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The Beard Sequel has arrived
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Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:

not sure how many of you noticed but I deleted a taeil request that I had just finished because it came to my attention that the exact same request had already been written a while ago here  by @thenctcults

This was exactly what I feared: two writers ending up having written the same thing. I feel bad for doing something she already did and like I said before, writers know when the same request has been sent in. Luckily she was kind enough to inform me about this situation since we’d already been talking for a while–otherwise she would’ve completely chewed me out for plagiarizing her work and I’d lose all face and probably never post anything on here ever again. 

I don’t want this to get too long but bottom line is please please please do not send me or any other writer the same request you already sent to another writer or send in a request that’s already been written. I am not demanding for an apology from the person who sent me the request.  I just want to put my thoughts out there and hope this sort of thing doesn’t happen again because now I feel like shit for not realizing my mistake ahead of time. 

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Tsukishima :3

give me a character and I’ll answer:

  • do I like them: um YES??? I love my tall emotionally damaged salty french fry son v much he’s so important to me <3
  • 5 good qualities: 1. smart cookie, 2. takes 0 shit from anybody, 3. so pretty~ I mean look at him, 4. observant and level-headed, doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him and that’s a good balance for most of his pretty hotheaded team, 5. he CARES a lot okay like even when he’s not that enthusiastic about volleyball he’s still practicing and studying everyone’s technique and learning and he keeps up his studies at the same time (unlike SOME people) and he’s just…really anxious and tired but he keeps it inside and he still tries and works hard with everyone else even when he isn’t sure why and I relate to that a lot….I just see a lot of people try to pin Tsuki as uncaring and he really REALLY isn’t this boy cares so much even if he doesn’t always show it.
  • 3 bad qualities: 1. okay yeah this guy’s a smug asshole and he knows it and lords it over everybody boy needs to take his sass and put it in his pocket sometimes 2. way too hard on himself, especially evident whenever someone compares him to Hinata or his brother, 3. not always the best friend to Yamaguchi that he could be…I mean he’s not a bad friend and he definitely supports him and cares about him but…he could be more receptive to his attempts to reach out to him at times 
  • favourite episode/etc: oh man, I’ve got a few…Illusionary Hero of course, because baby Tsuki is precious and backstory is important, but then there’s VS Umbrella when you see him start to really get into volleyball and ask Ukai and Bokuto questions and better himself and that’s…so good, and THEN there’s Still Growing, which isn’t entirely Tsukishima-based but still features him GOING WITH HIS BROTHER to train with a bunch of COLLEGE GUYS and blocking so hard he HAS TO TAPE HIS FINGERS and he still keeps going (and then there’s all those moments in season 3 when he’s just killing it and comes back even after dislocating his pinky to save the fucking day and)…I just love seeing this guy try his best and put in the effort to do well, I’m so proud of my son…
  • otp: ya know it’s gotta be kurotsuki…they just work so well together and bring out sides of each other that you wouldn’t normally see (kuroo failing at provoking someone and actually apologizing, tsukishima wanting to learn from him and taking him seriously…and then all the fanon interpretations of their dynamic which sometimes hit just the right notes for me)
  • brotp: tsukiyama…I mean…I’m down with shipping them romantically if it’s done well, but these two also have such an interesting friendship dynamic, because it seems so unbalanced and even unfair, but…it works? and there’s an obvious unspoken bond between them and they gang up on people and it’s great.
  • ot3: bokurotsuki (and bokuakakurotsuki if ot4s are allowed) I will take this ship to my fucking grave, just…third gym squad is my shit I really love how these guys interact and play off each other and I’ve rewatched the episodes that feature them about four hundred times by now…
  • notp: ehhhhhh….tsukikage is kinda a rarepair anyway but I’m not really about that life (mostly ‘cause it turns into hatefucking pretty easily) also anything with him and akiteru as anything remotely incestuous…nope
  • best quote: “Hi. I’m the normal guy. That time-lag attack may have fooled our wild beast over there, but it doesn’t work on me. Pleasure to meet you.” (just…DAAAAMN BOY *mic drop*)
  • head canon: I’ve got all kinds of tiny little headcanons for this guy, like that he’s one of those people that actually enjoy math because it’s satisfying to solve problems or something, and that he’s lactose intolerant and likes to drink almond milk, and that he has scoliosis and wore a back brace at night as a kid, also I’m torn on what kind of music he listens to with those ever-present headphones…I figure it’s either like…the fastest most explicit rap and hip-hop beats, or some kind of super edgy indie folk pop shit, but either way he will never let you listen to his playlist…ever.

Thanks again @cruciphix and @animeadult for the awesome fun times I still feel really fluffy from earlier and super duper happy we could talk :3c

Also Luke gave me a hair ruffle before we parted ways and I will admit right now that it’s a Weakness. Hope to see you guys again soon 💛💛💛


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The reason it was so funny is that i asked - tried to play it cool - if there were any rumours about him at school. The guy says only that Harry is a massive homosexual. To be more detailed, that he was openly out, loud and proud at school and dated a guy. I mean like seriously!! I asked if there were any other rumours and he said he didn’t know any. Just that one. Like that is it, that is what the school has to say about him apparently. 

Also apparently his religion teacher has kept a copy of his book and let’s kids touch it when they have behaved well?? Or something weird like that? I don’t remember exactly. And apparently he has spelt religion wrong. Doh. 

I clearly did a terrible job of keeping my chill because this dude literally looked at me and was like “you have NO CHILL” and I was like I know, please, tell me more about your school in Holmes Chapel!

My Secret Santa for @raijuu-hak for the @akayonagiftexchange!! I am a disaster and It Is Late, therefore I will also be giving them something extra tomorrow to make up for my awfulness.

Raijuu, since you mentioned you liked Hakyona as well as An Lili, I figured I’d give you both, so please enjoy a Yona lifting a swooning Lili, and also swooning Hak who is just so proud of his bae.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years friend, more tomorrow because I really must sleep now!!

Part 2 is here!

I pulled an old sim out of my bin tonight with the intention of tweaking him a bit to try and make him upload worthy, but three hours later I’ve decided it’s time to admit defeat. :P However, there’s always tomorrow! And looking at him with fresh eyes should help me pinpoint the issue areas anyway. In the meantime, I hope y’all are having a good weekend, and happy Halloween! <3

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I just spent the last three days reading through the tweets of Eric “Bitty” Bittle (not ashamed), and these were a few of my favorites.

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