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andreil pda around the foxes pleaseee my soul needs it

my marvelous anon, i am here to grant thine request, with a small side of accidental lowkey renison. enjoy <3. also on AO3.

He did it. He actually did it. After months of constant warnings and threats, Wymack finally followed through.

Neil can do nothing but stare at the flyer in his hand, mildly in fear and majorly in shock. A mere thirty seconds prior, Wymack had stormed out of his office brandishing this piece of paper like both a white flag and a declaration of war. He had paused just inside the lounge, making sure to gather everyone’s attention, before striding over to Neil and shoving the flyer in his face.

“This is for last weekend,” Wymack had said. “I already—don’t give me that look, you know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about. I already signed you up. It starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday, and unless you want your ass glued to the bench for the rest of the season, I suggest you be there.” He had then turned back around and disappeared into the hallway, leaving a room full of confused and curious Foxes in his wake.

A full minute passes before chaos breaks out and everyone starts moving at once. Various forms of “What the hell?” can be heard from all corners of the room. Neil blinks as the flyer is yanked out of his hand. He looks up to see Andrew, his eyes scanning the paper. Andrew looks up at him, and Neil’s heart nearly explodes because this look on his face, it looks like the honest-to-god beginnings of a smile. And sure, it’s at Neil’s expense, but he would embarrass the fuck out of himself at every turn if this was his reward. Andrew moves to hand the paper back to Neil.

“Okay, seriously,” Kevin huffs out with impatience as he pushes through his teammates. He snags the flyer away from Andrew who couldn’t be bothered to stop him. Kevin reads aloud, “The Annual Hilton Head Island Marathon…a MARATHON? Really, Neil?! Is this a joke?”

“I don’t know, Kevin,” says Andrew, his voice taking on the persona of a kindergarten teacher. “Did it look like a joke to you?”

Kevin’s only response is to scowl and shove the flyer into Neil’s chest. “This better not affect your performance at our game on Friday. You don’t get to take it easy just because you have to run 26.2 miles the next day.”

By the time Kevin has stormed out of the building, the rest of the Foxes have commenced their team wide freak out.

“Seriously?! He actually came through on that threat?” Dan is caught halfway between being genuinely worried and dying of laughter.

“Neil…bro…what the fuck…” Matt says from somewhere on his left, placing a consoling hand lightly on his shoulder.

“Oh my god, Neil. We have to be there. I have to witness this historic moment. You finally get to put your insane running habits into practice,” Allison is rambling from across the room.

“Wait, what was Wymack talking about ‘last weekend’? What did you do?” Asks Nicky, unaccustomed to being out of the loop.

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Why is Otayuri getting so much hate: a possible explanation

Don’t get fooled by my title, also reminder that explanation =/= justification.

I always try to analyze phenomena and their possible causes, that’s the scientist in me I guess. So I started thinking about ant///is and I was like: but why. I just said in a recent post that Otayuri is obviously not the first relationship portrayed in the history of anime with such a (small) age gap, and I found some posts that talk about how some age gaps in older (and even recent) anime are just outrageous (even when one of the parts is a minor), and yet those don’t seem to be getting any hate or discourse.

But why?

• The sheer number of fans.

The first probably obvious reason is that Yuri on Ice has a lot more fans than other similar fandoms, and it gained them within a very short time span. It’s getting more and more fans every day, so it’s a mathematical rule that in a huge fandom there will be all sorts of people (it’s like a huge sample group), and some of these are an///is. The bigger the fandom, the more the a///is. 

• The particular moment in history in which YOI came out.

It’s no secret that there’s discourse everywhere now, especially on certain types of social media. A lot of discourse is good discourse, but we also need to realize that not all discourse is good discourse. I think this discourse wave has played a huge role in the way an///is have suddenly decided to become active in hating on people over idiotic reasons. It’s like a marketing thing: they saw a discourse niche that was unoccupied and decided to take it over. Regardless of whether your discourse is right or wrong, writing about it is one easy way to increase your follower count, and who ain’t a slut for that

• The fact that many YOI fans aren’t used to anime and manga content.

This goes together with my next point, but I thought I’d still make it two separate ones. A lot of people who became hardcore YOI fans don’t usually watch anime or read manga (myself included). This without my next point wouldn’t give much info on its own, but keep this in mind because I really think that the majority of an///is fall under this (and the next) category of people.

• The fact that many YOI fans are from the US and aren’t used to content not made in the US.

Listen, I know I’m making a huge assumption here, but I think it’s one that is generally accepted within the fandom: most (if not all) an///is are from the US. It seems obvious to me because the US is one of the few places where (though not even in every state, I think) the age of consent is 18, and all their interactions with us non-an///is seem very US-centric, especially in the way they generally aren’t willing to acknowledge the fact that different countries have different laws and/or traditions and generally a different mindset. 

My goal is not to attack the US mentality here, but, again, I feel like what I’m saying is pretty much accepted even by many of my US friends. And what I’m describing is certainly what an///is act like, so I’m just going to keep explaining why I think this is the main issue (and why I think my assumption is generally right).

We’ve seen before how the US (generally speaking) are scared of importing recreational content from other countries and they’d much rather buy the rights to said foreign content and remake it with their own rules to make it more appealing to a US audience (sometimes even inexplicably and with ridiculous and disastrous results). Recent cases of this have been the US buying the rights to the Norwegian teen TV-show Skam and the popular anime Death Note getting remade into a Netflix movie. The US are screaming at the rest of the world: we only want the idea of your content, but we’d rather make it our own than show yours for what it is, never mind that your show reflects what your country is about and how your the customs of your country reflect on your personal (pop) culture. We don’t want your content EXACTLY because it reflects something that might differ from our views, and our viewers won’t like it. 

And I guess they never will if you actually don’t show them what the rest of the world looks like.

I went a little bit on a tangent there, but my point is: US audience isn’t used to consuming content that isn’t made in the US. I’m not even talking about language here: TV shows aren’t dubbed or subbed, the US literally remakes them and remakes the content to fit the US views and mentality.

That means that the average US citizen will very likely find anything that is untouched by americanization weird if not completely out of their moral values. Couple this fact with the previous one: many YOI fans aren’t used to any kind of content that isn’t perfected and polished specifically for their tastes. 

It’s amazing and it speaks for the quality of YOI that many of them could still get used to a different form of art (anime) and enjoy it and even become hardcore fans (and are now probably getting interested in other anime and manga etc), but out of these amazing people, a (thankfully smaller) group of them still couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that fans from all over the world, with their own set of morals, ship something that in their minds is controversial (just because of a man-made law that not even every US state follows). They don’t care about what the law in Japan, Russia or Kazakhstan is and they’ve made this loud and clear. 

Bottom line: 

The key to this (like for many other issues) is just one:


There’s little we as a fandom can do in this case, especially we people not living in the US since we always seem to be dismissed. They send us anon hate and if we reply saying that Otayuri is legal in our own country we never hear back from them. There’s not much we can do if they aren’t willing to listen to us. 

But all I tried to do here is offer possible reasons why this phenomenon even exists, and maybe by reading this someone will have a brilliant idea on how to fix this. I don’t offer solutions, but understanding why and how something happens is always the key for the next step, whatever the next step might be. 


Once again, Taehyung won’t make it home for Christmas.

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word count: 3.9k
genre: angst/fluff [i know, i’m in shock too]

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So more on Dexter Grif (season 15 episode 6 spoilers)

Remember back in season 10 when Doc was giving his speech on the good stuff that happened to everyone thanks to Project Freelancer and all adventures of the Reds and Blues? The only two people he hadn’t addressed had been Caboose – who lost Church, and Grif. It might have been because Grif got the, well, Grifshot. Or maybe because he never got what he truly wanted and… After now I think about that a lot.

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I'm a sucker for tattoo shop AUs (Deep in the Heart of Me is my favorite fic EVER), and I can imagine Tony being the manager of a famous shop, and accepting stray artists that want to find a job and are poor/homeless/lost (among which Bucky, Clint and Nat), and just giving them a goal, a home and a future and ARG

Thank you for reminding me of the beauty that is tattoo AUs!!!! I can’t believe I forgot about this to be honest, I used to adore them in almost every fandom, but I haven’t thought of them in ages until I got your ask! I’m unfamiliar with the fic you’ve mentioned–I don’t read a lot of Stony–but I think I’ll give it a try! But for now, let’s get back to this AU.

I really like the idea of Tony being this crazy, loveable owner of a tattoo shop who hires very questionable people under ridiculous circumstances because he’s insane like that. I also headcanon that said questionable people are very protective of their smol boss because of it.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” the stranger snarls disturbingly animalistic.

“Uhm.” Tony stares at the knife—a real knife and definitely not one for the kitchen—and scruffles a tiny step backwards. Backs against a wall before he has the chance to bring a little more distance between himself and Stranger With Knife.

Damn those walls and the stupid people that build them.

He’s going to die here, alone, in an abandoned backstreet. Where nobody will find his body until they’ll have to hold the funeral with a closed coffin. If they’ll ever find his body.

There’s probably a life lesson in here, about how you’re not supposed to follow unknown men a head taller than you and double your weight in muscles into an abandoned backstreet for one. But Tony’s attention is too fixated on the knife to care much about unimportant details like that.

For once, he hysterically thinks, Rhodey won’t be able to scold me for my messed up priorities.

“I won’t ask again!” the man hisses dangerously. He’s got shaggy hair that could do with a cut and a wash, and his eyes flicker with the same restlessness that drew Tony to him initially.

And fine, he probably shouldn’t have followed the guy. He can see how this could be considered “creepy” by people less fluent in Tony-speak than Pepper or Rhodey. Natasha will undoubtedly slap him—gently, because she’s secretly a poisonous snake who’s adopted Tony as this weird, bumbling kitten that will not get killed by anyone but her—for this later. You know, if there is a later.

“I was wondering if you want to work for me,” Tony blurts out because he can’t think of anything else to say. Also because it’s true.

“I’m not fuckin’ work for hire!” the man growls. “I don’t do that shit anymore, so either back the fuck off or I’ll make sure you won’t need anything anymore!”

Alright. Tony decidedly isn’t going to ask what the guy’s going on about. Nope. Absolutely not. That would just be too stupid, even for him.

“What are you talking about?” he asks and promptly wants to knock himself out. At least that might improve his chances to not talk himself into an early death. Clint will not be impressed if he misses is 8 o’clock appointment tomorrow and he has to cover for Tony—neither will the customer. Clint isn’t useful for anything before eleven in the morning.

The man’s eyes—they’re a cold blue that would look a lot prettier if they weren’t levelling a glacial glare at Tony right now—narrow even further, the knife itching ever so slightly closer towards Tony, and nope, not a fan of that development at all.

“Look,” Tony decides to try and deescalate the situation, “You don’t have to answer that. Actually, please don’t answer that, because this sounds too much like one of those I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you thingies and Natty would not be pleased if you did. You know, kill me. Unless you tell her I called her Natty again. For some reason she really doesn’t like that? But what do I know, women are weird,” he muses with a shrug.

“Right, I was trying to make a point. See, you could just wave your knife around and possibly- probably kill me, which would really suck. Cause I’m not a big fan of being dead before my liver gives out on me and you don’t look like you’ve got another jacket, and blood is a bitch to get out.” Not that it would be much of a loss, with the oversized, worn down thing the man’s wearing. It looks like it’s being held together by stubbornness and nothing else.

He might have said that last part out loud as well, if the guy’s twitch is anything to go by. Tony can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

“Or,” he hastily continues, “you could listen to my gracious proposal, accept it with genuine appreciation and enthusiasm and in two years we’ll both laugh about this moment.” He finishes with a bright smile and a happy clap. Screw Natasha and Pepper, he can be reasonable and mature. He’s not the one waving a butcher knife around after all.

Said knife is slowly lowered by the stranger who tilts his head to one side in a show curiosity. He seems—amused, almost. Or maybe that’s Tony’s screwed perception of reality talking. Clint’s mentioned he has a problem at one point, something about seeing a ravaging monster and cooing over it and wanting to pet it. Which is nonsense, Tony doesn’t want to pet anything. Except maybe the guy’s hair, once it’s been properly cleaned. And that’s not his fault, it looks like it could be fluffy.

“I’m listening,” he drawls, almost like he’s humouring Tony. The joke’s on him though, because Tony is used to being humoured.

“Do you know Stark Tower? What a stupid question, of course you do, but just in case you don’t, it’s the best tattoo studio in the entire country, trust me on that, and it happens to also belong to me. You’d look great with a couple of tattoos by the way, really help round off that assassin-gone-rough vibe you’ve got there, and I’d totally do them for free or maybe not free. Pepper says I’m not supposed to give people things all the time, but you wouldn’t tell on me, right?”

“Anyways, I saw this,” Tony lifts the crumbled paper he’s rescued from the garbage at the café he’s first noticed Mr Tall, Dark and Knifey—and hadn’t that led to a fun conversation with the waitress—and waves it around as if to stress his point, “and you’ve got some real talent with the abstract design there, because this is amazing and I’d want it as a tattoo, wich says something, my taste is fantastic. Also I’m missing a designer because that asshole Wade keeps running off to do one thing or another and I’m not allowed to hire Peter until he’s legal.”

The guy stares at him in bemusement while Tony tries to catch his breath. Admittedly not an uncommon reaction.

“You’re offering me a job?” he asks after a moment in disbelief—and damn, this guy is catching on to Tony-speak real quick, he’s the right choice all right.

“Yup,” Tony nods. He’s thought he’s been fairly obvious.

“You’ve been following me for two subway stations, three bus stops and a couple of dozen street corners to offer me a job because you saw something I’d scribbled down at a café,” the man repeats incredulous.

Tony shrugs. “I didn’t know how to talk to you. Clint says I come on too strong usually.”

“And you thought stalking me would make me feel more at ease?”

“Well, no.” Tony frowns. “Maybe? I wasn’t—but doesn’t prolonged exposure get you used to someone?”

“Prolonged- never mind,” the guy shakes his head. “You’re crazy.”

A pause, then, “I don’t need a job.”

Tony scoffs. “Have you looked at yourself lately?” he asks, mulls over his words for a moment when the man tenses. “Alright, that might have come across as offensive but seriously. I don’t care if you need a job or not, it’s yours if you want it. Just show up sometime next week and tell Natty I hired you and if Clint is there please throw your knife at him, he’s an ass and screams like a banshee.” Tony searches his pockets for a moment before he finds one of his, admittedly worse for wear, business cards and offers it to Mr Death By Blade.

“You’re crazy,” the man states again, but he takes the card.

“Get used to it,” Tony smiles is sunniest smile because take that Clint, he can hire new staff without getting anyone killed.


“Have you ever even held a tattoo gun in your life? It’s not a real gun, for fuck’s sake! Tony!” Clint is heard screaming in exasperation through the studio a couple of days later. “What the fuck where you thinking when you hired Bucky?!”

Tony doesn’t look up from where he’s carefully drawing the worlds’ prettiest butterfly onto a young woman’s shoulder when he yells back, “Who the hell is Bucky?!”


[Bonus: “You’re taking all this surprisingly well,” Bucky comments at one point.

Clint shrugs. Takes a look at one of the designs over the newbie’s shoulder.

“Tony’s as fucked in the head as they come, but he’s a freaking genius at finding the best. If he’s hired you than that’s what you are. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.”

A moment of thoughtful silence follows, before.

“In three weeks, I’m gonna tell you how he hired Tasha.”

“Why in three weeks?”

“Studio rule. If you’ve made it three weeks without killing anyone, you’re part of the team.”

“Inside the studio or in general?”

“…you’re gonna fit right in.”]

I think I’m having way too much fun with this…

Being Renessmee's Twin Includes
  • Rosalie: I'm naming her Bella. I will not allow you to butcher and mesh two more names. Her name is Carlie. Deal with it.
  • Carlie: Why can't I fight with you and momma papa? I want to show the Volturi that I'm not a scared little girl. Anyone threatens to kill my family, I refuse to run away
  • Bella: Carlie, how many times have I told you? No throwing knifes in the house. You could hurt Renessmee or yourself. Be more careful.
  • Emmett: C'mon kiddo. I'll teach you how to fight.
  • Jasper: *scoffs* It'd be best if I teach her. You get frustrated too easily Emmett.
  • Carlise: Carlie, your growth is more rapid than Renessmee's. Your genes must be slightly different from hers. It could be an attribution to a power we haven't discovered yet.
  • Esme: It's so sweet of you to help me make dinner for you and Renessmee. I feel like you and I hardly get any time together. Renessmee's always off with either her parents or Jacob and you keep to yourself most of the time. Just know that I'm here if you ever want to talk to someone sweetie. You are my grandbaby afterall.
  • Edward: Your mother and I don't love Renessmee more than you Carlie. We love you both equally. She just relies on us more than you. You've always been more independent than your sister.
  • Carlie: I'm more independent because you and mom are always with her and Aunt Rose takes care of me. But whatever. I don't care anymore. She'll be stuck here in Forks and you all will have to leave eventually and I will travel the world once I reach an acceptable age growth.
  • Bella: Where have you been Carlie?! You've been gone for three whole days! What on earth are you wearing?!
  • Carlie: *sighs* Relax mom. I went to Comic Con in San Diego and cosplayed as Harley Quinn. I went to have some fun. Geez, it's like your trying to keep me trapped with you forever since Renessmee started solely hanging out with Jacob. I bet you really hate that imprint now cause you finally have to pay attention to your other daughter.
  • Alice: Carlie, come shopping with me. We never spend any girl time together since you started buying your own clothes.
  • Carlie: But there's a Gotham marathon on today. How about I go shopping with you tomorrow then?
  • Jasper: *watching the Romanian aired teach you how to fight and use weapons from a window in the house because Bella and Edward forbid him from teaching her himself* I don't see what the problem was with them Alice. I have no urge to drink wither of the girls blood and I adore Carlie. I should be teaching her how to fight, not those barbaric two.
  • Alice: I know Jas. But she finally made some friends that weren't a part of our family. Renessmee has Jacob and that's all she needs. Carlie is free to expand herself unbound to anyone. We don't want to smother the girl by crowding her all the time.
  • Rose: I can't believe Bella never told you about periods. Oh wait, I can. Look Carlie, you have nothing to fear. It's completely natural.
  • Jacob: Why do you hate me Carlie? I never did anything to you.
  • Carlie: *rolls eyes and scoffs* Exactly. I hardly even know you and you're the guy my sister is bound to for life. You've hardly ever acknowledged me before. You've hardly ever spokento me and you have no interest in anyone but my sister. I don't like you because I know that the imprint you have with my sister isn't how you really are or were before my mom even started screwing with your life.
  • Bella: How can you say such a thing Carlie?!
  • Carlie: Oh please. Shut up mom. You know I'm right. You only support that imprint because now, Jacob will forever be within your grasp. Just because you chose not to have him all those years ago doesn't mean you get to keep him around when he's moved on with his life.
  • Renessmee: Will you be my maid of honor?
  • Carlie: I haven't seen or heard from you in nearly four years sis. And frankly I don't want to go to your wedding at all. You know your marriage won't end well. You're in love with Nahuel and whether you admit it or not, you don't feel the same pull if the imprint like you used to. Stop dragging Jacob along. Stop your relationship with him and decide what you want. God, you are worse than our mother. Make up your freaking mind.
  • Leah: I didn't think it would be possible, but I am actually best friends with someone who shares half her DNA with Bella Cullen.
  • Carlie: Oh hush. I'm nothing like my mother and you know it. Now shut up so I can hear Tom Hiddleston say "mewling quim."
  • Seth: Are you sure about this Carlie?
  • Carlie: Yes, for the thousandth time. I love you and I refuse to be bound to someone I met only once. I fell in love with you and that is what I've always wanted. To fall in love, not be bound by fate to become whatever my mate pleases.

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Hello! I am absolutely in love with your Designation: Miracle series. They are the best stories I've ever read for KnB. I kind of have this headcanon for them, though, that while we know the Miracles are super protective of their own human partners, they are also protective of *each others* human partners. So I was wondering if you could do something like that maybe please? If you don't want to, that's fine, you're still amazing and I love you :)

Kasamatsu has never spent a great deal of time with the other Miracles, despite the fact that he’s known them all the longest. He understands now that had been entirely Kise’s intent, and he thinks it’s a good sign when Kise suggests they go shopping with Aomine and Momoi. It means that the other boy has finally accepted that Kasamatsu isn’t going anywhere, that he doesn’t need to be so possessive of Kasamatsu’s time, that he doesn’t have to view everyone as a potential threat who might take Kasamatsu’s attention away from him. Kasamatsu definitely approves of all the implications of the progress Kise has made over the years.

He just wishes Aomine wasn’t so damn weird.


‘Weird’ might be the wrong word, he thinks. Unsettling is probably the more accurate description. Kasamatsu has often thought Aomine is like a wild animal on the court—all instinct and agility and fierce power. Aomine is loud on the court—not vocally, but his presence shouts at everyone who watches. He’s someone you pay attention to, whether you want to or not.

Now they’re not on the court, they’re hanging out in a shopping mall plaza. Momoi and Kise are cooing over some magazine and Aomine is just staring. Watching, silently, the people who are around them, watching anyone who approaches, watching Kasamatsu.

It’s like he’s on the alert. Quiet, and stealthy, like a hunter.

And it’s very unsettling.


He gets up to buy a drink, mostly to catch his breath more than anything else. He likes all the Miracles, but they can be intense, even when they’re just out having fun.

When he turns to head back someone bumps into his shoulder and says, “Watch it.”

“Sorry,” Kasamatsu says immediately.

“Oh, you’re sorry?” the guy says, and his two buddies snicker. “If apologies were enough we wouldn’t need the cops.”

Kasamatsu blinks because it’s just so stereotypical it’s absurd. He’s never had much use for overt displays of machismo, and has no desire whatsoever to engage. “I am very sorry,” he says, mildly. “I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Hey, you think—”

Something slams on the table next to them, causing everyone to jump. It’s Aomine, suddenly there, bristling and so obviously ready to fight. “He said he was sorry. You have a problem?”

And Kasamatsu will say this for the guys, they clearly recognize the bigger threat.

Kasamatsu would laugh at how quickly they exit, if he wasn’t so thoroughly confused.


“Are you protecting me?” Kasamatsu exclaims.

Aomine’s scowl is more petulant than threatening. “Yeah, so?”

So you’re my junior, Kasamatsu thinks, so you don’t even go to my school, so I barely know you, so I don’t need protecting and definitely not from you. All of those things seem a bit too harsh to say. He does say, “Why?”

“Do you even understand what would happen to him?” Aomine says, his whole manner shifting and the anger in his voice gives Kasamatsu goosebumps. He is once again reminded of a predator. “If anything happened to you, that would be it for him, you get that, right?”

Sometimes, it still makes him uncomfortable. How much he means to Kise. It scares him sometimes. Not because he doesn’t reciprocate, but because it’s slightly terrifying being that important to anyone. He is, perhaps, a bit wary against being someone’s all. And. Well. He does know. He saw a bit of what Kise would be like, when they went to Iwatobi.

“I do get it,” he says, his voice gruff. “But you don’t have to treat me like glass.”

Aomine narrows his eyes. “I don’t think you do. You have too much power over him. I wish I could have stopped it before it got this far. If you ever hurt him…”

“Wait,” Kasamatsu frowns, “Are you protecting me or threatening me?”

“I can do both,” Aomine says. “You’ve always been Kise’s biggest weakness and his biggest threat.”

Those are, Kasamatsu thinks, both roles he very much does not want to have in Kise’s life and he scowls at the Miracle for saying it. It also distinctly chafes to hear this from Aomine. He pulls himself up straight and raises his chin (not that it makes much of a difference, since Aomine is taller than him) and he refuses to show any kind of submission to a kid two years his junior. “I would never hurt Kise,” he growls, and if Aomine were anyone else Kasamatsu might be holding him by his collar. “And I don’t need to you to keep me in line or protect me.”

Aomine, to his surprise, just smirks and slings an arm around his shoulder in a friendly manner. “Sure, sure, senpai, whatever you say.”

“Hey!” Kise says when they get closer to the table. “No touching Senpai, Aominecchi! Only I get to touch Senpai, those are the rules—ow!”

“Shut up, brat,” Kasamatsu says. The tap against Kise’s head is barely a flick. He thinks Kise’s “ow” is mostly reactive, part for show, just like Kasamatsu’s tapping is a show. (He could never actually hurt Kise.) When he sits down again, he takes Kise’s hand in his under the table, and his skin grows warmer when Kise looks at him in that intensely-focused Kise way.

Even though he’s not looking in their direction, he feels Aomine and Momoi’s gaze, and thinks probably all the Miracles are watching him and watching out for him, and it’s a strange feeling, but not a bad one.

A/N: That is so kind of you to say, thank you, anon-friend! Headcanon 100% accepted!!! I absolutely feel like the Miracles would also be protective of each other’s significant others. (I picked one in particular, and it got longer than intended, but I do think all the Miracles would feel the same way about the other’s significant others). I decided I wanted to focus on Kasamatsu and Aomine, and then also remembered it would work well with a request by @angelsdontflytheysoar who wanted to see someone warn Kasamatsu about hurting Kise. So thank you, friend, anon-friend, hope you enjoyed!! =D

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Hi. I find your answers very helpful. I've been rejected from my dream career. I have no idea where my life is headed for now. How do I grieve properly and move on without losing my self esteem and not look back. I think I'm falling in a grip. I'm a enxp. Thanks.

This is already covered in the Emotional Well-Being section. Dealing with negative emotions is easy in theory: Accept them. However, this is hard for many people to do because they “don’t like” feeling bad, sad, disappointed, inadequate, frustrated, etc. As soon as you have the mindset of “not liking” something, you are not accepting that thing and you are trying to reject or resist it. People who believe that emotions are caused by external factors generally resist accepting them because they treat emotions as alien and not belonging to oneself. Your emotions come directly out of your cognitive framework, your value and belief system, your expectations for how life “should” be. Therefore, to accept emotions is to accept responsibility for how you have created those feelings in yourself. But if you believe that emotions make you weak or that they will “destroy” you, then your own belief system is the real obstacle.

To accept an emotion is to accept your physicality because that’s where emotion comes from. Accepting emotions is really to accept that you are human, mortal, and limited in what you can achieve and accomplish. Allow yourself to feel human and vulnerable, allow yourself to reflect on your feelings honestly instead of pushing back, allow yourself the time and space to really feel. Anger, frustration, grief - these are all just extensions of the basic emotion of sadness. When you allow sadness to truly express itself in a quiet and reflective space, when you no longer resist it, then it can finally leave you because it has done its job in bringing your attention to the fact that you need self-care. If you genuinely care for yourself, you will care for your emotional well-being because it is an important part of who you are. Nothing releases sadness like a good cry, so cry if you must because it is the body’s expression of emotion that allows you to admit the fact of what you really are: you are human and mortal and in need of comfort.

Once you give emotion space to breathe and release itself, you will be more clear-headed, then you can make decisions more carefully, then you won’t be driven by repressed sadness. If you’ve been rejected from your dream career, you have two choices: 1) keep trying until you make it because you believe in yourself, or 2) admit it’s not right for you and change course to find other interesting opportunities for yourself. How well you decide depends on whether you can first get over the sadness. Then you can get in touch with the deepest part of yourself and hear the voice that tells you honestly what is best for you and your well-being. Not everything that happens in life is personal. Sometimes you make a mistake and you should take responsibility for it. Sometimes you get shit on because you just happen to be standing at the wrong place at the wrong time. You can keep standing there wallowing in the shit and wondering “why me?” at the birds, or you can simply clean yourself off and move along.

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Hello! In the future, I'm going to audition to become a Kpop idol, but I'm a trans male and I haven't transitioned yet. What companies would you recommend to me that would be supportive/accepting of me and help me with the transition?

Okay, first of all I’m going to give a lecture that I would give to everyone whether you’re gay, trans, straight, non-Korean, female, male, Korean or of any Asian heritage. Being an idol is not easy and it’s probably ten times easier to go on shows like XFactor, The Voice or any other singing or talent contest. Being an idol that isn’t from a large company means having shit pay and often bad living conditions that can be bad to a person’s health. So, before you decide to audition please think about whether you are physically healthy enough and mentally strong enough to audition and actually try become an idol. There’s nothing wrong with having health conditions and not being mentally tough but having a health condition like asthma or bone condition will limit you as will being overly sensitive. As harsh as that is it’s the truth.

Now let’s address the fact of nationality. Chances are if you’re white and/or of European/American/Australian nationality you’re going to have an even HARDER time becoming an idol as you won’t understand the language (unless you’ve learnt from a young age or are from a Korean family/background) because even learning it to the fullest degree you are going to have misunderstandings with the language barrier. You’re going to lack understandings of your environment and the culture, you’re probably not going to have any kind of support so you sure as hell better be independent. I’m a big believer that anyone can be an idol if they try hard enough but things will limit you and make it harder including your race and nationality. But if you think you can try despite all of this then don’t think that’s where the problems end.

If you’re planning on auditioning anytime soon or in the near future be prepared for companies to reject you no matter how talented you are. I’m quite an optimistic person and I hope this situation changes but as a girl who is bisexual I’ve got to be honest with you and say that Korea is not accepting of the LGBT community as a whole (especially the older generation) even if the Korean younger generation are apparently more accepting. If a company does accept you prepare to be discriminated against both verbally and potentially physically. Be prepared to be rejected for things left right and center and don’t expect all idols to accept you behind the scenes as it’s basically a fact that some idols are going to be secretly homophobic. This is life and it’s hard but not impossible which is why if you’re prepared to suffer discrimination to a higher degree than you would in Europe and even American then I encourage you to give it a go but only if you’re prepared for all of that and you actually believe you have the motivation to spend more than 12 hours of your day learning/ improving singing, dancing, composing, acting, rapping and languages. Then go for it. But right now I don’t think any company is going to be prepared to actually help you transition and support it. If anything companies will try and dissuade you from transitioning which is why you need to be careful as you may get into some nasty situations so please be careful. 

And I can’t guarantee any of these companies I’m about to recommend you are going to be accepting and decent but these are the ones I think would be the best bet for someone who is a male who is trans. And I’m going to include a few that I personally think you should avoid as well.

I’ve had a little help with this from @glitterykoreanboyband , @jsh-zrkr and @crap10tion . Thanks. But remember none of this are definitely gonna accept you before or after you’ve transitioned so please don’t take my opinion as fact. 

Okay, I personally think Bighit would be the best possible scenario as Namjoon has been able to tweet support for the LGBT community on their official twitter page which requires consent from the managers and people in charge. I can’t guarantee that I’m right but if I was desperate to become a successful idol this is the first company I would try for. Plus, they were allowed to release a song not just aimed at loving female fans but male fans and Glam (former bighit) even did a LGBT themed MV before they disbanded.

YNB Entertainment, they are the company that hosts KNK and BESTie who released an MV that involved probably the healthiest homosexual representation in a kpop MV. And the homosexual characters were played by KNK members which is why I personally feel this company would be a good choice even if I can’t guarantee they would necessarily accept debuting a trans idol. I highly recommend this one after Bighit if they don’t accept you.

Also, Starship Entertainment hosts Monsta X, Sistar, WJSN and K.Will. Starship have allowed K.Will to release an MV with an obviously homosexual male in it which is progression. Also their idols are some of the most progressive and open-minded in the industry with Sistar members crushing female stereotypes and Monsta X implying homosexuality without having to deny the homosexual implications like many idols do. Starship may not accept you but there’s a chance they will.

Next, would be Gaon Entertainment. They are a small and practically unknown company but they have already debuted a person who was trans which is why it’s probably a safe bet even though the chances of bad management, living conditions are possible which is why I ask you to take this recommendation with a pinch of salt.

And lastly, TS Entertainment and AOMG I don’t really have any reasoning with these ones but they allow their idols to express themselves more than most companies so I’m hoping sometime in the future they could even home an LGBT idol.

Now time for the companies that I personally believe (please remember these are opinions and if you want to take the risk then go ahead) you should not audition for unless desperate.

YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Cube, FNC and Fantagio (this one ‘jsh-zrkr because of bad treatment). I feel these are mainly bad companies because of their bad management, homophobic/racist/sexist idols and I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable auditioning for them.

I hope this helped in some way and I wish you luck if you do decide to become an idol. Please don’t take my opinion as fact and at the end of the day you need to make your own decisions based on how you feel. Good luck with your future decisions  

EDIT: I’m sorry if I’ve used wrong pronouns or said anything offensive towards you in my answer. Please tell me over messenger if I’ve done something wrong as I would rather be corrected than remain ignorant. 

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I'm depressed. I also suspect anxiety and insomnia. But I always put mask of happiness in from of my family and friends. Do you have any advice for me? How can I say that I think I have problems?

First off, please accept my sincere admiration and congratulations on taking a tough, but super necessary step. It’s so hard to take off the mask. Every time. But we have to, because we need the people we love to be with us. They want to be with us.

Let’s see … so I’d suggest this action plan:

1. Before you even begin, think of someone you really care about — a friend, sister, whomever — and imagine that you thought everything was OK because they were working so hard to make you feel that way, but were hurting terribly inside. Wouldn’t you want to know? That’s how your people feel, too.

2. Decide what you want to share and how you want to share it. Think of what you need, whether that’s just general support, help finding care, etc. Jot down some notes of important things you don’t want to forget to say.

3. Write a letter, or type one and print it out, because you should give this to them in person. Maybe include some stuff you’ve found in your research (this is a great place to start). It doesn’t have to be fancy or long, but do remember to say what you need:

Dear Mom,

There’s something I’ve wanted to talk to you about for a long time, but was too scared to bring up. I think I may have depression; I’ve been doing research online and have a lot of the symptoms.

I know this may come as a surprise because I’ve tried really hard to conceal this and put on a happy face. But the truth is that I’m hurting and I need help. Specifically, I was hoping you could help me find a therapist.

I wrote this letter because it’s hard for me to talk about. I know you probably have a lot of questions and I want to answer them as well as I can, but please know that sometimes it may be really hard for me and I won’t feel like talking about it. Maybe one solution would be for you to write me a letter back?


4. Then, wait for a good time, go to the person and say, “I wrote you a letter about something I’ve wanted to share for a long time. It may really surprise you, and I’d like to talk to you about it eventually, but maybe after you read it tonight you can just give me a hug and we can chill and watch TV.”

5. If you have a group of friends and you’d like them to know but don’t have the energy to tell the whole story again and again, pick a friend that you trust, that doesn’t exaggerate. Ask them to tell the group, specify who is in the group and specify what you want them to say. For instance!

“Thea, I told you a few days ago that I’m struggling with depression and trying to get better. You’ve been an amazing support, and I love you. To be honest, telling people the whole story again and again is pretty exhausting, but can you please tell Elizabeth, Kim, Cat and Brooke that I’ve been depressed, I’m getting help now, I don’t always want to talk about the specifics but getting sweet texts or just low-key hangouts are the best way they can support me in this.”

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I have a lot of the traits of autism and even my counsellor has acknowledged that I am probably on the spectrum but my parents don't know if it's a good idea to get me professionally diagnosed because of the stigma that comes along with it. Do you think I need to be diagnosed? I'm sixteen now and I'm just learning that all of my traits that I've seen as 'weird' fit pretty well.

Whether or not to get a professional diagnosis is a very personal decision. There are pros and cons to getting a professional diagnosis as well as not getting one. The following is taken from this post:

Paper Diagnosis


  • eligible to receive services (theoretically)
  • can get workplace accommodations if necessary
  • eligible for Schedule A employment opportunities
  • less likely to be rejected by online communities and support groups
  • feel of validation or “legitimacy”
  • validation or legitimacy in the eyes of friends/family/doctors/coworkers/teachers/college admin/professors (your mileage may vary)
  • more likely to get/have access to psychiatric medications


  • increased stigma
  • can cause difficulties with health insurance
  • workplace discrimination is a possibility especially in “Right To Work” states
  • having a “mental health history” on paper can cause problems throughout life
  • it’s expensive
  • many people are perfectly willing to invalidate a paper diagnosis (you seem “too normal”/the doctor was wrong)
  • paper Dx doesn’t make most people understand autism any better
  • paper Dx can lead to medical discrimination and ableism i.e., be used to deny medical care (“quality of life” and “better dead than disabled” arguments)
  • seeking paper diagnosis can take more time, energy, resources, and money than it is worth
  • seeking and having paper diagnosis can lead to abuse and bullying at the hands of medical personnel
  • get shit on constantly and forever by the dominant “parents and caretakers Autism Speaks Curebie” sociopolitical and economic environment



  • self-awareness and understanding: knowing what’s “wrong” with you, or “right” with you
  • a sense of relief
  • gained understanding of your own thought processes, emotional and sensory processes, strengths and weaknesses, et cet
  • a sense of control after misdiagnosis or comorbid* diagnosis
  • many books and online materials tailored to people with ASD can help with increasing knowledge and guidance
  • can implement self-care and self-help solutions; sometimes helps close family and friends understand you better(your mileage may vary)
  • can continue care of comorbid* diagnosed disorder and implement strategies involving ASD treatment techniques


  • many people will try and invalidate or refuse to recognize a self-DX
  • a feeling of invalidity; self-doubt
  • family and friends may accuse you of attention-seeking or hypochondria
  • no access to state services(for ASD)
  • may have difficulty receiving validation or acceptance in online support groups and communities [note from Sabrina: this will vary among communities. Many autistic communities accept self-diagnosis]
  • confusion about diagnostic criteria, term definitions, or what ASD, Asperger’s and Autism actually entail [note from Sabrina: this is not exclusive to self-diagnosis. There are plenty of professionally diagnosed people who don’t understand autism]
  • difficulty finding good information and support
  • it is entirely possible to misdiagnose yourself; i.e. you might be wrong [note from Sabrina: while there is a chance of misdiagnosing yourself, there is also a chance when going to a professional that they will misdiagnose you]

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not a professional diagnosis will help you. Take your time evaluating everything before making a decision. 


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For the prompt 8/ "Why are you so jealous ?" with your babes ❤

This… got away from me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She had not signed up for this. Despite its slowly growing status as a trade hub, Skyhold still lacked a great many things: running water, fresh fruit, and, in many places, ceilings. Yet, to Athi’s dismay, there seemed to be no shortage of paperwork.

Restless and exhausted, she tossed down her pen and leaned back in the plush red armchair, flexing and extending her stiff fingers and twisting her wrists at harsh angles. The creak of the chair’s wood frame drowned out the cracklings in her joints, but she felt every one. Surely, hours had passed and she could leave the rest of her mostly organized pile for tomorrow. Surely.

She blearily looked around to readjust her eyes. Sunlight filtered in through the west-facing window, illuminating countless dust motes which hung weightless in the angled diamonds of light now stretched across the worn wooden floorboards. Long since tuned out, the chattering of Leliana’s ravens flooded back into her awareness, as did the sway of rich ivory fabrics and scented oils.

“You won’t get out of doing paperwork by fouling up the job, you know.” Dorian’s hearty, melodic voice cut into the noise. “Believe me, I’ve tried.”

Athi stared up at him in confusion. “But I haven’t—”

“Your pen, my friend.” He reached down and picked up the implement, depositing it with a clatter into the inkwell. Athi groaned as she saw the small, but spreading, puddle of ink which now marred the top few pages of her pile, and hurried to stem the flow.

“It seems you’ve been betrayed by a writing implement.” Dorian sighed dramatically. “Oh, how exciting your life is!”

She briefly looked away from her small disaster to glare at him. “Can I help you?”

“I seriously doubt it. My problems are, after all, incredibly complex.”

“Don’t test me, pretty boy,” she warned. “I am hungry and tired, I just ruined a half hour’s worth of work, and I will absolutely take it out on you.”

Dorian looked affronted. “Pretty boy? Honestly, I am grateful that you recognized my stunning good looks, but you could at least try to be less disparaging with your compliments next time.” Athi rolled her eyes in response.

“Regardless of your attempts to shoo me away,” he continued, leaning against the bookcase, “I’ve only come to remind you of the time, which happens to be the usual one for supper. I’ve noticed you tend to forget about it. Now, before you take that as a slight, please keep in mind that I have done this because I am a good person, who deserves better treatment than that which I’ve recently received.”

Athi shook her head, but smiled at his poorly masked thoughtfulness. “I’ll inform Josephine—see if we can’t get a new Inquisitor around here. Perhaps one more inclined to appropriately flatter handsome men?”

“Well, not all the handsome men. My goodness, we’d have a veritable menagerie of peacocks strutting about! No, I suppose we shall have to suffer your half-hearted accolades. For now, at least.”

“Such a martyr,” she teased, moving toward the door. “Will you join me?”

Dorian gave a dramatic sigh and walked over with another flourish of his hands. “Oh, I might as well. You’ll need someone to entertain you while you eat, I suppose.”

“That’s exactly it.”

As they passed by the balustrade, the sound of faint feminine laughter drifted up from the room below.

Solas’ study.

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Jiminnie, 3. I'm curious and excitied with what you've got!! I havent checked up on you a while babe, but I AM BACK ON TUMBLR NOW*^* and i see you giving drabbles so why not ^-^ Make sure you have fun and stay healthy! -Hogwartsanon

3: for the 3rd song on my playlist - “Pretty U” by SEVENTEEN

highschool au. words that can’t be said.

He knows you. Heck, he’s known you since beginning of freshman year when you stumbled into math class five minutes late, mumbling something about bad directions and confusing staircases. Jimin knows that you hate your world history teacher because his breath reeks and he spends more time talking about himself than, say, the ancient Incan culture, your favorite spot is the 2nd hallway of the East wing because there’s a giant, two-story high window overlooking the grassy fields, and you have a habit of messing with your pencil whenever you’re bored.

He knows you so well that he’s got your every quirk memorized, and yet, if he had to describe you… He can only come up with one word at the moment:


He stares, transfixed, as you grunt and scribble something on your worksheet. It’s not that he’s shallow, or anything, it’s more of that you’re so… well, pretty, that it’s kind of…distracting. He bites his bottom lip.

Does he really want to do this?

Can he even do this?

Is he–is he even worthy?

He shakes his head and tells himself that no, no, he’s got to do this, because he’s already promised to himself that he would when he drank his daily glass of water in the morning, before he left the house–


He turns and looks at his deskmate. “Y-Yeah?”

Taehyung shoves a paper in front of his face. “What’d you get for 21.”

“Oh–uh,” Jimin looks at his own sheet, which, unbeknownst of Taehyung, is blank. “Um, I’m not so sure about it either. Maybe you can ask the teacher?”

Taehyung shrugs, turns back to his work, completely unperturbed. “Whatever. I’ll just get Joon to teach me later.”

Jimin nods. His mind wanders back to you.

If he were to confess to you… then… he’d have to ask you out, right? Out to a date, right? Because that’s what couples did… right?

But out to where?

And what would you guys do?

What–what would you guys talk about it?

He briefly contemplates whether or not he should whip out his phone–risking detention–to google his questions. Maybe he should construct a plan? Create and print out a list of conversation starters and topics?

Jimin sighs. If he was as attentive about this as he was towards studying…–he glances down at the blank sheet in front of him–…then maybe he wouldn’t have to go to that stupid tutoring place every Tuesday and Thursday.

But no–he decides. Enough worrying about that. First, he needs to make sure that he actually confesses. And then he needs to worry about whether or not you’ll accept his feelings–though he’s not entirely thrilled about that prospect. What if he gets rejected? Then what’ll he do? Slink out the backdoor and fall into a pit of depression?

Stop it. He growls and clenches his fist tightly around his pencil. He senses Taehyung give him a look from the corner of his eye, but ignores it.

First. Comes. The. Confession. He reiterates this to himself over and over again. First he needs to make sure the words don’t stick to his throat and cling to the tip of his tongue as they always do when you’re involved. First he needs to make sure his words don’t come out in a jumbled mess, that they aren’t quietly whispered under his breath, and he stops stuttering, dammit. He’s got to make an impression, and one of a flustered little pansy isn’t–


He tilts his head up and nearly forgets how to breathe. You’re standing there, worksheet in hand, shirt flecked with eraser shavings.


You give him a shy smile. “Uh, what’d you get for 21?”

“U-Um.” He stares at his blank worksheet. “Lemme work it out…”

drabble game: numbers | closed

a/n: aw thank you!! haha not sure if you’re still around to read this but THANK YOU and welcome back (??!)

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Thank god, another bnha scenario blog!! YESS!! I've just read the ones that you have atm and they are awesome!! Could I request a scenario where Kirishima, Denki, Iida and Deku run into Bakugo in a mall, and they see he's with a girl, And they follow him and they find out it's his girlfriend. And the next day they tease him about it in school? I hope I explained it well, I'm m not very good at explaining...Very very sorry for that

I’m gonna make this super long cause I need to apologize for the misunderstanding ;w; 

I’m still very very sorry nonnie! I hope this makes up for it! Enjoy!!

Deku was practically vibrating with excitement as he sighted three of his classmates waving at him from afar.

It had been two days ago when Kirishima and Kaminari approached him to ask whether he’s interested to join them this Saturday for an outing. The freckled boy was so giddy and excited at the prospect of hanging out with his friends outside school, he immediately gave an ‘okay’.

It was amazing how quickly he was able to assimilate ever since he entered UA – to be treated normally and not as an outcast was still a little foreign for him, and to be honest he never knew how happy such a common act could made him. It was all thanks to his kind (well, most of them) classmates in 1-A. They thought of him as an equal, and the treatment was refreshing compared to the ridiculing looks his older classmates would always threw him. 

But most of all, it’s the miracle of Kacchan who was finally starting to acknowledge him as a proper human being! In fact, his childhood friend had probably seen him as an equal now, or so he hoped, if the lessened bullying directed towards him was any indication.

If Bakugou was here right now and could hear his thoughts, he would probably be sulking with that pouty-and-enraged expression of his. Yes, that unique face of his, just similar to the blond stranger a few feet away from them–


“Is that Kacchan?” He couldn’t help but point out.

“Where?!” Kirishima followed his green haired friend’s gaze and gasped in betrayal, “I asked him to come along and he said he was going to spend the weekend at home! The nerve of him!”

Iida pushed up his glasses, feeling responsible to become the voice of reason amidst unruly teenagers, “While I do not condone lying, he must have had a reason for his actions.”

“No, no, Iida, my man– Bros does not lie to each other, ever!”

Before Iida could remove Kirishima’s arm around his shoulder or threw a retort, the blond in their group had intercepted, “It looks like he’s buying something,” Kaminari squinted his electric colored eyes and suddenly threw his companions a wide grin, “Hey, you know what? We should tail him!”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea…. If we get caught….,” The shortest of the group advised. After all, if Bakugou lied to them in the first place, it must be something he really didn’t want anyone to find out.

“Nice, Kaminari! Come on, guys! We’ll lose him at this rate!” The spiky haired redhead took the leader position upon himself and started to stalk his friend, followed by an equally mischievous looking Kaminari, his phone out and with the camera app opened.

Iida and Midoriya glanced at each other with similar meaningful look, one that screamed ‘why do these two always go looking for trouble’, before joining the other two. 

At the very least, Iida had his Engine and Midoriya his One For All Full Cowl, meaning they could each grab a friend and run away lightspeed before Bakugou could blow their heads off if he realized he was being tailed.

Meanwhile, you had been waiting quietly on the benches by the mall’s small, circular fountain. It was a sunny and overall nice Saturday, you had been enjoying your date so far, and you really hoped this peacefulness would last until your date finished. Trouble always seemed to follow your boyfriend as much as how he always seemed to look for it, with that hot head and skyscraper-high pride of his.

When you caught sight of him returning safely with two ice creams on his hands, you beamed brightly and swung your feet childishly in excitement, hand stretched forward to accept your much wanted cold snack. Your boyfriend however, didn’t budge nor acknowledged your gesture.

“What? I brought these for myself, idiot,” his voice was harsh as ever, but you could see the teasing glint in his red eyes, and you decided to play along just for a bit.

You threw him a fake look of betrayal and stood up to your full height before reaching out for one of the sweet treat again. Katsuki stepped backward, and your fingers grabbed air, missing your target. He looked pleased when you pouted, and you threw him a scolding look with your eyebrows raised.

Mean Katsuki! Bad Katsuki!” You chided, enjoying the slight irritation that passed his expression by the tone you used at him, and decided to press more, “You bad, bad boy! Now sit!”

The blond glared at you for daring to give him an order. Him, of all people. A small part of him was slightly impressed, but the most part yelled at himself to establish dominance. “I’m not your fucking dog!”

You gasped in fake dramatized shock when he took a huge bite from what was supposed to be your ice cream, “No! Bad Katsuki! That was supposed to be mine! You can’t eat it!”

“Yeah? Watch me.”

He made a move to take another chunk out of your sweet treat, and you launched forward in desperation.

But your lips met air for a millisecond and collided with your boyfriend’s own. You were eager to return the kiss, amused yet irritated because you had fallen into his trap this time. When you pulled back, you could taste the sweetness on your lips that had only left you wanting for more.

“If you wanted a kiss you should’ve–” The horrified gasp that left your throat had been a real one this time. Katsuki had pushed the remnants of your snack into his mouth, looking thoroughly satisfied and smug.

“That’s for shit talking to me as if I’m your tame little poodle,” he snarled, his signature wide smirk stretched across his face, “You should tread better next ti–”

In a surprisingly quick and sudden movement, you pulled his collar forward and crashed your lips to him. Caught totally off guard, he stayed rooted in his spot, unable to comprehend what had just happened as you licked the remnants of what tasted like chocolate syrup off the side of his lip. When his mind was back in the game, a feral growl muffled against your kiss, he pushed back, wanting to regain control. 

You pulled back swiftly before he could grab your head like how he always would whenever he was in such mood, a conceited grin on your lips.

The wide eyed look on his face was almost comical, and the satisfaction you felt was multiplied tenfold by the ice cream you had gotten hold of, at some point in time in the middle of the kiss when he was most unguarded.

“You should tread better next time, Kacchan!” You laughed in glee and waved the treat before plopping down on the bench and enjoyed your reward for brilliantly executed sneak attack.

“Yo, Kacchan!”

Bakugou felt irritation swooping down full force at the nickname. It increased a hundredfold when he felt the stubborn redhead with boring quirk slung an arm around his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me, shitbag! And don’t you dare use that fucking name!”

Kirishima grinned, wide, and somehow his features seemed darkened and his smile seemed less friendly than usual. He was reminded of the aura whom the grape-head would exude whenever the creep thought of females in general. It was disturbing to say the least, but he kept his trademark glare up nonetheless.

“Oho? But you let your girlfriend calls you so, don’t you?!” His classmate said rather loudly, putting an emphasis to the word ‘girlfriend’, and the whole class fell silent. Apparently the topic of Bakugou having a girlfriend was too good to not listen to.

He felt blood rushing to his cheeks, and several explosions lit from his hand in rapid succession, “What the fuck are you blabbing about!?”

“Come on, Kacchan, out with it! Aren’t we bros?” Kaminari joined in, wearing a similar expression as Kirishima.

“We’re not, you sick fuck!!”

“Bakugou! It’s dishonorable to lie to your friends!”

“Kacchan, um, I-I think it’s better if you tell them the truth… Before the photos spread….”

And then suddenly everything clicked; the weird feeling of being watched looming over him halfway through the date last Saturday wasn’t just his imagination. He felt rage bubbling in the pit of his stomach as his palm met the desk and the poor object met exploded in contact.


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I recently lost my best friend... & I've been alone for a lot of the grieving stuff bc yay adulthood, & I'm dealing w/MAJOR health stuff (trying to get a transplant & might not b approved; just had emergency surgery a week ago). Anxiety's been getting me bad lately & I was thinking like whether H was your bf or bff he'd be the kinda guy to just show up @ your door & make your ass get some sleep (something I've been bad @ bc anxietys not letting me) (plz expand)

@vanessa-found-a-boy Hi my sweetie! Im really sorry to hear about everything’s that’s been going on..sending one big, warm, loving hug to you..i realise what it’s like and the only thing i want is for you to be is strong and know it all will pass and be better!

I am being a bit inactive lately with the writing (time and chance are really lacking at the moment) but for you darling, here’s something - a small blurb but i hope it works! Take care and read on:


“What the-” she shook her head, jolting up from the mess she had been lying on on the sofa, opening her eyes to be met with a pair of soft green eyes, earnestly looking down at her.

“Hello to you to.” He smiles down at her, retracting his hand from her waist where he had tickled her to grab her attention.

She rises to her sitting position, running a rough hand through her tangled hair, wincing when her fingers tug at the split ends.

“Here, let me.” Harry urges, grabbing her shoulders to turn her to him.

“Hmm, thanks.” She says in a low tone, turning her back to him, and tilting her head slightly back, she allowed his fingers to get in her hair.

“Woman, when was the last time you decided to shower, huh?” He says in a motherly tone, kissing her side of the face before continuing back to tending her hair, slowly creeping his fingers to her scalp and giving a quick massage.

“Hmm.” She hums again, opening her eyes to look down at her week old clothes, stained with the bits of food she had had.

“Why are you here?” She asked in a low tone, fingers lacing together in her lap.

Harry’s fingers slide down her hair, on her shoulder and they give a little squeeze.

“Because i don’t feel like being anywhere else.” He admits in a soft tone, lips hovering at her ear. Her breath hitches in her mouth, her lips dry from a sudden loss of words.

“And..” Harry continued.

“And?” She whispers back, looking over her shoulder at him.

“And..” He gets up off the sofa, going around to stand in front of her, his hands rested on his hips, mouth pouted in a strict demeanor. “And because i know how spoilt of a child you are who cannot even sleep and eat until someone’s running after her.”

His eyes narrow. This brings a smile on her face. She looks down, and shyly hides her warming cheeks.

“C'mon now-”

“I don’t feel like.” She slumps back against the couch, rolling her head back on the headrest.

“Really?” Harry shakes his head. “I haven’t even said a thing yet.”

“Whatever it is, i don’t want to-”

“Oh, shud up!” He leans forward, scooping her body off of the sofa, and she squeals all the way as he carries her to the kitchen.

Setting her down on the counter, he finally gets her to stop whining. Rummaging through the cupboards, he brings out a cup, looking back at her.

“I don’t care if you’re in the mood or not, but i put my heart and soul into making this soup so you’re having it, whether you like it or not, understand?” He says sternly, lips turning up in a cheeky smile.

She makes gagging noises, ending up chuckling at her ownself. He grins at her, turning around to pour her the soup till the brim of the cup.

“So now you’re learning to make soup and stuff?” She teases him.

“Ah, well, i just actually put in all the vegetables i found in your refrigerator, so like..good luck with it?” He lifts the cup to her, making a soft face.

She laughs at him acting all innocent and defensive. “So like, what is in it that you feel might need a good luck?” She accepted the cup, bringing it to her nose.

“Um, i put in all sprouts and kale, so yeah..hope it works.” He shrugs, watching her take a sip.

“Mhmm.” She gulps down the thick broth, nodding at his appreciable attempt.

“You see, you’re having home made vegetable soup with a side of Harry Styles.” He winks cheekily, leaning against the counter to strike a pose.

She laughs heartedly at his comment. His presence itself is a lift to her mood, his talks are all the more pleasing.

“Drink up! Now! Now!” He scolds her, swatting her hips playfully.

She smiles, lifting the cup back to her lips and finishing off the rest of the soup that has her full to the brim.

She passes him the empty cup, and he takes it in his hand, wiping the mustache formed above her lips with the back of his hand.

“Ah, stop.” She whines, pushing his hand away from her mouth.

He smiles at her. “You ask for it.”

“I do not!”

“May i leave then?”

She rolls her eyes up in thought, hiding a smile. “Uh…no?”

“I wasn’t leaving anyway, so you aren’t getting rid of me too soon!”

His arms wrap around her as hers around his neck, as they chuckle into their necks, feeling the unnecessary thoughts subside and love and warmth take its place.

In a sudden pick, he lifts her off of the counter, holding her legs around his waist in tight grip, and he begins walking.

“Hold on, we are soaring high!” And he takes up on the first stair, rising high above to the second floor with each step. She laughs all the way.

In the bedroom, he sets her down, tugging at her clothes.

“Let’s clean up?”

She doesn’t leave her hold around his neck. “Nah, bed please?”

He grins at her. His hands tug her top up, and she herself pulls her shorts down till she’s only in her undergarments.

Harry does the same for himself, standing before her in just his boxers.

They lunge over to the bed, her lying on her back, while Harry leans on the side of his arms, hovering above her.

Suddenly, in the bed, she feels her mood take a dip, her eyes losing the gleam she encased before.

“What happened?” He notices.

She blows a raspberry from her mouth, meeting his eyes with a deep sigh. “Are you sleepy?”

He feels a fight within as to what he should answer. “Uh-no?”

“Don’t lie.” He saw this coming.

“Okay, i am, and so are you, and now…” He slings his arms around her waist, snuggling into her neck. “..we two sleep.”

She pulls her hand under his head, lifting till he almost lay with his half body on her. The closeness was enough that she needed, but if he would sleep, she doesn’t know what she would do.

“Just stop you crying..” He hums softly against her skin. The hair on her neck rises with the warmth of his breath, and she is attentive as he sings.

“’s the sign of the times.”

Her lips curve in a smile, she feels her eyes water.

“Remember everything will be alright..”

He looks up at her, resting his head above her chest and sees her eyes pool with tears.

“Stop you crying, baby..”

He wipes her tears as they fall down the side of her face, kissing along with a soft touch.

“It’s the sign of the times..”

He feels his voice waver, welling up with emotions he has to hold back.

“We will get away, we will get away..”

“Oh, Harry.” She sobs, holding his body as she hides her face in his chest.

“We will, we will..”

He finishes, taking a shaky breath as he brings her closer to him, hugging like it was the only thing that mattered, the only thing that could cure.

“Harry, i love you.” She admits, pressing herself to his warmth, to the godliness he radiates from his body.

“I love you, i love you.” He whispers in her ears, kissing her cheek and neck and everywhere it would feel better at.

She lets go, she finally does. In his arms, she is like a little baby, unconcerned, fragile but protected, asleep now but peacefully. Nothing disturbs her, nothing crosses her mind as with the sound of his tune, she finds herself lure into the world of sleep, enclosed and protected only with him.

As for him, he’s there for her. Has been, and always will.

She can be strong now, she shouldn’t fear ever now, because there’s always someone there to hold her back.


Dear reader, I love you

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I'm having diffoculty deciding whether I use dominant Ti or Fi. What are some visible differences between them? Also, how can I tell whether I use objective or subjective morals (Fe vs Fi)? Thanks!

This might be a bit disorganized, but bear with me :’) I’ll be sure to cover all the judging functions so you have a good understanding of their differences.

So, it’s important to first understand what these types have in common in order to understand exactly how and why they differ. IxxPs all approach the world with the intent to judge it according to their internal frameworks. Immature IxxPs tend to place all their eggs in the basket of their dominant function, so to speak, and are therefore extremely inflexible in regards to rearranging their framework. They don’t like accepting new information or considering alternative perspectives. It’s easier to throw out contradictory information rather than overhaul the entire system. This is the reason why immature IxxPs are generally narrow-minded and prone to stale, knee-jerk judgments. They aren’t proactively using their Pe or Je functions, so the validity of their precious framework is pretty much nonexistent. It may seem valid from the perspective of the IxxP, because they’re only holding their judgments to the standards of their own subjective framework. This is why immature IxxPs are prone to circular reasoning. “It’s correct because I believe it is correct.”

Now let’s start on the differences between IxTPs and IxFPs. Here’s something I wrote a while ago about the differences between Fi-Te and Ti-Fe:

Fi-Te uses a framework of personal self-referencing values backed by external systems of logic. (“This is what makes sense to me based on an intricate analysis of what I personally value and this is how the factual systems of reality support what I believe.”)

Fi+Te users will be speculating in-depth about values. “Why is this good/bad? Watch me pick apart the topic with my Handy-Dandy Moral Reasoning.” But then when it comes to truth-based matters they won’t have that same speculative attitude. Their response will be like, “Things are obviously this way and should be done in that manner. Why does this need to be discussed?”

Ti-Fe, on the other hand, uses a framework of personal self-referencing logic backed by external systems of values. (”This is what makes sense to me based on an intricate analysis of impersonal elements and this is how the value-based systems of reality support what I believe.”)

Ti+Fe users will be the ones speculating in-depth about rationale. “Why is this true/false? I’m gonna pick apart the topic with my Superb Intricate Logic.” When it comes to value-based matters, however, they won’t be doing that same speculation. “Um, things are obviously this way and should be done in that manner. Why are you even questioning this?” [x]

From a different post I wrote on Ti:

At its core, Ti is subjective logical analysis. It operates with the intent to make logical judgments that are consistent with its understanding of the world. … Ti also provides balance to Fe’s desire to uphold group values by detaching from situations and analyzing from an impersonal, logical perspective.

Ti’s judgments take on the form of linear reasoning. “If the sky is blue and all blue things are colored, then the sky is colored.” (If a = b and b = c, then a = c.) Basically, it’s like a process of elimination that Ti goes through, step-by-step, to ensure logical accuracy. It cuts out the illogical until only the logical remains, and there it finds the truth it seeks. That’s what people are talking about when they reference Ti’s “framework of logic”. Ti uses that logical framework to continue to make consistent, accurate judgments in the future. It tends to check and recheck its logic because it doesn’t draw from the outer world like an extraverted function. Ti’s judging process is totally internal, so it has to carefully analyze all aspects of an issue in order to arrive at a valid judgment. Honestly, a lot of Ti-users have a “gift” for making things seem logically sound without there being any actual evidence at all to support their reasoning. Their statements may be logically sound, but the premises may be faulty if their perceptions are inaccurate… or they may just be hoping that you don’t notice the holes in their argument, lol. [x]

Fi has a similar process to Ti, in the sense that it gradually forms and refines. The difference is that Fi operates with the intent to make judgments of value (what is good, what is not). It uses a formula of internalized values to determine what it should accept/reject as it interacts with the world. Above all, Fi-doms want to be consistent with their values. They may try to explain/justify their impulsive value judgments with lengthy moralizing as an afterthought, in order to save Fi’s ego. It’s the value-based equivalent of a Ti-user’s “well TECHNICALLY…” Their reasoning may be consistent and valid according to their personal system of values, but their argument may easily fall to pieces when confronted with factual reality.

In response to overemphasized Fi/Ti, some people might think: “So what if you personally find fault with this thing? Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re making the situation unnecessarily difficult.” An extraverted judging function really comes in handy in those sorts of situations. Te/Fe allows the IxxP to compromise with reality. Like yeah, the situation may not align perfectly with your preexisting judgments, but how much weight do those judgments really hold when faced with reality? Wouldn’t it be better to work with reality rather than counter-productively trying to force a highly subjective framework on everything? And that’s why Te and Fe are there. They bring objectivity and efficiency to the sometimes-ridiculous intricacy of Fi/Ti.

Now, the Je functions are efficient in the sense that they judge according to the clearest course of sensible action. “We can get from A to B with this method and obtain the desirable result, so let’s do it.” Their approach is broad and productive, in contrast to the meticulous approach of Ji. Even though both Te and Fe work with reality to form their conclusions, their goals are different. Te aims for logical efficiency. It forms judgments centered around the hard truths of reality. In the case of xxTJs, they prioritize Te’s judgments and often take the shortest “most logical” path to their goal at the expense of their personal values. With xxFPs, they will often disregard Te if its conclusion clashes with their personal values. Fe aims for social efficiency. It can be equally brutal to Te in its pursuit to maintain that efficiency. It forms and enforces judgments based on collective values, sometimes at the expense of a more in-depth analysis of the situation (in the case of xxFJs). As for xxTPs, they often disregard Fe if the conclusion clashes with their personal logic.

So, simply put:

Balanced Fi-Te maintains its value system and regularly readjusts it to reasonably account for objective truth.

Balanced Ti-Fe maintains its logic system and regularly readjusts it to reasonably account for external values.

Now I know you asked specifically for visible differences (whoops), so this may be more of what you’re looking for:

An IxTP with a good grasp of Fe gives off more approachable vibes; they utilize facial expressions as a tool to aid communication. They tend to “smile” with their eyes more naturally than IxFPs. Fi-users in general tend to give off serious vibes; their facial expressions are more muted and their eyes seem distant. They tend to express themselves in strong, short bursts and then return to their impassive setting. (IxTPs may be similar in this aspect if they have a hard time regulating their Fe, but their “bursts” will appear more unnatural and forced in comparison.) Fe-users tend to use their expressions to encourage the group to react on a similar wavelength. An IxFP is far more likely to express themselves passionately for the mere sake of self-expression. This may seem inappropriate or ill-timed from the perspective of an Fe-user, while the IxFP may be wholly unaware of this. An IxTP might misinterpret the strong expression from an Fe perspective, believing that the IxFP’s intention is to manipulate them into agreement. (Not to say that Fi-users don’t manipulate people. They’re just more likely to strong-arm people into agreement rather than attempt an Fe-esque approach.)

Basically, the idea is that Fe-users (IxTPs included) approach social situations on a larger scale, with an awareness of the “the group” as an entity, and therefore make value judgments based on that broad awareness. Fi-users (IxFPs especially) approach social situations on a smaller scale, from their individual perspective with the intent to relate all things back to the self, and therefore make value judgments that originate from the individual perspective.

That’s about all I have for ya. Thanks for asking!

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Hello Dana, since you've been in the industry do a while now, I was hoping to hear your thoughts on something. I am currently considering attending LCAD as I did not get accepted to calarts. I have read your posts about school so I'm not going to ask about that, what I DO want to ask is: based on your experience, how important is having connections in regards to getting into the animation industry? I'm very stressed b/c people keep saying its a lot about WHO you know and it makes me feel unsure

Having “connections” can definitely help you find work however it’s not the most important thing you need. You can know everyone on the planet and still not get a gig if your work isn’t up to snuff. So (as I always say) focus on your art! I barely knew ANYONE when I first started out. I got an internship at JibJab through an acquaintance I knew only online who showed his coworkers my blog. I got my first job on Gravity Falls because (I was told) someone just randomly found my tumblr and decided to send me a test. You live in the age of the internet, use it to your advantage! Befriend people from other schools, meet people on forums (animated buzz,, DA, I dunno if those are still popular but there are probably others), ask them questions and offer something in return. Most importantly POST YOUR WORK ONLINE. If you’re already doing it, great! Don’t stop, haha. It’s how potential employers are going to find you. I wouldn’t have gotten as far if I didn’t post my student films online. 

So in the end “connections” are good to have but a great portfolio is better. Remember, if you work is good people will take notice.

(EDIT: I also want to add, if you’re posting your work online make sure it’s easy to find, whether with an art tag or your own dedicated art blog/website. Don’t make employers dig through 3 pages of reblogs to find a sketch, they DO NOT have time to waste.) 

[Optional Bias] Late night reading

Fluff. 1083 words. 

Originally posted by r-un-fast

“What are you doing?”

“Huh?” Your trance is broken but you keep your eyes focused on the bright screen in front of you.

“What are you doing, looking all serious and weird this late?” He chuckles, bending down to kiss your cheek and peek at your laptop resting against your thighs.

“Reading, shhh it’s getting to the good part,” you reply, picking at your chapped lips while your eyes continued to take in the words. You jiggle your legs hanging off the armrest of the sofa, suddenly feeling pins and needles creeping up on them.

You could tell he is annoyed that you didn’t react to his kiss at all and chose your story over him but you couldn’t care less, the characters in this story are being all angsty and you need to ride this emotional roller coaster with them.

He sits down on the sofa behind your fortress of cushions and pulls them out under you causing your body to crash down and your laptop to almost come flying to your face from the momentum.

He catches your laptop and tries to read what you’ve been reading. You look up at him without moving your body. It is an awkward position but at 2AM your body is basically comfortable in however position as long as you don’t have to move a lot. “How is it? Got the feels?”

“What are you even reading, it’s not even a real book,” he scoffs before handing your laptop back to you and adjusting both your bodies so that you are leaning onto him, his arms curling around you.

“A good story doesn’t need to be in a book to be appreciated, lots of people write well and post stuff online nowadays,” you explain, trying to find where you left of. “And this is giving my poor heart such a hard time that I’m considering saving it.”

“Psh. What’s the point, it’s not like they can make money by posting a story they made up online for everyone to read.”

“No, but they get something more valuable.” You look up at him, eyes wide, still picking at your lips . He looks down into your eyes and raises an eyebrow as if challenging you. You continue, unfazed, “They get recognition and people all around the world reading their creation, they get to share their vision and the images they had in their mind through the words they typed up, they get to connect with others over something that they originally felt so strongly over. Isn’t that valuable?”

He sees the twinkle in your eyes and smirks, deciding to drop the topic. “Stop doing that, your lips will bleed if you’re not careful,” he gently pulls your hand away and kisses you.

“Admit it,” you say as soon as you surfaced.

“Admit what?” he asks, confused, obviously still feeling the kiss and wanting more.

“That I won that one,” you turn away to your laptop as he tries to steal in another kiss. “I know you’re dropping it ‘cause you don’t wanna admit I’m right,” you say coolly while moving your cursor to stop the darkening laptop screen.

There was a sudden chill in the air as you realise you’ve gone too far. You could practically feel his hurt from you ‘rejecting’ the kiss, especially since you haven’t exactly been showering him with love and attention from the moment he came looking for you to go to bed.

“Kidding!” You say, turning to smile brightly upside down at him, flashing your best eye smile. You hold on to your laptop to prevent it from falling off as you turn to close the distance between you both and kiss him softly. “I’m sorry.”

He smiles and kisses you again, taking in your sincerity and apologies from your soft lips. “I acknowledge your point,” he replies through the kisses, no longer hurt but amused from how you’ve been tonight.

“Now let’s finish reading this and go to bed,” he says, pulling you close into him while his other hand tries to wake up your laptop.

“Oh so after all the ‘what even is this, blah blah’, you want to read too!” you laugh, mocking him but leaning into warmth nonetheless.

“I never said it was a bad piece of writing,” he defends himself, sticking his tongue out.

You both continue reading, quietly enjoying the silence while the laughter and warmth still floats in the air around you. You have been together for so long now that even your reading speeds have matched up, so it was smooth-scrolling through the fiction without having to indicate or ask whether each other have finished reading to go on to the next part.

In no time, the story ended and he echoes you in a heavy sigh. “Was it a good idea for you to read something this angsty before going to bed? How will you sleep?” he asks you, stretching out his muscles from the weight of the story.

“Yeah why not, I mean, doesn’t it just make you feel so tired that you just want to end your day and sleep?” you say, closing your laptop and turning around to look him in the eyes. “Plus, when I have you how can I not sleep well? All the pain or angst from anything I read just melts away when I’m in your arms.”

A noticeable pink flush creeps up his neck and you smile at his adorableness, he could never handle it when you are so direct since you very rarely do it that way. His squishes your cheeks and avoids eye-contact by putting your foreheads together, mumbling, “What, is it drag me night tonight…”

You pucker your lips and say through squished cheeks, “You’re just sho cuuute.” You close your eyes, wanting a kiss, but he laughs - “you look like a goldfish” - and kisses your forehead. “Now let’s for real go to bed.”

He stands, pulling you up with him and he hugs you from behind. He nuzzles into your neck and starts to step towards the bedroom. You laugh as you imagine him from a third-person view, waddling blindly with his face tucked in your neck and his arms tight around you.

And with a fuzzy feeling, you realise, from a third-person view, that this scene, with you laughing because of his cute actions, would be exactly what you want in your relationship.  You smile blissfully, melting into his body, thanking the stars for his love.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of this character development for tsukiyama? I really don't mean any disrespect, but I obviously need something to open up my eyes, 'cuz I'm not seeing it. He went from I'd eat anyone as long as they appeal to me! to I smelled that guy now I'm obsessed and he died so Imma die too cuz I can't get on that. I don't know, he just sounds like one of those guilt tripping Nice Guys to me :( if anyone says but he cares for ken i'm not here for that,he wants dinner

Whether you decide to answer that or not, I’ll respect your opinion, cuz I respect you a whole lot, and I like your meta-breakdowns, so I’m asking. Thanks, in advance

Anon, I appreciate your kind words but I have to disagree with how you’re framing this in your mind. Maybe I can give you a different frame of reference for Tsukiyama’s actions. 

Now, I adore Tsukiyama but I haven’t read the novels and so I am not as up to speed on his (former) character as other tumblr users. There are other metas about him from people who have read the novels, and you’re welcome to look those up for reference. But from what I can tell, there are two components to your question:

1) How has Tsukiyama’s character developed through the manga?

2) Is Tsukiyama following the “Nice Guy” trajectory, or does he give a damn about Kaneki? (I know you said you’re not here for the idea that he cares about Ken, but that raises the question, so.)

So I will address them in that order. 

Tsukiyama’s Character Development

It’s undoubtable that when Tsukiyama was first introduced, he was interested in Kaneki for one reason only–he wanted to eat him. 

He was a nuisance. Touka said so, and I am sure she wasn't’ the only one who felt that way. Lest we forget, the “Gourmet” was one of the reasons why the CCG decided to increase Dove presence in the 20th Ward, so Tsukiyama was clearly bringing some very unwanted attention. Then, he went on to try and eat Kaneki, going so far as to make him one of the dishes available at his ghoul restaurant. 

When Kaneki fights back and breaks Taro’s arm, Tsukiyama is pleased…he’s pleased that Kaneki was able to think clearly in the situation, was able to fight back, and was able to provide entertainment for his guests. 

Did Tsukiyama care about Kaneki at this point? No. Absolutely not. He just wanted to impress his guests by providing a good show. But Tsukiyama did save Kaneki, only to make him a meal of his own. Tsukiyama selfishly wanted to have Kaneki to himself. He did not want to share him with the others. So he made a new plan. He lured Kaneki into a church so that he could eat him there. I am not going to examine this part too closely…we know that Tsukiyama selfishly wanted to eat Kaneki himself, and that he was beaten. But there is one part I would like to draw attention to:

“I do not have any memories of ever being broken.”

Just….keep that quote in your back pocket, for now. 

Of course, as we know, Kaneki was kidnapped by Aogiri and then tortured by Jason. When Anteiku decided to try and rescue Kaneki, they knew that they needed all of the assistance that they could get. One of the people who chose to help them was Tsukiyama. Now, obviously, going on this mission meant risking their lives. So Tsukiyama was risking his life, but still only for a meal. He wanted to eat Kaneki. He wanted to consume the creature who had managed to evade him twice, while intriguing him so. He wanted to make Kaneki his, and he didn’t want any of those Aogiri assholes to eat the meal he’d worked so hard to obtain. He was willing to put his life on the line for his dinner. Did Tsukiyama care about Kaneki as a person at this point? No. You could argue that there was some more intense, subliminal stuff going on, but for all intents and purposes, for all that we know, Tsukiyama just wanted his dinner. 

After Kaneki is rescued, Banjou pledges himself as Kankei’s Sheild, and in response, Tsukiyama pledges himself as Kaneki’s Sword.

Kaneki accepts this, but warns Tsukiyama that any unnecessary actions will not be tolerated. Tsukiyama is turned on by this, and wants to eat Kaneki even more.

Time passes. The next several chapters focus on Amon, Akira, Shinohara, and Juuzou, which a little bit about Hide. When we see Tsukiyama and Kankei again, it is in a flashback. Tsukiyama appears to be up to his usual hijinks…

He proceeds to help Kaneki murder and cannibalize all of his “friends.” Though he may not have felt much affection or loyalty toward them, he had known these ghouls for a very long time. This is the first time I would claim true development of character. Why? Because Tsukiyama is more loyal to Kaneki, or to his desire for Kaneki, than he is to those he has known for a long time. Remember, the first time he brought Kaneki into the restaurant, he merely killed a scrapper. Scrappers are considered pets, so while it was violent, it wasn’t even remotely similar to killing a fellow ghoul. In this case, he didn’t kill one ghoul…he killed hundreds. 

This is development because his devotion to Kaneki is growing. This is confirmed a few pages later when we see…

Him acting as essentially a bodyguard to Kaneki. 

Him referring to Kaneki as his “master”…

Him admiring Kaneki, and standing back while Kaneki takes down his enemies.

Now, there’s way much here to give pictures for, but as that chapters go on, we see that Tsukiyama is working side by side with Kaneki. He is bankrolling Kaneki, providing him with a home, getting him into the places that he needs to be, going along with all of Kaneki’s plans, and not trying to eat him. It could be argued that this is all a part of Tsukiyama’s plans, but I think at this point - spending all of his time on Kaneki, spending vast amounts of money on Kaneki, designing Kaneki’s clothing (where did he get the new centipede eyepatch? His new clothes? we know he designed Kaneki’s sexy af battlesuit) - it’s safe to say that Tsukiyama’s interest has….outgrown what he would do for a meal. 

He considers the people in Kaneki’s squad to be his friends, and he is lonely.

Later, we see him confused when Kaneki left him behind at the hospital, and fighting at Kaneki’s side, even sustaining physical damage from Naki on Kaneki’s behalf. 

This goes on. He follows Kaneki everywhere, and he does everything at his side. He never once tries to eat him, though he keeps acting like that is what he’s getting at. Then, after the incident with Kanou when Kaneki goes half-kakuja and hurts, Banjou, he’s very depressed. He wont leave his room. It is Tsukiyama that dares to enter, and this is some of what happens.

Apparently, he has observed Kaneki so closely that he knows the one thing that can cheer him up: novels. And Kaneki goes from this:

To this:

In a matter of hours. 

To cheer up Hinami, Tsukiyama takes her out for tea:

Showing that he’s not only well behaved when Kaneki is watching, but when he doesn’t particularly stand to gain anything. Now, of course, Tsukiyama is still claiming to himself that he is just working to acquire Kaneki as a meal.

Yes, Tsukiyama is creepily sniffing his Kaneki-cloth, But actions speak louder than words, do they not? And Tsukiyama hasn’t done anything to actually harm Kaneki in almost over 6 months at this point. In fact, everything that he has been doing has been to help Kaneki and those who surround Kaneki. And he knows it.

What he doesn’t seem to realize yet, is why.

Kaneki chooses to return to Anteiku, and tells his “family” that he is going and that he would like them to join him. 

Tsukiyama claims, within his own mind, that though Kaneki is a lot of trouble, he’s still “good spice,” and therefore worth following. 

But lets consider this for a moment. At this point, Tsukiyama has risked his life several times, allowed his friends to be killed and cannibalized, bankrolled Kaneki, taken pains to cheer him up when he’s down, fought by him at his side. He’s made friends with Kaneki’s friends. He’s done everything that he possibly could do for Kaneki. 

At this point, do you really, honestly believe that this has anything to do with wanting a meal?

Then the Anteiku raid begins. And this is where Tsukiyama has his moment of truth. Kaneki is intent on sacrificing himself for his friends. Tsukiyama…well…

Tsukiyama has seen Kaneki fight. He has seen Kaneki’s struggle. He’s given everything in his power to help Kaneki. And now Kaneki is throwing his life away on a battle that he can not win. Tsukiyama still says he wants to eat him, but you can not convince me that is his motivation in this scene. He’s hysterical. He’s in massive distress. He doesn’t want to lose someone that he’s actually come to love. 

That’s right. I am saying that Tsukiyama actually loves Kaneki, and that his actions in this seen are borne from that love. 

He’s devastated because he can’t stop Kaneki.

And if you need more proof, Kaneki himself thanks Tsukiyama for trying to stop him. Because in that moment, Kaneki knows that Tsukiyama isn’t trying to hurt him, and he isn’t trying to kill him. In that moment, he knows that Tsukiyama was trying to stop him because he cares about him. And Tsukiyama was willing to throw his life away for that. 

And honestly, he does. Losing Kaneki, but even worse, being incapable of stopping him from throwing his own life away, literally destroys Tsukiyama. He doesn’t move, for how long we don’t know. He doesn’t eat for three years. That’s not mourning a lost meal. That’s grief. That’s devastation. That’s coming from a place of deep, deep love. 

And this is where point 2 comes in.

The “nice guy” trope pattern is as follows: Nice Guy falls in lust, Nice Guy does nice things for object of lust, object rejects Nice Guy, and Nice Guy flies into a rage and aims to hurt the object. 

But by this time, Kaneki is not an object to Tsukiyama. If Kaneki was an object, Tsukiyama would not have gone three years without eating. He would not have been devastated. He would have actually tried to hurt Kaneki, instead of just losing his shit and falling impotently to the ground. If Tsukiyama only cared about Kaneki as a meal, he would not have lost literally every aspect of his identity when Kaneki threw his life away. 

Somewhere between agreeing to be Kaneki’s sword and begging him not to go for dear life, Tsukiyama Shuu fell deeply in love with him. He started out at the Nice Guy, but he ended up being the tragic half of love unrequited. And in the end, Kaneki understood that Tsukiyama’s attack came from a place of love, not lust or hunger, but love. That’s why he thanked him. 

Before Kaneki, Tsukiyama was a carefree, hedonistic ghoul with very little conscience to speak of. Kaneki changed him in a way that Tsukiyama still can’t come back from. And despite his connections, his money, his energy, his efforts, and his love, he couldn’t stop Kaneki from throwing himself at the mercy of the CCG. And that devastated him. 

I hope that you read all of this, anon, it’s taken me two hours to write. But if you read all of this and still think that Tsukiyama hasn’t developed as a character, at the very least, then I don’t even know what to tell you. To me, it’s entirely clear that Tsukiyama both developed like crazy AND fell in love with Kaneki. I hope that, at the very least, you can understand where I am getting this viewpoint from. 

per-solem  asked:

Hi ! :) I know it's not the first time I'm asking for help, but I'm really starting to doubt everything I thought I know concerning myself and the cognitive functions ! I'm absolutely sure I use both Te and Fi. By checking out the different types, I was able to cut down the list to 2 types : INFP and INTJ. And I'm lost !!!!! I can't determine through the functions my type, so I'm asking for help understanding a bit more these two types... Thank you in advance, ! <3

INFPs and INTJs are as different as night and day. One is driven by personal ethics, the other is a collector of empirical logic.

Let me use an example drawn from (my) real life, to illustrate the difference.

You are offered a unique, creative business opportunity – to take over a small store on a local street corner, which specializes in ceramic angels that sell for a high price as collectible items.

The INFP first determines whether or not this is something they take a personal interest in, enough to consider a long-term commitment, because anything that takes awhile to establish tends to become boring after awhile, and they fear being stuck in a rut or failing to make personal progress in life. They decide yes, they can do this… but find it difficult to estimate the value of the ceramic angels, and are reluctant to actively push upon other people to purchase them. They might even feel bad that the angels cost so much. They find managing the financial side of the business somewhat boring, and know they should make more of a profit, but cannot seem to figure out how to do that efficiently without sacrificing their individual needs. Eventually, the INFP either closes, sells the business (for a small profit), or gives it away to someone who needs a source of additional income, in order to pursue the passions they hold more dear.

The INTJ asks for all the facts of the existing business – its financial gains and losses, its profit margins, and considers whether or not it’s going to be successful where it is, on the current street. It scans the block and determines either a) this is a good location and with some hard work, it could be a far more successful business (using online marketing, buying advertising space in niche magazines, and featuring “collectibles”) because the proximity to the main street is likely to cause an industry / gift shop boom in the area once the new hotel opens up down the street, and the city finishes renovations to make it a tourist trap, or b) this is a niche market that demands greater output (financial, and personal time) than it is likely to generate revenues; the street is too quiet, there are not enough other businesses to pull in the amount of people needed to sustain a profit. If the INTJ sees future potential in the business and cares, it accepts and works hard to make it a thriving business; if it does not, it turns down the opportunity without a backward glance. If the business is successful, but at any time fails to get the INTJ closer to whatever their desired future looks like, they will leverage it and sell for a profit.

Feelers consider the emotional impact of their decisions and whether or not they feel “led” to become part of something; thinkers consider the broader business potential or bottom line, and are often driven toward external profits.

The low Si in an INFP, combined with the FiNe desire to create and the inferior Te means they are not often “driven” so much as “work, in order to do what they really want to do.” Work means money, which means I get to paint or write or whatever on weekends. External things matter less to them than the comfort of doing what they love. Everything in them is driven toward doing what they love or what interests them. You may see FP types (particularly NFP) living at home or with their parents longer than TJ types, because the TJ’s Te feels a need to be self-sufficient in the external world / develop a strong work ethic, whereas the FP is more indecisive and reluctant to commit to anything which might limit their personal freedom (moving out means bigger bills and greater responsibilities, which stresses out Ne/Se types, who become BORED in the same job, unless the profit is high enough to enable them time to do whatever they like more). Plus, the Si of the NFP ties them to their roots and makes them reluctant to embrace enormous change; if the current situation is “working,” they don’t see why they need to change it!

I saw an FP take on a business recently that is doing “moderately well” but not turning over a huge profit; she bought it because she a) liked the business and saw potential in it, but also because b) it closing down would mean several other employees, including herself, could no longer work there. Now, since she’s an extrovert, she realizes she’ll get bored with this after awhile, and she’s aware the bottom line is draining her resources (tert-Te), so she’s decided to build it up as much as she can, earn a “five star” rating for it (Te again) and then sell it for a profit (Te). Still, her business decisions are motivated through personal ethics (Fi) that enable her to maintain a certain amount of “freedom” (Se, in her case). She admits that she is “dirt poor, but the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, because I get to do what I love.”

I have many of the same problems; part of me thinks I should “get out into the world more and be successful,” and the higher Fi part of me thinks, “But that’s BORING! And I just want to sit here and write! And talk about personality types! My current situation lets me do that! So I’m staying!” I feel a Te-need to make money, but it almost NEVER pushes me hard enough to actually go out there and push my product on other people or sell them things. I have a really hard time thinking that “my time costs money.” My time, to me, is for whatever I want to do! If I had more Te, I’d be making money off you all by now as an official licensed MBTI consultant / psychologist / expert, instead of giving you thousands of hours worth of free information. =P

That attitude never manifests in my INTJ friends, who understand that society is a free exchange of cost-and-profit – you get something, I get something, everyone wins, that’s how it works. You pay me, you get this service. I pay you, I get that. Your time should go toward something that benefits you in some way, either financially or otherwise, and I’m not doing that for free unless it’s for someone I care about.

- ENFP Mod