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4 tips for getting ahead after falling behind

So ‘it’ happened. You got sick, you scheduled too much at once, you had a bad day (or week). We’ve all been there and it sucks. And now you’re behind and you’re feeling overwhelmed. These are just a few tips I have for getting back on track (and hopefully ahead) after falling behind.

  • If you are behind on homework it’s time to prioritize. You’re at a point where it might be worth it to let the tiny assignments that aren’t worth very much sit on the back burner until you’ve dealt with the important stuff. So what are your priorities?
    • Do you have work in a class that you’re doing really well in and you feel like you can set it aside and hand it in late, or you can afford to miss the assignment without screwing up your final grade? Great, set it aside and leave that stress for later.
    • Do you have work in a class you’re terrified of failing? Okay, focus in on that. If you don’t eliminate the chief point of stress first you’re going to find it very hard to focus on anything else.
  • Do you have exams coming up that you haven’t studied for? This is rough but you need to decide whether sleep or studying is better for you. There’s no wrong choice here; it’s different for everyone. I am a ‘needs sleep’ person but my roommate is a ‘stay up and get shit done’ person. If you know you can’t function without a decent amount of sleep then ixnay the idea of an all night all together.
    •  Now that you’ve figured that out it’s time to focus; what topics are you doing the worst in? Get started on figuring out what it is you don’t know. 
    • Also make sure to write down what you do know and keep looking over that constantly so you don’t lose the knowledge you already have. 
    • Now figure out what methods you actually have time for; if you’re in a crunch you may not have time for flashcards. I find that when it a crunch it’s helpful to essentially begin compiling a cheat sheet.
    • Write down everything you could possibly need for the exam as though you were going to be able to take it into the exam. Make it clear! Make it easy to glance at! Don’t waist time on making it look pretty!
    • As you go through creating the sheet make sure that you would know what kind of problem or topic that the concept/formula would go with and how you would use it to solve a problem.
    • The above means that you aren’t just copying over formulas, dates, quotes, etc.; You are committing the CONTEXT to your memory and if need be to your sheet.
  •  Is the problem reading? Heaven knows that’s been mine this week! First thing first: READ for the NEXT class. Don’t start with what you should’ve read last week; playing catch up is stressful and means that you may do a ton of work and still not be prepared for the next class.
    •  If you come across parts that don’t make sense because you haven’t read the earlier stuff skip back and skim those bits. 
    • Once you’ve read for the next class you can decide what the best option is for continuing. 
    • Either start at the back end of what you’re behind on or work your way backwards.
  • Is it an essay? Is it more than one? Okie doke. Break those kiddos down into the sections you think you need; intro, para 1, para 2, etc, conclusion. 
    • Alright, now give those sections titles and maybe like a brief summary. 
    • Okay now you’re ready; pick one section from one of your papers to start on. It doesn’t have to be the intro you just need to get started. I like to start with ones that require a bit of research on my part so that I can really get the ball rolling and start collecting articles. 
    • Then you should either set a timer for about thirty minutes and switch off every time the timer goes off, or (my preferred method) write until you finish the section before deciding which one to work on next. 
    • The real key is making sure that you change sections when you find yourself losing steam even if it’s in the middle of a sentence. Sometimes I start a sentence and then forget where I was going with it and it throws off the whole game so by changing sections you allow yourself to refresh and come back with new eyes.

That’s what I’ve got for now, I hope that some of this helps. I also want to remind you that you are not a bad person for getting behind whatever the reason was. Sometimes it happens even when you’re paying attention so try not to worry too much about it! If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and way too stressed out remember to let yourself breath and walk away for a few minutes. I wish you the best of luck and my ask/messenger is always open if you need anything.

hey guys! it’s finally summertime and if you’re anything like me, then you alternate between being extremely busy and extremely bored. still, i’m looking forward to the sunny, relaxed days. here are some ideas to make your summer the best one yet! 

the end of school

  • congrats! you just finished another year of your education! now, it’s time to relax (you deserve it) and get ready for next year
  • go through your notebooks, do you really need those pieces of paper filled with doodles? personally, i throw out everything i don’t want but keep anything that i think could be beneficial to me in the future
  • remember to keep in touch with your friends! but don’’t be afraid to make some new ones!
  • deep clean your room! honestly, this will make everything better and make you believe that summer has actually begun! plus, you can pack anything you won’t be needing for two months
  • get started (or make a plan) for any summer work that you need to do. buy those books for english and any textbooks you need. and get a head start on those math problems and worksheets! if you have any problems, don’t be afraid to email your future teachers. they might not reply, but they will appreciate your proactiveness

make the most of your time!

  • make a summer playlist. there’s nothing like jamming out to some summer tunes!
  • clean out your closet. or room. or bathroom. or anything else that gets cluttered (even your phone!)
  • explore! go hiking, act like a tourist in your hometown, go to that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try, travel somewhere new.
  • read some books
  • learn to code (maybe improve your blog?)
  • learn a new skill (a new recipe, dancing, maybe a language?)
  • do some gardening
  • there’s really so much that you can do in the summer, especially when it’s warm out and you have a bunch of free time! go do whatever you want!

before the end

  • make sure you have finished all your summer assignments (very important!)
  • if you want, read through your textbooks or do some research to get a head start on your classes
  • don’t be sad if you haven’t done everything you wanted, there’s always weekends (and winter break isn’t that far away!)
  • get ready for school. for me, this means getting notebooks/binders organized and school supplies all ready
  • enjoy the last few days! 
la douleur exquise (8)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


I wasn’t myself. After that day on the rooftop with Sehun, my behaviour towards everything and everybody had changed. At the beginning I brushed it off, but the longer I ignored it, the bigger the gnawing feeling on my insides got until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. 

Jay and Baekhyun had both noticed my change in demeanor and there was nothing I could do. Each day felt as if it was a struggle and it’s all my fault. 

The second I accepted this job I had told myself that I would remain professional and just do what was expected of me and go home. That was my plan, which now was slowly falling to pieces. I let Sehun get to me again and this was the result. 

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Horrible (Nick)Names || Hank McCoy x Reader

Authors Note: Based off a headcanon I made to piss @haankmccoy off months ago, enjoy.

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Hank rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the sleep out of them. He’d woken up with a rather bad headache and as he put on his glasses he noticed a glass of water and an advil; along side a note.

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Studying With Mingyu, Seungcheol, and Jisoo

This is basically just fluff, fluff, and more fluff :’) happy reading! (also it’s low-key ironic b/c i wrote this when i was supposed to be studying for a math test oops.)

- Admin Erin


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  • i feel like Mingyu would be the kind of friend who tries to stay focused but just can’t bring himself to sit still and be quiet when one of his friends is with him???
  • like if he was by himself he would be fine but nO
  • his best friend (you) who also happens to be his crush since forever ago had to have dragged him along to the cafe on campus to study
  • he’d plug his earphones in and be all relaxed and stuff but that’s until you start asking him for help on a few problems
  • his concentration would be dragged away from his laptop screen (not that he would mind it)
  • oh and sNACKS
  • and coffee
  • once you tell him you understand the problem he’ll continue to check on you (aka pester you) every few minutes 
  • it low-key pisses you off but at the same time 
  • it makes you v happy that he cares :’)
  • and just imAGINE
  • “hey mingyu, could you help me out with this?” 
  • and he looks up at you with thOSE EYES
  • and a little teasing smirk on his face like
  • “do you need me to help you with everything?” 
  • and when you protest (”no of course not now shut up and help me”) he’ll chuckle and shake his head slightly
  • “i’m just kidding. geez”


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  • oml i just got so inspired by ^^ that gif
  • i feel like you wouldn’t really need help, but instead you were just working on a research paper or project that you’re really determined to finish
  • and of course you need someone to keep you company while you work (aka someone to help you not get distracted)
  • and so you drag seungcheol to this nice little picnic table on campus, pull out your laptop, and start working
  • your conversation is as follows:
  • “why’d you bring me here if you’re not even gonna talk to me??”
  • “because you need to keep me on task.”
  • and then he flops to the grass and lets out the most irritated groan you have ever heard like
  • you’re scared he’s gonna scold you like that one time you interrupted him as he was writing some lyrics
  • “please seungcheol??” 
  • he doesn’t reply and you roll your eyes, returning your attention the computer screen
  • he lets you work for about fifteen minutes before he stands up and gives you a back hug, resting his chin on top of your head 
  • “i’m bored”
  • “so am i” is all you say as you continue writing
  • “well, i’ll entertain you then” 
  • and then he starts tickling your sides and as your best friend, he knows how ticklish you are there
  • so basically studying with intermittent tickle fights


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  • OK SO i have a friend who’s taking Intro to Psychology and 
  • this was basically inspired by one of her snaps (on snapchat lol)
  • so after classes one day, when you’re heading to your job at this preschool you work at, Jisoo comes up to you
  • y’all haven’t really talked before now so you’re kinda shy ://
  • “hi, I’m Joshua. you’re y/n, right?”
  • tbh you feel a bit pleased that he knows who you only have Theology with him and that class has a crap ton of ppl
  • you agree and he smiles, showing off his cat eyes and you realize that wOW he’s really cute!!
  • “um… y/n, i was wondering if you could help me out with a project?? you work at the daycare near here, right?”
  • “yeah… why????” (ok this dude is cute as hell but how does he know where you work…)
  • “ah, um, for my psychology class we’re doing this thing where i have to observe little kids, so i didn’t want to seem strange, just walking in without telling someone, so i thought that i should ask you first”
  • “of course! i was just heading there now”
  • when you get there, the little kids all crowd around you (you’re secretly their favorite) 
  • “okay everyone, this is Mr. Joshua, he’s-”
  • “is he your boyfriend??” one of the little girls, Catherine, asks, and a blush spreads across your cheeks like freaking wildfire
  • “nononono, he’sjustheretoworkonsomethingforhisschool!”
  • you spoke way too fast and awkwardly b/c now all the children are jumping around and shouting “ms. y/n has a crush”
  • so let’s just skip the awkwardness between you and joshua and get to the fluff
  • so the little kids adjust to him and they absolutely LOVE HIM
  • when it’s time for their nap he lies down next to one little boy he’s really taken a liking to and he sings a lullaby to him to help him fall asleep and wOW
  • he’s a gentleman, cute, and he can sing exceptionally well!!!
  • in the end, he falls asleep on the floor with the kid and it’s probably the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life
  • holy crap this got really long i’ll stop here before i wreck my bias list even more lol

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0 // Yoongi // Bts

0: for 0 fucks given

gang/mafia au. 0-100 real fast.

“Boss, there’s a bit of cargo missing from our last shipment.”

Yoongi doesn’t even look up from the paperwork on his desk; the only acknowledgement the messenger receives is an ever-slight twitch of an eyebrow.

Seriously, Yoongi thinks, people should know better than to disturb him when he’s this deep in work. Or in general, really. Where the hell was his damned secretary when he needed them? He’s really starting to regret giving them a vacation–for two weeks, which, in his line of work, is a lot–because Yoongi would very much like someone redirecting these miserable underlings to the right people and keeping pests out of his office. Like, for example, this one right now.

“I don’t care,” Yoongi nearly growls out, continue to read the papers in front of him. “Tell that to J-Hope. Now get out.”

Dutifully, the man backs out of the office, shutting the door meekly. Yoongi lets out a huff.

Unfortunately for him, the rest of the day is not any better. One annoyance after another appears before him in his office, pulling Yoongi from his ever-precious concentration.

“Boss, how do you load this gun again?”

“Boss, there’s been a scuffle in District 3…”

“Boss, where’s the location of our downtown rendezvous spot?”

On the verge of a meltdown, Yoongi harshly dismisses the person from his office and promptly takes out a Rice Krispie treat. He’s hungry. Needs sustenance. Something to bite and tear apart that isn’t a human.

And, because the universe officially hates him, his door busts open again. Fuck that door and its broken lock.

“Yoon–I mean, Boss, are you in a Rice Krispie mood today?”

Yoongi gives an utterly unamused look at the intruder. Two, actually. Jungkook and his mentor, Taehyung.

Taehyung makes a disatisfied noise and pushes Jungkook slightly back. “No, no. You gotta say: ’sup Boss, what’s crisp?”


“You gotta communicate in memes,” Taehyung says, seriously. “You can’t just ask him directly.”

“Oh,” Jungkook says, nodding. His hand twitches and Yoongi knows that he’s just dying to whip out a notepad and jot down notes.

“Get out.” Yoongi discards the shiny foil wrapper in the almost-full wastebasket next to his desk.

“Aw, that’s so mean,” Taehyung says, almost cooing. Yoongi wrinkles his nose in disgust. “You’re kicking us out before you even hear what we have to say!”

“Whatever it is, I don’t care.”

“I think you will,” Jungkook says. Yoongi narrows his eyes.

“Listen up, kid,” he says. “You nee–”

“_______ has gone missing.”

“–What?” Yoongi jolts up and stares, wide-eyed, at the mention of your name. His earlier annoyance is immediately replaced with panic and rage. “What do you mean missing? I swear to fucking god, I literally had an entire team of people watching out for her! How can she go missing? There’s no fucking way–where? Any leads?” He is met with blank stares. Taehyung tentatively holds his hands up in surrender.

“Um, we’re just uh, the messengers. Know about as much as you do.”

Yoongi lets out a frustrated noise. He loosens his tie, gets up out of his chair. “Call in the team,” he barks, already beginning to pace across his office feverishly. “We need to investigate this now.”

“On it, Boss.”

And the duo leave, with Taehyung smirking just as he slips out the door. Yoongi doesn’t notice and Taehyung’s fine with that; he’s content with the utter amusement of how fast Yoongi can go from 0-100 at the mention of a single person.

drabble game: numbers | closed

a/n: i’m sorry i originally started on this and then saved it in my drafts AND THEN FORGOT I HAD STUFF IN MY DRAFTS FML

Request- Jealous Much?

“What the- Moose, you can’t just take my fries like that!” You yelled at your longtime best friend.
“Sorry Y/N, it’s just, if I order some I’d have to wait. So I figured why wait for my own fries when I can take yours?” He said, trying to justify his treachery.
“Why must you wound me so, Elk,” you mocked him.
“Rude, I thought you were gonna help me with my English homework, not make fun of me,” he whined.
“Oh, alright, Buck, read me what you got,” you said.
“Reading this paper will teach you that,” Moose started, but was interrupted by Reggie.
“Now what kind of study session involves so much food? And so much concentration?” Reggie asked.
“Come on, Reg, I’m trying to get a good grade on this paper. If I don’t I can’t play,” Moose said.
“It seems you must be really desperate to get her to help you. You usually only ask her when you really really need the help,” Reggie said.
“Well, based on the beginning of his paper’s sentence, he’s gonna need the help,” you said. “Now run along, Reggie, we have stuff to do.”
“Aw, i wanted to stay longer,” Reggie pouted. He couldn’t help it. Reggie didn’t want to leave you alone with Moose. Even if you and Moose have been friends for the past 12 years, he couldn’t possibly let you two have any sort of relationship outside of friendship.
“Fine you can stay, but find something to work on,” you said. His heart swelled at that.
Over the next few hours he enjoyed himself in your presence, but there was a pit of jealousy swirling in his stomach. And it was getting ready to spill.
“Bye, Y/N, thanks for the help. I’ll see you two tomorrow,” Moose said walking out of Pop’s.
“Now why are you so quiet, Mantle?” Y/N asked.
“No reason,” Reggie replied.
“Oh come on, something has to be wrong if you’re pouting like that. Spill your innards, now,” you demanded.
“Why do you and him hang out so much? Is there something going on between you two?” Reggie nearly shouted.
“What? Oh, God, no. Why? Are you jealous?” You quickly responded.
“Yeah, I am. Is there anything wrong with that?” Reggie asked.
“I mean, do you have a crush on me? Or, do you have a crush on Moose? Oh my, God, you’re in love with Moose. I knew it! Cheryl owes me five bucks,” you spewed.
“What? No! I’m not in love with Moose, Y/N, I’m in love with you,” Reggie spilled.
“Oh, my, um. Thank you? I like you, a lot, but I’m gonna need some deep dark secrets and more time with you for it to be love,” you quickly said back.
“Well that’s it then! Sleepover at mine. We’ll spill our darkest secrets, have a pillow fight, braid each other’s hair, and have a deep deep talk,” Reggie suggested sarcastically.
“As much as I’d love to take you up on that offer, it’s a school night. Maybe next Saturday? Until then, how about we go on a date?” You said seriously.
“I’m down for that,” Reggie agreed. “Lets go on that date.”


A-Z of skam drabbles: A

Summary: Even loves convincing his boyfriend to miss afternoon classes and Isak is really bad at resisting.

Word Count: 531

A/N: so i’m starting a drabble series?? idk how far I’ll actually get but I have the first few written so might as well start posting them!!

Isak used to be a good student.  Well really he still is, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like that anymore because he’s getting dangerously close to the absent limit and the semesters not even close to being over.  

It’s only in his Wednesday and Friday afternoon classes though, because Even doesn’t have a class then so really this is all Even’s fault.  Or maybe it’s Isak’s fault for being so damn bad at saying no to his boyfriend.  Isak prefers blaming Even though.

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3 ford comforting Fidds

3. “Hey, don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself”


Fiddleford could not sleep for the life of him. The day was now done and the sudden lack of distractions gave way for the creeping fear of failure to sneak its way back into his mind. Every minute or so he would glance over at the paper balls that surrounded the trash can; the essays that did not make it past the first paragraph.

The man gritted his teeth and rolled over in his bed so he faced the wall. He could not focus on this now. When he had agreed to take a break from the paper he had told himself he would get enough sleep to wake up and start it in the morning.

Fidds stubbornly closed his eyes and tried to force himself to sleep. His eyes opened when he felt an uncomfortably feeling on the bottom of his foot. He moved the leg around and groaned when he could not get the sensation to disappear.

Obviously, his nerves were too high for him to settle down into sleep. He threw off the blankets dramatically and slipped out of the bed.

Fidds was not as careful as he should be with his sleeping roommate across the room but he did not care. If he did not start this paper now he was not going to be getting a wink of sleep. He sat down, turned on the desk lamp, and stared at the paper he had left on the surface.

“Okay, Fiddleford, just write the paper,” he whispered to himself and chose a pen from the pile on the wooden surface.

The small verbal command was easier said softly then put into practice. Fiddleford started to write and then would read over the words and either scratch them out or crumple up the paper. The pile by the desk increased at an exponential speed. With each new paper ball added to the pile the more distressed and frustrated Fiddleford became.

He crumpled up the last piece of paper he had in anger and chucked it across the room.

Fidds did not see where the paper landed. The distressed form of the man crumping on the desk. His leg shook quickly and his hands were buried in his hair. The sharp tug of pain from the stress he was putting on the hair’s roots brought him a weird sense of calm.

“I can’t do this. I can’t do this,” he muttered to himself.

Fidds almost jumped out of his skin when hands grabbed his own and gently tried to pry them away.

“Don’t do that. You’ll hurt yourself,” Stanford’s voice whispered over him.

Fiddleford did not move as the hands were detached and held in the warm palms of his roommate. He did not look up to see if he had received a disappointed expression. This was the second time in two days he had almost broke down in front of this man and it was embarrassing.

“Fiddleford,” Ford gently held the other man’s hands and kneeled down beside him, “What is going on? You can tell me.”

Fidds stared at the wood of the desk and tried to control his breathing.

“It…it’s stupid,” he mustered out. His voice was horse from the lump that had manifested in his throat.

“It is not stupid if it is distressing you like this.”

Silence settled between them as Fiddleford struggled to remain calm and Stanford waited patiently for an answer. His leg continued to bounce along; his bare heal hitting the ground for barely a second before it went back up into the air. The shaking caused his body to shake along with the rhythm.

“I…I can’ do this…” Fiddleford said softly, “I can’ do this paper. I can’ pass this class.”

Fidds saw Ford look away from the corner of his eye in the direction of the trash can and felt his stomach drop when the man moved away. He heard the sound of paper being uncrumpled and cringed. He did not need Stanford to read over the failed attempts.

Fiddleford’s hands twitched in the desire to go back into his hair but Stanford’s hand rested on top of them.

“You have a pretty good start here,” Ford said after a moment, “I am sure if we worked together we could get a rough draft done before the night is out.”

Fiddleford raised his head some and looked over at his roommate confused.


Stanford smiled at him from his spot on the floor and held up one of the papers.

“I just need your notes and we could get started now.”

“But…but you have class in the mornin’,” Fiddleford protested, “I don’ wanna keep you up.”

“Nonsense,” Ford said and released Fiddleford’s hands so he could pull his desk chair over, “I am more than willing to help. I wasn’t really sleeping anyway.”

Fiddleford stared dumbly at the man as Ford started to ramble about the topic of Fiddleford’s paper. A warm spot started to form in his chest as Ford brought out some extra paper and started to make a make shift outline.

“…you see it is all quite simple when you organize it this way,” Ford finished and smiled at his roommate.

Fidds chuckled and looked over the paper, “Yeah, ‘cause yer so great at staying organized.”

“Don’t dis my organized chaos, McGucket,” Ford shot back with a teasing smile, “It is a method that only true genius would understand.”

“Can’ wait to meet that genius then.”

Stanford scoffed and turned away in a dramatic show of ‘I’m not gonna help you now’ which made Fiddleford snort. The lanky man wrapped his arms around Stanford’s shoulders and sighed.

“Thank you,” he said softly.

“For what?”

Fiddleford did not give Ford an answer. The once distressed student pulled out of the hug and looked at the paper on his desk. He hummed to himself and started to fill in the outline.

Stanford opened his mouth to ask again but decided against it. He just grabbed his friend’s notes.

“So, you are going to want to use these more detailed descriptions as details for a main point…”

Blind Date

Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 3322

(A/N: This isn’t exactly like the request, but I got really excited and carried away with it, so please forgive me)

“I don’t need a boyfriend.” you stated, looking down at the paper coffee cup in your hands.

“You know that’s a lie.” your best friend said, laughing and leaning back in her chair. Of course, she was absolutely right, but you didn’t want her to know that. She had been trying to convince you to let her set you up on a blind date for a few days now, and it was starting to get tiring refusing her.

“Who would you even set me up with?” you asked.

“It wouldn’t be a blind date if I told you, now would it?” she sighed, looking at you like you were stupid. You just made a face at her and looked back at your teacup. “It wouldn’t be that bad. The guy I had in mind already said that he was willing to let me set him up with someone.”

“Really?” you said, your head snapping up.

“I knew you were interesteeed!” your friend squealed, bouncing up and down in her seat. Damn it. You didn’t want to give her this satisfaction, but you couldn’t deny that your interest was at least a little piqued.

“…So what were you planning?” you sighed, finally giving in.

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fullmetal-fitblr  asked:

I need your help!! Can you keep me accountable to draw tonight?

Yes I can!  If I don’t see anything from you by 9:00pm MST, I’ll bug you.

More importantly, I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ll draw! ^_^  Start coming up with ideas now, so you can get going as soon as your pencil hits the paper!

Starting to end again
Stones in my heart turned into dust,
used to cover me away from sharp fingers,
pointing the imperfection of how a flower grows
and now it’s suffocating
Drowning to letters that I couldn’t make as words
I want to breathe with a beautiful song,
but it’s hard to create words in tune
I needed to feel my veins in my feet to get enough tree
I’ve called a million times, crumpled papers that I got
no sketch, or even a question for what I really feel
I was the autumn waiting for the glint of my eyes, 
I have hardly felt the breathing, because I was too scared,
take a step, take one last try, make a sound to be heard,
but got ignored, got zero calls and even a little ink on my skin
How many signs do I have to create to let you see and discover?
These scenes in my head doesn’t know how to stop
water cracks in my spirit, crowded world the loneliest place
I see my eyes in the sky, blank gloaming, beauty of misery
I see the underrated white part, bleeds so clean,
knows the screaming blue inside of me, 
I cry through purple ropes as the only rescue 
I thought my whole soul was flooded with my tears,
but I could only let my body fade its water
I’ve always been a withered flower and now I want you to stop
I’ve watered myself too much, but always death that its fate
I wanted to be filled with the love of the world,
not these feelings that I could always feel all at once
Feels like a cockroach crawls on my skin, 
but wanting me to slit rapidly, up and down, a little touch
In and In, deep suffering as I go back to a fake home 
this might be dark and unsure of the inside,
but I trust in the comfort of closing the two doors,
sawing the gate, making way for a piece of feather,
erasing the roads, because this time I’ll make a choice
All I ever wish is for these stars to guide me,
but I guess I’ll sleep on the floor
Not scared to walk away, confident to reach the last chance.

Truth Or Dare


Pairing: Liam x Reader

Prompt: “Truth or dare, pick one”

Summary: Liam decides to play truth or dare to find out whether or not you like him.

You came over to Liam’s house per his request, you didn’t know why he had invited you over considering there was no homework that had to be done, and Liam and you never spent time alone together. Turning the handle to his room you opened it, while butterflies erupted in your stomach. You saw Liam laying stomach first on his bed, books spread out everywhere.

“What’s all this?” you asked.

“I have an overdue assignment, and I was wondering if you could help me?” he asked moving across to make room for you.

“You could of just called Mason” you said, still not sure why he called you.

“I did, but Mason is busy trying to figure out how his going to impress Corey on their date tonight” .

Sitting on his bed, you crossed your legs and studied the material that Liam had to finish for this assignment that was meant to be handed in a few days ago.

“And what about Hayden?” you asked.

This time Liam sat up and leaned against the pillow, “I called you instead. Why wasn’t I suppose too?”.

“No, it’s just you and I have never really been alone together…that’s all”.

Picking up the nearest sheet of paper you read what was on it, Liam’s eyes were still fixed on you and it was starting to make you slightly uncomfortable.

There were these lingering feelings that you tried to ignore when it came to Liam, but for some strange reason they wouldn’t go away. And now you were a bit nervous to just be one on one with him, without the other members of the pack.

“So what did you need help with?” you asked trying to divert the conversation to a different topic.

“I don’t really get the last two questions” he said, going back to laying on his stomach.

It didn’t take long for you to explain to him what he needed to do, in order to complete this assignment for English. He did most of the writing whereas you just gave him helpful pointless, and tips on how to make certain parts better. The study session or whatever this was only took about an hour max, and just like that Liam had finished his assignment in no time.

“Thanks for helping me Y/N” he said with a smile. He got up and packed the books into his bag, probably so he wouldn’t forget them the next day.

“No problem, to be honest I thought we would be here longer”.

“Hey!” he pouted and that made you laugh.

“I’m just saying it was an overdue assignment after all”.

He sat down back on his bed, but this time he was a lot closer to you than before. Feeling the butterflies flutter faster in your stomach, you couldn’t help but directly stare at him.

“Do you want to play a game?” Liam suddenly asked out of the blue.

“I think I should be heading home”.

Liam placed his hand on top of yours, and the mere simple action meant a lot more to you than he probably realized. “Please just one game” he said while removing his hand from yours.

You couldn’t resist when Liam did those puppy dog eyes, he had the face of innocence that was for sure. “Okay, what’s the game?”.

“Truth or dare?” he wiggled his eyebrow and you knew that this game was all sorts of trouble, even if it wasn’t intended to be.

“Out of all the games that is the one you picked?”

“Yeah it’s the only one I can think of, come on it will be fun”.

Sighing you really didn’t have any choice, Liam seemed very eager to play this game and you knew he wouldn’t let you go unless you amused him by playing at least one round. “So who’s going first?” you asked.

“I’ll go first, okay Y/N truth or dare, pick one?”.

This game was tricky for many reasons, but the safest option was truth at least that’s what you always thought. “I pick truth”. For some reason your answer made Liam grin and he rubbed his hands on his pants, and took a breath.

“If I asked you out on a date would you say yes?”.

Mouth open and extremely shocked that wasn’t the question you thought he would ask. You thought it would be some random, silly question that you didn’t have to think twice about…but no it was a serious question that required a very serious answer.

“You want to go on a date with me?” you asked just making sure that you had heard him correctly.

“Yes I do, wanted to ask you that for awhile now”.

This wasn’t a question that you could have days to think about it, and you owed Liam an answer that you knew.

You didn’t know what it was but you said, “Yes I’ll go on a date with you” faster than you had answered anything in your life before.

“That’s great, I-mean I’ll see you tomorrow at 6?” he said not bothering to hide how happy he was.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then” you said.

You left Liam’s room and now the only thing that was running through your mind was, what were you going to wear.

One thing I do really love about the project I’m working on right now is that it’s engaging literally every subject I learned in high school except the so-called ‘practical’ ones.

Math? Absolutely vital.

English? A necessary precondition.

History? Literally half of my job. And all of this paper.

Philosophy? The other half.

Science? Wouldn’t understand half of this without it.

Languages? I needed basic competence in three to even get started on the project, and right now I really wish I’d studied two more. This whole project’s being held up by the fact that my Latin, that ‘useless dead language’, is so bad.

Art? Not indispensible, but it does make elements of the project much easier.

Music? Ditto

Home Ec? Well, I’m not using it directly. But I do use sewing as a way to relax in between projects, so it’s involved.

So, I can now officially say that the only part of my high school education that was a waste of time was the bit where they told me how to do my taxes, because I can get software for that, but I can’t get software that will interpret Aristotle for me.

Cameron Dallas - Stressed out

I was happy that my boyfriend, Cameron was home finally, but I had so much work this weekend I was stressed out, not knowing if I will be able to finish everything. My boss hated me and I just didn’t want to give him the opportunity to pick on me.

I was sitting at my desk, it was full of papers and I didn’t even know what I was supposed to do anymore. I heard Cameron entering the room. I moved to his apartment a few months ago, but mostly only I was home, because Cameron had to travel a lot.

“Hey baby” he said gently massaging my shoulders. It felt so good, oh God! “It’s 1 am, come on, you need to sleep.”

“I have to finish these first” I said gesturing towards the papers.

“You can do this later and besides, I don’t like to sleep in our bed alone” he murmured into my ears. Normally I would jump into bed with him, but I really needed some more time before going to bed.

“No, Cam, I don’t have time, I have to be finished by Monday.”

He hummed something and the started to kiss my neck and then my shoulders, not listening to what I said to him.

“Cam, please, not now” I whined, but he wasn’t paying attention and I was starting to get annoyed.

“Just leave this here, it won’t go anywhere” he said between two kisses.

“No! Just leave me alone! I have to work!” I snapped at him suddenly. I was stressing out and as much as I wanted to be with him, I couldn’t and he wouldn’t listen to me. He was taken aback of my outburst.

“Yeah, okay, whatever” he said offended and then just left the room. I heard the slam of our bedroom’s door.

“Fuck” I muttered knowing he was now hurt.

And he was right. I couldn’t concentrate anymore, it was too late and I was too tired. I turned off the lamp on my desk and then went to our bedroom. It was dark, but I could see Cam’s silhouette on the bed. I took off my clothes and put on one of his shirts with a panty and crawled onto the bed next to.

“Baby, I’m sorry” I said knowing he was still awake. He didn’t answer. “I didn’t mean to snap at you, I’m just so stressed out, I’m so sorry Cam” I said softly. He turned to face me, stayed silent for a couple of moments and then found my hands with his under the sheets.

“I understand it, but I miss you so much when I’m away, I don’t like to see you like that when I’m home” he said quietly running his thumb across the back of my hand.

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s not your fault that your boss is an asshole” he smiled.

“Yeah, but I shouldn’t be so worried about work” I said thinking it through. I was a good employee, there were worse people working near me, my boss wouldn’t fire me because of some little mistakes.

“You should quit, it’s not healthy that you work so much. Besides, I earn enough for both of us, even more, you could stay at home.” He always said that, but I always argued with him because of it. I didn’t want to just stay at home, wait for him to come back, I would go insane.

“Cam, we already talked about it” I sighed.

“I know, but what if you just find another job you do like, and it wouldn’t even matter how much you would earn. The point is to do what you like. You always loved to cook, you could apply to a restaurant if you wanted.”

It didn’t sound bad actually. He was right, I wouldn’t have to stay home, I could do what I really wanted to do and we wouldn’t even have to worry about the money.

“Sounds good” I said finally.

“Really? I thought you would say no” he said surprised. I laughed at him.

“Can we talk about it tomorrow? I’m really tired and I want to cuddle with my super sweet boyfriend.” I hugged him under the sheets and I finally felt relaxed.

“Anything you want princess. Now come here” he kissed me. He laid on his back so I could rest my head on his chest hugging his torso. “I love you baby” he said kissing the top of my head.

“I love you too.”


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adding an individualized course at my school is a nightmare that has, for me, involved over 15 emails, multiple trips to the biology office, and now a paper form that i need to get signed by a professor, and i’m frustrated because it’s going to look to him like i procrastinated so much more than i actually did, when really i’ve been trying to get this done for over a month now and it’s the fault of the university being full of red tape and of school administrators who genuinely forgot that i needed their help!

Changed: Part Eight

Part 8: Awakening

Summary: A/U in which the Reader is married to and has a child with Soldier!Steve.

Pairings/Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader, Bucky x Natasha, Peggy, OC Daughter – Emma

Warnings: Attempted Rape. Suicide. Angst. Funerals. Death. Language. General Sadness. Smut. Birth. IDFK READER BEWARE.

A/N: Thank you to @bovaria and @bionic-buckyb for helping me out with this. The birth mentioned in this chapter is actually what happened to me so be gentle. lol

Catch up with the CHANGED SERIES here.

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It was a few months after you were released from the hospital when Steve made an appearance at your house early one morning. Bucky who was shuffling by to the kitchen in search of coffee, but was quickly in defensive mode, shielding you with the door.

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Pack Mom - Part 11

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Request 1//  Derek and Y/n lets Liam babysit Talia and he’s nervous so she gives him a list to do with her. Once they come home from a movie they see Liam playing with her

Request 2//  Part 11 to pack mom where the pack find out that not only does Liam call the reader mom but he now calls Derek dad and they’re slightly weirded out and obviously Stiles is the one to say something against it but then Derek gets super protective over Liam saying he’s part of the family and later that night the couple surprise Liam with adoption papers wanting to make it official and Derek even tells him if he wants to change his last name to hale please

A/N// Sorry, But This Part Is A Bit Longer Than The Other Parts But I Hope You Don’t Mind

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8  Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14

Well, I don’t believe that Liam didn’t know anything about looking after a baby because he was so good at it. When he and Talia were both together they were both laughing, smiling and having fun. Talia might only be 7 months old but I would always catch Liam reading books to her and play with toys to keep her entertained. But the one thing he has never done is look after Talia alone, Derek or I have been with him. So we had to put him to the test. Derek and I had the best Idea how we could do that too. When Liam was out one night having a games night around Masons house and Talia was fast asleep tucked into bed, we talked about adopting Liam. 

We both thought it was a great Idea he was part of the family and we both saw him as our son, so why not make it official. So we wanted to surprise him, so we planned for him to look after Talia for a few hours on his own and we would lie and tell him we would be going to the movies, but we were actually going to get the adoption forms.

The only problem was that we could have to get permission from his parents and they would have to sign the adoption forms. We had no idea of what they were going to say, but we kept our fingers crossed and hoped for the best.

We planned to go out around 6 pm so, in the meantime, the pack was around, just chilling out. The pack arrived around 11 o’clock, and as soon as Lydia stepped through the door she was straight over to Talia and picking her up cuddling her. Everyone took a seat and were chatting and having a good laugh. Everyone was in deep conversation when Liam came out of his room.

“Mom, Where’s Dad?” He asked making the room go silent. I could have heard a pin drop. 

“He’s in the kitchen, sweetie” Liam looked around the room, while everyone just stared at him. He just gave me a nod in return and went to find Derek. No one said a word, they just stared at each other,  not only that he called me mom but shocked that now Liam called Derek dad.

Derek and Liam came back into the living room. No one said a word, as they didn’t know what to say. The only noise that could be heard was from Talia. That’s only until Stiles had to say something. Come on it’s Stiles obviously he had to say something.

“Dad? You call Derek Dad? That is so weird!” Stiles exclaimed,  speaking what everyone was speaking. When I looked over at Liam, he was looking down at the floor avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room.

“Yes he does Stiles if you have a problem with that leave, he’s family so if he wants to call me dad, then he can,” Derek said getting super protective over Liam and putting his arm around his shoulder. “So do you have anything else to say?” Derek asked

“Nope,” Stiles said simply not wanting to get on the wrong side of Derek. Nothing else was said about the situation. The pack left around 5 o’clock so Derek and I could get ready to go to the “Movies”. 

When I finished getting ready I went down to Liam as Derek went to get ready. Liam had a nervous look on his face.

“You alright sweetheart?” I asked pulling him into a hug.

“What if something happens when you are out?” Liam said

“Just ring us, but nothing will happen, I have seen you look after your sister so many time and you do a great job of it. She is lucky to have a big brother like you” I told him hugging him tighter. 

“But I’m nervous, I don’t know what to do” Liam informed you.

“Would it make you feel better if I wrote you a list of what to do?” I asked. His smile grew wider and he gave me a nod. I let him go and went to get a piece of paper and a pen. 

   To Do List

 6:00// Keep her entertained

 6:30// Feed her. Food, bowls and spoons are in the cupboard

 7:00// Give her a bath, toys are all in the cupboard. Get everything you need before you put her in the bath. DO NOT LEAVE HER BY HERSELF!

 7:30// Play with her a bit, then get her settled for bed. You know her bottles are, fill it up with her milk and warm it up. MAKE SURE IT ISN’T TO HOT!

 8:00// Bedtime. Her not you

 P.S// You will be fine baby, you have nothing to worry about. Love you. Ring if you need anything.

I handed Liam the piece of paper. 

“I put where everything is in case you forgot where it was, I put till her bedtime but we might be back before that but if not you have everything you need to do” Liam looked up at you and smiled. Derek came downstairs ready to go. 

“Right, Talia is asleep so she will wake up soon, so have fun,“ Derek told Liam walking towards the door. I gave Liam one last hug before I left.

"If you need us just ring, I love you,” I said kissing him on his head.

“Okay I love you too and have fun,” Liam said and we headed out of the door, ready to make Liam officially our son.

Liam’s P.O.V

I was so nervous to look after Talia by myself. But before I could think of anything else I heard her crying. I went to her room and picked her up out of her crib. As soon as I did that she stopped. I rocked her a bit then I went downstairs and looked at the list what mom left me. “Keep her entertained” . I got out all her toys and placed them on the floor and I sat down with her. I loved her laughter so much. It was the cutest thing ever. We played with puzzles and teddy’s. 

It turned 6:30 and ready to feed Talia. I picked her up off the floor and took her into the kitchen and sat her in her high chair and got her some food. I sat down in front of her and started feeding her. She was defiantly a messy eat. Talia got it everywhere. She definitely needed a bath. So that is the thing I did next. 

When I read the list, mom told me not to leave her alone, so before I ran the bath, I got everything she would need and took her into the bathroom. I ran the bath and grabbed all her toys. I took all her clothes of ready to bath her. I made sure the bath wasn’t to hot then placed her in. She loved the bubbles so much. I gave her all her toys and kneeled down next to the bath not taking my eyes off her. She started splashing and getting water and bubbles everywhere.

“What do you think you are doing?” I said sweetly, causing her to laugh. I let her play with her toys for around 10  minutes they I got her washed then got her out and wrapped her in her pink fluffy towel. I got her dressed and took her back downstairs.

Y/N’s P.O.V

We had the adoption papers in our hands. We just need Liam’s parents to sign them. And that is where we are headed right now. When we pulled up outside I began to get really nervous. Derek grabbed my hand.

“Stop worrying, they will probably do it anyway, when have they ever called to see if he was okay? He as lived with us for over a year now” He told me, and it was true they never called to check on him.

I knocked on the door and Liam’s mom answered. 

“What do you two want?” She asked sounding rude

“We want to ask you something,” I told her

“Go ahead then,” She said sound annoyed. I couldn’t get the words out, but before I could say anything Derek spoke.

“We want you to sigh these papers" 

"What are they?” She asked snatching them off him.

“Adoption papers, We want to adopt Liam,” Derek told her.

“You want to adopt that little brat, the one who ruined this family because of his anger, go ahead I will be happy to sign them” How dare she talk about Liam like that. She hasn’t even spoke to him in ages. His anger has got a lot better. Derek could sense my anger and told me to go and wait in the car, and that is what I did. I couldn’t listen to her talk about my baby like that.

I watched her hand the papers back and practically slam the door into his face. He got into the car looking shocked.

“Did she sign them?” I question

“Yep, he is officially our son,” Derek told me. I hug him so tight, I couldn’t wait to tell Liam.

Getting Home//

When we got home we walked into the loft and Liam was sat with Talia on his knee, she was drinking her Milk and he was reading a book to her. 

“Hey, sweetie did everything go okay,” I asked kissing his head.

“Yeah she was good as gold,” He told me

“Come here princess,” Derek said and took Talia to bed. I wanted to wait till Derek to tell Liam.

I sat on the sofa and pulled Liam into my lap and hugged him tight. 

“So she was good?” I asked

“Yeah she was, we had fun, I fed her and she is such a messy eater,” Liam told me laughing. 

“Glad you had fun sweetie,” I said, then Derek came downstairs.

“I’m going to go bed and leave you to alone,” Liam told us, but I pulled him back into my lap.

“Liam we have something to tell you,” Derek said.

“Have I done something wrong?” Liam asked 

“No, Liam, we didn’t go to the movies tonight,” I said, earning a confused look.

“Where did you go?” He questioned. Derek handed him the papers. He opened them up and his smile grew wider and wider.

“Ar…Are they real?” Liam asked with his eyes filling up with tears

“Yeah they are, Liam you are officially our son now,” I told him with tears in my eyes. Liam didn’t know what to say he just hugged me then got up and hugged Derek.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. This is the best surprise ever” We ended up having a big family hug.

“And Liam if you want to you change your surname to Hale, only if you want to, You don’t have to,” Derek asked

“Liam Hale, I like it”

Part 12?