now i just need to meet him

Homeland snap fanfic No.18 – We need him

- I have people.
- Capable of containing a guy who got an entire street in lockdown with only one hand? They better be good.
- They are.

The day after Carrie’s meeting with Quinn at the psychiatric hospital.

Carrie, on the phone to Conlin.

CARRIE - I need to talk to you.

CONLIN - Talk.

CARRIE - Not now. I need to meet. Where are you?

CONLIN - At the hospital.

CARRIE - With Quinn?

CONLIN - With my colleagues. They were just with him.

CARRIE - Anything?

CONLIN - He’s not saying much.

CARRIE - No. Well. Look, stay there. I’ll meet you there.

Carrie and Conlin in a room at the psych hospital.

CARRIE - You have to help me get Quinn out of here. He won’t talk in here, it’s making him worse. If I can just get him away, he’ll be better. I’ve seen it happen. He just closes down in hospitals.

CONLIN - You’re right about that.

CARRIE - I need him. We need him.

CONLIN - Seriously? That guy?

CARRIE - I’m sorry? “That guy” knew something was happening before any of us. “That guy” probably photographed the real bomber on his way into Medina Medley the night before the explosion. “That guy”…

CONLIN - OK, OK, I get it.

CARRIE - Do not underestimate him.

CONLIN - That guy also took your daughter hostage.

CARRIE - That is NOT what happened.

Conlin raises his eyebrows.

CARRIE - Believe me, he was doing the right thing. He thought he was.

CONLIN - You see what I’m saying though, Carrie. Guy’s half-paralysed and he still took out an ESU guy and a protestor. You told me yourself he’s paranoid and crippled with PTSD. You really want him out in the wild?

She thinks.

CARRIE - I’ll take him somewhere safe. I have people who can look after him.

CONLIN - Seriously? Capable of containing a guy who got an entire street in lockdown with only one hand? They better be good.

CARRIE - They are. Gimme a minute.

She steps into the empty corridor outside. Calls Max, then Astrid. Doesn’t take long. Of course they’ll drop whatever they’re doing for this.

CARRIE - OK. I have a cabin upstate. If you can get him there, I’ll have people there. Can you do it?

CONLIN - Can I? Yes, I can. Will I…?

Imploring – almost disbelieving - look from Carrie as he considers.

CONLIN - This is on you.

CARRIE - Absolutely.

CONLIN - It won’t be sanctioned. I can’t be seen to be springing him. No official release. We’ll have to make it look… like I wasn’t involved.

CARRIE - That’s fine. Thank you.

They leave the room together, walk down the hospital corridor outside – they’re nearly at the end when a huddle of people walk round the corner right in front of them – it’s Quinn, with a guard on either side. 

He looks terrible. Shuffling. Drugged. In pain. No light in his eyes at all, not even paranoia-induced alertness. The guards are holding him, but not aggressively. Holding him up as much as anything.

CARRIE - Quinn…

Her heart is breaking at the sight of him. Jesus, she has to get him out.

The two parties halt face to face.

Quinn looks, very slowly, up to Carrie. A momentary flicker in his eyes.Then gone.

She looks to Conlin.

CARRIE - I need to speak to him.

GUARD - He’s in custody, Ma’am, you can’t speak to him.

She looks again to Conlin. He shakes his head with resignation – this is against his better judgement, like everything else Carrie asks of him – pulls out his FBI ID and holds it up to the guards.

CONLIN - Two minutes, gentlemen. Walk with me.

The guards let go of Quinn. Without them he can hardly stand – staggers and slumps onto the wall. Conlin and the guards walk back the way he and Carrie came from. Carrie waits until they’re gone.

CARRIE - Quinn…

She leans against the wall facing him. He’s looking at the floor. She looks back over her shoulder to make sure there’s nobody near.

CARRIE - I need you to listen to me, Quinn. OK?

He mumbles something but it’s so slurred she can’t make it out.

CARRIE - What?

QUINN - I’m not crazy.

CARRIE - I know. I know you’re not. You are NOT crazy. You were right. I know that now. I’m gonna help you. I promise. You have to listen.

We are gonna get you out of here. OK? That man? He’s the guy I told you about. With the FBI. He’s helping us. We’re gonna get you out of here, but you need to help us.

People will come for you - but we’re not allowed to take you out of here, so it won’t be pretty. But don’t fight them. OK? Are you listening? Quinn?

QUINN - Yeah.

CARRIE - If people come for you, they’re with us. They’re with me. They’re going to bring you somewhere safe.

QUINN - How?

CARRIE - I… I don’t know. He’ll arrange it. But I have a place. It means you getting out of here.

He looks at her, listening now.

CARRIE - Max will be there.

He nods. That’s OK. He kinda likes Max these days. Trusts him.

CARRIE - And Astrid.

Quinn is confused.

QUINN - A…? A…?

He stops. Cannot get the word out.

CARRIE - She’s flying over. To help you. To help us. We’re not the bad guys, Quinn. We’re going to help you. And we need you.

He holds his head up a fraction higher on hearing this. Just a fraction. 

Conlin steps back round.

CONLIN - Carrie?

CARRIE - OK. (To Quinn) You remember, right?

He nods.

The guards come back round, lift him off the wall and Carrie and Conlin step aside as they walk on past. Carrie stands, watching their very slow progress, unbearably sad.

CARRIE - (To Conlin) Thank you.

the fact that Even joined kosegruppa just to meet isak makes the whole emma thing that much funnier to me b/c

here’s Even, sitting right behind the cute guy he’s been obsessing over since the first day of school, and he is so ready to figure out a way to talk to him for the very first time and then

out of nowhere

this little first year girl shows up and????? just admits to doing the same thing as Even???? with absolutely no shame??? and so now he’s got literal competition???

so of fucking course he takes the weird route and follows isak into the bathroom and then LURES HIM OUT OF THE SCHOOL by doing some weird paper towel shit. he literally. he literally took isak away from emma.

AND THEN EMMA SHOWS UP OUTSIDE. AND EVEN IS LIKE, JESUS CHRIST WHY, so he’s all, oh, but i thought we were in a group together?? *innocent blink*

we knew he was being possessive y’all. we just didn’t realize how much

me: becomes mayor
me: becomes senator
me: becomes governor
me: becomes president
me: “I want brendon urie to perform at the inaugural ball”
me: “also I need to meet with him beforehand”
brendon: “oh wow madame president I’m honored”
me: “cut the shit and tell me right fucking now if ryden was real or I’m deporting your ass I swear to god I’ll do it”

does this make sense? | 09

pairing: min yoongi x reader  // slight park jimin x reader, college! yoongi, college! jimin

genre/warnings: slight angst, fluff, slight mention of vomit

• words: 12,614

→ summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

note. flashbacks indicated by italics

• p.s. Jungkook needed a part in this, albeit tiny because I’ve included everyone in this some how, whether it be a name or a couple of lines. I can’t leave the poor guy out, I won’t be able to sleep at night otherwise

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | + | ✓

It had been two months since that night, and you would have liked to say things got better – well – they definitely got easier, but better was something they did not. There wasn’t a day where you didn’t miss Yoongi. There was always those what if moments, when you despised the fact that your relationship ended prematurely when it had so much potential.

You had gone past blaming Yoongi by this point, knowing that it wasn’t just his – but your mistake too. You had been as much responsible as him, knowing that he had insisted quite periodically that he wasn’t looking for a relationship, but you had still continued to see him, continued to fall deeper and you had found out the hard way – the longer you held in and compressed those feelings, in the end the harder you fell.

It was bittersweet. Knowing that you were lucky to have fallen so hard at such a young age, because in your opinion it should happen to everyone if they were lucky enough – but also knowing that it hadn’t worked out in the end. It wasn’t meant to be, however that was okay because you grew to learn.

Of course, that didn’t mean the what ifs didn’t spark up a niggling in your brain almost daily. Like what if you had confessed your feelings to him yourself, without him finding out from someone else? Or what if you’d just handled things better and not acted like a drama queen when everything was said and done? If what Yoongi said was true, and he really did find you young and foolish, why did you have to go and prove him right?

Biggest of all, and the thing that plagued you the most was the question – what if you had never slept with Jimin? What if you’d walked home by yourself that night and then later on Yoongi would have arrived, only instead of finding you in the compromising position with a stranger, you would have just been alone. Would you have handled things differently? Would you have let him speak? The answer was probably, yes – you would have.

That night two months ago and been a mistake. You wanted to get back at Yoongi and it had ended up in ruining what could have been. Like, what was Yoongi going to tell you anyway? What did he have to say? You couldn’t bear to think it was I love you, because then you would really hate yourself.

For two months there had been so many I wonders and what if I didn’t do this and what if he did that, that by now you were sick of it. Everyone was sick of it – especially Jisoo. She hated seeing you hurt and so utterly miserable that it was difficult to get a smile out of you, let alone a laugh and somewhere along the way she had convinced you to see Jimin again…

Park Jimin to be exact. You had found that out and many more things on your many dates together. It was scary making the first move; but you still had his hoody from that night and you had needed to give it back to him. It must have been around three weeks after the incident and you text him hesitantly, wondering if he would tell you where to go, but luckily – and to your surprise – he had agreed to meet you. An unofficial date he had called it and you went along with bated breath.

You were in no way ready to start dating again, but Jimin was lovely and proved to be a distraction. It was just seeing another face that helped you along and you enjoyed his company, glad that he in no way blamed you for that dreaded night. He actually told you in a fit of giggles how he had gone home and told his roommate (Taehyung, you found out again) what had happened, how embarrassing it was and how he could never live it down, but the way his cheeks turned pink and his giggling grew harder you could tell he didn’t hold anything against you. His bashfulness made you smile and it wasn’t long before you were laughing along with him – the first time in a long while. By the way he was acting and just him agreeing to come on this unofficial date anyway showed you that there were no hard feelings and he was just glad to share your company.

Giving his hoody back was the premise of the evening, but after that was over there proved to be many more dates. Though, practically it was more just hanging out as friends. He never once kissed you, even after you had been hanging around for a couple of weeks. It was awkward as first knowing that the first time you’d ever met you’d ended up having sex within the first hour and now you were friends. It was obvious that Jimin liked you, and somewhere in the back of your mind you wanted him to kiss you. Maybe for your own morbid curiosity or maybe deep down you were falling for him. Who knew; but one night would prove to explain it all…

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tbh i don’t really think john blames sherlock for what happened. on the contrary, i think he blames himself, but he’s so angry, so confused, and so god damn afraid right now that he’s projecting all of his feelings at sherlock just so he can deal with them, y'know?? maybe he’s even blaming sherlock for leaving all those years, leading him to meet and marry mary in order to “move on”. but of course john knows that none of this is sherlock’s falut, and of course he’ll forgive him next episode. but right now he just needs time to make sense of what the hell happened. please give my john time.


1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “I call bullshit.“

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @arryn-nyx

Sam should know better than to fucking listen to Dean. Never again. He’s in too deep now. He just needs to get in and get out as fast as he can.

Sam hears the door open and his stomach drops. Damn it.

“Hi. I’m Dr. L/N.” You greet with a smile walking into the exam room.

You automatically recognize the insanely handsome man in front of you. You’ve never talked to him but you’ve seen him around town many times.

“Sam. Nice to meet you.” He replies with a shy smile.

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My Dream

Alright, this may be a long post but I need your guys help with something.

So basically, I’ve been having the same dream for a few nights now; and obviously, being me, its been a Sherlock based dream.

What happens is from the perspective of Rosie Watson but like 16 years old. It starts of with a Rosie meeting a boy( lets call him Eddie) and falls madly in love with, much to John and Sherlock’s dismay. They want to protect her from the heartbreak of a first love. Then comes a montage of them falling in love (watching the Breakfast Club (just because) and just general lovey dovey things) and him eventually winning the love of the two dads. It then stops and shows Rosie and the mysterious boy entering one of the pods of the London Eye, all by themselves.

Originally posted by trololololololololooo

Sherlock and John are currently working on a case that is close to home and threatens them and Rosie, someone who knows them well, but its someone that wants to hurt them…. They go through everyone: Molly, Lestrade, Mycroft, even Mrs Hudson. But then it clicks, and John says “what’s Eddie’s last name?”

Then comes the weird bit. The song “I’m Still Standing” starts playing.

It all begins to get really fast, John and Sherlock running through the streets of London, trying to get to the Eye as fast as they can. On the other side, there is Rosie and Eddie, sharing earphones. They then kiss. As the imaginary camera pans round them, a figure is present in the background, the figure has black hair, and is dressed in a suit and tie. The song then stops.

He steps forward, and taps Eddie on the shoulder. The man says “Come on son, when were you going to introduce me to your little friend.”

That man, was Jim Moriarty. 

Originally posted by aphgeneralhux

The dream usually ends there. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I was thinking about making this into a one shot but I wondered if you wanted to continue it in the comments?

Jason Todd Imagine

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

14. “Jason, you need to calm down okay!” + 29. “I just want to protect you!” + 23. “Are you scared of me?”

Requested by:

Warnings: Angst I hope.


“Hey, Jay, I’m going to meet with some friends,” you called already standing with your shoes on at the door.
He looked at you.
No nod, just tensed muscles.
“I’m back in three hours,” you blew him a kiss and left.

You had noticed his strange behaviour for a while now.
Jason was always at your place and every time you said you go out, even if it was just to the supermarket down the road he got stiff.
You didn’t mind him being around, heck, you loved this boy, plus you could guess why he was acting like this and how could you possibly blame him.

Joker broke out of Arkham Asylum. Again. And the moment Jason heard it… it was like a switch being pushed.

You hated to feel the way you did. This silent voice at the back of your head telling you to run as fast as you can.
Jason was not dangerous, well, he was, but not to you, you knew that.

Still, people did stupid things because of love, because of fear.


“Jay, I was not murdered, just robbed,” you said rolling your eyes.
It had to happen.
On your way back home this dude came up to you and held a gun at your face, asking for your money.
But who was there to ‘save’ you? Red Hood.

“The Wayne’s have just been robbed, too, (Y/N)!” He hissed, walking up and down in front of the tv. “You could be dead now if I wouldn’t have been around.”

“Around? You have been watching me the whole time and you realize, though, that you can not always watch me, right?”

“I can!” He snapped.

“I don’t want that! Jason, I’m not helpless!”

He didn’t say anything, leaving the room.
Jason was boiling inside.
His heart ached by the simple thought of you dying. He knew how it was to die.
He cringed thinking about the gun pointed at you.
Jason knew he had to protect you…  at all costs….

….A few hours later you woke up in a bed that wasn’t yours neither Jason’s. You didn’t even remember falling asleep.
Plus you were still wearing your street clothes.
You told yourself to stay calm.
Panic was not making anything better even though the voice at the back of your mind was screaming.
Your hands reached for the pockets of your jeans, searching for your phone, but what a surprise it was gone.
Your feet placed in front of each other as silently as possible as you walked to the window only to find out it was locked.
You took a deep breath, leaving the dark room and walking down a long hallway until you stood in the kitchen.
A bunch, like a lot of bags stood on the counter and ground and as you looked what was inside of them the voice screamed even louder.
It was all kinds of food you loved.
Your feet moved you out of the kitchen into the living room and as you saw a bunch of your clothes and the red helmet… you listened to the voice, running past the front door, but before you could check if it was locked, too, it was pushed open and Jason walked in.

Your chest was rising and falling rapidly as you looked at him, “what’s going on?”

He turned the lights on. “It’s saver here,” he said and took a step towards you and for his surprise you tumbled back, holding your arm out to keep him on distance.

“You,” your mind was racing now, your heart beating against your chest. “You will bring me home now, Jason.”

“No,” he tried to reach out for you, but you, as stupid as it may was, ran to the nearest window, checking if it was opened. “(Y/N)…”

“You kidnapped me, Jason!”

“It’s necessary. You’re only save with–”

“Are you insane?!”

“JOKER IS FUCKING OUT THERE, (Y/N)!! YOU DON’T KNOW THE THINGS I DO!” He yelled, making you flinch.

“You need to calm down, Jason… okay?” You tried to be calm hoping he’d be calm. “B-before we dated… I m-mean, I was– This is Gotham, Jason. Life g-goes on no matter if Joker is in or out of Arkham.
You cannot kidnap me,” you couldn’t make eye contact with him, thinking if you would he would jump at you like a predictor at his pray.

His heavy breathing was filling the room. “I JUST WANT TO PROTECT YOU!” Jason hissed at you, making you wish you would be able to sink into the wall behind you.

And that’s when he noticed. Your trembling bottom lip, your wide eyes, shaking knees and tensed muscles. He took a step back in shock. “Are… Are you scared of me?” His voice cracked.

“You are, you seem a little unpredictable right now,” you whispered, looking to the ground and nod.

There was silence laying over the room and you jumped at the dull noise that broke it.
Jason fell to his knees, hands pulling at his hair while tiny sobs in between of heavy breathing left his mouth.

You on the other hand stopped breathing completely for some second. You had never seen him like this before.
You knew he was haunted by nightmares and you knew he had demons to fight, you knew he felt a lot, but seeing it all spill out was another story.

You kneel down in front of him, wrapping your shaky arms around him carefully.

“I can’t help myself,” he sobbed. “His laugh… It’s everywhere, (Y/N).

“Shh,” you pulled him closer. Was there at all anything you could say? Anything that could soothe his pain?
He never showed you how bad it was. Never told you.
You could have predicted that something like this eventually would happen.
He buried his face into your shoulder. You felt his tears soak through your shirt.

imagine matt making a greentext story about his first meeting with shiro

>be me, 22, just graduated from military academy’s space exploration program as an engineer
>sign up for a mission to a distant moon
>learn that famous prodigy instructor will accompany me and my dad on the mission
>this guy is a legend of chuck norris proportions at the academy and incidentally, hot as hell
>day comes to meet him face to face
>sweating buckets, knees are shaking, stomach queasy
>see him standing next to my dad, lock eyes
>he smiles
>he’s way hotter in person
>crosses room to me, i’m feeling like a cornered mouse
>holds out his hand for me to shake it
>blurt out “i have hyperhidrosis”
>looks at me like i just told him i was part lizard
>“it means my hands are super sweaty right now. sorry.”
>“oh… okay.”
>he starts to say something to me, cut him off with an excuse and flee the scene

so i need to come up with a way to fake my own death, suggestions appreciated 

[Pentagon] Too Close

**Request for a jealous Wooseok**

“I’m just leaving now. I’ll be there soon,” you say into your phone as you sling your bag over your shoulder.

“I’ll see you soon then,” your boyfriend responds from the other end. His deep voice strained from the hours of practice he just finished. You are to meet him at the studio then walk home together.

However, you are running late. It’s already been 10 minutes over the time you were supposed to meet him, but you assured him that he didn’t need to walk all the way here to meet you. You’d get there as fast as you could.

Feeling rushed, you end the call before even saying goodbye and shove the phone into your purse. You run out the door onto the busy walk and quickly hurry towards Pentagon’s studio. You don’t get far before realizing you forgot one important thing…your coat.

The air outside is chilly and the wind cuts right through the thin fabric of your shirt. You instinctively wrap your arms around yourself and attempt to stave off goosebumps, but to no avail. They litter your exposed skin and shivers consume your muscles.

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Dating Leonard McCoy would include...

Originally posted by secretsocietyofwonderland

N/A: I can definitely make a part 2 of this, I have so many headcanons about it lol

  • Leonard feeling the need to always be near you. He knows you need some space, but he spent so many time thinking that he would never be loved again and that he would never meet someone special that right now he just wants to hug you and see if  you’re real
  • So many sweet kisses on private moments
  • Leonard is such a sweetheart, so even though it doesn’t seem like, he likes to give you gentle kisses you all over your face, to hold you closer to him, spoil you and somehow always be touching you
  • Kirk always teasing both of you by flerting with you and calling you “Mrs. Bones”
  • Although, Kirk knows that marriage is a tough subject for Leonard, so he stops when the joke goes to far
  • Amazing sex because oh my lord, have you seen his hands?????
  • They would caress all your body, squeezing the right places while Leonard moans on your mouth with his deep southern voice
  • Him definitely calling you “darling”. I mean, really, he only calls you by your name when you’re at work or when something is wrong
  • Being surprisingly open about his relationship with you with everyone of the crew
  • Him looking for Uhura for advices whenever you and him fight. Yes, Leonard was married before but it feels like he forgot everything he knew about love, and he’s slowly learning again with you
  • And he doesn’t wanna mess things up with you, so yeah
  • Being hard on him sometimes because he just works too much
  • “You’re a hero, but even heros need some rest, Leo”
  • Also, calling him “Leo” and having Spock raising an eyebrow whenever he sees it
  • “”Leo” is kind of a funny nickname for you, Dr.”
  • Leonard rolling his eyes to every and any comment he hears
  • You being the only one who can make him calm down when he’s anxious, nervous, angry, sad, etc
  • Leonard never thought he would love some so deeply, at least not after his divorce
  • But here he is, loving you, happy, with friends who are like family to him, exploring new worlds and civilizations, making memories to tell his kids someday
His Mates...Your Ex?

“Maybe we can just do this another day…” I glance at the door nervously.

“Y/N, you’ve put this off three times. The boys are going to think you hate them,” Joe chuckles, giving my hand a squeeze.

“Caspar knows I like him.”

“Caspar is only one of them. You need to meet the others.”

“But what if they don’t like me?” I ask, eyes wide.

“They’ll love you. Now, can we knock?” My boyfriend asks, and I finally nod, biting my lip as he does.

A moment later the door swing open, revealing a tall ginger.

“I’ve been waiting for you to knock for like five minutes.” He laughs, stepping aside so Joe and I can move into the flat.

“Sorry, she was a bit nervous.” Joe explains, and I shoot him a look before smiling up at the other man.

“No need to be nervous.” He reassures me. “I’m Josh by the way.”


“Come on in, the others are waiting.” Josh leads us further into the flat, and I feel my nerves escalate as I walk into the living room to see four other boys sitting on the couch, three of who are unfamiliar.

“Y/N!” Caspar jumps out of his seat, rushing over to hug me tightly. “You’re finally here!”

“Hi Caspar.” I laugh softly, patting his back.

“Remember buddy, she needs to breath.” Joe’s voice carries over to me, and Caspar pulls back, an apologetic smile on his face.


“It’s fine.” I tell him before he bounces back to his seat.

“Boys, this is Y/N. Y/N, these are the boys.” Joe begins to point at each one, naming them. “We have Josh, who you just met. Conor, Mikey, Oli, and of course, Caspar.” Then he looks around, before turning back to Conor. “Where’s your brother?”

“Right here!” A voice calls out, and its familiar to me, one I hadn’t heard in nearly two years.

I spin around, and my eyes widen as they fall on the person entering the room.



I blink in surprise before Jack moves forward, laughing as he sweeps me into a tight hug. “Holy shit.” He mumbles into my ear, and I can’t help but laugh as well, hugging him in return.

When we pull apart, he steps back, his eyes moving up and down my body.

“Still looking good as ever, I see.”

I feel my face grow warm and roll my eyes.

“Still a charmer, I see.”

“Always, babe.” Jack winks over at me.

Someone clearing their throat behind me draws my attention back to why we’re here, and I turn to look over at Joe, who’s watching the two of us intently.

“You two know each other, then.” He steps forward, his arm snaking around my waist. Jack’s eyes drop down to the movement before he meets Joe’s gaze.

“Ah, this is the girlfriend you wanted to introduce to us.”

“Yeah. This is Y/N. But you know that.”

“Yup. I do.” Jack chuckles lightly, and I feel Joe’s grip tighten on me slightly.

“How do you two know each other?” Joe asks tightly.

“Well, Jack is actually my ex.” I explain, watching Joe’s face for his reaction.

“Wait, this is the Y/N that left you?” Conor calls out, glancing from Jack to me. “Shit.”

Jack just shrugs, an easy smile still on his face. “This is her.”

“You left him?” Joe asks, glancing down at me, but I can feel his body relax slightly.

“Yeah, we just didn’t mesh.” I wrinkle my nose as I think back to when Jack and I dated. “We stayed in touch for a while, but then he moved.”

“And now you’re dating one of my best mates! How small the world is.” Jack shakes his head.

“Small indeed.” I reply.

“It’s not going to be weird, is it?” Joe questions, glancing over at Jack.

“No worries.” Jack tells him, “Unless you hurt her. Then you’ll have to worry.”

“And you?” Joe asks me, but I just smile up at him before I lift on to my toes, kissing him softly.

“Not weird at all. Besides, you are much better looking than Jack.”

“Oi, I heard that!”

“Good.” Joe and I say in unison, the rest of the group laughing.


Since Cory is always the touchy one in interviews (and not just with Robin, with EVERYONE), I just love the thought that Ed is the touchy one in the relationship. Like, sorry-you’re-out-in-public-Mister-Mayor-but-I-have-to-be-PDA-af touchy. Standing together somewhere? Ed just has to caress Oswald’s fingers. Sitting together somewhere? Just has to wrap his legs around Oswald’s. Imagine Oswald trying to have a legit meeting with his staff/his underlings and Ed just feels the need to cuddle him unnecessarily and Os is just like “OH MY GOD ED STOP” but everyone already knew this was happening anyway, so now Os has to conduct meetings while Ed hangs on his shoulders like a backpack. The windows in the limo can never ever be rolled down because the minute they get in there, Ed is just cheek-to-cheek with Oswald, who blushes and goes “Ed, stop, what will the press think?!?!” but every tabloid loves it and calls Ed the First Man of Gotham and runs articles speculating about what hair gel he uses and Ed and Os’s relationship accidentally consumes everyone’s life and can you tell I put a ton of thought into this?

The last time Jasper saw Murphy, it’s when he took him hostage, shot Raven and tried to hang Bellamy, and Monty probably remember him as the guy who tried to kill Jasper and was basically a dick.

So if they meet again in s4 (please, please, please) I need Jonty to cringe or flinch somehow like “what ths little fucker doing here”, and Bell gotta reassure them like “don’t worry Murphy’s one of us now, he saved my life, and Clarke, actually he helped saving everyone.” And Jonty looking at each other like “okay… weird…but okay.”  

Squadre Next Gen: Part Two


Sam and her brother were laughing about something. Her blood boiled. How dare the fae try to take her brother away from his family.

Walking up to Sam, she tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned to look at her she punched him in the nose. Rebreaking it.

“What the fuck, Brax!” Ciel exclaimed, Sam’s face in his hands, inspecting the nose.

Sam pulled away and faced her, wiping the blood from his nose, “Do you feel better now?”

She did. Her heart didn’t hurt as bad, “Yes.”

“Is there a reason why you wanted to see us? Other than breaking my mate’s nose?” her brother asked.

“Yes, actually. I need you and Sam to meet with everyone else in the council room.”

From just the bare details that she was told, Abraxi wanted to shatter a window.

“What’s going on?”

“We heard back from Ghislaine and Asterin. They have news that everyone needs to hear,”


Rajni Blackbeak Havilliard was going to rip out every rebels throat. After what Ghislaine and Asterin told her, she needed to dig her claws into someone’s flesh.

Walking in step with Lyria and Gavriel, Lyria said, “what exactly did Ghislaine and Asterin say.”

“There are two rebel units that need to be dealt with. An alliance was formed between Maeve’s underlings and the rebel witches.

A tick worked through the Lion’s face.

“I thought Sam took out the witches,” Lyria said.

Gavriel shook his head, “This must be a seperate unit.”


Lyria was going to shatter these rebels once and for all.

She was tired of innocent people being murdered. She needed to get permission to hunt them down. All of them. She didn’t care how long it took, these witches and fae were going to be ended. Permanently.

A familiar scent burned through her nose.

That bitch.

Before Gavriel or Rajni could hold her back, she ran forward to the council room. In it were Sam, Ciel, her parents, Dorian, Abraxi, and Gislaine and Asterin. But by the wall, in a set of shackles was a blue eyed pale witch.

` A growl in her throat she launched herself at Hekabe.

Her fingers iced over into claws, she had them in the witch’s neck, “I told you. I told you, you bitch, that if you hurt another person-”


The rebel witch’s eyes were full of rage, “I din’t kill anyone you stupid princess.”

“Then why are you in my palace in shackles?”

Asterin said, “I wasn’t going to let her in here without precautions.”

Lyria released the witch’s throat, her blue blood running down her throat, “Speak.”


Pairing: Credence x Reader

Word Count: 1256

Request: How about #20 with credence?? ❤❤ (Random Dialogue Prompts)

“Grindelwald!” you cried out in rage, sprinting down the dark alley after the man who was dragging Credence along, wand pressed into his throat. Meeting the dead end, he turned to face you, allowing you to see the boy’s tear-stained face. The edges of his frame were beginning to blur, his deep brown eyes glazing over into an empty white, and you raised your wand. “Let him go!”

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so with the wyatt/noah meeting just two days away, I am practically giddy with excitement of how this situation could go. I definitely need some seriously jelly wyatt. I also NEED noah to say something to/about them. such as:

“she is my fiancé!”
“it’s him, isn’t it?”
“I should have known there was someone else.”
“Is something going on here you wanna tell me about Lucy?”
“You said you loved me blah blah blah etc., what changed?”

Now accepting ideas for wyatt’s responses. And if you feel so inclined, write me a fic and I’ll send you a picture of my bunny.

94 Meetings (at Beacon)
  • Ozpin: So basically we're completely swamped. All hands on deck.
  • Qrow: I don't even work in this building.
  • Ozpin: Don't care. I need anyone with a pulse and a brain to pitch in.
  • Oobleck: [walking in] Professor Ozpin, do you need help with anything?
  • Ozpin: No, we're good, thanks. In fact, you can head home early.

anonymous asked:

need a ziam fic where liam falls in love with rodger but he breaks his heart and was a terrible bf and years later zayn meets him and liam is p rude to him and the boys dont understand why liam is like that w zayn bc he's a sweetheart and they keep telling zayn that liam is normally a super nice guy and little by little zayn wins him over but now liam has to show zayn he's a nice guy and of course rodger has to come back to cause drama

Hi nonnie,


The misunderstandings - the hashtag ‘dramaaaa’,  the confusion.  Liam being completely ruthless/standoffish to Zayn but he’s confused cause Zayn doesn’t get mad like Rodger used to. 

Zayn’s confused because he’d normally run a mile from someone like this but he wants to stick with it, he sees how Liam is with the others, wants that too, has this feeling that if he turn whatever’s bothering  Liam on it head, he may feel the same. 

And they’d talked loads on the phone before they’d met cause Zayn’s lived abroad with his family for years and now he’s back in the UK and so Liam had no idea that he was Rodger, so part of the problem is deceit or a feeling  of deception that Liam thinks Zayn’s guilty of. 

Anyway, yeah Zayn’s constantly freezing having been abroad for so long which is why he always wears long sleeves so Liam doesn’t see the tattoos on his arms which Rodger doesn’t have because Rodger thinks tattoos are for idiots, part of the reason Liam didn’t have one, definitely the reason he has several now which he flaunts in front of Zayn, and Liam’s so confused when Zayn compliments them. 

But then little by little Zayn convinces Liam. Liam’s not sure what’s happened. Maybe people can change after all?

 Then one day in very early summer they head to the seaside, the five of them, plus a few other friends and its boiling for once and Zayn wears a t-shirt for the first time since Liam met him, and Liam sees the tattoos and its like a lightbulb in Liam’s head.

And they arrange to  go out just the two of them.  Liam’s fascinated by the ink on Zayn’s arms, traces them with this fingertips.  Its not instant but slowly Liam gets warmer, and Zayn basks in it and in turn they start to open up, discover each other though family hasn’t really come up just yet.   

Meanwhile, Rodger had been back in that neck of the woods for a while, has people he knows of who know Harry on Facebook.  Who like photos of the trip to the seaside.  And Rodger sees Liam. Sees Zayn.

if this was Eastenders , the duff duff duffers’d be sounding now.

So yeah….watch this space.