now i really need to get started on that paper




Registered for spring semester! After that, I only need three more classes and have to transfer :-( That’s a scary thought, but so was this and now I love it. Continued my geometry notes  + did my online assignments. I got a 76% on the little quiz, even though I did it three times (I kept getting the same three questions wrong because I have no idea how to do it + it wasn’t explained.) I’ve started my paper due on Tuesday. For this, I am beyond excited because it’s about Emily Dickinson! Listened to the Smiths + read a bit. I really like my bag :-)!

*The fountain pen is Pilot’s Penmanship + Noodler’s X-Feather Ink. This combo writer even finer than the G2 pens. And X-Feather does not feather (duh, but I mean even on paper towels) or bleed through anything. Warning, the reason it does not feather even on cheap paper is that it takes a very long time to dry. 

Blind Date

Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 3322

(A/N: This isn’t exactly like the request, but I got really excited and carried away with it, so please forgive me)

“I don’t need a boyfriend.” you stated, looking down at the paper coffee cup in your hands.

“You know that’s a lie.” your best friend said, laughing and leaning back in her chair. Of course, she was absolutely right, but you didn’t want her to know that. She had been trying to convince you to let her set you up on a blind date for a few days now, and it was starting to get tiring refusing her.

“Who would you even set me up with?” you asked.

“It wouldn’t be a blind date if I told you, now would it?” she sighed, looking at you like you were stupid. You just made a face at her and looked back at your teacup. “It wouldn’t be that bad. The guy I had in mind already said that he was willing to let me set him up with someone.”

“Really?” you said, your head snapping up.

“I knew you were interesteeed!” your friend squealed, bouncing up and down in her seat. Damn it. You didn’t want to give her this satisfaction, but you couldn’t deny that your interest was at least a little piqued.

“…So what were you planning?” you sighed, finally giving in.

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turkishangorakat  asked:

You're getting into witchcraft? :0 Ive been wanting to for forever but without a grimore i cant really start out

Oh heckie friendo! You don’t really need a Grimoire to start witchcraft! :0

Right now I’m starting a Book of Shadows, which ( from my understanding ) is basically a journal. You can fill it with spells, definitions,meaning of crystals or what they do,etc.etc! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I mean mine right now is just a small binder with notebook paper and a few dividers! Though it can be as colourful or as bland as you want! 

It’s best to be organized though, so that you’re able to easily find what you’re looking for, say a certain spell,for example, would be extremely difficult to find if you didn’t have different sections for different types of spells!

However, it is best to have physical copies of witchcraft books so you have them at your disposal all the time! 

You should do some more research before you start doing rituals or spells, and definitely have a chat with a witch! Everyone’s experience is different but it’s always good to have someone who’s already had a hands-on experience with it! Plus, you can ask whatever questions you’ve got on your mind! ^-^

And just because you’ve got the Grimoire doesn’t exactly mean you can cast spells immediately! You also have to have the materials to actually complete it! If you don’t preform it correctly, it could end in disaster :(

Plus, there’s always the internet that can help you! I’ve been going through for a while and it seems pretty legit! Though if any of my followers know a better source, please let me know!!

Also, silly enough, I found some pretty decent Wikihow articles ( I know it’s uh… got a reputation in the memes but these articles helped me! ) The one I’m looking through right now is one on how to start making your Book of Shadows

There’s a lot of other stuff that has to do with witchcraft, but please start off with the basics! Don’t just jump right into spells or rituals and expecting them to work out properly! D:

Also you can totally message me because I can continue to infodump on you because boy.. when I research I fucking r e s e a r c h 

06.11.2016 | 4/100 

If reading for pleasure counts as productive then count this day in. I’ve read a book and is currently reading another. I might get carried away(uh oh) bc why not, school starts in a few days and I really really need to finish this book so I won’t get distracted lol. Anyway, my desk seems livelier today because I put some quite colorful polka-dot wrappers in some things yesterday and decluttered my cork board and my desk. So you see, it’s squeaky clean(for now at least),that’s because I’d hidden the books and papers under the table(don’t worry, it’s also neat down there). Oh well, this sight just makes me feel at peace. 

me: i should get a head start on that paper so i wont be stressed

*a few days later*

me: oh, i still didn’t start that paper? better start soon so i don’t stress

*even more later*

me: ok i really need to do that paper now

*day before paper is due*

me: oh shit that paper is due tomorrow and i didn’t even start it fuck

me: better throw up so i don’t have to go to school tomorrow!


So guys, we’ve got some serious problems here. For once, my father announced he plans to divorce my mom, and selling the houses and all belongings he can, leaving my mother technically without anything.

This happened nearly a month ago, and when my mom asked if he’s serious about it he told us he handed the papers in but didn’t start the progress jet.
So we’re in utter uncertanity here, but if I can, I don’t want to leave my mother defenseless or in financial instability.

On the other hand, my job is getting pretty… well, it’s hard to bear. I am currently sleeping on the floor, got sick from the staff meal for the 4th time in this month, and the scottish weather really challenging my health now. So I need to move - to Australia.

So I decided for commissions, both on my mother’s and my benefit.

Prices (traditional):

For digital:

Thank you guys!