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Thoughts on Jonerys Part 2

I recently finished a rewatch of the entire GoT series and I’m so happy I did. There were so many things that jumped out at me this time that I’d forgotten about, hadn’t really noticed before, or just didn’t catch the significance of that I did this time. Going through this rewatch with the knowledge of season 7 and now the books because when I had previously watched I hadn’t read the books I’ve noticed so much more. Especially in terms of Jon & Daenerys and their relationship and I think I think I’m going to do a couple of posts breaking down some of my thoughts on their relationship, their character progression, and where it seems like they’re going in the show. 

So I’ve already shared a couple of things that really jumped out at me in terms of the Dany/Drogo relationship compared to the Dany/Jon relationship (if you’re interested in my thoughts on this you can check them out here) so the next logical progression for me is the Dany/Daario relationship compared to the Dany/Jon relationship. Maybe you’re thinking, “Well wait a minute, why are you just jumping on Dany’s relationships? What about Jon/Ygritte?” I haven’t forgotten Jon & Ygritte, I’m going to circle back around to them, it’s just the way my brain is working on this Dany/Daario are in my head, I was going to post about them with the Dany/Drogo comparison, but it started to get long so I decided to break this up into a series of thoughts. Sorry if I’m rambling, bear with me.

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#9 Kissing Meme pls. Thank you!

Taken from this list-

9. ‘We might die tomorrow’ kiss

I haven’t done any period AUs with these kissing prompts so far, so I decided to go all out here. This is a medieval AU very loosely based on TFP. It also came out a bit longer than I originally expected lol, so I included a read more link. Hope you enjoy! ;))

What Tomorrow May Bring

Sherlock took brisk strides along the stone corridor, the glow of the camp fires in the far away fields catching his eyes through the open windows. There wasn’t much time left. In several hours it would be dawn, and then the attack would no doubt begin. There was little chance to avoid it now. Surely the desperate letter he’d sent had fallen on deaf ears, since there had been no word or response yet.

He knew he should find some hours for sleep, but the idea was almost impossible to imagine. How could he even shut his eyes with such chaos around him?

Just then, he slowed, something else catching his eye. There was Molly, sitting on the ledge of one of the windows, gazing out toward the angry looking field filled with an encamped army. She jumped and turned when hearing his steps.

“Your highness,” Molly murmured, gathering her skirt and getting up to offer a small bow.

He waved away the formality and gestured back to the ledge as he walked over to join her.

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Is it wrong that I make my kids read the book before I let them see the movie?

My 12 y.o. read The Hunger Games, saw the movie, and now wants to watch Catching Fire without reading the book. And I’m just like…

Usually I’m careful not to dictate to my kids what their interests are, and I know that book worm gene expresses much more nicely in my 10 y.o. girl than her older sister, and that’s just fine. 

But I think I’m going to have to put my foot down about this. 

My house, my rules. ;)