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Ive been following this amazing blog for more than a year now (nearly 2) and with every single post I am so greatfuk for it. Thank you so much for taking time out if your personal day to find really cool, fun and informative tutorials. It is Highly appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful day(or night depending on when you see this + timezone) ❤ (also may I add that ur art in ur blog is amAZING?!!!! I love all the colours you use, the style, the gaLaxY aRt pieces an- just ur art is so beautiful)

Thank you very much!!

(Also thanks to anyone else who has sent kind messages that I haven’t got the chance to reply to, they’re really encouraging and very much appreciated!) 


Imagine Dean talking about you

“So now that we’re alone…” Jody drew her words out, wondering whether to go with the subtle or straight forward approach. Maybe bluntness was best here. “You gonna tell me about that girl who’s living with you?”

“Y/N?” Dean lifted his head in surprise but the moment his eyes met hers he knew his younger brother had been meddling “Let me guess, you’ve been talking to Sammy?”

“He might have mentioned a few things, I’ve heard she’s an amazing hunter.” Jody recalled the stories Sam had told her, still pretty impressed about the vampire nest you’d taken down with nothing but yourself and a machete. “Apparently good with her hands.”

“Hell yeah she is.” A smirk crept up on Dean’s face, his head nodding in agreement as he bit his bottom lip. He suddenly cleared his throat, realising what he’d said with a slight blush on his cheeks. “What’s your point Jody?”

“It’s good to see you actually smiling for a change Dean.” Jody’s words were sincere as she placed a hand on his shoulder, squeezing ever so slightly. “And if this is what I think it is, she’s one lucky girl.”

“I’m the lucky one.” He whispered the words, quietly admitting what the two of you had been keeping a secret for so long.

Dean was completely head over heels for you.

Jody could see it in the way his eyes lit up the minute your name was mention, it was in that proud smile that beamed when he talked about you and she couldn’t help but laugh. “So when do I get to meet the girl that tamed Dean Winchester?”

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Little Monster part 3


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: A couple bad words? Mentions of drugging someone (e.g. date rape) but without explicit content. Just briefly mentioned but if this is not for you, then please skip the cursive part!

Word count: 2389

Summary: You and Clint meet up to discuss tactics. Pietro reveals something to Bucky and infuriaties him.

A/N: You should start to wonder by now who the real little monster is…

Part 1

Part 2

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Okay. So I may have been scrolling through your blog (again) and laughing my ass off (again) and I came across tge link to "Say It Now" and HOLY SHIT IT WAS THE BEST HARRY POTTER NSFW FIC I HAVE READ TILL NOW LIKE DAMN. IT WAS BRILLIANT. So yeah I just wanted you to know that :D Also. To the wonderful gentlemen who are so adorable. Have you two ever wanted to try the art of makeup?? Oh and any Hobbies that you guys do?? Can I also mention this ask Drarry thing is amazing.


Draco: The art of make-up?

Harry: Yeah, no. 

Draco: *confused* Why would we wear make up?

Harry: I dunno, love, some people are into that.

Draco: And more power to them, I suppose…?

Harry: *chuckles* Absolutely. And hobbies - let’s see, we fly?

Draco: I literally turned my hobby into my career, so I brew, I guess? 

Harry: Yeah. What else?

Draco: I dunno? Reading?

Harry: Fucking?

Draco: *nods* Well, we do do that a lot. So yeah…

Harry: *happily* We fuck.

      So my friends! I’ve reached 350+ followers. Now I never thought I’d reach fifty followers on this blog. Niven was a heat of the moment thing. He has become one of my favorite muses and someone I absolutely adore. I never expected all this love and meeting so many friends and wonderful people. 

        Before I get into my list just a quick shout out to @fadingnxte for making this wonderful banner for me! It’s gorgeous and I had to throw out a quick thank you! Now onto my list!

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Somehow, 600 of you lovely people are following me now!

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So to celebrate, I’m going to do something a little different! At least, I haven’t seen this yet, but it could be out there already, who knows. ANYWAY, here we go!

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For my last challenge, I gave you the songs and you provided me with absolutely wonderful and beautiful fics. This time around, I am going to let YOU send the songs in to ME!

That’s right! I’m going to write for you this time around! My life has finally settled down a bit and I love writing for you all! So why not continue that. Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. You don’t have to be following me, but it would be lovely!
2. Send in an ASK (anon or not, but just know that I can’t tag you anons and it may take me a bit to get the fic out) with any song you would like me to write a fic based off of. It can be your favorite song, a song you think I would like, a song you hate, it can be from any band, musical, movie, cartoon, ANYTHING your heart desires!
3. Please specify if you would like Dean or Jensen, (I have not ventured out to other people yet…that may come at some point.)
4. Also let me know what genre you would like this fic to be. (Just a warning, I can go from fluffy to angsty in 0.5 seconds…sorry)
5. And finally, this is not required, but if you see this post, it would be awesome if you could signal boost this! I know that feeling you get when you hear a song and you think it would be awesome for a fic, and if someone somewhere has that feeling I can help them with that!

I really hope I get some requests with this, because I can’t wait to see what songs you all send in to me! I’m so excited for this! I’m going to tag my forever peeps below the cut and a few others I think might want to participate! Again, you all are amazing and I don’t know what I would do without you! Now let’s have some fun!

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I seriously never expected so much support from so many wonderful people! I didn’t even think it was possible haha. Every single comment and edit and drawing was just… Man. I’m speechless! This fandom has been so unbelievably sweet to me, haha- 

 I think in the end the situation (which wasn’t really more than me responding to a comment!) ended up being more fun to everyone than anything.

 Also, thanks to the followers I gained between yesterday and today I’m at 1080!!! Woah!!! So this is a thank you to everyone who’s followed me, too! You guys are all amazing. ♡♡♡♡

Maze’s usually got strong opinions on stuff, and...

I wonder what Maze’s thoughts are on Chloe learning who Lucifer is for real; and not just having an idea that something is not quite right. Right now she’s understandably avoiding facing a truth that might shake her world too hard, right after so much happened in her personal life as is the case right now, I suspect. I mean, divorce, poisoning, kidnapping, new surprise precinct, car accident, home change… and she’ still standing. You go, Chloe!
So Maze was rather angry at him when he revealed himself to Linda because it almost destroyed her relationship with Dr Martin; and now she’s grown very close to Chloe. Does our favourite demon think she’d lose both Chloe and Trixie? Does she believe Chloe has guessed more than she’s admitting? Is that whatever it is Maze & Lucifer are fighting about in the stills we got of that episode where they’re fighting?
Enquiring minds, etc!


Finally made that milestone video! I’m so thrilled to have such dedicated followers– especially those who interact and send in queries about headcanons, or requests for certain prompts! Most of all, I adore my writing partners. This blog wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without such wonderful folks to interact with!


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I dont know how you still believe in true love tbh

I had my first big love … and it was very painful and traumatic (she is a huge bitch who cheated on me). Because of her now I have trust issues and problems to fall in love with someone. But the feelings I had for her were really really deep and beautiful. I wish to love someone like that again (without getting hurt) because the love itself is not the thing that hurts. It’s the humans fault. The feeling of love is wonderful. You can’t give the love the blame. When it doens’t worked then it’s not your fateful true love. Don’t lose the hope of become happy with the right person one day.

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prompt 11 from the 100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 4. Characters: Hermione, Tom & Harry

(Is it okay that I wrote this a triad-relationship? I hope so)

“So your hair knows kung-fu? Ha, that’s nothing! MY hair knows HAIR-ATE!” (You know, as in karate) (This used to be an insider between me and a friend…)

“Honestly, Harry!” Hermione hissed through teeth, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration. “I can’t believe you waited until just now to start writing your essay. Sometimes I wonder how we get along so well- we’ve got nothing in common.” She gave an exasperated sigh, lips quirking into a smile when Harry merely shrugged, offering her a lopsided grin.

“Eh. We’ve got more in common than you think. I mean,” he paused, glancing over his shoulder at Tom, who sat behind them, languidly reclined on the sofa and holding a book up. He looked, for all the world, as if he was somewhere far off, too engrossed in his reading to pay any mind to the squabbling couple just a few feet before him. Of course, that was hardly the case. Tom Riddle was always observant. “Tom’s got a type.”

Dark blue eyes flicked over at him from above his book, but he said nothing, Hermione’s own laughter causing any words that might have sat on his tongue to whither. “A type? Harry-” she started, her honey colored eyes bright with mirth.

“Think about it. Two hot-headed, stubborn Gryffindors, each with a bit of a hero complex, very opinionated and unafraid to speak our minds,” he said, biting his lip before adding, “Plus, we’ve both got awful hair.”

Hermione scoffed, narrowing her eyes as she swatted at him playfully. “Speak for yourself, Potter!”

“Hermione, you’re hair is so wild it could properly defend itself against any attacker with you being none the wiser,” Tom finally spoke, lowering the book a bit so that it cut him off at the chin, lips lifted into a smirk.

As if self-conscious, Hermione reached up, fingers entwining into her voluminous curls, pulling them taut and then releasing them so that they sprung back. “I’m sorry we can’t all be blessed with perfectly tamable locks,” she said haughtily.

“I accept your apology.”

Harry leaned towards her, lowering his head as he said with a teasing smile, “You’re hair may be able to defend itself, but mine is a master of Kung Fu.”

Hermione pressed the knuckles of her fist to her mouth, stifling a laugh. She knew that she should admonish him for stalling on writing his essay, but there was that damned gleam in those emerald green eyes. A conspiratorial glint to them. He took far too much joy in irritating Tom with his absurdity, prodding at the Slytherin with his childish antics because he enjoyed seeing the look of impatience and annoyance that fell across the handsome face. He looked too perfect, Harry would say, shrugging his shoulders in explanation. And it was simply too tempting to make something that perfect falter, if only for a moment.

Of course, Hermione was hardly any better, indulging the same petty desire as she added- a bit louder than a whisper, to ensure Tom would hear her- “So your hair knows kung-fu? Ha, that’s nothing! MY hair knows hair-rate!”

Tom groaned from behind them, pressing the heel of his hand between his eyes. “Children,” she thought she heard him mutter below his breath.

Send me a number and characters

personal things

((OOC Becci:

I’m thinking about writing this for a while now but the anon from last night actually made me really want to write.
First of all thank you so much @dobbyisafreeblog @notdoingyourhomeworkweasley @the-frustrated-muggleborn @el-da-duck and @femme-fatality for your support. That really means a lot to me.

The last days I asked for Q&A stuff. And this is one point that made me think. We got some asks but not many. Mostly of the same people who always send asks (and this is such a great thing ♥). We have quite some followers now but if I look at other blogs with less there is still more interaction.
I wonder if anyone is really interested in what we are doing. We’re doin this because it’s fun and because we’d like to make other people enjoy it but recently I’m questioning that. I can’t see people enjoying it. We hardly get any response on anything. So I think does it make sense to go on rping or should we just stop. I don’t think it would make that big of a difference.

I just want to interact with people (on a personal level and rp together). But when I message anyone and I don’t get any answer at all that makes it hard. And even if some people answer… it’s mostly one word or something and it’s frustrating.
I know I’m a person who it is hard to talk to. I know I often need long to reply or my answers are short. But I try my best although I’m struggling. And I’m really happy to talk to you.

There are so many new faces in the community and everyone gets so much sppreciation and is loved so much and they are making friends so fast. And then there is me staying behind, watching all of this. I’m happy for you. Very much. But on the other hand I envy you. For being accepted, for making friends, for being cared about.
I know I’m not a good friend. But I really want to try. Even the people I’m talking to… there’s only a few whom I get the feeling from that they actually care while I kind of seem to bother the others since it’s always me who is messaging them, not the other way around.

All of this makes me sad and frustrated. I thought I could talk to people more, find friends. But it’s hard. And I don’t know if I can really do it.
Even if I’m on a hangout. Sometimes I’m not even noticed and if so nobody’s talking to me anyway. I feel like an intruder. And people tell me I’m not but everytime I go offline I’m sure they are talking about how glad they are I’m finally gone.

Maybe it’s better to just disappear.
But I know @xxkatygirliexx and @rikkachloechan would be sad…))

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GaLee has been my Naruto otp since 6th grade and you're the first person I've ever met that actually actively ships it and talks about it and draws amazing content of it and honestly that's such a blessing! I came for the wonderful Overwatch art and got an amazing surprise when I first saw you talk about GaLee and now you're one of my favourite blogs to follow!!

ahhhh you are so kind thank you so much ❤️!!! these 10 years of nardos has teached me something, people who are into this ship never quit, it’s an amazing phenomenon

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For those who are wondering, the live was quite short. Tom sang something he had already played before. There were trafic noises, it wasn't really easy to ear, and then we ear a fan asking him probably an autograph and he answered something like "No not now lovely, please. Is it ok?", he was interrupted by her so he was confused to sing again, then said: "nice try" to the camera before stopping the live. He probably went after her to give her what she wanted (I can only guess). Nice guy!

Thank you!!!

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Hey! I've been following your blog for a while now and its been a huge encouragment for me to help me accept who i am and gives me a lot of hope for the future! I was wondering when in your transitional timeline were you comfortable dressing in feminine clothes in public?

Oh hey there !
I am so moved by your words.. I really appreciate you following and I am so glad you are inspired:)

Honestly starting to “live openly as a girl” was a slow process for me. I started with little things such as leggings and sneakers and kind of dressy tshirts.

I always had long hair and had kind of an androgynous style but I started pushing it slowly when I decided to transition. It took me a while and then I started using a little make up and then that little make up later evolving into something more elaborate. By then I pierced my ears and I felt much more comfortable with my clothing changing radically.

My best advice is to take your time . you better than anyone else know your surroundings and the best way to proceed. If you live in a very safe environment please go ahead and start taking risks, you’ll feel better and more encouraged as you go along

A big hug from Costa Rica and please send an ask of a a message if you need more help! 💕💕😘😘💕😘

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I'm sorry to be a bother but a while back I asked to be tagged in everything you write, and was just wondering if I got cut because you were tagging to many or? Sorry to be a pain in the butt I just love your writings.

ahhhh no nothing like that - i’m gonna be doing a spring cleaning of my tag lists bc honestly i’m so bad at tagging, but for now if i’m posting something that’s not a series, i’ll post a teaser and tag people who ask to be tagged from that

keeping on top of regular tag lists is A LotTM and i’m bad at it i’m sorry sweets

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I have this problem where I completely misread sentences and stuff? Like I read it one way but when I read it again I realize I read it completely wrong for example my friend was texting me about her day and said "That moment when you you've been up since 8:30..." but I read it as "What have you been up to, since 8:30" I wondering if this is a autism thing or something completely different?

This sounds like it might be a form of dyslexia, just mixing up words instead of letters. Dyslexia is more common in autistic than the general public, so it is related to autism. Both of us experience what you described (though Sabrina didn’t realize this was a dyslexia thing until now and thought this was just a general people thing).

-Sabrina and Sean (who is dyslexic)

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Hi! I wanted to ask if you know anything abt joon's opinion on feminism. I've been a bts stan for a while now and I was kinda wondering. It's hard to tell with how idols on the kpop scene aren't really supposed to express opinions....

namjoon has expressed it many times through music, the media he consumes and the clothing he wears. 

namjoon very much a feminist who believes everyone, female, male, trans, bi, gay, rich, poor, black, white, blue, religion, everyone deserves respect, equality, love, and all the same opportunities 

actively wears skirts and runway fashion that is actually made for women

take a look at the book on his night stand

one of the few times he has tweeted about same sex love/LGBT issues

  • Namjoon was the one who came up with the topics they spoke about in the song change for the collaboration with Wale. he said he keeps up with american media and thinks it’s important to know what is going on around the world. he wanted to use his large platform to speak about the important issues of black lives matter, and the government and things needing to change because things are not okay. he said because of the situations going on in the us and in korea in was important to talk about it
  • 21st century girl, need I say more?
  • actively giving a voice to those who can’t through his music and fancafe posts
  • releasing the song ‘I know’ the day after korea passed its law to ban same sex marriage 

and many many many more, he doesn’t hide it, he openly speaks about it regularly. people just have to listen to him

x / x / x / x