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Self love is obtainable...

It may seem so far away from where you are now, but I promise you can get there.

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

Imagine waking up in the morning and not looking at your stomach and thighs in disgust but instead enjoying their softness and plushiness.

Imagine sitting down and instead of constantly shifting your shirt to mask your rolls you simply do not pay the slightest bit of attention to them.

Imagine being out with friends at a restaurant and ordering whatever you feel like eating without numbers rushing through your mind trying to figure out how many calories are in it.

Self love is nourishing both your body and your mind in a way that is sustainable and brings purpose and happiness to your life. There is no need to torture yourself by restricting everything you enjoy and cutting out all forms of happiness just to obtain a certain weight or dress size. 

You can get there, you just have to try.

Look to the Stars

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Request: “ You don’t have to write this now, but whenever you are ready, can I please request a oneshot where the reader comforts Kylo Ren about the passing of his mother. I am devastated and sobbing as much as the rest of us and I totally understand that you don’t want to do this for a while, but when you can, I’d greatly appreciate it because I think Kylo would need a hug. May the Force be with you and with us all ❤”

Summary: The First Order ramps up its efforts to take out the Resistance, despite their failed attempts to find the base. Though in one successful feat, they impose sanction like tyranny over the system, bringing them news they rejoice over. All members celebrate this newfound victory, except one.

A/N: Ok technical stuff first, I figured we could consider this a sort of sequel to “You Really Got A Hold On Me” and a stand alone, cause it just worked. Also song rec (in case you enjoy crying hah) “Princess Leia’s Theme”. I hope you all enjoy it, and now to the more emotional note:

Let me tell you guys, I got so many feels just beginning to write this. I’m sure that just like me, many of you felt as though Carrie Fisher was a part of your life, your idol. She was definitely mine growing up. I’m sure my words would sound redundant at this point, but she really was my icon and hero growing up, and it hurts to see her go, but at the same time, I’m glad she gets to go home. So here’s to you Carrie, Princess Leia, General Organa. Thank you for inspiring people throughout your years, and may all those who felt your inspiration carry it into the future. You will not be forgotten, and I doubt Episode 8 will be watched with dry eyes. May you rest easy in paradise space mom, we love you.

“But I don’t want to go.”

Sighing heavily Leia shook her head as she crouched down to the ten year old’s smaller stature. Despite not being all that tall herself, her son hadn’t sprouted much in height either. At least for one instance in her household she could feel as though she were towering over. Endearingly she smiled faintly at him, placing a hand gently on his shoulder.

“Sweetie I know you’re not excited about this, but it’ll be good for you.”

“Being home with you and dad would be good too.”

“Ben, you know being home isn’t going to help.”

“Mom you haven’t even tried training me at home!”

She sighed, “Ben…you know I would love nothing more than to have you stay home with us, but…I’m not capable of training you.”

“How do you know?”

“You need a teacher that’s stronger in the force, because you’re strong in the force.”

Solemnly Ben hung his head as Leia smiled glumly at him, hating to see the way his brown eyes lost their glisten. Despite putting her duties as a senator and general as high priorities, she could never imagine her son as anything less than the first. Gently she placed her hand on his cheek, tilting her head faintly.

“I’m not sending you to Luke because I don’t want to have you around…I’m doing it because there’s a great power in you…one you need to learn to use.”

Ben slightly looked up from under his strands of ebony hair, the resemblance to a begging puppy not missing Leia for a second.

“…So…this isn’t punishment for the accident?”

Leia shook her head with a faint smile, “Of course not dear. This is not to punish you. I just want to do what’s best for you.”

Carefully taking her finger under his chin, she pushed it gently, bringing his eyes to hers. 

“You know I love you right?”

Ben nodded, still not budging from his glum expression. 

“And you know nothing could change that right?”

Ben’s brows rose just slightly, “Nothing?”

Leia smiled as she gave him a slow nod, “Nothing in the galaxy could stop me from loving you.”

Ben’s lips faintly curled as Leia gently ran her thumb over his cheek.

“And as your loving mother, I want you to train with your uncle and become as powerful as I know you can be.”

Ben’s head lifted slightly, lips curling a little more despite the sinking feeling within his gut.

“…What if I don’t?”

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Prompt #687 that I desperately want to write but probably never will okay so I sorta half-assed it anyway:

Dean figures out Lucifer is possessing Cas. “Ding, ding, ding, tell him what he’s won, Johnny!” Lucifer proceeds to ream Dean for all the shit he’s put Cas through; how he failed to be there when Cas needed him most; how he’s just a really bad fucking friend. And not because Lucifer actually gives a shit about Cas. It’s because now that Lucifer is inside of Cas, he can sense all those feelings Cas has for Dean—that wretched, stupid, hairless ape; the very kind that his father ordered him to bow down to—and he despises Cas for it.

But the kicker? “And you don’t even know the half of it, Dean-o. You remember Naomi? Do you even know what she did to Cas? What she made him do?”

“You mean when she turned him into a holy robo-assassin and sicced him on me? Yeah, kinda hard to forget.”

“Oh, Dean. Dean, Dean, Dean, you ignorant slut. I’m talking about before your little lovers’ quarrel—when he was sent to reboot camp.”

Lucifer snaps his fingers, and suddenly, the two of them are in a dimly-lit warehouse. Dean freezes when he spots his clone with gun cocked, searching the shadows for something…or someone.

“You, uh…might want to keep back. This’ll get messy.”

Out of nowhere, Cas strikes with his angel blade, and Dean watches in horror as he hears himself beg for his life right before Cas drives the stake through his clone’s heart.

“But…that—that never happened. The hell is this?”

“It’s a dummy, dummy.” Lucifer walks up to the dead clone, kicking it. “You know that Naomi specifically had him trained to kill you and only you, right?”

Dean doesn’t say anything. He knew the part about the bitch brainwashing Cas to kill him, but…just him? Why him? Why does he even matter?

“I have to give him credit, though; Castiel was one tough nut to crack. Or more like nuts. As in, for you. From what I hear, he was quite the little project. First week of training, all he did was curl up into the fetal position. Couldn’t even look at you without getting all snivel-y and snot-nosed about it. And to think he used to be one of heaven’s greatest generals. Pathetic, really, the effect you’ve had on him.”

Dean stares at Lucifer, too scared to ask what’s hiding behind that smug bastard’s face.

“Do you know how many you’s Naomi made him kill before your real showdown?”

“How many?” Dean finally croaks.

Lucifer snaps his fingers again. The warehouse lights flicker on one-by-one. Revealing a dozen more dead clones. Then hundreds.

Then thousands.

“I’d ask if you even meant it, those three little words, but truth is, it doesn’t matter.” 

He looks at Dean, twisting Cas’ lips into a grin that isn’t Cas at all.

“Because you’ll never see your precious angel again.”

The devil snaps out. Leaving Dean to contemplate what never was.

And what never will be.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I really love your blog! I have a question/am asking for some advice. I've been doing some exploring and trying to figure out my sexuality for some time now, and I feel that I identify as a little. The thing is though, is that I don't think I have a littlespace/have never been able to "find" one you could say. Is this normal for littles sometimes? Any advice you could give would be much appreciated! Thank you so much! :)

It’s normal. Some littles don’t have a little space at all, and that’s okay. You don’t need to have a little space in order to be a little. just go with it and be yourself! -Little L & Daddy M


Coming Soon: Steven Universe themed bracelets!

(Please click on the images for descriptions.)

These are all my first prototypes. So far I’ve only made one in each style. The beads are all roughly 4mm, a mix of real and artificial gems, strung on elastic thread and 7.5 inches long before I tied them off. They fit comfortably on my skinny wrists, but I should probably make them longer. I just now found out that 8 inches is the average length for bracelets, and I want these to fit as many people as possible

I’m thinking of redoing the Opal bracelet with more opals (I only have three so far) and darker amethysts. It looks too similar to the Rainbow Quartz bracelet with the pale amethysts, and I want them to look more distinct from each other. Also a Sardonyx and Alexandrite bracelet is on the way, I’m just waiting for the beads I ordered to arrive.

Once I’ve Sardonyx and Alexandrite, I’ll open a story on Etsy so I can sell them. Still need to figure out prices, and if I sell enough of these and there’s enough demand, I’ll consider making bracelets for popular ships from the show.

Stay tuned for more updates!


I’ll be quick again: Cinderella ball ( either Harry or Anne DIDN’t tweet a word), GMA : louis apparently confirms ( but he DIDN’T mention the words yes, baby, dad, pregnat, brianna, etc), drag me down is just released ( coincidence?) , Xander now is officially touring with harry: lou tweets about Leeds >>> Harry posted xanders’ birthday cake + xander pic + (optional) pic of van gogh.

lou is still serenading to harry,with ‘ i have loved HIM, meanwhile harry keeps saying ( see sep 1st little things video) ‘i’m in love with LOU and all HIS little things.

what do you think about it? 
Do you believe lou really slept with Brianna or it’s all a modest conspiracy? and harry? Xander is just a friend or there’s a lot going on? I made this (huge I know sorry lads ) cause I needed to put all my memories in order , trying to figure out! If they relly broke up, when ? and If lou slept with brianna why he is still singing to Harry? 
I know i may be a dark larries sometimes but I STRONGLY BELIEVE this two lads are in love, why all this is going on??

Find me on twitter @stylinson_perry 

All the love. 

wellington is still real btw

happy to become a dad ha?


and last but not least THIS : 


Okay let’s pretend Marco lived like we do every day and that as he got older he let his hair grow out. Haha ohhhh that braid is what sparked this little evolution I just I needed to see it, I’ve been meaning to draw some more longhaired!Marco for a while now anyway. It’s ridiculous and so self indulgent pahaha I hope you guys like it. They’re a little out of order but numbered and y'all are smart you’ll figure it out. 


HEY!! do you wish your rarepair had more fanart?? do you have an oc planned out but have no visual ref for them?? do you have any need for me to draw art 4 u?? WELL HAVE I GOT THE DEAL FOR YOU!!

it’s SUMMER which means im going to have way more free time then i know what the hell to do with so i figured it’d be a good idea to start promoting my comissions!!

i will NOT draw

- anything sexual. i am a minor.

- furries, sorry! im just not good at them at all

- complicated armor or tech

- aaand that’s about all i can think of right now? but pls remember that i also have the right to say no to any orders that make me uncomfortable!

here’s my prices*

icons - $2

matching icons - $3 but an extra $2 for every person past two

sketch (digitally or traditionally, your choice) - $5

sketch with lineart OR colour - $7 [every additional character is $5]

just lineart - $7

coloured lineart (with optional simple bg) - $10 [every additional charater is $5]

coloured img with shading and bg (so a full img) - $15 [every additional character is $5]

*these are in no way permanent and ill probably be raising them soon so GET IT WHILE ITS HOT…

if you’re interested simply or you have any questions send me an ask and we can sort it out! (also my paypal isn’t on here for personal reasons (as in. trans personal reasons) but ill give it to you privately) i’ll be taking payment half before and half afterwards most of the time, but if it’s something small i don’t mind payment after. 

i appreciate any reblogs! :o

I’m doing fine, why do you ask?

Just kidding, I’m lying. 

All my well-intended moving plans have flown out the window with this snow and D.C.’s apparent inability to deal with it. It’s a lot of snow, yes, but cheese and rice. The Pod I ordered to make moving and storage SO EASY will likely need to be canceled because there’s nowhere to park it and D.C. is STILL under a snow emergency and I’ll need to figure out another option.

I’ve been doing well up to this point. Goodbyes have been hard, yes, but I was expecting that.

But just now… I started bawling at my desk. Why? a UHaul “how-to” video on how to attach a trailer to your hitch (or is it hitch a trailer to your car?). I know I’m capable of doing this on my own, perhaps with the help of my friend, Steven. But I’m crying over the fact that I can’t call my Dad and have him walk me through this. He was just SO GOOD about this stuff. I don’t know how he knew everything he knew, even beyond car stuff. I learned a lot from him and know how to take care of myself with all this typical “man stuff” because he was so wonderful, but what I wouldn’t give just to have him here to tell me how to actually hook this stupid thing up to my car. I absolutely hate this. This not having him here any more. And it SUCKS. 

It fucking sucks.