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Nickname: Hannah Banana, Hans, Kiddo, Fren, Trash.
Star sign: Virgo
Height: 5′1″
Time right now: 6:32PM.
Favorite music artist: Set it Off, Twenty-One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, Gumi, basically any vocaloid artist ever.
Song stuck in your head: I’d Rather Drown.
Last movie watched: Only part of Toy Story bc my laptop is incapable of loading apparently.
Last T.V. show watched: Black Butler, which is actually an anime but.
When did you create your blog: Some time last October or November, I think.
What kind of stuff do you post: My many random headcanons about Vanellope von Schweetz or WiR in general, roleplays, musings.
Do you have any other blogs: I have 3 blogs in all. Vanellope is my main muse, a Candlehead sideblog at @candellae that 11/10 needs to become active again, and a Disgust at @disgustiiing that I also need to make active again, but icons. I also have an oc I might bring back on a sideblog sometime… If I can draw the pictures I’d need for icons lmao.
Why did you choose your URL: Rancis and his high pitch, “IT’S THE GLIIIITCH!!!” during the race.
Gender:  Female
Hogwarts house: Ummm… I never read Harry Potter. ^~^’
Pokémon team:  Instinct.
Favorite color: Rose red.
Average hours of sleep: 2 - 10 tbh.
Lucky number: 5.
How many blankets do you sleep with: 3 fluffy blankets and the sheets.
Dream job: A concept/digital artist.
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Followers: 200?? I don’t know why tho???

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So around Christmas time I was working at Toys R Us ( not as bad as one mint think I enjoyed watching everyone go crazy).  Now the Store was just all redone and they where only reopened about a week when my story takes place. 

So I was working up front as a cashier when my register goes out, now this is my first time having a real cashier job only being 17 at the time, so I look around confused when the girl at the next line over asks. “ Is yours off to?” I say yes.  After that we both look to the help desk, who seem confused as well, there own computer and register working still. So we both send the people we where helping over there. Not even 2 min later there registers go out. Then the lights go out!

It is at this time we all starts to smell a bit of smoke and see it above us. One of the mangers rush over to the games part of the store and then rushes back saying. “ Okay so we think there is a little fire in the back. I need you guys to run around the store and tell everyone to get out.” With that note, me, the other cashier and one other manger rush off each taking a different part of the store.

Thankful it’s late and there are only 3 or 5 none workers in the store though. Personally I only found 2 people, a young girl ( 7 or 8?) and her mother.  I go over to the mother, staying calm as to not want to scare kid, and tell her, “ Miss I need you to leave the store.” She looks at me confused asking. “ Why?“  So I tell her, ” There is some smoke coming from the back and we need everyone out.“  The mother then starts asking me if she can still get the toys when the kid comes over asking what is happening, so I look at her and calmly say, ” We are having a fire drill. So we need to get everyone out.“ 

Now with that said, the little girl drops the toy she was holding and starts walking. The mother trys to go take the cart, I was about to say something when the little girl spoke up saying. ” Mommy you don’t take anything with you for a fire drill.“
 THIS is when the mother lets go of the cart, takes her kids hand and starts to leave.

The little 7 year had more common sense then her own mother!!!! The little girl didn’t ask me any questions, she dropped what she had and started walking, like you are meant to do in a fire!!!!

Well anyways…. the fire was very very small that someone was smart with and used the fire extinguisher to put out. We all got let off work earl, but where payed for the full time we where meant to be there. Then they next day we just kind of came in, walked around the store, and left after like a hour because they where still fixing stuff before anyone else could come in.

Long story short, little kids have more comment sense them there parents.