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Prayer Request

Hey y’all, I have this beautiful roommate and wonderful friend who is currently serving the Lord as a missionary for seven weeks this summer. Em is experiencing a lot of spiritual desolation and she is very homesick, if you could keep her in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. She is one of the most selfless people I know and she never ceases to give everything to God, but right now she needs prayers. 

Thank you! How can I pray for you?


doctor who & gotham : frenemies

✗ ✗ ✗ when the sun shines, we’ll shine together. told you I’d be here forever, said I’ll always be a friend, took an oath I'ma stick it out ‘til the end.. now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other..
✗ ✗ ✗ you can stand under my U M B R E L L A…

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so you probably get these asks a lot but i wanted to say thank you. im still trying to figure out my sexuality but ive been questioning aromanticism for a while now and half of the reason i feel unsure is because it seems romanticism is so insisted upon in society that its hard to differentiate whats my own beliefs and what i feel i need to think (thats not the only reason tho but it doesnt help me) i dont really know exactly what to say except thank you for helping me feel more assured

We don’t get a ton, but I really enjoy people who take the time. It’s very sweet and I think we all here love knowing we helped someone. <3




Sorry I had to leave for like a month…

I may hate them, but exams come first…

But I’m finally done with all my damn exams!! 

I think I did decently in them all…hopefully…

But now that they’re done, I have nothing to do till September so I’m back on tumblr!!

Uh…no new fics for just a few days…

I need to go through my tags for the past month and just favourite those fics so I can read them later…

And I also wanna get watching season 12, cos I know it’s finished and I can now finally watch it!! 

But yea!! I’m back!! Imma answer the few asks I’ve gotten in my inbox since I’ve been gone and then everything will be normal once again…

But yea!!


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Anyone can enjoy stun toys. C: the only issue is when people who don't need it for concentration purposes use them at school then gets everyone who owns them, even those who need them in trouble over it. You know?

Yeah I agree! A lot of you also pointed out how it became a huge fad (the spinners) and people who previously bullied them over it are now using these fidget toys and they’re sort of a trend. I completely understand how upsetting that is. /:

What's Going On With Me

Hi hello, how’s it going guys? Everyone okay? I really hope so. I missed you guys a lot. But unfortunately, my hiatus is going to have to be extended. There are some things going on in my family that I need to deal with right now. Believe me when I say I really don’t want to take this break. Especially when today is Seventeen’s two year anniversary (I had shit planned for it too). But everything just came at once and with my already low mental state, I need to focus on myself and my family. I am deeply sorry to those who enjoy the quotes and the conversations that we have. I want to be here for you guys, but I am just not emotionally capable right now. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be back. Hopefully soon because I miss everyone so damn much. I promise to take care of myself so I ask you not be worried about me and especially don’t worry about the blog. I will comeback for sure. I just need some more time to figure things out. I love you all so much and the support you guys give this terrible terrible blog. Rest easy homies 💕

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Michael you fool. He doesn't know who you are anymore. He has no reason to not listen to me anymore. All he knows is that you're someone and that I think you're someone who we need to get rid of.-Squip

M: That may be it… but since when did I give a shit about what you made him do?
M: It didn’t work last time, it won’t work now.

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My math teacher cause my biggest anxiety attack this year. I ran away from class crying, shaking, embarrassed and trouble breathing. Now I feel hate towards myself while I cry in a bathroom stall, all my self. I know you are not taking any ask but if you could write a little fluff that would be great but if that's to much to ask maybe a couple of words of wisdom about what I should do now would be great too. Sorry for bothering.

Of course you are not bothering! I am so sorry that happened. I actually have pretty horrible teacher too. I a so sorry that happened to you sweetie! Don’t let him get to you! He doesn’t deserve a reaction. Math is dumb anyway.

And never, EVER hate yourself over how you feel! You are amazing and wonderful and I love you and you are perfect! No matter what! I have a teacher who is awful too. You just need to keep your head high and not let it bother you! I know it’s easier said then done, but you are strong enough. I love you! I wish I had more to tell you, but I don’t. You’re feelings are and were justified and you shouldn’t feel bad about what happened.

Now I didn’t write a new story because i remembered I had this one, I thought it might make you feel better. I hope it does! I know it helped to write it when I was going through something similar.

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hi mister! I saw your post of Booster Buddy and I just used it only once now for the first time, and I will say I'm very pleased :) sometimes I struggle with feeling mentally happy or okay, and I have a feeling this app is just what I needed! Thank you so much mister. :))

I’ve heard lots of feedback from littles who say it’s a complete life changer. I’m glad to know it’s helped you

Thank you

Hello Lovelies, so this “lovely” person started off by asking me what a good way was to punish oneself after a binge. I replied stating that the binge was punishment enough so there would be no need to take further action. I didn’t hear back from them in a few days until just a few moments ago where they continued to ask very rudely if I was a fat girl running a blog that promoted thinness.
Now thankfully I have a thick skin due to working with some clients who have said much worse to me and others. You get used to it and shake it off because you know that it’s their disorder/disability talking and not them.
But please if this person follows you, just block them. They’re not worth arguing with and they very clearly do not see reason.

Can i be honest?Selena was used to be considered the mature and the always right one of her relationship with Justin.Every time something happened people be like:”Oh,no.What Justin did now?“

But with Jofia situation,she acted like crazy lol,exposed herself,after act like she was over Justin.
What was bad just got worst ater Justin’s petty comment.This is why i feel that Selena is still petty and bitter about it.She feel that need recover her image from this.

You know,i think that Justin and Selena had worst fight,but was private.So they fight,but make reconciliation. But in august  was a public fight,what fuck up everything.
Selena was used to be the one who  say the final word.If Justin  just deleted the jofia photos,without a comment,i have sure that Selena would already forgot about this fight.And,i bet money that Jelena would already have a reunion.
But nope.Justin’s comment is what did Selena lost it.I mean,girl spended the whole day shading him,after this lol.

Is all about ego and power.Selena hurted her ego in august.Now she is trying to recover.

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I feel like the issue people have with underage ships is groupthink and the inability to tell fantasy from reality. People may relate to those characters / see themselves in those characters and so take extreme offense when they see controversial content. As far as I know these things haven't been a problem till now when the fandom brought this to mainstream and endorsed radicalism and call out culture. When your whole life is based around the Internet and fiction it's hard to see reality.

[[ Like I said before, the group who thinks what fictitious content you enjoy directly relates to what you endorse irl really needs to get off the internet.

Remember when we all collectively made fun of Christian/super religious mothers for thinking things like Pokemon or Harry Potter were demonic and forbade their children from reading them? Remember when we all collectively knew video games did not create violent behavior?

We need to go back to that. We have all these young teenagers who think they know exactly how the world works and sound exactly like ultra conservative religious parents. ]]

Who? Are? You?

Okay friends. I have been slowly going through Mighty Things and editing/rewriting and re-uploading the earliest chapters to make them better. Because, my god, I started posting that story a decade ago and there are some things in it that makes my skin crawl now as a more experienced writer. 

Anyway, someone asked me to write the scene in which Han resigns his commission as an outtake and, instead, I snuck it into the end of chapter four, which I just re-uploaded. It’s a scene that desperately needed to be in there, and I have no idea why I never wrote it. *headdesk*

The problem is that I have forgotten who asked for that scene and I wanted to let them know that it was up! Chapters 1-4 are all edited, with new content and whatnot, posted and available to read. So @organanation, @jennycbs, @lajulie24, @graciecatfamilyband, @loveth1s … I think I’ve narrowed it down to one of you. Which one of you asked for it? It’s driving me crazy not to know! I wouldn’t normally post about this, because I don’t like calling attention to the edits, but I specifically wrote this scene for one of you and I … failed …. in remembering who it was for. 

If you haven’t read Mighty Things yet or are waiting for a reread, I would suggest you hold off until the rewrites are done, because as of now you’ll get to chapter five and it’ll 1) jump a section, because I chopped up ch. 4 and plan on including what was at the end of 4 into the beginning of 5, and 2) it’ll feel like I’ve suddenly digressed back into 22 year old me. It’s up to you, but that’s my suggestion. :D 

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"Hey buddy, I'm a but calmer now. I need you to tell me who you hurt and why though. Please. I need to know if that anon's right about you or not. I trust you, but I want your side of the story." Mischief got down onto Ink's level. He looked uncharacteristically serious.

Ink tears up, but looks down at the floor. “….i..i hurt c…creator once….h…he was trying to…u-uh….do stuff…a-and i defended myself….mi…i ended up bruising him and making him bleed a lot….but..that week…he hurt me more….t-than i hurt sammy, than wally….” the demon starts to sob, covering his face.

“I-i didn’t want to!! I-i didn’t want to hurt them, i swear!!!”


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I seriously can’t. After weeks WEEKS of drought, we get THIS. And then the whole deal with the anon. What even is life? Are they a troll who got lucky or do they really know shit ? How even is this possible. AAAAHHHHHH. 

I need my Mummy right now. HALP


Real Life/My Cat

This is my cat. She is beautiful, isn’t she? Her name is Robin. She is an indoor cat but we let her sit on the balcony to enjoy the outdoors. On Monday she squeezed through the balcony and climbed on the roof. She broke 2 toes and her wrist falling from the roof even though we were able to catch her and break her fall.

Now she needs surgery and a metal plate put on her wrist. This has been a stressful nightmare for me. The estimated cost for the surgery at the first place I went was $3300. I know of another orthopedic who would probably do it for a lot less (like under $1000) but I can’t even schedule an appointment until Tuesday. I’m constantly questioning myself on what is right. The surgery by the first DVM would bankrupt me. But I also don’t want to wait too long to see the second doctor and have it start to heal in the wrong way.

Thankfully I work at a vet myself, but I work at a dentistry specialist. My cat is comfortable, her arm is splinted as you can see. She has pain meds if needed. I’m sorry this is a post not about dolls, but I really needed to vent this.