now i want some pudding

Woozi Fic 34

alright heres 34 XD yeah ive been watching a lot of doctor shows lately so…itll make sense soon XD HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! ps im gonna try and blow out more fics this week cause i start school soon and things’ll slow down but ill talk about that more later XD

“OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED?!” you scream, completely terrified as you run into Woozi’s hospital room.

But Woozi, who’s all dressed up in his little hospital gown, looks less than concerned. He turns and smiles at you while holding a chocolate pudding cup up to his face. “(Y/N)! Glad you could make it!”

Your eyes go wide as you stare at the others in the room, which include DK, Seungcheol, and Mingyu. “UHHHHH!” You decide that Seungcheol, who’s scooted his chair right next to Woozi’s bedside, will probably provide you with some answers. “CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED?!”

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