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Jihan Moments in Shining Diamonds Fanmeeting in BKK

  • Jeonghan and Jisoo walked together in both their arrival and departure flights.
  • They were from the same van.
  • Jeonghan drank water from a bottle the passed it to Jisoo and yes he drank it from Jeonghan…..
  • Jeonghan need someone to hold his legs for the sits-up competition so choose Jisoo. Jisoo walked over and sat on Jeonghan feet. After Jeonghan had finished doing sits-up. Seungkwan asked Joshua how many sits-up did Jeonghan did. He answered “50″ and everybody was like woahhhhhh~ but the Seungkwan said that if he was helping jeonghan by lying, Jisoo will need to do sits-up. Without the second thought he said “no, its 28″ lol. Then he went to pat jeonghan back as a comfort lol <3. These two are evil twins confirmed.

SS6 in BKK Day2- Eunhae moments:

*donghae went backstage and met hyukjae who just come back out from backstage and the two of them tried to stop each other

* Hyuk kept staring at hae while dancing Mr.simple


*hae kissed hyuk cheeck again. hyuk even pushes his face closer to hae for hae to kiss[after so long, they finally kissed for real ;;]

*wook took off hae bracelet, then kangin took the bracelet from hae and wore it on hyuk wrist

*kangin feed hyukjae seaweed. hae wanted some. so kangin ask hae to eat from the one in hyukjae mouth. and hae went to take a bite!


SS6 Taiwan Day2 -Eunhae Solo:

- Hyuk shaking Donghae and Donghae hitting hyuk with towel

- HYUK ALMOST KISSED HAE  (or did he?)

-’ Hello’: while hae was singing, hyuk went extremely close to his face and stared at him And when it’s hyuk’s turn to sing, hae stared at him and blew at hyuk’s face

-End of oppa oppa: Donghae tried to jump on hyukjae’s back and he was making…. weird sounds XD


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[FANCAM] 151225 Boys Wish Concert - ‘NO F.U.N’ (JOSHUA focus)
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anonymous asked:

hi baby, i saw some posts about "reasons to love... " otps, can you list yours, reasons to love vkook??? i love your blog!

Well well, i thought so much to be able to reply this. Because, you don’t have reasons to love them… you just love. But, i listed some things are so !important too.




-The both are such a cuties babies.

-The way Jungkook always laughs of Taehyung’s jokes or actions (even if isn’t really fun)
-The way they both always say the other are beautiful.( numerous times, jungkook said Taehyung is awesome or handsome.)
-The times when Jungkook choose Taehyung for the member he is closest.
-When Taehyung said that him and Jungkook plays skit like they meet each other and fall in love (important!)
-The way Junkook look with tenderness to Taehyung.
-The way Taehyung patting Jungkook’s hair or rubbed his face in his hair.
-The valuable words he says to jungkook, like to move forward and rest sometimes.
-The way Jungkook is so happy when he hits Taehyung (remember, Taehyung is a hyung, but he seems to not mind with it)
-The intimacy that they  have. (important! they seem so comfortable close each other)
-The way jungkook seemed jealous with Taehyung.
-The way Taehyung is so touchy with Jungkook.
-The way Taehyung is so shy when Jungkook is filming him or something.
-The (cute) habit of Jungkook rising Taehyung and leave him away (!important)
-They have common likes too. (they like animes, webcomics , music, (remember when they rapping together in a room - bangtan bomb -  !important))
And this is so important: their friendship is so strong.

I don’t know, my emotional is so djnsasdnjasdn right now. I think i need to watch fancams again. I know that there are more important things but, i just remember these.