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Ezekiel Jones + Drinking

Jeff Atkins x Reader | Friendzone - (Part 1)

A/N: I thought I would post this first because I planned the plot in like 5 mins and currently having writers block for the 2 requested ones but I hope they will be up by next week. Enjoy, like and follow. Requests are not open until further notice. Much love. Send me feedback on what you think so far. Part 2 ? .xx

(Part 2)

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Life is great when you know you have at least one loyal best friend. It’s better than having 10 okay friends. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have entered my life and that was my best friend, Jeff Atkins.

We in actual fact met because of our parents since we’re both neighbours and was new to the neighbourhood at the time, Jeff’s parents had invited us over to his house for dinner. I was shy to speak to someone who was as handsome as Jeff, I wasn’t one to speak to boys in a hurry and where I came from was an all girls school. Knowing that I’m going to the same school as him also had given me the chills, who knows what’s in stored for me. Though that night Jeff had gotten me to show my bubbly and loud side - we had a lot in common.

Jeff introduced me to his friends which I was glad they were all easy to make conversations with but I didn’t believe they were being genuine about who they say they were.

Through time, I started to have feelings for Jeff as more than a friend. This really did scare me because I didn’t want to lose the friendship we had. Worst case scenario is me telling him that I love him and have been in love with him since the start, all he would say is nothing and probably laugh at me like everyone else.

I thought to myself that I should set my feelings for him aside and just worry about our friendship. Problem is that he has a girlfriend named Jazmin for a while now. He seems to be head over heels for her and well I can’t change that. She was the new girl at our school, Jeff couldn’t stop talking about her and since Clay was her buddy, it was a bonus for Jeff so he had an excuse to talk to her. They’ve been dating for a good 6 months.

Later today our whole school was invited to Jess’ house party. As much as I didn’t want to go Jeff insisted that I come with and of course Jazmin was going to tag along. No hate to her, she’s really sweet and pretty - everything that I’m not - we both had become acquaintances.

It was currently 3pm and the party was at 6pm. I was busy studying and decided on getting ready at 5 since Jess’ house is literally 5 minutes away from mine. As I was just about to get back to studying my notifications went off, it was a message from Hannah asking if I was going. I replied back saying yes and hoped to see her there. I left my phone aside and was finishing off my summaries. My phone was ringing this time, I groaned in annoyance, we’re all going to see each other later today anyway so I don’t see what’s the need for the messages and phone calls.

It was a call from Jeff. “Hello” I answered plainly. “Sup bestie” Jeff enthused. “Busy studying well was until you interrupted me. How about you ?” I asked. “Oh my bad Miss. Y/L/N looks like the next time I shouldn’t bother to phone you at all” he said sarcastically. “That’s fine by me” I giggled. “Anyways I just wanted to know if you need a ride ? I’m just on my way to fetch Jazmin and thought I can pop by to pick you up” he said. “Nah it’s okay, thanks for the offer, though I’ll walk” I said. “Are you kidding me ? Do you know how dangerous it is for you to walk alone at night ? I’m coming to pick you up. No buts. See you in a bit” he said lastly and ended this call. Gosh this boy.

I left my work as it was on my study table and started looking through my closet for an outfit. I finally picked out a cropped black lace off the shoulder top with denim short shorts paired with adidas original superstars. I left my hair as its natural wavy state with subtle make up on. I sprayed on some perfume, grabbed my phone and decided to sit on my front porch whilst I waited. 2 minutes later Jeff parks in front, I jumped in the back “Hey” I smiled. “Heya” they replied back. “I love your outfit” she said as she looked at me through the rear mirror. “Aww thanks, I love yours too” I said and turned to look at her in the passenger seat. I felt Jeff look at me through the rear mirror but he didn’t say anything.

We got to the party and as soon as we got there we 3 had dispersed. Well, I was on my own and I’m sure they’re somewhere here together. I walked into Jess’ house and taking in my surroundings, as close as Jess and I may stay we aren’t the bestest of friends though we’re good enough acquaintances.

I spotted Clay and Hannah talking by the couch. “Aww well if it ain’t my favourite people” I cooed. They’re so cute honestly get married already. “Oh hey Y/N it’s good to see you here other than worrying about your books” Clay said and pulled me in for a hug. “Look who’s talking, this isn’t my first party Jensen. I’m the one shocked to see you here that goes for you too Han” I said. “I thought I should try something different” Clay said. “Same here” Hannah added. “I can tell you both did, loving the hair by the way Hannah" I said lastly and faded off into the kitchen.

All I need right now was a drink though I’m not talking about alcohol. Alcohol is not always the option when you’re sad. I poured myself a cup of Coca Cola and walked back to where Clay, and Hannah was. “You guys want a drink ?” I asked. “Nah we’re good” Hannah smiled and shook the cup in her hand. I thought I might as well sit next to them on the couch but then Jess and Justin beat me to it. They were both clearly pissed drunk but it was more evident on Jess. “Hey Y/N” she waved. “Hii” I waved back at them. She then moved her attention to the suck and blow game happening in front of them. “Hey ! We want to play too” Jess whined. I took a quick look at all the participants and surprise surprise, Jeff and Jazmin were playing too. Can I even stand to watch this ?

The card started from Zach to Sheri, to Monty to another blonde, to Jeff. I don’t even know his this boy couldn’t hold onto that card for a few seconds longer. It fell from his lips and he was quick to connect his with Jazmin. “Excuse me” I told Clay and Hannah. They know. I walked out to the front yard and sat on the staircase, I tried not to cry from the pain but I was weak. A tear dropped onto my thigh, I quickly wiped away my tears in hopes that no one sees me crying - I don’t want to cause a scene - their was a hand placed on my shoulder. I looked back to the person and it was Zach. “Hey are you okay ?”

Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game:

  1. Drink when someone says, “I look down at my basket and realize I forgot (insert crucial ingredient)”
  2. Drink when someone smells/flips through the stack of cash when they get it 
  3. Drink when someone introduces themselves as a “fusion” chef of some kind
  4. Drink when Alton says, “You can turn to your opponent and say, Hey…”
  5. Drink when someone bids more than $8,000 on something
  6. Drink when the judge says something is dry or over-cooked
  7. Drink when someone says, “Oh hell no, that’s not going to be me so I have to win this!” or any variation
  8. Drink when someone uses alcohol and it creates bright red flames (there’s a technical term for it but I can’t spell it… flambay?)
  9. Drink when Alton makes a face at the chef when he standing behind the judge when the judge is tasting
  10. Drink when the judge says something is raw or inedible 
  11. Drink when someone gets caught in the doors or doesn’t make it through the doors in time
  12. Drink when someone makes something “deconstructed” 
  13. Drink when someone says, “I make (insert dish) everyday/all the time so I got this” or any variation
  14. Drink when someone uses the ice cream machine
Heat of the Moment Part 2

Summary: Things get heated when Peter Parkers older sister comes for a visit when Peter’s never talked about her. Things get heated between reader and Scott. Bucky and Steve land themselves in an uncomfortable situation with each other. What really went on that night?

Author(s): Caitsy and Ash

Warnings: Smut, swearing, Stucky, fluff.

Disclaimer: We do not own marvel or any characters. We also don’t own any gifs, images, jokes or songs that appear in this prompt.

Requested: Yes.

A/N The much anticipated part 2 for Heat of the Moment with Stucky. Both Ash and I don’t ship Stucky but low and behold I ignited the fire in shipping them. Also do you want to see more co-authoring by us?

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You groaned pushing yourself away from Scott before the teasing began when everyone wandered into the room. Sam was covering himself as he searched for his non-existent clothing, without the alcohol his cockiness wasn’t extremely high. Your head was pounding. You sat up and silently looked over the situation. “When’s he’s quiet, he’s kind of cute” you thought to yourself.

You sat up and held your head in your hands. You took in your surroundings, you couldn’t help but wonder where the Cap had ran off to. The last thing you remember was the way he was silently making eyes at Bucky after their little dare. Bucky was waking up on the other couch shifting uncomfortable and you sure as hell noticed another soldier on that couch. Specifically in his pants.

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Always Here, Forever Yours (Philip Hamilton x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- almost cheating and some light sexualness, not really smut but ya know


“can u do a one shot where yn just got in a fight w any character that she was dating and so her best friend philip ham took her out to get drinks and take her mind off of everything cause she was sad and she tried to kiss him and he tells her no and that that’s not what she wants cause she’s drunk and he doesn’t want to take advantage of her so he takes her home and just keeps her company and when she wakes up he’s on the couch and she thanks him and shit ty love u and ur brilliant writing 💗💗”

“Can you do something with Laurens or Philip trying to comfort/cheer up a girl when she’s having a depressive episode please? I could really use it <3″

“hi! i was wondering if you could write a philip imagine where he calms reader after the reader gets in a fight with her family?”

A/N- (It’s not her family but the two fics would have been way too similar otherwise)

Song- Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

Words- 2,027

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Homesick - Neymar

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I put the beer bottle between my lips and sipped on it, trying to ignore the fact that I still hated beer, even through I was half german, which gave me enough of a reason to actually like beer, because every german did, right? But I still didn’t and as much as i tried again and again the taste didn’t change, and the attempt in getting drunk didn’t change either. So it was two minutes later that I replaced the beer bottle with a vodka shot glass in my hand and shifted it down the next second, as I felt the hard liquor running down my throat I shook my head slightly. The taste of vodka wasn’t much better then beer but it got you drunk faster than beer ever could and that’s what I wanted to get; drunk, right? I sighed as I turned around and filled in another shot glass of vodka for me to take but before I could put the glass anywhere close my lips I heard my friend walking in the kitchen and telling me to wait for her and that she also wanted one. I sighed but nodded as I took another shot glass out of the cabinet and poured her another vodka in. We drank shots after shots and as I felt myself getting kinda tipsy we decided to get outside and sit on my balcony.

I closed my eyes for a second - alcohol had this strange way of making me tired in a way that I could fall asleep on the street without even caring - as I opened my eyes again I directly looked at Barcelona in front of us. i always adored the city lights. when I came here first I thought there was no better view than from Turó de la Rovira to look over the city not until I or rather we moved in here I found that we had the greatest view of Barcelona there probably was. I should be used to it by now, I sat outside on this balcony every evening for the last year but I would never get tired of watching the sun going down and the lights going on and for Barcelona to wake up. I was afraid of moving here but now that I lived here for years and now that I called this home I didn’t thought of ever going elsewhere. Spanish became my language and Barcelona my city.

“Is he coming home?” my friend asked which made me look over to her, my breathing changed and my lips parted and I hesitated in answering her back but as I shook my head slightly I sighed.

„Not tonight“ I told her before looking back on the beautiful city in front of me.

Truth is, he wouldn’t be coming home tonight just as much as he wasn’t coming home tomorrow, or the day after. Sometimes I wondered if he was even alive, if he even still lived here in Barcelona, but then I saw pictures of him going out with friends, partying, playing football, scoring goals and then I knew he was alive, he just didn’t wanted to talk to me. He didn’t wanted to answer any of my so many calls or message me back. He was fine with ignoring me maybe not a happy-fine, but an okay-fine. Okay maybe I didn’t even knew what fine. All i knew is that he ignored all my ways in contacting him and that I had stopped trying a few weeks ago.

„Did you hear anything from him?“ she asked.

“Other than him scoring his hundredth goal for Barcelona through the news?” i said but it sounded way more than a question.

“Nothing” I told her and shook my head slightly as I looked down.  

“Y/N..” she started but I shook my head.

We had this conversation before, a lot, actually. She was one of my best friends and she hated seeing me hurt so she thought I was better off, when I ended whatever there still was between him and me, but sadly it really wasn’t that easy. And as much as she thought it was the best for me, i really didn’t. I knew he was the best for me. Even if people always tried to tell me otherwise - they started telling me differently from the start of the relationship - and now that we were on a break or however you might call it it wasn’t anything different. My friends tried to tell me that he wasn’t coming back, that I should let it go that I should let him leave, move out of this apartment and forget about him, move on, live life. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t just let him nor this apartment - with the most amazing view, even through this really was just a bonus effect - go, i couldn’t just leave this place where all our memories were made and kept in. I loved him I still do even after months or weeks of not seeing each other I still loved him like back then and I believed he loved me back, I believed in him actually returning back home. Even through everyone else didn’t, I knew he would come back. I just didn’t knew when. But i hoped it would be soon because I couldn’t stand being separated from him any longer.

„Why am I even saying anything anymore“ she said.

„You’re not changing your mind anyway“ she said sighing.

„I should be going now“ she said and I nodded.

„I see you“ I told her and she patted my shoulder as she stood up, and pulled the door open before stepping inside and actually closing it behind her again.

I sighed out as I closed my eyes one more time, it was late already and even through Barcelona just woke up I was tired, tired from being tired, from waiting and mostly because of the too much alcohol I was drinking at the moment. There was barely any day I had no glass of wine or vodka. Even through I really wasn’t that big of a fan of alcohol - months ago I barely even drank something, maybe from time to time a glass of champagne or wine to special occasions but it really wasn’t something on a regular basis. I didn’t needed to drink alcohol to have fun - Now on the other hand it was something like a companion, a friend who was keeping me company when others didn’t. It was minutes after my friend had left that I heard the door being pulled up again.

„Did you miss something?“ I asked after I had opened my eyes again and turned around, expecting my friend to stand in front of me, but it wasn’t her I was facing, it was him.

Him who i had been missing all this time. He, he was here, standing in front of me, he returned home. And even through I didn’t knew why he came back home, whether it was to break up with me or to continue our relationship. I felt my heart beating faster and my breath going uncontrollable. I gulped as I realized it was really him, all this time I pictured him coming home, actually standing in front of me, like he did now, and now hat he did I didn’t knew what to do.

„I expected y/f/n“ I said referring to the question I was asking before.

„I know“ he said.

„I met her in the driveway“ he added and I nodded in understanding.

Silent fell between us, which brought my thoughts back to the time when he still lived here and we were close to our break. It was often silent between us back then. We didn’t really knew what to talk about other than yelling at each other and ending in another fight. Now it was different through, i didn’t feel the need to yell at him, the way I did back then. I wanted to yell at him every single piece of pain he or rather life made me feel, back then. It wasn’t really his fault back then, I knew that now. Even through back then, I wanted him to be, because if I had someone to blame it wouldn’t hurt so much anymore, right? But I was wrong and I knew that now, because I couldn’t blame him for all the things that went wrong in my life. I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. I made my own decisions so I had to live with it.

„I’m glad you came back“ I told him to break the silence and maybe to start an apologize if that even helped anything.

He walked over to me and sat down beside me, not that our bodies were touching in any kind of way, but still the way we were close to each other. It was enough closeness to make my heart beat faster. He begin chuckling and as I looked over to him confused to what he was laughing about he turned his face and looked at me, our eyes locked and I felt my heart beating even faster.

„I haven’t seen you for months“ he started.

„And I only need to see you for a minute or two. I only need to sit this close to you and my heart is going crazy. It’s like we haven’t even been separated at all“ he said shaking his head slightly as he turned his face and looked straight to the city.

I gulped as I watched his face expression. I waited for him to say something because god knew I didn’t know what to say next, or what to do next I didn’t even knew what to think next.

„I couldn’t forget you even if I tried“ he said.

„Which I didn’t“ he said and turned his face again as he looked back at me.

„i’m sorry“ I said softly.

„I’m sorry for taking my anger and frustration out on you“ I said.

„I shouldn’t have done that. I knew all of this is my fault. The fights it shouldn’t have escalated this quickly“ I said biting down on my lip, hoping my apology would change something.

„Theres always two people in a fight“ he told me.

„Still if things go wrong that gives me no reason to let it out on other people, on you“ I told him, I hope he knew I meant it.

„I realized all of this when you left and its making me so mad because is this enough? Is this apologize enough?“ I said.

„It gotta be“ I told him. Tears had welled up in my eyes minutes ago and I knew I was close to spilling them out it was just that I didn’t wanted to cry in front of him now.  

„It is“ he told me as he slung one arm around me, he pulled me close to his side and I closed my eyes sighing out.

„I do forgive you“ he said and pressed a kiss to my forehead.

I felt the tears spilling out of my eyes and a sob leaving my lips as he rubbed my back and pulled me even closer to him.

„I’m right here“ he said as I pulled my head up to look at him he wiped my tears away.

„I do not deserve you“ I told him but he shook his head.

„Do not say that“ he said shaking his head again, slightly.

„I missed you so much“ he told me and leaned in to peck my lips first but soon after kissed me -and if I was ever homesick before and returned back home than this is exactly what it felt like, missing something and finally having it back.-

teruelfxonsuvar  asked:

How about prompt 29 with mmmm a lady of your choosing being sassy? c:

Ok, I have no clue what you were expecting but have some sassy Crowe who’s sick of Nyx’s crappy flirting… I am so sorry about this. Please know she does care about Nyx, and says all of this from the bottom of her heart. XD

Everyone knew that Crowe Altius was a badass, sassy as shit and had no filter. They also knew she really didn’t give a fuck what you thought, but what they didn’t know what she noted down everything. Every-fucking-thing, and it would most likely be used for blackmail later… or to get free drinks when they went out together.

Lately, her efforts have been put towards noting the consistent failings of one so-called ‘Hero’, who had decided that he was going to win over the fucking Prince of Lucis. Honestly, she wasn’t surprised, he’d done stupider shit since she’d known him.

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i just walked into a white trash local shop with full on makeup and fake lashes, on 6 inch heels with nothing but an adidas tracksuit and a pink faux fur jacket and bought scottish whisky and this is literally the definition of Me