now i want toast

if i do nothing else tonight i can probably finish this monster so wish me luck!!!

owls-on-pointe  asked:

The way you said 'probably' made me want to cry that was he single most cutestestest thing I've heard today but don't mind me cause I just finished a full shift at work and I had to spend the entire time doing check out and register so I'm all 🙃 right now and I'm about to eat pizza cause I haven't eaten anything today (I actually ate like 4 toasts with Nutella this morning but oh well) I'm really fragile rn but my point stands

“4 toasts”

Jon: We don’t have any pets or mascots but I would really like to have a pet!! I wouldn’t mind getting a dog, or a cat, rat, lizard… *gasp* Or a snake! Maybe even a bird or-

Mark: Too bad Eduardo won’t let you have one.

Jon: Yeah, what a grump.

Mark: To be fair I think he’s just still broken up over his pet turtle from fifth grade.

Jon: I know but we’re adults now and I want a cuddly friend like Ringo, or Toast or-

Jon: Hey, Mark, what are you doing back there?

Mark: I lost one of my wrist bands and I was seeing if I dropped it.

Jon: You wanna borrow one of mine?

i can’t think of anything else i want right now more than a sword. maybe some french toast or peace of mind but a sword would do

shoutout to you

look at you. look how far you’ve come. take a moment to reflect:

you were born, you grew up, you developed emotions, you went to school, you learned how to read, you learned how to write, you learned how to love, even if just a little. you’re doing great. you’ve come so far. keep going. smile to yourself. yes you. do it right now. i don’t care where you are or how you feel right now. smile to yourself. i don’t care if you’re around other people right now and they will judge you if you smile, because at least you’ll look happy. you can do it. you can get through whatever you’re going through, and you’ll climb up out of this seemingly bottomless hole, which i promise, it is NOT bottomless. you will climb up a little, and then your muscles will ache and you will fall. but next time you try climbing, your muscles will be stronger. and once you’re out of the hole, you will be so much stronger than the people around you that werent in holes as deep as yours. and then, you can start climbing. you can keep climbing, because you’re so strong, and you’ll climb higher than you ever imagined.

i believe in you.

I did the thing. I recorded every. single. possible. audition.

Story time though: I was recording for the Ringwraith last cause I knew it was gonna be the end of my voice… and so I’m hissing into the mic and making these awful screechy sounds for the hell of it. And then I hear it, this confused whimper from behind my door. I thought I was home alone. Nope, I managed to terrify the shit out of my mother.


I had fun with all of them though. Bifur sounded a bit like he was chewing rocks I think, but I lovelovelove speaking khuzdul and working out how long-term khuzdul speech would affect an accent. That was probably my favorite out of the bunch to record. 

Anyway, ignore my rambles.

TL;DR - I recorded my sansukh auditions and scared the crap out of my mother. Duel purpose recording, aw yiss.

People keep asking me, “Corypheus, why do u never cut ur fuckin fingernails?” WELL. once i went camping, and i was like, wow u know what i really want riught now, toasted marshmallows, BUT I DIDN’T HAVE ANY SKEWERS FOR FUCKING ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS ON. so i said to myself…….. never again