now i know why dongwoo cry so much

You make a Comeback right after “Sweet Girl” comes out (B1A4)

Jinyoung: -you were the adorable tomboy of your group, but your comeback came with a fun beach time song. What shocked most fans was the bikini dancing the group had done. Made all the boys stare at you when you got back to see Jinyoung and he was very proud- “no no no boys this is mine all”

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Sandeul: -you had changed your appearance a decent amount such as your hair, fashion, and piercings. So when the video started they were greeted by an unknown looking member of your group but when they realized the voice they knew it was you- “wait that’s my girlfriend, why doesn’t she look like my girlfriend?” 

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CNU: -you were the face of your group, you had mentioned to Dongwoo that you were working out more. So when it came out everyone saw the newly toned muscles that your body was having effect on most people. To the point the boys were questioning why you was with him- “I did’t think she’d get more better looking than she already was but she’s really working it”

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Baro: -your songs were usually upbeat and happy but now you had the slow and meaningful about missing someone you loved. It kinda made him want to cry because he could feel how much love there was there- “aw baby I don’t know how to tell you how much I love it”

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Gongchan: -when people thought of you, they thought of vocals but when your MV you were showing off slightly dangerous dance moves with such ease. Your boyfriend absolutely knew you could do something like this-  “glad she’s showing off finally”

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