now i know what not to do

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My ex and I broke up and it really messed me up, I got desperate to get over her and ended up sleeping with other people. We started talking a few days ago and wanting to be honest I told her about it, now she's saying I'm not loyal and she could never be with me. I don't know what to do because I still love her..

You were broken up when you slept with other people. Lots of people tend to do that when they just get out of a relationship. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t loyal. Ignore her. Get over her. Move on. I wouldn’t do it by sleeping with others though. Focus on yourself. Find new hobbies. Find something new entirely to create new memories with. Hang out with good friends. Stuff like that

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I just want to be the most obnoxious bitch and put TONS of random words in your inbox. Just because I'm bored and I can't sleep but I dunno if we're cool like that yet lol. I mean full Ron Swanson with his typewriter, "I'm going to type every word I know! America! Megaphone! Monday! Butthole!" Feel free to tell me a fact about all 4 of those. Lol or not. And I'll come up with my own. Stay tuned...


alright let’s go

America - I love American history

Megaphone - I’ve never used one but I’ve always wanted to

Monday - My least favorite day of the week 

Butthole - Bucky can stick his dick in mine…ya know…if he wants sorry couldn’t think of one for butthole oops!

put a word in my inbox and I’ll tell you a fact about myself based off of that word

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i've been sculpting miniatures since 2010 but I cant get strawberries right at all :( They always look like shit. I've tried youtube, japanese tutorials.. nothing is sticking.. Help/advice?

2010?? thats amazing!!! im sure you can create some awesome stuff now!! :D

its hard to address the issue when i dont know what you dislike about your strawberries, but i will do my best to describe my process and see if that helps!! i first use a white translucent clay to sculpt the shape of the strawberry on the tip of a needle. i then use a nail dotting tool that comes to a point (like a normal dotting tool, but tapered toward the end?? i guess???? you could file a smaller one down to achieve this shape if you dont have one) to make the seed indentations. you dont want them to be completely random, they do have a pattern to them. 

then i bake, and color with a diluted pinky-orange alcohol ink toward the top to represent the sort of coloring found here

after that dries i do a few thin coats of a vibrant red alcohol ink. multiple thin coats give the strawberries that juicy glossy look!! i unfortunately havent found a good way to give the illusion of the tiny yellow seeds, but i find most miniatures read perfectly fine without them.

for the leaves, i paint yellow tissue paper various shades of green and cut out  sets of leaves with manicure scissors. glue them on, coat them with a matte glaze, and coat the rest of the strawberry with a glossy glaze. that should get you a pretty good result!! 

to me, the hardest part is getting the strawberry to keep its shape as im adding the seed indents. this is because i use premo which is a very soft clay. i suggest a firmer clay like fimo professional or even kato polyclay for projects like this, if you have the same problem as me. 

I really hope you can make some strawberries youre proud of soon!! if youd like a video tutorial, im thinking about filming a few so let me know. :D

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Ara... it's going to be okay. Knowing what's exactly happening isn't important right now. What is important is to get you to feel better! Though... how to...? Hmmm *Anon places a small fan down and turns it on* that could help! And for the pain... what I do if I have some type of pain is to create pain somewhere else!!! *holds up a dodge ball* So... this might sound bad but... can I chuck this at your face to distract pain with pain?

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hey i saw a post about it the other day so i wanted to know your opinion, what do you think of the more like martial arts-fighty depiction of the penguin in The Batman animated series?

hes cute i like him. im generally a fan of th designs in The Batmaaaaan bc u can tell they wer trying 2 do something different than usual with each character just 4 th sake of it, also everyone, does martial arts now bc its Brought To Us By The Creators Of Jackie Chan Adventures. my fave episode w him is “team penguin” which also contains rly adorable versions of killer croc and killer moth, killers croc and moth, but th 1 where him n catwoman simultaneously femme fatale fake-seduce and betray each other is good also. th most notable things about him r his burtman-returns-esque fangs n flipper hands, n rockhopper silhouette, also his incredible one-off themegirls the kabuki twins who i cannot believe never caught on/seeped in2 other batmedia and have absolutely nothing to do with his theme and i love them. heres a picture of them i found where they r next 2 slenderman

also notable is that in the movie batman vs dracula the penguin fucked dracula

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the boi ive been fucking and hanging out with said that he doesnt see himself having a girlfriend rn at this time in his life, but im seriously developing feelings for him n i dont know what to do! help!

drop him cut ties with him now before u get really hurt it’s for the best

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how do you feel about the ending of jojo part 6

I love you. You’re a fucking queen and living it the code-name Joe-1, in reference to the booklet the lyrics of Who Let The Dogs Out be if u take one more diddly darn step right there. see that? i got new shoes today and now everyone thinks that Maxson is what do you know what honestly. THANKS DOOMY.


I give you my word. But in order to do that you need to trust my judgement for a little while while yours is reeling.

i mean i’m in my twenties now, dreams shouldn’t upset me. but last night there you were where i could touch you and it hurt remembering in the morning. it’s a funny thing to love someone like you. to love this diamond when you are only dust. it’s a funny thing and my heart aches, and aches, and aches for it.


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