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“A Date with Markiplier”, Darkiplier Theory.

After watching “A Date with Markiplier” multiple times, and replaying and replaying the parts where Darkiplier is featured; I have created a theory as to why Dark acts the way he does (In these videos, not as whole). Now, let me first start off by saying, this probably, (definitely) is not the BEST Dark theory out there. And there are probably holes are mistakes in this theory, or repeating themes. But nonetheless, it is a theory that I have created that is interesting.. hopefully. Note: This theory comes with spoilers! If you haven’t watched the whole video, or at least the Dark parts, please do. (The video and Darkiplier parts are linked above.) And even if it may not seem like it, I worked really hard and long on this theory. (Literally about 3 days. And typing all of this up took about 2-4 hours.) So please treat it with respect. (But don’t be afraid to add your own theories or thoughts on this! Feedback is always welcome. Positive or negative. Just don’t be a butt about it.) So, without further ado, let us begin! I hope you have the patience to read it all. Enjoy! 

This theory is mainly based on the parts where you are confronted by Dark while you are watching “The Dark Mark”. What you are going to read below is me basically showing images of Dark, taking direct quotes he has said in the videos, and explaining why he is saying what he does. 

We start off by having Dark glitch and fade into view. He tilts his head to the side, saying he has missed us very much. And that he has been waiting a long time to see us again. 

Then he continues on saying: “I’ve been pushed asideReplacedMocked.” Now this caught my attention even from the beginning. How has Dark been pushed aside, replaced, and mocked? Who has done this to him? Why? I tried to reflect more on what that meant, but Dark kept talking, catching my attention even more…

Who is “He”? And why does Dark think this… “He” is going on an adventure with us? Why and how was Dark not invited to it? 

Dark continues…

Dark mentions “He” again. Saying this person promised he would let him in. Again. Who promised Dark and what promise was made between them? 

This is where the theory begins. The main idea of this theory is based on a small post I made a while ago. If you have already read it, then you’ll understand where I’m going with this. If not, I suggest you read it really quick HERE

And now… we shall truly begin. 

Dark begins our one-sided conversation with: “I’ve been pushed aside, replaced, mocked.” But what also connects with this statement is what he says later: “ I’ve been waiting patientlyHe promised he would let me in again!” Now, since Dark is basically Mark’s inner demon, I could only assume that the “He” Dark keeps talking about is Mark. But what promise did Mark make with Dark? This is where I start to lean back on my older theory I hope you have read. 

I believe that Dark is in love with us. Or… at least has some sort of feelings for us. Or is at least curious about us. So, I think in the past Dark asked Mark permission to take control over Mark’s body so that he could spend time with us. Get to know the person he has unexplainable feelings for. Mark complied. Promising Dark that one day, Dark would have the opportunity to talk to us. But that day never came. And now Dark feels as if he has been Pushed aside. Replaced. And Mocked. These feelings have been repressed, but now since Mark is on this “adventure”, or “date” with us, Dark’s feelings and anger have come out. Dark feels that he has been pushed aside because he literally has been pushed aside. This date was supposed to be the date Dark was finally allowed to spend time with us. But instead… he got pushed. Pushed into the deepest, darkest, places of Mark’s mind. Mark didn’t want Dark to come out on this date. Because he was planning, later down the road, to propose to us. And he didn’t want Dark to ruin it. So Mark took over Dark, replacing him, even though he promised Dark that he would be allowed to take control. And now, Dark feels angry, hurt, and mocked. Mocked because today was supposed to be his day with us. But now he has to watch us through Mark’s eyes. Unable to do anything. Unable to talk to us and ask the questions he’s always wanted to ask. All he can do is stand back and watch the person he has feelings for go on a date with someone who betrayed him.

“And then he had the gall not to invite me to his little adventure with you.” This connects to what I said above. Mark has pushed Dark aside and didn’t allow him to take over on the date. Quite literally, he wasn’t invited on the date. He was casted away and replaced. But the one word Dark said that caught my attention was: “Adventure”. Why did Dark call it an adventure when he knew it was a date. A proposal, even? I believe the reason to be simple. Dark is angry and jealous right now. He doesn’t even want to call the event we are going on with Mark as a “date”. So, instead, he calls it an adventure. Making it easier on him and his heart. Also hoping in that calling it an adventure, he’ll make Mark look silly and foolish. As if he doesn’t know what a real “date” is. 

This part was very interesting. After saying all he said, spewing out his anger and frustration, Dark fixes his tie and suit, straightening up and saying: “ I’m tired of giving people a choice.” From what we have learned earlier, this sentence can only mean that he is tired of giving Mark the choice on controlling when and where he can allow him to take control.

But then, Dark sighs, saying: “But I suppose I could give you one last option.” Hearing Dark say this was extremely odd to me. Didn’t he just say that he was tired of giving people (Mark) a choice? But yet right after, he turns around to give us options and the ability to choose? I think he does this because no matter how closed off or frustrated he may get, he still wants to give the us the ability to choose. Since he has some sort of feelings for us, he doesn’t want to force us into something we don’t want to do. 

He continues: “Take your pick. Anything of four different choices, more than he could’ve ever given you.” Why did Dark give us so many options. Why did he bitterly say “more than he could have ever given you.”? And why did all options but one actually lead to a place that continues the story? 

I think the bitter remark and the option of more choices go back to Dark’s “adventure” statement. He wants to make Mark look foolish. Make Mark look like he can’t provide for us as much as he can. Even if it’s something simple as being able to go more places. But why, in giving us all these options, did only one actually go somewhere? It’s because, even though Dark does have feelings for us, he still is “dark”. He is still evil, demonic, etc. He purposefully made only one option that actually goes somewhere. He makes us go on a “date” with him (later on) the only way he knows how. Manipulation and Illusion. He gives us the illusion of choice, when really he manipulated it so there is only one right way. And that is to go on a date and spend time with him. 

This makes him sound pretty evil doesn’t it? That he just manipulates and cheats his way through until he gets what he wants. And that may be true, but.. At the same time, it’s actually pretty sad. That is all he knows. To cheat, to steal, and manipulate… Dark was toyed with and replaced. Promised he would be allowed to be with us. But that didn’t happen. And now Dark is forced to make his own path. Struggle to take control over Mark, and find a way to where we will spend time with him. Not Mark.

“So take your pick. Show me what you’ve got. And maybe… We’ll have a good date after all.” Wait what?! Did Dark look down shyly at the ground… Smile… And say “Date”?! This really blew my mind after I watched it a couple times.

After taunting us on by saying: “Show me what you’ve got.” Dark pauses, his face suddenly seems to soften. “And maybe…” He cracks what looks to be a smile and briefly looks down at the ground, “ We’ll have a good date after all.” He looks back up, but his face and body immediately harden and become cold and static once more. What just happened?! Mark randomly says “Maybe we’ll have a good date after all.” And he shows emotion and smiles? Why does he do this? I think I know why. 

Obviously, Dark has been waiting to spend time with us. And now that he has Mark under control and is alone with us, he finally realizes that his dream of being with us is soon to become reality. He smiles and quickly looks down to hide his emotion that he is excited for this long awaited day. And, instead of calling it an “adventure” like he did when he vaguely defined our outing with Mark, he says “date”. Making it official and saying it more for himself than us. But then, after he realizes he slipped: showing emotion and calling our alone time a “date”, his face hardens and he composes himself back into the stone cold Darkiplier once more. But in trying so hard to compose himself, he lets a small, angry frown dance dance across his face before straightening. Showing that he is angry with himself for showing so much ambition.

(Note: Phew! This is a lot of writing! I hope you guys are doing ok and you like this! Stay in your seat, there’s a lot more to yet come!)

*We choose “Freedom”*

“If dinner is what you want then I can provide…” We are now officially on what Dark described as a date. He glitches and we are suddenly sitting at a table with what looks to be a cup and a bottle of wine to the side. As I watched and rewatched this, I found it interesting that Dark chose to place us in a dinner date situation. The same setting we were at when we were with Mark. And say things like: “I can provide…” Why did he place us in a dinner date setting? Why did he say if we wanted dinner, then he could provide it? The answer is interesting. 

Remember, the whole date you were having with Mark, Dark was also seeing and experiencing. So that means, Dark was there even for when Mark misplaced his wallet, making you have to pay for the meal. This obviously annoyed Dark. Enough to the point where he had to physically point out and show us that if we wanted dinner, he could pay. He could provide us with a meal. This is basically a big slap in the face to Mark. Once again, Dark is trying to make Mark look idiotic and that the outing/ date we were on with Mark, wasn’t a date after all. And that he can do a better job on planning a date and providing.   

The date carries on. “And I can take you wherever you’d like to go…” I found this odd when Dark said this. It’s kind of a random thing to say on a date isn’t it? But it all makes more sense when you look at it this way:

Near the beginning and basically throughout our whole date with Mark, he keeps saying that he has our whole day planned out. And that he can’t wait to take us to certain places. I think Dark said this as yet another jab towards Mark. Mark had our whole day planned, swiftly leading us from one location to another. But Dark said: “ I can take you wherever you’d like to go..” almost as a counteroffer to what Mark was doing for us. There is a sense of freedom when Dark says he can take us wherever we would like to go. A sense of freedom and choice. Dark seems to be using this statement to try and make him look more appealing to us than Mark. Possibly even more fun or risky than Mark.  

After Dark states he can take us anywhere, he then dumps this heavy and scary: “I can especially take you to where you don’t want to go..” on us. 

Honestly, I was a little confused on why he would say this. Is it because he’s “dark” and evil and he would actually enjoy to take us places we would hate? Or is he using some weird, vague form of reverse phycology? Is he saying that “the places where we don’t want to go…” is back to Mark? It would kind of make sense. After saying and telling us of all the things he can do for us and provide for us, the last thing he would want is for us to still choose and go back to Mark. But he says that he can take us to where we don’t want to go, meaning that he would take us back to Mark if we chose that. 

Dark continues to talk, but then he begins to glitch and shake. He is then suddenly screaming: “I can give you anything!” And then as fast as it came, it goes, and he continues talk to us normally saying: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…” Ok… What just happened here? He was screaming one minute and then normal again the next?

I think Dark glitches and screams “I can give you anything!”, because he momentarily looses his composure. He’s been spending a good portion of this date trying to show us that he can provide for us and comparing himself to Mark. I think he starts to become frustrated in himself and how we aren’t reacting the way he would have hoped. Thus, his inner voice comes out, screaming, frustrated and angry that we can’t understand that he can give and provide everything we want and need.

After his short episode, he continues talking. Saying he’s been waiting a long time to “get some personal time between us…” I think he’s saying this because the only time he has ever been with us, or has “spent time with us”, is when he is being pushed to the back of Mark’s mind and has to watch from the sidelines and listen and hear Mark’s words and thoughts. But now that he has finally taken over Mark, he can truly get the personal alone time he’s always lusted over.      

The date continues, and Dark has one more episode. But what happens next is interesting. Dark says: “So.. Now that we are here together… We should really get to know each other…” And then suddenly, it looks like Dark is split in two. One part of him thrashing around and screaming. Why? Because it’s Mark… Trying to escape Dark’s possession of his body. 

Remember, this whole time we have been with Dark, Mark has been there, watching and listening to what Dark is saying. (Which also explains why at times, Dark twitches his head. Its because Mark is there in the back of his mind try to take control once again.) So Mark has been fighting Dark this whole time, and it seems Dark is slowly running out of time and loosing control, hence the episodes he keeps having. But notice where Mark made a big push to take control when he did. He did it right after Dark said we should “get to know each other…” It seems as if Mark didn’t like the idea of Dark getting to know us, and vise versa. Probably thinking Dark is going to take advantage of us at some point on the date. So, he tries and puts all his strength in trying to take back control before Dark can do anything to us. But once again, as quickly as it starts, Dark glitches and the image of Mark is gone, and Dark is back to normal.  

You just need to let me in… It’s as simple as that…

When I first heard this, I thought that Dark meant that we should allow him into our mind or soul. But as I began to create this theory, I began to think… What if Dark didn’t mean our soul or mind… But our heart? I mean, during this whole date he has been trying and trying to show us how much better he is than Mark, and how he can do all these things for us. Basically saying, how he can care and love us, just in a very “Darkiplier” way. What if he just wants to be loved by us. Accepted by us? And the only way he knows how to say that is something off putting like: “You just need to let me in..” Maybe all he wants is just a chance  with us. A chance to show how much he cares and ask us why he is feeling the way he does about us? 

After asking us to place him in our heart, and give him a chance, Dark then takes us outside. Believing that he has taken full control over Mark and boasting about it by saying: “You’re never, EVER, going to escape me…Not now-” He is confronted by Mark, in physical form. (Now this part can basically just completely eradicate my theory that Dark has taken over Mark, and not that they are two different people with their own bodies. Now that theory, COULD technically work here, but I decided I like the “Mark and Dark are two in one” theory better. Since Dark IS essentially Mark’s inner-demon. So I’m going to say that this part is actually where Mark gains some power within his mind, and now Dark and Mark are fighting for dominance.) 

After they fight for a while, a gun is dropped and you now have to decide to choose whether to shoot the left or right Mark. Later on, we find out the the Right is Dark, and Left is Mark. And this is where I was confused with what they are saying until I put up the captions. And what each of them were saying was interesting. 

Left Mark (the real Mark) starts off by saying: “You don’t have much time he’s going to kill everybody.” 

While Right Mark (Dark) says: “Shoot him. He needs to die.” 

The thing I found interesting was what they both first said to defend themselves. Left Mark (Mark), immediately starts off by saying that: There isn’t much time, and that Right Mark is going to kill everyone. Mark is trying to warn us. While Right Mark (Dark), just simply says off instinct: “Shoot him. He needs to die.”… Now that’s harsh. Mark just wants to warn us that if we don’t shoot Dark, we will all die. So he’s trying to save both us and himself. But Dark just spurts out that Mark NEEDS to die. No note of concern, or worry. No thought of what might happen afterwards. They keep talking, still trying to convince us: 

 Mark says: “He’s got weird eyes. Don’t trust him at all.” 

While Dark says: “He does bad things to good people.” 

Now, the thing I found extremely interesting was this part right here. Mark says that Dark has weird eyes, which is true. He is known for having completely Dark eyes. But how he said the next part is what caught my attention. Mark said: “DON’T trust him at all.”. He didn’t say “I don’t trust him at all.” But simply, “Don’t trust him…” Therefore, Mark was telling US not to trust Dark. It was a command. Because he knows what Dark is able to do. 

What Dark says also caught my attention. Why would Dark say: “He does bad things to good people.”? Isn’t Dark supposed to be the “bad guy” here? Manipulating and weaving around things to get to what he wants? True, that is what he did to get us to date him. But just because he did those things, do you think he even wanted to? We have already proven that in the past, Dark asked for permission to spend time with us. But since that didn’t happen, Dark had to take control. All because Mark betrayed his promise to Dark. So maybe, Dark is saying “He does bad things to good people.” Because he’s hurt and angry that Mark didn’t fill out his promise. That Mark led him on only to be trapped in the back of his mind again, while he got ready to propose to the person Dark had feelings for without even been given a chance. 

After we shoot Left Mark, Right Mark comes over saying: “You made the right call. Come here, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Assuring us and embracing us. We then continue the date by getting ice cream. We sit down while Right Mark continues to talk, saying: “We’ll enjoy some nice, dairy-based treats. And erm, get to know other. Really, personally…” We then begin to eat our ice cream when the screen flickers and glitches. We look back up and are greeted to see Dark sitting across form us. Dark then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice. But now we’re going to be together… forever.”

When I first watched this side of the date, I paid no regard to what Right Mark said. But after rewatching the mini date we had with Dark, and going back to this, I noticed something. Dark always seems to talk about getting to know us, or getting close to us. Spending personal time with with. Before, during our private date with Dark, he said: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…”  So when right Mark said: “Really, personally…” It became obvious that it was Dark sitting in front of us. After Dark transforms into his true self, he then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice.” I believe Dark said this because he knew, that if we knew who the real Mark was back when we had to decide who to shoot, we would have chosen the real Mark hands down. So he kept quiet. Hoping that with luck, he could say the right words and look innocent enough and emulate Mark, that we would shoot the wrong man. Before we are met with “Try Again?”, Dark continues, “But now we’re going to be together..forever.” and smiles. The first time I heard this, it sounded creepy, and some of you might think so as well. But I think Dark said this because he was finally free. Free of Mark’s hold on him. And free to be with the person he is curious about and has unexplained feelings for. He’s finally free to provide and care for us, without Mark battling for control in the back of his mind. Because that part of him is now dead. He can finally get to know us. Get that personal, intimate time he has always yearned for. He’s finally found freedom from being pushed aside. Being replaced and being mocked. He can finally have a true chance with us. A chance… for us to let him into our heart. Because we’ve always been in his.     

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Mini prompt if ur taking any: high school /college au! Steve is in art class and he just opened a cupboard to find a tiny tony squished inside who just looked at him and said “shh i’m hiding. I may or may not have blown up the chem labs”

For the record, Steve had only wanted to finish his project.

It had been a long week. He was tired. It was cold. Bucky and Natasha had just gotten (back) together, which meant every night for the past 8 days had been….loud. To sum it all up, he was in a pretty piss-poor mood.

So when Steve heard a dull thud from the supply cupboard, paired with a muffled yell of ‘fuck, paint, fuck, everywhere, son of a whore-”, Steve figured his bad week was just about to get worse. 

Fucking horny teens. Sex in the store cupboard, really? Steve needed to use that, dammit.

Shutting his eyes and letting his head fall against the desk for a moment, he briefly contemplated his life and whether or not he really needed to stay in college, before standing upright. He’d just go in there and tell them to fuck off. Maybe make them pay for whatever damn paint they sounded like they’d spilled all over themselves. That would be fun.

There was another dull crash, and then what sounded like paintbrushes clattering to the floor as the cursing continued. Steve huffed irritably, marching forward. He was pretty much the sole user of the tiny studio, and so he usually ended up purchasing and ordering that stock cupboard all on his own. And now there was someone fucking in there-

“My eyes are shut, so you better put your dick away in the next five seconds and look really goddamn sorry by the time I’ve opened them again, or I’m gonna be so pissed,” he declared, yanking open the door whilst his spare hand covered his eyes.

There was a short silence, and then “Uh, do people usually get their dicks out in this paint cabinet? Is this some sort of exhibitionist trend I’m missing out on?”

Steve frowned, peeking through a crack in his fingers, just for a second. The frown deepened when he saw no-one, but as he glanced downward, he spotted a guy, crouched on his haunches. He was the only person there, and his dick was very much covered.

Steve pulled his hand away, staring. He looked like he was in the process of picking up a stack of paintbrushes from the floor, and he was covered in…glitter? And green paint?

“Yes, I know, I am a disaster,” the boy muttered, running a hand through his green hair, “in my defence, the stocking system in this cupboard is very unreliable.”

“Hey,” Steve folded his arms, offended, “This a perfectly stacked cupboard. It’s a good system.”

“There was no room for my elbows to navigate without spillage of the paints! They should obviously be on the bottom shelf.”

“It’s not catered to short people,” Steve snapped, “it doesn’t bump against my elbows.”

There was another silence, and then an offended huff. “I’m not short. I’m above average, actually.”

“Why are you even here?” Steve asked incredulously, looking at him hard. He didn’t recognise the guy- and it was with a little jolt somewhere just under his stomach that he realised he definitely would have remembered a face like that if he’d seen it around. “You’re not- you’re not an art student.”

“No, but the arts block is like, the furthest away from the labs on the other side of campus, and so it may stand a chance of being just out of reach of Fury’s senses. I hope,” he explained with a wave of his hand, like that made things any clearer, “anyway- amusing as it was to hear, may I ask why the first thing you said to me was an order for me to put my dick away?”

Steve made a little noise in the back of his throat, blushing. “You think this is the first time I’ve caught people getting handsy in my cupboard?”

“Ooh, your cupboard, is it?” The boy grinned, leaning a shoulder against one of the shelves. How he managed to make that look flirtatious, whilst covered in green paint and purple sparkles, was rather a mystery to Steve. “Didn’t know people could claim store cupboards now.”

“I pay for all the stuff in here and stock it myself-” he shot a glare at the boy, who just looked a little sheepish, “so yeah, I’d say it was mine. And you- you just come in here and mess it all up and get paint everywhere, and I’m not-”

They both stopped when they heard the banging of doors being flung open down the corridor, and Steve watched as the boy’s eyes widened. “Uh oh,” he said ominously, “okay, cupboard monitor, shut the door and pretend you never saw a thing.”

Steve paused, looking incredulous. “What? What are you even- I have no idea what is even happening-”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” the boy rolled his eyes as he whispered, and then before Steve could even finish, hands were grabbing at his collar and tugging him into the darkness of the cramped cupboard. He swore in surprise, feeling the boy lean over him and shut the door behind them with a quiet click. “You’re really terrible at reacting quickly, aren’t you?” He whispered.

Steve opened his mouth, and was surprised to find a hand immediately cover it. It was stupidly cramped in there for two people, and so Steve felt the boy, right up against him. “Pretty pretty please just be quiet, for like, 6 seconds.”

Steve, completely baffled by that point, just nodded. The hand was still over his mouth.

They both listened as the footsteps got louder, and then another nearer bang as the door to Steve’s studio was flung open.

The boy bit his lip and winced, fingers curling tighter into Steve’s jacket for a second. Steve just stood there, wide-eyed, wondering who the fuck appeared to be hunting for the person in front of him.

“Goddamn it, Stark, you can’t run forever,” came a gruff growl, and then they heard the door shut with a slam and footsteps fade down the corridor.

The boy- Stark- breathed out, and drew his hand away from Steve’s mouth. “Phew, that was close,” he said quietly, giving Steve an absent pat on the cheek, “well done for not giving us both away immediately, by the way.”

“I can react quickly,” Steve burst out defensively, “I can. You just- caught me off guard.”

Stark raised an eyebrow. He was very close in the cupboard- Steve could only see the vague outlines of his face in the darkness, but the initial image he’d seen upon throwing open the door had been somewhat burned into his mind, so it was easy to image what he looked like. “Sure you can, cupcake.”

Steve watched him, frown creasing his forehead. Stark didn’t seem unduly scared, and when Steve had seen him, he didn’t look all that injured. But that didn’t exactly explain why there appeared to be someone doing their best to hunt him down. 

“Do you need help?” He asked in the end, cocking his head a little, “Do you- if someone’s after you, I can make them go away. Not like- not in the murdery sort of way, but- uh- I mean, if someone’s threatening you or something, me and my friends are good at- that. ‘That’ being making them fuck off, obviously, not the threatening stuff, why would you want me to threaten you too, that would be dumb-”

He broke away when he heard s soft tinker of laughter underneath his chin. It was a nice laugh. Very melodic. “You’d do that for a guy who just broke into your store cupboard and held you hostage there?”

“I’d do that for anyone who needed it,” Steve said, shrugging, “I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of it, that’s all.”

He felt Stark’s eyes scour up and down his body, then, and guessed the face he was wearing looked pretty disbelieving, so he he added “I didn’t always used to be so…”

“Tall?” Stark said helpfully, and Steve nodded. “Yeah. Tall.”

Stark grinned, and Steve saw the white of his teeth. “Well, I’d really love for you to knock on Dean Fury’s door and punch him out, but I feel like that would be asking too much of someone I only met two minutes ago. Also the manhunt is, perhaps, ever so slightly justified.”

Steve opened his mouth, and then shut it with a clack. He cocked his head, looking down at Stark and re-folding his arms. “Why the fuck is Dean Fury hunting you down?”

Stark looked a little guilty, feet shuffling on the floor. “Uh. Well. You see- there was a very very slight incident with some flammable chemicals and an unsuspecting laboratory a few hours ago. No one was harmed, except Bruce’s pizza, so I guess I’m also hiding from him too. But- hmm, how do I put this- the lab has sadly reached its untimely demise?” he finished with a nod.

Steve paused. “So you blew up a lab,” he said eventually.

“I’m going to get them a new one, obviously.”

Steve wondered how much an entirely new lab would cost. “Obviously,” he repeated dryly, “and you’re going to buy me some new paint. And then tell me how excellent my stacking skills are.”

Stark smiled again. “Darling, I may be an arsonist, but I’m no liar.”

Steve huffed, shaking his head. He realised absently, that they were both still pressed together in the darkness of the store cupboard. And just like that, suddenly all the horny teens who fucked in broom closets didn’t seem quite so stupid after all. In fact, Steve thought they were onto something. That was- yeah, he could certainly consider that, in the future. Or now. Whatever.

“I,” Steve declared, hand jumping to the door handle and twisting it hastily, because they were definitely not the kind of thoughts he should be having about a total stranger, “am too tired for this.”

Stark raised his eyebrows and blinked as light flooded into the room. Steve remembered the paint when the guy’s hair pretty much assaulted him with colour. “And you should probably shower,” he added.

Stark looked upward, fingers playing with some neon strands and then letting the paint drip on his fingers. There was a second in which he just stared at it, and then the fingers jerked forward and pressed into his cheek, smearing green across his face. 

Steve yelped in surprise. “Hey!” 

“Now you need a shower too,” Stark shrugged, swaying forward on his feet and grinning up at Steve, “how about we save water and share one?”

Steve sputtered. Stark just looked at him with a little smirk on his face and a light in his eye. “I-” God, that offer sounded good right now, “I actually have a project that I- I can’t afford to put it off any longer.” He sighed, waving a hand over to the half drawn sketch covering his canvas and steadfastly refusing to turn and face it, lest he be bombarded with the physical representation of all the crushing pressure he was currently doing his best not to think about.

Stark peered over his shoulder, leaning in again as he did so. Steve could smell paint and coffee. “How long is it going to take, do you think?” He asked curiously.

Steve shrugged. “Too fucking long, that’s for sure.”

Stark looked as if he was debating his options. His eyes flickered over to the door, but then landed back on Steve. “Well,” he pulled a face, “it’s not like I’m gonna be doing much other than being yelled at once I leave, so I might as well stay and keep you company.” A pause, and then “That’s- that’s alright, right? You’re not secretly screaming at me to leave you alone in your head right now?”

Steve chuckled. “No screaming. You- I’d like you to stay, You seem like you have excess energy. I could use some of that right now.”

“What, you just gonna absorb the energy via osmosis?” Stark jumped backward onto one of the desks and swung his legs, leaning forward and grinning up at Steve. He really was beautiful- if a little green.

An usual burst of bravery overcoming him, Steve leaned down and took Stark’s face in his hands, kissing him softly. Underneath him, he heard a little noise fall from the other boy’s mouth, but he caught on quickly, hands going around Steve’s waist and pulling him in close.

Steve pulled away, placing an extra peck on his lips for good luck. “There,” he said with a smile, “I’m feeling more energised already.”

Between his hands, he felt the smile as Stark laughed. “Wow- smooth talking, handsome, it’s a wonder you’ve not been snatched up already,” he mused through his little bursts of laughter.

“My name’s Steve,” he stroked a thumb over the cheekbone that was covered in a patch of glitter. He stopped for a moment, and then shrugged. “Although sugar’s fine too.”

Another laugh. Steve was fast beginning to develop a bit of an addiction to that laugh. He wanted to hear it more, far more. “I’m Tony,” was the response he got, “Tony Stark.”

“Do you usually set off explosions and then run from the consequences of said explosions, Tony Stark?” Steve murmured, tilting his head and letting his hands slip around the back of Tony’s neck.

Tony’s fingers grasped at Steve’s shirt and pulled him down for another kiss. “Wanna find out?” he breathed when they broke away for a second, and Steve did, apparently- very much so, if the hands that curled into Tony’s hair and the mouth that worked open Tony’s own was anything to go by.

“Mmf,” Steve said, in a mixture between a moan of pleasure and irritation, “you’re getting paint all over me and I really, really need to- hmmm, God- work. This is very distracting,” he muttered, making no efforts to break away as he leaned forward and curled his hands under Tony’s thighs, pulling him as close as he’d get before falling off the edge of the desk entirely.

Tony giggled. Fuck, Steve had known him for five minutes, why was that laugh making him feel so stupid and pleased for- “I’l pay off your professor and make them give you an A,” he said seriously, peppering kisses across Steve’s throat, and fuck, okay, yeah, Steve was… the project wasn’t going to get finished tonight, not now Tony had come in and seduced him with his stupid painted green hair and ripped jeans and mouth, goddamn it, Steve was only human.

He’d just finish the project tomorrow. Yeah. He’d have time.

“They won’t ever think to search for you in the apartment of some random art major,” Steve breathed, and Tony made approving noises underneath him, “I’d just like to say, though, that I deny all plausible accountability if you get caught.”

“Oh, baby,” Tony pulled on his earlobe with his teeth, and Steve felt his breath hitch and his eyes roll, whoops, yeah, he’d probably not be able to finish the fucking project for days after this- too distracted by the goddamn memory, stupid Tony, “cruel words- throwing me to the wolves so easily? After all we’ve been through?”

“I met you five minutes ago.”

Tony waved a hand, “and we’ve bonded irredeemably. No going back now, Steve, if I go down, you’re coming with me.”

Steve smiled, curling his hand around Tony’s jaw again. “You know what, I don’t think I’d mind that all too much,” he admitted, before making a face, “although I could do without the green paint and glitter.”

“You’re just not imaginative enough,” Tony rolled his eyes and leaned back, “how far away is your place?”

“Depends how legally we get there.”

“I’m already a fugitive- might as well go all out,” Tony slid his hand into Steve’s pocket and squeezed, and Steve barely resisted the urge to just lean over him and get his pants of right there on the fucking desk, God, there was paint everywhere, why was this not horribly gross?

“Two minutes, then,” Steve answered, searching blindly for Tony’s hand and then locking their fingers together, “come on.”

Tony jumped off the desk enthusiastically, and Steve tugged them out the door, both of them giggling like five-year-olds as they ran through the corridors and hid from any professors that might be out for Tony. Which happened to be all of them. 

“They’re all under Fury’s web of control,” Tony whispered conspiratorially into Steve’s ear, a hand curled around his shoulder as he peered around the corner and watched a professor wander innocently over to the water cooler, “look at him. Look at that plotting face. They’re all out for me, Steve, all of them.”

Steve just rolled his eyes and pulled Tony out the door. After some heavy making out against the wall (Tony said it was because physical affection made people uncomfortable and so wouldn’t look at them, but Steve just thought he was a handsy bastard. Not that he was complaining, mind.) and a brief detour to the nearest corner store to buy cereal, Steve finally got them both back to his apartment.

Bucky looked up as he walked in with Tony, and his eyebrows shot up. Tony winked. Steve just looked smug and gave him a salute, before pushing Tony into his room.

Time to show him how it felt to be on the other end of those thin walls.

baby fever - dad!tom

Summary: Tom reaaaaally wants to have a baby.

-when you and Tom got married, you planned on taking a year or two to enjoy married life together before you began thinking about starting a family

-it’s been a little over a year now and Tom has been hinting that it’s something he wants sooner rather than later

-just little things like always pointing out cute babies to you and saying things like “I can’t wait to do that with our kids”

-it gets worse at Christmas, spent in London this year, when you meet Tom’s cousin’s 10 week old baby girl for the first time

-his cousin and her husband are staying at a hotel nearby Tom’s parents’ house and they come over christmas eve along with all Tom’s family nearby

-everyone has already met the baby except for Tom and you so his cousin is holding her and saying, “these are your cousins, Tom and (y/n)” and Tom says “can I hold her?” and picks the baby up under her arms being really careful and making sure her head/neck is supported and saying “hiii babyyy” in that coo-ey baby voice as he settles her against his shoulder

-Tom is smitten he holds that baby so much over the three days that his cousins are around

-after presents are opened he lays on the floor next to her while she’s just laying under one of those pack n play mat things kickin around at the little dangly things in her face and he’s just watching her with this wistful smile and you just know he wants a baby asap

-his cousin says something to you like “Tom looks right at home in dad mode. have you two thought about when you’ll start a family?” and you’re like “we’ve talked about it as something in the near future but I’m pretty sure after this weekend he’s gonna be on my case about it” bc look at him he’s like in love

-at one point you’re holding the baby and she falls asleep and you’re thinking okay she is freaking adorable but anyways Tom’s watching you fondly for a while and then comes over and puts a hand on your back and whispers in your ear, “you holding a baby is kind of turning me on” and you’re like “Tom” widening your eyes at him to tell him to shush

-when you guys leave after the holiday his dad says “start working on my grandchildren soon, will ya?” and his mom elbows him and is like “Dom, leave them alone” and turns to you guys and is like “don’t let him pressure you, take your time” and you just like laugh awkwardly

-and on the way to the airport Tom’s like “so what my dad said…maybe we should start thinking about it” and you turn to him and teasingly are like, “oh, I know you’ve been thinking about it already, baby whisperer”

-you visit your family back home over new year’s and your extended family has already left so you’re like phew just the parents and siblings no babies but then at one point during the weekend your sister goes “you know what this family could really use?” and you’re like “what” and she’s like “a baby” and she’s staring at you deadass and you’re like “thanks for the hint pal” and Tom’s just sitting there looking at you like see everyone agrees with me

-like two weeks later one of your best friends has her first baby and you go down to visit in the hospital and you text Tom a picture of the cutie and he responds “let’s have one”

-so when you get back home you’re telling Tom all about the new baby and after Tom’s like “I was serious when I said we should have one”

-and you’re like “now?” and he’s like “why not?” and so you have a looong conversation about life and careers and how you could make it work in the next year and half or so and the pressure you’re feeling from everyone to have a baby and whether or not you feel ready but at the end of it all you call and schedule an appointment to have your IUD removed in two weeks

-he’s with you when you call and he’s just like all smiley as you hang up the phone with your gyno’s office

-later that night you guys have some really great sex and afterwards he’s looking at you all dreamy-eyed and says “i can’t wait to have a baby with you” awW

-so you get your IUD removed and you’re keeping it to yourselves that you’re trying to get pregnant

-and all the trying-to-make-a-baby sex is like, really hot tbh, like it just has this greater purpose and makes you feel so connected and just mmm yeah it’s real good and you’re not stressin even though it’s not happening right away because you know it takes your body a bit to get back on track after all the years of birth control so you’re just enjoying the ride ya know

-like 3 months after you start trying, Tom’s parents and uncle are in town and you all go to dinner and the uncle is Dom’s brother, the one whose daughter had the cute baby who you met at Christmas, and Uncle Mike starts talking about his granddaughter and Tom just squeezes your knee under the table

-after a while Mike is like “Dom, are you bitter I got a grandchild before you did?” bc Mike is Dom’s younger brother and they had this race going in their heads I guess and Dom laughs but half seriously turns to you guys and says, “yep, still waiting”

-Tom without thinking goes “we’re working on it, Dad, relax” and his mom is like “you are?!” all happy and excited and you give him a lil side eye like dammit TOm 

-but they’re very happy to hear that you guys are trying and bc you know Tom’s mom will tell your mom if you don’t,  you casually slip it into a conversation with your mom over the phone the next day that you and Tom are trying to get pregnant and she’s so so happy too and starts gushing about how great a dad Tom will be and it makes you smile

dad!tom dad!tom dad!tom dad!tom ahhhhhhh sorry if this is a tease bc he’s not technically a dad yet in this but STILL its STARTING

also like we said earlier this is not the end of boyfriend!tom we still have lots of ideas and things to post we’re just skipping all around the timeline bc that’s how we like to do things

xoxo, L & A

Jen’s guide to the Lapidot in the SDCC trailer

Alright, folks – I’m gonna try and answer the most common questions that you’ve been asking me regarding the fabled SDCC trailer, all in one place, and throw some of my early thoughts and analysis out there.   I might have already covered some of these points briefly, but we’ll go with it anyway for the sake of completeness.

Warning: long post incoming.

Is Lapis going to leave Peridot and Pumkin?

The trailer makes it look that way, but it’s worth bearing in mind that trailers can be very misleading indeed (not intentionally, but they’re cut in such a way that they’re designed to create maximum hype and are very easy to misinterpret).

There’s nothing to say that this:

will definitely come after this:

Sure, that’s the common assumption, but how do we know that Lapis doesn’t leave in the first image and then get reunited with Peridot in the second image?

We also don’t know for sure that Lapis is even leaving at all! Remember in Room For Ruby when Lapis got upset and her immediate reaction was to fly away from everyone?  Well, that could very well be what’s happening here.  She might just need to spend some time alone, exactly as she did in that episode, rather than actually leaving the vicinity completely for whatever reason.

- If Lapis leaves, is it because she doesn’t care about Peridot?  Is Lapidot really one-sided, like the haters claim it is?

No, and no.

Lapis suffers from PTSD, which means that her fear of the impending war could completely override all of her other emotions – including her feelings about Peridot.  

And as for Lapidot being one-sided…

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Originally posted by ms-paint-peridot

…absolutely not! Lapis has made her feelings perfectly clear on a number of occasions.  And:

Look at her face in the trailer here.  If she’s leaving, she feels horrendous about it.

Let’s not forget the Shoulder Squeeze as well!

The camera here is putting complete emphasis on the squeeze, because it’s a vitally important moment that sees Lapis (physically, and most probably metaphorically) holding onto Peridot.  There’s something incredibly tender and meaningful about this, and I can’t wait to see it in context.

- There’s a “Shorty Squad” episode coming up.  Does that mean A//me//dot might have a shot instead of Lapidot, if Lapis has left?!

That’s extremely doubtful.

There could be any number of reasons for Peridot going with Steven and Amethyst.  Perhaps Lapis has left, and they’re trying to cheer her up? Or maybe Lapis is still at the barn but has withdrawn herself and is extremely upset, so Peridot removes herself from the situation in order to give her room-mate some space (because, again, Lapis likes to be alone when she’s upset)?  We just don’t know.

There’s nothing in the trailer to suggest that we’ll have any “A//me//dot moments” – it’s more likely going to be a return to that lovely sibling dynamic that we saw in the previous Shorty Squad episode (as well as the recent Shorty Squad comic).  Lapis and Peridot’s relationship, romantic or otherwise, is most likely going to be front-and-centre of this latest arc; so I feel like it’d be incredibly out of place to suddenly start dropping A//me//dot hints instead.

Whatever way you look at it, this episode is probably going to provide a lot of character development for (a possibly heartbroken) Peridot, so it’s definitely one to watch out for!

- If Lapis has gone, will she be back?  Is Lapidot now dead? D:

Guys, seriously – it’ll all be fine!

Jennifer and Shelby have been recording with each other recently, as well as many other times in the past.  If Lapis leaves, it’s a 100% guarantee that she’ll be back again.

There’s an expression that I’ve brought up a few times in the past couple of days, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  If Lapis and Peridot do spend some time apart, it’s highly likely that they’ll bounce back from this with a stronger relationship than ever.

As someone who’s previously had to spend months at a time away from my then-fiancé (due to him living in California and me living in England, before he could move over here to live with me), I can attest to that expression!  It’s horrific being away from the one you love for a prolonged period of time – but you feel on top of the world when you finally reunite.

- Do you think we’ll see the Lapidot fusion in this arc?

It’s very, very likely.

For all we know, this:

could be Peridot holding her hand out to Lapis, as an invitation to fuse with her.  Which, incidentally:

Originally posted by zarryya

would be a pretty incredible parallel to this!  The camera angle is the same and everything.  A loving fusion born out of hope and trust, versus a hate-fuelled fusion born out of anger and a desire for revenge.

Fusion seems like the natural “next step” for Lapis and Peridot, given how incredibly close their relationship with each other is.  There’s also the fact that Peridot is almost defenceless on her own (thanks to the tragic loss of her limb enhancers) – so if Lapis decides to fight, she’ll probably want to protect Peridot.  And what better way of doing that than to physically fight with Peridot by forming a fusion with her?!

- Do you think it’ll provide good character development for Lapis and Peridot if Lapis does leave?  When they reunite, will we see how much Lapis does care for Peridot (as that’s what some people struggle to see)?  Will Lapis learn she can’t run from all her problems forever?

Absolutely, on all counts.

Peridot will be heartbroken if Lapis does leave.  It’d be painful to watch, I think.

But I imagine that their reunion would be a big, heartfelt thing.  Peridot would  probably be the main reason why Lapis decides to return!  She might end up feeling guilty for leaving her little green bean on her own, and decide to come back for her even if it means facing up to something that she’s completely terrified of.  This could be the start of Lapis facing up to her past head-on, rather than burying her emotions and letting the past drag her down into some very dark places. Indeed, this could even lead to her and Jasper eventually settling their differences – and Lapis fully forgiving the Crystal Gems.

In any event, Peridot is going to be a huge part of her recovery – which is something that seems to have already begun.  

- Do you think Peridot could end up being in danger if Lapis leaves – but then Lapis swoops in to save her?  Could we see Peridot poof?  

Either one of those scenarios could play out (or perhaps, even both of them).

We know it’s only a matter of time until Peridot gets her star.  This was confirmed well over a year ago, if memory serves, so it’s likely to be happening very soon now.

Things are going to start getting very real and very dangerous. This could also lead to the retrieval of Peridot’s limb enhancers (perhaps by Lapis), so that she can defend herself against whatever Homeworld is about to throw at the earth.

Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Ichimatsu 10 - The human who wanted to become a cat

Ichimatsu: (I said I was going to Hello Work and went out, but… I don’t want to go to Hello Work on such a nice day, and I’m sleepy… ) And there’s no way I’ll be able to get a job in the first place. 

Cat: Meow.  

Ichimatsu: You think so too, Cassie? 

Cat: Meoow, meow. 

Ichimatsu: How kind of you… 

Cat: Meow, meoow. 

Ichimatsu: If only I were a cat, I’d make lots of friends… God, can’t you make me a cat…? I want to be a cat, I want to be a cat, I want to be a cat, I want to be a cat… 

Ichimatsu: … …Zzz …Zzz. 

Cat: Oi, Ichimatsu. Wake up, meow. 

Ichimatsu: Hmm… Meow? !? Soft fur and fluffy legs, ears, hands… This is… !! I’ve turned into a cat. 

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Vernon crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by imaginetheseidiots

a bullet-point scenario featuring the legendary meme, Vernon/Chwe Hansol !!

Send in requests for scenarios and reactions on my page if you’d like to :)

- Hansol yall

- this guy is a literal dork but he doesn’t always show it

- on stage he’s kinda cautious and uptight

- but he’s suuuper funny and genuine off stage

- and I guess he’s kinda like this when it comes to his crushes

- he’ll be super serious at first

- but once his crush breaks the ice for good

- she better get ready for a shit ton of moments with

- not just vernon

- but with our legendary memesol too ;)


- you’ve been an intern at pledis for a couple of months now

- and during those months you found this one svt member that you really really really click with:


- you love his sass and he loves how you react to it

- the conversations you guys have are just so interesting too, and they’re nEVER quiet

- he’s practically screaming and making a fool out of himself whenever he’s with you because he loves hearing you laugh

- Seungkwan is so full of energy whenever he’s around you like

- he’d be practicing a extremely difficult dance in the practice room with the rest of svt and feel like he’d rather die than get the moves right

- but then you’d walk in and Seungkwan would spring from the dead like


- and the rest of svt would groan and want to slap the shit out of him for interrupting their much-needed break

- anyways, knowing how much !positivity! and !motivation! you guys bring into each other’s days, the two of you choose to hang out often

- and a lot of his fellow group members would think it’s because Seungkwan is crushing on you

- but it’s not that

- it’s just one of those super duper close bff connections ykno

- your amazing friendship with Seungkwan is probably one of the best things you’re getting out of the internship

- ONE of them, just wait ;)

- and although you know that the other svt members find Seungkwan’s attitude is 5x more annoying when he’s with you

- you didn’t know your friendship was really starting to bother a particular member:

- “Hansolieeeee~” Seungkwan comes barging into the practice room to see Vernon sitting by himself on the floor, back leaning against the wall mirror

- “mm?” Vernon hums but doesn’t look up from his phone. He knows the loud voice can only be Seungkwan’s

- “wanna go get some bubble tea? Like right now?” Seungkwan grins widely, but his positive gesture is met with a dull response

- “I don’t know,” Vernon’s eyes are still glued to his phone

- “come on,” Seungkwan pulls on one of Vernon’s arms. “It’ll be fun because-”

- “y/n will be there, I know,” Vernon huffs

- “you never hang out with us,” Seungkwan pouts. “Why can’t you just give today a chance?”

- “you go have fun with your little crush. I’ll be here,” Vernon says coldly

- “HANSOL, FOR THE LAST TIME, I DON’T LIKE HER LIKE THAT,” Seungkwan gets defensive

- “and you’re my best friend. I can’t just leave you here like this…” he looks down in guilt

- “well then go have fun with your new best friend then,” Vernon says as his eyes avoid Seungkwan

- (now a lot of us would expect Boo to get offended by this statement and sass the living shit out of Vernon)

- (but nah)

- (in fAct)

- Seungkwan snickers. “Is my best friend… jealous?”

- “I’m not, I just…” Vernon struggles to make up an excuse

- “HAH YOU’RE SO CUTE, JEALOUS OF SOME GIRL HUH…?” Seungkwan collapses and rolls on the floor, dying of laughter

- Vernon doesn’t respond and keeps busy on his phone

- “okay okay, I’m sorry,” Seungkwan collects himself again. “But for real, I can’t replace someone like you. Ever. You’ll always be my best friend, and no other person can say otherwise.” VERKWAN FEELS YO

- “just please, I’d love to hang out with the two of you guys. I think you’ll get along well… I mean there’s gotta be a reason why I’m so close to both you,” Seungkwan justifies

- Vernon contemplates for a long moment

- “… okay,” he says hesitantly

- “AYYAYAY OMG OKAY LET’S GO LIKE RIGHT NOW BC Y/N IS WAITING OUTSIDE THE BUILDING AND I DON’T WANT TO MAKE HER WAIT SO LONG,” Seungkwan screeches says excitedly as he pulls Vernon off of the floor and onto his feet

- Vernon smiles as he gets dragged out of the building

- and upon arriving at the building’s entrance, he sees you casually waiting on your phone

- while keeping quiet, Seungkwan pushes Vernon closer to you, making you look up

- “uh hello, I’m Vernon,” Vernon smiles plainly at you

- “oh come on,” Seungkwan lightly punches Vernon. “She knows you and you know him. Don’t act awkward like that.”

- “call him Hansol if you want,” Seungkwan looks to you and pats his original bestie. “He’s usually not like this, so please forgive him, y/n.”

- “ah okay,” you smile. “Nice to finally hang out with you today! Seungkwan has told me a lot about you.”

- “same here,” Vernon replies and his smile grows a little. He points to Seungkwan “This guy just doesn’t know how to shut up when he’s talking about you sometimes,” he says as he nudges Boo in the gut

- you laugh. “I think he just needs to learn how to control himself in general,” you respond

- “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, let’s not gang up against me so soon,” Seungkwan comes in between you and Vernon to link arms with the both of you. All three of you start heading over to the bubble tea cafe

- and during your trio date

- it’s pretty awkward at first

- but then you bring up something dumb or embarrassing that Seungkwan has done before

- and Vernon would be like

- “oh my god I thought I was the only one who saw him do that before.”

- “yeah I know, I can’t believe he actually sneaks his plush toys to the company building everyday. I always catch him talking to them when he’s alone. It’s hilarious.”

- “I know, right?” Vernon would laugh. “You know there was this one time he-”

- “OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH,” Seungkwan would have to shut up the both of you before he can be insulted any further

- and for the rest of the time at the cafe, you and Vernon are just snickering at each other every time Seungkwan tries to change the subject from something he can’t/doesn’t want to talk about lmao

- overall the bubble tea date turns out to be a great time

- while Seungkwan goes to use the restroom, Vernon leans over to your side of the table and asks

- “hey, if you ever need some more Seungkwan blackmail, I gotchu.”

- you shake your head and laugh. “I could definitely use some of those.”

- “yeah, if you give me your number, I can send you a few right now if you want,” Vernon smiles and holds out a hand, which you place your phone in

- as he’s entering his contact info into your phone, you spot Seungkwan returning from the restroom

- “hurry hurry,” you lean over to Vernon. “He’s cominG.”

- “okay, aaaaand done,” he smiles as he finishes up filling out his profile

- he quickly slides your phone back to you before Seungkwan can spot the suspicious activity

- on the way back to the company building, you and Vernon are separated by Seungkwan once again

- but as Boo chats away, you send your new friend a text

- you: “now would be a great time to send some blackmail, don’t you think?”

- upon receiving the text, Vernon looks to you, then to Seungkwan, then back to you

- a huge smile flashes across his face and he begins typing away at the keyboard

- Vernon: “you right” “hold up”

- Vernon: <img231>

- OH MY GOD this is g o l d, you think to yourself as you try to hold back the laughter


- Vernon: “like I said, I gotchuu”

- Vernon: <img257>

- and the two of you silently laugh at each other as the blackmail keeps rolling into your phone

- until

- Vernon: <img47747>


- you check the image and

(pic creds to

- you: “… I think this picture beat all of the Seungkwan ones”

- “HEY,” Vernon accidentally responds aloud. An embarrassed smile spreads across his face

- Seungkwan turns to the both of you

- oh shit, you and Vernon think simultaneously

- silence sets in for a moment

- “… ANYWAYS,” Boo continues his conversation with himself

- Vernon looks to you and silently wipes his forehead, mouthing the words “phew”

- you sigh in relief

- Vernon: “my bad omg”

- you: “it’s okay Seungkwan won’t suspect anything this early on”

- you: “he’s super oblivious to everything when he’s on chat mode”

- Vernon: “damn it’s like you’ve known Seungkwan for as long as I have lol”

- you: “lmao I think he’s just super predictable”

- Vernon: “naw, comprehending Seungkwan takes talent”

- Vernon: “and lots of patience”

- and the two of you kinda start of your meme friendship from there how beautiful :’)

- Over time, you guys text more, and then texting leads to talking irl, and then meeting up a few times a week

- and it just comes to the point where the both of y’all are practically ditching Seungkwan for your own hangouts lol sorry boo

- the both of you become so comfortable with each other to the point you can freely unleash your inNER MEME SELVES and it’s gREAT LMAO

- all you guys do together is secretly take pictures of other people around the building and make memes out of them I’m so mean I’m sorrY PLEDIS

- and on most days you’d snap pictures of each other and text them as end-of-the-day (aka i-kind-of-miss-you) messages aw

- one day, Vernon’s gonna be hanging out with you and trying to take pictures of you off-guard without catching your attention

- he wouldn’t check them until the end of the day, when the both of you text each other for your nightly meme exchange is that even a thing?? o o p s

- he’d look through what he managed to capture from earlier

- but

- all of the pictures he took of you

- they’re not off-guards

- they’re bomb ass candid photos

- you’re smiling, laughing, looking at him, just being super genuine in the moment

- and Vernon just thinks:

- why is she so… perfect?

- he smiles as he swipes through the pictures over and over again

- but then another thought hits him:

- do I like y/n?

- also:

- shit what am I supposed to send her today?

- then a text notification comes in

- you: “hey where’s the daily dose of my memeself??”

- Vernon: “uhhh… none today, sorryyyyyy”

- you: “wth did you not take any?”

- you: “whatever I have shit load of memesol from today anyways. ENJOY <3″

- and as you’re sending the pictures you took of him that day, Vernon isn’t even checking any of them

- he’s looking through all of your photos again and griNNING LIKE THE CUTEST KID OMG

- Oh god I do like her…

- wait what the hell am I supposed to do no-

- “wHATCHU GRINNING AT THERE,” Seungkwan sticks his nose into Vernon’s buisness

- “n o TH In G,” Vernon’s eyes widen as he shifts away from Seungkwan and turns off his phone

- “I’m not dumb, Hansol. I saw you scrolling through those pics of y/n,” Seungkwan laughs at him

- “they’re just nice pictures, that’s all,” Vernon tries to cover it up but his blush gives it away

- “mmhmm, ‘nice pictures’ my ass,” Seungkwan isn’t buying it mY FAVORITE PART OF SEUNGKWAN IS…

- “and your smile isn’t like that all the time, I know you,” Boo adds. “It’s really cute right now, and that says a lot.” VERKWAN I TELL YOU

- “okay, fine. You caught me,” Vernon gives up. “But it’s not like anything is gonna change because I like her.”

- “actually,” Seungkwan clears his throat. “knowing you so well comes with the duty to inform you with all of the dumb things you’ll do that’ll make your crush obvious to y/n. May I?”

- “Oh my God,” Vernon smiles and rolls his eyes

- “Oh and by the way,” Seungkwan leans over to Vernon and whispers. “If you don’t make it obvious, I will.”

- “SeungkwaN.”

- “Okay fine, I’ll try not to,” Seungkwan replies. “AnYwAyS…”


- Seungkwan’s right when he says that Vernon will be doing things that’ll make his crush obvious to you

- because for one, he’s gonna have to discontinue that end-of-the-day meme exchange because he’ll just be snapping really cute candid pics of you instead:

- you: “okay memesol, don’t disappoint me today” 

- you: “where’s the y/n meme I’ve been waiting for?”

- Vernon: “sorry I ain’t doing that anymore”

- you: “wait really?”

- you: “bUT WHY?”

- Vernon: “Idk I haven’t been getting any memeable pics of you lately”

- you: “wdym? my natural look is an ugly meme”

- Vernon: “it’s not and that’s the problem”

- you: “… whatchu tryna say then, bud?”

- you: “WAIT A SECOND”

- Vernon: “gn dork”

- and although he may seem pretty calm about hinting here, he’ll probably slap himself in the face a couple of times for slipping up

- Vernon would also stop making jokes about you that insult your personality because whY would he insult something he loves so much about you?? do you hear me screaming?

- but don’t worry, meme time with memesol will still be fun because he’d still be willing to make a meme out of himself for you not like he has any control over that anyways lol

- also, he’d be super blushy whenever you guys have accidental skinship moments nkadbkadfbsd

- like even the slightest touch of your hand would trigger him, and he’s definitely one to stutter afterwards

- last crushing habit he’d have would be fuCk tOns of eye contact omg

- and it’s not just your casual, everyday eye contact

- I’m talking about the kind of eye contact that stares you down to the very core of your s o u l

- okay maybe not that deep, but Vernon’s eye contact with you would just be full of admiration

- trust me, he tries to pay attention to the conversation, but when he looks into your eyes, he gets so thrown off and it’s kinda of cute:

- “hellO, earth to hansOl???” you’d say and wave a hand in front of his face

- “ah, sorry, I was kinda-” Vernon scratches the back of his head

- *cue Vernon’s really shy smile that brings tears to every human*

- and sad enough, sometimes you’ll mistaken this constant staring for lack of interest and/or tiredness:

- “dude, are you alright?” you ask with a concerned face. “you seem kind of tired…”

- “aw no no I’m fine really. I’m just-” Vernon tries to snap out of his daze

- “hey, if you want to go relax or take a nap instead of hearing me blabber about nothing, I totally understand,” you explain. “Your schedule doesn’t always come easy, and I want you to rest if you need to.”

- “no y/n, really I’m fine. I love talking to you, and you know that. And even if I was tired, I’d still want to talk to you.” 

- Vernon begins to blush and so do you

- “ah, I’m sorry if that didn’t come out the right way. But you get me, right?” he laughs nervously

- overall, Vernon is a pretty shy crusher, but he wouldn’t be any less of a meme for you while he’s crushing so don’t worry

- now when it comes to confessing, this guy would want to make it short, simple, and all planned out in his head

- but hey, that’s probably not gonna happen because we caN’t forget about Seungkwan in this equation !!1!1!1!1

- so one day you’re eating dinner with verkwan peacefully when all of a sudden

- “it took me awhile to realize that you guys have been hANGING OUT WITHOUT ME FOR SOME TIME NOW,” Seungkwan bursts his bubble. “CARE TO EXPLAIN?”

- “uhh… you’ve just been really busy I guess?” Vernon shrugs

- “Hansol, wtf we have the same exact schedule for god’s sake,” Seungkwan snaps

- “I think it’s all the meme-ing we do,” you laugh and say in an attempt to save your side with Vernon

- “yeahh. We like to play around with memes a lot and we just thought… you know… you might not be too interested in all of it???” Vernon smiles timidly

- “mmhmm, suUUUuuure. Like anyone said I would rather hang out with myself than listen to you guys talk about memes all day,” Seungkwan says sarcastically and rolls his eyes

- before you could justify your point any further, Vernon’s phone rings

- “oh, sorry guys,” he gets up from his seat. “Let me just take this call.”

- you and Seungkwan watch Vernon leave the table and walk away

- and once he’s out of sight…

- “okay, y/n,” Seungkwan looks you dead in the face and leans closer from the other side of the table. “What’s the deal with you and Hansol?”

- “why? Are you jealous of our friendship or something?” you laugh at him

- Seungkwan shakes his head. “No no, I don’t have to worry about that because I know you can’t replace MY spot as his best friend. What I’m trying to ask is…”

- “… are you guys dating? BehiND my baCK?”

- your face goes red

- ofc you guys aren’t dating

- but the fact that Seungkwan is suspecting it makes you think about how suspicious your friendship with him looks

- do we really look like a couple?

- “w-what? No, what the hell, Seungkwan,” you try to cover up your flustered appearance

- “I mean,” Seungkwan scoffs. “If you two are gonna hang out without ME, there’s obviously gotta be something going on…”

- “It’s funny you think we’re dating because I don’t see any reason why he’d like me like that,” you say as you fake a smile and play around with your food.

- Seungkwan stares at you in silence for a moment

- and then he laughs

- hystererically

- like he’s about to fall of his seat

- “yo are you okay, Boo?” you ask the dying fellow

- “no no no, I just-” Seungkwan tries to catch his breath and wipes the tears from his eyes. “Oh my god, y/n.”

- “what’s going on with you???” you say with concern

- “no, I should be asking you that question,” Seungkwan collects himself.

- “I don’t get it,” you reply

- “y/n, I hate to spoil it but how are you not picking up on Vernon’s obvious crush on you? What is going on with you?” Seungkwan smiles widely

- your face lights up at Seungkwan’s words

- does he… really like me?

- “Are you being serious right now?” you ask for reassurance

- Seungkwan sighs. “Hansol has been liking you for awhile now. And I know he really likes you because he doesn’t even talk to me about it. He tells me almost everything, but nothing when it comes to you.”

- “And that just tells me that you really mean something special to him.”

- “I mean pff, not as special as me but you know… pretty close,” Seungkwan fakes a hair flip

- you shake your head. “I don’t want to believe you,”

- Seungkwan’s eyes widen. “Wait why no-”

- “but for the record, I’ve definitely liked him for awhile,” you cut him off

- Seungkwan smiles but his face contorts at the sight of Vernon coming back. “Good to hear, but looks like your ‘boyfriend’ is walking back riGHT NOW, SO ACT NATURAL.”


- “Y/N SHUT UP HE IS- OH HEY HANSOL, WHAT’S UUUUP?” Seungkwan sweats nervously, but Vernon doesn’t suspect a thing

- so after the dinner at the restaurant, the three of you walk back to the company building so that you can head home to your apartment from there

- but the boys agree that it’s too dark outside for you to walk alone

- and of course Seungkwan, being the slick one out of the bunch, complains about one of his feet hurting and insists on staying behind at the company building actor kwan at his finest

- so it’s just you and Vernon walking together

- and although you guys usually talk comfortably

- the walk home was different

- no one says a word

- it’s pretty awkward

- the both of you are busy thinking

- “alright,” you say at the foot of your apartment building. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow like usual?”

- “yeah, that’s… that’s fine,” he rocks back and forth on his feet. “Like usual.”

- after exchanging “good night” greetings, you proceed to enter the building, but

- “I like you.”

- the words fall out of Vernon’s mouth quietly

- You turn around and see Vernon standing in place, but he’s staring at the ground

- “I don’t believe you,” you say

- “w-what?” Vernon looks up to you again

- “I said I don’t believe you,” you repeat yourself

- “what? Why not?” Vernon says in confusion

- you sigh

- “you would’ve looked me in the eye and told me so.”

- after processing your words, Vernon walks up to you with his eyes down.

- and after lifting his head up to see your eyes only inches away

- he tilts his head and presses his lips against yours

- and at that moment, you believed his words

- realizing how cheesy the moment is, you both giggle into your kiss

- the two of you say to yourselves…

- how did I fall for a dork like you?

anonymous asked:


A merman, actually. Thought it was a troll, but he was quite serious.

Not pictured, kid proceeds to tell me he knows everything there is to know about king Solomon, dark magic, “powerful magic”, black magic, and that he makes love magic spells.

Cut to me freaking out asking “WAIT WHAT” and asking him to explain in detail what he did else I’ll null his spells, because non-consent love spells are rapey and dangerous and wrong and gross. He tells me he just did a “bring new love” spell for a friend, so I’m like phew alright, you shouldn’t fool around with that. It can ruin someone’s life. And he’s like “teach me”, and I’m like “later, I’m working and for me to explain what the astral plane is and how to travel and how to shapeshift there it’ll take like an hour” 

“oh, ok then” 

I posted or liked something on tumblr whatever, not TWO minutes later 


“I told you I’ll write when I get home. I can’t do it right now.”

“oh ok :’( “

One of my coworkers asks me to help him out with some boxes, I go. I return not 10 minutes later, and this is what I’ve got in my inbox.

So this basically goes on through the whole day. He spamming me to answer, so at a point I hit my goddamned limit and I tell him “OH MY GOD YOU NEED TO RESPECT SOME BOUNDARIES. I’M WORKING, I’LL ANSWER WHEN I GET HOME. IF YOU WANT ME TO MENTOR YOU, YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN”


So I basically told him he was a freaking creep, to fuck off, and blocked him.

Then a friend of his came and called me an egotistical bitch because their friend was “mentally ill” and “isn’t a native English speaker” and “a minor” and that I should be ashamed of myself because he just wanted to make friends and whatever.

1) LOL I’m not a native English speaker either, and when I was learning the first thing I did was tell others, so in case of any misunderstandings took place, it would be easier to detect them. Also a language barrier has nothing to do with a person messaging me 30 times in a row because I don’t answer within 2 minutes of their text. But apparently it’s my fault because I don’t understand that he doesn’t understand the difference between talking and harassing because of “cultural differences”. Cultural differences are where Hindu men text me on facebook asking for nudes and it doesn’t make them any less creepy to my latina ass.

2) LOOOOL I’m also mentally ill, and I talk with mentally ill teenagers on a daily basis. I’m never ever gonna even mention their names, but you can’t even being to imagine the amount of teens that come to me with depression and suicidal thoughts and gender questioning and self harm issues and abusive parents because they literally feel no other adult in the planet is gonna hear them without belittling their issues. They’re my friends, and I genuinely love them. I care for them and talk about them with my mom for advice, and I cry when they cry and I advice them and I genuinely invest myself into trying to help. Mentally ill teens are not automatically creepy stalkers that will bombard you if you don’t answer within 10 minutes. But yeah, let’s justify a creepy harassing stalker with the excuse that he’s “mentally ill”. If he’s socially functional, he must be held accountable for harassing someone. If he’s not socially functional, then he should not be on the internet unsupervised.

3) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL he’s 16, not 10. In two years he’s gonna be voting, shouldn’t he have a LICK of common sense?


So this person tells me that the “fame” has gotten to my head, and that I’m a bitch that crushed this poor little hopeful baby witch. And I’m like “why don’t you teach him then?”

And she goes “I have been teaching him for months!”


So basically this was my morning. I guess I’m just a bitch then who won’t make little poor boys mermen, boohoo :c

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Hey, how does watching jjba work? Is there more than one anime for it or do you read the manga first? I just want to get into it but idk how to start lol

No problem, anon! I’m new to it as well and it took me a while to figure out bc it can be a bit confusing gfhjdkf

Basically there are 8 parts/story arcs in total, 4 of which have been animated. Some people prefer to read the manga first but I think the general consensus is to watch the 4 parts of the anime and then read the other parts (that’s what I’m doing anyway! Plus I find the anime incredibly enjoyable so far even though apparently it does cut out some scenes from the manga?)

I’m basically watching it all on gogoanime but works too. SO, some links:

Part 1 “Phantom Blood” and Part 2 “Battle Tendency” (the 2012 anime covers both arcs which is convenient)

Part 3 “Stardust Crusaders” (First Season)

Part 3 “Stardust Crusaders” (Second Season)

Part 4 “Diamond is Unbreakable” (most recent one)

end of anime stuff so far. Now to the manga. If you want to read coloured scans, I was recommended this site but if you’re like me and you’re too lazy to download the files, you can use kissmanga or instead. Just keep in mind that kissmanga has a lot of ads and is missing part 7 while has all the parts plus they’re coloured. You do need to make an account for it but it’s free.

Part 5: Vento Aureo 

Part 6: Stone Ocean

Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Part 8: Jojolion

The manga is pretty long so take your time and don’t rush haha. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy!

band-aid solutions

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, angst, humor

warning: slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!jimin, oral

word count: 15k

summary: It’s said that time heals all wounds, but that isn’t exactly true and sometimes band-aids are all you have. You catch your boyfriend cheating on you and Jimin is more than willing to help you forget him.

✩ a/n: inspired by the drama suspicious partner, check it out if you haven’t already!

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From Vanilla to Kinky ( Dino x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“!Hi! I love your writings! OMG! I was hoping for rough smut with Dino and if you’re worried about age he is 18 years old I checked! the scenario I was hoping was for was that the reader was talking with her friends at like lunch about their sex lives and how it’s been really vanilla and you want to spice it up so you got to a sex shop together and mess around before buying handcuffs and blindfods etc. you keep them in a bag at home and when Dino comes to visit and you go to the bathroom or something he finds it and uses them on you being a little bit dominant… Phew… That was long! Sorry if I rambled on. Um I’m fine with spanking, hair pulling, choking etc.. just not rape and shit like that. I hope I’ve not put too much on your plate and it would be amazing if you could actually write my request! Thank you xx – ioneej
Member/reader: Dino X Reader
Genre/warning(s):  smut, toys
Words: 3.3k
Authors note: Thank you for reading our fics :) I’m glad you enjoy them and I hope you enjoy this fic as well. Happy reading! Dino is so problematic because he goes from cute to so fucking hot in 0.000001 seconds and I cannot deal with that my weak old heart can’t take it.

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Mystic Messenger : Day 4 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

Contributor (THANK YOU SO MUCH): @verycharismaticdragon

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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Stitch up My Heart

Pairing - Parrish x Reader, Derek x Reader

Word Count- 1758

Request - Can u do an imagine with Where y/n and Derek had been best friends since they were little and when he leaves beacon hills she’s devestated and ends up dating Parrish and u can decide what to do from there. Thanks.

Originally posted by did-you-say-george-harrison

You and Derek were the best of best friends, you met back in the playground when neither of you were older than four. You had been pushed off the swing and into the concrete, you were close to tears when Derek came over and defended you and flashed his eyes at the mean kids, the two of you had been completely inseparable since then and you had loved him from the third grade.

Of course he was unaware of this, you always too scared to tell him, scared of his reaction, scared of rejection.

You had finally managed to work up the courage to do so before he and the pack headed to Mexico to save Scott and Kira, a trip you weren’t aloud to attend ‘for your own safety’ they had said.

Derek never came home. He went off to god knows where with Braeden, after you had finally told him how you felt.

You cried for days, he had left you so easily, had your friendship not meant anything to him? Because it sure as hell meant a whole lot to you.

“What wrong with me” you whispered to yourself as you sat on your couch, your tears were all cried out from the past few days, you had just sat, staring at the walls emotionlessly.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a loud and fast knock on your apartment door, again and again. “I’m coming, I’m coming” you yelled, tugging your blanket around you and shuffling to the door.

“Parrish got himself into a little trouble” Scott groaned, the weight of the rather beat up looking deputy proving a little to heavy for him to carry on his own, despite Stiles 'helping’.

Your apartment had become a usual place for them to come when someone needed fixed up, you worked mostly in the hospital but often helped Deaton in the animal clinic.

They had gotten used to going there with Derek and you fixing them up until they healed so it was natural instinct for them to head there when they needed you.

“Come in, come in” you ushered, taking Parrish’s arm from Stiles and wrapping it around your shoulder, helping Scott get him to the kitchen, “Stiles, clear the table and get me the First aid kit” you ordered. Stiles did as told, you and Scott laid Parrish on the table.

“Okay boys, he’ll heal but I’ll stitch him up, it’ll speed up the process, I think I have so leftover pizza, take that and eat it in the living room, I need to concentrate” you told them, they complied and took the pizza away.

“Tangled with The beast, huh” you mumbled, grabbing a sterilised needle from the box. “Hey, Jordan, can you hear me” you cooed , softly tapping his cheek. He groaned “uh huh”, you sighed softly in response, beginning to clean up his wounds.

“This might hurt” you whispered, more to yourself than to him as you cleaned his cuts, once you finished that, you wrapped them in gauze and put a gauze pad over a wound on his stomach.

With the help of the boys, you managed to move him into your bed, after you insisted Parrish would have your bed so he could heal and you would crash on the couch.

Half way through your uncomfortable sleep, you felt yourself be lifted from the bed and into a pair of arms. “Jordan” you mumbled, confusion laced in your voice. “You should be resting and healing” you insisted groggily, to which he answered with a smile. “I’m all healed and in your own home you should have not have to sleep on the sofa” he replied softly as he opened the bedroom door, placing you gently into it.

“But what if I like the couch” you mumbled into the pillows he just lay you on as you turned around, watching him pull on his tattered t-shirt. “Hey no! You need to heal properly, I can see you wincing and if I were to take off that pad then I would see the same cut” you scolded, you voice slightly muffled by the bed he had dropped you onto. “I will not take your bed in your own house Y/n, no way” he  said, shaking his head.

“Fine, we can share”

And that was the start of something beautiful.

Something so beautiful you didn’t even know you could have it. Something so amazing that you felt you didn’t even deserve it. After having your heart so broken by Derek, you didn’t really know how your love life was going to pan out, but when you and Parrish spent the night together, talking over the movies and falling asleep in his arms.

“Jordan” you squeaked as he spun you around, kissing your lips softly when he put you down. “I brought you dinner” you said with a large smile on your face, holding up the bag with the takeaway food in it. “Smell’s amazing babe, come on, let’s eat together” he smiled, grabbing your hand and going through to him office.

“So when I was babysitting for a family friend today, her little boy said he’s in love with me and that he wants to marry me, their other kid, sister is planning the wedding already, how do you feel about that” you joked, putting your paper plate and plastic fork in the little bin in Jordan’s office, taking his too. “Well, I’m not surprised, but he can’t do this” he smirked, leaning forward and catching your lips in yet another sensational kiss, just like every other kiss. His soft lips moving perfectly in sync with yours, his hand reaching over to cup your cheek.

“Now eat your cupcake Jordan, we baked them today and I promised them I’d give one to my officer boyfriend” you giggled, tucking into your own cupcake.

“You have icing on your cheek” Jordan chuckled, his eyes crinkling as they always do when he laughs. You began trying to wipe it, failing to find the pink buttercream that your boyfriend has pointing out. “Here, I’ll get it” he said softly, wiping over you cheeks with his thumb, then sucking the icing off his thumb. You giggled and he jumped to his own defence. “It’s good icing” he shrugged, admiration shining in his bright green eyes as he looked lovingly at you, you didn’t often get to do this, your busy shifts at the hospital mixed with Jordan’s crazy shifts here at the station didn’t give you too much time together, though it did make you appreciate the time you did spend together.

He leaned over once again, just about to join his lips to your when someone opened his door.

You both jumped apart, not because your relationship was secret or anything like that, but because it had been unexpected. Thursday night’s were never busy.

“We have a visitor, he wants to see Y/n” Deputy Clark said,  an awkward smile on her face. “I’ll be right out, Sorry Clark” you said, your cheeks burning red as you followed her out. “Call if you need me” Parrish called after you, rolling over to his desk on his chair, a cheeky smile on his lips as he got back to paperwork.

“He's a good one” Clark laughed, your cheeks flushing even more. “Yeah, I’m a lucky girl” you said, closing the door reading ’ JORDAN PARRISH’, hearing him shout, “NOT AS LUCKY AS ME”

“Who’s my visitor” you asked, no one had ever come to the station and request you, considering you didn’t work there. “A guy, he didn’t tell me his name, just said he was looking for you” she shrugged, opening the door that led out to the front desk.

He was facing away but you knew full well who it was.

You had spent almost a year getting over him and now he had just waltzed back.

He turned around and had the audacity to smile at you. Now, if he had done this before you had met Jordan, you would’ve ran to him and forgiven him.

But he was here now standing infront of you, his smile faltering as you glared at him, you loved Jordan more than you had ever loved Derek. Jordan loved you back ,Derek left you all alone.

 "Y/n, I’m so happy to see you" he beamed. “The feelings not mutual” you grumbled, trying to keep your tears at bay. “Wha…Why” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing as he looked at you in confusion, having thought you would’ve been happy to see him.

“You left me Derek, you didn’t even bother to text, I loved you!” you raised your voice, tears dripping down your cheeks. “Loved?” Derek pressed, trying to get you to expand on the reason you used past tense. “Yeah Derek. Loved, not love. I’ve moved on. Moved on to someone who would never leave me, who lets me know just how loved I am"  you said, standing tall and strong.

Derek was too stunned to go any further, so he turned on his heal and protected his pride by walking off.

It really did kill him to see you laugh at Parrish’s lame jokes, watching Jordan kiss the ice cream off your nose and tuck your hair behind your ear, being all lovey like couples are.

"I didn’t know how else to do this but I knew I had to do it now.” Jordan said one day, holding your hands in his larger ones. “I, in now way, am trying to say that you do but I just wanted to know, if you have any feelings at all left for Derek, because if you do, I don’t want to hold you back, I love you and all I want is for you to be happy.” he asked you softly, running his thumbs over the top of your hands.

“No feelings J, none at all, they left the moment we kissed, I love you more than anything in the world” you told him, kissing his lips in a sensational kiss, as most of your kisses were. “Phew! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you” he admitted, pulling you into his arms for a tight hug. “Neither!” you exclaimed. “Plus, who’d protect me from weird parascientists and massive beasts on a killing spree” you added, watching him playfully roll his eyes at you. “God I love you”  

Derek left your heart broken and that night, after you stitched up Jordan Parrish’s wounds, he began to stitch up your heart.

Naruto confession to their lovers
  • Naruto: Hinata... I was wondering if you know...spend some fun time with me and eat together in the Ichiraku Ramen Shop. Also...we could hang out..and...takes things to the next level?
  • Hinata: *blushing so hard*
  • Naruto: t...that a yes or a no? *sweats continuously*
  • Hinata: Yes, yes yes!
  • Naruto: Alright! (This will be he best day of my life, I was so scared if she said no!)
  • ______________________________
  • Sasuke: Sakura *wind blows his hair* I know I have done terrible things in the past and...this time. As I have been traveling. I notice how I was stupid to cut you of out my life. I really want to spend time with you. I really mean it. I-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun?
  • Sasuke: *takes out Sakura's hand and puts it on his chest and lets Sakura listens to his heart beat*
  • Sakura: *blushes* Sasuke...*cries a little with joy*
  • Sasuke: I want to be with you.
  • ____________________________
  • Shikamaru: are the only one who knows me well and even though you're scary
  • Temari: *looks pissed* what is that suppose to mean?
  • Shikamaru: woah wooah ....I'm not good at these things but Temari. Even though you are a troublesome beautiful lady, I would like to stick with you and never let you go. Would you like to spend some time with me?
  • Temari: *blushing* ...being with yo me is such a drag
  • Shikamaru: *chuckles* Yeah, I know but I'm sure of it.
  • __________________________
  • Sai: *enters Ino's flower shop* Hey, Ino! I'm looking for a beautiful flower.
  • Ino: What is it for? For decoration? For-
  • Sai: For a girl
  • Ino: *looks a little bit upset* A ...girl?
  • Sai: Yup, she's so beautiful. I think of her whenever I see her and she recused me so that's why she's so precious to me! She's an angel that I can't take my eyes off!
  • Ino: Is...that so...?
  • Sai: I have a drawing of you want to see?
  • Ino: *looks upset* s-sure....w..why not?
  • Sai: *gives Ino the drawing* See? Such beauty....I wish she'll be my future girlfriend!
  • Ino: *sees a portrait of herself*'s me!
  • Sai: *goes closer to Ino and whispers* I know it's you, Ms Beautiful..
  • Ino: you mean it? About me being your...
  • Sai: Why would I lie? *touches Ino's hair* Would you want to go on a date with me? I could even show you more drawings I created of you.
  • Ino:
  • Sai: I'll take that as a yes, my princess *kisses Ino's hand*
  • _____________________________
  • *Kiba and Tamaki walking around Konoha*
  • Kiba: ....Tamaki....
  • Tamaki: Kiba-kun? What's up?
  • Kiba: Remember our first chat together?
  • Tamaki: The one when you were helping your friend to get honey wine?
  • Kiba: Er....yeah
  • Tamaki: What about it? Wait is it about Momo, my cat? Did he say rude things about you?
  • Kiba: No no no..
  • Tamaki: Phew....then what is it?
  • Kiba: *stops walking and goes closer to Tamaki* Damn it! *blushes* I'm not good at these things and i stutter when I say this but it's time that I should do it!
  • Tamaki: Kiba? You're not making any sense....
  • Kiba: Ah, crap.....I really like you...Tamaki....and I thank god that i had the opportunity to see you at Sora-Ku! I would really like....if....we....can...well....consider ourselves as.....
  • Tamaki: A couple?
  • Kiba: *blushes so hard* ...I.....
  • Tamaki: You're so easy to read, dog boy. Of course! I would love to spend my life with a handsome man *puts her arms over Kiba's shoulders* like you, Kiba-kun? Because...I like you...really...I mean it! Me too, I'm glad we met. Even though we are different, who says that dogs and cats can't be together?
  • Kiba: *hugs Tamaki* I'm glad you feel the same, cat girl!
  • Tamaki: me too, dog boy!
  • ______________________________
  • Choji: Karui, you're the woman who doesn't give no bananas about my size and I'm glad that you don't. I'm very happy that we got to hang out more and I really think that i might have feelings for you, chococlate sunshine.
  • Karui: Ehh.....You really think so?! I...well...think the same. You care about my opinions and you are always there for me! You're my big strong butterfly....I'm glad that you like me because I like you too!
  • Choji: So do you want to go to my house and eat something together *holds Karui's hands and blushes*
  • Karui: *blushes* S..sure... I would love that.
  • ______________________________
  • *Lee and Tenten in a training hall*
  • *Lee stops training*
  • Lee: Tenten?
  • Tenten: What's wrong? You stopped training?
  • Lee: ....I.... *takes a deep breath*
  • Lee: We have spend some time together and we have similar connections and i would like if our connections collide into one. Tenten, to me, you're one of the strongest kunoichi that I have seen and I wish to spend more training with you and see you grow! I may be so annoying to you in the past but right now, I just....want you to see me as a man and show you how much I want to spend more time and...l-love with you...Tenten...I
  • Tenten: *kisses Lee's forehead* You are already a man to me and I would like to see our connections grow together and become one...Lee...Yes... I would like to be with you.
  • _____________________________
  • Shino: I know it's weird saying this to you and I'm kinda freaked out on saying this but I talking to you and I wish we hanged out more and well...united....
  • Akamaru: woof....(wtf)
  • Shino: ...damn it.....I can't do one likes me....
  • Insets: buzzzzzzzz (you have us)
  • Shino: I know I have you.
  • Akamaru: Woof....woof woof...(I should find leave and find Kiba)
  • Shino: I'm glad that people wouldn't see me crying as I walk around Konoha.
  • Shiho: *looks at Shino from a distances and giggles*
  • Shino: Huh? *turns around and sees Shiho*
  • *both of them look at each other and blush*
  • *Kiba sees the connection as he walks towards Shino*
  • Kiba: Oooooooo... you have a crush.....
  • Shino: Stop it!
  • _____________________________
  • (Requested) ;---; NejiTen
  • Neji: Tenten?
  • Tenten: Yeah...
  • Neji: In the future, I always think in what will happen to me? Will I die (;-;)
  • Or will I live (;----;) but the most important question is who will I be with before this happens?
  • Tenten: Yeah...okay....what are you trying to say?
  • Neji: Tenten, if the world ends today, I would like to be with you and stick with you. I know you see me as a team mate but i would to expand that. I was a pain to you and harsh before but I want to change! ...and become the man you want! And I'll do it - if you like me....
  • Tenten: You felt this like me?
  • Neji: I will always do you, my ninja twin bun strong kunoichi.
  • Tenten: then, promise me you will stick with me and protect forever.
  • Neji: You don't need to be protected by me! You're so strong. Even I can't touch you...
  • Tenten: Neji....*lays on his lap* I will always stick with you and protect matter what.
  • ______________________________
Stay: Texts ( Cole X Reader)

Summary : You’ve been dating Cole for over a year now. Ever since he joined Riverdale, his producers have made it very clear that he and Lili should publicise their affections, although it meant nothing, since there were heaps of Bughead shippers. For a long time you were okay with it because you knew Cole loved you. But lately, Cole has been missing a lot of dinner dates and his PDA with Lili has been getting way out of hand. Earlier this evening you stormed off from a Riverdale party because the agents made Cole kiss Lili , on her cheeks, for the cameras. You don’t know how long you can keep doing this. You don’t want to bombard his career because you know how much acting means to him. You finally decide that the best thing for the both of you would be to call it off.


A/N : Tried something a little different here. Let me know what you guys think :)


| Text Conversation between you and Cole after abruptly leaving the party|

10:49 pm

Cole : (Y/n), is everything okay?

10:55 pm

Cole : (Y/n).

11:00 pm

Cole: Talk to me, baby, Please?

11:01 pm

(Y/n) : I think it’s time we let go.

11:01 pm

Cole: Wtf? Let go of what?


Cole : I’m not letting you go. Wtf. (Y/n), you know I love you.

11:03 pm

(Y/n) : It’s for our own good. I love you, C. But I don’t know if I can keep doing this anymore. I know you’re only doing what the producers want you to but you have no idea…


Cole: Babe, listen to me. I’ll talk to them. Please don’t do this. I LOVE YOU, (Y/N). PLEASE.

11:05 pm

(Y/n) : I’m doing this because I love you.’s not fair to me anymore. Goodnight.

11:05 pm

Cole: Babe, wait. 


Cole : I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything. I’ll make things right. I’ll talk to Lil, I’ll talk to the producers, I’ll talk to all of them. Please don’t do this, (Y/n).

11:07 pm

Cole: Baby, please talk to me.

11:08 pm

Cole : (Y/n)… you have no idea how much I love you.

11:10 pm

*Phone rings*

You’re hesitant to answer the call because you don’t want him to hear you cry. Of course you don’t want to let him go, you love him. You’ve always loved him. Part of the reason you’re doing this is because you love him. Your relationship with him is the main threat for the Bughead facade. 

11:11 pm

Cole : Talk to me.

*Phone rings*

You decide to answer his call. 


You don’t want to say anything to him. 

“(Y/n)…” Cole trails off, his voice shaking.

“I love you so much, (Y/n). I’m sorry for everything. Please don’t let me go. Please don’t tell me this is over,”

I don’t want to, you answer in your head. Hearing him beg you stay breaks your heart even more, because you want to stay, you do, but you don’t know if you can take the lonely nights and ditched dates anymore.

You sob over the phone because you don’t know what to say. You want to leave because it isn’t fair to you but you also want to stay because you love him so much.

“No, no, (y/n), please don’t cry. I love you, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Babe?” he attempts to make you talk.





You finally decide to answer, “Uh-huh”

“I love you. Give me another chance. I promise I’ll make things right for the both of us. I’m so sorry for everything. Please say you won’t let go,”

You flashback to over a year ago when you first met Cole. 

How he gathered up all his guts to ask you out.

How he drove 3hrs everyday just to see you because you lived so far..

How he held your hand and took you to your college dance.

How he spent one entire night star gazing with you because he had just coloured his hair black in courtesy of his character Jughead for Riverdale and he wasn’t too keen about it. He only became calm after you told him that you dig guys in dark hair too! “Don’t be checking out other raven-haired guys though” he jealously warned.

How excited he was when he introduced you to Dylan and his parents. 

How he made you go to bed every single night wondering how you ever got so lucky to have a guy like him.

And how he made you wake up feeling loved and beautiful.

“Cole,” you whisper

“Yes, baby” his voice still shaking.

“I’m sorry I over reacted,” you quietly blurt.

“No, baby. I’m the one who should be sorry. I love you so much,”

“I love you too,”

“I’ll fix everything okay? I’ll talk to-”

“No, you don’t have to. It’s fine.”

“I want to, (y/n). I love you. I don’t ever want to lose you,”

“You won’t” you assure him.

“Like I would let you go that easily,” he lets out a small laugh.

“I’m sorry, C. I don’t know why I was-”

He cuts you off, “Baby, don’t be sorry. I love you. It’s all my fault. I love you, okay?”

You chuckle, “I love you so much, my raven-haired boyfriend”

“Phew. I just need you, (Y/n). You know that right?”

“I do, C. I love you. It’s getting late, call it a night?”

“Sure, babe. I’ll see you at 9 tomorrow, okay? I love you”

“Goodnight, C. I love you,”

11:30 pm

Cole : You are the love of my life. You mean everything to me, (Y/n). I don’t ever want to feel like losing you ever again. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, babe. Goodnight, princess x

This boy.

This boy was worth everything.


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BTS Reacts - Skinship & Having A Platonic Crush On You

Min Yoongi: He used to be bothered by your brushes against his skin, unsure of what to think of your forwardness. The closer you got to each other, the less he seemed to mind - now, he almost expects you to initiate physical contact when he sees you. Of course, he’s going to keep acting like your bubbly demeanor doesn’t affect him, but the moment you put your hands on his body, he’d burst into a wide grin, squirming away from you. He doesn’t know when or how it happened, but somewhere along the road, he found himself wanting to be in your presence more. Maybe it’s the skinship, maybe he’s gone mad - maybe it’s the fact that he’s actually found immense happiness in your platonic relationship.

“Yah, pabo! If you keep tickling me, I’m going to actually murder you - unless you take me out to dinner later.”
( Yoongi flinches when you poke his sides once more. ) 

Kim Namjoon: Just before an interview with a web-zine, you’re massaging the knots in Namjoon’s shoulder-blades, easing the tension in his muscles. He doesn’t mind that your hands are down the back of shirt - he’s known you for the longest time, he’s comfortable with you touching him. Even though you’re relatively handsy with him, he holds only a platonic admiration for you, as you do likewise, for him. He finds this change of pace refreshing - there’s no rules saying that two souls meant for each other have to be romantically involved. He’s loving his friendship with you, and he doesn’t care that it’s not sexual at all. When the interviewer asks him a painstakingly commonplace question, he laughs, throwing a glance your way while replying:

“If I had a dollar for every time someone’s asked me that question. No, we’re not dating.”
( You’re always seen together, though? )
“They’re my best friend. Why wouldn’t I want to be with them, every moment that I possibly can?”

Jung Hoseok: It’s not routine of you if you don’t start some sort of bear-hug war or tickle fight with Jung Hoseok. When you see him enter the room, you scramble up to him and tackle his body, running your hands wildly across his stomach. He bounces back in retort, yelling at the top of his lungs. He sees you as a bright ray of sunshine - he adores your energy and passion when it comes to your physical affection toward his being. The electricity in your excitable skinship with Hoseok sparks a fire in him that he craves on a daily basis. If it’s even possible, he wishes he could get married to you out of friendship, so you’d always be around to keep him spirited. When you’re out of the picture, Yoongi asks Hobi if the both of you are more than just friends.

“Huh!? N-No, we’re not like that at all! We’re just… really playful with each other, is that so bad?”

Kim Seokjin: Seokjin loves how open you are with your skinship. He wants to spend all day with you, talking about anything and everything while you caress his upper arm. Your doting touches make him feel safe; his presence appreciated, so he’s eager to open up to you about the worries in his life that he’s learned to hide so well. You’ve pulled him into a world where he can be completely as ease with himself, and he wants to be with you as much as he can because of that. He’s developed a non-romantic infatuation with you, he truly wants to be by your side whenever he can, whether it’s for yours or his emotional support. He’s savoring the strokes of your fingers on his hand, when he gets the urge to address an important issue:

“____________-ah…. I hope you’re not bothered by all these dating rumours about us. I know we’re not lovers, but I can’t let go of you just because people want us apart.”

Jeon Jungkook: You almost zoom past the recording studio without hesitation - but you stop in your tracks as soon as you see one slumbering Jeon Jungkook in front of his laptop. You sneak in, and as soon as you reach him, you tickle the skin under his chin. Kook is fond of you caressing him; he sees it as a sign of warmth from you. Jungkook’s never thought about how lovey-dovey the two of you may seem, because the two of you naturally worked best as inseparable friends, and that’s all he saw in your relationship with him. It is chaste and pure. When he feels lonely and ignored, he knows he can turn to you, his one and only platonic crush. A cheeky smile emerges on his face as he takes your fingers and pulls them away from him.

“Aish, why is it that I can never sleep peacefully with you around!?”

Kim Taehyung: You’re casually scratching the skin beneath the lump in his throat, lining the curve of his neck with your index finger. He is unfazed by your seemingly intimate advances; he knows it’s platonic. Your friendship with him runs so deep, that you’d both be comfortable sleeping in the same bed with nothing but undergarments on, and not feel any awkwardness when doing so. Taehyung personally likes it when you touch him, he’d do the same to you if not for the thousands of eyes on his every move. Because of you, he can’t go a day without seeing you, not having your fingers on his skin. He just wants to be with you all the time, and he has you to blame for it; his partner in crime. Hoseok calls the two of you out on your closeness:

“You two need to cut it out - you’re going to start dating rumours!”
( You stare at each other before Taehyung jokingly speaks, winking at you before suppressing his laughs. )

“Us? Dating? Hey, should we call each other ‘jagi’ now, to mess with people?” 

Park Jimin:  A boy that’s absolutely taken by you. He’s never had a friend he’s able to relate to as much as you have. You smack his cheeks with both your hands, squeezing them, making his lips pucker like a duck. Normally, he’d get annoyed by your blatant touches, but lately, he relishes it - especially when you flick at his earlobes to tick him off, or when you wring your arm around his strong neck and nuzzle your face into it. People often mistake your friendship for romance, and they’re not exactly wrong - after all, he does love you - everything you do, everything you are, everything you stand for. You’re everything to him; it’s clear as day in his eyes. He realized that when Namjoon had asked him about his relationship with you.

“Me and ____________? We’re just friends - best friends - but there’s no way I can imagine my life without them in it.”

Phew, this one was actually really hard to do! I was stumped for quite awhile, but I hope it turned out okay for you, anon. Enjoy this react! <3

Let’s Break Down the Riggins Scene - Meta

OK so the new comic has lead a lot of people going to the conclusion that Riggins is a total and complete fucknugget. Relying on the comics is dangerous - fuck’s sake, just look at their Ken characterisation - but are they bringing in something we need to be aware of?

For reasons which are ficcish and shall at the moment remain tangential I’ve gone back through the Dirk - Riggins scene in Season 1 Episode 3 bit by bit to try and properly evaluate their reactions to one another. This is my interpretation, and I would love anyone else to volunteer their suggestions!

Dirk has literally just had his purpose affirmed and the case put on the rails: Todd has finally accepted that he needs to work with and help Dirk, there’s another clue, Amanda and Farah are working together upstairs. All. Is. Amazing!

Dirk camps his way down the stairwell and we see Riggins. In darkness. The music - a sharp, high-pitched, nails-on-a-chalk-board sound - begins. Riggins says “Hello Project Icarus” unemotionally. This is a solider. An army man. A complete contrast to Dirk’s colourful craziness that we, as the audience, have been enjoying. 

Something is wrong.

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answering asks!

HHUUHhhGHhuuuu theres a lot here. hefty

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“Mundanes are Weird”

Imagine the shadowhunters trying to survive in a mundane high school

“We have a problem.” Jace stated, stalking into the training room of the Institute.
“I swear to the Angel, Jace, if it’s about your ‘life threatening hotness’ again, I’m going to kill you.” Alec warned.
“It’s not that.” Jace leaned against the wall. “Stop training, this is important.”
“How important?” Alec sighed, stopping punching the bag and pulling on his jacket.
“We have a load of reports of vampire attacks, from a high school nearby.” Jace straightened up.
“And? Vampire attacks don’t happen often, but we’ve handled them before.” Alec walked towards Jace, confused about why this was so important.
“They were all attacked during the day. And none were killed, so either it’s someone who’s really bad at faking being a vampire, or they’ve figured something out. Come on, me, you, Izzy, Clary, and even Simon are enrolling at the school.” Jace was obviously displeased about the fact that Simon was coming, but there wasn’t much he could do about it, vampires were generally very good at finding other vampires, and the only match for their speed.

You rubbed your eyes, still not used to the extreme brightness that came with being a vampire. You were also not used to your new body clock, that basically told you you couldn’t sleep. You could, however, lie down, close your eyes, and have some vivid daydreams. Being a vampire was not easy, nothing like the books and internet told you. You couldn’t even figure out why you weren’t burned by the sun, it stung certainly, but burn, it did not. In fact, you didn’t seem to have lots of the vampire traits, which was rather disappointing. If you were going to be forced to crave blood for all eternity,  the least you deserved was some super-powers.
Sighing, you got out of bed and dressed into a pair of black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, and a red hoodie. You didn’t wear much colour before you’d suddenly started craving blood, but black was just easier as it didn’t show any stains if you were a bit messy. You pulled on your sneakers and tied your hair back, then went down the stairs and out the front door.
You walked to school, arriving right on time. You were getting your books from your locker when a teacher stopped you. “Y/N, this is Alec Lightwood, he’s going to be in your class, do you think you could show him around, make sure he knows where he’s going?”
You nodded, smiling at the tall, dark haired boy. “Not a problem. Do you have kit? P.E. is our first class.”
He just stared blankly at you, trying to understand. “‘Kit’?” He asked.
“P.E. gear? Clothes you can work out in.” You explained, as the teacher walked away.
“What’s P.E.?” He asked. “And no, I don’t have ‘kit’.”
“P.E. stands for Physical Education.” You explained, as you started walking towards the gym, him trailing behind you. “Did you not have it in your old school?”
“It was a very different school.” He mumbled, striding beside you. “All they really taught us was how to fight, different combat situations and all.”
“Oh, like a military school or something?”
He nodded. “Yeah, I guess.”
Just then, you saw your friend Jason, who’d recently broken a leg, up ahead. “Hey, J! This is Alec, he’s new here. Do you have kit he could borrow? He didn’t know we had P.E. today.”
“Yeah it’s in my locker, hi.” He smiled, crutching over to his locker and opening it. He took out a bag and tossed it to Alec, who caught it surprisingly quickly.
“Don’t worry, the clothes are definitely clean.” You laughed. “Jason is so afraid of germs he may as well wash his clothes halfway through P.E.”
“Oh shut up!” Jason laughed, limping over to the two of you. “Alex, is it?”
“Alec.” He corrected, not quite managing to smile, which the two of you put down as nerves. “How did you hurt your leg?”
The two of you exchanged a look, and you immediately knew that now was the time to lie. “He broke it when he was helping me with some D.I.Y. in my house.” You laughed, as did Jason.
“She felt so guilty she brought me hand-made meals every day for two weeks, until I finally told her she couldn’t cook.” Jason was grinning from ear to ear now, and you gave him a light shove. “Shut it, asshole.”
Alec chuckled lightly. “I feel your pain, I have a sister who cooks sometimes. When she cooks, we generally order take-out.”
Jason stuck his tongue out at you. “And they say women belong in the kitchen.” He turned to Alec. “I can show you where the guys’ changing rooms are, class starts soon.”
“I’ll meet you there, I’ve gotta get changed.” You smiled at the guys, and slipped off to the girl’s changing room.

“Jace, relax.” Clary urged, looking at her timetable. “It’s just school.”
“But there’s so many people here, we’re all gonna have to be on high alert if we want even a chance at finding this vampire.” Jace never settled his gaze anywhere for more than a split second, trying to remember everything and everyone. “I don’t like this, there’s too much danger. For all we know, they’re all vampires.”
“Nah, not likely.” Clary smiled. “Our best way to find them would probably be to find someone who was attacked and see if they remember anything.”
“And how do we do that?” Jace asked, then tensed slightly as the bell rang.
“Well, a good start would be to go to our first class, which would be… maths.” Clary frowned. “I hate maths.”
“Let’s do this.” Jace grabbed his bag, looking like he was steeling himself for something.
When they got to class, the teacher made them stand at the front and say their names with something interesting about themselves. Clary said that she liked art, while Jace went with he was interested in sports. After this, they were both given seats, Clary was next to a guy who looked like he lived maths, while Jace was next to a pretty girl with long blonde hair who was very interested in talking to him.

“You’re in luck Iz, our first class is science.” Simon smiled at Izzy. He was the only vampire who’d developed the ability to go out in the sun, and no one knew why, but it was very useful for this hunt.
“Oh phew, that shouldn’t be too hard.” Izzy smiled at him, then looked around at all the students milling past her. “Getting any vampy senses?”
“No, not really.” Simon admitted, “There’s something, but it feels like it’s outside the grounds of the school, so I’d say it’s not our guy.” He glanced around, then rested his hand on the small of Izzy’s back, guiding her towards their classroom.
They managed to arrive neither too early nor too late, and looked around the class. They split up, Izzy going to sit with a group of girls, and Simon sitting with two of the guys. They’d agreed beforehand that the best and fastest way to find the vampire was to split up and try to cover as much ground as possible, but Simon had an ulterior motive. He knew what the Clave did to downworlders who broke the Accords, and so he was hoping to get to the vampire before the others so he could help them, the way Raphael had helped him.