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whenever you have time/energy for it, could you talk about headcanons for if hera somehow got a physical body? no rush, just wanna know what you have to say on the matter

(not quite sure whether this is headcanons or a ficlet? or whether it’s at all what you had in mind? but boy, do I have Thoughts about AIs and their relationship to humanity and Hera in particular, and that comes through here.)

  • Hera’s first concern when they start talking about making her a body is that she wants to design it herself.
  • it isn’t that she doesn’t want a body. and it isn’t that she doesn’t want to be able to engage in the kind of comforting physical socializing all of her friends use their bodies for – she really, really wants to finally high five Eiffel, for one thing.
  • (he started leaving handprints on the Hephaestus’ monitors within a month of the day they met.)
  • but Hera knows what kind of shape they’d think of for her – not maliciously, she knows they love her, but it’s like the words they didn’t give her, the mind they did – they only ever conceptualize one shape, one kind of body, one way of being.
  • Hera doesn’t want a body so she can be more human, doesn’t want to be a pretty little android. she doesn’t want a body that proves that she’s just like all of them, because she’s not. Hera wants a body that makes her more Hera.
  • it does not need to move or look like anything human beings have referent for, although she pulls inspiration from everything from plants to animals to industrial engineering (anything she thinks seems cool, honestly; she confesses this to Eiffel but would never admit it to Minkowski, and she’s not lying when she tells Renee that she has a coherent functional and aesthetic goal. and she’s quite proud of it, in the end). Hera does not want a body so she can be a person (she knows she is already a person); Hera wants a body to do the things she can’t without one.
  • she is so hungry for experience, for seeing and feeling and doing – now that the station is no longer a part of her, now that so much of her mind and identity are not occupied with a million calculations and routines and consciousnesses keeping the Hephaestus running, now that she finally gets to decide for herself what she wants to do – she realizes she wants to do everything.
  • Hera’s body is built to house any sense they could think of, all that freed-up processing power devoted to every kind of experience - vision in spectrums beyond human comprehension, as many tactile sensors as they could cram in, temperature, electrical impulses, electromagnetic waves, even taste, of course taste, she has spent almost her entire life listening to her best friend describe food, like she would miss out on that entire slice of what the universe has to offer
  • and she thought space was full! she never understood how it could be called a void, called emptiness – but suddenly it makes sense why people would say that, because even with the limits of a human body, there is so much – this world is so much, every square inch of it, and just going fifty feet down a street is such a kaleidoscope of incredible things. it is awe-inspiring and disgusting and painful and amazing and beautiful and she is full of wonder at it.
  • (there is so much in this world that she is the first person ever to know. there are so many experiences so intrinsic to life here that no one thinks about them and that she is feeling and wondering at for the first time.)
  • people do not generally find it a comforting body. hera doesn’t care; she didn’t build it for them, and her friends don’t care, either, and that’s all that matters. she has an emotional body language of her own which Minkowski can read as easily as her own humanoid shoulder shrugs and eyerolls. Doug does not seem at all to mind sitting back in his apartment, propped up against her humming-warm metal side as he dozes in front of the TV, as long as she has all the right appendages to give him a hug.
  • (Lovelace will walk down the street next to her as naturally as though she was any ordinary human being in the world; and Hera’s senses can easily read the tenseness, like coiled springs, in her step as she does. but she also knows there is nothing defensive there, only a fierce pride, now, in both of them, for knowing and deciding who and what they are. daring the world to try and tell them differently. Hera and Lovelace understand each other really well these days.)
  • and it’s nice, she finds, nicer than she expected, to be able to stretch limbs and feel the brush of textures and the weight of physicality and think this is mine. this is me. it is something she could never feel with the Hephaestus, which was always neither her body nor something she simply piloted, but frustratingly in between. there’s comfort in this clearer delineation of what is and isn’t Hera, in her own right to decide what shape that space takes.
  • hands, she tells them, are very useful for doing all kinds of things, as humans prove, and were an obvious choice to include in her design.
  • (they’re good for high fives, too.)

Here are some of my fave writers in no particular order. Before I got myself an AO3 account, I read stories and left kudos as a guest, so when I finally got around to grabbing myself a name, I haven’t been able to track all of my faves down officially. You all are awesome people with amazing talent and I’m awful at leaving comments, but I cherish and adore everything you do. I had to cut this a bit short and didn’t include all my fave stories, because I have a very squirmy kitten in my lap who is too big for his britches and refuses to move. Kitten teeth hurt.



Look at this nerd and their amazing writings. I wish I could remember which story I read first and of course, I immediately lost track of what I was doing going through everything and reminiscing. I think it was Caramel and Sugar because I’m Swapfell trash and I love my trash raccoon baby. There are so many great fics, I would just be naming them all. Fresh gave me the encouragement to take the first step in writing again. Before Undertale, the last thing I wrote (not counting RPs) was a good ten years ago. Thank you for giving me that little nudge.


How to be a Voyeur was the first thing I read of theirs and I need to catch up on their PharohVerse, because hell fucking yeah who doesn’t love a good ancient Egypt based story. No one, that’s who. Spiraling and spiraling is currently wrecking my soul.


Everything they write is fucking incredible. I aspire to one day reach their level of wit, cheekiness and humor. I found them through their tumblr and by extension their AO3 and just, I wish I could pick a favorite because everything they write is gold. I love their Dad Gaster stuff so much, but I think Life Model might just be my absolute fave. FancyMilk is perfection.


Do you want to be wrecked emotionally? Because that’s what’s going to happen when you read their work. Blissfull Ignorance was the first thing I read of theirs and I was not prepared for it. Broken Bonds just came out of nowhere and I want everyone else to hurt with me, too. I am currently screaming at Desiderium. Come scream with me too.


If you haven’t read These are our Days Then you haven’t lived. Where has this kind of fic been my whole life? Don’t let the size scare you, it is intimidating but Rehlia is a wonderful and fantastic writer, they draw you into the story and this might possibly be my favorite Reader fic ever.


Burden to Bear Oh fuck, Underfell, take me like you took Papyrus. My body was not ready for this. It went from hot sexy shit to omg sweetness to WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON MY SOUL HURTS WHY?! They write a lot of great smut too.


Rottenberry, Kustard and Roommate Bros. Fuck. Yes. Have you heard of String Theory? Because this stormed my castle by surprise too. I was wholly unprepared for it and if you like sobbing on your work breaks like I do, then read this. And then yell at Crush because they deserve to be scolded/praised. Gotta add Discrete Trials is really sweet and touching.


Found them through Crush and Fresh and I’m so glad I did. I have yet to read everything of theirs but soon. SOON. How To Get A Spicy Boyfriend went from heh, to aww, to wtf to OMG YES GIMMIE. I’m so fucking enchanted by everything they write.


Flipping the Script is what made me fall in love with Swapfell. This fucked me up, I’m still fucked up over it. I saw the warnings other people gave, but I ignored it and my life will never be the same. Do you wish to be emotionally compromised? Read this. I’m so happy they’re continuing to write Undertale because FtS was just my gateway drug into their writing.


Perhaps my very first fontcest fanfic I read, Breaking Point holds a special place in my heart. I hope they continue to write what they love and I thank them for giving us this sweetness.


Another great writer who kills me. For An Everlasting Smile is a slow burn into madness and I appreciated every moment of it. They have so many great one shots, I would seriously list them all but you gotta read their work. Give it to me, give me your awesomeness. I make delighted noises every time they pop up in my inbox with a new chapter/story.


If you haven’t heard of Eiznel, then you’ve been living under a rock. I have read and reread everything of their and I am thirsty for more. Adjustments may possibly be the second Fontcest fanfic I read.


I heard about them through someone else’s recommendation by lurking on another’s tumblr and incognito checked it out. Must Love Animals was the recommendation and at the time it was 25 chapters long and I was like shit, I don’t have time for this and spent the entire day devouring it. It’s another doozy in length but god, is it so good.


Chemistry of Cooking and Other odd Events was one of the first Undertale fics I read before I got an account and introduced me into the whole Reader fic phenomenon. Their smutty, smut goodness is très bien.

Introduction To Tarot

By Nai McDougal

The introduction to Tarot is a really daunting task, It is full of veteran Witches, History, different ways of doing it, different customs when handling decks, and it can all be very overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you break in? Am I doing this right?. Well I don’t know. But I wanted to share my experiences with starting with my very first Tarot deck! To hopefully give some a foot in the door

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We have a BBRae oneshot. It’s rare for me to write a solely BBRae oneshot but I do love them dearly. They’re my second fave otp and it’s nice to explore outside of RobStar sometimes.

Hope you like it!

Her dark eyes were penetrating. She was staring daggers at him and he, as usual, didn’t know how to react other than to sheepishly grin back at her.

“Explain. Right now.” Raven breathed, tapping her foot against the floor.

“Um…” Garfield stammered, trying to look anywhere but in her direction. He was genuinely quite afraid that she’d be sending him to the netherworld before the night was out.

Her lips twisted further into a frown and her arms fell from being crossed over her chest. With a huff, she shrugged her jacket off of her shoulders and hung it up in the hallway of their apartment.

Raven stomped back into the lounge, acutely aware of music playing from the stereo. She began picking up her books from the floor before clearing the cushion pieces from the sofa.

“Look at the mess, Gar. What were you thinking!?” She grumbled, turning to scowl at him.

“Rae, c'mon… he needed me.” Garfield murmured, quietly following her around as she started cleaning the newfound mess.

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Dads & Daughters: A Pynch/Andreil Story

[Combining some of my favorite characters from my fave series is a struggle! Basically, for this story, the guys are around the same age, mid-30s. The girls are both seven (does Opal age??? I need to know! for this fic she does not). Please suspend your disbelief and join me…]

Adam has been at a conference in Atlanta for the past week and it has been hell. Not so much that Atlanta is hell (though it’s definitely hot enough) but because being away from Ronan and Opal is a Struggle. The big city is also a bit of a shock from quiet mornings at the Barns where he can work from his home office.

The good news is that Ronan agreed to drive down with Opal for the weekend. They’ve been visiting different tourist spots in the city but today, for Father’s Day, they’re going to take Opal to the aquarium. She’s been looking forward to it ever since Ronan told her about it a week ago. Whale sharks? Jellyfish? Dolphins? Penguins? Otters? She wants to see it all!

Going to Atlanta wasn’t really a planned event for Andrew and Neil. Earlier in the week the Maserati had started having issues and the closest dealership was in Atlanta and the soonest Andrew could make the trip was Sunday so… here they are. Neil wouldn’t hear of Andrew going by himself because it’s Father’s Day and he wants to spend the day with Andrew and Miki, their adopted daughter.

According to the dealership the repairs will take some time. Neil had figured that might be the case so he pre-purchased tickets to the aquarium for the three of them. Andrew grumbles about being trapped in building full of screaming children but really he doesn’t mind. He might even be looking forward to seeing the whale sharks, not that he’ll tell Neil. Miki is ecstatic. She jabbers the whole drive to Atlanta and will only eat Goldfish crackers. Neil smiles fondly and tells her about the different animals they’ll see.

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Kris Wu,,, college au

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

A/N: this is my first kpop scenario, fic or imagine (whatever this is lmao) i hope you like it and if you do please let me know. i’ll write more things i have in mind, im just slow af sorry. also! english is not my first language (sorry for the typos and bad grammar) 

please enjoy! :)


-lets say you’re majoring in english,, second year 

-and you’re sharing a little apartment with three other people 

-a couple,,, one majoring on arts and the other on physics,,, honestly how did they meet???

-and a young tall and handsome man called Wu Yifan, whos like a music genius

-sometimes you overhear his producing sessions from ur room ,,, and his deep voice rapping to the tune,,,, and you just cAnt focus on what you were reading  

-oh and he can sing too,,,, and he has this breathy ,,, kinda like a moaning,,, style of singing 

-too much to handle,,, you wondered if calling the cops was a nice option 

-the worst thing was that… did i mention he was annoyingly gorgeous?? 

-jfc is he a greek god or smth?? 

-what was mother nature even thinking when she created such a beautiful creature?? 

-and honestly he such a nice guy??? like when you met him you thought he was cold and bratty 

-but after a week he opened up and smiled at you good morning and that was the day you fell for him 

-he helped as much as he could,,, he tRIED okay?? but he cant help his clumsy giantic limbs from dropping things here and there,,, and his shy nature does not help either 

-and now we’re all thinking “but isnt this too cliché? hes too perfect” YEAH EXACTLY 

-you discovered how angry he could get one night 

-everyone was stressing over exams and stuff 

-even the happy little lovebirds were studying each one in their room ,,,, you almost forgot there were four rooms since they always shared one 

-and long story short,,,, he snapped at the three of you because he had been rejected by another company 

-you felt sorry but boi we’re all in the same page ya know? 

-yeah you said that out loud… and he almost looked like he was about to explode after he stormed out to his bedroom again 

-everything was back to normal a month later 

-he even apologised to yall with his best most sincere smile 

-it felt like a small family

-ANYWAY back to the present days 

-it’s been half the year already 

-you’re relaxing on a saturday night 

-you’re wearing your most comfortable boy shorts and a star wars tshirt with a hoodie ,,, your improvised pjs 

-and youre watching the new mv from ur faves when Yifan,,,, or “Kris” as he once said he likes to be called,,, knocked on your door 

-but you noticed him too late when he already made himself a seat next to you on ur bed and took off ur headphones bc uh… maybe he wants to ask smth idk 

-and lets say you’re horny okay, like REALLY you’ve been SO lonely these days,,, and months,,,, and years ,,, sighs 

-and this huge piece of a MAN is right next to you being handsome and stuff JUST BREATHING how annoying i swear if he keeps doing that im gonna sue him,,, or sit on him,,, rip me 

-…and HE STARTS TALKING like having a conversation with you about college?? and youre like nodding and ISNT IT TOO HOT IN HERE??? 

-eventually he gets tired of talking and just stares at your laptop screen as you go through ur fave songs you listen to when youre “in the mood” (*coughs* not that i have one) 

-and this latina song you’ve been replaying lately comes on (if you want to know im thinking about “Safari” check it out it’s kinda okay) 

-its smooth and has that slow rhythm,,, perfect when ur doing the do,,, ah i hate this why is life so cruel its like being thirsty and there’s a glass of water right in front of you but you cant drink it 

-a n d he scoots cloSER TO YOU *internally screaming* 

-and as you,,, TRY,,, to act natural you can see how his eyes are on you through the reflection on the screen and *butterflies on ur stomach* 



-you cant even look at him 


-and he’s looking at you,, Kris Wu style™ 

-you know what i mean? like that lustful, intense STARE he has?? well,,, that one 

-honestly how can someone not fall for that,,, im w e A k boi !! 

-and u gasp a lil bit when u stare back 

-ur eyes wander from his lips to his eyes to his lips again and his eyes and FINALLY HE MOVES 



-it feels like a minute but like secs after he moves back 

-ur blushing SO HARD but somehow he turned u on LITERALLY 

-and u just kiss him back again, ,, he wasnt expecting u to do it BUT HES GLAD YOU AGREE WITH IT 

-and you make out right there 

-moments later u push him back against the mattress and sit on him with ur legs around his waist 

-things keep getting steamy 

-your music is still playing and SURPRISE MOTHERFATHER HIS UNRELEASED SONG (im thinking about July btw, lets pretend hes not famous okay?) STARTS PLAYING 

-he stops and looks at you with his shocked Kris face (i find it super funny lmao)

-his hands resting on your waist 

-“uh… why is this… that’s… my song???" 



-"hmm i kinda recorded it imsorryiloveditsomuchyoukeptreplayingitforawholeweek i just had to" 

-"so you like it?" 

-"jfc kris are you really asking me THAT when i literally have it on my im horny af playlist???" 

-"im glad someone finally undertands my music style" 


-so basically you end up having sex with your college roommate who’s hot as hell and also a musician and his sexy song is playing in the background as u fuck 

-until u hear your other roommates yell 






-last time you checked the time it was before you noticed kris on your room…. at 12am 


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"Please, you can't die now." Bucky to Darcy - go for the real emotional crap. ;)

“You gotta go,” he choked out, an arm banded around his front, blood squelching through the fabric of his tac suit. 

“Forget that.” Darcy looked from the splintered door of their sad excuse for a hideout back to him, tucked in a corner, metal hand gripping a gun both for comfort and safety. “You jump, I jump, remember?” 

He cracked a smile. “Last time I said that, you said you weren’t jumpin’ anywhere without a parachute.” 

“Yeah, well, Stark won’t make me that parachute jacket I keep putting requisitions in for, so I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.” 

Bucky stared at her profile. Blood trickled from an open wound that started at her temple and disappeared into her hair. She was leaning to the left, even in her crouch, trying to take the pressure off her twisted ankle and her ribs, where she’d been grazed by a bullet. ‘Nothing but a flesh wound,’ she’d joked, even as she grimaced, dragging his much heavier body along with hers. She was shit at shooting, but she had one of his back up guns in hand and she was as prepared as she could be to take out whoever came down the hall. 

“You remember what I taught you?” he wondered, pulling in a tacky, rattling breath. 

She paused and looked back at him, pasting on a devilish smile. “You’re gonna have to be a little more specific.” 

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stealing @bratsims format because i need a less ugly way to mass answer your messages which will hopefully motivate me to stay on top of this! at least i can say i tried

so if you sent me an anon message in the past…idk MONTH (i’m bad i know) it might be here. (older ones are near the bottom) if not, check my faq because it’s probably answered there. (and if you’re the person/people who sent the twin flame & 7th house asks, i plan to answer those separately because i have a LOT to say. get ready)

game of thrones, nuclear war, real life santis, lou theories, i’m evil, HERE WE GO!! i literally had to cut it off at the last one because it was just too much for now. i’ll try to answer some more later ok

we’re starting off on a great note

Anonymous said: gaddamn rooney’s tiddies lookin’ hella ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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RotE feels spewage

Okay, so now that I’ve read everything currently written in the Realm of the Elderlings series (but boy howdy am I excited about the new short story coming out soon!), I’m gonna try and capture some of my overall thoughts and feels. This will be very long and undoubtedly spoilerific. 

For the record, I started the whole series about a year ago and have just raced through it all. The first thing I read was the short story Homecoming and it so fueled me with all of the mystery and magic that I started in on the first Farseer trilogy and then banged out through all of the other short stories and novels in order. 

I am happy to see there are lots of RotE fans on tumblr, but sad to see most of the posts go back months and years ago and there isn’t a lot of current discussion. Woe is the fangirl who finds a fandom later than everyone else. But I won’t let that stop me from sharing my thoughts. 

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do you have tumblr friends? can you tell me a little about some of them !

im overly friendly and consider everyone a friend tbh jkshF but here are my fav ppl on here!!! ill write about them under read more (thank u for sending this!<3)

@lovfx @1attes @tyrande @iluwonho @chrysoda @bipjm @giribouy @zhangyixking @goldpoc @10jimin @yiixingsgf @goddessofbaekhyun @1ovelettres @chenlezhong @fourminute @parkjoys @jisookim @movebybts @rapgodjin

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my recs for #readwomen

So I rather likes this idea so I decided to share a few of my favorite female authors that aren’t quote as well known or talked about on tumblr, either because they’re older authors or just cuz the genres aren’t as hyped up!

Anne McCaffrey - The queen of dragons people, her Pern series has made me cry more than any other book series I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. There are dozens of books and her son is now taking over the series now that’s she’s passed away, but still if you haven’t read these. Go. Read. Now! She also has a couple of sets of books revolving around sci-fi which are of course great reads too. Just kinda read everything by her. They’re fast and easy to read and you’ll love yourself for it!

Mercedes Lackey - Right up there with Pern at getting me emotionally involved in characters until I weep right along with them. Her Valdemar series is absolutely superb with a great mix of diversity. Plus, talking ‘horses.’ Do I really need to say more? But honestly all of her books are pretty much amazing, I haven’t read one of them I wouldn’t recommend to someone else.

Anne Bishop - Absolutely one of my fave ‘new’ authors. The Other series is my newest obsession and I’m literally counting the days until the next book comes out. And her Black Jewel series is also very empowering and demanding on the soul. Warning though these books are made for trigger warnings so read the summaries and know what you’re getting into first. 

Patricia Briggs - Ah my true love, I would haunt this author if I died before she stopped writing her books. Seriously I’d just hang around her office and read over her shoulder as she write and just be in heaven. Fantastic mix of characters, monsters, diversity, genders, sexuality, mythologies, etc. Just fantastic. I love every single thing about these books.

Naomi Novik - Absolutely interesting read, her Temeraire series is an AU that absolutely appeals to me in every way shape and form. The story is told from a point of a view of a British naval officer during the time of Napoleon’s rise to power and creation of his empire. With one twist…did I mention dragons are real and used by the military as aerial combat units? 

Tamora Pierce - I read these books as a teen and came back later in life and re-read them again. And yes I still love them. Built around diverse female lead characters in a fantasy world, her books are a pleasure to read.

Gail Z. Martin - Absolute genius are creating a in depth and complicated fantasy world with a huge cast of characters and locations. Like Game of Thrones level of world creation here and about the same length in book size too. lol

Karen Miller - Creating massive diverse fantasy worlds with political machinations and magical backgrounds and theories with the same ease that I manage to turn on my computer with. I’ve read two of her series so far and am eagerly looking for more from her in the future! So also writes under the name K.E. Mills and those books are just as amazing too. Definitely an author for a reader who loves to dive into their fantasy worlds. 

Jane Lindskold - Fantastic world builder and character builder, she really does a great job of creating diverse characters with different voices in her stories. Plus the inclusion of ‘Royal’ animals which have human or above level intelligence is a bonus for the critter loving side of my life. Plus one of the main characters is a giant wolf, so take that as you will as my type of story. lol

Robin Hobb - Creator of what is probably one of my absolutely fave fantasy worlds, in which all her books kind of interweave a presence through. There is just some kind of odd joy for me in seeing the names of towns and players from others books mentioned in a completely different story and knowing that they’re all in the same vast world.

Diana Pharaoh Francis - Fantastic fantasy/adventure stories with great fun characters and worlds that are great to read over and over again.

Jennifer Estep - I’m about 7 books into her Elemental Assassin series and have yet to be disappointed by her writing and her characters. 

Ilona Andrews - Okay so this may be a bit of a cheat so you might save these for another time if you want. These books are written by a husband and wife team. But honestly I love the Kate Daniels series so much I can’t help but recommend reading it. It’s rare to have a funny, tough, character with some lovely sexy scenes mixed into a plot that is outstanding.

Sweater - Joshua

This is random ik… for @svtsex hope you like <3

You loved clothes. You filled 2 of the 3 wardrobes in the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend Jisoo with them, all kinds of materials and colors decorating the inside. So why did you choose to wear clothes from the other one so much?

Jisoo’s sweaters were indeed comfy, all of them incredibly big on you, all of them soft and well cared for, all of them smelling faintly of his favorite cologne; wearing them gave you a sense of security and made you feel warm and happy inside. Most were sweet colors, pastels that made you think of the candies he was so fond of eating, and others were gentle browns that reminded you of his eyes or black and printed ones that reminded you of things he enjoyed, like animes or films. Each one you linked to him in a different way, leading you to feel light and enamored merely by wearing his clothes. He always acted as if it bothered him but you knew he enjoyed it - every time he came home from tour he’d have a new pullover with him, yet you didn’t see him wear it all that often.

That brought you to now, wearing a soft brown sweatshirt he’d purchased mere months ago and had worn perhaps twice at most as you awaited Jisoo’s imminent return from practice. You’d been lying on the couch lazily flicking through TV channels in the same position for a while, more than comfortable in the cotton and the loose black boy shorts you wore underneath. Your hair was scraped back into a messy ponytail and it was fair to say you’d done absolutely nothing but eat and watch ridiculously cheesy films all day. Not that you were complaining.

You let out a long yawn as you continued looking through the TV guide, no specific goal in mind, when you heard a click at the door, making your head snap up. You sat up quickly and hurried off the couch to the front door, almost tripping as you went to greet Jisoo at the door. He worked a busy job as an idol singer, meaning he spent most of his time in a practice room or recording studio and this was the first time you were seeing him in 3 days. When he opened the door you couldn’t help but lunge forward at him, pulling him into a tighter hug than intended as you buried your face in his neck and relaxed against him with a sigh. He chuckled, reciprocating by wrapping his arms around your neck and kissing the top of your head. His hands rubbed your back slightly as you remained still, letting yourself get lost in one another’s feeling. He smelled just as the sweater you wore did, however it seemed better coming from him directly, paired with the feel of his soft skin against yours, and you found yourself unwilling to break away. He noticed the way your grip tightened and laughed again, hands travelling up your arms to take your shoulders and gently push you back, eyes searching yours.

“I take it you missed me.” he smiled, kind eyes crinkling in the best way with the corners of his lips tugging upward. You nodded and pouted, hands playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck as your arms remained draped over his shoulders.

“Of course I did.” you scanned his face and frowned; his hair was messier than usual, his bags were more noticeable and slight stubble was showing. On one hand he looked rather sexy, but then again he often did. On the other, he was noticeably exhausted. His company had the tendency to work him too hard. “Baby you look exhausted.” He nodded, lips forming a straight line as he did.

“I always am these days. I’m used to it, don’t worry.” he pecked your pout gently before bringing you closer and pressing his lips to yours in a deeper kiss, sweet as usual with his soft lips fitting perfectly against yours.

“It’s hard not to worry. You work too hard Jisoo.”

“But I’m not working now, so let’s go to bed.” His hands, you noticed, had been roaming your back and arms since you’d first hugged him, making you chuckle lightly. “What?” he cocked his head to the side with a small smile, looking absolutely stumped as to why you were suddenly laughing at him.

“Your hands.”

“Ah. I see you found my newest sweater.” he commented with a smirk, tugging on the hem of it slightly. “Why do you like wearing them so much?” you shrugged almost immediately, thinking of how to phrase what you were thinking.

“They’re soft and warm and smell like you.” you said, deciding to spare him the details.

“So do I.” he pointed out, taking your hands in his and running his slightly calloused thumbs over the back of them. “I’m warm and I guess I’m soft and I certainly smell like me.”

“Yes, I got what you meant.” you smiled softly, swinging your hands between you both. “Let’s sleep, then. I want to cuddle.” you stated your wishes bluntly with another yawn and he nodded, disconnecting one of his hands from yours and rubbing his eye with a larger yawn of his own.

“Good plan.” he whispered, reaching down and sweeping you off your feet quite literally. Picking you up bridal style he held you close, making you squeal a little as you huddled up to him, rejoicing in the feeling of being with him again. Sure, Jisoo’s sweaters were wonderful, but nothing could compare to the feeling of actually being with him.

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So, what has been so dissatisfactory about Zetsubou-hen?

These are some of my own thoughts on Zetsubou hen, some of them illogical.

1. Lack of 77th class.
Kodaka said DR3 was going to be a tribute to all the fans. Since SDR2 never got animated despite its popularity, everyone thought there was going to be something about their past. I mean, the OP had full of 77th class as well too, which raised the anticipation. But 9 episodes passed so far. And how much of 77th class have we seen? Everything was mostly about Junko and DR0 stuffs.

2. Camera angles that are too focused around fanservicey-area.
Okay, to be fair, Chisa torture scene could have looked less painful from different angle. Anime and games are different. If you saw an uncomfortable fanservice scene in games, you can get away from it instantly with a couple of clicks. But anime? People are half-forced to watch it through. That’s why anime has to be more tame if the series’ main focus is not about those fanservicey stuffs. Kodaka didn’t get it that there are actually a large number of DR fans who are not pleased with explicit sexual fanservice. Well, there can be one or two scenes to please some fans, but there has been too much recently.
I mean, WHY did they have to emphasize the area between Chisa’s legs when she was being tortured?

3. Lack of 77th class development.
77th class showed so much potential in SDR2. Each one of them had their own stories, and it seemed like we were getting it until the end of Twillight Syndrome. After that? Everyone became a background mob number 1!! We all thought they were going to fall into their own despair, one by one. We thought we were going to see a class slowly falling into despair, but no. Deus Ex Machina Brainwashing is going to plunge everyone into the same despair altogether!! Twillight Syndrome looked like one of the main cause for despair, but no it did not!! Tsumiki Mikan’s past actually didn’t matter at all!! She just got brainwashed anyways!!
This whole brainwashing business also means all the 77th class were just mere victims who were puppeted to kill people! And here we were, thinking that they were criminals who befall into their own despair thanks to Enoshima Junko. And thought that they had to live in guilt, using their own talents to restoring the world as atonement.
This brainwash business has been implied in SDR2, but this isn’t what most fans wanted. People waited in silence up until now, anticipating to see their fave 77th class student getting some character developments. Because Kodaka said this will be a fanservice to all fans. But we can be pretty sure now that all of them will be brainwashed altogether.

4. Junko acts like a villain out of a cheap splatter movie.
I’m not trying to make her sound all grand or anything, but Junko looks clearly different. In previous games, she looked like a super genius who is capable at many things. A super tactician who manipulates everyone with her speech skills and aura. But in DR3? She’s depicted as a mere psycho who just ‘forces’ people to do her biddings. A spoilt child who asks her twin sister to do this and that whenever she pleases. When her sister isn’t enough, she’d borrow skills of Kamukura or Matsuda. And whenever she needed some Monokumas, she’d ask Monaka to make them for her. Almost all of her achievements were from someone else’s power. And she isn’t really charismatic when persuading them either.
No wonder why Monaka grew tired of Junko and decided to become a neet.

5. They said it’s R-15, but are you sure this isn’t R-18?
I know that there are some underage people watching DR when the game’s supposed to be R-17. But guess what? I’m an adult and I’m still shocked as hell. Can’t they forewarn that this is going to be all gorey and traumatic beforehand? Like you know, by putting r-18 marks?

6. What people liked about DR was ingenious killing tricks and deaths, not cheap gore splatter.
And I’m thinking that Kodaka must have thought that most of his fans were just gore anime maniacs. Most of the deaths and tortures I’ve seen in this anime up until now is not even ingenious to slightest bit. Some gore anime fans might say this anime is too tame to be in gore category, but this is too wild to be in normal anime category either.

7. Wonky animation.
Seriously, admit it. Mirai-hen’s animation is generally fabulous, but Despair arc could use more work on character faces, if you ask me. I think is due to the budget issue though… While Mirai hen has around 15 main characters to work with, Zetsubou-hen has much more. (This is one of the reason why I want my fav character Maizono to appear in Mirai-hen if she appears. At least Mirai-hen doesn’t screw up with side characters as much as Zetsubou-hen does.) Well to be honest, some characters in Zetsubou-hen have excellent animations. But many of 77th class (Who were everyone’s interest) doesn’t get quality animation often.

8. Nanami acts differently from the game.
I can’t describe this in words pretty well, but she does. She looks like a mary-sue who shouts hope and unite all the time. She isn’t like how she was in SDR2. All the heroines in DR have unforgivable acts. Up until now, Nanami was the only one without it. Now she has one too. I think this ruined her prior character image.

Maizono - Tried to frame Makoto (she didn’t know that it might kill him though)
Kirigiri - spoke against Makoto and voted for his death even when she knew it wasn’t him (to find the mastermind).
Fukawa - Killed a lot of men.
Nanami - Led everyone in her class to Despair’s den.

Well, Nanami in SDR2 is an alter-ego so there can be some difference, but this is disappointing. Some people are actually categorizing them differently now. 3nami and sdrnanami.

Since I’m seeing so many sides of DR characters I never wanted to know, I’m somehow now hoping for 78th class to not appear in Zetsubou-hen… I want their image to remain the same… There are more to write but I’m too tired right now so I’ll come back to add later.

I’ve been dying to make a masterlist for forever now and seeing I didn’t get any requests I thought I’d share my amazing ability to make lengthy starters, with lenghty I just mean anything longer than a one liner seeing those are kind of a pet peeve of mine and coming up with them can be super hard. So under the cut you’ll find about 20 longer starters, please like or reblog if you’ve found them useful in any way.

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Spring Jelsa Week 2015, Day 5: Gerbera (flower meaning: “you are the sunshine of my life”).

(I recommend that you listen to this while reading, if you’re able to. ;O)

(Alsoooo, the two puns/jokes Jack did up there are actually from caddyl and zbrexx. Happy reading now!)

Elsa and Jack had met online, united by their love for animated movies. Soon, they became friends, then best friends, and he acquired the habit of calling her “sunshine”. He’d told her once that it was because she was the sunshine of his life, and he wasn’t lying. Their message exchanges were usually what he looked forward to every day.

They were finally going to meet in real life today. Elsa had been able to buy tickets for Comic-Con, an old dream of them, and she was coming all the way from Norway to US. Hopefully, there would be enough time for them to go to Disneyland too. He wanted to show her everything.

They didn’t get to stay in the same hotel, because most of them were at full capacity by the time they remembered of this tiny detail. But it was okay. He could wait. It wasn’t as if he was nervous or anxious or something, he was just looking forward to meet the person he’d been talking to every day for more than a year.

Honestly, where was that girl? They’d agreed to meet in front of Hall B, and, for the first time in his life, he wasn’t late. In his hand was a single orange flower, a gerbera, for him to give her. He had wanted to give her something as a “welcome to America” gesture, but he was also trying to save the most money he could to buy her stuff when she was already here. So he searched for poems about “sunshine”—many of her edits on Tumblr were mixed with poem verses, so he assumed she’d appreciate the gesture. In this search, he found out about gerbera and its meaning, and it was perfect.

Jackson was sad at first, wondering if she had given up coming to Comic-Con for any reason, but then he got concerned. What if something had happened to her? What if she had gotten lost? So he got his phone and sent her multiple messages, until she finally answered. “Look behind you”, the message said.

Jackson turned around and his eyes searched for her through the crowd, until he saw her. The same smiling face he knew only from photos and Skype conversations at night. He felt his lips opening in a huge grin, then his feet ran towards her, and before he knew it, his arms were holding her, his head resting on the top of hers.

“Oh, my God.” He said. “You’re here, I can’t believe it!” Only after a long, long time, they let go of each other, smiling wide. Elsa had to look up at him to stare at his eyes.

“You’re so freaking tall! And your hair really is like anime hair, oh my God.” She voiced her thoughts—I’m hearing my friend’s really cute accent in real life!, Jackson innerly fangirled—, gesturing at his hair.

“You’re short! And your hair is… blonder than I thought!” Elsa laughed, and he couldn’t help but hug her again. “I’m so happy you’re finally here.”

“I know, I’m happy too.” She replied, not sure if he had heard her or not, because her face was pressed against his shoulder, so her voice was muffled by his shirt.

Jackson stepped away from her and handed her the flower he was holding. She stared at it for a moment, open-mouthed.

“You got me… Flowers?” She murmured.

“Y-Yeah. But it’s like, gerbera.” Jackson quickly said, not wanting her to get the wrong idea. Although, when he stopped to think about it, his reply didn’t really explain much. “It means, ‘you are the sunshine of my life’, Sunshine. Welcome to the US!” He said, and her face turned from shock to delighted comprehension, and he was satisfied.

She took the flower with pleasure, thanked him and kissed his cheek, which made him blush and smile.

“Now, come on!” He grabbed her hand and starting walking around the hall, although his eyes were focused on her, and not on where he was going. “You’re gonna love America! Well, not much, but a little, probably. Like, it’s not cold all the time here. And we’re going to see the Avengers cast, and really, San Diego is a really beautiful city. I wanna take you to Disneyland too, and to a city tour, if there’s enough time—”

“Jack.” She interrupted him, a silly smile on her face. “We have time.” Elsa reminded him.

And then he smiled to her too.

a very mean zodiac(parody)

aries: This animal likes to have sex fast, angry and often. He is the dragon who sleeps happily after it burns several cities. The only thing they could lead is a children’s choir from the kindergarden. Their speciality is the speed who causes them bruises, burns or cuts. Too busy to even think. No one is allow to contradict them, while they have the right to contradict everyone else. Big mouth, bossy, selfish as a 2-year-old child and an ego as big as China. As a date, they are super fun- they either take you to the zoo or to a fancy restaurant where they would tell you what and how to eat. Break their heart and they will break your head.

taurus: They are the definition of immobility- Taurus does not change the routine or the position. A change involves a high physical and intellectual effort for his laziness. They are the indian cow. Taurus is the god of jealousy and hedonism, the god of ”I want that… and that… and that also. And please, if you don’t mind, bring me that too. Ok, fine, bring all the menu, I’m gonna pay for all.” Taurus’s fave activity is to give death sentences at the dinner table. Their perfect date: you cook the dinner, clean, satisfy them sexually and then you thank them for this. They are emotional, not intellectual. Maniaco-depressive.

Gemeni: Squared problems. Words with double-meanings. Double life. They double the pleasure, but also the pain. They make you squeeze your eyes so you could not see what is happening around you. Gemeni juggles 5-6 lovers, a wife/a husband and two long-term relationships. They are so talented. Their fave activity: how to make everyone agree with me. He’s a badass, not an intellectual. They have two personalities and they’re developing the third one. Don’t argue with them, even a trained spy would give up.

Cancer: Cancer walks backward and sideways, never straight. They are the water which flows through quicksand. Now everything is good and birds sing, sunny beach, the next minute you’re struggling to get rid of their claws that pull you into a black hole. Mood disorder. They are leaders… the leader of the emotional blackmail. Mysterious, they make maneuvers behind your back. Lunatic- out of their minds. Basically, a roller-coaster of emotions without safety device. Fight with them, they will plan an ultimate revenge for you. They never forget anything.

Leo: the constant fire. Extremely hot (100,000 degrees Celsius). Get close to them and you turn into a steak. Play with them and you get burned. Really bad. They are fixed on the high opinion they have about them. Quiet or loud- not shy, they are crafty. Their fave activity: how to intimidate others. They enjoy drama.. So faint when you see them. They love humor.. I mean, their humor. They laugh at their jokes really, really loud. The supreme boss of the bosses. They are either loud, abrasive and dictators or quiet, dignified and cunning. They don’t like when people don’t fight back. They prepare the battle so you are invited to join. After 5 minutes, Leo forgets everything.

Virgo: virgin in their minds. Virgins on the inside and the outside. Prude. Pure, extremely. Not dirty at all. Virgo’s mood alternates between being pestle and hateful critical. They are looking for the cherry to stick in the cake. They have a spiritual bond with animals, they are known for being friends with the stray dogs. Everything has to be perfect- so they correct your grammar mistakes. Overused phrase: ”It won’t work that way. No, go, let me do it. I do it better.” Constipated, subjective, egocentric. They ask you something they are sure about just to contradict you or argue with you. You get mad and they don’t care. Or act like they don’t care. They feel like God sent them to help people.

Libras: they are always questioning about their sexuality. They try three secret relationships and several adventures while planning weddings. They are extremely rational when they talk: they talk a lot and you just listen. No problems with dating married people. Their fave body’s part is the ASS. They lay on it while you do all the job. They have certain intellectual inclinations: they study deeply the program television, they have a highly artistic sense, which reflects in their way they match their shoes and underwear.

Scorpio: the human version of self-destruction. They also take revenge over and over again. Even making love is a battle to death for them. They are as deep as the Pacific Ocean. If you accidentally fall into it without an asbestos suit, you will remain there till you become a skeleton. They smother and burn you. They are secretive, what you see is rarely true. They don’t forgive, don’t forget, don’t let you go. They are obsessive-compulsive. They fix you, watch you for 10 minutes, then fantasize about having rough sex with you. Their fave phrase: ”JUST WAIT AND SEE.” They satisfy their ego by humiliating others. Extremists: black or white, they don’t compromise. They could lie and cheat: BUT JUST THEM, cause you are supposed to be faithful.

Saggitarius: Half predator and half man. Entirely wild. At school or work, they play as virgins/prude/the mother of morality and hard working without compromising, but in their spare time, they enjoy depravity. Nicki Minaj is a Saggitarius. A serious business woman who makes videos like Anaconda. They tell you exactly what you don’t want to hear. Their fave phrase: ”Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Goofy is their idol. They love to philosophize over a glass of wine, then they want a fast car ride, after 10 minutes they become horny and want to bang you in the car.

Capricorn: Half goat, half fish. Slippery and cold as a fish. Love is important for them but their goal of life is to arrive at the top of the mountain. More stubborn than Aries and Taurus. They are super-resistant- in case of planetary cataclysm they would be among the few survivors, with rats and insects. They are so busy, so busy: they go to college, they have a 9 to 5 job, they take care of pets, they would like to have sex with you if they had time. They are so suspicious and no one is more competent than them, don’t sleep unless they control everything. Their fave body”s part.. knees.. on your knees in front of them. They don’t like jokes on themselves, do that, and they would be upset for days.

Aquarius: Aquarius is a deluge. Flood. Aquarius is full of static electricity and they are unpredictable. You realize the storm is coming, but you don’t know when and how forceful it would be. Maximum intensity is a very sexy expression to describe an Aquarius. Their fave activity is defying people. They are the god of the sexual positions that you don’t even know they exist. Communication with the spirits of dead stray dogs sounds interesting for them. Their dream date: to be kidnapped by aliens. If they want to argue, they come up with ideologies you never heard of and they like to throw 2-3 quotes, so you either give up or go crazy. They are distant, they are afraid of introspection because they will discover all the things for which they cannot find answers. They understand others perfectly, but they cannot understand themselves. Demonstrate them they are like others and they will hate you forever. Ask them to be gentle and they would be the opposite. They cannot break up with you because they ”apparently” still respect you.

Pisces: You never know if they come or go. They are now here, but tomorrow it is possible to be gone. Piranha. Sharks. They are crazy because otherwise they would be boring. They would go naked in front of the Government protesting.They like to test many new meds on the market to discover their hallucinogenic effects. They are always confused and skeptical. They have the syndrome ”I deserve what it happens to me right now. I am always good and people just take advantage of me.”Auto-destructive tendencies. They want to provoke people, not to entertain them. Their mood flunctuates a lot: from the playful dolphin to a hungry shark.


I really appreciate all the friendships I’ve made this year and i know i may have been a bit extra and annoying a few times but i truly thank those who stayed with me through everything.

and this was pretty rushed so even if you aren’t on it know that i love all of my followers dearly.


secondstartotherightxo :you are one of my closest and dearest friends and i am so thankful for your friendship. i look forward to all the memories we will make in the year of the sheep!

s0meimagination: you are so kind to everyone and i truly admire you for that. I love that you want everyone to be friends and you give everyone the opportunity to do so. You have so many admirable qualities and one of the best disney blogs in my opinion.

disneyinspirations: you’ve always been one of my favorites but i’m grateful to have gotten to know you better over the course of the year and find out we are alike in many ways haha! you are beautiful and smart and a wonderful young woman.

alice–n–wonderland: CANAAN! sorry i pronounced your name wrong last night lol! but i really love your spunk!!!! It gives me so much life and i hope we meet up one of these days in 2015! 

toast-of-the-undead: patrick, you’ve been my friend for almost 3 years now and i truly love our friendship. I love your corny jokes and how hardworking you are. You really inspire me to get my shit together often and your advice is always taken into account. I always wish the best for you. He’s also a new blog everyone so you should follow him because he’s one of my best friends and a disney cast member!

freshprinceofmaldonia: you’ve become my tumblr bae lol! I really like your edits and your cosplays! you inspire me to make my future cosplays better than the last! i may come to you for advice haha! he’s a new blog too so i endorse him!

that-one-animator: you too have become one of my good friends and although you are shy i LOVE your blog and your amazing pictures! i wish you would post more! everyone should follow her as well!

agrabahprincess: cne you’ve been a tumblr disney queen for as long as i can remember and i honestly looked up to you when i first made my blog.i never told you this but you were one of the inspirations for making my blog so great.

birger-wuvs-elsa: you already know what the deal is. you’re honestly one of my most loyal followers and i always appreciate everything you do for me :)

brooklynbeauty16: you’re my little sister and i hope you take my place as one of the disney tumblr queens someday lol. i can’t rule forever you know? I love you and always have your best interests whether it seems like it or not. everyone should follow her too. she’s the future.

carrietheseawitch: i miss you carrie! i hope to see you when i come to disney again next year so we can watch dream along again!

chissyrulez: you’re just amazing! that’s really it lol. i can’t express it enough how happy i am we became friends. and your tiana cosplay was better than mine lol.

dashdisney: we have also been friends for a good while and i was so proud of you for getting accepted and graduating the disney college program. you were the whole reason i even applied in the first place so honestly i have you to thank for that. and now we are alumni :)

disneyaddictgirl: you are the epitome of a disney princess and i enjoy the time we spend together every time i visit. soon i’ll be there and we can go to disney every weekend :)

disneyismyescape: we don’t lie when we say you are a disney tumblr queen because you really are. I do remember being shy to talk to you but i’m so happy i overcame that because you’ve become a good friend of mine. you’re just an overall good person although you ask me about gift boxes too many times .

frozenwho11: you’ve quickly become a favorite blog of mine! not because you’re against frozen but because you are outspoken and speak your mind in a way that gets it across without really being too rude. if only i had that ability lol. and you’re sassy like me.

mockeryd: girl we have been through so much together this year. our dislike of the frozen fandom brought us together but we ended up finding out we have more in common than we thought. i am proud to call you my friend and i’m gonna give you my number so we can text all the time.

mickeyandcompany: from the day i discovered your blog i was in complete awe! everything you post is amazing. i can tell what your posts are just by looking at them. i don’t even need to see the URL to know those amazing quality posts are yours! you’re one of the reasons i decided to teach myself how to use GIMP to make edits and such. i adore you and your blog and i hope we become better friends in the new year!

selfloveorbust: you’re one of my closest and dearest friends and i am so happy and grateful for it. thank you for letting me be a part of your life and inviting me to go to Disneyland and California with you. I know we will stay friends forever :)

tumbleupondisney: you are literally one of the sweetest girls i’ve met in my life ! stay fab my love!


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Thank you for making my days bright and supporting me and i will see you in 2015!

At Last I See The Light (Bucky x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 724

A/N - bucky is moody and just grunts at everyone and then one day he sits down to watch tangled with you (your fave movie) and everyone notices that he looks at you like you’re his stars

Enjoy <3

“Alright who upset Metallica?” Tony snapped walking into the kitchen where all of the Avengers were gathered, bar the Winter Soldier. “How do you know he’s upset?” you asked Tony from the breakfast bar. “Because he broke another door again”, Tony hissed in anger, “That’s the fourth this month”. You laughed at Tony and returned to eating your cereal.

“You know Stark that he doesn’t do it on purpose” Steve argued defensively, he was always defending Bucky. “He could try too!” Tony retaliated. You looked over to Natasha signalling her to step in before some kind of civil war broke out between the two. “Tony have you tried having a metal arm?” she said, watching Tony as he tried to think of a comeback, instead he just rolled his eyes and went to grab food.

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