now i just need the windmill

every time i think of a random profession my dragon town needs i have to start another gen 1 hunt because it all has to be gen 1s now that’s just how FR works

i need a glassblower/glazier (technically this should be TWO dragons since that’s two different professions BUT FOR THE SAKE OF BREVITY i am combining them. the dragon can make bottles AND stained glass it’s FINE) and now I need a miller, because I want there to be a windmill and/or a watermill and there are enough canon grains (and granola bars) (and tECHNICALLY CAKES) to justify baked goods for dragons so they need a MILL.

i will think of another profession very shortly i’m sure


*opens up rural/ag subhood of Needham Hills because it’s up in the rotation*

*thinks, “Oh hey, I think I’ll add a few trees here and there before I open up a household.”* (Because it was just a mostly-flat place with some lots and a few deco ponds.)

Six hours later…

Well, at least I added trees. And too many windmills. And random silos. And a mountain range. And a waterfall. And a rather large river system. And the playable area is no longer flat. And it’s not even done because now I need to lower/flatten the terrain behind the “mountains” so that it isn’t higher than the mountains. Plus there’s still some smoothing to be done where I totally ripped apart the terrain…

Me + modify neighborhood terrain cheat = Danger.

RvB: Radio Chatter

For jspx, because she is awesome.

“Come in, Recovery One. This is Recovery Command asking…what did you have for dinner today?”

Wash takes care to transmit the resulting sigh. “Why do you always call me when you’re bored?”

“You have no way of knowing that for sure,” she says, but she’s grinning.

“Overwhelming statistical evidence begs to differ. And beans.”

“God, just beans? That’s downright depressing.”

“They’re a protein! And besides, I’m on a field mission. It’s not like I packed a three course meal.”

“Yeah, but, like, a steak. You should have packed a steak. You’re so short-sighted sometimes.” She glances at the other computer screens, still void of any notable activity. “Steak is a protein, but, you know, a good one.”

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