word!”, Zay exclaimed with a giggle that was silenced as soon as he noticed me narrowing my eyes at him.

“Okay, hand me my phone so I can call Briana, while you go upstairs and get the Louis duffle bag that’s waiting beside the door. Also a new pair of sweats please”,  Lani breathed out as her hand rested over her belly and instantly she was hunched over as she let out a painful groan. Flinching at the sight, I handed her the phone before finding my footing and instantly began running up the stairs and towards our room. “Don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out”, I coached out loud to myself.

My eyes landed on her pre packed duffle and after grabbing it and a pair of sweats I was once again running down the stairs and heading to the kitchen. Having no idea what the fuck I was doing, I flung the freezer door opened and pulled out a few ice packs and headed back into the lounge room.

Lani was now resting back as her head was tilted to the roof while she continued to do her breathing exercises. Isaiah was sitting next to her as he softly patted her arm while doing a better job at comforting her than me. Dropping the duffle on the floor, I started placing the ice packs on her belly causing her head to snap over at me with an amused look. “What are you doing?”, She asked with a raised eyebrow while, I went back over and grabbed her sweats.

“I’on? Numbing the pain?”, I shrugged causing her to tilt her head back as she began laughing and removing the three ice packs from her belly. “Oh sweetheart, you have no idea do you?”, She laughed before holding her stomach as she groaned, “Quit making me laugh”, She painfully chuckled as I went over and began helping her pull off her wet sweats. “I aint makin you do shit, I thought it would help”, I mumbled truthfully as she shook her head while grinning. As soon as I had successfully helped her change, Briana and Adrian busted through the back door and ran through the house like they lost their damn mind.

“You couldn’t wait another 20 minutes for a nigga to at least finish his dinner?”, Ace huffed with a mouth full as he jogged into the lounge room while still carrying a plate of food.  Once again Lani was painfully laughing while Briana slapped the back of his head before rushing over to her side to help her, “Why is there ice here?”, B asked with a raised eyebrow only making Lani laugh even harder while I sucked my teeth. “He thought it would numb my pain”, She giggled while Ace looked over at me with a goofy grin that had me wanting to slap it off.

“Ight, ight we get it. Can we please get her to the hospital before she has this baby here and fucks up my couch even more?”, I asked as I eyed out my one seater massage lounge chair that was forbidden from everyone although Lani seemed to ignore that rule. “Help me up you big fool”, Lani chuckled as she held out her arms from me to grab. With the support of Briana and I, we successfully got Lani standing and after a extremely slow ass walk to the car we were finally ready to go. Briana and Zay sat in the back, both helping and coaching Lani, Ace sat beside me still eating his dinner while I cautiously drove to the hospital.

“Daddy how does baby come out?”, Isaiah suddenly called out from the passenger seat causing me to tense up as Lani and Briana tried to hide their laughter. “From yo moms vagina”, Ace nonchalantly replied within seconds before shoveling another spoon full of chicken into his mouth. “Whats agina?”, Zay cluelessly enquired this time causing a groan to escape my lips while Lani once again held her stomach as she painfully laughed. “Something yo aint gotta worry about until yo balls drop”, I explained which only earned me a slap at the back of the head, courtesy of my wife.

“I dont want my balls to drop”, Isaiah sniffled with a frown this time having all of us erupt in laughter at my poor son’s innocence. 


I had been in labor for the past five hours now and not even 10 minutes ago the nurse had come in, stated I was dilated enough and ready to give birth.  I was a big ball of happiness, nervousness and excitement while Tyson looked like we were just about ready to pass out. Now lying back, my legs propped up and open I couldn’t help but laugh at Ty who was pacing up and down beside me.

My doctor slipped her plastic white gloves on and with a grin she took her stance in between my legs while I took a deep breath. I was no longer worried about the giving birth part, it was more so I was so anxious and nervous to finally meet my baby girl. Thanks to the epidural I could no longer feel any pain towards my lower half and the only thing I could feel was a bit of pressure. I told Ty and my Doctor from the jump that if I was going to be giving birth it would have to be while I numb because there was no way I was going to willingly feel my vagina stretch.

“Okay sweetheart are you ready? I need you try and relax, so no tensing up or clenching. You’re going to take a deep breath and on the count of 3 I need you to give me a big push”, The doctor instructed as I instantly nodded my head and held out my hand, “Tyson, hold my hand baby”, I asked as he visibly looked a few shades paler and was now breathing harshly.”I feel sick”, He muttered to himself while I bit down on my lip. Taking his hand into my own, I gave him a small smile which he tried to return, before we both turned our attention back onto the doctor.

“Okay lets get her out 1 , 2, 3 , PUSHHH”, The doctor instructed as I grabbed Tysons had tighter and pushed with all my might. Slumping my head back, as I tried to catch my breath I was torn between crying and laughing thanks to Tyson who looked so lost, it was hilarious. “Good girl, Lani! I need you to keep that up, lets give me another one”, The doctor once again ordered. Taking a deep breath, I waited for her to count to three before I once again squeezed and let out a yell as I pushed again.

“I can see a head!”, The Dr yelled out as I left my tears fall down my cheeks, “Go look”, I whispered to Tyson who looked at me with panic before letting go of my hand and slowly walked towards my opened legs. My eyes stayed glued to him as my chested heaved up and down thanks to my exhaustion. Tyson squinted his eyes as he finally got to the bottom of the bed, before looking down with wide terrified eyes. Soon his shock turned into a hoffied frown as he instantly jumped back while shaking his head.

“OH HELL FUCKEN NAH! NA UH LANI, IM OUT”, Tyson yelled out as he slapped his hand over his eyes and began backing away towards the door, “TYSON!”, I yelled through my laughter as he continued to mumbled a bunch of incoherent words while feeling around for the door handle. “Man thats some alien shit, I swear to god”, He continued to mumbled out in horror with his eyes still closed.

“Now is not the time bring yo ass back here”, I ordered with a grin as he removed his hand from his eyes and looked torn between running out the room and coming to hold my hand, “Lemme get Briana in here or something. You got a motherfuckin head coming out yo cooch La!”, He exclaimed as the Doctor, nurses and I couldn’t help but laugh at how serious he was. 

“We have to push again. Come on Tyson dear, go help your wife”, The doctor chuckled as I held out my hand while he hesitantly came over and gave me his hand. “I feel so sick”,  He mumbled lowly, which I pouted at because he did indeed look like we was going to throw up, “Maybe that wasn’t a good idea to look, sorry”, I whispered with amusement as he narrowed his eyes at me before we both turning our attention to the doctor.

Again she counted to three and I once again pushed with everything in me, feeling the pressure building up with each second, “Okay almost got the head out. Your babygirl is almost here hunny. Tyson you want to see?”, The doctor playfully asked while Tyson instantly shook his head rapidly, “Hell nah, Imma pass out if I see that again”, He mumbled before grabbing my cold, face towel and using it to dap his own forehead.

Biting my lip with amusement, I quickly laid my head back as I was feeling exhausted by the minute. Though my little rest was ended within seconds as the doctor was once again instruction me for another push, “I know you’re tired Lani, but we just a few more pushes”, She informed as I weakly nodded my head and willed up the strength to push her out. “You got this baby”, Tyson finally mumbled his first words of encouragement that caused me to smugly grin and also give me the motivation I needed. “Better late than never”, Tyson shrugged knowing exactly what I was thinking.

I took another ten minutes before the sweet sound of our daughters cry fill the room. Completely exhausted and worn out, I rested back in the bed and closed my eyes while Tyson repeated kissed the top of my head, “You did good baby”, He mumbled against my hair as I gave him a weak smile in appreciation. “Does daddy want to cut the cord?”, The doctor called out causing me to instantly grin with my eyes closed as I knew without looking the expression that Tyson was now wearing.

“Is it hanging out her….you know… her woman area?”, He muttered awkwardly as I opened one eye only to see him uncomfortably rubbing the back of his neck. It honestly blows my mind how my crazy man can barely handle the beauty of giving birth, yet he could willingly cut up and torture human beings so effortlessly. 

“Ty stop being a wimp. Where is my big bad Tyson?”, I giggled with amusement as he looked down at me with a raised eyebrow, not liking that I was questioning his manhood, “Go get our daughter, baby”, I said softly as I gave his hand a small squeeze and watched as he brought it up to his lips and kiss it.

My gaze didn’t falter on his face as he slowly made his way to the bottom of the bed, instantly I could see his eyes widen but it wasn’t the freaked out expression as before, instead it was a different look, “Shes so small”, I heard him mumble lowly as tears filled my eyes, “Here you go, just cut here”, The doctor instructed though Tyson was too busy in a trance as he stared down at our daughter.

Finally snapping out of it, his eyebrows furrowed together in concentration as he cut the cord. Before he could get another look at Taliyah she was wrapped in a white towel and taken to the side to get cleaned up which caused Tyson to frown. “Come here sweetheart, they are just weighing and wiping her down”, I smiled weakly as he kept his eyes over to where they had taken her while he blindly walked back over to me.

“Shes so small”, He mumbled again as he dropped his face beside mine and rested his cheek on my own. “Who does she look like baby?”, I tiredly whispered as I brought my hand up and ran it through his short curls that were growing out. “I split imagine of you, just what I prayed for”, He mumbled as a tear rolled down my face at the sound of all the emotions in his voice.

“Mommy and Daddy ready to hold the baby?”, The Doctor spoke up causing Ty to lift his head while I looked over to the small bundle that was now wrapped up in a light pink blanket. Without another word, one of the nurses slowly brought her over and carefully placed her in my cradled arms. Tyson was right, she was so tiny and fragile and I just wanted to cuddle her in my arms forever so I could always protect her. My gaze roamed every inch of her and I couldnt help but smile at the fact that Tyson was right, she did look like me though I could definitely see him in her features too.

From her small slanted brown eyes, her fathers skin tone, my rounded face, button nose and a small mop of black hair that decorated her tiny head. Her eyelashes where thick and dark and her small pouty lips were a mix of my own and Tysons. Apart from Isaiah I had never seen such innocent perfection and the fact that she was mine and Tysons had me feeling like I was in a dream.

Soon tears were cascading down my cheeks and I could literally feel my chest begin to hurt as my heart was beating so fast due to all the happiness and love I was feeling. “Hi beautiful girl”, I whispered as Taliyah little eyes fluttered open and close tiredly, “Shes so perfect, Ty”, I whispered as I looked up at him only to find him staring down at our daughter in awe. He looked so captivated and when he finally managed to tear his gaze away from her he looked at me with so much love and adoration, “I love her La”, He mumbled in a strained voice that had me smiling as more tears fell from my eyes, “And I love you so much, thank you for yet another gift”, He muttered just as his lips found my own.

Pulling away we looked back down at her like she was the most prized possession in the entire world. “Ty, here hold her baby”, I whispered as I looked up at him only for him to tense as he looked back down at me with panic. Backing away as he shook his head, I smiled softly as I looked back down at Taliyah, “You want daddy to hold you, dont you princess?”, I smiled as her eyes just so happened to open and close. “Look baby shes looking for you”, I giggled as he hesitantly took a step closer so he could see her. 

“I’on want to hurt her though”, He mumbled as I looked up at him with a soft smile, knowing that he meant not only hurt her my carrying her but also in the future. “You have nothing to worry about baby. She will always be safe in your arms…just like I am”, I added as his gaze moved from her and over to me. Finally a small smile slowly started to form on his lips and he cautiously sat beside me on the bed. Unable to use my lower half, one of the nurses came around and picked Taliyah up before walking around to place her in Tysons arms.

“Just like that baby”, I instructed as I helped him form his arms in a cradle position that allowed the nurse to carefully place her in his arms. “We will give you guys a few minutes”, The doctor smiled before her and the nurses exited the room while Tyson stiffly held onto a daughter. His eyes didnt leave her small body and as soon as I rested my hand on his arm, all tension seeped out of his body and he was once again relaxed.

“We have a daughter”, He mumbled with disbelief as I closed my eyes and with a smile enjoyed the presence of the new addition into the family.

@nalaniBROWN: Taliyah Sina Brown. Welcome to the world princess <3


The following day, I was awoken extra early as it was time to breastfeed my baby girl this morning. Tyson was laid out sleeping on the hospital bed beside me and I tried to quietly sit up without disturbing him as I knew he was exhausted from last night. The young nurse came in with Taliyah and I once again felt my cheeks begin to hurt due to wide grinning I was doing at the sight of her. 

After giving birth last night, the nurses went ahead and gave her a bath before transferring us to a private room where Briana, Ace, Zay, Jas and J were waiting for us. Just like his father, Isaiah to was in awe of his new little sister and he insisted on holding her the entire time. However due to the fact that it was in the early AM, everyone was in need of some sleep and after throwing a mini tantrum Zay finally gave in and reluctantly went home with B and Ace.

Tyson on the other hand hadn’t spoken much after I had given birth and instead spent the entire time with his eyes fixated on his daughter. It was obvious that he was still in semi shock and denial that he actually had a daughter and I knew it would take a little time for him to get use to. But I did occasionally find him grinning down at her whenever he thought no one was looking. I knew he hated to admit it, but he was turning into a big softy.  

“Did you rest well Mrs Brown?”, The nurse politely asked as I removed the straps of my bra and cami off so I could start feeding Taliyah. “Lani is fine and yes thank. Despite this giant of a man beside me, I actually slept pretty well”, I chuckled causing the nurse to softly laugh as she carefully picked up my daughter. “Will you be alright by yourself or would you like me stay and assist you?”, She enquired as she handed me a small towel to wipe Taliyahs mouth with. “Ill be fine thank you, Ill buzz if I need anything”, I whispered as my attention was now on my beautiful baby girl who was looking up at me with her small-slanted eyes.

Without another word, I heard the door being closed indicated I was now alone and ready to breastfeed her for the first time without any help. Watching her stir in my arms a little, I satisfied her hunger by cradling her in my arms before carefully guiding her mouth onto my left nipple. It took a few tries and a few painful nips later, but she finally got a stern hold on it and she was soon sucking her life away as I relaxed back against the upright pillows. “Mommies little angel. You are going to be so spoiled”, I whispered with a smile as my eyes took in every little inch of her perfect features.

“If she ends up spoilt like you, Imma be in trouble”, Tysons husky voice muttered behind me causing my smile to become even wider as I looked over my left shoulder and down at him. “Good morning handsome”, I cheesed as he let out a loud yawn before rubbing both his eyes with his balled up fists. “Morning”, He mumbled, voice thick with sleep which only made him sound ten times more sexier than he already did.

“Lil’Mama eating?”, He muffled thru another yawn as he slowly sat up and rested his chin on my shoulder so he could look down at our princess. “Yep, sucking like her life depended on it”, I giggled as I could feel Tysons own grin against my skin, “She got that from me”, He smirked with pride causing me to playfully roll my eyes as he kissed the side of my neck and began getting out of bed.

Noticing my curious eyes, he readjusted his manhood before slipping into his nike slip on’s, “Gotta take a piss”, He explained as I smacked my lips, “Charming as always”, I chuckled as he looked over his shoulder, “Aint that why you married me?”, He winked before disappearing into the bathroom as I lightly laughed and tried not to make too much movement so I didnt disturb Taliyah.

“Your daddy is so silly”, I giggled down at Tali who now had her small hand resting on my breast as she continued to suck away. The entire experience was so amazing to me and since Isaiah was a premi and was taken away from me so soon I unfortunately didn’t get this experience with him. It low key hurt that I never got to go through all this with Isaiah and thats why I promised myself to enjoy every little detail with my second child.

Pulling her away a little, I switch her onto my right breast just like the midwives had told me too and once again she was feeding without any trouble. A few minutes later the shower in the bathroom cut on indicating Tyson was showering and by the time he had finished, Tali was pulling away. “You all full huh?”, I cooed as I slipped my arm back into my cami and lifted her up so I could burp her.

“You wanna do it?”, I asked Ty as he came back into the room wearing black sweats, white wife beater and a black skully, “She gonna throw up on a niggah?”, He asked as he walked around the bed and sat down on the chair that was beside the bed on my side. “Possibly”, I giggled as he looked up at me with a ghost of a smile before opening his arms up without hesitation.

Grinning, I shifted myself closer to him and very carefully place his daughter in his tattooed arms. Tysons eyes stayed glued on his daughter and after I placed a small towel on his shoulder, I helped him hold her up right and softly pat her back. Since last night Tyson probably held Taliyah for only 10 minutes, simply because not only did everyone want turns but also because it was late at night and she needed to sleep. Now watching on, I couldn’t help but beam with so much happiness at the sight of her tiny body being cradled in his big arms.

“Shes so small, I feel like Imma crush her or something”, He chuckled nervously as I felt my cheeks starting to arch due to how hard I was smiling.  “Youre doing perfectly fine baby”, I whispered as I grabbed my phone from under my pillow and quickly brought the camera up. Snapping away and taking as many photos as possible, Tali finally let out a small burp and I helped Tyson re cradle her in his arms. “See that wasnt so hard now was it?”, I smirked as he playfully sucked his teeth although the cheesy grin not once left his face.

“Next we gonna have to teach you how to change her”, I giggled as he instantly started shaking his head. “Hell nah thats all on you, Ill take care of Zay in that department”, He chuckled as I playfully frowned, “But his potty trained?!”, I laughed as he sent me a wink, “Exactly”. We settled back into a comfortable silence and I stayed laid back watching Tyson and Taliyah silently interact. It warmed my heart to see him so taken by her because I did low key think that there was a possibility that he might be extremely distant towards her. It was literally one of my fears but Im so thankfully that, thats not the case. 

“Im just going to have a quick shower”, I informed as I weakly sat back up in a sitting position while Tyson’s eyes shot up to mine with panic, “You gonna leave her here with me?”, He asked with nervousness laced in his voice that had me biting down on my lip with amusement. “You will be fine sweetheart, just cradle her the way you’re already doing and if she cries just rock her softly”, I assured him although he didn’t look too convinced, “Ill even leave the door slightly opened?”, I reasoned which happened to have him visibly un tensing and nodding his head before looking back down at our baby with a small grin.

Satisfied that he would be fine, I slowly slipped off the bed and cautiously wobbled to the bathroom, careful not to move to quickly due the stitches in between my legs. Once inside, I began to remove my clothing items only to freeze in my spot as the sound of Tyson speaking filled my ears. Quickly, I tip toed towards the opened door and hid behind it as I listened to what he was saying.

“You look just like yo mommy. Beautiful and innocent”, He mumbled as I placed my hand on my chest and felt myself pouting at his words, “Im Tyson. Your daddy, but I mean you can call me dad, daddy or even pops… or whatever you like”, He chuckled nervously as I instantly covered my mouth with my hand while smiling so hard. “You’re so tiny. I swear Imma always protect you, okay lil’mama? You aint got nothing to worry about. I got you always”, He muttered as happy tears filled my eyes, which resulted in me leaning my head against the door as I closed my eyes.

The room soon filled with silence after that and it wasn’t until I heard his voice again that I realized that I was still standing hidden behind the door naked, “La you can stop ears dropping now and get yo ass in the shower”, He called out causing me to start laughing at how well he knew me, “Think you slick”, He mumbled straight after as I continued to laugh all the way to the shower.


 Six weeks later.

Catching the incoming ball, I stood on the three point line and shot a perfect bucket that added to the finally score. “You a cheata brah”, Ace instantly fired off as I chuckled and dapped up Jeremiah who was on my team. It was a hot ass day in Miami and the boys and I decided to play a two on two game and of course J and I won against Ace and Brock. “You just mad that you stay losing”, J egged on causing a basketball to come flying our way at full force.

Thanks to my reflexes I caught the ball in one hand without struggle and proceeded to once again take a shot and watch as the ball smoothly fell into the hoop. “Cant help Im the greatest”, I boosted with a smirk causing all three of them to suck their teeth as they waved me off. Laughing at all their salty asses, I jogged over to the side line and picked up Zay who was playing his own game of BB with a mini setup.

“You see me beat them fools?”, I ask as I carried him over to the bench that was holding all our water bottles. “Yea daddy, they weak”, Zay beamed with pride causing me to chuckle as I kissed the top of his head and grabbed my bottle. Downing half of the contents I handed the rest to Zay who struggled to lift bottle up to take a drink. Chuckling at the sight, I helped him lift it up and after a drinking a decent amount we headed off back to the house with the boys.

“Man I can not wait until Basketball season starts back up. I miss being on the court”, I sighed out at the thought of waiting another 3 weeks before we played in our first game for the new season. “Who you telling man, I need to get ma masculinity back up. Ive already had enough with all these females in ma house”, Jeremiah grumbled although we all knew that this nigga would not trade his family for the all money in the world. “Nigga you lying. All three of em got you wrapped around their fingers and the twins aint even 6 months old yet”, Brock laughed as he and Ace dapped each other while J simply sucked his teeth and waved them off.

“Man I hope to god both of you niggas knock someone up”, I muttered, which caused both of them to halt their laughter as it was now J and my turn to laugh at these fools. “I aint never having kids”, Ace stated sternly as I shot him a raised eyebrow, knowing fully well that him and B was gonna pop one out sooner rather then later.

“10 g’s says B carrying this niggas seed in less than a year”, I called out instantly causing J and Brock to break out into smirks at the sound of our frequent game we played. “10g’s for 6 months”, Brock called out while Ace sucked his teeth. “Fuck it, 10g’s says 3 months”, J finally added as we all dapped each other to seal the bet while Ace just stood there annoyed as hell.

“Fuck we getting into tonight?”, Ace suddenly asked, obviously trying to change the subject. “Nothing nigga, Im busy”, I muttered as I sat Isaiah down on his feet and walked into the cool house that had the AC blasting. “You aint busy bruh, forreal what we doing?”, Ace once again asked I instantly sucked my teeth while shaking my head.

“Forreal what you getting into tonight?”, J asked as we all headed straight to the kitchen and started to going through the fridge, pulling out any and everything we could potentially eat without preparing. “Today marks six weeks since Lani gave birth”, I smirked which instantly had J and Brock chuckling while Ace just stood there confused as ever, “I’on get it?”, He frowned as we all laughed at his dumb ass. “Of course you don’t”, I muttered smugly as I began stuffing my face with some of Isaiah’s nuggets from last night.

“He getting that pussy tonight bruh”, Brock explained as Ace still was just standing there with a blank expression. “Damnnnn you aint fucked in 6 weeks nigga?  How you living?”, He exclaimed as I sat Zay on the kitchen counter and began feeding him some nuggets as well. “I’on even no”, I chuckled truthfully as I pulled out my phone to check the time.

“When the girls coming home?”, I asked J who was busy texting on his phone, “Jas msg me about 5 minutes ago saying that they leaving in a hour or so. Imma head home and shower before they get here tho. Ill hit you niggas up tomorrow”, He grumbled as he came over and dapped us all before heading back out the sliding doors and down to the path that lead to his house.

“Im out to bruh, I got a date with some girl tonight”, Brock boosted as I looked over at him with a raised eyebrow, “How much we betting?”, I asked Ace who was already smirking as he rubbed his hands. “See this is more like it, 5 g’s that he hits in a week”, Ace instantly chuckled while I shook my head and eyed out Brock who was now laughing,

“5g’s says he gets that good good tonight”, I betted as Ace nodded his head and dapped me. “Y’all motherfukers aint shit”, B laughed as he came over and dapped us both before heading towards the front door. “Okay now your turn to come up with some excuse and get the fuck out”, I mumbled towards Adrian who just sucked his teeth and grabbed my half eaten roll from my hand and shoving it into his mouth. “I aint going nowhere”, He managed to mumble through a mouth full of food causing me to roll my eyes while, Isaiah began laughing.

Knowing that he was serious and that he wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon, the three of us grabbed as much food as we could and headed towards the den downstairs. Setting up the PS4, Ace and I took turns in going upstairs to smoke a blunt each before lounging back and getting into a game of COD. 

After a hour long of video games, Ace reluctantly took his ass back to his crib while I bathed Isaiah before leaving him in my room to watch cartoons while I had a quick shower. Once I was done with a quick wash, I wrapped my towel around my waist and headed into the bedroom only to find Zay still engrossed with an episode of Spongebob.

Grinning at the sight of him, I headed into the walk in and dried down my body before slipping into a pair of sweats. By the time I put some socks on and headed back inside to the bedroom, I stopped short at the sight of Lani cuddling Isaiah in her arms while they both looked down at my daughter on the bed. “I miss you today mommy”, Zay mumbled against her chest as she kicked off her shoes and sat on the side of the bed, “I missed you to baby, did you have fun with daddy today?”, She asked as her eyes landed on me and instantly began grinning.

“Yep we played basketball and daddy won”, Zay beamed proudly before crawling off her lap and lying down beside Taliyah’s tiny body, “Hi Liyah”, Zay whispered to his little sister while I headed straight for my wife. “Wassup baby”, I mumbled as I leant down and kissed her plump lips before looking over at my little girl.

“How she doing?”, I muttered as I got on the bed beside Lani and leant over so I could kiss Taliyah’s forehead, “Wide awake”, Lani chuckled as she stood up and started heading into the walk in. “Lenny and Lacy told me to tell you hi. Lenny’s got the shits you haven’t visited him in a few weeks”, Lani called out over her shoulder while I carefully picked up Tali and cradled her in my arms.

Six weeks later and holding my daughter in my arms still felt like a dream. My little girl was perfection in every sense of the word and the fact that she was a split imagine of her mother made is so much better. I wont lie, when she was first born I was hella scared, shit nervous even but after time I realized that I had nothing to worry about. Just like Zay, Taliyah knew nothing of my faults, past or wrong doings therefore when they both looked at me there was no judgment there. Only love. Now my only goal in life was to give them both the world and protect them from everything and anything. 

Both my kids were my second chance at life. No more heavy drugs or excessive drinking, no more killing sprees or late night strip club visits. However I couldnt promise no more episodes simply because my condition was none curable and I refused to take medication that turned me into a vegetable. Instead I had to more cautious now, I had to learn not to let my anger get the best of me and I had to learn not to bottle all that shit up. It wasnt easy, but Lani was right beside me helping me, guiding me and letting me learn on her like she had been doing for the past several years.

I had come a long way since being that boy who saw her in the park all them years ago. I no longer looked at myself as some crazy person, nor did I refer to myself as the devil any more. Most of all I didnt look at death as a easy way out and gamble with my life so loosely. I have reason for living now, three reasons actually and I had no space for that dark shit anymore. It was all thanks to her, to my Lani. She is by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I owe her the world and more. 

I had also come to be some what proud of myself. I mean I was literally living in hell on earth but I managed to survive. Im not saying Im perfect, shit Im far from it. I still have flaws, a fucked up past and sins that may never be forgiven but Im still here. Im still alive, still living and most of all still waking up next to the love of my life.

“Daddy when can Liyah play with me?”, Zay asked, pulling me out of my deep thoughts and making me aware that Lani was now in the shower. “She’s still a baby but just be patient and soon you gonna be best friends”, I chuckled which seemed to satisfy him as he was instantly looking back down at her and softly holding onto her little hand.

All too quickly he let go of her and carefully stood up on the bed behind me. Without another word he wrapped his arms around my neck and proceeded to rest his face against my back, “I love you daddy”, He mumbled simply as I tilted my head back as softly rested it against his, “I love you more little man”, I mumbled with a small grin forming on my lips.

We must have stayed like that for a little while because before I knew it Lani was coming out of the walk in, wet hair braided back and dressed for bed. “My three favourite people all hugged up. Isnt that a perfect sight”, She smiled as she walked over and laid her body down next to my own. Taking it as an invitation, Zay removed himself from me and carefully laid out his small body on top of Lani who happily accepted him in her arms.

The lights were dimmed, the Tv soundlessly played cartoons while Zay slepted cradled in his moms arms while, Taliyah slept cradled in my own. The only sound that could be heard was the soft breathing of our children and the faint sound of the waves crashing on the beach, “Tyson?”, Lani whispered causing me to look over at her body that was pressing close beside my own, “Mmm baby?”, I mumbled as she continued to run her fingers through my hair while, I rubbed small circles against her thigh.

“Did you believe in happy endings?”, She whispered with a smile as we both subconsciously looked down at our sleeping children, “Yea I did, why did you think I fought so hard for you?”, I mumbled back as I looked up only to be met with her smiling face that had a tear running down her cheek.

“Something said to be so dark doesnt love someone as hard as you do and thats when I realised even the darkest of things could find the light in the end. You are my light, my happy ending”, She whispered as I found myself clenching my jaw, trying my hardest to not let any emotion take over. Swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat, I snaked my hand behind the back of her head and not wanting a minute more of separation I crashed my lips onto hers as her words replied in my head like a life line.

Little did she know that not only was she my happy ending,

                                                                     she was my only ending. 

                                            THE END 

BONUS; A little steamy sex as a parting gift.  


We had laid in bed long enough with our sleeping children and after our little heart to heart and toe curling kiss, the sexual tension was stronger than ever. While I placed Isaiah into his bed, Tyson went off to Tali’s room to set our princess into her crib. Using the opportunity, I rushed back into our own bedroom and heading straight for our walk in wardrobe. Letting out my wavy hair from the clip that had been holding it up, I tousled my hair and allowed it to full down my back. Next I started to hastily pull off my unflattering sweats and Tysons oversized t shirt.

Once I was stipped down, I pulled out a new set of Victoria Secrets I had brought the previous week and began pulling off the tags on the red lace bra and thong set. Slipping into them, I sprayed myself with my favorite scent before glimpsing a look at myself in the mirror. Thanks to the pregnancy I obviously filled out in places and I was grateful that most of it went towards my boobs and ass. My stomach wasn’t as flat as it was before but it was pretty decent considering I just gave birth six weeks ago.

Feeling some confidence for the first time in a while, I smiled at my reflection before heading back into the bedroom just as Tyson walked in as well. Without even waiting a second, a groan escaped his lips as his eyes shamelessly roamed my body with a hungry stare. I knew he was sexually frustrated, hell even I was but unfortunately it was worse for him simply because his bipolar and episodes caused an extra enhanced sexual appetite. Wanting nothing more than to put him out of his misery, I slowly sauntered over as I kept my gaze locked onto his and watched as he bit down on his lip.

“We aint sleeping tonight ya hear?”, He questioned in a huskily tone that instantly had my knees weak while I could feel the moist between my thighs build up. “I asked you a question”, He grumbled a bit more roughly that literally had me wanting to do anything and everything to please this man.  “Yes”, I practically pant out, as I stand before him, ready to drive him crazy and have him drive me the same.  Looking up at him with a smirk, my gaze doesn’t leave his as I slowly begin to descend to my knees in front of him. The way he was looking at me, drinking me in had me wanting to take him in my mouth and taste him then and there.

Biting my lip suggestively, my nails run over the bulge that was straining against the cotton of his sweats, “Is that for me?”, I smirk as I lick over my lips and latch my fingers into his waistband and watch as he nods his head while I begin to remove the unneeded clothing. “Fuck you are so sexy”, I heard him grumble although my eyes are no longer on his…. Instead I was now faced with his very big, hard and impressive length that was looking like it needed to be touched… sucked.

Leaning forward, I let my tongue roam the tip of his nob, teasing and tasting him all at once.  His hands move to my hair in an instant, and I smirk loving that I was in control of his pleasure.  I continue with my little torture, letting my tongue explore down his thick member and over his throbbing veins that were protruding down his length.

And when he lets out a needy groan, I finally end his misery and take him fully in my mouth, instantly feeling him harden even more. Its been awhile since I had given him this pleasure and so I decide to make up for it and go all out for my husband. I listen to the way Tysons breathing shallows, his hands tighten in my hair as I allow his member access to effortlessly hit the back of my throat.

His hands are in my hair, pulling and gripping while I moan at the taste of his pre cum seeping against my tongue. “Shit baby”, He managed to get out through a grunt while my hand brushes up his thigh and find its way to his tightened balls. Softly clasping them in my palm, I feel his hips buckle as my head bobs meeting his evened out thrusts, “Im close”, He groans out in pleasure as I feel my own center, swell with so much arousal I almost think I might cum myself.

It doesn’t take him anymore than five minutes more before I feel him swell in my mouth before shooting his hot cum down my throat. And as I swallow every last drip I continue to suck him until he shudders and rests his hands on my shoulders to stop me.

The sound of his manhood being removed from my mouth causes a popping sound and as Tyson stands in front of me breathing hard to catch his breath, I cant help but smirk. “Imma wipe that smirk off yo face”, He grumbled in a husky, alpha tone that caused my sex to clench while I squeeze my thighs together. Knowing the affect he just had on me, it is him who smirks next and before I could say anything he’s pulling me to my feet, wrapping my legs around his waist and heading straight out to our balcony. Excitement shoots through me and I cant help but break out into goose bumps as the cool Miami wind brushes against my already wet clit and hardened nipples.

“Im gonna fuck you out here and I want everyone in this fucken street to hear it”, He grumbles with so much dominance and sex appeal that I nod my head instead of worrying about the fact that my best friend lives next door and my balcony is closest to there house. Carrying me all the way out until we are the very ledges, I look over my shoulder and grin at the sight of the ocean and moon glistening behind us.

A startled moan escapes my lips as Tysons lips found my erect nipple and despite the soreness from breast-feeding, I allow him to pull and tug while he grabs and pulls the other. I toss my head back, allowing my wavy hair to float down as I stand on my tippy toes of one foot while my other leg is wrapped around his waist. His harden member is pressed against my stomach and I mumble in coherent words, wanting nothing more to feel him inside me.

“You… know.. how ….long …Ive been…waiting.. to feel you.. around my dick”, He groaned against my neck, saying each word as he sucked and nipped, leaving his mark so that everyone could see I was his. 

“”, I moan as I don’t think I could take this teasing any longer. I can feel his lips turn up into a smirk against my skin and I knew just like me, he is getting a kick out of being in control. “You want me inside you?”, He grumbled as he kisses the back of my ear before moving his lips across my jaw line. “Yes.. right now Tyson”, I plead as his lips finally find my own.

My arms wrap around his neck in support as my fingers snake their way into his hair.  His tongue wrestles with mine, fighting for dominance and power and I allow him to have it, I allow him to have me completely. Still engaged in a passionate kiss, one of his arms wrap around my waist while the other holds onto my thigh that is already around him. Without another second, he bites down on my lip as I tilt my head back and let out a loud moan at the feel of him pushing his entire length deep inside me in one go.

A groan escapes his own lips as he pulls back out just as fast, his faced buried in my neck as he continued marking me up. My cries of pleasure once again fill the air and I curl my toes as his length hits the deepest parts of me.  Im dripping wet, making his thrusts easy and I can practically feel myself swallow him up every time he enters. “Wrap the other leg”, He orders as I place both my hands on his shoulders for support and allow him to hoist me up so that I now have both legs wrapped around him.

Still buried deep inside me, Tyson once again picks up his assault with his thick member and I rest back and arched my back against the steel pole of the balcony, my head tilted so far back that when I opened my eyes I can see the ocean and moon upside down.

Its overwhelming, consuming and so fucken sexy. I cry out as a slap hits my bare back side before he roughly grabs it. His other hand gripping one of my bouncing breast and I swear his going so deep that I could feel him inside my stomach as I feel my releasing coming rapidly. “Oh shit”, I breathe out, clenching around him and wanting to feel him even more.

Knowing my body like no one ever has or ever will, Tyson slows his pace out just how I like it. Delivering long hard deep but slow trusts as he repeatedly hits the spot that will send me to heaven and back. “Let it out baby, let me feel it dripping down my dick”, He groans giving me that little push I need to send me over the edge.

My mouth opens but no sound comes out as my back arches more if possible. My eyes are wide and Im watching the ocean as I feel Tyson send me to placing no one else ever can. It hits me so intensely that I swear I see stars dancing around my head and Tyson doesn’t stop, he continues with his toe curling thrusts as I ride out my orgasm and finally let out a passionate moan as I hear him groan and spill his hot seed deep inside me.

Despite the cool air we are sweating and hot and my body feels sticky as his chest his pressed against mine while a mix of our arousal drips out of my opening and down my thigh.

“You are my drug”, Tyson finally gets out after us panting heavily for a few minutes while we try to recover. “My never ending supply and the best bit is? Ill forever be addicted”, He mumbles as I lift my head and lock my eyes onto his.

“My greatest drug”, Tyson whispers as if he’s telling himself rather than me.  Tyson had forever called me his drug over the years and tonight? Tonight I finally realized what he had meant this entire time.

We were each others addiction. One that will never go away. We either survive together or die without each other. 



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