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Hi Cassie! I love your books ❤️ I have a couple of questions! Since parabatai can develop feeling of love for one another, could they also develop feelings of resentment or hatred towards each other without breaking the bond? As in childhood friends, who as adults no longer see eye to eye? Also! Will we be seeming more of Gwyn? I find him to be really interesting & I can't help but feel there's so much more to him than we know as of now 😊 Thank you!

Yes — Valentine came to resent and hate Luke, and even wanted him dead, while they were still parabatai. Parabatai who are bitter enemies are an interesting phenomenon, since it inverts the purpose of the ritual and turns something angelic into something borderline demonic. 

We will definitely see more of Gwyn!

I think it’s interesting how we as a fandom consider Jack to be the one with the praise kink, yet in the comic it’s Bitty.

I think at this point in the story, Jack knows he’s worthy. He doesn’t need (or maybe even want) that outside validation 24/7. It helps, but not more than it would for anyone else. What Jack needs is Bitty’s love and care, and his patience. He needs to know he is allowed to be himself and still be loved. Loved for who he is. Now, he needs someone to listen and be there and stick with him; not reaffirm his worth like he would have needed two years ago.

Bitty, on the other hand? Multiple times in the Huddles Bitty’s given some sort of affirmation from Jack, and even in the main comic Jack’s “you were so good, Bits” is pretty telling. It says a lot about Bitty that he is the one that wants to be told is good, a lot that maybe hasn’t otherwise been revealed yet. Bitty pushes his needs to the side because he thinks other people matter more than he does. What he needs is for someone to come along and remind him that he is important too, that he’s worthy, that he’s good. And the fact that Jack can be that for Bitty is the best thing.


i’ve accepted my supreme love for gabriel reyes my guys.. i love him so much and i don’t know why.. even him as reaper is just <3____<3 and the laTEST OVW HALLOWEEN COMIC DID NOT HELP AT ALL. LET THE BBY BE HAPPY. HE MADE HIS OWN HALLOWEEN COSTUME. HE NEEDS TO BE HAPPY AND CHERISHED -cries to the sky- 

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Gabriel Reyes©Overwatch

The season isn’t even over but i’m just so overwhelmed by how much isak has grown. like i keep thinking about him at the house party sitting in that bathtub smoking with his bros and hitting on emma even though he is not really into her, to where he is now. and even helped him get here, to be who he is, and be happy, and more open about how he feels and i’m just so proud!!! Thank you Julie Andem for creating the two characters i love the most in the world.

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Okay so who exactly is Thace?? Like I love him and coran but I don't even know who he is??

bruh same, who is Thace?

Thace aka Good Guy Galra (3G for short) Part of the Garla Empire, Helped the Voltron gang by turning off the shields letting them escape.

Popular theory that he is Keith’s dad

aaaaaand that’s everything I know (he’s also got a neat knife)

Appears in the season 2 trailer, so definitely should be getting more info on him

who is heeee? it’s a mystery 

I still love him.

You know, for a show about family, The Fosters has a tendency to put romantic relationships over sibling interactions… especially this season.

With everything that is going on with Callie. I mean, the stakes are high. She’s potentially going to jail. But this show chooses to focus on, which of these two guys - AJ or Aaron - is better for her right now when SHE HASN’T HAD A MOMENT ALONE WITH JUDE! SHE HASN’T HAD A MOMENT ALONE WITH MARIANA! In fact, in the first five episodes, they haven’t even talked about it or talked at all. They haven’t said a word to each other.

With everything that’s going on with Jesus and his injury, this show doesn’t seem to understand that there is more weight in his older brother actually trying to help and be there for him right now - like he is - without adding Emma. This honestly could have just been a Jesus/Brandon storyline. And while I love that Emma has been shown to not leave Jesus’ side in all this, I feel like this is once again the show putting a romantic relationship over the fact that MARIANA ISN’T SEEN WITH HIM AT ALL. This show had Mariana take a giant step back away from him for Emma to be the one by his side despite it being her twin brother. I’m sure she’s there for him. But the fact that we’re just supposed to assume she’s there without any actual scene or indication of that is a flaw on the shows part.

When you really think about which siblings are interacting so far this season, it’s just Brandon and Mariana.  And that’s because they are both currently not in a relationship so the show MIGHT AS WELL PUT THE TWO SIBLINGS TOGETHER AND TALK. So why is a show about family have sibling scenes as the default when they ain’t got a love interest and not the main purpose?

Let's Chat: Raphael & Simon
  • Okay, after watching last night's episode, I have to say, Simon really needs to chill. Raphael is getting hurt for Simon's mistakes, and Simon doesn't even care. He's trying hard to find Camille, yes, but calling Raphael Scarface is so extra. Like he has those scars because of you. I love this ship and I love them together, but right now Simon really needs to realize that everything Raphael does is to help him. Like in season 1 he helped Simon so many times, and Simon doesn't even agnologe the fact that Raphael saved his life. And still Simon is mean to Raphael and all. I feel that Raphael should have more respect from Simon for everything he's done.

When Paddy calls Robert ‘THAT’ I just want to punch him.

And I’m so proud of Robert because he didn’t lash out in that moment, he didn’t even raise his voice one bit, he just let it go. And even though, even if he thinks it doesn’t, it must still hurt to be called ‘that’, like he’s not even a human (The ‘Aaron has a thing for dumb animals’ comes to mind). But he doesn’t really care either because what Paddy thinks of him means so little right now. He has way more important things to be focusing on.

I still can’t help feeling sorry for him over being called ‘that’.

I’m also hoping this might be the turnaround for Paddy, that maybe seeing them standing in front of everyone, hearing their vows, he’ll finally realize just how much they love and mean to each other.


I never considered that Nancy might have thought that Jonathan fought for her and not his family. Heck, it doesn’t even sound right as I think about it now. Nancy’s a smart girl, she knows what really happened and why he actually flew off the handle.

I’ve said why Flo said what she said numerous times so I won’t repeat it again, but I do believe that after Flo said “only love makes you that crazy”, Nancy couldn’t help but kind of entertain the thought of Jonathan as someone’s (hers???) boyfriend at some point in his life and their relationship was already shifting after that scary ass night in the woods, but this is even more of a reason to see him in a slightly different light.

Plus, the fact that he’s literally wounded and with cuffs on, and yet still asking her if she’s okay might make her think a little, “oh, so that’s Jonathan Byers.”


My friend started to watch GoT a week ago and I wanted her to see these photos. I asked for her opinion. What do you observe in him in each one of them? This is her answer (she hasn’t even watched season two yet):

“In the first one his hard stare balances his -much more- young face. He seems to be thiner too. He’s calculating. His eyes are cold, you see no pity or empathy in him. He’s confronting someone.

In the second one I can’t help but drown myself in those broken hearted eyes… He seems so tired now. Like he has done something too wrong even to forgive himself or, maybe, he’s losing someone he loves. If I saw him like that in real life, I would hold him. He’s like a little child. Those eyes…He’s literally gonna cry, isn’t him?

It’s shocking, it’s like see two different characters. A clear distinction between to personalities or, maybe, he has changed for something or someone? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW NOW!”

Guys, for me it is clear we are not mad: Littlefinger is dead when Sansa is around. He believes again and he let her see him in such a vulnerable situation…This is love. Even my friend knows this now.

Me during the summer: Miles Tuck is a complex character who is going through grief both over his lost mortality and the loss of his family, which he never got closure on. His grief seems to have shaped his personality, but I believe he can get past it with enough help. He loves his brother, even though there’s tension between them and their personalities clash, causing them to fight on occasion. It’s taken a lot of thought, but I finally can grasp his character and his journey in order to understand him better as a character. And please don’t belittle his character into just “the emo one,” he deserves more respect than that.

Me now: Miles Tuck is an Emo Vape God™ who would probably fuck a waffle iron and drop kick his brother into the sun for fun. also What a Hot Man 10/10 would fuck 👌🔥🙌💯😏

More YOI

I can’t sleep…

On another hand, that exhibition at the end of the series…I  understand that Yuuri knows Victor’s FS Stay by me like the back of his hand but…

How the heck did they have time to practice the pair part?! Like isn’t the exhibition gala a day after the FP?! But let’s leave my stupid logical side (whatever I have of it) I just love that it’s Victor who does the lifts and dips though. Even though we know Yuuri can easily lift him up. (He carried Chris on a pole for sake…)

Why aren’t people screaming during the lifts…If I was there, I would stand out so badly…Plus, when Victor entered…the music changed to a duet!! DUET!!! DUEEEETT!!!! 

Face touch is still my favourite though!

I’m very satisfied even though there’s no kiss! These two dancing together again is enough!

But most importantly, how is Tamlin going to handle Luciens inevitable betrayal? I mean Lucien has always cared for Feyre and such, and he doesn’t agree with a lot of things that Tamlin does, like keeping Feyre locked away. Lucien has always been a good guy at heart, he’s just been a coward. Now that he has a mate on the line, he’s much more prone to switching sides and helping Feyre even more so than before.
I think I’d really enjoy seeing him do something courageous, it’d be lovely character development in my book


OMG, I just saw the Christmas special and I can’t even. 💜💜💜 I love that there spending Christmas together but I feel so sad that his mom is not with him 😭 and don’t get me started on the singing. I was trying so hard not to laugh at their singing, but I couldn’t help, it’s that their bad, it’s just I have never heard them sing this much in an episode before or at all. Anyways I have been waiting for so long now I just need the Halloween episode and I’ll be good, but has it even came out yet? Oh well more waiting.

NCT reaction to you falling/tripping
  • Hansol: o.o...... gwenchana?
  • Johnny: *takes pictures and imitaes your clumsy way of walking* lol you're like a certified meme now, i love you even more
  • Doyoung: pshh..*laughing but stops as soon as you look at him*
  • Yuta: *catches you before you fall* Aigoo you should be more careful
  • Ten: haha you should be more careful *laughs shyly and helps you*
  • Jaehyun: *helps you up but leaves your hand mid way and laughs when you fall again* oops sorry *carries you to the bedroom*
  • Taeyong: *keeps on asking if you're ok for an hour*
  • Mark: *high pitched giggle* hihihi-are-hihihi-you-hihihi-sorry-areyouok? Hihihi
  • Donghyuck: *doesn't care and laughs as if you aren't even there*
  • Jaemin: *catches you and a romantic kdrama starts*
  • Kun: the main reason why you fell
  • Winwin: *doesn't know what happened and accidentally steps on you*
  • Taeil: *asks if you're OK awkwardly and later cries because you got hurt*
  • Jeno: Oh! *helps you up and hugs you*
  • Jisung: uh... *runs away because he can't control his laugh*
Tickle Monster! (Zen/MC)

A/N: Here’s the first one of my promised Mystic Messenger fics I would write for 850 followers~ I got so many cute suggestions that I will definitely write another one when I have the time.

For now here’s a reader imagine fanfic with Zen, as I played Zen’s route and got the happy ending too yayy I love him so much<3 Warning: Zen will totally wreck you in this, but not before you do it to him first! ;D

Summary: Your boyfriend Zen comes home after an audition, feeling depressed and you try to help him cheer up by tickling him! He totally loves the gesture, but what he loves even more…? Revenge.

Word Count: 1235

Hearing the sound of the door, you lifted yourself off Zen’s comfy couch and darted across the room.

“Zen! Welcome back! Did you…” You paused when you noticed the gloomy expression on his face. Knowing he went out for an audition, you could already dread the bad news.

“Zen…” you mumbled.

“It went okay.” You watched how Zen didn’t even look at you, but instead wobbled towards the couch where you had been lounging, and he plopped down on it, sighing loudly. The way he acted did not support his ‘it went okay’.

Hesitating for a moment, you walked towards him and sat on your knees beside the couch.

“Did it not go well? What’s wrong, Zen?” you asked, but Zen turned his back towards you and continued to lie on the couch, sulking.

“Nothing’s wrong. Just tired…” Zen replied. You pouted, Was this a case of Zen being too proud to tell you? Was he embarrassed he didn’t get the role? Several ideas ran through your mind. Get him something to drink and say encouraging words to let him cheer up…

Call the other RFA members to get their asses here and help you pull your boyfriend out of his sulky mood. Or.. Your eyes caught sight of his bare side where his shirt had moved up a little. It hadn’t been long since you two started dating, and you had always wondered something but was too shy to test it: was Zen ticklish?

You were afraid to hurt his pride by doing something as childish as tickling him, but right now… You smirked. You couldn’t think of a better option than try this out.

“Yush…” you mumbled, and you reached out towards his bare side and tweaked it curiously.

“Hm~!” Zen flinched and squeaked softly, and you beamed at this. Oh God.. He was…. ticklish! Grinning widely, you latched both hands onto his sides and tickled him playfully before he could even turn around and register what was going on. Still with his back towards you, Zen shook with giggles and squeezed his arms against his sides, kicking softly and squirming.

“H-hehehey what are you - noooo!” You bent over him and wiggled your fingers up his sides towards his ribs.

“Come on Zenny! Just admit to me what’s wrong, or I won’t stooop!” you sang playfully, enjoying the way he writhed under your touch. Zen squirmed so much that he managed to roll himself onto his back, his hands flying towards yours to pry them off, but missing each time as you switched tickle spots.

His sides, his tummy, his armpits. You tickled everywhere you could reach, and Zen’s giggles sounded like music to your ears.

“A-ahalright! Alright!” Zen cried out, and you stopped and gave him a demanding smile.

“Well?” you asked as he gathered his breath. Zen blushed and lowered his head while he supported himself on his arms, still panting from your playful tickle attack.

“I t-totally blew it. I forgot the lines and had to improvise, for an audition!” he said, and he covered his face with his hand.

“Ahh so you didn’t make it?” you asked, reaching out and stroking his hair fondly.

“I will hear the results tomorrow. But no way will they accept an actor who forgot the lines for his audition. I just….I don’t deserve to be called an acto- aahahah!” Zen’s hand that covered his face snapped back down again when you poked his tummy. He caught your hand and shook his head, giggling adorably.

“Just wait until you hear the results first. And even if you don’t make it, don’t do this to yourself. You’re a brilliant actor and-” you leaned towards him and kissed his cheek.

“-a great boyfriend. So cheer up or I will tell everyone in the RFA how ticklish you are,” you teased, and you giggled when Zen gaped at you in surprise.

“Hehe! Wait here, I’ll get you something yummy,” you said, getting up to head for the kitchen, but you squeaked when Zen grabbed your wrist and pulled you back towards the couch. With a loud squeal you landed on top of him, and you blushed when he wrapped his arms around you, smiling mischievously.

“I will claim something yummy right here,” Zen teased, and he captured your lips in a sweet kiss. Blushing, you relaxed and answered the kiss, happy that Zen was back to his normal self.

“Hmph!” you squeaked into the kiss and squirmed when suddenly you felt Zen’s hands search for your sides, squeezing them softly. He couldn’t….

Releasing your lips for a moment Zen pulled back and smirked.

“What is is darling? You won’t happen to be… ticklish would you?” And that was Zen’s declaration of war. He dove his fingers in your sides and wiggled them, tickling you back and making you burst out in a hysterical giggle fit.

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can you do a fluff scenario with dad!keith and mom!s/o watching their baby ( boy or girl) take their first steps. (if you're too busy then ignore this ask)

I hope you enjoy!


Come on…come on! You can do it, Cass…come on, come to dada…!” 

  Keith’s cooing echoed loudly in your ears, rattling the warm chambers of your heart. His voice was soft, his words, more loving than anything even Cupid could conjure up.

   You watched warmly, your eyes drifting back and forth between your daughter and your husband, over and over in some strange, euphoric loop. 

   Whether it be by fate or design, this beautiful, little girl had swept Keith’s heart off his feet, wrapping him around her tiny finger.

…And now, he’s having trouble keeping himself from helping her off the floor.

Oh, Y/n, come on…she’s not even on her knees! C-can’t I just-!”

She has to learn for herself, Keith,” You reply with a laugh, “we’d be seeing her walk now if you hadn’t carried her so much!”

Keith’s lips formed into a pout, his five o’clock shadow becoming visible, 

“Hmph…that’s not true…” 


“Yeah-huh! It’s not like you didn’t contribute to it! You bought her five-hundred different types of booties!” 

There was strangled cry, sounding a lot more like a laughter, the bubbled out of Cassie’s lips. Keith points to her in defense, not even noticing she was on her knees now without any help,

“See! She agrees! Isn’t that right, Cassiopeia?”


Yeah! That’s right! Hi-five!” 

Cassie sticks her hand out, frantically waving it in the air, mimicking the action of a hi-five itself.

She doesn’t quite make it there, of course, but the sentiment is just the same. 

You gasped in mock pain, “That’s only because her feet get cold! You know she gets that from you!”

Keith cocked his head sideways, “How?! I’m all hot-blooded here, doll~” 

You squeaked, “NOT in front of the child, please! God, remind me to not let Lance visit as often…”

“He’s the godfather!”

“Hunk is also one! Shiro, Coran…”

You scratched your head, an epiphany ruptured your thoughts, 

“Can you have that many legal godfathers?” 

Keith simply shrugged, both his and your attention focused solely on the conversation, and not the child that is doing her best to get their bum up in the air to stand. 

You continued to scratch your head in thought, your elbow leaning on the doorframe, “…but then what would you call Pidge?”


“They’re older! Elders are given titles!”

Keith snorted, “Don’t tell them that, they’d pick something like, ‘Supreme overlord highness commander…”

He motions his hands outwardly, “Pidge.”

You opened your mouth to speak, but after thinking it over, you merely nodded.

Meanwhile, Cassie was standing fully on her own…

Dadadada~! mmmmaaa~!”

Wait, why is Allura an aunt, then?”

You were slightly startled by the realization of such a question, 

“…Why did we give her that? Were we…were we high during Cassie’s birth, or…?”

Keith, again, shook his head, scratching his scruff thoughtfully, 

“Beats me,”

You then snorted, deciding to poke fun at your southern husband, 

“Just don’t call her me-me and I’m sure she’ll be fine,”

“For the last time Y/n, WE DON’T SAY THAT!” 


I swear to all that is…”

You giggled, your eye only focused on his, “What?”

But he didn’t reply, instead, his eyes widened, his lips opened in shock,


You jumped, heart suddenly panicking, head and eyes darting over to your little girl…

Just to find a very concentrated baby with one foot, though shaking and uneven, firmly placed upon the ground in front of her. You held your breath, your face scrunched up, waiting for her to lose her footing and fall again-

but she didn’t.

Instead, Cassie stayed straight up, her arms wobbling, attempting to keep steady, “Wha hahah! da!” 

You gasped, “Kei-!”

“I know! I-I know! C-come on, Cassie! Come on…come to dada!”

You looked back towards Keith, his arms open wide, his legs crouched-

and what was, quite possibly, the biggest smile you’d seen on his face in awhile. 

Come on, Cassie!” You pitched it, cheering on your daughter as you stood behind her, not helping her, but with your arms steadily behind her back, making sure that if she falls, you’ll catch her. 

I’m right here, sweetheart, dada’s gotcha…” Keith’s coos became softer this time round, less cheery and more reassuring. Cassie lets out a gurgle, her eyes solely focused on the gleaming father in front of her. 

Her wobbly legs barely make it far enough to Keith’s arms before catching her, swooping her up into the air, and Keith cried, “You did it, Cassie! You did it!” 

Keith’s long, calloused, nimble fingers wrapped around the child’s, and you could have sworn his eyes started to tear up, 

She took her first steps, Y/n,” he breathed, “I…I watched her! She…She came to me!” 

And he laughed, swinging baby round and round until she started giggling, too. 

Keith stopped, turning to you, Cassie still in hand, and he wrapped his free arm around you, bringing you close to his side,

I love us,” He whispered into your ear, and with a kiss on the cheeks, you agreed, 

I love us, too.”

Stuck (Faraday)

Requested by anon

Prompts: “I love you, you know that right?” + “I’m coming to get you, stay there.” + “Are you seriously stuck right now?” “Don’t just stand there! Help me!” 

    “You’ll fit through the window easier than the rest of us,” Vasquez said, and you frowned.

    “Yeah, but Billy or Goody could probably fit almost as easily, and neither of them is gonna be stuck sleeping in the same room as him afterward,” you protested.

    “But he’s more likely to listen to you, if you end up in a confrontation,” Sam said.

    “Even you?” you said, betrayed. “I thought you were staying out of this.”

    He shrugged. “It’s a worthy cause.”

    “Yeah, you’re right,” you grudgingly admitted. You had come across a small town in which no kind of liquor was sold or drunk, and the seven of you had decided to take the opportunity to try to dry Faraday out. You all knew, however, that the chances of him not having some kind of alcohol stowed away in the room he, you, Vasquez, and Red Harvest were sharing in the boarding house, were very small, hence why you were to sneak in and search for it. “Remind me why I can’t just take it away while he’s sleeping?” you asked.

    “He’s a light sleeper,” Sam said. “He’d wake up.”

    “All right.” You pushed back your chair from the table and stood.

    “Good luck!” Vasquez said and you nodded.

    “Thanks, Vas.”

    With that you walked out of the saloon, taking a back route to the boarding house since you knew Faraday, Goody, Billy, Jack, and Red Harvest were sitting on the front porch, and you didn’t want to be spotted by them, even though they were all aware of the plan except for Faraday. You’d intentionally gotten a ground-floor room for this purpose, and you pushed up the pane of the unlatched window, pushing your head and shoulders through, and sticking out your arms to either side to anchor yourself as you tried to lever your bottom half inside, dearly hoping there was no one in the street behind you as your skirt seemed to be flapping uselessly in the wind and goodness knew what it was still managing to cover.

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