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tbh it really annoys me when i see those “percy thinks he’s everyone’s type” posts because percy jackson’s not that kind of guy?

this is a dude who’s had body image issues in the sea of monsters, who was pretty much oblivious to rachel’s crush on him, was bullied for the most of his life, and who isn’t a cocky asshole (he has his faults but being arrogant or prideful isn’t one of them). i doubt that percy ever thought about his attractiveness to other people. 

every time i see nico fics where percy says shit like “what do you mean i’m not your type, i’m everyone’s type” i die a little inside due to the extreme percy jackson character assassination. 

fanon percy is a stereotypical reckless jock who has too high an opinion of himself “i’m so awesome, i’m the best hero there ever was, everyone wants me!” . canon percy is a skater boy who’s a yankee fan whose opinion of himself is probably something like “i did okay since i didn’t get killed today.” 

people often forget that percy’s started out as an underdog, and even though he’s now a hero he’s never stopped rooting for the other underdogs and he’s never thought that he was better than them (his interactions with frank and hazel in the son of neptune is basically the best example of this)  

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Not to tell you how to live your life but its a good idea to try to save ones righteous indignation for after seeing aou because then it can be aimed with like laser precision. Aou is awful in many ways but also cute and fun and idk i just dont think one should borrow trouble so soon before the premiere???

no, it’s that i already spoiled myself for the entire movie, so i know what’s up, plus i’m mostly discussing with my friends, whose opinions i value and usually agree with anyway. talking about the stuff that sucks actually eases me before the premiere because i like knowing what to expect, and now i basically only have the cute moments/jokes to look forward to. 

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is there any other ship you like (exo)?

i pretty much ship baekhyun with everyone in exo hahahahha <33 chanbaek will always be my number one bcs they’re soulmates ;u;; but i also adore sebaek, baekchen, and kaibaek c: i’m also secretly a huge hunhan shipper ;;

it’s so fucked up honestly because I hate not feeling “chinese enough” and it’s really humiliating to feel like such an outsider but my mom grew up being constantly made fun of for it and wished she was more assimilated so I feel guilty but also guilty for not knowing enough about my own culture

This seems like an unpopular opinion nowadays but…can you guys like chill out a bit like you’re all great but there’s a lot of fandom negativity going around now and I feel like that needs to stop because it’s bringing everyone down. 

If your ship sank after the recent upd8 (or if any of your ships have ‘sank’ and you’ve reacted viciously and bitterly) I’m sorry to break it to you, but Andrew Hussie knows these characters better than any of us, and I’d like to believe he knows what’s best for them and their character development. I understand that you may be disappointed, but I feel like yelling out your disgust and anger for a canon ship that overtook your own is a bit insulting to the comic’s author. It is fine to be disappointed about it—and even to express that disappointment—but please don’t ruin it for everyone else who may be genuinely excited and thrilled right now by openly attacking canon ships because you had a different plan in mind from the man who actually created the characters.

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Like…Clint Barton baking snob, or like walking disaster Clint?

Walking disaster. 

Just picture it. 

Do yourself a huge favor and imagine Clint Barton trying to bake and decorate a birthday cake. 

First, there’s even deciding how to make it. Does he buy boxed mix? Does he attempt to go from scratch? 

Nah, box seems safer. Now what the hell flavor do I go with? Everyone likes chocolate, right? But people also go nuts over red velvet. I dunno. That one has a cream cheese frosting, right? Or is it vanilla? Damn it. 

Okay, maybe white cake is the way to go. White cake and…uh…okay, still have to decide on frosting. White cake and white frosting sounds boring. Lemon? Nah, that’s kind of weird. Oh, hey, mocha. God bless whoever put coffee flavor on cake. Okay. White cake and mocha icing. I can do this. 

Two eggs, 1/3 cup water…wait, preheat oven? Aww, crap, I forgot to do that. Eh, it’ll be okay, I’ll just let it bake longer. Can’t hurt it, right? Set the timer and…bam. Good to go. Piece of cake, as they say. 

Shit shit shit I forgot to press the “start” button on the timer! When did I put the cake in? 

Uh…doesn’t really look done, but…maybe just five more minutes and I’ll take it out. Yeah, five minutes ought to do it. 

“Let cake cool slightly before removing from pan” THEY SHOULD PUT THAT IN HUGE BLOCK LETTERS. 

“Let cake cool completely before decorating” AGAIN, HUGE BLOCK LETTERS. 

Okay, Barton. You can do this. Just stick the cake in the fridge and cover the melted icing with not melted icing once it’s cooled off. It’ll look fine. 

It doesn’t look fine. 

This is a disaster. 

Everything is awful.


i just tried to let out a little fart in the library where i am studying and would ya know, a solid chunk of doo-doo batter made its way out. last time i ever eat at chipotle 6 days in a row. i swear there is blood in here. now everyone is looking at me like i am a freak of nature. at least all you tumblrs still love me <3

I started calling animals babe. Like puppies. Then it moved on to grrls when I was drunk. Then it moved on to guy friends when I was sober. Then guy friends when I was drunk. Now I call everyone and every living thing babe. Like insects and bugs and turtles and cute boys and grrls and babies and strangers. And idk some guys are taking it the wrong way and reciprocating it and I don’t mind but unless I’m calling you daddy long legs or cubby or baby it isn’t sexual, just loving.

150426 Duhwan Instagram post:

Even though [Youngwook] is not the youngest anymore, to me he is still the youngest and I can only see him as an adorable younger brother*…
Even though as an older brother I see him as adult-like, once in a while I want to spoil him…
I wonder if he is embarrassed being spoiled by his older brother. haha
Will you become a little more like an adult?
I think you will become more and more of a nice man.
Let me watch over you until the end.

Yesterday was a time of happiness with everyone. It was sooo fun!
Even though we tell you to wait and we work hard on our own, do you still enjoy it?
This month and next month, I am happy to be able to see everyone!
From now on I would like to make nice memories with everyone! Thank youuu

*Duhwan uses “otouto” (and “oniisan”) which is similar to “dongsaeng” (and “hyung”) in that it can refer to a relationship outside of blood relatives.

Translated by fuckyeahapeace (translation may not be 100% accurate)


Iris West in 1x19: “Who is Harrison Wells?”

Hello Phandom, this photo is definitely going to circle around because I mean… “Phan-Proof” so I would like to disclose this now so everyone is aware…

THIS IS PHOTOSHOPPED. As much as I wish it was real… It’s not so we should not spam them, because I saw like 5 accounts spamming dan and Phil on Twitter like “IS THIS REAL?!?!” I don’t want them to be upset. So please let’s respect them… If you want to know if it’s real or not… USE YOUR EYES PROPERLY. Thank you.

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  • blueteamproblems:when your team mate blows up the leader
  • blueteamproblems:when 12 seasons of the show are focused on your team while the other team is pushed to the sidelines
  • blueteamproblems:when you're actually based off of a dick
  • blueteamproblems:when you're not there for comic relief but get an actual plot that revolves around one of your team mates that lasts for several sagas
  • redteamproblems:when you've spent 12 seasons waiting to get a coherent storyline relating to a member of the Red Team but the writers don't write one and just write shit for blue team god just let red team have a story for once instead of leaving the emotional shit to tucker/wash/church