now i miss my old url

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Nicknames: my mum calls me No

Star Sign: saggitarius

Height: 170cm

Time right now: 5:47 pm

Last thing I Googled: 11 USD to AUD

Last movie I watched: oh god it was con air my dad made me watch con air fuckign

Last TV show I watched: age of youth

When I created this blog: 2012 i think? a fuckin long time ago 

Why did I choose my URL: im gay and the cis dont deserve to be the twink princes

Gender: boy

Hogwarts house: i dont go there

Pokemon GO team: my phone was too old and i missed this game

Favorite color: peach pink or mint

Lucky number: 4

Favorite character: kakashi m’boy

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 sheet, 1 quilt, and a doona 

im awkward and dont want to put anyone on the spot so if you wanna do this go ahead???

Moving blogs!

Just a notice that I’m going to be deleting this blog and moving onto a new one soon! I’ve had this blog since I was 13 and after almost half a decade, I just want to have a fresh start.

That being said, I want people to be able to follow me! I am setting up my new blog right now so I don’t want people following it, but I will announce it once I am done (I am mostly archiving some old posts so if you were to follow me now you would get a lot of spam)

If you want me to message you my new URL to make sure you don’t miss the announcement post when my new blog is ready, send me an ask or like this post and I’ll inform you when it’s ready!!

the signs as old tumblr things
  • Aries: the inevitable superwholock phase
  • Taurus: reaction gifs
  • Gemini: liking homestuck
  • Cancer: patronizing non-tumblr users
  • Leo: doing 'the hand thing' in selfies
  • Virgo: slowly losing your grammar standards
  • Libra: being proud of the fact you use tumblr
  • Scorpio: ___-prince/boy/elf/kid urls
  • Sagittarius: the 'i cut my hair when i first joined tumblr and now i miss having it long so i'm trying to grow it back' squad
  • Capricorn: mishapocalypse
  • Aquarius: the dead kid phase
  • Pisces: uwu

i feel so nostalgic. i wish i exchanged more conversations with my friends here before. before they all left to live in the real world and leave their fandoms. i feel like, one day i’ll leave tumblr too because i’m going to start focusing on my job. i wonder if my followers will miss me even after months or years of being inactive. i wonder will their dash feel a little incomplete without the presence of my url. because i do. all my old friends, i see their sns, and they’re living totally different lives. not a fangirl anymore. no more waiting for school to be over or to finish homework so they could go on tumblr. no more waiting for the live streams of MAMA, or waiting in the wee hours of the morning for the new music video or for the album to drop. i wonder how it will feel to totally leave the life we’re living right now, to do a complete 180 because we’re starting to have real priorities. as a fangirl still here, still updated and not missing out on my fave groups’ activities, i fear one day all these will just be memories. memories of an old life and old friends made through a common interest.

HIYA TUMBLR so in the two (ish?) years I have been active on this website, I have come across so many wonderful people with amazing blogs, yet have never done a follow forever… now, my time has come. Here I’ve just put together a list of both new and old blogs, some of which I have only recently come across yet some I have known for what seems like YEARS, and it’s just a little thank you for being so fab (particularly the people in bold, who are my top faves on (and off) this stupid website). It’s also made me notice that a lot of you have changed URLs, so if you’re missing I’m so sorry, I couldn’t find you - let me know! Enjoy ☆*・°★:*

A - F
alex-band-guy // andyyou-reastar // applejosh23 // arctic-sound // ashotatthenight // aspacemanfairytale // awkwardandtired // believemenatalia // boreyouwiththetruth // brandonsvictim // brandoneflowers // but-we-still-fear // captainnflowers // cinderellainaparty-dress // cunningcynicalcorvid // cutoffsandskin // decadesdisappearlikesinkingships // didtheybreakyourheart // ehlicopter // flewandflied // flowercrownjess

G - O
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P - S
pluginvictim // pondosaurus // prizefighterk // purplegirlluniverse // rattlesnakes–and–romance // ronnievjr // sexy-lil-swine // shakealittle // shes-brianstorms // sobran-done // some-place-good // somekindofmysterious // spacephan // ssarahflowerss // stereo-of-lies // stevenpatrickmorrissey

T - #
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SO i recently hit 900 followers which i NEVER THOUGHT WOULD EVER HAPPEN!!! i remember like 6 months ago i was stuck at 300ish followers for about a year and a half and never thought i’d ever get this many followers. then i started making edits and gifs and have slowly gained more and more followers which is so great!!! 

i wanted to do a follow forever at 800 and forgot and then at 900 and completely forgot again and i don’t wanna wait for 1k so i’ll just do it now!

THANK YOU to everyone who follows me, thank you to all the people who i follow for making/reblogging such great content and thank you to all my amazing mutuals, new and old, who have followed me all this time, even when i’ve changed my url like a billion times (my previous urls are chrirspratt, n-egan btw if anyones confused/doesn’t have a clue who i am). you are all so amazing!!! + if i missed anyone off i’m sorry!! im so crap at stuff like this lmao but to everyone who follows me i really appreciate it!!! 

mutuals are bolded, fave blogs are in italic.


@acciogeorgeweasley | @alphalewolf | @amydowneyjr | @avcngrs | @anchor-lahey | @apocherik@artangelsxxx | @badassbethylxo | @bethkinneysings | @bethsdixons | @beelzebubbletea | @birdmacklin | @billykaplam | @bornunderabluemoonbaby@boyegcs | @bucky-barnes-left-arm | @buckeeburnes | @calcifor | @carl-poppa | @carls-negan | @cellardoors-and-petrichor | @cherik | @chandler-r-kay@chrisevanrs | @corlgrimes | @cptanrogers | @darlingjared | @dishonoronyourblog | @diana-prince-slays | @dryhumore | @dundermifflinscranton | @el-diiablo | @elektratacos | @elektra-natchos | @elektranatchi0s | @eugene-porter | @evangeline-diamond 


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