now i see it all the time


Again, undecided on my feelings here, but I APPRECIATE THE SENTIMENT AT LEAST.

Chapter 161 thoughts

So, except for the obvious feels train wreck we experienced this chapter, there was a lot of important information in it. I will break it down because I need to be nerdy to cope with all the suffering I’m going through right now (thanks Hori-sensei T_T)

- Midoriya arms damage might be a bit more complicated and serious than we previously thought. He gained a new scar despite not being wounded. This can be related to Eri’s quirk, but we will see. I dislike how he brushed off the doctor’s comment, it felt like there was something more there than it was since last time he was treated by professionals.

- Eri’s horn is definitely bigger since she first activated Rewind in chapter 156. There’s some correlation between that and her fever, I have no doubt.

- So the only reason why Midoriya didn’t disappear back in time like Eri’s father (supposedly), is because his body was constantly breaking from OfA 100% power. It means that if he hadn’t used it like that, he would be no more. Aizawa’s interference was needed because at that point OfA destructive power (on Izuku’s body) was not keeping up with how fast she was Rewinding him.

- Aizawa was also clear about not being able to rely on her quirk. This means a number of things:

  • Mirio’s quirk is not coming back any time soon.
  • Even if Eri was awake, she could not have saved Nighteye
  • Her future is not looking bright right now
  • It only works on organic matter and that makes it dangerous, which means that the heroes/police/government will approach it very carefully.
  • Aizawa might be very needed around Eri if they decide to help her gain control over it.
  • Her quirk won’t become a plot “solution for all that ails the heroes” and won’t be explored as cheap plot device. While it has the potential of being a master key, Horikoshi is telling us that it’s not that simple and that’s not how he will approach the story.

- I can be reading too much into it but… Nighteye stated that he wanted to change the future in which Toshi is killed. Not dies, but is killed. This can also be due to translation issues so I don’t want to go too deep into it until we have better information. But I’m making a mental note. This matters.

- Some understanding about Foresight. Now, we may never get a full explanation on this but we can do some free interpretations. It might be that the future Nighteye saw was not only dependent on the information he had available, but also on his belief (or maybe it goes as far as being affected by his thoughts and opinions). As such, he as user of Foresight could not access a whole different pattern of future possibilities because he did not think such a thing existed. It was a personal limitation, not a quirk limitation.

- Nighteye’s interpretation might be more factual than simple opinion. He talked about energy, shared beliefs, and direction of that energy. This can work as a metaphor. “The future you believe in and the strength of that belief is what dictates the outcomes” (which has some nice parallels to All Might’s Symbol of Peace concept). It can also mean that Foresight in fact just reads the direction of that energy and if the energy changes force/direction, then the future changes and so does what is seen by Foresight.

- Recovering the bullets/serum is going to be high priority. Both because it’s a lot of power to be on the hands of the League, and also because it would help them understand Eri’s quirk better. Alternatively, they can study Eri.

- Mirio is not going to give up, and we might see a deep change in character for him. Either this will go south or it will increase his determination. Either way, he will be doing something to honour Nighteye’s memory.

On a less sour note:

- Kirishima should endorse that hair gel.

- Aizawa’s V neck jumpsuit confirmed.

- Who was it that was criticizing that Midoriya is all about muscle now and his brainy characteristic has been forgotten? How does swallowing back your words taste?

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I gotta say, you're really on top of answering asks right now. It seems like every time I refresh you've made a new post, which is cool! Don't want to pressure you to be at this pace all the time, just liking it.

Well, this week I’m home for Thanksgiving, so I’ve had plenty of free time for the blog. However, when I get back to school next week, we’ll see how that goes because the week after that is exams so…

I might be going on a semi-hiatus until exams are over, but I’ll try to finish up the Oxenfree thread and ABOM before that happens, cutie pies!

I tell all my friends I’ve moved on, that it’s better this way,

And maybe it is,

I’ve got lots of friends now, success in my career, stronger familial ties, a rose tinged life.

But every time a car passes by I hope it’s you, getting up the nerve to come see me, every time I get a follower I hope it’s you, wondering what I’m doing now, and every time you see another girl, I hope you wish it was me

The truth is, I’m not over you at all, not even a little

Life Update: Hiatus

Hey, everyone ~

Due to my work deadlines extended until further notice, I will not be available for a while on tumblr. However, you can still reach me on twitter.

I do have fun projects I want to do ~ like a New Year’s Postcard Prints Giveaways I’m planning [ I’ll be posting updates on twitter and eventually here & Insta ], a Fan Zine or 2 in the future, Secret Santas, comics updates, etc.

Anyway! If it turns out that life takes me too far off that I can’t wish you all Happy Holidays on time,  I’m doing it now.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! HAPPY THANKSGIVING & FRIENDSGIVING!! I hope you all enjoy your time with your family and friends. :-)

I love you all and I will miss you sorely. :’)
Also I miss HQ but then I miss it everyday anyway.

I’ll see you when I see you ~
Original 'Thor' Director Comments On 'Thor: Ragnarok'

“I’m very pleased it seems so releasing for Chris that the character’s been re-energized. Taika’s a terrific director, and a sense of fun and adventure with the character is also very pleasing to see. I’m proud to have been a small part of that universe and to have dealt with that subject tonally at a time when we were all pretty sweaty about whether we could make it work on its own, let alone as part of the great edifice that is now the MCU!” - Kenneth Branagh

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I wanted to post a little bias list to thank all of you for your friendship and the new blogs that have followed me recently. I wouldn’t be a successful blog if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for your friendship and being there whenever I’m going through a difficult time. Your posts are always a joy to see on my dash as they make me either laugh or cry over our threads or the things you post ooc. I wish I could do more than write this to express how thankful I am for all you, but I just hope this brings a little happiness to your lives this holiday season. Whether we talk a lot or not, please know that you mean the world to me. If we have several threads, just a few, or none at all, please don’t hesitate to come into my inbox. I would love to have more threads with all of you. The same goes for those I just followed. I love each and every one of you. <33


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So I was reading this theory by @kellyplier when something hit me..

Now there have been some theories going around that link Anti to Undertale and the ability to mess with time..

We see a hint of that in the silent film video when Jack is thrown back in time and is seen as Dapper (does he have a name or?)

Then we see Anti take him over, which happens very quickly.. and almost effortlessly, as if it isn't the first time. We all saw how easily Anti got into Jack’s body in the PAX video, perhaps because it wasn't his first time?

In the Kill Jacksepticeye video, Anti says he’s tired of “going around over and over, fucking circles” and says that “i am eternal”

As stated in this theory, perhaps Anti goes through different timelines, or through time itself. Maybe he already knows what happens..

That brings us to the Dapper boy himself, the ego we all fell in love with instantly, the one who became our favorite within seconds..

Maybe Anti knew that we all would fall in love, so he corrupted him from the start.. allowing him easy access in. 

So that as soon as we fell in love, he could rip him away.

( im sorry for tagging again but… @hufflepufftrax @no-strings-puppet @fear-is-nameless @lum1natrix @aceofspades-lena @antidarkimagines @therealjacksepticeye )


…is not something my country celebrates, BUT I still want to take a moment to thank all of you for your continuous support. 

Thank you to all the lurkers who enjoy what I create and want to see it in their feed.
Thank you to all the commenters for your feedback, taking time just to write me a few sentences.
Thank you to all the rebloggers who help spread my name.
Thank you to all my commissioners, who help me pay my bills and feel my art is worth spending money on.
A huge thank you to my patreons who support me, asking for nothing (or very little) in return.
and finally Thank you to all the friends I’ve made along the way, who keep me going through thick and thin.

Now go treat yourselves to something nice, and happy thanksgiving to all of you Americans out there!


“I don’t see him turning against us, not now, or ever”
“Iggy, the kid is an MT”

 There was a pause, only the sound of the fire crackling could be heard.

“Don’t be absurd, Gladio” Ignis sounded tense, but not because he was angry “This has been a shock to us all, I should have foreseen the empire may have done something like this, but a Lucian took him as an infant. He has been raised in a Lucian household. He is in every way a Lucian”

Gladio stroked the fire

“What if he was programmed to act normal until the time he was found out, has that crossed your mind?”

Ignis was thoughtful

“We should treat him no different than before, he is our friend, he is Noctis’ friend. I do not believe Prompto would ever hurt Noctis. The boys sleep next to each other each night-“

“-Yeah and Im putting a stop to that” Gladio interrupted. “He’s going to be sleeping next to me now and if I think he is going to hurt Noctis, then I will do what I have to do, what we do to any Niff”

“Gladio…” Ignis said sternly “Think about what you are saying, what you are implying”

“I’m implying that I will do my job, as Kings Shield, to keep Noct save from harm” Gladio threw more wood into the flames “He hid who he was, what he is, from Noct, from us. He knows all the goings on in Insomnia, he knows the layout of the citadel. He knows too much about Noctis. All I’m saying is he could be a sleeper agent”

Ignis had grown tired of the conversation. He stood up from his chair

“It is getting late and we are up early, best get some rest” Ignis hoped Gladio would drop the subject in the morning

“Shall I move Noct?” Gladio asked

“Leave him be, his Highness is cranky when woken. Both are sleeping anyway”

Ignis climbed into the tent, Gladio came in after him. Ignis looked down at the two younger boys sleeping, natural enemies laying side by side, fate somehow made them friends. Ignis bent down and pulled the blanket closer over them

His eyes went from the dark-haired prince to the blonde boy
“I know you would never hurt us” He said very quietly. He stroked the tears away from the boy’s face, his eyes squinting to stop more tears from falling. He opened his eyes, the blue wasn’t showing in the dark, but Ignis knew they would be bloodshot from crying.
Sometimes Gladio was careless, this time was one of them. Prompto was always last to fall asleep. He had heard everything. 

Ignis lay down next to Prompto and held his bar-coded branded arm until he fell asleep, the pillow under him wet with tears.

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Did you see that GG liked a comment calling for Iris to be killed off?

I just caught up with everything now. 

All this tells me is that Grant seems to be reading Candice’s comments when he should be enjoying his time on a boat with his fiancée 😂

I understand the original confusion and defensiveness, but it was most likely an accident, or even a hack as some others have pointed out. He is hacked on an almost annual basis if you think about it. Why would he endorse something like that after just promoting the crossover wedding and spending an entire panel taking photos of Candice and Zoë?


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171123 // Yesterday was awful. After a long time of big workload, almost no time to myself and a lot of fighting with my family and irritability, I just snapped during a meeting. I felt sick, my stomach hurt as it did often in the last few weeks but I felt so bad I asked if I could leave for a short time. They must have noticed something, so someone (I don’t even remember who in that room it was) asked if I was okay and while I was explaining with a trembling voice I just lost it and the tears started to built up. That was so embarrassing, I felt like giving up and hated myself but one day after I think it was necessary that my inner self gave me a big sign to stop since I would ignore all the small signs (gotta see a doc because of that tomorrow).
Now I got the week off and want to start fresh, at least in my mind. Less pressure on myself, more self-love and positivity. Thought a new journal would help.

Happy journaling💕

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This is the anon who asked about летать, лететь, полетать, and полететь. I had to take a few days to digest this. Thank you for your explanations! I am still rather confused about when to use which, especially in the Past Tense. My mind is like scrambled egg now 😅 When I want to say "to fly" in the past tense, I tend to use летала all the time. I will definitely see about getting some lessons from you in the future! In the meantime, I will reread your answer until I "get it".

Hi! Probably, I simply failed to explain this topic clearly and straightforward. Sometimes the best way to explain grammar is to give more examples, so here you are: 
Когда я жила в Торонто, я летала в Нью-Йорк каждый месяц. When I lived in Toronto, I flew to New York every month. 
This is something that I did regularly, repeatedly –> летала. 

Когда я летела из Москвы в Нью-Йорк, я выглянула в иллюминатор и увидела Гренландию - её невероятно красивый синий лёд. When I flew from Moscow to New York, I looked at the window and saw Greenland - its unbelievably beautiful blue ice. 
I was in the middle of the flight, in the middle of the process, thus –> летела

Гагарин полетел в космос, когда ему было 27 лет. Gagarin journeyed the outer space when he was 27.
Well, what is important here is that he launched to the space and the moment of the launch (taking off) is reflexed in the verb. This is why it is полетел. We are talking about that first unique experience.

Самолёт полетал над городом и сел на аэродроме.The plane flew over the city for some time and landed on the airfield.
Though the act of flying took some time, and the action lasted for, maybe, minutes or hours, the flight is over, so we pick a perfective verb with the meaning of “prolonged, but finished action” – > полетал.

By the way, Russian verbs of motion are nicely explained in the book  “Effective Learning of the Russian Verbal Aspect Based on Novel Methods” by Yukihide Hashimoto, along with perfective/imperfective verbs and how to use them in the past tense. I still have a few copies in my shop. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Net Neutrality: Why Care?

I’m only going to do one post about this. I know it’s long, but please read it if you have the time.

This means that they can determine what and when we see things. I think the divisions in the USA are largely because we are seeing the Internet’s full effects now. We already are exposed to things advertisers and google and etc think we want to see.

This will make the divisions even worse.

This means the news we see that is not covered on tv we may not see at all.

The internet is supposed to be a place for information and knowledge. It’s supposed to be a place where we build communities around the world. It empowers us to take action when and however we see fit, whether that’s a blog or a video on YouTube.

Please please help protest this. Don’t assume it won’t go through, be proactive instead of reactive. It is those people who fight against it from the beginning who ensure it won’t go through.

There are sites tumblr is sending around such as resistbot. Or you can call or write letters.

I understand if you don’t actually believe these actions work. To be honest, I often don’t. However, if I take no action at all, I know I will never forgive myself.

I don’t know who, if anyone really, will see this, not to mention if it’ll have any effect. But I took action of some kind beyond sending a letter.

Even if you don’t really believe letters and calls will work, it is important to foster a proactive rather than reactive mindset. If all of us do it, it will have an effect. We can see this in history (such as women’s rights, and look how far LGBT rights have come).

Don’t let it end with us. If nothing else, continue protesting in respect of those who protested for years for us to have the right to vote and marry and everything else. We didn’t earn these rights, they were earned for us.

Thank you for reading.

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I have no idea why you would say you feel so shitty with your writing. I live for your fics and hcs mama. Everything you make is so damn good it feels like I’ve ascended to heaven and seated at the right hand of the Father. I’d literally cry if you forget to tag me in your works 😭❤️

Oh honey this is so sweet and kind of you to say. You know I always love seeing your comments on my stuff and knowing you like my stories really makes me proud. I was just having a bit of a downer time when i made that HC list is all sometimes it happens and i loose my confidence a bit but I’m feeling much better now~

As a gift for your sweetness i have a nice little stories just for you that you wanted. Though Papawise is more of a Big Bad Clown than a wolf it would seem

You shifted uncomfortably in the lacy lingerie you had been made to wear, smooth crimson silk hugging your body tightly yet leaving little the imagination. A short red cape draped across your shoulders offering little cover over your bare shoulders to complete your desired look.

As ridiculous as you felt in this attire you couldn’t help the thrill of excitement trailing down your spine as you stood just outside the door to your own bedroom. He had insisted on recanting the scene in its entirety, his love of theatrics always making these little performances so much more exciting.

Hesitating for just a moment to make sure your outfit was just right, you knocked lightly against the door. It was odd knocking on your own door but knowing what was likely on the other side made you all to eager to obey his instructions regardless.

A few seconds passed before a soft raspy voice echoed from beyond the door, a frail almost croaky sound that you had not heard before. 

“Come in dear”

You didn’t even have to move as the door slowly creaked open of its own accord. Awe and a vague sense of alarm filled your mind as you stepped nervously into the room that had once been your own. It could hardly be considered your bedroom now though as everything inside it has shifted and changed so drastically your swear you had walks directly into a story book.

A blazing fireplace nestled against the back wall which had changed from its normal painted plaster to a rustic log cabin style panelling. Wooden floorboards creaked under your feet as your travelled further in, glancing around at the old and timeworn decorations now scattering the room. Wherever you were, it most certainly wasn’t your room anymore.

“Come closer my dear, let me look at you” that thin reedy voice sounded once more in the strange room, echoing from what appeared to be a sturdy fourposter bed tucked neatly against the side wall. mountains of tick quilted blankets obscured the shape lurking beneath them though your were all to aware of just who it was.

Remembering your roll in this little game you stepped closer towards the bed, your basket of goods gripped tightly in your shaking hands.

“I brought you some gifts grandma, to help you feel better” your voice was shaky but you managed the lines well enough. The brush of soft quilted fabric brushing against your bare thighs as you pressed close to the side of the bed. In the dimly lit room you could barely make out to gleaming yellow eyes staring intently at your from the shield of blankets. The deep lustful hunger held within them as they trailed over your body made your thighs squeeze together in anticipation.

“Oh my Grandma, what big eyes you have” the words tumbled from your mouth almost breathlessly as you leaned closer, the smooth flesh of your chest nearly spilling from the lacy bra you wore. The blankets shifted under your hand as the form moved beneath them, slipping back to reveal more of that pale painted face.

“All the better to see you with my dear” still that strange weak voice echoed from the blankets, though now it was tinged with something deeper. Moving closer onto the bed you felt a sudden hand slip from under the blankets to grasp firmly against your thigh. the action made you gasp sharply and nearly topple forward onto the bed. A low amused chuckle couldn’t help but rumble from beneath the quilt. 

“G-Grandma..wh-what big hands you have” It was hard you to speak without a soft mewl tainting your voice. That large palm running up your thigh to cup against your ass, enjoying the soft pliant flesh beneath its fingers. Anther chuckle followed and the form shifted again, almost pulling you closer now as you were leaning precariously against its chest. 

“All the better to touch you with my dear…”

You could see him clearly now, that white ghost like face emerging from the cage of fabrics to hover just before yours. His features were familiar and yet some how slightly different, somehow sharper and even more dangerous than ever. That bright red nose twitched as he smelled just how 'afraid’ you were. That ever present grin split further across his face, those sharp gleaming teeth almost demanding the next line.

“Grandma…What big teeth you have…” A whisper was all that managed to escape your lips then, your body leaning into his form and pressing closer to the dangerous maw. 

You barely had time to squeal as you felt your whole world shifting. Strong powerful arms ripping from the confines of the covers to grab at you and drag you under the sheets. In little more than seconds your were caged beneath him, that broad deceptively powerful frame pinning you against the bed with no chance of escape.

Looming above you now you could see him for what he really was, that bright colourful clothing unmistakable even in the dim firelight. His smile never wavered even as he pressed his face roughly against your throat, inhaling deeply against the thrumming pulse just beneath your skin. Gone was the thin frail voice of grandma now, his next words deep and husky in a way that had your cunt fluttering with delight every time you heard it.

“All the better eat you with my dear. All the better eat you with… 

For my political science paper I have to write a paper on an ideology (I don’t agree with) and play the devil’s advocate.

So since I’m anti-American, my paper has to be pro-American.

Anyways, I was reluctant to write the paper all week since I’m not really into writing a paper about how ~great America~ and it’s politics is

So anyways, yesterday I came back home around 9 pm and stayed up until now, 9 am, writing it and I finished and now I’m gonna walk back to school and hand it in.

Anywho, I’mma hand it in and just collapse on the floor and sleep

Also I wanna puke every time I read my paper and see my name on it

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I don't know if you're still doing the pallete art thingy but could I possibly see Smii7y in Vintage or Ohm in Part-Time? Thank you!

ITS A COFFEE MILK SMII7Y! (do they have coffee milk in other schools? if this is just a maine thing.. well, just look it up. anyways the whole time i was drawing smitty, literally all i could taste was the fuckin coffee milk. my synesthesia was just like HEY FUCK YOU, LIFE IS COFFEE MILK NOW! n i’m like okay cool thanks, RIP in peace the beautiful taste of dr pepper from earlier)

also? underappreciated headcanon/design: ohm but w actual bunny ears 

anyways tysm for requesting!!!! i love these palettes so much omfg

*sidenote: i slightly changed up smitty’s design. since the palette was called ‘vintage’, i figured i would give him a bowtie and suspenders. theyre a little more vintage than a hoodie, right?


So who agrees with me when I say that Michael is reallllly shy ( as shy as he can be ) the first time he’s doing it with his s/o. He certainly has watched a lot of people fuck in his life, he roughly knows how it works. Or… thinks he knows it. Probably knows nothing, nope. 

 He’s gonna be amazed. But you have to guide him first. Until then, the only time he touched women he… choked them to death and attempted to kill them. Meaning he’s rough and you gotta teach him how to touch you with care. He’s a quick learner though and pays attention to your facial expression and touches the whole time. Michael will know exactly what to do and where to do it quite soon. 

 Believe me when I say he is possessive - the thought that another man might see you like this is driving him crazy. He’s all the more protective of you now and follows you around like a shadow. Say goodbye to your privacy! You have no such thing anymore after you’ve shown him this much love and warmth. He would perceive you as very … vulnerable in this state. Just the fact that you took your clothes off to do this while he is still in his overall and STILL hesitant to take it off makes him vaguely understand how much you trust and love him. The thought of your love amazes, even intimidates him. He’s all yours. 

 The boy also can’t tear his eyes away from your body. He never paid attention to other women, not unless they were dead. And god, you feel so soft in his arms, and so warm. The thought of killing you is unbearable for him. As soon as he’s gained confidence however, he won’t hesitate to try things on you. Will probably choke you, playfully cut you with his knife, all these things. He’s so into you, and he can’t forget you showed him all this. As I said! He’s all yours, despite being dominant all the time.