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✰ * º ❛ you’re the worst sentence starters. ❜

‘  who knows their own address?  ’
‘  are we feminists? is this feminism?  ’
‘  i’m not a sidekick! i’m beyonce, not kelly rowland.  ’
‘  your cockaholism may just be about the least important thing in the world to me right now.  ’
‘  i wouldn’t call 10 a.m. ‘really early’.  ’
‘  cool! let’s add cocaine to the butt stuff.  ’
‘  you can’t leave! i love you!  ’
‘  do you even know what love means?  ’
‘  now go make me some bagel bites.  ’
‘  love isn’t about having somebody get you things. love is putting someone else’s feelings above your own. do you think you could ever do that? honestly?  ’
‘  do i look like a fitbit? i don’t give a shit about your sleep.  ’
‘  why are you yelling at me? what are you doing in my house?  ’
‘  i need you to act like a human person and pick up your damn phone when i call your skank ass!  ’
‘  you know, after i cleaned the fries off your face and put you to bed, you said something to me that was pretty dark.  ’
‘  did you wear your booby shirt?  ’
‘  if i don’t get a night off soon, i think my liver is gonna slide out of my body.  ’
‘  i’m peeing blood and i briefly forgot the word for telephone.  ’
‘  you’re right. she’s gonna hate me.  ’
‘  you think i’m an unfriendly treacherous mountain?  ’
‘  we’re adults! we can do this ourselves.  ’
‘  you’re losing your hair.  ’
‘  practicing what? dying alone?  ’
‘  i told the spice girls i was dying in order to get free concert tickets.  ’
‘  i learned blue balls were a myth when i was 12.  ’
‘  i’m not much of a cleaner.  ’
‘  you’re not much of a human!  ’
‘  did you slither out of your mothers cooch yesterday?  ’
‘  i can’t believe i finally made a new friend and i tried to bang her the first time we hung out.  ’
‘  no offense, but you’re kind of making my skin crawl.  ’
‘  i’m not comfortable about feelings.  ’
‘  aren’t we lucky we’re both in professions where we can day drink?  ’
‘  i’m glad this is a one-night thing so we can reveal all this awful shit about ourselves.  ’
‘  what do you mean you watch tv on your computer?  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m doing here. i’m not even attracted to you.  ’
‘  you two are poison people. this is gonna end so badly.  ’
‘  if you wanna go, just go.  ’
‘  why can’t you just let this be over?  ’
‘  you and i, we’re inevitable.  ’
‘  move in with me.  ’
‘  i just humiliated myself by accepting your non-marriage proposal, i cannot now move in with you.  ’
‘  you’re just doing this as a hail mary because you know you’re about to lose me for good.  ’
‘  what i have finally realized is that the worst possible draft of my life is the one without you in it. i hate it, but you goddamn floor me.  ’
‘  oh shit… we’re gonna do this even though we know there is only one way this ends. whether in a week or twenty years, there is horrible sadness and pain coming in and we’re inviting it.  ’
‘  she stayed! you say she forced you, but we both know there’s not a person on this planet who’s ever had a good outcome trying to force you to do anything. she stayed and that means something whether you wanna admit it or not.  ’
‘  i’m not doing anything… i’m crying in my car.  ’
‘  don’t start keeping secrets now.  ’
‘  the only thing i need from you is to not make a big deal with it and be okay with how i am and the fact that you can’t fix me.  ’
‘  no, i’m mad at you because you think you can fix me! you can’t fix me! i don’t need to be fixed!  ’
‘  it’s like you have amnesia. every day you think things are gonna be different.  ’
‘  maybe you can understand this: i feel nothing.  ’
‘  i’ll be back in a couple of days.  ’
‘  you stayed? …you stayed!  ’
‘  you just said ‘boyfriend.’  ’
‘  i understand that my actions could lead you to feel a bit unwelcome and i’ll work on not being such a control freak.  ’
‘  i’m done comparing this to what normal people do.  ’
‘  normal people are terrible.  ’
‘  when i look at you, i swear i can see years years into the future with you.  ’
‘  …i love you too.  ’
‘  i’ve just heard that you’re the worst.  ’
‘  i tricked him into giving me back rubs, saying it made me horny.  ’
‘  obviously, i thought it was, like, boring as shit.  ’
‘  clearly you used to jack off to hemingway in high school.  ’
‘  i’m an irresponsible monster who burned down her apartment with a vibrator.  ’
‘  if there is even a remote possibility of breakfast and you don’t wake me up, i will never touch your dick again with any part of my body.  ’
‘  jokes on you, dummy, i’m already horny.  ’
‘  oh my god! that is so sexist and mansplain-y.  ’
‘  if ‘i love you’ is like a promise, it’s just a promise to try real hard. doesn’t mean you can’t fail.  ’
‘  i shit myself earlier and that is only the second most embarrassing thing that has happened to me today.  ’
‘  you knew who i was, you don’t get to act surprised now.  ’
‘  bam! carpe those diems!  ’
‘  i have to gone girl myself and start over where nobody knows me.  ’
‘  i’m going to have a baby.  ’
‘  i just want my kids to be sad when i die.  ’
‘  i didn’t want to kill him. i just snapped!  ’
‘  i feel guilty because of how much he suffered… and because you stabbed him on purpose.  ’
‘  you’re so getting murdered.  ’
‘  i can’t tell him my brain is broken.  ’
‘  don’t stalk me again because you suck at it.  ’
‘  back off, bitch.  ’
‘  don’t go.  ’
‘  i got your back, always.  ’
‘  you might not be useful in the radish sense, but you’re a good friend and you make people happy.  ’
‘  when i get back, you’re going to take me to a real bar and feed me cheap whiskey until i forget about that time i stopped being able to have sex with my boyfriend ever again because he took me to a bar that only served water!  ’
‘  so, would you say it’s a… problem-free philosophy? it’s like… no worries for the rest of your days?  ’
‘  did you just quote the lion king to me?  ’
‘  hey, um, so listen… i think you’re funny and cute and i’d like to take you on  a date with me for a date.  ’
‘  why did you put a murder tour on your list?  ’
‘  you even quit a rewards club because you couldn’t handle the commitment.  ’
‘  wear your stains on the outsides of your clothes.  ’
‘  see? dogs eat nachos.  ’
‘  hey, that’s your best garbage bag. you going somewhere?  ’
‘  i’ll be out by the time you get back. have fun, you deserve it… whoever she is.  ’
‘  red licorice vodka?  ’
‘  send money, loser!  ’
‘  and you date him… willingly.  ’
‘  my heart is a dumb dumb.  ’
‘  i’ve always been able to flip myself back over eventually, but… i ran out of times. this is how i am now and it’s not okay with you, nor should it be.  ’
‘  i suppose it’s good that this happened now, instead of like, ten years down the line.  ’
‘  the world is absolutely lousy with people and i hate them all. i hate everyone but you.  ’
‘  what the hell is wrong with us?  ’
‘  let’s make a pact never to feel anything around each other ever again.  ’
‘   i’ve never eaten a blueberry.  ’
‘   i’ve always had one foot out the door. with everything. especially with us.  ’
‘   so, you might just suddenly bounce out of here?  ’
‘  can we just… bail?  ’
‘  you’ve had a little too much to drink, didn’t you, buddy?  ’

Don’t know if anybody translated this, but I got an ask asking me to do it so here you go :) It was a little hard to do in a good way since they jump between people all the time haha. (and lol I’m dying at her comment about Henrik’s jacket)

Interviewer: Can we hear your Noora catchphrase?
Josefine: My Noora catchphrase?
Interviewer: Maybe the one with “fiskekakene” (the fish cakes)?
Josefine: Oh god!

Interviewer: Hi my name is Petra
Josefine: Hi, Josefine
Interviewer: Hi Josefine, nice to meet you! Skam is a big success in Denmark, and we’ve asked the danish fans to send some questions. Are you in on it?
Josefine: Yes

Interviewer: (to carl martin) Why do you think Skam is a big success, no matter if people are 15 or 40 years old?

Ulrikke: Skam; feelings, the experience of growing up and find yourself, is universal. 

Carl Martin: Because it’s a series that takes the target group seriously and that dares to bring up important subjects 

Iman: I think it is because alot of people can relate to at least something. Maybe not everything, but something, in Skam. 

Interviewer: Is there any chance that you would fall for a danish person? 
Marlon: Yeah, I think so.

Interviewer: (to henrik) Why do you have your jacket hanging down there?

Interviewer: In Denmark, there are 40 year old women who’s drooling over all of you. 
Carl Martin: Yeah I’ve gotten some messages.. 
Interviewer: Is somebody writing you? 
Carl Martin: Yeah but it’s very nice though, most often it’s very nice. 

Interviewer: How was it to kiss another man? 
Henrik: To kiss another man is not much different than to kiss a woman. Except that there’s a little.. 
Interviewer: beard?
Henrik: Beard and stuff, 
Interviewer: It scratches? 
Henrik: It scratches. Now I’m lucky that Tarjei hasn’t gone that far in puberty that he’s got a full beard. 

Interviewer: Do I have the right lipstick on today? 
Josefine: It looks very good. You’re more Noora than me. 

Interviewer: (to ulrikke) Can we hear your catchphrase? 

Interviewer: (to carl martin) “kødder du?” (are you kidding?)
Carl Martin: oh yeah, “kødder du?”

Ulrikke: “William is the most good looking and funny guy!”

Rakel: “I think i’m gonna go to bed again”
Interviewer: You’re good! 

Noora: What is it that i’m saying now again… 

Carl Martin: “Eskild, you’ve taken my fish cakes!” I think it’s something along that line? But that’s not my catchphrase! 
Interviewer: Haha no, you can’t take somebody elses catchphrase. 

Josefine: “I was gonna eat two fish cakes at five o clock, and now i’m not getting any fish cakes!”

Iman: “sshhh…stop talking”
Interviewer: That’s good!!

Interviewer: Josefine can you give all the danish fans a greeting in danish into the camera? And you decide yourself what you wanna say.
Josefine: Oh i’m so bad at danish!
Josefine: (trying to sound danish).. Hi.. Denmark

Marlon: (trying to sound danish) Hi hi, Watcha doin man? For fucks sake. 

Ina: (trying to sound danish) It’s alot of fun… 

Cengiz: *mumbles something that isn’t even words*

Ulrikke: *mumbles something that isn’t even words*

Ina: .. to watch skam. 

Ina: Thank you so much for watching Skam, you’re so amazing and there hadn’t been any Skam without you.  

Interviewer: there!

Highlights from All the Bright Places
  • Finch: .. it's only when I'm awake that I think about dying.
  • Finch: Worthless. Stupid. These are the words I grew up hearing. They're the words I try to outrun, because if I let them in, they might stay there and grow and fill me up and in, until the only thing left of me is worthless stupid worthless stupid worthless stupid freak.
  • Finch: This time will be different. This time, I will stay awake.
  • Finch: "My own brain is to me the most unaccountable of machinery-- always buzzing, humming, soaring roaring diving,, and then buried in the mud. And why? What's this passion for?"
  • Violet: "If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger."
  • Violet: Like everything else that doesn't last, today is gone now, but it was a pretty good day.
  • Finch: You have to live your life like you'll never be sorry. It's easier to do the right thing from the start so there's nothing to apologize for.
  • Finch: I know life well enough to know you can't count on things staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to.
  • Finch: The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it's the small things that count. Everyone's so busy waiting in the Waiting Place. If we stopped to remember that there's such a thing as a Purina Tower and a view like this, we'd all be happier.
  • Finch: What if life could be this way? Only the happy parts, none of the terrible, not even the mildly unpleasant. What if we could just cut out the bad and keep the good?
  • Finch: (referring to "impending, weightless doom") I like the idea of something that can give you those feelings all the time. I want something like that, and then I look at Violet and think: There she is.
  • Finch: I walk through the black Indiana night, under a ceiling of stars, and think about the phrase "elegance and euphoria," and how it describes exactly what i feel with Violet.
  • Finch: I pull her in and kiss her the way I've always wanted to kiss her, a lot more R-rated than PG-13.
  • Finch: Ultraviolet Remarkey-able, I think I love you.
  • Finch: The future is uncertain, but that can be a good thing.
  • Finch (while strangling Roamer): You put me here. You did this. It's your fault, your fault, your fault.
  • Finch: If a song's meant to stay around, you carry it with you in your bones.
  • Finch (quoting Cesare Pavese): "We do not remember days, we remember moments."
  • Finch: Decca, sometimes there's beauty in the tough words-- it's all in how you read them.
  • Violet: People like Theodore Finch don't die. He's just wandering.
  • Violet: May your eye go to the Sun, To the wind your soul .... You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.
  • Violet: What a terrible feeling to love someone and not be able to help them.
  • Violet: I didn't know that my life forever changing would be because you loved me and then left, and in such a final way.
  • Violet: Just because they're dead, they don't have to be. And neither do we.
  • Finch: You make me love you, And that could be the greatest thing my heart was ever fit to do ....
  • : Theodore Finch-- I was alive. I burned brightly. And then I died, but not really. Because someone like me cannot, will not, die like everyone else. I linger like the legends of the Blue Hole. I will always be here, in the offerings and people I left behind.
  • Jennifer Niven: ... it is important to talk about what happened.
  • Theodore Finch: You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.
Sorry / Dean Winchester

Request: Can you do where Mary and the reader don’t seem to get along when she gets back and Mary tells Dean a lie about her and he believes his mom over the reader, but have a fluffy ending and lost of angst in it lol @lizwinchester16

A/N: I just got back from a week of camp so bear with me

Warnings: Angst, Mary is a bitch

Originally posted by today-supernatural

Mary Winchester hated you and you didn’t know why. Whenever you two were in a room together, she glared at you and gave snarky comments. Dean didn’t notice as he was too excited that his mother was back, and you didn’t have the heart to ruin that. So you kept ignoring her, but eventually it all got to be to much. You were walking through the bunker looking through your phone when you heard Dean yell.


You rushed through the halls and into the war room where Dean was hunched over the table.

“What’s wrong?”

“You know damn well what’s wrong here!”

You stared at him in confusion,” If this is about the pie I swear I didn’t -”


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“You still haven’t cracked yet, Y/N. I’m impressed.” You stared up at Agent Camp, shrugging your shoulders. “You know, most people in your position would have gone crazy by now and started talking but not you. Anyway, I came here with news. Dean and Sam…they were found dead in their prison cells today and then vanished into thin air. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”

You still didn’t speak, trying not to laugh in his face. “You’ll talk to me Y/N. Sooner or later.” He glared down at you one last time and shook his head, starting to walk away.

“I’m not alone, you know.” You smirked, standing up and walking around the Agent in circles. “I haven’t been alone since I got here. That’s why your little isolation plan never worked. It never will work. I’m never alone.” 

“You’re crazier than I thought.” Camp said, furrowing his eyebrows at you. “You’ll crack soon enough, Y/N. I’ll be here waiting when you do.” 



“Yeah…yeah.” Dean spoke quickly, trying to relay the information he needed to. “We just broke out. Listen, Sam and I are out but we need you to get here as soon as you can. We’re somewhere near Rocky Mountain National Park. And I wanna talk to Y/N. She’s not answering her phone. Where is she?” 

“Y/N isn’t with us.” Cas answered. “She was arrested with you.” 

“I know that.” Dean snapped. “I thought…we searched the whole place for her and she’s not here. I thought she escaped on the road or something!” 

“I haven’t heard from her since all of you were taken.” Cas explained. “Not a word. None of her covert messages. Nothing.” 

“Fuck!” Dean screamed into the phone. “What did they do to them?!” 

“Mary and I will be there soon, Dean.” Cas said. “Hang on, ok?” 

“Yeah.” Dean nodded and hung up, turning to face Sam who looked confused.

“Them?” Sam questioned. “You said what did they do to them, not her.” Dean swallowed, nodding his head. Cas already knew, of course. He sensed it right away, but you hadn’t told Sam. 

“Y/N’s pregnant.” Dean sighed, running a hand through his hair. “We hadn’t really found the right time to tell anyone yet but that’s why she’s been doing all the research lately.” 

Sam’s eyes went wide and he stepped forward, grabbing Dean in a tight hug. “We’ll find her. Them. We’ll find them.” 

“Daddy’s comin’ little one.” You ran your hand over your barely there bump, standing beside the door with the gun you’d stolen from Agent Camp’s holster, unbeknownst to him. “We just gotta get outta here so he can find us.” You clipped the security badge to your prison coveralls and started to scream, waiting for the guards to come and open the door. “We’re not stuck in here with them. They’re stuck in here with us.” 

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lovelytitania  asked:

Prompt: vicchan missing yuuri.



My master is very kind. He was much smaller when I first met him, and I haven’t grown like he has. He loves me all the same and he doesn’t treat me like a runt just because I’m small and I love him a lot.

He’s been sad a lot lately, water leaks from his eyes a lot and I do my best to clean it up for him and it makes him smile so I must be doing something right!

My master has always gone away for most of the day, it makes me sad but his family and all the strangers spoil me, they love to give me treats!

He has a bigger bag than usual now, he found me in it the other day and nothing I did made the water stop or made him smile. Maybe the bag is dangerous? I’ve stayed away from it.

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Working on the Nantucket Family Home today. I want to get some more decorating done before I do another video (since I’m pitifully slow, and I don’t think anyone wants to watch 10 videos of me decorating the same house XD). 

But when I see these pics together now, I wonder if I should have gone with either an aqua color scheme or a marine blue one, instead of both. I feel like most people are going to redecorate to suit their tastes anyway (which I am more than fine with!), but which one do you like better? Or is a mix OK? The real house has a little of both but it’s able to blend them better than I can without CC and a color wheel. ;-p Let me know what you think!

the bronco (g.d.)

 ~HEY Y’ALL. I’ve had the worst writer’s block I’ve probably ever had, and that’s why I haven’t been posting much. I’m hoping this lil blurb will help unblock me. For now, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


**Warnings: nothing major, just some cursing and suggestive language. 

(Song mentioned:The Prayer” - Kid Cudi)

“My heart thump, not from being nervous. Sometimes, I’m thinking God made me special here on purpose. So all the while, ‘til I’m gone, make my words important so if I slip away, if I die today…”

Cruising down a seemingly endless country road, the familiar, soothing lyrics rolled effortlessly off the tongue of your boyfriend as he quietly sang along to his favorite artist. The setting sun emitted the most stunning golden glow, adding onto the warmth the faded pink color of his over-sized hoodie brought to his skin. Tousled hair paired with the hoodie and a pair of dark shorts came together to give off a comfy, laid back vibe.

Grayson was currently behind the wheel of the brand new, custom made Bronco his twin brother had surprised him with just hours before.

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I Don’t Even Know Your Name: Part One

Request: Can you do a request where y/n is a singer and she isn’t that famous but Shawn is like enamored by her and he sorta brings her to fame and she’s super shy and idk fluffy ending with some fluffy kisses???? 

A/N: At first this was meant to be just one imagine, but the plot that I came up with in my head is actually more lengthy than I planned. So I decided to make this into a series! 

Part Two 

Shawn watched the clock as he held his phone in his hands, bouncing his knee up and down. Time was ticking slower the more he could feel his anticipation grow. He’s been waiting for this the whole day. The possibility of miscalculating time zones constantly ran through his mind, but he made sure his math wasn’t even off by a minute. Her tweet did, in fact, say seven that night sharp and he was only five hours behind.

His phone suddenly interrupted the silence with a loud buzz, followed by a ding. Quickly clicking on the notification, he felt an immense amount of relief to see her face taking up the whole phone screen. She was obviously dressed for comfort with an oversized hoodie and her hair out of the way. A guitar rested on her lap, her body leaning over it as she scrolled through the comments.

“Good afternoon, well night,” she laughed. He watched as she gestured towards to what looked like her bedroom window. It was pitch black outside already. “Or morning. Depends where you are.”

Afternoon, Shawn thought to himself.

If only the whole world knew how much he was infatuated with her. At first, she was just one of those small singers that he would see when he scrolled through Instagram, but there was something about her that had caught his eye. Maybe it was the way she put her own twist on everything she did or the cute little wrinkle she would get whenever she scrunched up her face while singing a certain part. There were a million things.

“Good news, I’ve actually been writing a whole lot. I just have to start recording. It’s gonna take forever, but you guys are gonna like it.” She turned the camera towards a little corner in her room. “The next few weeks are gonna be spent right over there.” A microphone along with a whole set up consisting of a laptop and other equipment sat on a desk. “It’s my little makeshift recording studio.”

Shawn couldn’t imagine trying to record a song all by himself. There were so many technical things that went into it, but she did it all on her own. No record labels, no assistance, no nothing. It was just her, which was another thing he found captivating.

Her fingers gently strummed the strings, playing a soft chord. Shawn tried to figure out what tune she was humming, but he had no luck.

“I’ve been listening to The Neighborhood so much lately, so here’s a little taste of their song called The Beach,” she said repositioning herself.

If I told you that I loved you
Tell me, what would you say?
If I told you that I hated you
Would you go away?
Now I need your help with everything that I do
I don’t want to lie, I’ve been relying on you

All the stress that he carried on his shoulders melted away as soon as she started singing. There had always been something different about her voice that hit him like no other. Maybe it was how smooth it was, or the little rasp that would come out every once in awhile. He had never heard a voice quite like hers.

Fallin’ again, I need a pick-me-up
I’ve been callin’ you friend, I might need to give it up

I’m sick and I’m tired too
I can admit, I am not fireproof
I feel it burning me
I feel it burning you
I hope I don’t murder me
I hope I don’t burden you
If I do, I do

Her strumming had gotten louder, and so did her voice. Her eyes were closed with her eyebrows drawn close together, showing that little wrinkle he oh so loved. He could tell the chorus meant a lot to her and it worried him because there had to be a reason why. Judging by the lyrics, it couldn’t be a good one.

If I meet you in the middle maybe we could agree
You make me feel little how you’re looking at me
And you can throw me shade, all it does is just cool me off
First it just threw me off, now I’m just moving on

She couldn’t hide the smile that had etched onto her face as she sang the second verse, which told him that whatever caused the pain in the chorus was definitely gone now. Shawn started to feel himself smile along with her.

She finished the song with a small hum and opened her eyes again. Typically, her live streams started with a song that she picked out and one more that the viewers would request. Some days it would just be her messing around while answering questions. Today just happened to be the lucky day that she did both.

“What did I have for breakfast? Very strange question, but I had a parfait. I’m sorry if you were expecting pancakes or something,” she giggled.

“What’s my opinion on brown eyes? One hundred percent the most underrated eye color in the world. All the time I see brown-eyed people try to cover it up, and become really self-conscious along the way. It isn’t really such a big issue now, but I remember seeing it all the time back then and I was absolutely baffled by it. Sure, brown is the most common, but they’re definitely the most diverse in my opinion. There are so many shades!”

Shawn could feel his cheeks flush at the mention of even the tiniest relation to him. He never really thought about his own eye color until then. It was only a little part of him, but somehow she had put so much more meaning into it. It was a gift of hers, finding the simplest of things and making it sound like so much more, that is. It was one of the things that made her such a great songwriter.

“What do you think of Shawn Mendes?”

The mention of his name, more like the sound of her voice saying it, snapped him out of his thoughts, immediately putting him on edge. It felt like everything stopped and the only things that were moving were his heartbeat, that alarmingly pumped faster, and his leg that wouldn’t stop shaking. It was pathetic how much of an effect she had on him. An effect that she had even though she had never spoken to him.

“Where do I even begin?” she beamed, putting her hands up to her cheeks. A lame attempt to try and hide her heated face. “I’m not really one to listen to pop music that often, but his music is so good. I don’t know how he does it, a genius right there. Go listen to his new album if you haven’t already.”

Now he was the one who was blushing mad. Shawn was pretty sure he forgot how to breathe or how to do anything in fact. She listened to his music, gushed about it in fact. And there she sat, oblivious to the fact that the very person who she was talking about was watching her.

The connection lagged a little as she continued on, “Looks like you guys want me to cover him, which I’m totally down with.” Shawn couldn’t even think at this point. Now she was going to sing his song. The lyrics that he wrote. The chords that he recorded.

“Here’s I Don’t Even Know Your Name because it’s one of my favorites,” she smiled at the camera, which totally brought him back down to Earth. His heart fluttered when she started to sing again.

He remembered writing Handwritten, more specifically that song. When he finally came up with lyrics to the melody that he had been working on for so long, he was so proud of something that had turned out to be so good.

But it sounded even better when she sang it. She added something to the song that he couldn’t describe. He was able to pick out the way she added a soft high note in one line of the chorus and changed the order of some notes. Shawn didn’t know how she did it all so easily, but it was brilliant.

Even long after the live stream ended, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. One of her fans had recorded it and posted it on the internet so he could rewatch it anytime he wanted. And boy he did. He listened to it in the shower, the car, everywhere really.

Even backstage.

The show wasn’t supposed to start until five hours later and he didn’t have anything else to do. Soundcheck was already done and the Q&A wasn’t for a long time, so here he was. Listening to her again.

“Dude, I’m seriously starting to think you’re in love with her,” Geoff joked from the couch opposite of him. Shawn was laying down on the couch, balancing his laptop on his chest while he binge watched more of her covers.

Matt let out a laugh from behind him, “He probably is.” Rolling his eyes, he sat up and looked at the both of them.

“You don’t understand. She’s absolutely am—”

“Amazing, we know,” the two boys finished for him.

“And that she deserves more recognition and that she’s an amazing writer and….” he took a deep breath, “she’s really cute.” Shawn watched him with his eyebrows raised as he ticked off every statement with a finger on his hand.

“And don’t forget that she listens to your music!” Matt jumped in, ruffling his already messed up hair. “You know, you should give her a little shout out or something on Twitter. It’s pretty obvious how good she is, and I don’t think you’ll stop rambling about her until you do.”

Shawn chuckled at the last bit, flicking the back of Matt’s snap back off his head as he stood up and stretched. Needing a change of scenery, well walls, he shuffled towards the bathroom and leaned his hands on the counter. Matt’s words were still ringing in his ears, and Shawn had no idea how the idea didn’t come to him in the first place. It would definitely help her out, and that’s all it took for him to whip out his phone.

He quickly opened Twitter and as he hovered his thumb over the keyboard, he froze. What was he supposed to say? There were so many things about her. One hundred forty characters weren’t enough.

The next five minutes were spent typing a sentence or two out, but reading it over and erasing it. He didn’t want to say a simple “check this girl out, she’s really good” kind of thing. She was more than good. But he didn’t want to write too much. Everyone would probably think he was desperate, or something else the media can come up with.

It completely confused him why he was having such a hard time. He always knew what to say. Words easily rolled off his tongue.

Stop overthinking it, he thought to himself as he ran a hand through his hair. It shouldn’t be this hard. A minute passed when he felt his thumbs move on their own. He read the sentences over and over. Doubt started to cloud his thinking again. “You know what? Fuck it,” Shawn seethed and he pushed the submit button.

There was no going back now. Millions of people were reading it now, and he hoped she was too.

Zombie Apocalypse Starters
  • "I'm out of ammo!"
  • "Get to the second floor."
  • "Think we can last five years? I guess that's how long the hordes are suppose to last."
  • "Don't touch it. It could be trapped."
  • "Is that car dead?"
  • "I prefer a quieter weapon."
  • "Don't suppose you have an ax do you?"
  • "What was that?"
  • "Care for another mystery meal?"
  • "Catch anything in the rat traps?"
  • "Don't come any closer."
  • "I'm not going in there."
  • "We have to sleep together to conserve warmth."
  • "Does that house have solar panels on it?"
  • "I know we're only suppose to carry the essentials but I can't leave this behind."
  • "If you honestly think I trust the government after what happened, you're crazy."
  • "Did you hear that?"
  • "Believe in God now?"
  • "Ready to go out there?"
  • "I can't do this anymore."
  • "Want to know what I miss the most?"
  • "I can't stay here."
  • "Are they gone?"
  • "Do you think we'll make it?"
  • "We need water."
  • "I set some traps. Hopefully we'll have food in the morning."
  • "How are you feeling today?"
  • "I made some tea."
  • "This really isn't so bad."
  • "I have something to tell you..."
  • "Shh! Something's out there."
Surprise (Part 2)

Shawn Mendes x Reader


Word Count- 1594

Summary- You decide to surprise Shawn with both your’s and his family on a special concert night!

Triggers- none! fluff

A/N- hello family so this is the HIGHLY REQUESTED part 2 of Surprise!!!!! enjoy!

p.s.- when I refer to TD Garden i refer to the arena of the Boston concert, that’s where the Boston Celtics play!


Shawn’s face drops. His eyes dilate as he lips separate ajar. 

“(Y/N)?” Shawn whispers. He obviously knows that it is you he is looking at, but his brain needs a moment to contemplate what is happening. He looks quickly from you to Geoff. Geoff is amused at the situation as he can’t control his laughter. “You’re joking.” Shawn laughs as he sits up from the couch. 

You unfold your arms and watch him walk slowly toward you. “Not at all sweetheart.” You giggle. 

“You see my girlfriend, her name is (Y/N), she is in New York for school, or at least that is what she tricked me into believing.” Shawn steps as close to you as he possibly can without making his bandmates uncomfortable. 

“She sounds amazing.” You swell. “I’m sure she is just the sweetest girl you have ever met!”

“Yeah I guess.” Shawn shrugs. “Most of the time at least.” Shawn laughs before he finally pulls you in for a sweet, but quick kiss. You then openly accept his embrace. You have positioned yourself very strategically so when Shawn went in for a hug, his family and your family would be directly in his eyeline. 

“Wait…” Shawn draws out once again confused, “Mum? Dad? Matt!”

“JAX!” Jackson yells out his own name because he wanted to get Shawn’s attention. You are honestly proud him that he didn’t ruin the surprise of the families beforehand when only you and Geoff were with Shawn. 

“Matt!” Shawn cheers once again as he jumps into his arms. Yeah his family is great and he hasn’t seen them in a couple of weeks and yes he adores your family as well, but Matt has acted as the older brother Shawn never got to have.  Shawn has been with you for so many heart wrenching tears shed over the absence of Matt in the past nine months that it is not only exciting for him to see Matt himself, but it is a weight lifted off of his shoulders that he has been carrying for a long time. Knowing that for at least now, your heart is whole, makes his heart whole as well. You catch his teary eyed glance as a smile bursts from his face. His eyes are full of happiness and they only reflect to you. “You have no idea how good it is to see you man!” Shawn laughs. He pulls away from Matt and turns to his parents. Giving them quick hugs and between each time he turns around he looks back to Matt to make sure he is actually there. 

“Hey Liyah.” Shawn laughs, tears still welling in his eyes as he gives Aaliyah a side hug. He gives a few more quick hugs to your sisters and parents. 

“Don’t forget me, Jackson!” Jackson calls from behind your parents. 

Your dad turns round to see Jackson standing with his back pressed up against the wall behind him. “Jax, Shawn will get to you, why don’t you let him catch up with Matt and (Y/N) really fast.”

“You are not allowed to call me that!” Jax almost yells, “Only Matty, Shawny, and (Y/N) are allowed to call me that!” Your dad rolls his eyes as he has heard Jackson’s little spiel multiple times. 

Shawn crouches down to meet Jackson’s eyes. “What’s up little man?” He picks up Jackson and places his on his hip. Jackson’s head falls directly to Shawn’s shoulder. In the midst of the craziness and everyone finally getting to see each other you get to share a sweet moment with shawn. His cheeks are flushed as he smiles at Jackson’s cuddling against him. You lean into his open arm and watch him as he smiles lovingly at your little brother. You catch eyes with him and you bring your thumb up to his cheek to wipe the tear from his lash line. 

“I love you.” You whisper into his ear. 

Instead of replying to you he kisses your cheek and turns back to Jax. “Do you want a pair of headphones for tonight?”

“No! I can handle it!” Jackson says confidently.

“Yeah we’ll have a pair just in case, right Jax?” Matt chimes in. 

After an hour and a half of catching up with all of the crew and families you all prepare for Shawn’s concert. 

“Alright bubs I’m gonna go get the families in their spots for the concert.” You say to Shawn as you lift yourself up from the spot on the couch you had next to him. You have a tendency to give new nicknames to everyone every few months. There have been three nicknames that have sustained years of different names. You have always called Matt ‘bigs’ because he is your big brother, Jackson has always been ‘Jax’, and (weirdly) Shawn has always been ‘bubs’. 

“Where can I find you?” Shawn asks. What he means by this is that he wants to know where he can look for you while he is on stage. He likes to glance over to where you are in the middle of the stage to reaffirm that you are safe and honestly… he likes to see your pretty face (especially when he is on his performance high). 

“Well I have to set my parents and sisters up at the tech booth and I think your family is going to go over there too.” You sat on the coffee table across from him. 

“You never answered my question.” Shawn smiles. 

“I’ll be in my usual spot.” You laugh, “I would never watch one of your concerts from any other spot!” You poke his cute little scar underneath his right eye. 

“Okay, then I will see you on stage beautiful.” And with a kiss on the cheek you were gone 

You helped your family get situated in the tech booth only before yelling a quick, “Take care of them!” to Brian behind the table. You ignored the screaming fans as you made your way back to the side of the stage, your home at Shawn’s shows. It gives you the best angle and he always knows that you are safe. Plus you can always enjoy a quick-sweats-happy kiss while he runs to the center stage. 

Right after Shawn runs back onto the main stage from his center stage under the moon you were enjoying Shawn’s music when someone placed their hand on your shoulder. After screaming and turning around faster than you thought possible you found a laughing Matt and Jax. 

“WE WANTED TO COME DANCE WITH YOU!” Matty yells over the music. Jax plays with the ginormous headphones that take over his head. 

“YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!” You yelled back, you could barely hear what Matt had said. 

“Okay…so”, Shawn begins a little speech on stage, “I had a very special surprise before the show today from some very special people. I got to see my family (crowd screams). I got to see my girlfriend (Y/N) and her family. And something that is really, really special is… as some of you may know… (Y/N) has an older brother named Matt. So Matt, is a Navy Seal which is… the coolest thing ever and he is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Matt has been gone on active duty for about umm… like nine months now and he came back home yesterday and he surprised me today. I have this song that is very special to me, it was originally, and of course still is, for my girlfriend and the fact that I leave for a long time and we don’t get to see each other, but for tonight I want to dedicate this to anyone serving on duty out there. No matter what country you are from, if you are on active duty, or if you are a veteran, or if you have a loved one that has given their life for their country… this is for you. This is Never be Alone”

“WHAT ABOUT ME!” Jax screams as you walk to the edge of the stage. He folds his arms over the top of the stage and rests his chin on the top of his arms. “ME ME ME ME ME!” He begins to wave his arms. 

Shawn laughs at the sight of Jackson on the side of the stage. “Wait I’m sorry one second.” He pauses before walking to the side of the stage and he grabs jackson. As he walks back into the fans view the screams are louder than you thought possible. “So this is Jackson. Jackson is almost four years old, right bud? Jackson loves attention and he loves the stage so he is going to perform this one for me. Boston is a very very special town to me so I might as well make this performance special as well. Again, for real this time, this is Never be Alone.” Shawn winks to you as he lets Jax down to run around the stage. 

Seeing Shawn with Jax always makes your heart melt. You little brother is having the time of his life, the man you love is pouring his heart out on stage, and your big brother is home and by your side. Right now, this is all you need in life.”

Camp Camp sentence starters (1x01-1x06)
  • I’m not here to make friends. I’m here because camp is where kids are sent when their parents don’t want to deal with them. 
  • I refuse to believe someone as happy as you can possibly exist.
  • See, that’s the sad thing. He still actually thinks that I love it.
  • I’m telling you, if we leave now, I can hot wire that bus.
  • What the gosh darn heck happened?
  • Well, I’m certainly not hiding from any authorities if that’s what you’re thinking.
  • You are the bane of my existence.
  • I don’t know what kind of operation you think you’re running, but I won’t stand for it!
  • Oh God it’s coming back - the crippling anxiety and regret.
  • Do you want to spend the rest of your summer at this godforsaken place or do you want to enjoy the sweet taste of freedom? 
  • Remember this face, ___, ‘cause you’ll never see it again!
  • Imma be real, I just always wanted to drive a bus.
  • Aw, man… That was supposed to kill you.
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why you gotta put that shit on us? We don’t work here.
  • Sorry everyone, just… really overwhelmed by all this friendship right now.
  • I wanted to spend my summer in an air-conditioned laboratory! Not walking around a future Wal-Mart parking lot!
  • Nature can be your friend if you just give it a chance!
  • Uh… this looks like the place where teenagers go to get stabbed.
  • Oh well, I guess we should turn around and go back to live a normal life.
  • I am your king now! The throne is mine!
  • I want a viking’s funeral! Light me up!
  • Why do you always have to make things weird and complicated?
  • All that’s left to do now is recharge with a full eight hours of lying in bed… awake! Waiting for tomorrow!
  • All right, guys, our first attempt to bust out of this god-forsaken hellhole didn’t work, but tonight’s gonna be different.
  • I’m not doing this for you. I made a vow.
  • Why do you keep hitting me?!
  • God, your face is gross.
  • That guy literally stabbed me in the back.
  • Look, ___, that’s just how the world works. Now, do you want to be socially outcast, or do you want to go get ice cream?
  • No one’s too cool to talk to. Even cool kids take giant, uncomfortable shits from time to time. Helps remind you that we’re all equal.
  • Aren’t you all sick of this lowly work?! It’s time we take control of our lives and fight back! Who’s with me?!
  • I am very disappointed in you for this behavior!
  • This is just like Les Mis! Ah, I love it!
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the hell up. Did you nerds forget who revolutionized this place?! I should be leading you!
  • Progressive buzzwords can’t save you now.
  • Everyone is so much happier now, thanks to you!
  • Check out this tattoo. I put it on by applying hot, then cold water.
  • No fighting! Violence never solves anything!
  • Someday, you’ll learn that no matter how righteous you think your cause is, there’s always someone bigger to keep you down! And that day is today, and that someone is me.
  • And that’s why you should always properly fold and put away your laundry.
  • We’re fine. We’re just having some good old campfire scary stories is all.
  • Pssh, ghosts don’t exist. You die, and then you’re faced with eternal nothingness. It’s gonna be great.
  • Do we actually have a detective team name now? Ooh! We need a theme song!
  • What are you doing here? This is the last place you want to be on a night like this. Real spooky night.
  • Don’t be so naive. This is mild experimentation at best.
  • Guess that goes to show that sometimes, the only thing scarier than monsters and ghosts… is real life.
  • We’ve got a big day of outdoor activities planned, but as you know the most important start of any day is a balanced breakfast!
  • I have gone through a lot of planning and preparation to make this day happen. What could you possibly tell me that I don’t already know?
  • I’ve always said, “what better way to learn than to teach?”
  • Come now my friends, let us express ourselves through the glory of MACARONI ART!
  • Wanna go see how many pudding cups we can fit in our pockets?
  • I’d just like to be included for once. I feel like I’m always just in the background of your adventures. 
  • Remember your place, ___! I am in charge today! 
  • Oh snap, did someone get murdered?
New Normal

A/N: Hope you all enjoy :)


“’M off t’ the studio, love,” Harry gathers his things as you eat breakfast, “D’ yeh have any plans f’ today?”

“I might go into town,” you reply.

“Okay, jus’ remember t’ call security ‘f yeh go anywhere.”

“Okay,” you assure him as he kisses you goodbye.

Even though you were very un-famous before you met Harry, dating him got you some publicity. After almost two years of being with him, the fans warmed up to you, and now most of them were fans of you too. That being said you’ve had a few run-ins with fans and paparazzi when you’ve gone out on your own, so Harry hired a security guard for you.

Most of the time you were okay having security follow you around, and it made you feel safe. Today though, you just wanted to get away, and you left the house alone.


“Y/N!” The barista calls, letting you know your order is ready.

“Thank you,” you get your drink and return to your table in the corner. You hide your face behind your book as you sip your drink, hoping to stay hidden from everyone.

It’s not long before you feel a tap on your shoulder. You look up to find a young girl with her friend.

“You’re Y/N Y/L/N, right?” She asks.

Deciding that talking to just two girls couldn’t hurt, you replied, “Yes,” with a smile.

“Oh my gosh! Can we get a picture?!” They practically squealed.

“Yeah sure,” you leaned into the frame of their camera.

“Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome!”

You go back to your book for a while and finish your drink before you gather your things to leave.

You step outside and are met with a small group of girls. They all talk at once, and you only pick up little snippets of what’s being said.

“Oh my gosh it’s Y/N!”

“Can we get a picture?”

And finally, “I’m so glad you saw that girls post, so we could find her here,” you overhear one girl say to her friend.

It didn’t occur to you at the time that you should’ve asked the first girls to wait to post the picture, so people wouldn’t come find you. You only wonder how many people have seen the picture.

As if to answer your question, two more groups of girls come up to you this time with a few paps coming up behind them. You’re surrounded and realize you won’t be able to get out alone, so you take a few more pictures before you call your security.

By the time your security arrives you have had time to take pictures with all the fans while trying your best to ignore the paparazzi. The guard grabs your arm, leading you to the back of the car.

On the way home, the guard calls Harry to let him know what happened.


You wait at the kitchen island for Harry to get home, knowing he won’t be happy.

Harry storms into the house, “Y/N! Why did yeh go there by yourself?!

"What 'f something had happened t’ yeh?!”

“But I’m fine,” you assure him, “I just wanted a break from them. It’s like I have a shadow following me wherever I go, and I just wanted to be normal for a day,” you trail off at the end, instantly regretting what you’ve said. You love Harry, even if that means not having a “normal” lifestyle.

Harry’s face crumbles, and he pulls you into the tightest hug. “’M sorry. I know ’s my fault yeh have t’ have security in the first place. ’S just… I couldn’t live with myself 'f something happened t’ yeh, and I can’t lose yeh.”

You feel a tear drop on the top of your head, and you pull back from his embrace to wipe his cheek. “I’m sorry,” you whisper looking down at the floor.

“’S okay, just please don’t ever do that again,” he hugs you again, seeming content just to have you in his arms. “’M sorry yeh can’t have a normal day t’ yourself,” he adds.

“No, Harry, I didn’t mean to say that.”

“Maybe not, but ’s true.”

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love you, and now this is my new normal.”

“I love yeh, too,” Harry smiles.

Dreams & Fantasies

A/N: Dear anon thanks for the prompt, this will be my 2nd Klance fic, I think they’re very cute and I actually enjoyed writing this!<3^^

Summary: One does not simply forget what it looks and sounds like when Keithyboy is getting tickled. One does not simply resist doing anything to experience such heavenly laughter again. #LancefallingdeeplyinlovewithticklishKeith. #nothinghecandoaboutit.

Word Count: 2476

Dinner time at the Castle of Lions! Feast! Or… not. Not yet. 

“Lance. Please go get the guys for dinner,” Allura said, making the latter scowl in annoyance.

“Why me?” Lance was already sitting at the table, so ready to just dig in. Life at the castle had definitely gotten better since Hunk got in charge of their meals, and he was starving

“Yeah go on!” Pidge shot him that lazy ass smirk, and Lance glared angrily.

“Alright,” he sighed, and he slid off his chair and began to drag his feet towards the training deck where Mr. Enthusiam & co. were sparring like always. It had kind of become a habit of the two to train until dinner, but this time they were really dragging it. 

Most of the time Keith was coming back with this bright red face, and they’d all laugh at him while Shiro would mock about not having gone easy on the guy. And that while he looked so cool during their usual fights and whenever Lance would be the one to train with him. Was Shiro that ruthless with him? 

“Guuuys,” he called out as he reached the training deck. Noises were reaching his ears, and he cocked his head. Was that… Keith screaming? No, laughing? No, what was that sound? Kneeling by the door, Lance popped his head around the corner and peeked inside.

“AAHhh nonono I said stop! Fucking stohohop!” It was laughter after all. Lance’s eyes widened as he saw his buddy in his current predicament: Shiro was pinning Keith down on the floor, one hand holding one arm above his head while the other tickled Keith’s underarm without mercy. Gulp. Shiro was ruthless for real. 

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Why Would You Do That? (Reggie Mantle x Reader) ft Brother! Archie Andrews

Request: Reggie x Reader, where basically instead of Cheryl it’s the reader who tries to kill her self and Reggie and Archie(the readers brother) have to save her. And can it like start out with Reggie and Archie arguing like usual and that cause the reader to lose it.  

Warnings: (I just might have to keep clarifying) Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt, arguing

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Originally posted by minseoxual

Description:You meet him in a twisted situation,yet he gives you a gentle smile


Xiumin X Reader

Note from meh:

My fellow exo-l’s,this comeback IS NOT OK.I was expecting the eldest to be looking more like an elder lol but he looks 5 years old.I hate umin.Protect him pls.

It was dark outside as the clock hit 8 pm.You had been waiting for your friends for the last hour.You sighed as you remembered all the assignments you had due to monday.Your first week of school was going smoothly until all your teachers decided to give you a tone of homeworks.

You saw a familiar pair of eyes and started waiting impatiently.It was your sister.You didn’t know that she was coming but you didn’t mind as your friends were mutual.It had always been like this.You tried to make friends as much as you could but end the end,you always failed so you either had no one beside you or your sister came to help.

You stood up as you saw her walking inside with a man.You didn’t know who he was but he was probably just a friend you thought but your idea regarding the man next to your sister immediately changed after you heard your sister’s words.


(4 weeks later)

You waited anxiously while your sister was getting ready.She took so long to get ready but this time,it was because she was crying non-stop.

Some time ago,she had brought a man home,telling you that she loves him.You didn’t have parents so you were the one to decide.After some time,you decided to let go.You wanted your sister to be happy.You talked to everyone you knew and gathered information about this mysterious man your sister loved.He was the smallest son of a successful businessman.He was rich and handsome.You first found it suspicious.Your beloved sister with a rich man seemed a bit unreal but after seeing both of them together,you decided to give in.

Just like that,there you were standing as the maid of honor while your sister walked down the aisle.She looked stunning,not just her make-up or the fancy gown but she was sparkling with joy.You knew that she didn’t want to leave you but as the small sister,you just nodded when she told you she was leaving.

After the first dance,everyone sat down,waiting for the speeches that were promised to made.You were stunned by all the brothers groom had.He had 4 brothers and a sister.They were a big family indeed.They had defined sharp lined and all of them looked like models but there was just one,who caught your eye.He had been eyeing you since the wedding started and it was getting a bit uncomfortable.

He had big,gorgeous eyes and black hair,falling onto his forehead perfectly.You could see that he had a worked up body from the shape of his chest.His smile was like a sharp leave.It made you feel chilly inside but you still felt warm.

Groom’s father made his speech and after he was finished,you could feel the eyes turning to you one by one.You would love another family member to make a speech,but you were all your sister had after your parents decided to move abroad before you lost them in an accident.

You slowly stood up,fixing your dress and clearing your throat.You could feel his eyes on you.You slowly looked at people’s faces and thanked them for being here.

“……I feel like today is a turning point where all of us realize some stuff.My big sister who raised me after our parents were gone is now a beautiful bride and leaving home.I think she deserves the best.” you turned to your sister who was starting to tear up.”You’re kind,lovable and you share all you have.You’re the most important person in my life and now that you’re going to be someone else’s important person,I hope you’ll love and be loved” you said as you felt a few tears sliding down your face and your sister gave you a hug.

You had been looking for the cake for an hour now.The second cake for the farewell party somehow disappeared magically.You ran into the second room only to see people toasting and laughing at each other’s jokes.They all turned to you and you just gave a small smile,hoping nobody noticed your worried expression.

But you were wrong.

After you exited the room,you heard footsteps coming from behind which only made you walk faster than before.It was until he caught your wrist and pulled you into a dark corridor.

“What’s wrong?” he said with a low voice.

You just stood there frozen for 2 seconds before realizing it was the brother you had been eyeing.Your pupils grew wider and you choked on your breath.

“W-what?” you said looking at him with confusion.

“Something is wrong” he said not letting go of your wrist.

He should button his shirt up,you thought.

“N-no it’s nothing” you managed to say.

“You have a weird expression” he said,his face getting closer to you.

“Just tell me,I’ll help you” he said trying to sound convincing.

You didn’t want anybody to know as you felt like it was your responsibility and they were just there to have some fun.

“I can handle it” you said with a cold voice and he let go of your wrist.He took two steps back and smiled.

“You can’t handle the whole wedding on your own,sweetheart.I heard you worked hard for it and it looks absolutely amazing but…” he said taking a few steps closer to you so that you could feel his breath on your face “A little help won’t hurt” he said smiling and tucking a piece of your hair back.

“T-the farewell cake,is gone” you said making him grin after seeing you give in.

“Thank you princess” he said turning back to the room.

You could her eyes sparkling with joy and excitement as she started waiting for the cake.You wanted to tell her that you had no cake and you were a failure but she seemed to happy so you didn’t want to upset him.

Every other gaze in the room turned to you when it was the cake time and all you could do was to smile until a hand grabbed you by the waist and led you to another room.

“W-wait!” you said as you entered a dark room.

“Ok so here’s the cake” a low voice said and you immediately recognized him.

“Oh you’re the man from before” you said making him giggle in despair.

“Well.I’m called Minseok but the man from before is always fine” he said making you blush.

“I’m sorry.” you said trying to find him as the room was too dark.You were hunting air until he found your hand swiftly and placed on his shoulder before kissing it.

“There you are” he said pulling you closer.

“W-where’s the cake?” you said voice shaky because of his actions.

“I’m going to give it to you now but you have to promise me one thing.” he said placing your hands on his face.

“You’ll go on a date with me”

I was having major xiu feels and i’m glad i was able to distress.So the comeback is just ETHEREAL like wow Exo did THAT.I’m sorry i was not really active during the last 2 weeks but my school started and there’s this shitty diploma program called ib to torture us so i didn’t have time.Anyways.I hope you enjoyed it!!REQUESTS ARE OPEN AS ALWAYS AND TAKE CARE.

Two Worlds Collide (Part 3)

Part 1 Part 2

Request - Hi could you do a Harry hook x reader. Where Harry meets the reader when he jumps into the water because she is the daughter of one of the mermaids of Neverland.
Requested By -  @fandomrelative 
Word Count - 850

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Starting our family (Ethan)

request: (anon) Can I have an imagine where the reader is pregnant with Ethan’s baby and he finally gets to hold the baby for the first time and how their first month goes and maybe a little argument in there. thank you xx and you can decide if it’s a boy or girl. :) 


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The whole baby thing was never apart of the plan, well not the short term one anyway. I was only 20 when I fell pregnant with Ethan’s baby, it was about the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. My knee jerk reaction was ‘there is no way in hell we are raising a child together’ but I told Ethan and, after he had a mini freak out, he was over the moon. He told me to make my own choice, but that he would really like to have the baby. From there it was settled. I always wanted kids, I had just hoped it would be a little later on in life. 

Ethan I hadn’t been together very long either, just under a year before we found out. At that point I hadn’t had that moment where you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with that person. But now I can most definitely say I have that moment every damn day. That boy is so supportive, loving and hard working. Yeah we argue, sometimes small, sometimes big. I know we will be together forever, even when we have big fights there isn’t a doubt in my mind we will be able to resolve it and get back to exactly how we were. We are both quite stressed and anxious about the arrival especially since it’s so close now.

My due date was 4 days ago, I could not wait to get this baby out of me. I was huge and it has gone way past the point of being able to live a semi normal life. I spend most of the day in bed or on the couch, I can barely walk let alone do anything I used to do. I have loved being pregnant, it has been the most incredible experience but I am very ready for it to be done now. 

I had a gut feeling about this day. Every other day I have woken up feeling no different at all, but today things were happening. I knew today was the day, Ethan had already left for work by the time I woke up. I felt him place a kiss on my belly in the early hours of the morning. I called him as I got up.

“Today’s the day baby.” I said quietly into the phone. 

“WHAT? HAVE YOU GONE INTO LABOUR?!” He screamed back at me. I held the phone away from my ear and giggled. 

“No, calm down. I just feel like today’s the day, things feel different.” I replied. He sighed with relief. 

“You scared the life out of me. Okay baby call me with updates, as soon as you feel anything call me and I’ll come straight home.” He demanded. I smiled, he was so caring. 

“I will, have a good day.” I said as I rolled my giant body out of bed. 

“You too beautiful, see you later.” He ended the call and I proceeded to waddle into the kitchen. The baby definitely felt lower and I smiled with excitement thinking it could happen today. 


“You feeling okay baby?” Ethan asked me as we laid on the couch watching TV. 

“You have asked me 5 times, and again I am still okay.” I said with a smile. He smiled and shook his head. 

“Just making sure.” He winked at me. 

“I am quite thirsty though I’m going to get a drink, do you want one?” I asked him as I started trying to get up. He immediately stood up. 

“It’s okay I’ll-” he started, I cut him off with a death stare. 

“Babe we’ve talked about this, don’t make me feel like I’m incapable.” I said. He held his hands up in defeat and sat back down. I made my way into the kitchen, doubling over in pain clenching the edge of the sink as I groaned. I heard Ethan’s footsteps coming after me. I could see the panic in his eyes and it scared me. 

“It’s happening, we need to go to the hospital.” I cried. He just nodded and put an arm around me as he helped me get to the car. Luckily I was extremely organized and had everything in the car and ready to go. The car ride felt like an eternity, the pain was almost unbearable and I didn’t know how to handle it. All the books and articles I had read flew from my mind and I was clueless. 

“It’s okay baby you’re doing so well, we are pulling in you’re going to be okay.” I knew he was just trying to help but I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying. The nurses got me into a wheel chair and brought me to the birthing suite. Everything was happening so fast, I was so panicked. Could I really do this? Ethan stood by my side, holding my hand and stroking my hair, occasionally placing a long kiss on my forehead as I pushed. Here was I thinking that labour would go on for hours on end, now I’m literally pushing it out and the nurses are saying I’ll have a baby in my arms in less than an hour. I appreciated I was luckier than most in this sense but god did it hurt like a bitch. I refused all pain medication, wanting it to be as natural as possible even though I knew Ethan wanted me to take the pain away. He hated seeing me in pain, even when it was just a headache I refused to take Advil and he would get so annoyed. 

“One last push, make it a big one, deep breath now.” The doctor said as my contraction came again. I gave it all my might, pushing as hard as I could while I held my breath. Suddenly there was a strong feeling of release as I heard the baby cry. Instantly my eyes welled up with tears. 

“It’s a girl!” The nurse said. They immediately placed her on my chest. I cried and cried and cried. I had never seen anything so perfect in my life. I looked up at Ethan, he was crying too and lent down to kiss me. The doctor instructed Ethan on how to cut the cord, it was then that he was able to hold her for the first time. The doctor picked her up, cleaned her up a bit, wrapped her in a blanket and passed her to Ethan. Tears streamed down my face as I watched them bond for the first time. He seemed so happy and I knew he was going to make a great dad. 


“How has it already been a month since you were born aye?” I heard Ethan coo at her from the other room. I smiled to myself. Time was flying by, I wanted it to slow down so we could properly enjoy having this new born baby. Things were hard sometimes, we were both very tired and it was hard to have any alone time to catch up. But everything was still perfect. 

“Babe.” He called for me. I got up and walked into the living room. 

“What’s up?” I asked him as I sat down next to him. 

“I don’t think I’m going to go back to work just yet.” He started. He had agreed he would take all his time off for the first month of her being here. 

“You don’t have any more paid leave baby.” I replied, I felt bad for him. I knew if it was the other way round I couldn’t bare to leave this gorgeous baby. 

“I’ll just stop working for a while, find another job in another month or two.” He continued. I shook my head. 

“E, you know we just don’t have the money for that.” I said resting my head in my hands. 

“We can cut back, we will be fine for a while longer.” He argued with me. I just kept shaking my head. 

“You know how irresponsible that is, it wouldn’t work. This is what we agreed on, you have to go back.” My voice cracked with the last words, my hormones still at large. Tears welled up because I wanted him here, I didn’t want him to go back to work but I knew he needed to. 

“Hey don’t cry baby, I know it’s hard but one day, we will win the lottery and I can stay home every day and we can all be together.” He reassured me, I laughed a little at the lottery bit. It was always something we dreamed of, not having to worry about money. He rubbed my back and I rested my head on his shoulder.

“I love you Ethan.” I said into his chest. 

“I love you more y/n, always will.”


Happy Blog Birthday 🎉

It’s been a year. In celebration I thought I’d put on a little buffet of my favourite pieces.

I thought my first year had been and gone but I had a notification from Tumblr today. I should probably get more fresh air. It’s been a lot of hard work and learning curves. The Voyager episode ‘Basics’ paint was one of my first digital pieces and I’m constantly trying to improve my technique.

The top Janeway, is my newest and I haven’t quite finished with it yet but it seems fitting to post it now. I kinda blasted on a colour scheme and it still deserves some tinkering.

Most of these pieces are available at my Etsy shop:

“I covered a lot of Trump rallies as a journalist. I didn’t feel any hatred. People were more curious than anything. I was never assaulted. I felt like most people were just supporting him because he wasn’t part of the establishment. Or because they were tired of politics. But it was confusing. Because even though I didn’t feel like they hated me, these people were supporting someone who said I should be banned from the country. Even the father of one of my best friends supports Trump. This man had me over to his house. I went to Thanksgiving with him. My friend asked him: ‘Dad, how can you support that man? Our friend Zahra is a Muslim.’ He told her: ‘Don’t worry. He won’t do everything that he says.’ Today has been difficult. These last few weeks, it was mostly speculation. There was suspicion that most Americans supported him but I could hope that it was wrong. But now that hope is gone. And I have to feel differently. I have to feel like maybe most Americans don’t want me here. And I feel like no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be part of the community. And even if they’re friendly to me, or if they invite me to Thanksgiving, deep down they believe that America is a country that belongs to white people.”