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Joe Biden endorsing Same-Sex Marriage on “Meet the Press”, May 6 2012

  • In an interview with David Gregory, Joe Biden said “The good news is that as more and more Americans come to understand what this is all about is a simple proposition. Who do you love? Who do you love and will you be loyal to the person you love? And that’s what people are finding out what all marriages at their root are about. Whether they are marriages of lesbians or gay men or heterosexuals. […] I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitled to the same exact rights. All the civil rights, all the civil liberties. And quite frankly I don’t see much of a distinction beyond that. […] I think Will & Grace probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody has done so far. People fear that is different and now they’re beginning to understand.
  • As Vice President, Joe Biden made history in 2012 by becoming the highest ranking American official to ever back same-sex marriage.
  • Three days later, on May 9, Barack Obama became the first sitting president to say he believed that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. 
  • And three years later, in June 2015, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that state-level bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional
  • On June 21, 2017, Joe Biden said at the DNC LGBT Gala “I want to make something very clear tonight. Over the years, many of you have thanked me for stating the obvious on ‘Meet the Press’. Some of you credited me with taking a political risk. I mean what I’m saying from the bottom of my heart, I give you my word as a Biden. I took no political risk. I took no chance. Though I thought I acknowledged that I was doing something special. But, folks, I was just answering a question directly put to me in what I’ve known my whole life as a proposition that my dad taught me and that lies at the core of what made me a democrat, and that is: Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.
No, Wait, You Got it All Wrong

You know what there’s not enough of? Canon compliant future fic where Stiles is a cop and he runs into Derek again. What’s that you say? There’s a ton of that?? Yes, true, but NOT ENOUGH.

“…. so then he says, ‘No, Officer, I swear to God this is the first time I’ve ever smoked up! I’ve never been in trouble with the law in my life! And I say, Billy, my man, you’ve been in trouble with me personally twice this month.” Stiles snorts at the memory. “Kid was so fucking high.”

Amanda must be halfway past tipsy, because she laughs uproariously into her beer at the mediocre punchline.

Stiles smiles. He’s satisfied with her reaction, with the warm murmur of the bar, with the buzz he’s got going… with just about everything, actually. After tonight, he’s looking at two full days off before he’s back on the beat, and the night’s still young. He leans back in his chair and takes a pull of his beer, savoring it.

Amanda glances towards the bar, probably considering a fourth round, and then visibly perks up as something near the front catches her eye.

“Oooh, Stiles,” she croons. “Look over at the door, like, just glance over.” She’s adjusted her gaze down at the table now, faking casual disinterest. Badly.

Stiles raises his eyebrows at her.

“This dude just walked in, he’s so your type,” she hisses. “C’mon, look! I’m telling you, six feet two inches of ‘yes, please, give it to me’ muscles, with some salt-and-pepper scruff icing. Unff.”

“Eh,” Stiles says, tipping his weight forward to hunch over the table. It’s not that he isn’t interested, exactly, but this is a cop bar and he doesn’t want to shit where he eats. Metaphorically.

“No, really,” Amanda insists. “He's… oh my God, he’s looking over here. He’s looking at you. Oh my God, Stiles, he’s coming over here!”

“No, he isn’t,” Stiles scoffs. He’s filled out a bit from high school and he’s finally competent at styling his hair, but he’s not that hot. Only Amanda’s sitting straight like a rod, eyes fixed on a point behind him that’s about where a six foot two man’s eyes would be.


He turns then, shooting to his feet before his brain’s quite caught up, because that voice is familiar like the back of his own hand.

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I don’t post a lot on social media these days and I rarely if ever post anything personal. But I have two personal stories that I’ve never really told publicly that I feel I need to tell today.

About seven years ago there was a letter in my mailbox from the White House. To be clear, not just the White House, but from the newly elected President Of The United States. Wow, maybe this had something to do with his appearance in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, but oddly enough it was addressed to my then 8 year old daughter. It seems that unbeknownst to her parents, my little girl mailed a letter to President Obama wishing him well and offering him advice as only an 8 year old could.

And he wrote back.

In the letter he thanked and commending her for passing along her thoughts and engaging in this wonderful thing we call Democracy. To this day I still tear up remembering the look on her face as she read that letter realizing that not only did the President Of The United States write back, but that she lived in a country in which this was possible.

Two years later I was sitting in my office at Marvel when my phone rings and a gentlemen claiming to be an assistant to the President Of The United States tells me that the POTUS would like to commission me to do a piece of art for him. Thinking it was a prank I told him I’d love to discuss it further but I was rushing off to a meeting and would gladly call him back. I took down his info, did a quick Google search and confirmed that the number on my caller I.D. was indeed coming from an office in the White House. Wait, what?!?

As it turned out a close friend of the President, Patrick Gaspard, who was the Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs, was leaving to take on his new role as the Director of the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Gaspard happened to be a HUGE Marvel Comics fan. We’re talking a full on True Believer since childhood, and President Obama thought that a perfect parting gift for his service to the administration would be a custom piece of art featuring Mr. Gaspard, himself and several Marvel heroes standing in front of the White House and for some godforsaken reason he was asking me to draw it. I of course had to get approval from the highest levels of Marvel where it was met with nothing but enthusiasm and a big thumbs up.

Now as unlikely as all of this sounds, nothing was more surreal than when I was sending off rough sketches to White House for the President’s approval and getting back notes. I’d never been more thrilled to get art revisions in my life! Once the piece was finished inked and colored by Danny Miki and Richard Isanove respectfully, I received word that the President was thrilled with the results and Mr. Gaspard was over the moon with the final framed surprise gift.

Admittedly, for those close to me that knew about the assignment, I’d make it a point to boast as often as I could that I was now officially the very first United States Sequential Artist Laureate. Quite frankly, I don’t see why that shouldn’t be a thing.

A short time later I was at San Diego Comicon signing books at the Marvel booth when someone extended a hand for me to shake. I looked up and the gentlemen said, “Do you recognize me?” How could I not, I had spent a week drawing him. It was of course Mr. Gaspard and he wanted to thank me personally for the art and to express how much Marvel had meant to him growing up and still means to him today. Patrick and I have kept in touch ever since and while his current tenure as Ambassador to South Africa is coming to an end, I’m looking forward to catching up with him when he’s back in the States and making good on my promise to bring him on to the set of Defenders or taking him to a Mets game.

And yes, I was lucky enough to meet President Obama. like I said, I don’t usually like to post things of a personal nature, but today I feel compelled to simply convey my own humble experience of having the great honor of meeting the most powerful man on the planet when he was in office. A man who was nothing but kind, appreciative and generous to me, who demonstrating a genuine love for the medium of comics and took more time than he ever needed to to express his appreciation for the work I created and the medium of comics itself. The same man who also took time to write a simple yet eloquent response in 2009 to a little girl who express love and hope, not for herself, but for her President and his future.

Godspeed President Obama, thank you for your service. I have no doubt and look forward to how you will continue to serve and change our world for the better.

Joe Quesada

Hold Back The River (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader is best friends with Roman, traveling with him and valeting him to the ring. The two were inseparable. What happens when everything changes?

**A/N: ** Shout-out to @lclb13 because this fic is written based on a request from her imagination. I made this as true to the request as possible. Protective Roman is pretty cute. The song choice for this one: “Hold Back the River” by James Bay.

**S/B: ** Check out @thiickreigns for version two!


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“Tried to keep you close to me

But life got in between

Tried to square not being there        

But think that I should have been…”

           It was a long day, a really long and tiring day. The flights, the interviews, the training: long, tedious and tiring and all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep. Instead, I was here in Orlando, Florida, sitting quietly in the stands of the arena an hour and a half before Monday night Raw began.

           “Hey, baby girl. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

          Roman’s deep, soothing voice from behind my row of seats caused me to jump up in shear surprise. I turned around with a scowl planted firmly on my face, trying my best not to smile at his apologizing pout. We’ve been best friends since we started out in NXT five years earlier. Now, we worked together for the same company and traveled together all the time. When I say I loved this adorable Samoan to death, I truly meant it.

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(I’ve been working on this forever omg)

But before anything starts I want to just confirm.
THIS IS A THEORY DO NOT TAKE MY INTERPRETATIONS AS FACT UNLESS I PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF A CERTAIN CLAIM OK? EX: Levi thinks Petra is cute due to an interview, Levi likes black tea, Levi wishes he was tall etc.

The way I see things, I believe that the way Rivetra works in the show is an unrequited love on both ends.
Let me explain.
Levi knows that he had a deep feeling of respect as well as a sense of defense over Petra in many scenes of the manga and the anime.
Such as warning the left flank, helping the wounded etc.
He always positioned her away from danger despite her having a higher kill stat than him. (evidence provided in the official guidebook)
Now, when he is searching for his squad after their deaths he begins to slowly pass each body, I noticed he didn’t pass them in order of how they died.
When this scene happened, I was expecting that’s what they would do to try and prove no greater connection over a single member. You know, show that he had a strong bond with all of them as a whole as equals.
But, he found Petra last. It almost felt like they wanted him to find Petra last in a way to say “he was searching for her in hopes she was alive.” (In my opinion, don’t take this as fact)
And I feel that once he fights the female Titan, and is now gathering the dead bodies, his expression is a lot more hurt and furious than when he first saw her.

Not to mention in the official wiki he was described to be “protecting Petra’s body” when they were going back to the walls, even when he knows it’s just her dead body, and that she’s long gone.
I mean in the anime he told those soldiers to leave their friend’s body behind because it’s just that. A body. Levi decides to comfort him with a patch later on, stating that the reason he even took the patches from their uniforms was because it comforted him.

We see that he only took Petra’s on screen. (Very heartbreaking but selfless of him to sacrifice his own comfort for a comrade mourning) But…How do we know it’s her? Her skin tone is light, just like the body’s (they haven’t been dead too long and blood loss may have been heavy but she still would bare the closest resemblance) and it has a bite mark imprinted in the skin on their hand. The only other person who’s hand was focused on in the anime around that time was hers.
It triggered the transition from the flashback to the present, and Petra was the one to speak on behalf of the squad as to why they even did it. She was the one that filled that mark with the most heart. So, it’s about 90% clear to assume it was her body.
He reassured himself another time when the bodies were dropped that she was only a body then. She’s gone and there’s no point in staying trapped in a rut of thoughts of what could’ve been. I see it as a sense of self comfort as he tried not to look back to Petra’s body (he failed though) to spare him any pain, frustration, or regret.

He’s having more trouble remaining stoic with his emotions than before. So that means he OBVIOUSLY cares that his squad died, but it was when he saw Petra that the expression set for a longer period of time.
My interpretation of this is that he was frustrated at himself for still not knowing whether or not he had feelings for her or not. It’s only until he meets Petra’s father when it clicks to him that he may have actually harbored feelings of love towards her, without even realizing it.

Same goes for Petra. She translated it through her letter as devotion and dedication in a form of respect towards him, because she may have mis-categorized her true feelings. After all, her Father is the one interpreting marriage and such, showing he may have seen past her real feelings though a bit more extreme.

I even looked through the panels of the manga, and every time there’s a free space for the squad, Petra is always talking to Levi showing more proof that there was an obviously strong connection. They may have loved each other without even realizing it, and it makes sense considering they don’t necessarily focus on love in their world and in the anime.

Speaking of the anime and revisiting a previous statement, there’s a scene shown only in the anime and never in the manga where Petra’s body falls, and Levi is shown looking back in regret. Isayama green lights every scene put in the show and is notorious for adding scenes he wished he could’ve put in the original source material. But why? Why would that scene be necessary enough to put in if it wasn’t even in the manga? I personally believe it may be because he wanted to translate their bond more.

There’s also the evidence of having their own Valentine’s Day art out of all possible couples where Petra is giving her own gift to Levi.
Petra even had the honor of receiving her own Birthday art which very few characters had received.
If she wasn’t an important character like others say, then why did she make such an impact on the franchise to keep reappearing even after she was killed off?
Notice that the two men in her art are Eren and Levi, because she had made an impact in both their lives.
Eren was taught to trust in others, and now understands that he must earn trust before receiving it.
While Levi?….What connection is it that differs from the rest of her squad?
In his separate card for her birthday art, he says that Petra picked out the suit for him and found it helpful she did, confirming the canon that Petra on occasion picks out his clothes when he’s out of uniform.
Pretty close for being a Captain and Subordinate, no?
Not to mention it was confirmed a while back that Levi saw Petra as a cute subordinate, whether or not he loved her as a significant other was still undetermined, but he definitely loved her as a comrade at the very least. Canon as a relationship or not, they still have a strong bond I wish I could explore more!
Ahhh, it’s so interesting.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it, and also understands this is a theory and the pairing isn’t considered canon officially. It’s honestly just my view of why I still hang onto this ship for so long! I apologize if it’s a bit scrambled it’s so late at night when I finished! ε-(´∀`; )

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 4

nA/N: Hey, lovebugs! I just wanna thank you all for the feedback and hope you enjoy part four. Remember, 100 notes for the next chapter and make sure you drop feedback in my inbox. This ones a bit longer since some requested for it to be, so i hope you guys like it.

**Warning**: Smut(a blowjob to be specific)

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“No, you didn’t!”  Connor yelled as you told him about the details of your day. Felix on the other hand was laughing so hard he turned red and was curled up on the floor.

“What’s so funny?” You laughed along with them, taking a sip of Felix’s famous martinis. Living next door to a bartender that also happened to be your close friend pays off.

“You made him cum his pants on the third date, how lovely.” Felix laughed.“ I’m just surprised you’re even going through with this whole ordeal.”

“I am too. I don’t know what happened today, I felt so…” you trailed as you tried to find the right words to describe what you felt in that moment.

“Dominant and sexy?” Connor smirked as he took a sip of his own drink.


“Trust me, I know. I’ve loved the feeling from the first time and still do four years later.”

This caused you to widen your eyes in shock as Felix’s face flushed red. You shifted your eyes from him to Connor who still held a smug look on his face and back to Felix once again.

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[OFFICIAL] EXO KAI Debut 5th Anniversary Special Message!

Translation : 

Hello, I’m EXO’s Kai! Today is our 5th anniversary. It’s a very special day. We made our debut in 2012 and there’s been a lot of things. It was a happy time with the audience, the concerts, and with you. They were good memories. I’m leaving it now but I have a lot of time later. 10 years, 20 years, 30 years later, I will always be with you and I will give you a good stage with lots of good memories. I hope you remember that time again. Now, April 8th, I will visit you often. I can’t wait to see you again. I hope you’ll wait. And I will be (working) diligently and a humble Kai. I look at the stage now, but I look back on stage five years later. I will always try to be exactly the same. Thank you and keep on loving us.

trans © fykai

File 1005

This is a brief retranslation done by an inexperienced translator. Didn’t have time to proofread, forgive me for any mistakes XD

Finally… I was able to confess my feeling

  • R: This is my answer….
  • R: Did I ….. screw up?

  • S: No……
  • S: No way! Only on the cheek?

[Translation from Yunnie]

  • S: Calm down… heart
  • S: Please keep quiet just for now!!
  • S: …wait, who it belongs to?
  • S: Whose heartbeat it is?!

  • S: Damn it… It’s mine
  • S: S…Sorry, Ran
  • R: Eh?
  • S: I got a call from a client
  • S: I will talk to you next time
  • R: Shin….Shinichi…
  • So: What was that?
  • Se: ……
  • So: I can’t believe he let Ran took the initiative
  • R: You….You saw that?
  • R: Ah…
  • R: Sera-Chan!?

  • Se: Excuse me…. Get out of the way…
  • Se: I said GET OUT OF THE WAY!
  • 1: Eh?
  • 1: A high school student who appears to have difficulty walking?
  • Se: Yes, this is what he looks like, did he exit thru this door?
  • 1: I don’t memorize every single student who were here on a field trip
  • H: Oh, if you’re looking for Kudo

  • H: He just rushed towards that direction
  • H: Maybe he needs to go to the restroom or something
  • Se: What was with your backpack?
  • H: Er… I just happened to carry one
  • Se: Let me see what’s inside
  • H: Aho! No way!
  • H: I have underwears and other stuff inside that I can’t show you!
  • Se: Like porn?
  • H: Yea, there are some extreme porno in there!
  • Se: Did I just spot a Teitan High uniform hanging out?
  • H: EH?????
  • Se: Just kiddin
  • H: Oi…Kudo…
  • H: That chick probably has already….
  • H: Know about your secret?
  • C: Yea…. It was a handful

  • 2: I need to make an announcement
  • 2: Kudo Shinichi from 2B class has called
  • 2: “Something urgent came up, I can’t join the field trip with everyone”
  • Crowd: EHHHH?
  • 2: Therefore, his group will need to get ready and leave without him
  • 2: Also, he would like everyone to not mention his involvement with the case
  • 2: So please do not post anything on SNS
  • 3: What a shame, I wanna ask him about the case on the way back
  • 4: It’s okay, we’ll just ask Sera
  • So: That deduction bastard… just left like that?
  • So: Letting Ran kissed him on the cheek
  • R: Stop with the tease Sonoko!
  • R: Say….How did Shinichi know about Okita?
  • So: Of course it was me who sent the affair photo to him
  • So: So what were you saying to Okita-kun?
  • R: I was just returning….

  • R: This charm was given to me by Sato-Keiji, you left it at the tournament
  • O: Oh! You found it! Thank you so much!
  • R: Oh…. And
  • O: Eh?
  • R: I placed the charm on the desk at the Agency
  • R: And my dad…
  • K: A charm? Its probably Ran’s
  • K: What is in there?
  • K: A piece of wood…. And a photo?
  • K: It’s probably a photo of that detective brat
  • K: Eh?
  • R: What are you looking at? Dad?
  • O: You…. You saw the photo?
  • R: Yea…. I wasn’t intend to… but…

  • R: The girl on the photo
  • R: Is she Okita-Kun’s girlfriend?
  • R: I was curious…. so I wanna to ask you in person
  • O: No….She’s not
  • O: Well…. Not yet
  • R: So she’s the girl you like? I think you guys are so cute together!
  • O: Yea…. She’s my rival’s little sister
  • O: I promised myself I won’t confess to her until I defeated him
  • O: Please keep that confidential from that boob chick
  • R: Boob chick?
  • O: She will just be nagging to everyone if she knew about it
  • R: This is what we talked about…

  • So: So…You sure you didn’t cheat on the guy who look like you husband just to make him jealousy?
  • R: What cheating?
  • So: But it was MY picture that made the whole kissing thing possible! You need to thank me!
  • R: Geez Sonoko!
  • N: And then what? what do you think? Mouri?
  • N: What does kissing feel like?
  • R: Even if you ask me….
  • R: I only kissed on the cheek
  • So: Didn’t you guys ask the wrong person…..?
  • R: Even though it was just a kiss on the cheek… It took the dedication of jumping off the kiyomizu stage (TN: in reference to what Sonoko said in file 1000)
  • R: Shinichi…
  • R: Mail?
  • R: From Shinichi?
  • “Sorry Ran… I wanna to spend more time with you, but things didn’t go as well”

[Translation From Yunnie]

  • S: But I was really happy to receive an answer to my confession! Thank you
  • R: Sheesh…
  • R: Well, I’ll forgive you for now…
  • Se: Yeah.. Looks like it exists…
  • Se: A medicine that will allow you to return to your original form, mama…
  • M: Then you should find the developer of this medicine at all costs…And obtain it…
  • M: Once I return my original form, we’ll stop running from place to place…
  • M: And will counterattack…
  • M: Don’t fail, Masumi…
  • Se: Ok!

  • C:Mail from Ran
  • H: Oi…. It’s dangerous to use your phone on the road
  • C: I’m just checking…
  • R: Thank you for the mail…
  • R: So this means that we’re officially a couple now?
  • C: Crap! I need to respond ASAP
  • H: But that little Nee-Chan is such a troll…
  • H: If she had given you a backup antidote, you would’ve been able to go back with the group
  • C: Backup antidote
  • C: She gave me one, but I couldn’t take it…… I will have to wait eight hours…. Eight hours later we’ll be back in Tokyo
  • H: I was in a real panic, seeing you shrinking… I had no other choice but to shove you into my bag… And you can’t give me a heads up?

  • C: I had a lot on my plate!
  • H: Eh? Like what?
  • C: Well… Since you didn’t see it
  • H: Yea I saw nothing…

[Translation From Yunnie]

  • H: I saw nothin’, nothin’ at all… specially not somethin’ like you and that nee-chan kissin’ at the Kiyomizu temple’s stage…  
  • C: You saw us?!
  • H: Damn it, the Kiyomizu temple’s stage was my next best candidate for the confession with best scenery…
  • C: Ah, well… that was impulsive…
  • H: And a kiss on top of that?
  • H: He’s raisin’ the bar pretty high…

[it’s about the previous case, nothing new. Let’s just agree we don’t care about this page XD]

  • Yus: The problem is, this globally known case was solved by Shinichi, who should not have been existed on this world….
  • Yus: So they’ve reported that the high school detectives solved the case
  • Yuk: Shin-Chan wouldn’t have neglected something that important, he asked not to mention his involvement
  • Yus: ……
  • “Did you hear about the case on the Kiyomizu temple stage?” 
  • “Yeas it was high school detective who solved it” 
  • “Hattori Heiji right? I’m sure he will solve it” 
  • “I heard there’s another guy and another girl” 
  • “Who were they? I wonder?”
  • “The girl is a bit of a tom boy! Shes so cute"
  • “Who’s the other guy! I’m curious" 
  • “I know! I happened to be at the scene” 
  • “it’s the detective from the east! Kudo Shinichi!” 
  • “No way! Isn’t he dead or something?”



Zach Dempsey #2

Hello everyone :)
Here is another Zach Dempsey imagine, with a little help by @themonicashastriblog

Request are open and welcome! :)

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It was nothing, at first.
I didn’t give much thought into the fact that I haven’t been on my period this month.
Hannah’s suicide and Jeff’s death shook up everything and I was still trying to wrap my head around  what happened.
More precisely, what Zach had to do with it.
When I found out about the tapes I was so mad at him for not telling me.

But we eventually got over it.
Now we were happier than before.
Stronger than before.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you there?”, Sherri rips me out of my thoughts and I look at her with an excusing look on my face before I straighten up my cheer leading skirt.

“What were you saying?”, I ask and Sherri laughs before she gets up and we walk into the gym together.
“I was saying, Jess isn’t coming today. She got cramps. This time of the month again, you know.”, she looks over to me and I frown a minute.

“What’s going on? You look like I talked about something evil.”, she laughs and I smile vague before I follow her into the gym.

I am sure it means nothing that my period is late this month too.
Even though the stress was getting better I had a flu and the doctor subscribed me some medication which most likely to mess with my body.
It’s probably nothing.

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Pool Party (Christian Yu Smut)

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Admin: Nari

POV: Second (male x female)

Genre: Smut (16+ material)

A/N: Part 2 to ‘Reunion Fun’. I actually kind of enjoy writing these summery smuts. It feels more natural and like I don’t have to try to make it sultry.

A clatter woke you up for you to see that your phone had fallen to the floor from vibrating so much. A dim blue sky could be seen through the window and you looked at the digital clock on your phone to see that it was 5:30 AM. You groaned, but weren’t surprised to see that your phone had vibrated endlessly thanks to Lu calling fifteen times.

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How’s Your Throat?

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Pairing: Simon Dominic x Reader
Warnings: ???
A/N: Originally posted on KpopPantyDrop

Have you ever been backstage at an AOMG concert?  No?  Well, it is just as crazy as you can imagine.  Someone will end up chasing someone or they’ll be arguing over something stupid and/or irrelevant.  And please whatever you do, do NOT mention the NFL or the Seahawks.  Unless you want to hear Jay go on and on about the strength behind the 12th man.  

But tonight’s conversation, wasn’t the worse you’d been apart of with the boys.  But it was definitely one of the most interesting.  Kinks.  One second Jay was talking to ELO and Pumkin, next thing you know everyone is sitting together discussing kinks.  

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find boyfriend jungkook (here), boyfriend jimin (here), & boyfriend v (here)

  • knowing yoongi he would spend a good deal of time procrastinating on his own feelings for you because he’s both unsure and worried (though, he won’t admit it) about telling you what he feels but at the same time he’s a very blunt person - just skimming around the subject would ultimately annoy him and so one day he’d just be super straightforward and be like;
  • “I like you as more than just a friend. You don’t have to answer me now, but I hope that you’ll be truthful.”
  • and tbh it’s kinda chic and courageous the way he just tells you and you’re impressed by his brave front (and so is bangtan even though taehyung spends like 5 hours imitating yoongi later and adding in exaggerations and yoongi would fight him but he’s too busy being happy because you said you LIKE HIM TOO)
  • so the first date is really relaxed and laid back it’s just a trip to the movies with a nice dinner after and like yoongi is his usual self and you’re kinda nervous and you’re like holy shit he’s so calm?? and collected 
  • but tbh he got his phone open to the group chat and he’s like ‘listen jin don’t ever use this as blackmail against me because i still have that pic of you in a cheongsam in case you do so help me out whAT THE HELL DO I DO’ 
  • and you don’t see it but yoongi keeps kinda tapping his fingers and shaking his leg because you two are in such close proximity at the movies and you’re just eating popcorn looking cute laughing at all the corny jokes and yoongi even in the dark light of the cinema can see your cute feature illuminated by the movie lights and he just
  • ok he really wants to like kiss you but jin’s text was like ‘act natural and don’t say anything too mean and blunt’ and yoongi’s like in his head like jin is right but also jin is wrong i just wanna tell them i wanna kiss them
  • but he holds back and at dinner you two just talk and you jokingly ask if he wants to do twenty questions on the way back home and yoongi’s like you know what sure
  • and like you ask each other basic stuff like your favorite color/ dream vacation/ what kind of animal do i remind you of kinda thing but then he’s like 
  • “what do you feel right now? like in this moment?”
  • and it’s so straightforward but you like gulp down the lump in your throat and you’re like “well,,,,i feel like the luckiest person on the planet.” and he kind of gets taken back and like his eyes drop to the floor cutely and he’s like “why?” and you giggle into your palm and you’re like “it’s embarrassing,,,” but yoongi slowly lifts his eyes to meet yours and he smiles and it’s probably the most gentle one you’ve ever seen on him and he’s like “i promise i won’t laugh” and you’re like “i,,,,feel lucky because im with you and…….i….know i want to be even closer to you …know….if that’s ok….”
  • and yoongi kinda doesnt answer for a moment and you get a bit scared but it’s honestly because he’s biting his tongue with happiness and he’s just at a loss for words until he’s like 
  • “i want you to know that i feel the same way.”
  • and it’s cute afterwords your dates don’t really get fancy even though jin is always like for godsake yoongi take them to like a play or at least a more expensive restaurant but you never mind just meeting up with him to go like to the grocery store since the dorms running low on food or eating street food with him on a busy saturday night like it’s the small moments with him that count for you
  • and once you two kinda become official you like spend a lot of time with yoongi in the studio because he’s breaking his back over lyrical writing and guaranteeing armys a fantastic album and like
  • you love watching him so focused and determined even though every now and then you have to be like “yoongi here is some water and some snacks no you can’t eat them later eat them now because i know you will forget”
  • tbh you and jin bond over feeding yoongi it’s cute jin’s like thank you for keeping my son nourished and you’re like ??? ok ofc
  • but taehyung and jimin always peeking through the cracked door to see if you and yoongi are doing anything ahem “adult” and yoongi threatening to throw his notebook at them or something because god they’re like kids
  • but also like when he’s got a little time to spare he goes over and you cuddle into his shoulder and he’s just like “i wish i could nap” and you’re like “i wish you could nap too so i could nap with you” and he’s like “our next date should be a nap.”
  • and it’s in this like innocent small moment that he leans over and pecks your lips ever so gently and you’re like ,,,oh and yoongi just kinda lazily smiles and closes his eyes and the next thing you know he’s knocked out on your lap but you’re like touching your lips like ,,,, goddammit min yoongi you cutie pie 
  • and skinship like yoongi starts off reserved but after this like after he falls asleep in your lap and wakes up to see that you’re calmly sleeping as well with your fingers entwined with his he gains the confidence to be more affectionate
  • and like a big cat he gets very cuddly when he’s tired just head rubbing against your shoulder and murmuring against your neck that you’re warm and like pulling you closer by the waist
  • but most of the other times just holding hands is enough honestly yoongi will never say it but just brushing his fingertips over your skin makes him so comforted because like you’re so warm and you’re all his like ,,,, wow
  • jimin: i think you should kiss them more often yoongi: i think cHiLDREN shouldn’t know about these things 
  • kissing is kinda limited to soft little pecks and yoongi isn’t the biggest fan of making out, he’s much more prone to kissing other places of your body especially your hands
  • he’d just love pressing his mouth to the back of your palm while working just like a habit of his
  • but when he does want to get a little more……intimate….his kisses can be very slow and calculating and every step is dragged out until you can’t take it anymore and take control by just grabbing his face and honestly like
  • yoongi likes this go-forward, dominate side you can have
  • but like it’s just for him to know about it has to be hush hush around the members even though when he comes in with a scarf wrapped around his neck taehyung is just like OOOO SOMEONE GOT SOME LAST NIGH-
  • and yoongi like thumps him on the head like shut it boy
  • also yoongi lives for massages like sometimes he’ll just plop down in front of you and be like “my muscles are dying please revive them” and you’re like omf are you ok and yoongi with his eyes closed is just like a muffled “no”
  • when they’re preparing for a comeback or tour yoongi can get extra moody and hard to read and there are days when he just wants to be alone and like you know not to bother him but the truth is even in those stressful situations like he wants to feel you cuddled in his arms 
  • like he needs your touch to calm himself down and like when he’s too tired to call you over like 
  • namjoon will be like: taehyung get yoongi’s phone and call you know who because yoongi looks like he might kill all of us 
  • when you come over in a rush, probably in some sweatpants yoongi just sees you and he opens his arms and you’re like “is it tough? the dancing?” and he just nods and like curls you closer to him and you pet his hair and just kiss his forehead
  • the rest of bangtan like quietly slips away but like afterwords tae, jungkook, and jimin aren’t gonna let you two live until jin pulls them away by the ear
  • and when you’re there for long hours like watching over him while he practices and you’re like dozing off trying to stay awake yoongi catches himself just looking at you because your sleepy, dreamy gaze is just so adorable 
  • jungkook in the back: hyung you’re drooling 
  • you honestly probably get texts complaining from the maknae line about how naggy your boyfriend is they’re always like “control him, he keeps getting grumpy about everything” and you call yoongi and like literally while you’re on the phone he’s like “taehyung i swear to god if you drink all the milk before i can have any im going to-” and you’re like “honey, let it go he’s a child” and yoongi is grumbling like “child or not, he can be such a headache” and you’re just giggling like don’t be mean ill buy you some milk after work and some snacks ok and yoongi is like this is why i love you
  • yoongi actually never wants to show you how good he is at basketball and you never know why and it turns out that he’s just kinda shy about his skills infront of you like he’s worried he’ll mess up and look dumb but one day jimin invites you over to watch a match and like
  • yoongi is so good he looks so happy and like he’s having fun 
  • and at the end you run over and you like lean up to kiss him and be like “you’re so amazing!!!” and the compliment makes him falter a little and hide his face behind his bangs but you’re like leaning over to wipe the sweat from his face and you two are having your cute moment on the court while jin is probably like namjoon get your camera out take a picture of this sweet moment omg look at yoongi’s smile this is like a mOViE
  • whenever yoongi is away overseas or something you make it a point to listen to his compositions, even the ones that haven’t been released because they remind him of you
  • and yoongi, when he has no motivation or inspiration and needs to compose, he just automatically starts thinking about you and everything about you that makes him love you and that just makes him want to write
  • honestly he has a notebook full of ideas that he’s gotten just because you inspire him you’re his lyrical muse it’s kinda cheesy but like ,,, it’s true he loves you so much
  • one time when yoongi was away on tour you got an email from jin and it was titled ‘photos of yoongi sleeping in weird positions’ and it made you almost fall out of your chair laughing 
  • yoongi likes seeing you wear his beanies,,,,he’s like you look cute and you’re like cuter than you and he’s like in your dreams lmfao
  • sometimes you’re like yoongi it’s been three days you need to go out in the sunlight and he’s like akhfgldens nooooo and you’re like yoongi if you go outside i will kiss you and he’s like ,,,, you already kiss me enough and you’re like Min YOONgi and he’s like uuuuuughhhh will you kiss me five times? and you’re like hmmm four and he’s like uuuughhhh but rolls off the couch and is like fine let’s go the things i do for your LOVE
  • he’d have a habit of like filming you,,,,like when you least expect it like you’d just be reading over something, tucking your hair behind your ear and when you look up yoongi’s there with his phone and you’re like !!!! omg yoongi and try to cover your face but he’s just chuckling like no no you’re cute
  • “my ideal date is us going to ikea, buying some really good blankets and pillows, going back home, and sleeping” 
  • i don’t think he’d be the biggest lover of like petnames or anything like that but i think he’d occasionally just hold you against him and be like “mine?” and you’d be like “yours.” and he’d press your foreheads together it’d be so great ,,, 
  • you and yoongi making sarcastic comments about tv shows as you’re laying on the carpet eating pizza out the box would probably be a regular thing for you two
  • also yoongi using your tummy as a pillow
  • and like yes being with him is cute and like not high maintenance at all but yoongi is a complex person with a beautiful and creative mind that sometimes drives him to want to be better than he already is but like ,,, there’s a limit and yoongi sometimes ends up blaming himself for mistakes that are ultimately out of his hand
  • and you’re like always stern about this you always let him now when too much is too much like being in the studio for over 48 hours straight or beating himself up over something he did at a fan sign or on a show that people were criticising him for
  • even though he’s stubborn and will argue with you about how no he’s wrong, like you don’t give up and in the end yoongi probably just hangs his head and you have to like hold his face in your hands and be like yoongi you can’t please everyone but im proud of you, bangtan is proud of you, please give yourself some credit
  • and yoongi doesn’t cry easily but he’ll just lean into you for support because hearing that validation from you makes him feel loved and sometimes that’s what he needs because otherwise he’d wear himself out to the bone trying to fix mistakes that can’t be
  • and out of everyone namjoon really thanks you for that and sometimes you and namjoon just go out so you can talk about yoongi and you thank him for taking care of him when you’re not around and namjoon is just like “im happy he finally found someone he never wants to be apart from. he used to be so lonely, but now he’s found you and you’re really his everything.”
  • and it’s true like yoongi hates noise and hates having too much company but like you are never a burden on him you are literally his shining light and like 
  • one day as you’re laying next to him, skin on skin, wish like the moonlight in the window he’s just like “seriously, i really don’t want anyone else but you.”
  • and you know it makes your heart melt and your knees go weak and you’re like min yoongi you have permission to wREck me but also like 
  • permission to have my heart forever 
  • like its so cute just you sitting with your legs over yoongi’s feeding him like cookies and he has those round glasses he likes to wear on and he got you a pair so you could match and you’re just comfy
  • like you’re his home and he’s your home and like 
  • watch his perfect face as he works and every now and then he leans in to let you kiss under his jaw and like 
  • it’s nice and relaxing
  • yoongi has the cutest bedhead in the world like you love when it’s all messy and you’re like don’t comb it i love it and he’s like ok and leans over to mess up your hair with his hands and you’re like yooNGI and he’s like look it’s cute on you two
  • you and yoongi the kinda couple to stand in the bathroom together and brush each other’s teeth or well like you’re brushing his teeth cuz he’s still very sleepy 
Gates of Glory, part 1

Loki x Reader

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When the nine realms were created, two races of Gods were created, too. Their realms were Asgard and Vanaheim. There were conflicts between the two realms as Asgard claimed the rule over the nine realms, but eventually, they co-existed, sometimes, even joined forces.

Y/N L/N was born in Vanaheim, where she was introduced to the world of magic and deception. Where she was introduced to the world of war and fight. For years, she spent training with the most elite magicians of Vanaheim, but eventually, she sought a new challenge. It doesn’t happen often that someone from Vanaheim enters Asgard to stay, let alone to fight alongside its warriors. But the city above all others had always fascinated Y/N. Its warriors in their armour, defending Asgard to the last man if needed. Defending others, like Midgardians. So she left Vanaheim in her youth, to go to Asgard, the land eternal.

When Y/N came to Asgard, her talents were quickly recognised. She was sent to the Queen’s own regiment, an elite group of warriors that specialised in the use of magic in battle. Being from Vanaheim, Y/N was often labelled ‘the odd one’, but it didn’t really matter to her. She had come here to fight, not to make a hell-load of friends.

One day, during a practise session, a guard came in and talked to one of the officers in command. He turned to the group in front of him and announced: “The Queen has come to see you.”

The door opened again and the room visually tensed up. Everyone stood in order, Y/N was the last one in the first line of trainees. The Queen of Asgard entered the room, on her right stood Thor, the heir to the throne, and on her left stood Loki, Thor’s younger brother.

“Good morning”, Frigga said and the room saluted, “I have come to see your training.”

The commander nodded and ordered the trainees to pair up in two so they could spare in front of the royal family. However, the number of trainees was uneven, mostly Y/N teamed up with the commander or went into another group, so she walked up to the commander: “Sir, there aren’t enough trainees for an even number of pairs. I fear I do not have a partner.”

The commander was about to answer, when they heard the Queen say: “I do not believe this should be a problem. I’m sure one of my sons would be kind enough to help the lady.”

Thor turned to his brother: “Magic is mostly your thing, brother.”

The dark-haired prince shrugged and stepped forward: “Alright.”

Y/N looked at the prince and gritted her teeth. Fine.

“She truly is one of our best!” The commander reassured when Y/N walked towards the royals.

“I’m interested to see her” Frigga replied.

“What is your name?” Loki asked when he stood right in front of Y/N.

“I am Lady Y/N of Vanaheim”, Y/N replied.

Her origin seemed to spark the prince’s interest: “I see.”

“Trainees, on your marks!” the commander exclaimed.

“Don’t go easy on me just because I’m a girl”, Y/N said and got her two daggers.

He huffed and while he got his own daggers, he replied: “Don’t go easy on me just because I’m a prince.”

Y/N lifted an eyebrow and waited on the word 'go’.

“Let it begin!”

Y/N knew that she had to at least stage the first attack, so she used magic to create a holographic duplicate of her left dagger and threw it at the prince in front of her, the real thing she hid under her sleeve, turned to the side, watched him turn to the side a bit, got her right dagger, moved forward to attack. He just grinned and used his dagger to block, then used a magic spell to push her back.

“I see you don’t play by the books” Y/N commented.

“I tend not to”, he agreed.

Y/N quickly put her daggers in their holster and focused on what she could do best. Magic. Y/N lifted her hand and knew that Loki was waiting for her next move, so she acted quickly and used a spell to create a very concentrated and strong air current and aimed for his feet before using it as a tool to push her off the ground and attack him. Whilst being swept off his feet, he took notice of her attack and used a shield of ice to block it. Y/N thought that was a little odd, it wasn’t impossible for Asgardians to use ice in their magic, though it was more common to use water and air - in Vanaheim, fire was quite commonly used, but ice was something that mostly takes a little bit more effort for the two godly races. It was more common in colder realms, like Jotunheim.
Using the time that Loki had given her for another attack, Y/N used another holographic duplicate of one of her daggers to stage an attack before starting the real one. Loki now used another spell involving ice and threw a set of icicles in Y/N’s direction. Instead of jumping over them or stepping aside, Y/N used a spell she had learnt back in Vanaheim - a small wall of fire that melted the icicle instantly. Neither of them realised that the hall slowly stopped fighting to watch.

Then, Frigga stood between her son and Y/N: “That’s enough. Thank you.”

Y/N looked from her to the prince, who shrugged and said: “Not bad.”

Frigga smiled at Y/N and asked: “Commander, would you mind if I talked to her in private?”

“No, my Queen.”

She looked at Y/N and smiled warmly: “Do you mind going for a walk?”

“No, of course not, my Queen”, Y/N replied and saluted. What was about to happen?

“Thor, Loki, you stay here!”, Frigga commanded and walked towards the door with Y/N by her side.

“You fight very skilfully”, Frigga said, “It’s unusual for someone to adapt to Loki’s fighting style so quickly; he doesn’t tend to follow the norm.”

“No, he surely does not”, Y/N agreed and smiled, “But he’s an excellent tactician.”

“If I heard correctly you are not from Asgard”, Frigga said, “You’re from Vanaheim, correct?”

“Yes, ma'am”, Y/N nodded, “I am.”

“Why did you decide to join Asgard’s warriors if you don’t mind me asking?”, Frigga asked.

“That’s a long story: in the end, I suppose I just wanted to protect the order of the nine realms, which is a duty of Asgard, not Vanaheim”, Y/N replied.

“Well, Asgard is glad to have you. You’ve managed to do something only very few can: you have impressed my son”, Frigga said and looked at Y/N: “He tends to intimidate people with his trickery.”

Y/N laughed darkly: “Fair to say it’s the natural reaction for people that hesitate to fight just as dirty.”

“Who taught you to fight like that?” Frigga asked.

“Circumstances, I suppose. I was surrounded by Vanaheim’s elite warriors, who tend to use every trick available to them.”

“I must say I am intrigued. I’d like you to receive special training - by me”, Frigga announced, “I will talk to your superior afterwards. I’m sure he will understand.”


Y/N watched the Queen leave before she came back some moments later with her sons by her side: “You’re officially my trainee now.”

“I am very honoured, my Queen” Y/N replied, totally bewildered by the entire situation, and saluted.

Y/N was brought to the royal palace in the centre of Asgard

 That’s how Y/N became the warrior of Frigga, and also, that’s how she became a member of the royal family’s close circle. Y/N knew both Thor and Loki well, Thor because he was rather talkative and wanted to introduce Y/N to Lady Sif, and with Loki because they often trained together. It surprised many people that they got along with each other, as Y/N was rather confident of her skills, and of herself. And she didn’t hesitate to stand up to him when he began to use his trickery against her - in training or in their free time. It surprised many, but Thor especially considering the fact that he had never seen his brother spending much time with a woman - or people, in general. Loki wasn’t a loner, it was more like isolation followed him. It seemed like Y/N broke that spell to a certain extend.

Y/N sat outside the palace on a small terrace which let her overlook the entire west-side of Asgard. It was very different from Vanaheim, but she had gotten used to it a long time ago. Homesickness was something Y/N didn’t know.

“You really like coming here, isn’t that so?”, Y/N heard behind her. Y/N turned to the dark-haired prince who walked out of the palace onto the terrace.

“I like it here. I’m not made for Asgardian feasts”, Y/N replied and pressed her lips together: “Thor and his friends are rather… lively.”

“Boisterous, that’s what my dear brother is”, Loki replied huffingly, “Unfit to be a king.”

“You know him better than I do, from what I see, he’s a warrior at heart. It’s hard to combine warrior and king”, Y/N agreed and nodded softly.

“It was a stretch Odin could make, however, he was married at the time. Thor doesn’t seem to care about marriage, and to be frank, I’d say he’s too much like a child to commit himself to a woman”, Loki replied. They sat on the little curb made of stone and looked over Asgard.

“It’s a glorious purpose to reign over such a land as it rules all other realms”, Y/N stated, “A purpose which comes with enormous responsibility. We’ll have to see where the future takes it.”

“If Thor takes the throne, right back into the abyss that once created the nine realms”, Loki hissed dismissively.

“Then it will be our job to stop its fall. The fall of Asgard will inevitably lead to the destruction of everything, the fall of the Asgardians to the end of everything”, Y/N muttered and looked at the prince.

He grinned and said: “You and I, we shall be the ones to stop its fall, as we do not play by the books. Whatever it takes, the end will justify the means.”

“I’ve never played by any rules. But until I feel that the moment has come, I shall not break my oath of protecting all of Asgard. That includes Thor”, Y/N replied and clenched her teeth.

“Once the time is right, Lady Y/N”, Loki smiled slyly, “I’m more than certain you will know.”


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A javid fic that's sickeningly sweet and fluffly,

Weddings are super fluffy, right?

Shoutout to @timetogoslumming for letting me steal a couple of her ideas from when we discussed this fic <3

Davey went into the weekend hoping nothing could possibly go wrong. Not truly wrong, at least. Things could be left not packed and forgotten at home, mistakes could be made by the florist or the caterer, or their friends could cause havoc at the little hotel they had chosen to get married in, but nothing was going to be able to ruin the weekend of his wedding.

Then the receptionist had taken one look at them, with the different surnames on the check-in form, and smiled sweetly.

“You’ll be wanting a room with separate beds, I assume?” she asked, bright and happy as anything.

Davey felt his stomach sink down to his toes. Eight years together and they still got mistaken for friends or, worse, brothers. It always made a quick burst of shame bloom deep inside, but it had gotten easier and easier to stamp out over the years. All he had to do now was grab Jack’s hand and clear his throat.
“I’d rather not spend my wedding night in a different bed to my husband, no,” he answered a little coldly, taking a step closer to his fiancé.

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We want the story! We want the story! We want the story!

Gee I wonder if y’all actually want the stories or not. As they are multiple events that stacked up to explain my somewhat irrational but not totally irrational fear of mirrors.

Ok so some background info: Please note that A) I am Native, so we very much believe in this stuff and also believe that they should be respected, B) I am also a diagnosed bipolar and C) I used to live in a town that was very religious but also had no respect for the dead.

The reason for the disclaimer is that Natives very much believe in spirits (we rarely use the terms ghosts, I just use the term ghosties to help with my fears). The reason for the diagnosed bipolar is that people with bipolar disorder are often misdiagnosed as schizophrenics because they have hallucinations and people, even therapists often forget that. I was one of the people who was misdiagnosed and was on the wrong meds for years as a result. I also bring up the fact that the town I lived in was very disrespectful with their dead. They would often move graveyards but would not move the graves beyond that and build houses over it.

Y’all might already see where I am going with this.

Story one!

Being Native, most believe that people like to hang around after they are dead. Whether that is because they have unfinished business or because they want to protect and watch their family and friends, it’s all up to them. All it’s all up to them as to how they like to show up to their loved ones.

My grandmother is one of these people. And not gonna lie, she’s a little bit of an asshole. I mean look at her, she looks like one of those people that enjoys freaking others out.

When I was younger, she jumped on my bed as a puma and scared the living shit out of me and made me afraid of the dark, still afraid of the dark till this day because of that shit. How do I know it’s my grandma? Because my cousins and my ma often saw a puma and just thought they were going crazy until one day I mentioned it and we all realized that it was grandma because we also smelt chrysanthemum’s, her favorite flower, when the puma was nearby.

How does this have to relate with me being afraid of mirrors? GUESS WHERE I MOST COMMONLY SAW THE FUCKING PUMA? IN THE FUCKING MIRROR RIGHT BEHIND ME.

Story two!

Ok this is where the background info comes into more play. When I was in third grade was when I started showing more and more signs of being bipolar and when I saw more ghosties as they are naturally attracted to negative energy, especially in that town I lived in. I went to school right next to a haunted one. Like literally right across the street there was an old haunted school where the ghosties liked to migrate over because kids gave off different energies and ghosties love that. Where did I see the ghosties? ….well everywhere actually. But the most common, most scary, and most persistent WERE IN THE FUCKING MIRRORS. It’s freaky and was were the schizophrenia diagnoses came from. Also there was a petition going around the school with the teachers to have my excorcized because of this and the fact that I loved Harry Potter and read the shit out of it at that time. At this point my mother was looking towards any remedy and learned of something called “Indigo Children” and even toyed with the idea that I might be one of those few, but it was later thrown out the window. However I have lived with an Indigo Child, over the past summer, and those of you who were there on my blog during that time know that we had a hard time with the ghosties that attached to my roommate and made our lives hell.

It later leaned to the diagnoses of bipolar and got me on correct medication, however I still saw the ghosts. When I am fully medicated, I no longer see hallucinations but I see actual ghosties, normally, you guessed it, in the FUCKING MIRROR.

Story three and four (because these fuckers intertwine)!

This one was a ongoing thing. Why? Because my town was so shit that they often moved graveyards, however would not move the bodies.

This was problematic for me and my ma, as we were often very en-tuned to what was going on in our house with these fuckers and through research my ma found that we lived on top of Christian graveyards (what a turn around, the Natives living on christian graveyards instead of the other way around) and that the poorest houses and neighborhoods were on top them (these were also the only ones we could afford so we were stuck). 

The most common one that showed up in this time was a little girl THAT LITERALLY LOOKED LIKE THE GRUDGE that would show up in my bathroom mirror, and sometimes my bedroom mirror, and was the main reason I covered up my mirrors for years while we lived in that house or I just ran and kept my head down when I needed to pee. (I actually think that little girl might have been my Aunt Renee as I have seen her a lot over the years, but I digress. Also if you want the story of my Aunt Renee please let me know.) And also yes we smudged almost monthly and sometimes weekly if I had very bad experiences and nightmares trying to get rid of these fuckers as we couldn’t more.

Now building on that I had a friend, let’s call her Anna, that I liked a lot and hung out a lot with at school. She was poor like me and liked anime also like me so we bonded a lot over that. One day I went with her home to spend the night. MISTAKEEEEEE! This girl was one of those who liked to PLAY WITH GHOSTS. Like she had a tower of Arizona Teas that she liked to see how far she could build it before her friend “Fred” liked to knock down. Why didn’t I go home and why did I stay the rest of the night? Because she lived in a bad neighborhood and it wasn’t safe for a thirteen year old girl to walk out the door and walk down the street let alone the walk back the half a mile to my equally bad side of town. Through the night there was one who dragged a chain across the floor, the one who was in the attic and liked to bang on the floor through the night, the one who knocked over the cans, the one who was attached to her Ouija board (those don’t let you talk to anyone but the one attached to it. Don’t let them fool you), AND THE MOST TERRIFYING ONE. 

Well, Printup the rest of those sound pretty scary what made this one so bad? Well, this one harmed me. I was sitting at her computer, pulling my first allnighter cause that place scared me, when I felt a pain in my back. It felt like an ice-pick being driven through my center. I looked behind me and nothing was there, nothing on the wall and nothing that I could see behind me. I looked up at the mirror in front of me and saw a motherfucker STANDING BEHIND ME WITH AN ICE-PICK ON MY BACK!!! AND IT WAS ONLY IN THE MIRROR THAT I COULD SEE THE FUCKER! Now for those of you who know my history, you know that my mother raised me to begin with as a Christian and let me choose whether I wanted to continue with that or go with the Native way of life, so I knew most of the prayers and sometimes I use them when I need help and don’t have anything Native (sage and smudging tools) to fall back on with spirits. And man have I never prayed as hard as I had that day. This motherfucker stayed with my and kept getting more forceful when I kept praying. Only when I stopped and cussed the fucker out DID HE FUCKING LEAVE (though I saw in the mirror that he was hanging out in the corner watching me). And yes I had a bruise on my back when I went home and trust the I left at first light and ran the fuck home.


This was when I officially started covering my mirrors and kept it that way until I was 15. For two years, I kept my mirrors covered because of that fucker.

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Now this story is very recent and happened during my freshman year of college. I went back to my hometown with my friend, let’s call her Bella to protect her identity, and did not stay with my mother as my mom’s house was not livable at the time.

Now, I had stayed at Bella’s house before, BUT, I forgot that it was haunted by her family members and apparently her family members forgot about me (ghosties have short term memories). So when I was younger, they knew I was liked and knew the family liked me. However, many years had passed and I had changed physically and apparently they did not recognize me or remember me to understand that I was welcomed there.

So Bella, on the first night left me alone in her room and had forgotten to tell her grandpa that I was allowed there. Please note that Bella’s room was literally were her grandpa’s workshop was and he felt I was intruding on the space. So it reached witching hour (3 a.m. aka the time when spirits are more active and let their actions be known) and all the sudden I wake up and look into the mirror and WHAT DO I SEE? Bella’s grandpa that looked very pissed off and if you don’t know what a pissed off ghostie looks like BE GLAD AND HOPE IT NEVER HAPPENS TO YOU!!! So I figured out who it was, figured he wasn’t gonna hurt me, but I was very upset and freaked out that he was there so I hid under the blankets and put on some nice powwow music (Bella is also Native and I think that helped calm him and realize I wasn’t a threat but was still unsure why the fuck I was there). And guess what? Apparently he felt bad about freaking me out AND FUCKING CUDDLED ME TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. Apparently he also does that to Bella when she’s upset but it freaked me the fuck out cause I have never had a ghostie touch my like that for so long. I eventually fell asleep (or passed out from nerves who knows, I really don’t) and told Bella what happened. 

From then on out grandpa was shut up in the attic because he freaked me out so much but I felt bad. He was just trying to protect his family, which I respect, but goddamn that was freaky.

So as you can tell, I have very good reasons to be scared of mirrors. To most it’s irrational as they don’t believe, but goddamn I have only told you barely half of my experiences with these fuckers so it would be crazy for me NOT TO BELIEVE. 

To this day, I have to track eclipses and other times when spirits become more active so I know when to cover my mirrors and when to put out positive energies so hopefully only the positive ghosties come to effect me! It’s not fun, but it’s manageable.


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Todomomo 88 maybe? Please

88. “Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married…”

Someone else also asks to this prompt, so here it is for both of you!!!
Credit to my mom, for helping me come up with this scenario haha!


Momo Yaoyorozu woke up to the almost familiar bright lights of the hospital, the beeping of the heart monitor coming from the bedside. She slowly sat up groggily, rubbing at her eyes as they adjusted to the lights. As they came into focus, the door opened and a familiar red and white head walked in.

Shouto looked surprise to see her awake, but Momo didn’t pay to much attention to that, instead she just smiled sleepily at him as she stretched, noticing the bandages on her waist for the first time as she did so. It must be from the last villain fight they had been in together. Shouto himself had a bandage on his forehead and cheek, also from the fight.

“Oh you’re awake.” He stated plainly, sitting down in one of the chairs almost… nervously? No, he couldn’t be nervous, in all the years Momo had known him he rarely ever was nervous. Yes, she concluded as she nodded at his statement, she must be just seeing things weirdly while adjusting back to being awake.

“Yes, I just woke up!” Momo informed him, shifting comfortably into the sheets. She then looked closer at him, and she frowned when she noticed he wasn’t quite looking at her, instead looking at a button on the wall near her head. She shifted again, so she was in front of the button, testing to see if he was in fact not looking at her. “And what about the villain? Was she beaten?”

She raised her eyebrows as Shouto darted his eyes away from her face, instead folding his arms and looking at the flowers arranged on the nightstand. He shifted, uncomfortable as he answered.

“She was defeated, Uravity, Ashido, and Tsuyu did it after figuring out her quirk.” Momo nodded, unsure why he looked so… nervous.

“And, uhm, can I ask what happened? I’m afraid I don’t really remember. I must have been hit on the head.” Momo asked, studying him curiously as he focused even more on the flowers with a rather intense stare.

“You did hit your head, Bakugou exploded the chur-” he suddenly coughed, interrupting himself. “The wall exploded and it hit your head. Yeah.” He finished awkwardly, and Momo had a growing suspicion, he was hiding something. She narrowed her eyes at him, thinking over in her mind how she was going to get him to admit it.

“Alright… but what else happened? You were with me weren’t you? I remember that much…” Shouto had never looked so unsure in the six years Momo had known him. He had his head tilted, and he looked so conflicted as he stared dead at the flowers, the room becoming slightly colder as he fidgeted. Momo stared at him, incredibly curious to what just had happened to her that had Shouto so uneasy. It was about three minutes, and Momo had gathered all the blankets around her shoulders to block the cold he was sending the room into, before he finally spoke.

“I’m… going to be blunt about what happened.” He stated, sitting straighter and finally looking directly at her. Momo sat straighter as well, now nervous to hear what had happened if Shouto was going to be so serious about it.

“The villain,” He started explaining,” she had a hypnotizing sort of quirk, where if she was able to catch you in the mist she creates, you were automatically compelled to…” he halted, his eyes shifting down towards the floor and he licked his lips uncertainly.

“Compelled to what?” Momo asked concern, moving in the bed so she was sitting on the edge, her feet close to Shouto’s knees. Her mind was racing with possibilities of what exactly they could be compelled to do. And none of them were comforting. Shouto took a deep breath, his hand reaching into his jacked pocket and closing around something.

“You are compelled right then to do something you truly desire.” Momo froze, her eyes wide as she went through every possible desire she had. About half of them involved Shouto, which did nothing to smooth her fears as he suddenly pulled out his hand and stood up, his cheeks had the fainted shade of pink to them. Momo felt hers warm to, as Shouto continued talking.

“And well, don’t panic, but apparently we had the same desire.” He sounded embarrassed, and he held out his closed fist to give something to her, and she outstretched hers.

Momo completely froze as two rings dropped out of his hand and landed in her palm. “And we might have gotten married.” Momo went completely still, blood rushing in her ears as what Shouto said fully melted into her brain. She closed her hands around the rings and brought them to clutch near her chest, her face burning as Shouto coughed awkwardly.

“Well… uhm… how official was it?” Momo finally managed out, she was now avoiding looking at Shouto as much as he had been avoiding her.

“Pretty official…” Shouto answered sitting back down and running his fingers through his hair as they fell into an awkward silence. It was broken a couple moments later by Shouto.

“You know, if I’m going to be truthful…” he started, and Momo looked at him nervously, fiddling anxiously with the rings she held tightly in her hands. “I… wouldn’t mind…” he looked at her and dropped his hand, his hair falling back into place as he smiled shyly at her, his cheeks pink.

“I wouldn’t mind staying married.”

And after her initial shock and flustering, during which the rings went flying and got lost in the sheets, she calmed down and admitted with warmed cheeks but a truthful smile, that she wouldn’t mind staying married either.

It might not have been the dream fairy tale wedding she had always envisioned having with Shouto (that happened six months later), but it certainly was nice being married.
It did became the best wedding story for the tabloids had ever seen.

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OOOH JIMON: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" (make it a love declaration scene and i'll love you forever)


Simon is gonna be late to class, he just knows it. Three months being exclusively nocturnal have really ruined him for normal things like timetables, public transportation and traffic. He gets off on the next station and decides to walk the rest of the way.

Still. Despite his racing thoughts and irrational fear that his professor will hate him forever for being a few minutes late, he’s excited. He’s going back to school! He’ll take classes again and be bored beyond relief over static lectures and be looked down upon by much cooler classmates. Things will go back to something resembling normal.

Simon checks his phone again. Twelve minutes until his class begins. He could use his vampire speed, but the streets are busy and swarming with people. That’d be a little hard to explain. He takes a deep breath and takes wider steps.

Someone bumps into him. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

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Sirius Black X Reader - Cold Autumn Nights


So backstory to this story!!! I started writing it in November when I literally got my heartbroken (a lot of the dialogue is like,,, almost verbatim lmao) and then I opened my Drive today and said “I’m going to write shit” so I opened this up, renamed it something cuter, and finished typing it up! Yeah. So I have another Sirius Black thing coming up, a Peter Parker thing I started, and a Zuko thing coming (those are the things I am working on literally rn), so stay tuned (i’m digging the Parker one so if you like Tom Holland and Spiderman be ready). Okay I’ve talked a lot please enjoy Cold Autumn Nights (aka Budzoned)!!!

Word Count: 1820

Have you heard of the Friendzone? Wait, of course you have. Everyone has.

But have you ever heard of the Budzone? It was a thing you didn’t even realize existed until now. It was almost friends with benefits, but worse. It was almost dating, but not. It was nearly the friendzone, but not quite. Basically, it was hell, and you had no clue what you had done to Sirius Black to deserve this.

But let’s start from the beginning of the story. It was a cold October night in Hogsmeade, and it seemed as though you and Sirius were the only two there. You were close, of course, that’s how you ended up walking alone in the beautiful town. You only had a couple hours left before you were required to go back to Hogwarts, and you were making the most of it.

“My hands are freezing,” Sirius had said, rubbing them together.

“Really?” you asked, a small smile on your face.

“Really,” the boy replied, dropping his hands back to his side.

“How cold though?” Sirius raised his hand in response to your question, holding it out for you to feel. You placed your hand on his, nodding your head as you caught his gaze. “That’s pretty cold,” you noted. You turned your head away, dropping the eye-contact you had been maintaining, but you kept your hand on his and, in a moment of confidence, slowly intertwined your fingers. To your surprise he didn’t pull away, and instead pulled you closer to him.

Later you two were talking. Sirius admitted that he had stopped seeing and flirting with girls because of you. “I get why whenever I’m with you,” he had told you, giving you that small smile that made your heart flutter.

That night was like a dream.

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