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Jihan Moments in Shining Diamonds Fanmeeting in BKK

  • Jeonghan and Jisoo walked together in both their arrival and departure flights.
  • They were from the same van.
  • Jeonghan drank water from a bottle the passed it to Jisoo and yes he drank it from Jeonghan…..
  • Jeonghan need someone to hold his legs for the sits-up competition so choose Jisoo. Jisoo walked over and sat on Jeonghan feet. After Jeonghan had finished doing sits-up. Seungkwan asked Joshua how many sits-up did Jeonghan did. He answered “50″ and everybody was like woahhhhhh~ but the Seungkwan said that if he was helping jeonghan by lying, Jisoo will need to do sits-up. Without the second thought he said “no, its 28″ lol. Then he went to pat jeonghan back as a comfort lol <3. These two are evil twins confirmed.
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[FANCAM] 151225 Boys Wish Concert - ‘NO F.U.N’ (JOSHUA focus)
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