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Otayuri Week 2017 Day 2: Social Media/Celebrations (FaceTime, Skype, Youtube, Instagram)

A/N: Sequel to “now i gotta wash my mouth out with soap”~! Also featuring an Original Female Character.

His mind is a cosmic chaos of emotions. Not even skating himself to the death is helping him.

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I think it’s interesting how we as a fandom consider Jack to be the one with the praise kink, yet in the comic it’s Bitty.

I think at this point in the story, Jack knows he’s worthy. He doesn’t need (or maybe even want) that outside validation 24/7. It helps, but not more than it would for anyone else. What Jack needs is Bitty’s love and care, and his patience. He needs to know he is allowed to be himself and still be loved. Loved for who he is. Now, he needs someone to listen and be there and stick with him; not reaffirm his worth like he would have needed two years ago.

Bitty, on the other hand? Multiple times in the Huddles Bitty’s given some sort of affirmation from Jack, and even in the main comic Jack’s “you were so good, Bits” is pretty telling. It says a lot about Bitty that he is the one that wants to be told is good, a lot that maybe hasn’t otherwise been revealed yet. Bitty pushes his needs to the side because he thinks other people matter more than he does. What he needs is for someone to come along and remind him that he is important too, that he’s worthy, that he’s good. And the fact that Jack can be that for Bitty is the best thing.


i’ve accepted my supreme love for gabriel reyes my guys.. i love him so much and i don’t know why.. even him as reaper is just <3____<3 and the laTEST OVW HALLOWEEN COMIC DID NOT HELP AT ALL. LET THE BBY BE HAPPY. HE MADE HIS OWN HALLOWEEN COSTUME. HE NEEDS TO BE HAPPY AND CHERISHED -cries to the sky- 

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Gabriel Reyes©Overwatch

The season isn’t even over but i’m just so overwhelmed by how much isak has grown. like i keep thinking about him at the house party sitting in that bathtub smoking with his bros and hitting on emma even though he is not really into her, to where he is now. and even helped him get here, to be who he is, and be happy, and more open about how he feels and i’m just so proud!!! Thank you Julie Andem for creating the two characters i love the most in the world.

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Okay so who exactly is Thace?? Like I love him and coran but I don't even know who he is??

bruh same, who is Thace?

Thace aka Good Guy Galra (3G for short) Part of the Garla Empire, Helped the Voltron gang by turning off the shields letting them escape.

Popular theory that he is Keith’s dad

aaaaaand that’s everything I know (he’s also got a neat knife)

Appears in the season 2 trailer, so definitely should be getting more info on him

who is heeee? it’s a mystery 

I still love him.

When Paddy calls Robert ‘THAT’ I just want to punch him.

And I’m so proud of Robert because he didn’t lash out in that moment, he didn’t even raise his voice one bit, he just let it go. And even though, even if he thinks it doesn’t, it must still hurt to be called ‘that’, like he’s not even a human (The ‘Aaron has a thing for dumb animals’ comes to mind). But he doesn’t really care either because what Paddy thinks of him means so little right now. He has way more important things to be focusing on.

I still can’t help feeling sorry for him over being called ‘that’.

I’m also hoping this might be the turnaround for Paddy, that maybe seeing them standing in front of everyone, hearing their vows, he’ll finally realize just how much they love and mean to each other.

Let's Chat: Raphael & Simon
  • Okay, after watching last night's episode, I have to say, Simon really needs to chill. Raphael is getting hurt for Simon's mistakes, and Simon doesn't even care. He's trying hard to find Camille, yes, but calling Raphael Scarface is so extra. Like he has those scars because of you. I love this ship and I love them together, but right now Simon really needs to realize that everything Raphael does is to help him. Like in season 1 he helped Simon so many times, and Simon doesn't even agnologe the fact that Raphael saved his life. And still Simon is mean to Raphael and all. I feel that Raphael should have more respect from Simon for everything he's done.

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Headcanon that since Hanzo is a lot shorter than Jesse, whenever they hug, Hanzo can hear Jesse's heartbeat and he LOVES it because it's just so soothing and reminds him that he's alive and with him and for this reason (more oftenly when they're alone) he always gives Jesse the longest hugs. (1/2)

I can’t help you my dude this McMerdered me.

like i can’t even put into words how much i’m here for this
100/10 recommend good wholesome headcanon.
headcanon accepted.
It is now canon.

I never considered that Nancy might have thought that Jonathan fought for her and not his family. Heck, it doesn’t even sound right as I think about it now. Nancy’s a smart girl, she knows what really happened and why he actually flew off the handle.

I’ve said why Flo said what she said numerous times so I won’t repeat it again, but I do believe that after Flo said “only love makes you that crazy”, Nancy couldn’t help but kind of entertain the thought of Jonathan as someone’s (hers???) boyfriend at some point in his life and their relationship was already shifting after that scary ass night in the woods, but this is even more of a reason to see him in a slightly different light.

Plus, the fact that he’s literally wounded and with cuffs on, and yet still asking her if she’s okay might make her think a little, “oh, so that’s Jonathan Byers.”

And it’s now dawining on Steven just what happened.

He almost died a lot of times during the series, but now someone tried to actively destroy everything he loved. It wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t a corrupted gem, it was a Homeworld soldier.

And there are a lot more where Jasper came from.


Awww even Lion missed him.

I wonder why he didn’t try to help them against Jasper though.

Poor Connie is so confused.

Also hey that’s her outfit from her first appearance, right?


More YOI

I can’t sleep…

On another hand, that exhibition at the end of the series…I  understand that Yuuri knows Victor’s FS Stay by me like the back of his hand but…

How the heck did they have time to practice the pair part?! Like isn’t the exhibition gala a day after the FP?! But let’s leave my stupid logical side (whatever I have of it) I just love that it’s Victor who does the lifts and dips though. Even though we know Yuuri can easily lift him up. (He carried Chris on a pole for sake…)

Why aren’t people screaming during the lifts…If I was there, I would stand out so badly…Plus, when Victor entered…the music changed to a duet!! DUET!!! DUEEEETT!!!! 

Face touch is still my favourite though!

I’m very satisfied even though there’s no kiss! These two dancing together again is enough!

Random HC #31 (Continuation of #4 - #30)


“…Toilet…” parrots Sportacus lowly, without understanding the meaning of this word at first and blinks slowly. He’s so worried about Robbie, even more so after his research, that he’s expecting his condition to worsen, each time, he becomes even slightly paler or stops in the middle of a sentence or a motion… He knows that this is paranoid. That this is no good. That this is EXACTLY what his teachers have always warned him about. That his feelings for Robbie endanger his ability to help and take care of him. But how can one remain objective if a person you love so much is in obvious danger and suffering?…
“…Yes… I… I really need to…” Robbie’s voice already is barely audible, but now, it lowers even more “…pee… The… The tea…”
Sportacus blinks again “…Yeah… Of course…” he shakes his head and pulls himself together “Sure, the airship has a toilet! I’m sorry! I was…thinking… Wait, let me help you up…” he jumps from the bed and offers Robbie his hand, still eying the obviously slightly embarrassed villain with concern “…Would you…like me to carry you?…”
“No, no. It’s fine! I… I can manage!” assures Robbie quickly, averting the hero’s eyes, while he forces himself to move and shift closer to the edge of the bed. It’s harder than he thought. He’s still shaking violently and when he pushes himself up on his feet, his vision blurs and his legs nearly give way. “It’s okay, I got you,” Sportacus wraps his arm around the villain’s waist within a blink and keeps him upright. Reflexively, Robbie leans on the hero’s shoulder for support, blushing heavily “…Thanks… I’m…really sorry, I’m such a burden…”
“Robbie…” sighs Sportacus a little tiredly and grabs the other’s hand with his free one “…You…”
“Yeah, yeah, I know…” murmurs the villain and smiles weakly “…Sorry, I can’t help it. I… I just feel so… I’m simply not used to…rely on somebody this much… And I feel so…useless…” his voice breaks and he fixes his eyes on the ground. “I know that this feeling of being cared of is…new for you… But you’re NOT useless!” Sportacus gently strokes with his hand along the villain’s waist and smiles softly, while he slowly guides him through the room, to a door, that looks just like any other door of one of the closets “And I’ll make you realize that you aren’t. Just give me some more time for that… Here we are…” he pushes the button and the door opens. Robbie raises his eyes again and takes a careful look into the small room. A shower, a toilet and a washbasin. Everything completely white, of course. “…I…really never thought that… Well… That you’d have a…bathroom… I mean… I thought…” he laughs weakly “I don’t know… I thought that superheros don’t need such…ordinary things…”
Sportacus laughs, as well but corrects “I’m no superhero. I’m just…”
“…slightly above average. And an elf. Yeah, I know!” the villain chuckles “…Well… At least, you hid it well…”
“It’s not hidden.”
“Sportacus. In this airship, EVERYTHING is hidden. YOU just know where to find it!” Robbie gently taps him on the shoulder and smiles exhausted “…However… May I use your not hidden toilet now, to get rid of that tea?…”
“Only if you drink another afterwards. We need to keep you hydrated. You’re loosing much fluid because of your fever…” the hero returns the smile softly and is partly relieved, partly worried that the other agrees with a short, weak nod, without any hesitation “…So… Do you…need…”
“No!” Robbie blushes violently, despite his paleness, negating the hero’s help quickly and with once more averting eyes “…I… I-I can manage…on my own! Don’t…worry!”
“Are you really sure? I… You really don’t have to feel embarrassed, you know…” Sportacus blushes as well, but he though still refuses to let go of Robbie “…I… I just want to make sure…that you don’t…”
“…fall from the toilet?…” Robbie’s smile is still weak, but somehow more relaxed now. “…Yes…” the hero gently strokes his waist again and murmurs “…I just want to make sure that you’re all right… I could at least…help you sit down… I could…close my eyes, as well, if you feel more comfortable like this!…” This offer is more of a beg. Robbie slowly starts to realize that Sportacus is really VERY worried about him now… And since he has already witnessed, how horribly confused and frightened the hero gets, when he’s too concerned or angry with himself, he gently pushes his hands off now and takes a shaking step towards the small room, smiling feebly at him “I’ll be okay. It’s just one or two minutes… And I’ll call you, if I notice that I need help. Promised. Okay?”
Sportacus eyes him carefully, his expression giving away his uneasiness “…Robbie… You really don’t have to act strong around me. I can see how bad you’re shaking. And it’s no shame to be weakened by such sickness and accepting help…”
“Sportaflop, seriously! I’m not… I’m not refusing to let you help me! I’m still here, after all, right?! I just… I just need to…pee. And although I won’t argue, that I’m not in my best condition, I guess, I can do THAT on my own…” still smiling weakly, but soothingly he takes another step into the bathroom “…Just wait here… Okay?”
“…Okay…” Sportacus swallows hard, but nods barely noticeably. He can’t help himself, the mere thought of Robbie being alone in a room, out of his sight, even if it’s nothing more than a thin wall separating them, scares him to the core and feels just…wrong. At least with the other being in his current state. His instinct tells him that he needs to see and hear him at any time to be able to protect him properly… But on the other hand, he’s still slightly afraid of the possibility to scare and lose Robbie again, because of his overprotective behavior… And he also doesn’t want him to believe that Sportacus thinks his condition is so bad, he can’t leave him unwatched for one second. Although…this isn’t that far from the truth at the moment…
Robbie gives the hero another, soothing smile and turns around to enter the small room completely. Then he pushes the button next to the door on this side and it slides shut, right in front of Sportacus…and himself…
He feels dizzy. And for a few seconds, he just stands there, unmoving. But then he feels the pressure of his full bladder again and quickly starts fumbling with the waistband of his…or more precisely, of the from Sportacus borrowed pajamas. Once, he’s finally managed to get rid of them, he drops down on the toilet and takes a shuddering breath in, resting his face in his hands. He’s tired. And he feels incredibly sick… But at least, he can relieve himself now… With closed eyes, he forces himself to take deep, steady breaths, but his dizziness only gets worse…
After a few, long seconds, the sound of running water ceases. Another few seconds later, he pushes himself up from the toilet, puts his pants back into place and tumbles the few steps over to the sink. There’s no mirror, hanging above it and…for some reason, he’s glad that he can’t see his, probably quite ghostly like reflection now… Shaking worse and worse now, he starts washing his hands, hoping that the cool water, running over his wrists would help against his stronger becoming sickness a little… But on the contrary.
He retches. His vision becomes a huge blur. His hands reflexively grab on to the edge of the basin. And he hears a low, broken sound falling from his own lips “…Sportacus…”
The next second, he loses his grip.
He vaguely notices that he’s falling…
And then his vision goes black again…


OMG, I just saw the Christmas special and I can’t even. 💜💜💜 I love that there spending Christmas together but I feel so sad that his mom is not with him 😭 and don’t get me started on the singing. I was trying so hard not to laugh at their singing, but I couldn’t help, it’s that their bad, it’s just I have never heard them sing this much in an episode before or at all. Anyways I have been waiting for so long now I just need the Halloween episode and I’ll be good, but has it even came out yet? Oh well more waiting.

Tickle Monster! (Zen/MC)

A/N: Here’s the first one of my promised Mystic Messenger fics I would write for 850 followers~ I got so many cute suggestions that I will definitely write another one when I have the time.

For now here’s a reader imagine fanfic with Zen, as I played Zen’s route and got the happy ending too yayy I love him so much<3 Warning: Zen will totally wreck you in this, but not before you do it to him first! ;D

Summary: Your boyfriend Zen comes home after an audition, feeling depressed and you try to help him cheer up by tickling him! He totally loves the gesture, but what he loves even more…? Revenge.

Word Count: 1235

Hearing the sound of the door, you lifted yourself off Zen’s comfy couch and darted across the room.

“Zen! Welcome back! Did you…” You paused when you noticed the gloomy expression on his face. Knowing he went out for an audition, you could already dread the bad news.

“Zen…” you mumbled.

“It went okay.” You watched how Zen didn’t even look at you, but instead wobbled towards the couch where you had been lounging, and he plopped down on it, sighing loudly. The way he acted did not support his ‘it went okay’.

Hesitating for a moment, you walked towards him and sat on your knees beside the couch.

“Did it not go well? What’s wrong, Zen?” you asked, but Zen turned his back towards you and continued to lie on the couch, sulking.

“Nothing’s wrong. Just tired…” Zen replied. You pouted, Was this a case of Zen being too proud to tell you? Was he embarrassed he didn’t get the role? Several ideas ran through your mind. Get him something to drink and say encouraging words to let him cheer up…

Call the other RFA members to get their asses here and help you pull your boyfriend out of his sulky mood. Or.. Your eyes caught sight of his bare side where his shirt had moved up a little. It hadn’t been long since you two started dating, and you had always wondered something but was too shy to test it: was Zen ticklish?

You were afraid to hurt his pride by doing something as childish as tickling him, but right now… You smirked. You couldn’t think of a better option than try this out.

“Yush…” you mumbled, and you reached out towards his bare side and tweaked it curiously.

“Hm~!” Zen flinched and squeaked softly, and you beamed at this. Oh God.. He was…. ticklish! Grinning widely, you latched both hands onto his sides and tickled him playfully before he could even turn around and register what was going on. Still with his back towards you, Zen shook with giggles and squeezed his arms against his sides, kicking softly and squirming.

“H-hehehey what are you - noooo!” You bent over him and wiggled your fingers up his sides towards his ribs.

“Come on Zenny! Just admit to me what’s wrong, or I won’t stooop!” you sang playfully, enjoying the way he writhed under your touch. Zen squirmed so much that he managed to roll himself onto his back, his hands flying towards yours to pry them off, but missing each time as you switched tickle spots.

His sides, his tummy, his armpits. You tickled everywhere you could reach, and Zen’s giggles sounded like music to your ears.

“A-ahalright! Alright!” Zen cried out, and you stopped and gave him a demanding smile.

“Well?” you asked as he gathered his breath. Zen blushed and lowered his head while he supported himself on his arms, still panting from your playful tickle attack.

“I t-totally blew it. I forgot the lines and had to improvise, for an audition!” he said, and he covered his face with his hand.

“Ahh so you didn’t make it?” you asked, reaching out and stroking his hair fondly.

“I will hear the results tomorrow. But no way will they accept an actor who forgot the lines for his audition. I just….I don’t deserve to be called an acto- aahahah!” Zen’s hand that covered his face snapped back down again when you poked his tummy. He caught your hand and shook his head, giggling adorably.

“Just wait until you hear the results first. And even if you don’t make it, don’t do this to yourself. You’re a brilliant actor and-” you leaned towards him and kissed his cheek.

“-a great boyfriend. So cheer up or I will tell everyone in the RFA how ticklish you are,” you teased, and you giggled when Zen gaped at you in surprise.

“Hehe! Wait here, I’ll get you something yummy,” you said, getting up to head for the kitchen, but you squeaked when Zen grabbed your wrist and pulled you back towards the couch. With a loud squeal you landed on top of him, and you blushed when he wrapped his arms around you, smiling mischievously.

“I will claim something yummy right here,” Zen teased, and he captured your lips in a sweet kiss. Blushing, you relaxed and answered the kiss, happy that Zen was back to his normal self.

“Hmph!” you squeaked into the kiss and squirmed when suddenly you felt Zen’s hands search for your sides, squeezing them softly. He couldn’t….

Releasing your lips for a moment Zen pulled back and smirked.

“What is is darling? You won’t happen to be… ticklish would you?” And that was Zen’s declaration of war. He dove his fingers in your sides and wiggled them, tickling you back and making you burst out in a hysterical giggle fit.

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My boyfriend of 3 years just cheated on me.. he exchanged nudes with some girl in my year and now I'm broken. I don't know how to deal with it. We've talked a bit and I know how much remorse he feels, how much he's sobbed to me the last time we ever met. I know he knows what he was disgusting and I need space right now. My friends are suggesting that I don't ever think about getting back with him, but it's hard not to consider it. Would it be so wrong to give him another chance months later?

Don’t settle in a relationship with someone who took advantage of your trust, make you feel terrible or even guilty. Although it can be difficult to move on, you deserve to be with someone who will treat you with love, respect and much more because you are worthy of being in a happy and healthy relationship.  

I hoped this helped x  

I kinda want Astrid to admit her feelings to Hiccup because Hiccup is thinking about giving himself up for the bounty.

Like, idek, everybody is dragon rider piled on him, begging him not to do that, and she just blurts out that she’s in love with Hiccup, and there’s even more chaos. Because the gang just witnessed essentially an anguished declaration of love. 

"Don't f*cking talk to me again. Your insane and needy and it's annoying. "

We were best friends for about a year, he lived in Texas and I live in Colorado so we didn’t see each other but we called every night. I couldn’t help but admire him and we eventually kinda fell in love I guess and he asked me to be his. We got into a few arguments cause I was going through a lot at the time and I was admittedly needy. He was my first love and now he hates me. It’s been two years now and I still miss him. Even if we had problems, he was still there for me. And I always will love him. He made me realize there’s more to life than what’s right in front of me. I know he probably won’t, but Aaron, if you read this, I miss you. I know it’s pathetic but I just want another chance. He meant everything to me, and I..I was just holding him back anyways. Well, if there is any chance that you do come across this, I hope you have a good life. Please don’t forget me.