now i perceive these to be just memories

“With these - with the light of creation reformed, I can build a barrier to keep the Hunger at bay. I can build a home that all of us can be safe in, together.. save for… Lup. I’m so sorry - Taako, Barry, there was nothing I could do.”

And Taako: you remember Lup now - of course! How could you forget Lup? Those memories you had in the Chalice of your lonely childhood? Of you just out on the road, fighting for survival?

There was something there that you couldn’t quite perceive, some static.

It was Lup. It was your sister. Out there with you on the road, outcast but never alone.

And Taako you remember Lup now. Of course! How could you forget Lup? Those memories that you had- in the Chalice- of your lonely childhood, of you just on your own out on the road- there was something there that you couldn’t quite perceive Some static It was Lup. It was your sister. Out there on the road… 
Outcast, but never a l o n e.

Revision Needed

Looking back on it, I can’t really say for certain what it was like.  Something is obscuring my vision.  So it’s hard to answer when you ask me: what’s it like to have transformed so much, so fully? 

To me, yesterday is just like today.  Is just like the day before.  Is just like the day before.  There’s something in the way, when I look back.  Kind of like driving a car with no rearview mirror.  All that I can see is straight ahead - if I’m lucky, maybe a little off to the sides, but my attention is through the windshield.  I live in the moment. 

Every once in awhile, a billboard goes by, boasting glimpses of the future.  I see a muscleman, sometimes wearing nothing, prominent and strong, on that flat white surface.  His gaze is slightly blurry, a little foggy.  He is looking at something without quite looking at it.  Through it, maybe.  But one thing is for certain, is as opaque as paint, he is a muscleman.  Another billboard has the same muscleman.  He is closer now, there is more focus on his abs, his pecs.  I can see, if I look hard enough, the glistening of sweat, hard, work-earned sweat, on his skin.

But, like anything else along the roadway, attention must be paid to the road going forward, and those flashes from the future occur mostly on a subliminal level, something glimpsed just out of the corner of my eye - yet the full depth of that imprint is unknown to me. 

The radio is on.  That, too, is something I perceive out of the sides of my ears.  It trickles in, carried on a stream of music that tickles my memory patterns, slides up them, and then latches on tightly.  It is so easy to sort of hum along with the words, even though I do not know or remember what they are.  Just another thing you do, when you’re driving down a long highway and just sort of go on cruise control.

It’s difficult in this life to make changes without someone noticing.  And now, in these times, there are so many more of us in the world, and we stand all just a little bit closer together than we used to.  It is difficult, now, to do anything that someone can’t see.  Eyes flicker over your face, your body, what you choose to wear, what you might be looking at.  What you believe you choose to look at.  How you believe you prefer to speak, even down to the reasons why you choose to believe how you prefer to speak.  Is what you do one-hundred percent your choice?

This is the lip of the rabbit hole.  You can see the dark, quivering down the chute.  You bend in a little closer to see it more clearly.  You think you are careful not to bend too far, to fall in.  You promise yourself as if in a dream that you won’t fall in, and then you fall in, and you fall fast, hard, nearly at warp speed, can feel the wind rushing by your face,

And then it all stops.   Someone is reassuring you, someone is whispering closely into your ear, a voice that’s half-hidden by the shifting shadows.  You can feel the warm, wet pressure in the curves of your ear, and for some reason, focusing on that obscures the words - everything but the reassuring tone.  Muscles unknit, panic unwinds.  You even smile a little bit.

I digress.  You ask me: what’s it like, to transform?  To become so fully something other?  I cannot help but to answer that it is like looking two ways into a one-way mirror.  I cannot see my reflection, but I know that you can.  And you can.  And he can.  One of me looks one way, the other of me looks another. 

I do different things now.  I spend what time I have differently - which means I choose differently.  Or I believe differently how I choose.  And when I choose, I am reassured that I am making the right choice.  I do the things that feel right, that feel like warm pressure in my brain when I do them.  I may choose pink socks today.  Bright, pink socks.  I have been seen looking at them.  That guy on the subway.  That guy in the ad, the athlete in shorts shorter than I’m used to, in the sneakers I got just yesterday.  I have been seen looking, and my eyes look where they are told to see.

And every time I look different, I see different.   If I keep looking, the more changes I see.  Which means the more changes you see.  I might choose to drive to the gym.  I might choose shorts shorter than I’m used to, to show off my muscles, because it’s leg day.  That’s why I chose them.  Those are the reasons.

I see myself in the mirror.  In the sneakers I got yesterday, and in the shorts shorter than I’m used to.  In a tank top that’s brighter, just slightly, than I’m used to.  And the me I see is the me I am, and the me I will be stares back.

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i love your blog but tbh i dont get the whole dreads thing. i mean im black and honestly for me this is just a hairstyle. 2 of my white friends wear dreads and theyre like the sweetest people ive ever met and they look so great with them!! my parents moved so we dont live in an area with other black people so maybe i was raised in a different way.i love that our world changed so much that i can live my life like everyone else but i think people are trying too hard and are triggered by everything

Your experience as a black person does not diminish how other black people feel about the subject. It’s probably because of the environment you were raised in that you feel this way and I won’t dog you for it but that doesnt mean everyone else is trying hard to be “triggered”.

I was actually reading your message with a very open mind until the last part. Here I’ll tell you a little story. 

Believe it or not I totally understand how you feel, why? Because I was raised in two different environments. For exactly half of my life I lived in africa and grew up in an environment where I wasnt “other”, my hairstyle was the norm and so were my clothes. Therefore when I first learned about people complaining about people who weren’t Africans appropriating African clothes I always rolled my eyes and wondered “why are you guys so extra? it’s just clothes”. 

Then I moved to the United States, not only was I made fun of for speaking my native language but people always commented on my outfits and my hairstyles. As a young child this is emotionally damaging. There is a reason these memories have stuck with me despite having been a mere child. I closed myself up and till today I suffer from social anxiety. I went from an extroverted child to someone who didn’t even dare to raise my hands in class or talk to my classmates. The effects of how people are treated because of how they are perceived have a lasting effect on them.  

Now when I see the same people who once laughed at me wearing things from my culture which I felt pressured to stop practicing because of the way I was treated for practicing it just because it’s “cool” it angers me because not only are they using my people as a way of profiting but they’re just doing it as a fad, while I as a person who IS the culture had to hide myself. Of course if they would actually advocate for the treatment of children like me, and live in my home country where my people gave it to them, I would totally be fine with it, hell I’m planning on getting all my friends stuff from my home country as a gift but that’s me deciding to give it them and me being like girl you betta go.

I wouldn’t mind the dread thing, or the african article thing if we were being treated equally and none of us suffered due to what we wear on our heads or bodies, sadly that’s not the world we live in therefore it’s something to complain about.


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A/N: Hello, everyone! I finally finished the first chapter of the sister series to Breaking! This first chapter may be a bit rocky because I only need it to establish what’s about to happen but I can’t wait to keep working on this! I’ll try to have chapters out as soon as possible and I hope you guys like this! 

Before you read: Remember, this story takes place after the end on the main story AND after the Alex end. A lot of stuff is going to rely on knowledge of the first series so if you are knew to this, I do encourage you to reading the entirety of Breaking first! It is long but it will be essential to understand what’s happening. Thank you so much!

Wordcount: 1315

Warnings: Cursing, that’s all for now anyway!

Tags: (I will be tagging everyone from the original series, tell me if you no longer want to be tagged! I will also be tagging some of the new people who were asked to be tagged!) @midnightokieriete @renae-writes @deltablue202 @literally-melonkitty @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demigod-runner-who-potter @gum-and-chips @sweaterkitty-fluff @littlemissshortcakes @pinkyiger7 @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221 @hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple @ashwolfcub @myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate @superwholockbooknerd526 @frozengal2013 @itsmikayblr @sarmar29 @arya-durin-51 @phantastic-fandoms @hoshihime98 @shinigamired @martapetrovic @robotic-space @tayahqr @asprinkleofmermaids @satellitesuga @rose-coloured-nihilism @okie-dokie-artichokeme @pandartist @apandawithcookies @kitcatgirl2016

Traveling Back

“Miss Titania, you act as if you have seen a ghost, perhaps my friend and I may help you? What is a lady doing so far out here?” Alexander looked at you with a cautious expression. What do I do? What do I say? I can’t give him the same story, it doesn’t fit! I feel so drained…Think Y/N, think! Keep it simple, keep your story straight.

“I..I ran away…” Nice save, me. Way to use personal experience.

“You ran away? Why on Earth would you do such a thing?” John asked.

“I had to! I… didn’t belong there.” Subconscious, could you maybe stop making me say these things?! John and Alex both stared at you quizzically, you continued. “I was a servant, until I left. I-I’m sorry I’m not explaining myself very well, I’m just…” What the hell is wrong with me? Why is the room spinning so much? What the hell am I supposed to do? How did I even get here? I don’t know what to say! I can’t breathe, I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t! You were hyperventilating, you couldn’t figure out why. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, images and voices started to flash around your mind. A man with dark skin, wearing blue, busting through a door you recognized. He shouts, “HERCULES MULLIGAN!” with a huge smile on his face. You sucked in a huge gulp of air and opened your eyes. Your vision began to stabilize itself, your heart rate calming down a bit. That’s when you took notice of the fact that you were laying down, arms wrapped around you, two faces looking down at you.

“Miss Titania, are you well? You started shaking uncontrollably!” John exclaimed.

“I have seen Myles do the very same thing, my dear John. Perhaps it is more common than what we first perceived.” What the hell was that? It was like…a VHS being sped up…or rewound? That’s when you realized something, you could see it in your head, as if it were a memory. You remembered the children, Alex’s children, being excited about the man in the door. You remembered the man picking you up and running around the room. You remembered it, but you knew it didn’t happen. You don’t remember seeing that man until just now.

“Forgive me…this happens sometimes.” Alex helped you to your feet.

“No, no, please forgive us. It was rude for us to try and pry, but we only wish to help.” John explained.

“Um, this is going to sound really odd but…where are we?” You asked. Maybe I can figure out what year it is.

“We moved out of Valley Forge a few days ago.” Alex answered. Either Pennsylvania or New Jersey. It’s clearly not winter…so it must be 1778? I went back twenty years? That explains why Alex is so young, why John is…alive, and what all these tents are. Living quarters for the soldiers. I’m in the Revolutionary War. I need to figure out what I’m doing, they’re gonna ask me to leave because women and wars, ugh right? I can’t exactly leave them, there was never really a surplus supply of ways to survive as a woman until World War I, again ugh, right? Also, there’s no telling what my existence has changed to this timeline, I could’ve changed the entire course of how his war ends…Alex could die because I showed up…I need to stay and watch after him, make sure everything stays on track. At least, that was the excuse you gave yourself.

“Miss, perhaps you would like us to escort you to town? This is no place f-“John started.

“No! You can’t send me away! I can help!” Why did I say that?!

“How so?” Alex questioned.

“I…I can tend to wounds, a nurse. I am a supporter of the revolution, I would like to offer my assistance.” Alex stared at you suspiciously.

“I’m sorry, but we already have plenty of nurses, I believe it-“ Fuck! He doesn’t trust me, say something! Anything!

“I have information!”

“You have what?” John inquired.

“I have…information…I can tell you anything you need to know about the battles ahead.” Anything, tell them anything they need, gain their trust. John and Alex looked at each other, as if they were having a silent conversation. They both nodded and turned to you.

“Prove to us that you have information of value.” Alex requested.

“You are currently moving out northwest, correct?”

“How did…”

“Right now, troops are moving out to stall the British forces from moving up to New York City. They evacuated Philadelphia, while we the American’s persistently harass them to slow their pace. Has General Lee already been sent out ahead or is that still being strategized?” John ‘s eyes fixed on you.

“Alexander…we have to take her to the General…now!” John insisted, although Alex didn’t seem to be listening.

“Who’s the General in charge of the group moving Northwest?” He asked. He was testing you, your eyes slanted.

“Clinton, General Clinton.” You answered, he looked oddly impressed. He nodded, a small smirk on his face as he motioned for you to follow.

“This way.” The three of you made your way out of the tent, untying the string around your neck to take off your cloak and folding it into your arms. Men were filing in from all directions, laughing and celebrating. They were all wearing the same clothes as John and Alex, they were soldiers, coming back to base after successfully cutting down the enemy’s course. Whenever they passed by John and Alex, they’d stare at you with confused eyes. They didn’t recognize me, outside women were not allowed on the base. You were too focused on the stares for a while and didn’t realize the two men leading you were talking.

“When do you think he’ll head back out to England?”

“A few more months at the earliest, he needs to lie low for a bit longer until he can go back. He still has to wait for Cato.” Cato? Why does…that sound so familiar?

“Aren’t I always the topic of conversation?” Another voice interjected, you turned to where you heard it come from. It was the man you saw in that ‘memory’ You could feel the cells in your brain pulsate. His bright smile lowered slightly when he saw you, but it was still pleasant. “Hamilton, you didn’t tell me we had a new nurse coming in!” He approached you and held out his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is-“

“Hercules Mulligan.” You weren’t sure why you said that.

“Haha, it seems that my reputation proceeds me!” He chuckled, his charisma was very apparent, quite charming, you couldn’t help but smile back at him. Alex rolled his eyes.

“Mulligan, please, this is not the time!” He said with slight annoyance.

“Oh! That reminds me! The General wants to see you to discuss the next plan of attack.” Herc pointed over his shoulder towards one of the larger tents. Bingo, he must be in there! You gathered up the skirt of your dress in your hands and began to full on sprint to the tent. I need to talk to him first, try to get to him before the opinions of the other two. I need him to trust me. Alex and John called out to you, you could hear them running after you. But they weren’t fast enough.

You skirted to a halt, the mud on the ground pushing into the straight lines of your heels digging into the Earth. You pushed back the fabric of the tent and practically threw yourself into the illuminated interior.

“Mr. General! My name is Titania Taylor, and I would like to offer my self to the efforts of the revolution, sir!”

I am determined, the world won’t know what hit her!


Yuca “let me put my little sociopathic, immortal hands on your face” Collabel

When Things Fell Apart: Part Two

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I wrote part one back in June, if I’m correct it may have been the first ever imagine I posted (wOw) so here is the long awaited part two. Enjoy??

Some time had passed, my phone remained something distant to me throughout most of the day now. Too many people got involved, sides were taken, argued over, and all of it remained a permanent display online. The never ending pinging and ringing of my phone was enough to drive anyone to insanity. Everyday I received apologises from strangers about how things supposedly ended, when really I was unsure myself.

Messages directly from his friends were glanced at each night, various forms of apologies or confusion. How leading up to our demise that things seemed off with him, he acted distant and less talkative; I should’ve expected it really. Part of me blames myself for not seeing it sooner and all the excitement he had for going away and returning disheartened. That all of those hugs seemed less meaningful, all the late nights together had no true feeling, the words he told me over and over meant nothing to him.How naive was I? The signs were obvious but I denied it all, and for what? Just to end up even more broken than before?

The days of blankly staring at a wall that was once covered in memories we’d shared together, now in ruins on the ground and I had no care to remove the remains as they reminded me to perceiver on. Weeks spent hidden away to the point where my friends broke into my apartment and moved in to ensure I ate and drank enough, got some form of fresh air even if it meant sitting on the balcony for five minutes. That period was over.

So here I am now. I’ve moved on, I’m independent. I feel happier, well as happy as I can be for the meantime. Yet one phone call from the unexpected has resulted in me on a flight to visit what I once considered my second home.The place where so many memories had been made and I was apart of a family, one I had never expected to be with. Fiddling with the locket I held close to my heart I couldn’t help but feel anxious to see them all again, various scenarios circled in my mind but I was assured he would be away.

“Honey I miss you, we miss you. Please just, just visit us for the day. There’s something I need to give you and I can’t ship it, I refuse to.” Her exact words, I was missed. No mention of Luke, no mention of his new girlfriend. No apologies- I was just missed.

Walking out of the metal voyage I had been confined in with only my queries to keep me company a breath of fresh air was needed. Yet instead of something new or different it was a strong gust of nostalgia instead. I pictured myself here years ago, how he tightly held my hand that I couldn’t stop shaking with nerves about meeting his family. He kept telling me how much they’d love me, just like he did.

Now I stand alone, looking out to the airport and wandering inside. I don’t need anyone to hold my hand or ensure I am cared for or even remotely loved at this point. All I care about is seeing people who still want to acknowledge me, perhaps to see them one last time before shutting the door and locking it on this part of my life, leaving him with it and throwing away the key.

After leaving the airport and silently sitting in the taxi, listening to the drivers music in peace. Yet that song comes on, I freeze up. Any ounce of me that was relaxed or at ease had now become tense. Fibres became hard and hairs stood up on end at the sound of his voice, speaking up to break that sound I boldly asked him to change it. His voice was gone, but everything remained rigid. The sound was gone from the car but it continued to echo in my mind.

Watching everything pass by the words circled in my mind, thinking about how tightly he held my hand on the ride over. How he pointed out things that reminded him of childhood or the things he would get up to when he was at home with family. Yet now I see these things passing by the ghost of who he once was looms, shutting my eyes I can’t block it out. The singing, the words, the pictures, the memories. It’s all too much, I can’t do it.

Just as I go to speak to the driver, tell him to go back, take me to the airport but he stops. Trying to control the shaky breaths I have I turn and see it all through blurred vision. The driver looks back to me and I can’t move, the gaze he holds in his eyes says it all; he understands the emotion I’m storing.

Wiping my eyes repeatedly deep breathing is ineffective. I watched the drivers mouth move, he was talking to me but I couldn’t hear the words he was saying. Zoning in and out of the past and present I wanted to leave, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t be here.

It all hurt too much.

Sometimes we have to do things that hurt us, it isn’t something we want but sometimes need.” The wise words of a friend came to mind and I kept repeating that mantra as I opened the car door, walking out after paying the driver and holding onto my small bag as if my life depended on it.

The taxi disappeared leaving me to feel insignificant, I was too small, feeble walking the path leading to the door. I felt like I did years ago, except no one was encouraging me, helping the weight on my shoulders to be lifted whereas now it only grew with each step.

Quietly knocking on the front door just as my knuckles departed from the wood it opened. The familiar home sense warmed my heart, a big smile greeting me that I didn’t realise how much I missed or needed to see. Following a large joyful smile I was engulfed in a hug, the type that just radiates absence and longing to greet you again. Pulling away a small smile formed on my face as my eyes now dried, something I didn’t want to express was defeat, not to her, not to Liz. 

She placed her hands on my shoulders, taking a good long look at me. I knew she would see the dried tear marks that streaked my foundation or the crumpled black beneath my eyes after the long flight. How I was chewing about five pieces of gum to distract myself or the small bag I brought, how I don’t plan on staying. Yet besides these features she focuses on the locket I wear, the one she gave me for my first Christmas with them. In those few days I spent over the Christmas break it allowed me to form a close bond with Liz, she treated me like a daughter, then she gave me the locket. 

This is to keep close to your heart, whilst you wear this we are family. You’ll always be apart of this family and we all love you.” I remember her words like they were yesterday whilst I sat next to Luke by the tree, curled up together in our pyjamas. 

Now it serves as a reminder to me of the family I once had, but being here now makes me feel as if things haven’t changed. If only that could’ve been true. She invited me inside no matter how much I protested, she told me not to be silly but the atmosphere felt tense as I stepped inside. Thinking how I last entered in love with her son, now heart broken by him instead.

I tried to not look around and notice all of the pictures I used to laugh at or smile at whilst Liz gave a running commentary on what was happening in each photo. Instead I just stood still whilst she disappeared up the stairs, leaving me focused on my tattered shoes. 

Hearing my name being quietly spoken I lifted my head up, my whole body froze and I struggled to even blink. My mind screamed for me to turn around, walk out of that door and never look back, but with my feet firmly planted like cement I was stuck. Looking at him felt like some twisted nightmare, Liz said he wouldn’t be here, he was away, I never wanted to see him, I never planned to see him again. 

There he stood, lose joggers around his hips with a plain white top that outlined his muscles. Half asleep, groggy Luke. The same one I spoke to all those months ago when I found out the truth. “Hi.” I bluntly spoke, breaking the silence that hung around us whilst he stayed still half way down the stairs. 

“What, what’re you doing here?” He asked completely and utterly dumbfounded whilst he rubbed his eyes whilst I rolled mine. 

Shifting the weight from one foot to the other I looked past him, trying to see if there was any sign of Liz but with little luck I was stuck with him. “Don’t get too excited, I’m not here for you.” Sarcasm dripped like venom and I could see the flicker of pain in his eyes, yet part of me felt guilty whilst the rest of me felt nothing. 

If you told me three years ago this would’ve happened I would’ve accused you of lying. Yet here now in front of Luke it couldn’t seem more awkward, as if we were friends trying to be strangers, frenemies. Neither of us wanting to engage in a conversation I was just waiting to see her prance down the stairs like she owned the place in cute underwear and wrap her arms around him. 

Then, nothing. No one followed him down the stairs, instead he walked down and stood too close, too close for me to be comfortable with. I could smell the cologne I bought him on our first anniversary, the stubble that lined his jaw and the lip ring I used to play with now vacant from his lip. I could see him analysing me, I’ve changed too. Lost weight from forgetting to eat and oversleeping at times, or how I have permanent purple marks beneath my eyes from the nights where I thought of him continuously. How the smile I always wore was hidden from his view, but I still wore the locket. 

“You, you look good.” He tried to force a smile and I couldn’t help but scoff. 

“Don’t bother Luke, we both know I look like crap.” I cut him off, “Where’s your girlfriend?” Raising an eyebrow to him I could see a shade of crimson cross his cheeks and he finally backed away, giving me some space. 

Scratching the back of his head I could see his eyes flickering towards his room upstairs. “She’s in a hotel.” He was lying through his teeth, but it was second nature to him now I could tell. 

Nodding I went along with his lies, the continuous stream that follows through his lips. Part of me expected to get an apology, for him to have some sincerity about it all but nothing, there seemed like no remorse in his tone or how he acted. Footsteps could be heard down the stairs and glancing up there was Liz hovering, watching the two of us interacting. 

Luke glanced to his mum who just wore a large smile across her face, shaking his head he walked off into the kitchen. Looking to Liz who held a small box in her hand she took the last few steps towards me and I couldn’t help but put the pieces together. “You, you’re trying to fix us aren’t you?” I shook my head in disbelief, “How could I have been so naive, I should’ve known.” A small laugh escaped me as I brought my hand to my mouth, holding back anything else I had to say. 

Liz tried to hold my shoulders but I kept walking on the spot, “It’s not like that sweetie. There is a reason I brought you here, just take this.” She tried to pass me the wooden box, in a pristine condition that shined in the light. I shook my head but it was forced into my hands. “Open it when you’re going home.” She whispered. “He still loves you dear, he is just too afraid to admit the mistake he has made.” With that she leaves me in silence, still confused a pondering look remains on my face but all Liz does is nod. 

Walking towards the door I can hear Luke singing to himself along with the radio, the last noise I hear is Liz mumbling an apology on his behalf. 

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do you ever think about how after regeneration Twelve must have remembered what’s it like to kiss Clara, what’s it like to be physically wanted by her, and yet he had to distance himself from these memories cause he thought that she perceived him as a different person and wasn’t attracted to him

cause i just did and now i want to jump out of the window and drown myself in fucking snow

My Life as an INTJ

Name: Danielle

Type: INTJ

Enneagram: I don’t find this method useful.

Introverted Intuition:

I see a picture of the universe which somehow becomes infinite.“ - Isaac Asimov 

I can sometimes disappear down the rabbit hole of my psyche.” - Sherlock Holmes (CBS Elementary).

As Patrick Star would say, “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.” (Yes, I am quoting Spongebob Squarepants. Totally legit.) I would describe my Ni as a circular labyrinth, rings within rings within rings within rings. I am very comfortable navigating this complex pathway, but I get lost quite often. I am in a perpetual state of “otherness.” I live in this labyrinth, I experience life in this labyrinth. Every stimulus, thought, and idea goes in and in and in, further up and further in, I don’t know precisely where it goes or where I am at this point, but I am receiving, learning, and understanding. It is almost subconscious, but not quite. I forget where I put my things, did I lock my front door? Or that last ten minutes of my life just now, yep gone. No memory of it whatsoever.

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beastkeeper  asked:

Hello! I've been into MBTI for a few months now, but it was only about a week ago that I discovered the eight cognitive functions, and I still haven't found a thorough explanation of what they mean or which are whose. I know it might take a while, but would you be willing to give a detailed explanation of each of the functions, and how to correlate your type with your functions? Also, if it means anything to you, I'm an INFP. Thank you so much!

Hello there! I’ll do my best to describe each function. From the past year I’ve been learning about MBTI, this is mainly what I’ve collected about each function.

The Perceiving Functions

These functions are used for taking in and processing information.

Ni: Introverted Intuition is probably one of the hardest functions to fully understand and explain. Ni processes the world through a deep, accurate understanding of abstract ideas. Types with Ni high in their stack (xNxJ) tend to rely on gut instincts, or hidden logic that they can’t always quite point out the source of, but it’s accurate more often than not. Naturally, Ni loves to look for symbolism and metaphors to gain a full and perceptive understanding of a concept. Ni goes deep under the surface of something to understand it. Ni is very image-based and Ni users have vivid imaginations.

Ne: Extroverted Intuition is all about ideas and how they’re related. Ne processes the world through relations - how things are connected. The mind of a Ne user can be represented as a spider web of ideas and connections sprawling out in all directions, yet still coming from the same source. While Ni likes to focus in on an idea, types with Ne high in their stack (xNxP) like to jump from idea to idea to idea, making them generally exciting conversationalists. Ne is naturally adaptive to situations and Ne users can often make “mind jumps” when coming to a conclusion to where they aren’t sure exactly how they got to an answer because it happened so fast and instinctively.

Si: Introverted Sensing processes the world in comparison to past experiences. Si relies heavily on using data that they stored from before to accurately perceive data in the here and now. Types with dominant and auxiliary Si (xSxJ) tend to have good memories because they rely on their memories so much. Si has a really good eye for details, and will notice when something is out of place or isn’t like the way it was. Si thinks in comparison and contrast; for example if a Si user met a new person they might think “This person is just like somebody else I know!” In unfamiliar settings or environments, Si might be a little uncomfortable.

Se: Extroverted Sensing processes information through aspects of the physical world. Types with Se high in their stack (xSxP) are generally very engaged in the here and now, and are very aware of their surroundings. Se uses the five senses to know what is happening and they’re usually not very likely to bump into things or be unaware of something behind or beside them. While Si relies on past experiences, Se simply is adaptable to the moment and relies on the information they gather from the physical world around them for data. Se users tend to be “go with the flow” people and they are adept to change.

The Judging Functions

These functions are used to make decisions and reach conclusions about information.

Fe: Extroverted Feeling makes judgments based off of the feelings of others. Types with Fe high in their stack (xxFJ) are very aware of how others are feeling and thinking. Fe tends to be very understanding of other people and they can easily relate to others. Generally, Fe likes to keep harmony among people and Fe users like to see themselves as peacekeepers or heroes a lot. Fe is extremely adaptable to people and they are very reflective of the people that they’re around. Fe likes to look out more for the group and can sometimes care more about others than they care about themselves.

Fi: Introverted Feeling acts more like a filter when judging information and judges according to whether that information fits with the Fi users values or not. Types with Fi high in their stack (xxFP) tend to have very strong values and beliefs that they aren’t afraid to stand up for. Fi users value being different and unique, and if they do a favor for someone, it’s because they value kindness and charity, not because they want to feel more accepted by the person. Fi has strong beliefs and whether or not the information they take in fits those beliefs, they determine whether or not it is important to them.

Te: Extroverted Thinking judges information based on the standards of logic and whether or not the information fits up to those standards. Types with Te high in their stack (xxTJ) make decisions based off of how efficient they are or what the most logical solution is. Te likes to weigh the pros and cons of things, and Te thinks things through very step-by-step like, going from A to B to C and making sure to have a reason behind each action. Speaking of action, Te is very action oriented; not in the way that Se is but in a way that Te is the type of function that’s going to put an idea to work and test it realistically.

Ti: Introverted Thinking judges information off of their own, internal systems of logic. Types with Ti high in their stack (xxTP) work according to how their own system of information is wired, and will test new information according to that system to see if it fits their logic or not. If the information does fit in the xxTP’s puzzle of a mind, they will gladly add it to them system. If it doesn’t, this causes the xxTP to rethink the whole system itself and make revisions accordingly. Ti is very good at recognizing patterns and are generally very analytical. Ti likes to deal with theory and loves taking in new information.

How the Functions Fit Together

In MBTI theory, the functions are arranged in a J P P J or P J J P style. If you have Fi, you have Te and vice versa. If you have Ne, then you have Si and vice versa. This goes for the rest of the functions and their counterparts. The INFP’s functions are Fi > Ne > Si > Te.

Thanks for the ask!

- Ariel

compoundchem  asked:

Hi, just wanted to say a big thanks for giving Compound Interest the nicest shout-out I've read yet! It's great that the graphics are making chemistry interesting for people, since that's pretty much the goal - being a chemistry teacher, I'm pretty biased, so it's good to hear that it's working for people who previously didn't like chemistry as well :) Also, great posts here on your site too - I've enjoyed reading through them!

*squee* Being liked by CI is right up there with being liked by The Brain Scoop/Emily Graslie :D

Seriously though, I like your posts on the basics of chem, but I’m loving the “chemistry in real life” stuff lately - scents are so closely tied to our memories (what with literally having receptors just a nanosecond from the brain) and the way we perceive the world, and I’ve never looked at it from the chemistry side before.

The compounds that create these scents are unique and fascinating and now I want to learn even more about how they bind with our puny number of olfactory receptors to cause all of these weird and varied smells in the world!

I think my followers would be the type to especially appreciate your most recent post, on the causes of “old book smell” and “new book smell”

Official Compound Interest site

If you don’t already follow Compound Interest on tumblr, the blog has great replies as well as the awesome infographics of the website.

I don’t ever look back at a time in my life wishing it was still that way or whatever like no matter how I perceive it they will either be foggy memories or just selective parts where I only remember the happiest portions. I knew less than I know now and I would never want to go back to a time where I wasn’t as emotionally evolved as I am in the present moment! I obviously have more evolving to do but I don’t yearn for the past ever. I acknowledge it but I’m not stuck in it or ever feel like it’s was better than it is now

like I’m perfectly content in where I am in the present and I look towards the future and that’s about it. Never sitting around wishing I was at a moment in my life that I’m only remembering through retrospect with the present knowledge that I have now!!

Hide and His "Hobby"?

You know I saw a post on her about Hide and why Ishida-sensei made him the most powerful card in a deck, the Ace of Spades.

Hide said something in the TG manga that kind of rattled my brain but didn’t surprise me at all in the same breath.

“It’s kind of like… my “hobby” to play detective.“

Given the fact that Hide is hella sharp, and very intuitive and smart, he easily notices stuff that normal people wouldn’t pay attention to. He noticed when Kaneki was starving himself because he noticed his skin color getting pale and that he was losing weight.

He also had an intuition that Nishiki was poisonous, and at a point in time he’d hate him. He knew that a ghoul was following him and led him to death by hiding.

Honestly I don’t want to give this too much though but it seems more and more likely as we think on it.

Could Hide quite possibly be working undercover for someone else other than the CCG?

I’m giving it thought because Hide is like a detective in many cases. He is very sharp, he is smart, witty, and damn sure perceptive. He’s made a lot of events move in the story because of his very presence. He’s kinda the reason why Kaneki got led to his death.

But at the same time I think he knew that if Kaneki were to face Arima it would alter a lot of events. Maybe he even knew that Kaneki would be captured by the CCG. I mean after all he was working for them and discovered that they had some sort of plan to get rid of the ghouls in the surrounding area.

However Hide is also very good at playing dumb. He will act as if he didn’t know anything originally, which means, he hides things. He is also sneaky. So there is something else that comes into play. He had been sneaking around for a while, covering up his tracks in the CCG trying to discover more about the “missing” Kaneki.

This also leads me to believe that he’s working for something much bigger than the CCG itself. Remember the CCG is also very mischievous and good at covering shit up too. But at the same time, there are other branch offs and things that make it look as if they were corrupt .

The Ace of Spades itself is a pretty high ranking card. More powerful than any other card in a deck, that’s why it’s always beautifully decorated in addition to all other cards in a deck. At the same time it has a pretty infamous reputation for bringing things to an end.

External image

For example, if you were to play poker, if you have a Full House of course that is the most powerful hand you can have which pretty much leads to you winning the game. That hand consists of all aces. One of them being the Ace of Spades.

Hide’s role in this manga is much more than a fun game of playing “detective”. If it weren’t he wouldn’t be missing right now. And that’s another thing; why the hell is he still missing? I feel as though he knows that his presence would trigger Kaneki/Haise’s memories. So for that reason he stays away.

I think Hide perceived all of this happening. I don’t think he knew how much of a devastating affect it would have, but at the cost of getting his friend back, he knew it had to be done. So all in all this long ass post that took me nearly 30 minutes is to say that Hide is doing something big. But we just don’t know what yet.