now i need a name for this crossover


“You guys can’t just come into my house without permission” you said as the two men went about searching your home.

“Cut the crap kid” the shorter one said “we know you know about the ghost who lives here”.

You gulped “I ah… I don’t know”.

“His names Tate right”.

Shit. No point in lying now.
“Yeah. He’s my friend”.

“No he’s not I promise you. He’s dangerous and needs to be taken care of”.

You felt yourself stiffen up.
“No. You’re not going to hurt him. Now get out. Get out now before I call the cops”.

Emma and Doug! A new ship needs a new name!

The amount of love and notes for these two is so shocking because I never draw Emma and I rarely draw Doug. Thank you so much everyone! You all will definitely see more of this ultimate crossover couple! The next question now is… what shall be their ship name? Their full names are Emma Agreste and Douglas Pines to help with the brainstorming. :)

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“Happy festival, suckers!”

Something to celebrate the release of Mockingjay Part 2! i’m so excited to watch it aaaa

also i’ve already made the signature with my new name l o o k

Seriously am i the only one who got a huge Hunger Games vibe from Look Who’s Purging Now? I’m surprised i haven’t seen a crossover of this yet. Also Arthricia needs more love. I mean seriously how can’t you love Arthricia she’s just a perfect Catniss

i’m the master of bad puns

oh also i’ve almost finished that gf drawing i’ve posted the wip of

another one piece/aladdin crossover doodle~ I watched the movie and made a bunch of screenshots I want to redraw (this is way too much fun). Still need a name to tag this though, any suggestions? 1001 kisses? gay-rabian nights? Imma tag this gayrabian nights for now

Tyler Hoechlin looks like a hot museum curator in his Golden Globes after party suit. Now I need a Night At The Museum crossover fic. He could open a crate for a new exhibit but inside he finds a good looking young man fast asleep. He takes the glowing medallion off the man’s neck and the boy awakens. Professor Hale stares into the boy’s golden Bambi eyes and falls instantly in love. He smuggles the boy (who’s name is Stiles) home with him that night.

Full illustration of the Jump NEXT!

“Then, one more time, the path of Light & Shadow, and the Generation of Miracles will cross again.”

On their jersey, the name of the team seems to be Vorpal Swords.

Alice in Wonderland reference…?