now i like everyone

I’ve come a long way since returning the Persona fandom. Thanks for everything, guys. :)

Full offense but I feel really accomplished knowing karma did its lil thing and all the shit you put me through is not going unnoticed. Not that I’m happy you’re sad… I’m happy you are paying for fucking my life up. As you should.

Aaaaa I lowkey want to start practicing my clarinet again but my family just complains bc it’s too loud and I have other things that are more important but hhhh 

I just really want to play it okay I’m not that great but back in sixth grade I was the first to learn how to play “Itsy bitsy spider” and the whole class was amazed 

Though I haven’t played in a while so I’m probably really rusty aha ;;;;;

Asks open + future content

Hey everyone!

I’ve enabled asks for this blog, so if you have any questions about my art, characters, commissions or anything else, feel free to ask! However please be aware I will not be answering rude or inappropriate questions.

There has been a drought in content lately, and that will likely continue in some fashion - I am working towards finishing my commission queue, after which I will spend a lot of time practicing and developing my skills as an artist. During this time I may post less, depending on how things go, but eventually the content I post should be of much higher quality (and quantity as well if possible!)

That’s all for now, however I would like to give a BIG thank-you to everyone following and supporting my work! I really appreciate it! <3

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share a sex story

lol I feel like everyone on tumblr knows me for sex now. I once messed around in the woods of a college park after school. In a small spot in the woods was a secret trail and it was cool and had a pond and seating and it was so cool. I smoked weed and then gave/received head. I was so nervous because I knew I want supposed to be out messing around. I only saw that guy once and he said he was into me, but after that day we never talked again. It was a fun, anxiety filled time.

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he just left me for his ex. he's now telling everyone that he doesn't even like me. i'm so sad. i really do like him. & his ex just uses him bc she doesn't like to be alone. i cried today. he took her home hours ago. he broke my fucking heart.

i’m so sorry. it’s probably for the best that you guys aren’t together anymore though.


a conga line of goobers

okay so that new episode was really emotional but can we just talk about

pearl jumping into bismuth’s arms laughing and hugging her

bismuth wrapping an arm around pearl’s waist whenever possible

pearl blushing because of bismuth

is this pearl fuckign showing bismuth the diamond card isn’t bad beCAUSE


DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)


I could lose my family, my career…everything!

i drew my sweet bean lester | dan’s drawing 


so it begins