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Okay, so I just binge read all thirteen chapters of Adventures of Supergirl, a comic series based on the CBS (now CW) show. And now I’m going to list little facts (semi-canon facts) for all you fan authors and artists for your shit. So here you go:

  • Kara lives in Hammersmith Tower, apartment 4-A.
  • Kara had a bully on earth during high school called Belinda-the-bully, who seemed to always beat Kara at Street Combat Six using a surprise uppercut TKO.
  • Also there were no video games on Krypton.
  • Kara has one hell of an uppercut thanks to Belinda-the-bully.
  • Kara has to calculate everything during a rescue. Air resistance, negative acceleration, matching the object’s speed. Like everything. Or else whiplash could kill victims or she’ll make a cater after every landing or things would crash against her as she catches them. Our girl knows how to multitask like a boss.
  • Kara does her calculations in Sulls, a weight measurement on Krypton. She problems converting these to pounds.
  • Alex is approximately 31 Sulls.
  • Kara isn’t that great with Earth’s physics. The Rokyn Society’s Gravitistics doesn’t line up with Newton’s laws all too well. She apparently tried to tell that to her ninth grade teacher while English wasn’t her first language.
  • Krypton didn’t believe in resolving conflict by physical violence. They first exhausted communication, every diplomatic option before disagreements got out of hand. So, that explains a lot about Kara’s temperament and hesitance to start a fight.
  • Kara talks to Clark a lot about people finding out about her identity and how it would affect the people she cares for.
  • Winn has a badass hijab-and-leather-jacket-wearing hacker friend named Rabiah Zinoman, who can go up against an alien who is practically a computer himself.
  • Did I mention her screen name is RazzleDazzle130?
  • Edit: She also explicitly mentions she does not date, which is typical of a devote Muslim, of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone (props for writers here?)
  • Speaking of screen names, Winn has several: Supergirl_In_Action252, Mufungo, and Dollm8ker (the latter being a throwback to his comic book roots).
  • … James apparently got turned into a turtle once? (I need a fic now!)
  • Kara had a college roommate named Donna, who was in love with Silence of the Lambs and would watch it every few weeks. After capturing and interrogating Fort Rozz criminals, Kara doesn’t like it that much anymore.
  • Kara’s father used to say, “Not my cup of Thoni tea.”
  • Kara learned how to control her dreams from the decades in the phantom zone. She dreamt of Kypton mostly. She used a Kryptonian dreaming technique called Tarukor for the control. She’s also so proficient in it that she went toe-to-toe with an alien known for manipulating/creating dreams.
  • Alex promptly calls Kara a dream warrior.
  • Kara, after dreaming/sleeping for decades, didn’t sleep much on earth the years following her landing. Now she mostly does it out of habit and normalcy.  
  • Alex and Kara saw My Chemical Romance in concert. Seriously just imagine scene teens Kara and Alex though.
  • Kara had a weird dream about Oscar Isaac once.
  • Cat milks stuff for days after a Supergirl fight.  
  • Kryptonians used sunstones as pictures. Like multi-faceted rocks with pictures on them.
  • Kara is very proficient in hand-to-hand combat (since she learned of the DEO), despite not learning it on Krypton. Without her powers, Kara can still kick your ass if she wanted to. She also really likes uppercuts.
  • Clark loves mysteries, grew up reading them and they are half the reason he became a reporter, wanting to uncover the secrets in people. They infuriate Kara, though, she just wants the world to be straightforward.
  • Alex doesn’t know Kryptonese.
  • Alex had a med school boyfriend that used to write poems about them together like “And so we fight, tooth and claw, with our backs to the wall.” That may have been the reason they broke up.
  • Cat apparently partied with cast of Hamilton.
  • Cat had lunch with Gwendoline Christie.
  • Hand of Krypton was its justice system’s greatest honor and heaviest responsibility. They were in service to Krypton’s future.
  • Kara went to Stanhope College.
  • College actually challenged Kara in academics her first year. Yes, Supergirl was brought low by Professor Haley’s Oceanography pop quizzes.
  • Kara did a huge research paper on doxing in college.
  • By her own admission, Kara graduated ‘top-ish’ of her class (knowing her though I headcanon that she was at least top ten).
  • Kara curses a lot more in Kryptonese than in English. Like a lot.
  • Kara learned (passable) English in a day. Our girl is a fast learner (do as you please with that information).
  • Midvale is in California, on the beach.
  • Kara can fly to about 40,000 feet before she’ll be at risk of being in space.
  • The DEO has at least one agent that wears hijab.
  • Clark says, “Truth, justice, and the American way,” Kara on the other hand would say, “Hope, help and compassion for all.

But seriously guys, go read them. The art, dialogue, and narration is colorful and amazing.They’re really fun and since we’re in hiatus they’re good fillers before Season Two starts. They’re about 99 cents apiece and there’s only thirteen chapters. 

me, watching the next episode’s previews and seeing hansung climbing into yeo wool’s bed:

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Damn. you stole somebody's girl daddy

are you fucking stupid? how many got damn posts have to be made about this? this is a POLYAMOROUS situation. As in DP is the daddy to ALL THREE of us. No one stole anyone from anyone. Bug and DP are each other’s primaries and always will be, and Brat and myself are respectful of that while also engaging with DP in our own relationships. And if I stole DP, Bug wouldn’t want to be my partner as well now would she? Idk how some of you aren’t getting this but literally look at any of the other gajillion asks about just this fact on our blogs (especially Bug’s) anyways just because you don’t understand polyamory doesn’t mean anyone got stolen from anyone else. And if you’re referring to the living situation well things work out in different ways, Bug and Brat needed roommates when DP and myself didn’t, so they became roommates. Now that DP and I do need roommates it makes sense for us to live together. Yes it would be awesome for us all to live together, or maybe more expected for DP and Bug to live together as they have in the past but that’s not how the timing or our lives worked out, and we’re still just as happy about how things are going and our plans!! @littlesativabug @thebrattiestlittlething @p0stdaddy


>Kerri busts into my room
>”yo whats up”
>”Kayla can I ask a favor”
>”yeah whats goin on”
>”So mom and dad just went to work. Dan’s coming over. We’re gonna bone.”

hey everyone i just got sexiled from my own home, how’s your morning going

Care To Explain?

SasuSaku College/Roommate AU
Rating: K+

“Uh, who’s this, babe?” Emerald eyes were locked on and narrowing at the girl that was slung around his around. Her hair was a dark chocolate brown, wavy, and framing the curves of her face all too well. The golden eyes that looked back into emerald pools began to hold concern as she looked back up to the guy she hanging off of.

“Sasuke, what the hell?” Sasuke shrugged as the girl let go of his arm. She was now upset as she stood there, in this awkward as hell situation.

“Care to explain, babe?” The tone that the pink haired girl took was loud and furious.

“Chill, Sakura. She just followed me home and wouldn’t get off. I guess she was expecting something from me,” Sasuke’s voice was cold and the girl with him was now irritated.

“Whatever. Don’t act like you weren’t interested, because you definitely were.”

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you know how this website makes up scenarios where you and a metaphorical bae would talk about memes after sex?

it happened to me

our pillow talk consisted of conversation about rare pepes and the ayyy lmao alien

tru romance<3

Cute & Cozy *Jack Johnson Imagine*

A/N: I took awhile to post this because I wanted to make sure it was perfect for all the Jack J girls! And I’m actually reading The Selection Series (I’m on the third book!) I recommend it to everyone reading it because you will be head over heels for Prince Maxon! Enjoy! And message me if you read the book so we can fan girl together !!!

I woke up to the sound of dripping. It was raining. What a perfect time to wake up from a nap. I glanced around my apartment deciding if my roommate had come home yet. I noticed the a note on the countertop. Nancy had always been running about ever since she got that new internship. Fashion always came first and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh when that was exactly what was written on the note.

Have some last minute things to do! Fashion always comes first! Love you and I’ll get dinner when I come back! ~Nancy x

I set the note back down and rummaged through the fridge. An iced coffee would keep me awake while I continued my book, too bad we didn’t have any. Nancy and I had an obsession for iced lattes so we always bought the StarBucks pack and kept it refrigerated. Looks like we finally ran out.

I quickly threw on some rain boots and grabbed my jacket and keys. I opened the door only to realize I forgot my book. Nancy was forcing me to read The Selection by Kiera Cass. I couldn’t blame her for wanting everyone to read the series. It was quite the story and I was falling in love with it.

Where Nancy and I lived had a local coffee shop. It was everything cute and cozy which was the name: Cute & Cozy Coffee.
I walked in and ordered my usual caramel iced latte. The barista who worked there, Cody was one of my good friends. He had already knew what I came here for.

“So let me guess, you ran out of iced coffee?” Cody laughed.

“Maybe I just wanted to come see you,” I teased.

“Yeah right. I’ll get your order,” he playfully rolled his eyes. He was probably 6 foot considering how tall he was. Dark brown hair, dark eyes, light skin, and he was fit. He was good looking alright.

“Thanks Cody!” I smiled.

I looked around to find a spot to sit and quietly read my book. The place was semi full, but there was always seats for everyone, and I mean everyone. I noticed a seat by the window where I would listen to the soothing noise of the rain while finishing the remainder of my book.

“Y/N here’s your drink, and don’t forget to tell Nancy she owes me that date!” Cody handed me my iced latte and smiled when he said Nancy’s name.

“Thank you. And how can she forget? She’s been talking about it for days now,” I laughed at his reaction. He only smiled even harder and tried to hide the nonstop blushing. They both had a thing for each other. It was only a matter of time. And that would be this Saturday.

I walked to the back with my eyes on that one spot. I sat down and pulled The Selection out of my bag. Finally. I took frequent sips of my latte and scanned every page and every word.

“Um, excuse me,” I looked up to see a pair of blue eyes looking down at me.

“Yes?” I said confused.

“You’re reading The Selection right?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“It’s a great book, I’m reading the second one,” He pulled out his phone and showed me the iBook.

I looked at him surprised, “Wait, really? Wow. I mean that’s great. It’s a great book. I just didn’t think it appealed to guys. Not saying it’s a bad thing that you read it because it’s good.” My face flushed of color.

“I don’t know about other guys, but I think Prince Maxon is a gentleman,” he said.

“So you really do read the series, huh?” I was surprised at the fact he knew one of the main characters.

He nodded, “Mind if I join you?”

“Of course not,” I smiled at him.

Now I got a good view of him. He had the cutest face. Blue eyes that were similar to the stormy blue skies outside right now. Not to mention his hair was blonde. The most ironic thing was that he had similar features to Prince Maxon. Who was this stranger?

“I’m Y/N.” I put my hand in front of him expecting him to shake it, only to feel a slow warm kiss on my hand.

“I’m Jack Johnson,” he flashed a quick smile.

“So what brings you here? And don’t tell me, The Selection,” I smiled.

“Actually it is, I’m on the second book. Clearly you were deep in the last couple of pages, so do go on and read.”

“Are you sure?” I was shocked that a guy would rather let me read than talk.

“Of course, I was the one to interrupt you.”

I nodded and we both continued to read. I felt his eyes on me throughout the remainder of the book. It wasn’t creepy. He’d look at me every couple of minutes or so. He’d read some of the book, take a sip of coffee and look in my direction.

“I can’t believe I finished it!” I closed the book and drank the rest of my coffee.

“How was it?” He laughed at my excitement.

“Amazing, now I need to get the second book from my roommate.

"Yeah and then we can talk about them together.” He said slyly.

“Maybe we can.” He blushed at my response.

My phone buzzed over and over again. I unlocked it to see 10 messages from Nancy saying she was home with dinner. I texted her back saying I’ll be home in a couple of minutes. I was surprised that I didn’t even notice my phone vibrate while I was reading.

“Is everything okay?” Jack asked.

“Yeah. My best friend just texted saying she was home with dinner. So I guess it’s time to leave.” I got up putting my book away in my bag.

“Aww, maybe I can walk you home?” He pouted his lips and I let out a laugh.

“I don’t know, we just met, how do I know you’re not going to murder me?”

“Well considering how beautiful you are, and knowing the person I am, I would never even think about hurting a fly.” His charms were cute and not the typical flirt. But he tried his best to intimidate Prince Maxon.

“Hmm, well seeing that you read The Selection and you’re passionate about it, you can.” I sighed knowing that there can be two outcomes to this.

“If it makes you feel any better, I’m friends with Cody,” he turned over to where Cody was standing and waved. Cody smiled and nodded in my direction signaling that it was safe.

“That makes me feel way better, but if you try anything I have pepper spray.” I looked at him sternly.

“Yes m'aam,” he trailed behind me.

“So who exactly are you? I mean Cody typically doesn’t have many guy friends except for that one guy who’s last name starts with a "G” or something,“ I walked slower than usual, anything really to buy some time. It’s not everyday you meet someone, well a guy really who reads the most girliest book there is. Well I wouldn’t say that because it wasn’t really the girliest book, but still.

"You mean Jack Gilinsky? Well him and I are best friends, heck he’s basically my brother. We’re a duo. Maybe you’ve heard of us, Jack & Jack?” I shook my head. “Well we’ve recently came home for a break from tour. So that’s why you’ve probably never seen me around.” I nodded.

“Oh wait! Didn’t you guys make vines or something? Cody showed me a few once, but I never really paid attention to it,” he looked a little sad. Maybe he expected me to be one of those fangirls or at least know who he was. “I’m sorry, I don’t really do too much of social media. I would rather read a book or watch a movie instead,” I shot him an apologetic look.

“Well I’m crushed, maybe a movie can mend my heart?” He stopped in his track and looked at me with puppy eyes. I contemplated for a second but nodded my head and smiled.

“You can show me those vines that kickstarted your career.”

“Sounds like a plan, how about Saturday?” He asked eagerly.

“Saturday works,” I tried my best to contain the excitement. Maybe I didn’t realize how lucky I was at the moment but who knows?

“It’s a date,” he gave me his cellphone and I typed in my number.

“Here’s where I leave you, I looked towards my apartment. Text me?”

“Of course and I look forward to our date Y/N,” Jack smiled.

“I do too.” I turned around making my way to the stairs.

“Y/N?” I turned around to see him still standing there.


“I didn’t actually read the Selection. I just quickly bought it and read through as much as I could so I can finally get the nerve to talk to you,” he ran his hand through his hair awkwardly.

I laughed only to see him look even more confused.

“I know you didn’t read the Selection Jack. I was just wondering how long you’d keep it up.” I giggled.

“Does this mean we’re still having out movie date?” He gave me those puppy eyes again. How could I possible say no?

“Bye Jack, I’ll see you on Saturday,” I laughed turning around and closing the door behind me.

It wasn’t long after when I heard a loud “YES” leave Jack’s mouth and I laughed even harder. Maybe this date wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Part 2?

In dire need of a roommate

Hello everyone! I hate to be dramatic and I super hate to make a post like this one, but I just had a pretty drastic change in my living situation right now and I very badly need a new roommate as soon as possible!

If anybody is looking for a place in Lexington, KY, please let me know right away!!

The place I have right now is $469 rent plus utilities, which I recognize is pretty high, so I should be able to find a cheaper place if you need. I just need someone to rent with in order to move forward; I’m not really equipped to live by myself so :\ yeah!

(I would also appreciate it if anyone else could reblog this! ♥)

Just had surgery & missing work.

This is an updated version of my previous post as, due to my phone having been cut off, I can’t access my WePay account to receive donations through YouCaring.  Here’s an FAQ about this. If your question isn’t answered there or in this post I’m more than happy to answer it through an ask.

Please, PLEASE donate / share this if you can. I’m really sorry to have to do this but neither of us have any financial support from family currently and we’re at a loss of what to do in this situation. I have a donations button on my blog and I’m willing to give out an email for anyone more trusting of transfers. My Amazon Wishlist also has some cat food on it if you feel like donating that way! If you find a cheaper listing for any of these cat foods please let me know so I can add it to the list.

Hey everyone,

So as many of you know I just had top surgery (FTM) on the 24th of this month (11/24/2016), and while this was something I needed, I’m now extremely anxious about the financial situation of my roommate and I (as well as our two cats). Right now we’re worrying about how we’ll come up with our rent and transit money for the month of January, as well as how we’ll find money for food for ourselves as well as our cats.

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Please Help!

I’m in a really bad place right now, and I need your help.  Long story short, my ex-roommate stole $200 from us when he left this past month (because we gave him our parts for a couple bills, and we’ve just learned that he didn’t pay them).  Our electricity is going to be shut off in three days, and we are absolutely broke from trying to play catch-up on other messes he made.  I’m in that rare spot where I’m desperate enough to ask my mother for money.

Please help us.  Look at the Service Menu for readings I can provide and their usual prices.  I will be offering all $20 services for only $10, and all $10 services for only $5.  If you happen to still want to pay full price for a reading or donate without requesting a reading, I won’t complain because you are an angel.  If you can’t even donate $1 for a sample reading (’cause I know I’m not the only broke person in the world), please boost this.  I am at the end of my rope and I am scared.  Today is the first day since all this started that I am not sure things will be okay.

i got approved for the house :—) now i just need my roommate to agree to the rent, agree to pay the deposit + first month’s rent, and get me the cashier’s check for their portion on time. i move in sept 1 and sign the lease then. i’m so happy! this is almost done with! i’m 75% of the way to being moved and finished :—) things are finally working out. finally.