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“Pizza Parker” (Part 1)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: In which a boy delivers pizza and a girl eats them.

Part 1: Deluxe

“Pizza Parker” (Masterlist)

Knock knock.

“I’m on my way!” she exclaimed, pausing the movie on her laptop and scrambling to the door. A teenage boy wearing a heather-hoodie stood there with a pizza box in his hand. His cheeks were pink as they had been kissed by the wind.

“You’re (Y/N), right? The small deluxe pizza?”

“That’s me.” She dug around for the twenty dollar bill she had stuffed in pocket a few hours ago. Noticing that she was distracted, his dark brown eyes dropped and zeroed onto her chest.

“Wait, are you actually staring at my chest?”

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Smol and Angered

You’re having trouble reaching something while cooking due to your height, and your boyfriend Minhyun is absolutely no help.

  • short asf (i meant the length of the fic, not the height of the reader, but the reader is also short. sorry.)
  • for anon who requested “ a Minhyun fluffy scenario based on “i really wanna knee you in the crotch right now but your crotch is too fucking high” or something like that”

You glared up at your boyfriend, who was obviously trying to suppress a smile.

“Minhyun, it’s not funny!” You cried, jumping again, “I can’t reach the pasta box!”

“Well, maybe we were supposed to just order food to eat tonight,” Minhyun replied from his position, leaned against the fridge casually. “It’s a sign from the universe.”

“No, it’s no,” you said crossly, “It’s a sign that I need a new boyfriend.”

“You almost got it,” Minhyun teased, “want me to grab a chair for you to stand on?”

“Minhyun,” you sighed, turning to face your boyfriend, “I really want to knee you in the crotch right now, but even your crotch is too fucking high.” Minhyun smoothed a hand over his face, shoulders shaking from surprised laughter. “Ugh, come here,” you groaned, dragging Minhyun over to the cupboard. He grunted as you jumped onto his back, using the added height to reach up for the spaghetti box. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight,” you informed him as you dumped the pasta into the boiling water.

“Baby, don’t be grumpy,” he said suavely, kissing the side of your cheek as you vigorously stirred the noodles, “your height is perfect! We can cuddle this way, and you’re able to lean your head on my chest. Plus, aren’t height differences like, a thing on the internet right now?”

You stared at Minhyun; it was your turn to try not to laugh at him. “Slow down, grandpa, ‘a thing on the internet right now?’” You teased, turning to kiss him back, “wow, kiddos, look at this new thing called the internet!” Minhyun just laughed at your teasing, wrapping his arms around you in a back hug as he kissed you a couple times more, hugging you tightly.

What’s the Scoop?

Based on this list of Celebrity AU Ideas. I thought this fit Alyadrien perfectly.

Prompt:  “you’re the photographer who’s been camped in front of my penthouse apartment for two weeks and i finally got lonely enough to come downstairs and share my leftovers with you” au

Adrien was used to stubborn reporters. He considered it a part of the job, something off camera he’d have to deal with that many people didn’t talk about. Still, he had to admit this one was especially persistent. She’d been there, night and day, rain or shine, for the past two weeks, and frankly Adrien was impressed and maybe a little concerned.

Not to mention, his house was feeling especially empty tonight, and he wouldn’t mind some company.

She was scribbling notes when he approached her, and she jumped to her feet when she saw that he wasn’t accompanied by his typical bodyguard. “Mr. Agreste! I just have a few questions-”

He held up a hand. “It’s, uh, Ms. Cesaire, isn’t it?”

She nodded. “I’m with the-”

“Do you want to come in for some dinner?”

This was probably the first time he’d ever seen her at a loss for words. “Uh… Dinner?” she asked, slowly lowering her notepad.

“Yeah, I’ve got enough leftovers to feed a dozen people by now if you want to come in and see what I have. Or I can order something-”

“No, no! Leftovers is great!” She beamed. “Can I ask you a few questions?”

He shrugged. “Why not?”

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17.05.01 Kizoku Tantei EP3 Selected Kizoku Scriptlines - Aiba Masaki [English, Spoiler alert]

(To Haruka)
You are skillful. This Spiegel, when partnering with beautiful lady as you, has lighter steps than usual.
However only when Haruka-san was here, there has been a week of no rain and it seems that the dry land recovers moisture.

(To Takatoku)
Trivial such as explanation is fine to be done by servants.

No matter I who have spare time for this mystery, or you who work very hard with hachijoususuki leaves on your head, as long as the truth of the mystery is found out it will be all right, am I right?

(To Haruka)
What a tragedy. You have fiancé.
Unfortunately the tantei you commissioned is third-class.
Let me replace her to accept your commission.

(To Takatoku after Haruka refused his offer)
I see.
The pure feeling of otome should be treated seriously.
This is a huge responsibility. Onna tantei-san.

(To police)
Interrupting the rendezvous between man and woman who fall in love is inelegant. Leave them alone for a moment.

(To male suspect)
Being thanked by you who is a male is not joyful. I do all this for the sake of Haruka-san.

(During investigation, seeing the female mannequin)
Charlotte! I cannot believe that there is mannequin who look alike you to such extent. Lady, can you give it to me?

(Nazotoki started)
So many people gathering here to solve the mystery, there is large extent of confidence, right? Let us enjoy the famous deduction of this onna tantei-san here.

(To Takatoku)
Especially for today, please do not betray my expectation to you. Onna tantei-san.

(To police)
To thrust a delicate lady. The authorities of Japan are deteriorated things. From now on I shall replace that useless onna tantei-san and tell you the truth. And you shall apologise to Haruka-san.

(To Takatoku)
Different from you who has neglected attention, I narrow down the true criminal.

(To police accusing him not doing deduction)
I am playing with Spiegel.
Is there any other thing that can make me give up such fortunate moment? Trivial such as deduction is fine to be done by servants.

(To police doubting Yamamoto’s deduction)
I do not care about your doubts.
My servants have illustrated the truth.

(To police who wanted to leave)
Gozen: Wait. You have promised to apologise to Haruka-san.
Police (unwillingly): Sorry.
Gozen: How much torment you guys’ stupid investigation has cast onto Haruka-san, do you understand? Tolerating slanderous defamation, her company was not here, and she had to seek help from tantei in order to help her lover. Do you really understand her feeling? If you do you should show your proper attitude.
Police (bowed): I apologise for what I have done.

(To Takatoku, watching film of boxing game)
Howl like a losing dog again as always?
If you want to talk about your past pleas find somebody else. Because now is the good shot of the game.

Maybe We’ll Meet Again - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, sorry I was off for a few days! but I’m back! and I have more free time this weekend so I’ll do my best to catch up with all my requests! :D 

gerardsninjastar submitted: Hi could I have a Sirius Black imagine where I’m a Ravenclaw and we sit next to eachother in Charms and James and Remus always tease him because he has the hugest crush on me and even I know it but I want to focus on my studies. James always jokes with Sirius cause I have red hair and green eyes and so does Lily so James laughs about the fact they’ve both fallen for redheads. I really liked Sirius but my parents didn’t want me getting in any kind of relationship so on the last day of 7th year I kiss him and say ‘maybe we’ll meet again’. I join the Order of the Phoenix and I see Sirius again where he’s all shocked and really happy and is really fluffy. My name is Evangeline. I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW!!!!!

thanks for loving my blog dearie! xD I hope you guys like this! :D

*EDITED! I used to do personals but now I add the box so you can submit your name so I changed it :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Maybe We’ll Meet Again

“Ready for Charms, Padfoot?” James said sitting next to his friend at breakfast.

“Of course he’s ready, Charms is his favorite subject, isn’t it Sirius?” Remus said with a big smirk on his face.

“Shut up!” Sirius said running his hand through his hair nervously while Peter laughed.

“What is wrong with you?” Lily asked Sirius sitting down next to James and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Nothing, he’s just nervous because we have Charms right now” James informed his girlfriend.

“Oooh, and that means (Y/N) is there” Lily said smirking and making Sirius glare at James.

“Prongs! You told Evans?”

“Oh, please I knew” Lily informed him.


“Everyone knows” Remus said rolling his eyes.

“Wha-? What do you mean everyone knows?” Sirius said panicking a little.

“Pads, it’s pretty obvious, really” James said rolling his eyes. “And we all find it very amusing” he mocked him. 

“Shut up! I haven’t fallen for her” Sirius told them. “I just…”

“Fancy her?” Peter mocked him.

“No! I-“

“Love her?” Remus told him.

“What? Moony, you’re delirious I do not love (Y/N)-“

“Really? Because here she comes” Lily said all of the sudden.

“What? Where?” Sirius said getting up a little too fast from his seat and falling in front of the entire Great Hall. The worst part was, (Y/N) wasn’t even near him. Sirius stood up furiously glaring at his friends who were too busy laughing their asses off. “That was not funny! Potter! Control your girlfriend!” he snapped before grabbing his stuff and storming out of the Great Hall.

“That was funny” Lily said between laughs.

“I think I have never loved you more than right now” James said kissing her.

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Official Message From Crinkle Crate

It has come to our attention that several post and comments berating Crinkle Crate have been posted on Tumblr. We would like to fully and officially address these comments and issues in order for a more transparent outlook to be revealed. There are two sides to every story and we simply ask that you take a few minutes to listen to another side.

Past Crates & Refunds

These post first originated with a single individual who contacted our customer support on April 7th, 2017 requesting to cancel and refund their April crate stating: 

“I know [on] the website it states that it cannot be refunded once I pay, but I had a terrible experience with my first crate that I really don’t want to get another one. I just didn’t cancel in time.”

She went on to explain that she:

“got charged $60 for tax and brokerage (this plus shipping and the box price costed me $150, which is ridiculous).”

Our support staff first thanked the customer for contacting Crinkle Crate and then went on to address each of her request. First explaining that: 

“Unfortunately, as you saw stated on the website, we are not able to issue refunds once a recurring order has been placed.” 

(Please note we have now updated our our refunds policy in our Terms & Conditions) Our support member then went on to address the issue with the international taxes and brokerage fees by adjusting their account so our shipping department will now ship all her future orders via USPS and stated that:

“USPS typically does not charge as high of taxes and brokerage fees.”

Finishing off the response, our staff member told the customer that if they had any questions to “please don’t hesitate to ask!”

–As a business, we utilize UPS as our main shipping carrier due to negotiated rates which allows us to keep shipping cost as low as possible while also allowing us to feature the best items available for the crates. Duties and taxes are solely calculated by the shipping carriers and the only option we have as a business when a response like this is received is to manually request that their future orders be shipped using a different carrier.–

After several back and forth emails with the customer confused regarding when her April crate would be shipping and by which carrier (though we reiterated these details to her several times), she then simply stated that:

“Yeah there will be no April crate…and I’m gonna reject this package too. This is ridiculous, the items I got from my last crate isn’t even worth the discounted price of the crate alone. $60 for 4 diapers, a boring plain onesie, and a bunch of crap I can get from the dollar store? The point of subscription boxes is supposed to get things that are worth MORE than the price, but this doesn’t even come close. And by the way I have posted pictures of what I got and a summary of what has happened on Tumblr, and you’re gonna lose a lot of customers if you don’t do something about it.”

Since it was still part of our policy to not issue refunds for already placed recurring orders, and because of her disappointment with March’s crate, we offered to refund her for March’s crate:

“As long as nothing has been used or open, you can ship the package back to our shipping department and once we get it and verify the contents are intact, we will refund you the cost of that crate.”

Coming to the conclusion of the correspondences between us (Crinkle Crate) and this individual, she ignored our offer to refund March’s crate and once again requested that we refund her for April’s crate. In our last effort to accommodate this customer, we refunded her the full amount for her April crate and simply asked her to show a sign of good faith in return by removing her post which erroneously refer to these correspondences. 

In her retort she stated that:

“Even if I remove my tumblr post, it will still appear on all the blogs that reblogged from me.  I don’t think I said anything that was not true in my post so I don’t see why I should remove it.”

And then her final message she stated that she is filing a chargeback with her bank. Please let it be known, at the time of this last message from her we had already issued a full refund.

Although we do not state that we are perfect company by any means, in every situation we take the time and effort to communicate with our customers and try to resolve any issues. Every business has policies in place which safeguard the business and their customers. As with most subscription box businesses, our policy for refunds (at the time of the correspondences) was that refunds are not issued for a recurring order that has already been charged for. We have three very easy methods which allow ALL our customers the option to resolve payment issues, whether that be skipping their next crate, pausing their subscription for the foreseeable future, or finally canceling their full subscription before the next charge date. 

Other Erroneous Details 

In her first post she stated that:

“They charged me for my April crate before they shipped the March crate (my very first crate). Because of this, I did not cancel my April crate before I got charged.”

But she knowingly acknowledged in her first correspondence with us (on April 7, 2017) that:

I just didn’t cancel in time.

Furthermore, her March crate was shipped out on March 24th, 2017 and she was not charged for her April crate until March 30th, 2017 (the scheduled charge date for April’s crate.

International Shipping & Custom Declarations

All orders are shipped via UPS both domestically and internationally in the first place unless otherwise requested by the customer to ship via USPS. As stated above, UPS is our main shipping carrier and provides the best benefits for us as a business and for our customers. 

Custom declarations are a legal document required to ship and receive packages between countries. In order to protect our customers with regards to discreteness, we categorize the items into their simplest of terms such as “clothing” or “toys.” All items are priced at their “crate price” with the total cost equal or less then the price of the crate and NEVER higher.

Product Procurement & Pricing

We would like it to be known that no items featured in the Crinkle Crates have been or will ever be from the “Dollar Store.” The majority of the items that are featured are sourced from reputable ABDL companies, whether that be the diapers, clothing, or accessories. On top of this, Crinkle Crate designs and manufacturers many custom items for the crates as well, like the t-shirts, onesies, sleepers, adult baby bottles, adult pacifiers, and more. Finally, some smaller items are supplemented in which help further detail the theme. 

At the current time of this posting the crates are designed mostly as a “one-fits-most,” (we are working diligently to further expand the options we offer and hope to rollout a “custom, build-your-own-crate” option in the near future). We understand a “one-fits-most” option does not work for everyone especially in the ABDL community. Items that might appeal to one individual might not appeal to another. We simply want it to be understood that although a couple people had dissatisfaction with March’s crate, lots more were very happy with it.

Along with the “one-fits-most” design, each crate typically features 4-6 diapers. We are not a diaper company and are not trying to provide a full months use of diapers in a single crate. The crate is currently designed for two purposes, (1) to try new ABDL diapers and (2) to receive fun and unique items related to the months theme. The diapers are equal to the price, time, and effort an average consumer would spend to receive multiple diaper samples directly from the original manufacturer.

Crinkle Crate’s Affiliate Program

The Crinkle Crate Affiliate Program was a program that was originally designed to allow affiliates to receive Crinkle Crate’s at promotional pricing in return for reviews. Unfortunately, this program was short lived due to unforeseen events. Several incorrect comments have been made regarding this program and how we treated our Affiliates. The program was canceled due to low ROI and other hardships. We had worked for several months to finally launch the program and were very sad to have to close it. A detailed correspondence was emailed to ALL our affiliates which stated that the program was ending and what steps they should take next. Due to how our system is configured, once the affiliate program was turned off all the Affiliate accounts automatically became normal accounts (again, they were notified of this in the email and provided instructions on what to do if they wish to cancel their account). From simple error, some of the Affiliates did not provide their accurate email address and thus never received the email notifying them of the program being canceled and their account automatically getting switched to a normal account. A few Affiliates got charged the full price for the next crate and once they reached out to us we quickly resolved the issues.

We want to thank all of our Crinkle Crate Affiliates for joining the program and being a part of something special, even for the short amount of time it was.

Why Did We Publish This Response?

Our final thoughts.

We are NOT a large corporation. We are not a conglomerate company that only cares about profits. Yes we do care about profits, but every business has to (that’s what businesses are in the first place designed for). We are a small organization that is operated by a very small group of people. We first and foremost are members of this community providing a service that otherwise would not exist. 

We have several projects in the works and hope to expand how the crates are designed and allow more options to better fit our customers needs. We hope to allow both “girl” and “boy” options, as well as have the choices to include or exclude specific items as the customer wishes.

We strongly advise that consumers use common sense with regards to what they hear and choose to believe. We very much appreciate you taking the time to read this long post and hope you will give Crinkle Crate another chance!

  • i was smelling bath bombs and some of it went up my nose and im coughing and sneezing and do you have any water 
  • i ordered a plate of nachos to share but my date didn’t show up and i could really do with a cute boy to help me finish these  
  • my cat ran into your garden so i followed and now im running around and whistling and i thought u were out but you are watching from your window 
  • why is there a guy running and whistling in my garden
  • you are drunk and you are running around my shop at 2am and im chasing u but im tired please stop
  • tesco has a sale on cereal and i want a box but there is none left because you have literally 10 boxes in your basket
  • we sexted yesterday and its my first day at work and what r the chances that u r my boss
  • shit i sexted the new guy
  • yes i am the guy who is stomping around above your apartment but im trying to get better at Just Dance hey u r cute do u wanna play with me
  • i just poured my heart out to u on the phone cause i thought i rang my best friend but u r the landlord and this is awks 

anonymous asked:

How many asks do you usually get everyday?

{Hmmm… It really varies… For the past few months I guess it’s been like… 3 or so. But lately the number went up and it’s been like… I dunno, 7 a day maybe? Maybe less. Not… That much, y’know. But… At the same time I stopped ever closing the ask box a long time ago, and since there asks I’ve been late to reply to have been piling up… I got about 500 in my ask box now. TwT I’m really sorry. I do try to reply as many asks as I can depending on my inspiration, and I don’t have a specific order I reply them to… Well, comforting asks are a priority usually. Apart form that… I want this to be as inspiration-driven as possible, so this blog’s workings are as messy as a Jyushimatsu, really. I hope it’s okay… TwT

…I should mention that I haven’t been in the best of moods lately which’s slowed my drawing down, and I’m really sorry about that… But also, I’ll be selling art at an anime con in Paris in 10 days, so I’ve been working on designs for that which has taken up some of my time. Sorry for the trouble! TwT Hopefully I’ll become more active after that.

For the time being ima also give you guys a sneak peek of those designs I’ve been working on… In case anyone will be in Paris in early July. °^° I kinda doubt it but still. Anyway… I’ll fix myself, or I’ll do my best trying at least. TwT}

Negan - F Bomb

Negan - F Bomb

Warning: Cussing. A bit of smut.

Hello Tumblr World. I wanted to talk to you all about a certain handsome, charmer, badass, foul mouth guy. Some of you love him and some of you hate him, but we either way we all still can’t help but watch him at work. I’m talking about none other than Negan, the proud leader of the Saviors. 

Now some of you have read my work and read other’s work, involving this amazing character. When he first came out and I don’t mean on TV, but when he was announce that he was going to be brought to life by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, we were super excited.

Originally posted by latenightseth

A course, we all started writing fanfictions with Negan in it. Yes, some of us wrote about him before he was announce because we read the comics. Any ways, we all started to fall more in love with Negan, the more we heard and saw him.

Then when he hit our TVs, he did get some haters because he killed two of your beloved characters. That sucks, but it’s part of the story and it helps draw us more into the show. It also draws us more towards the Negan character, rather cause you still loved him or just hated him, you wanted to watch him.

Then came on the of biggest conflict, that was brought on by episode 2. Was Negan a rapist? A course, a lot of us Negan fanfic writers had to deal with Anons messaging us and saying we were sick puppies for writing about Negan.

If you ever read the comics, it actual shows you that Negan has a one rule that he sticks to no matter what “No means no.” I know, I know, he’s bit of a horn dog and he has a bunch of wives. I’m not going to get into that, since that has been talked about and is now over with. 

If you want more details about that, please read the comics and they show away more than what the show is showing right now at this moment. You can  go online and order them from amazon, if you don’t have a comic store near by.

What I really wanted to talk about is what I received in my ask box this morning. Soon as I saw it was from Anon and it dealt with Negan, my first thought was….

I was expecting it to be one of those messages saying I shouldn’t write about Negan because the rapist/not rapist conflict. But what I got is a message that I usually get whenever I post a Negan story. The one thing, people seem to dislike about my stories and that one thing is, his cussing.

Originally posted by dayldixon

Nope, I’m not joking follow Negan lovers. I get messages saying that they like my stories, but they think I make Negan cuss way too much. They say, I know he says “fuck” a lot, but I don’t think he says “fuck” in every sentence, let alone several times in a sentence.

Now, when I see messages like this, I want to be a smart ass. I want to reply back saying, “You know something, I think your right. Maybe he doesn’t say fuck several times in a sentence.” Then attach this gif to my statement:

Originally posted by horroroftruant

Sometimes I just want to be mean about it. “Get out of here with that shit Anon.” 

Then there’s times I just to go all Negan status on their asses. I just want say, “It’s my fucken story and I’ll fucken write it the way I fucken want to.”

But like always, I end up messing back saying: “I’m glad you like the story and for his cussing….

 I’ll try to tone it down.” Which believe it or not, I have. But today, I’m just tired of saying sorry for writing Negan the way I do. I strongly believe he does cuss a lot and hell, I’m not the only one that thinks that. 

There are plenty of Negan lovers out there, both readers and writers that love Negan cussing up a storm. I actually talked to a few of them today about Negan’s cussing and the messages I get about it. 

A couple said, talk shit right back and other’s said drop it and that it’s okay. But one said maybe they don’t know how Negan is because they may have not read the comics. 

You know something, they have a point. Maybe there Anons only seen the edit version of Negan on TV, not the unedited version of Negan on Blue Ray and Negan from the comics. So when Negan does cuss the way he does in my stories or other people’s stories, they are taken back by it. So I think it’s time I tell you a little about Negan.

Now Negan, he can be a bit of an ass at times, not going to lie. He comes in, lines people up, kills one person and walks out with half of their shits. Then he pretty much makes everyone his bitch. But, what people don’t see is why he does what he does.

He is a leader and as a leader, you got to do a lot of things you don’t want to do. Sometimes you got to take a life here and there to make sure your people are safe. Negan does what he does to maintain order among his people, the way he does that, is with fear. Some thing he does with other groups, he uses fear to make them stay in line. Now I know that’s fucked up, but Negan doesn’t see there is any other way.

As for his cussing, that is part of Negan’s characteristics. Negan is actually a charmer, well spoken, seductive, protective, and funny guy. I know it doesn’t seem that way, because he drops F Bombs like there’s no tomorrow. But if you really think about it, this man’s cussing can be pretty damn sexy.

Let’s face it, we all want a man that can man handle us and talk dirty to us and Negan, he’s that man. He can whisper in your ear and say, “Baby doll, once I slide this dick into you, your not going to fucken want any other. I’ll have those fucken sexy legs of your shaking for days. You’ll scream my name so fucken loud, everyone will fucken know I own this pussy.” Bam, panties just dropped.

Originally posted by marythenurse

Plus him adding cussing when he threaten someone sounds a lot better than without it. 

Threat without cussing, “ I’m going to take Lucille here and beat you to death, if you don’t stand down now and give us your supplies!”

Threat with cussing: “I’m going to take Lucille here and I’m going to fucken beat you to fucken death, if you fuckers don’t fucken stand down now and give us half of your fucken shit!” 

I don’t know about you, but the cussing sounded away better. 

Originally posted by dayldixon

As for the charming part, you can be charming while you still cuss. “Doll, I got to fucken say, your are the most fucken gorgeous woman that walked this earth. You are so caring, lovely, funny, brave, and fucken amazing in the sack.” He winks at you and makes you blush. “I don’t know how a fuck up like me got a fine ass woman like you doll, but I’m glad you saw pass all my fucken bullshit. I’m glad you see me for who I fucken really am, a man with a fucken foul mouth, but would do fucken anything for you.”

Also cussing while being protective adds more emotion into it. “Babe I don’t fucken care how many of those dead fucks are out there. I’ll fucken die before I fucken let anything happen to you. I will fucken die for you babe because I love you. I told you a long fucken time ago, I’ll do anything for you. If that fucken means I die today for you, then baby doll, I’ll fucken go down with a smile on my face. Because, I know I’ll be fucken be dying for the woman I fucken love. And I got to fucken say doll, that’s not a fucken bad way to go.”

His cussing or anyone’s cussing for that matter, makes what they say have more of an impact. It adds passion to it in a way, because one usually cusses when they are getting into what they are saying. It draws others into what that person says and makes them want to listen. 

When Negan talks, you want to listen to him. He can be saying the most stupid shit, but you’ll still be laughing your ass off while you listen to him. He just has a way with his words that we just can’t help but want to hear more from him.

 I know your thinking, I still don’t buy it. I don’t think he cusses that much. If you don’t believe, check out the unedited blue ray version. Also here are a couple of the comic strips of Negan cussing up a storm.

I know this post maybe sound like I’m talking shit to Anon that message me this morning or any in the past, but I really am not. I just wanted to show you guys, why I write Negan in a certain way. I write him the way I believe he really is and I really believe he cusses like a damn sailor. I really do feel he cusses that way, because he really doesn’t a fuck what people think of it. He does what he wants to do and what he wants to do, is fucken cuss.

So, I’m going to keep writing Negan the way I want to write him. After all, this is Tumblr. It’s a site to make up your own stories, make your own characters or use characters that exist. Either way, you can write them the way you want them to be. The way I’m going to write Negan, is him being one badass mother fucker that cusses five ways to mother fucken Sunday. 

With that said, I hope you guys have a wonderful morning/night. If you celebrate thanksgiving, have a happy thanksgiving. Feel free to comment, add, reblog, or whatever you want. I’ll see you guys around, much love like always. I’m out.

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Crash course in ADHD

This is how it’s past midnight and I still haven’t started on my project I was supposed to start three days ago.

The first three days, I didn’t have my materials together, and I had work. I was too tired from working to put my plan together.

Day off, go downtown to collect resources–good work! Come home at five, eat takeout, and take a two hour nap, because I’m exhausted.

Wake up, and hungry again. No food in the house because I keep overestimating how much food we have, and then not grocery shopping. But we do have a big box of forrero rochers from Sam’s, so a few of those constitute my pre-working meal.

I eat a few, and look at the box, which is flat and transparent plastic. It would make a nice cosmetics storage box.

I think about how I want more makeup and get better at using it.

I then spend the next two hours looking up cheap cosmetics on my phone. I end up buying a bunch of lipsticks from NYX–even though I already ordered some other things from e.l.f. earlier this week. Impulsivity, yo.

So I’ve satisfied my online retail craving, time to work, right? No. I got the idea to write this post, and then as I was typing, my computer popped up an update. Not really thinking, I clicked it, and now my computer is doing a thing and I can’t use it to type my project on. So I’m waiting for it to finish, and writing the post on my phone.


anonymous asked:

please do no. 29 for the drabble game 2 with mingyu, thanks :D

29 - “you had me at ‘free pizza’”

may i just say i love this prompt sm and like it associates so well with mingyu, bless your soul for requesting this anon omg <3

Your phone buzzed with a new phone call for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. You took one look at the caller ID and rolled your eyes, declining it once more.

You needed to study. You needed to get this done. You needed to ace this upcoming test. You needed to do whatever it took in order for you to achieve high marks, even if that meant ignoring the peanut butter to your jelly, the apple to your pie, the Brad to your Angelina - your boyfriend, Kim Mingyu.

It was strange to avoid him after being used to spending every second of every day together. Even at times when his schedules and your schedules didn’t align, the two of you were always talking, whether it be through text or through calls.

You had initially thought that after the fifth call, he would’ve taken the hint and left you alone until you called him back, yet here you were declining his call for about the fiftieth time that day. It wasn’t like you were mad at him or anything, no of course not. You just knew that talking to Mingyu would only distract you from your studies, which is the complete opposite of what you wanted.

The second you hit the ‘end’ button, he immediately began ringing you again. You groaned in frustration, finally giving in and answering the call for the first time in three days.

“What is it oppa?” You whined, upset that you’re work was constantly being disrupted.

“_____? Hyung!!! Hyung!!!!!!! It’s _____! It’s okay, she’s alive! You can call the police and tell them to cancel the search and rescue investigation, she’s fine!” Came your boyfriend’s deep voice, yelling loudly, forgetting that your ear was right next to the speaker.

Your eyes widened to the size of saucers as you heard him mention the words ‘police’, ‘search’, ‘rescue’ and ‘investigation’. Was your boyfriend really that worried about you?

“Cancel the what?!” You hissed, prepared to launch into a full on lecture about not taking things too over the top and only using government resources like the police when it was really necessary.

Mingyu only laughed, “Just kidding, babe. How’s the studying going?”

You sighed, “Aish, it’s really difficult. It’s been three days of this and I feel like I’m getting dumber and dumber. Not to mention how distracting your calls are.”

“Be thankful that the members held me back and stopped me from running to your place and kicking your door down. Calling you constantly was my way of telling you that you could always talk to me if you needed to. Besides, maybe the reason why you feel like you can’t remember anything is because you haven’t been getting your daily dose of Mingyu.” He giggled, you could pretty much hear the smirk on the other side of the line.

“Gyu, I’m serious,” You whined, “This exam is really important to me and I can’t afford to fail.”

Your exasperation soon turned to sadness as the reality of the situation began to settle within you.

“Hey, hey, don’t get upset. Let’s take a break. I’ll come over, we’ll order some pizza, eat and get some rest. You can continue studying afterwards, alright?”

“But I don’t want to waste any tim-”

“It wasn’t really a choice on your part, jagiya.” Mingyu laughed.

“… Do I have to pay for the pizza?” You asked, a pout forming on your lips.

“No, you silly girl. It’s on me. Now get ready, I’m on my way.”

A couple minutes later, Mingyu comes barging through your door, with a stack of movies in one hand and boxes of pizza in the other. You grinned, happy to see your boyfriend. You watched as he set the items down and made his way over to you. Your arms wrapped themselves around his torso, your face snuggling into the crook of his neck.

You breathed him in, and all your worries went right out the window.

“You know,” He began, “For someone that’s been neglecting me for three days, you really are clingy.”

You looked up at him, pressing your lips onto his, “You had me at ‘free pizza’”.

Drabble game #2 is closed! :)

Is this too much dialogue?? IDKKK hope you like it xx

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Text: How are you settling in?

Text: Hey Taylor. I’m doing really well. I have hidden all  my boxes in a spare room, which is clear avoidance but for now I can live with that. Also I ordered a coffee maker and some kitchen things. 

Text: So overall, it is coming together.

Text: Want to do something this weekend?


Because there is no way Farkle would stand for a present-less Riley, here’s a drabble.

Faithful Friends (That Are Dear To Us)

Her brother, bless his little soul, has long since retired for his room for the night and she’s just about to move to her bed when she hears her window open. Her head snaps back around so quickly, it almost hurts —  


“Uh, no,” the voice greets her. “Just me.”

She smiles. “Hey, Farkle. What are you doing here?”

“I got you something.” He shrugs, a little nervously, and she notes the flush in his cheeks. (Must be the cold.) “Well, two things.”

“You did?”

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For Better or For Worse (2)

GOT7′s Jaebum ; fluff & angst

“You knew you would never be the same, for better or for worse.”

Part 1, 2

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Be My Princess 2- Ivan "A Christmas Secret"

Hello everyone! (*^-^*) This is another family one-shot for Ivan.
As you know, I don’t usually do requested fanfics. But since Christmas is coming up I decided to write a couple of requested one-shots, and this is one of them.
Thank you for reading!

The snow is softly falling down outside the window and a cozy atmosphere surrounds the kingdom of Sanct Sybil. Christmas is just around the corner and everyone in the castle are busy with decorating and preparing for the upcoming holiday.

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The lighting in this room sucks but here’s another picture of the shirts after I organized them :D!! It’s really a whole new perspective seeing them all stacked up like this… there’s so many akjdsdjkskjd!! I was feeling a little sad earlier because the other day someone told me they saw that shirt with my stolen art on it still for sale in Harajuku and today I saw yet another picture of it on a hanger in some shop ;__; But now I see my own shirts and it makes me so happy people wanted to buy them from ME! Thank you so much if you ordered one!!! 
Also in my other post I said I could fit in the box… I couldn’t resist trying it, I’m ready to be shipped off to a warm beach now, just need to put some stamps on there hahaha


9/8/15 8:05 PM (Japan Time)

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I can’t believe it- I’m sitting here doing my homework and writing my blog post about my first day of school, when the calling bell rings. My host dad goes to answer the door, and he comes upstairs with two boxes. My host mom seemed to have been expecting the packages, because she opened them right away. After opening them she called me over. When I looked inside I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. She ordered the ENTIRE Kuroshitsuji manga series up to date, except for the most recent volume. It’s in Japanese; she ordered it for me to study my Japanese. She also wants to read it so she can be prepared for the musical in November, even though the storyline is a little different.

She said we should keep the boxes, so when I change host families I can take them along. I am so stunned right now- my host family really is amazing. They are so kind, and I can’t believe they went out of their way to do this for me. I can’t ever repay them for everything they’ve done for me; all I can do is give it my best while I’m here. Can’t wait to start reading- the books are so beautiful!!!!!

Reasons I Can’t Wait To Live Alone
  • I can walk around in my underwear and noone can complain
  • i can have all the queso to myself
  • i can watch whatever I want when I want
  • I can clean if I want to or just leave it for tomorrow
  • if I order pizza I can order 5 boxes of pizza and noone can stop me from eating it
  • i can own a cat
  • I can wear whatever I want and noone can judge me (except assholes but who cares what they think)
  • My OCD and depression will probably improve tenfold
  • I can splurge every now and then without getting yelled at for wasting money (okay mom like you’re one to talk)
  • i can have a glass of wine or a mother fucking mimosa every now and then without being told I’m an alcoholic (really mom like three times a year I have one drink chill)
  • I can sleep in with no interruptions
  • I can masturbate whenever I want to
  • I don’t have to answer the door when my mother comes over
  • did i mention the queso and pizza??????