now i remember why i dont like going to school

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WOW ok so my school has a three-day evening festival starting the day after school ends. There's a lot of gambling, the most popular being the pop-open game called Bars and Bells. Now, for every box, (they go through about one a day) there's 4 of the highest payout tickets. On the last day right as the fireworks had started I was getting worried about them and I went over to the Bars and Bells to spend the last $7 I had because why not. I was opening them and then saw thrEE BARS AND WON $100!!!!

ooh festival? we used to have something like that but it was a school dance? i dont even remember what it was called but 


My Language Journey

thank u @languagethelife for tagging me to share my language journey :) (this post is gonna be hella long btw)

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1. what languages are you/have studied?

im studying mandarin chinese, french, and i just started learning portuguese

2. how long have you been studying?

i’ve been studying mandarin for about 2 years or so

french since my sophomore year of high school but i’ve kinda put it on hold for a while bc i feel super unmotivated to learn it

as for portuguese i started like a week ago lmao

3. did you learn through class or self-study (or both)?

i’ve mostly learned mandarin through self study. i did take mandarin 1 this past school year but i already knew like 90% of the material so it was very easy for me

i learned french through classes at school but i dont feel like i learned anything bc both my french 1 & french 2 teachers left in the middle of year so yea

right now im self studying portuguese

4. why did you decide to learn this language?

i remember it was when i had just started listening to exo, i really liked the chinese songs and i was curious abt how the language worked so i literally googled “chinese alphabet” (… yes i know) and from there i learned basic phrases and stuff and i really enjoyed learning it so i kept going haha

i started learning french bc it had always been a language i wanted to learn and i needed to fullfill the language requirement at school lmao

in my junior year, i became really close friends with this brazilian guy who had come on an exchange to my school. he taught me a bunch or words and phrases in portuguese and i finally decided to sit down and make my lazy ass learn it. hopefully one day i can have a convo with him in portuguese haha

5. what was a major highlight/milestone in studying this language?

when it comes to mandarin, me being able to understand anything feels like a milestone bc i feel like my hard work is paying off especially bc mandarin is definitely not a language within my comfort zone like english or spanish

as for french it actually has been a while since i touched anything related to it so no real major highlights :/ same goes for portuguese since i started like a week ago

6. what was the hardest thing about studying this language?

at first i had a hard time with tones and pronouncing the ü, now its actually reading bc i’ll know what the characters mean individually but when they’re all together my brain just goes ???!!!!?!?!??!?!??!


so far i havent come across anything too difficult in portuguese but i think later on in my journey i’ll get it mixed up with spanish

7. what resources did you find most useful for studying this language?

chinesewiki is a life saver when it comes to understanding grammar, i also really like chineseskill bc its like duolingo and they explain grammar point as well

the only resource i used for french was my textbook at school and it was ok but there are probably better ones tbh

for portuguese, i’ve been using memrise to learn basic phrases until i find a good textbook and so far its really good

8. any top tips for studying this language?

learning the tones is sooooooooooooooooooooo important a lot of people struggle with them but if u practice a lot it will just come out naturally after a while. also when it comes to learning characters i will write them down again and again and i will try to use them as much as i can so it sticks in my brain

when it comes to french and portuguese i dont think im the most qualified to give tips about them hahahahah

9. whats your next major language goal?

being able to understand music in chinese & have a short convo in portuguese with my friend from brazil

10. anything we can do in the tumblr community to get you there?

if anyone could recommend me a good beginners portuguese textbook (preferably pdf) that would be amazing but other than that i feel like the langblr community has done more than enough and i am so grateful for that

i tag: @watashiwahaksaeng  @lemonadeandlanguages @aspoonfuloflanguage @studymission @woailanguages @languages-and-tea @meitianzhongwen @rosyrevision @polyglot-oneday @in-love-with-language & anyone else who wants to do this :)

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Based on your latest reblog..."car"

Ok, so the car I drive has been dubbed as “The mustache car” by many people at my school because on the back of one of the seats is a fake mustache my sibling got at the dentist. Like I dont even remember her putting it on there I just know that every time someone gets into my car now (I carpool for people ‘cause my car is big enough) they go “Why the heck is there a mustache on here?!” 

So yeah. Mustache car. X’DD