now i want to post a bunch of stuff about carry grant

Two weeks into college, some things I can confirm and debunk thus far for future students:

(Because I was freaking terrified and no matter how much advice I got, just kind of felt like I was drowning. It is normal. Truth is, you’re experience will be unique in most ways, but some stuff applies to most people/places).

  • Figure out your credit hours/service hours before you start school if you’re on a scholarship. Check your school email. Do it. 
    • I didn’t. 
    • Now I’m being shaded to death by the woman in the art office where I do my service hours (ACTUAL QUOTE FROM HER TO THE SECRETARY WHEN I DIDN’T HEAR SOMETHING HE’D SAID: “She probably wasn’t paying attention. Can you imagine that?”)
    • Shade is real and alive in this world.
  • Yes yes college is a lot of walking of course it is calm down
  • The first week will feel like a tiny month. At my school, they held little events each night. Free t-shirts! New friends! It’s almost entirely aimed at freshmen. Take advantage of it!
  • Dorm life can be stupid and annoying sometimes but also really fun. I happen to be on the nerd floor. Like an actual Nerd Herd is almost always in the common area. Nerdy ass weird guys. But y’all I have laughed so hard these past couple weeks you don’t even know
  • It’s also a really good way to be able to be involved on campus, because you’re already there.


  • If you are worried about being unable to practice your faith/religion effectively in college, know that I’ve not only been able to practice through school organizations/local places of worship, but have grown stronger in my beliefs since arriving.
  • Don’t feel the need to get a ton of binders and stuff, unless that’s like your only way to stay organized. Honestly though? A notebook with five sections is all I need. 
    • Same goes for pens. Two good pens. You’re set. 
    • Color-coding is also actually very helpful. Always carry multicolored highlighters.
  • Amazon has cheaper rental prices for textbooks, but be wary.
  • In fact, if the book is surprisingly cheap to rent, bear in mind that these things called access codes exist. That’s where a lot of the money goes.

Introducing yourself to people really is key. There’s no time when it’s too late to do that, but try to do it early on; your first friends tend to remain steadfast.

  • Get sleep. Eat food. Be a human.
  • But don’t be an asshole. Unless you’re being yourself and happen to be a bit of an asshole (cough me cough). Like be yourself. But try not to be an asshole. I mean like let it out in small doses.
  • To my fellow straight ladies (or whatever else you are that includes liking boys): Stay the fuck away from boys the first two weeks.
    • I mean like in a too physical/emotional sense. You can have some dude friends, sure. But like be careful.
    • I was not careful. And I’m always careful. Nothing bad happened, but like they so ignorant okay
    • Especially freshmen boys. In the words of my junior friend/actual college dad: They don’t know what they want yet.
  • If you don’t drive/have a car, it’s not the end of the world. You can probably get a ride.
  • Try not to walk alone. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t get your ass ran over because you have headphones on. 
  • If you’ve ever felt weird for looking younger than you are, you are not alone. A lot of times you find yourself talking to someone who you’d never think was a senior, but actually is. Don’t feel intimidated.
    • But also, if you’re currently an upperclassmen in high school, think of the way you think of freshmen now. Yeah, gross. Fight the stereotype. Don’t be like those freshmen. Granted no matter what you do, you’ll always seem awkward looking back. That’s okay.
  • Don’t discuss your financial situation. Just do not do it. Be conscious that you are on a college campus and everyone is in a different boat, but generally in terms of cash, boats are sinking. 

A lot of my professors don’t like laptops out in their classes.

  • Yes, even in English class.
  • Handwritten notes are where it’s at. Don’t let the movies fool you. Although if for some reason you have to type them, they may be reasonable.
    • It might even be kinda fun.
    • What is fun is being up in the class the day after it’s assigned and having people be like “yo hav u started yet” and u like “i’m done” like yes Get It
  • Try to stay organized. But remember that your “organized” is not always someone else’s “organized,” and that’s okay!
  • Grad students are instructors sometimes, especially in the art department. It may seem odd at first, but you can relate to them more.
  • A professor is not a grade school teacher. They are generally a lot cooler and open to communication. 
  • Sit in the front or the middle of the class (aka the “T-Zone”). Be a suck up. Answer questions. Ask questions. It gets you ahead.
    • But don’t try to make smartass comments.
  • Every school’s Greek life is going to be different levels of intense/chill, but where I’m at:
    • Sororities aren’t that bad. Don’t let Legally Blonde be your standard for what they are. They aren’t always a bunch of Barbies, they rarely are, in fact (but some are don’t get me wrong). If you want to find good friends and really branch out, try Rushing. I’m not, but my roomie is.
    • But fraternities are kind of everything they’re cut out to be. Stay back. These dudebros will clap to announce their entrances/exits okay one was disappointed because a party he went to had “like a 3:1 boy to girl ratio” listen to me just sTay baCk

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I may pop in with new posts like this as new things happen (i.e. finals). I really hope someone read this and took something from it. It’s just a lot. College is a lot. I can’t believe I’m actually here! But it really is a step up from high school, and it’s something to be excited for, not scared of. 

Start applying for scholarships, look at schools, do all that! Go with your gut. And take it from me: staying close to home for college can be a really really good thing.

Much love,

- Liz.xx

Addressing the "problematic" complaints against Undertale... Again...

Once again people have taken it upon themselves to attack an inclusive and diverse game, blatantly acting for attention and the feeling that what they are doing is actually helping anyone or in the best interests of minorities. It’s quite pitiful really, go out and pick up trash and invasive plants like I do, you’ll help actually make a difference that way. But then again, these people don’t really care about doing hard work to help make things better, they nitpick to make themselves feel like they are helping shape society when in reality they just act annoying and pathetic. These are the people the rest of the Internet call “Social Justice Warriors”. I will grant their wish for attention, but they aren’t going to like the attention they get…

First off, the claim Undertale is not really diverse and inclusive as people claim because there is no explicitly non-binary or asexual or aromantic or pandemiorbitoparasexualromantic characters and thus is “problematic” (here is a way to tell if something is actually an issue, if they use this word to describe it, it’s most likely not).

Frisk is a small child, and contrary to what Tumblr would make you believe, it is not normal to introduce yourself with your gender, religion, sexuality, orientation, pronouns, physical sexual status, horoscope, or dietary choices. This is especially not normal for a small child. Imagine an 8 year old attempting to explain what non-binary is to a Temmie. It would take weeks. The only thing Frisk is explicitly mentioned as being is a human child.

As for Asexual, Papyrus could be that, seeing as how he only wants to be platonic with you and doesn’t show any sexual attraction, and you know, he is a skeleton so that kind of makes sexual behavior a lot harder. Toby couldn’t make 40 more unique monster characters with equal game play time to represent every relationship pattern, and if he could it would turn Undertale into a dating simulator (well, more of one at least) and would have to be not kid friendly to be explicit about asexual vs sexual relationships and all that stuff. Not really appropriate with a minor as the main character.

Now the final thing I see a lot, is the claim that Undertale can’t be diverse and all inclusive just because they made the humans ambiguous and that doing that is a cop out. This is just unreasonable. Only two humans are ever truly shown, one of which has ambiguous features. The rest of the character are monsters basically. The whole point about the other 6 human children is all we know about them is their soul color, personality, abilities, weapon, and armor. People can draw them as children with those items and soul colors, and choose the traits they imagine. There is no way 6 small resolution humans could accurately represent everyone without offending. Like, what do you want, the entire cast of the “it’s a small world” ride to climb MT Ebott? Frisk has an impossible skin color, yellow, to be ambiguous, Frisk could be any skin pigment you want if that really matters to you.

Now, I don’t know if it’s the same person with a bunch of blogs, but I always see posts about how no one draws any of the humans or monsters as having physical disabilities. Monsters don’t get illnesses, and Undyne has a missing eye, monster kid has no arms, and Mettaton is stuck in a metal cube for most of the game. If you want, any of the six humans could be deaf other than the blue soul given the whole dancing to the beat thing. any of them other than the orange soul and yellow soul can be missing an arm (Orange soul had more than one glove, yellow soul had a revolver, you would have a hard time loading it one handed). How would you expect this to be made explicit in the game? All the important wearable items and weapons owned by the past humans are able to be equipped by Frisk. How would Toby tactfully have Frisk steal a dead kids wheelchair and use it to bash monsters? Have you even considered how that would affect the story? A blind kid or a kid in a wheelchair hiking a mountain alone and falling into a hole?

Just imagine it, poor blind kid stuck forever trying to do the perception puzzle with signs and colored levers. Kid in a wheelchair rolling up to Toriel after being attacked by monsters, and she says her whole “do not worry my child, I will heal you!” Line, only to look down at this kid in a wheelchair looking up excitedly at her.
“Oh…erhhh….um… Oh dear… My child, I am so sorry, I meant I would restore your souls HP… We uh… don’t have a spell for fixing human spinal cords…”
Also, it would be pretty hard for them to leave when the only way out of the ruins is not up to code and is a staircase with no elevator or ramp.
“I know I do not want to let you leave the ruins, my child, but this feels really unfair and ableist, so I’m going to carry you down the stairs, turn around, and count to 100 to give you a head start, okay?”

Dark humor (that will get me in trouble) aside,
Toby did his best to make it so everyone could put themselves in the place of Frisk or relate to one of the other humans. It would be impossible to account for every medical situation. Do you know how many illnesses and medical problems there are? Can’t you just be happy how inclusive he tried to make it and stop nitpicking it trying to find something “problematic” so you can tell people to avoid a game or fandom and feel like you’ve actually helped save anyone? At least my nitpicking entertains people and teaches them science and logic, you simply want an easy target to get attention for. Watch out, you might just drown in it.

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i need more "aunt alex" supercat things - do you have some "aunt alex" headcanons?

Ok sorry this took so long. I’m not gonna lie, for the longest time I thought that said “Aunt Astra” and so now I have a bunch of Aunt Astra headcanons. Luckily I just got an ask about Astra, so those will be posted soon too. I got carried away with these, so I hope you like anon <3

  • The first time Cat and Carter meet Alex it’s because Carter has a science project and asks Kara for help. And while Kara may be pretty good at science, she knows Alex would be able to help Carter a lot more.
  • Carter is at first shy, but quickly warms up to her when she continues talking science to him.
  • Alex hears that Carter has some trouble with bullies at his school, and after convincing Cat, teaches him some self-defense techniques.
  • After seeing Alex teach Carter a few moves, Cat begrudging asks Alex to show her a few moves too. “I am a powerful woman, people are bound to want to take advantage of me, and I would love to throw it back in their face.”
  • Cat and Alex bond over their mutual dislike of Lord
  • Also over their mutual dislike of most people
  • Early on in their stages of getting to know each other, Cat throws an impressive insult only for Alex to simply throw one right back
  • After Kara makes sure they aren’t going to kill each other, Cat privately decides she likes Alex. She respects a woman who will not take any shit.
  • Cat is very wary when Alex and Carter get up to some kind of science project. She is not willing to have her loft destroyed again in the name of science.
  • The first time Carter called Alex “Aunt Alex” he accidently let it slip. Cat and Kara had been dating for about a year and he was asking when she was coming over.
  • Kara was stunned and Cat, while internally emotional, calmly told him when “Aunt Alex” would be over, emphasizing the aunt on it.
  • Kara immediately calls Alex to tell her.
  • Alex bursts through their loft’s door with an exclamation of “AUNT ALEX IS HERE! I BROUGHT ICE CREAM THAT ONLY NEPHEWS CAN EAT”
  • Alex is the person who teaches Carter to drive. His mom is usually driven by somebody else, so while she may say she is a good driver, she actually is quite terrible sometimes. And Kara is too nice and would be bias.
  • He has also seen Kara pull some astoundingly close turns that no sane human would do because of her super senses.
  • Cat is very startled when Carter pulls an advanced defensive driving maneuver one night to avoid a high speed collision. She calls Alex in tears apologizing for all the grief she gave her about Carter picking Alex before Cat to learn to drive.