now i just need it to snow hard enough that i get to go sledding

“What are those?” Eleven asked, looking at the bundle of dark red flowers in Jonathan’s hands. 

“These?” he held them out to let her look closer, “They’re roses. A special kind of flower for Valentine’s Day.” 

“Why are they special?” Eleven tentatively brushed a fingertip against the soft petals of one of the roses. 

“Because you get them for a girl you really like, the way I really like Nancy.”

“Love.” It was a statement, not a question. Eleven may not have been the best at speaking, but she was certainly good at feeling. Jonathan’s cheeks turned almost as red as the roses in his hand. 

“Yeah,” he ran his fingers through his messy hair, “I guess so.” 

“Pretty,” Eleven smiled. Jonathan reached into the bouquet and plucked one out, handing it to her. 

“Careful,” he said, “Sometimes the stems have thorns.” 

“But they’re not for me,” Eleven hesitated, her hand hovering over the stem.

“This one can be,” Jonathan assured her, “Like you said, they’re for girls you love. And I love you like you’re my little sister.”

An excerpt from a Valentine’s Day fic I wrote a while back. 

She Never Stopped Smiling

Fly was an odd kid, even by odd kid standards. I met her in sixth grade, when our alphabetically ordered last names landed us in adjacent seats, and she turned to look at me with a cheerful, gap toothed smile.

“Hi!” She said.

“Hi.” I replied quietly.

I was shy and intimidated by my first day in middle school, but she wasn’t the least bit nervous.

“I’m Eden, but nobody calls me that. They call me Fly, so you can too!”

“Um, thanks. I’m Stephanie.”

“We should be friends!”


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300+ RP Starters Inspired by My Favorite Animated Movies

//I felt inspired after re-watching some of my all-time favorite movies that i used to watch almost everyday when i was a kid, so here it is: a list of short starters inspired by Balto and Anastasia!

Edit: This was a mistake. I repeat, this was a mistake. Kids, do not attempt this at home. Do not spend hours making a silly starter list that will eat you alive and cause tumblr to crash twice cries i need a movie and a blanket bye

  • “It’s been so long since my last visit…”
  • “Years and years ago, way before you were born.”
  • “We’re in the middle of nowhere!”
  • “We’re in the middle of New York City!”
  • “You’re gonna make yourself tired walking so long.”
  • “What are we looking for, anyway?”
  • “What place is that?”
  • “It was snowing hard.”
  • “We’re not gonna make it!”
  • “Three mile marker!”
  • “Get your slobbering mouth off me!”
  • “We can cut around the back and catch the end of the race.”
  • “No, no, no! I’m…a delicate, country bird. I hate going into town!”
  • “Come on, what’s the worst that can happen?”
  • “Why do I let you talk me into these things?”
  • “Bring that back, you thief!”
  • “Come on, we don’t want to miss the finish.”
  • “Woah, that would be a tragedy.”
  • “I was being sarcastic.”
  • “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”
  • “When will you learn to stay on the sidelines?”
  • “Well, now you’ve hurt his feelings!”
  • “There are some things I cannot do for you. I’m me ..not Cupid.”
  • “Didn’t make the team?”
  • “Don’t listen to him…don’t look at him. Live a long life.”
  • “Just leave him out of this!”
  • “You’re… taking care of me?”
  • “Don’t thank me.”
  • “No hugging.”
  • “What are you talkin’ about? Of course he’s glad to see us. He loves us.”
  • “Race you to the shore, one two three go!”
  • “What, more whimpering? Between you and [insert name] is like Dostoyevski novel around here. Lighten up!”
  • “And what is so interesting?”
  • “Nah…she’s not my type.”
  • “Look, uh, it’s just a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if ah, I dunno, maybe you’d like to go…chase a few sticks by moonlight?”
  • “In a hospital? Why?”
  • “ I have the keys to the city”
  • “Stay close.”
  • “Gloomy? You kiddin’? It’s the most beautiful spot in the world! People travel for years just to be right here.”
  • “Well I have another blanket for you right here, you just stay warm and get some rest.”
  • “I didn;t mean to upset you.”
  • “Racing in a spectator sport, it requires very little preparation! You sit, you arrange refreshments. You like potato chip?”
  • “You said what?!?”
  • “First of all, get it through your head that they wouldn’t put you in a sled team even if you did win, which won’t happen and if it did it wouldn’t matter!”
  • “Did you ever think that maybe you’re the reason geese fly south?”
  • “ If only your feet were as fast as your mouth.”
  • “Luck? I don’t wish you luck, I wish you SENSE!”
  • “Good luck, kiddo.”
  • “You’re even more mixed up than I thought.”
  • “You see those teeth?”
  • “I am not lost!”
  • “They missed their second checkpoint. They’re off the trail.”
  • “We’re going to lose them.”
  • “Don’t go crazy on me now!”
  • “This is foolishness! You will die like a dog!” 
  • “ You will be frozen stiff by morning! When you are big frozen stiff statue named [insert character name], don’t come running to me!”
  • “Yes! Yes, count us in!”
  • “Wait a minute… Now you’re coming?”
  • “Spending days in bitter cold, facing wild animals, risking death from exposure? Heh heh heh heh! Is like holiday in Old Country.”
  • “Good, you took on the roughest, toughest, meanest tree in the forest… and you won. Hmph!”
  • “I’m marking the trail.”
  • “He’s marking our trail. He’s very clever.”
  • “And here I’ve been dropping bread crumbs.”
  • “Boy, is he lost.”
  • “We’re going in circles!”
  • “I know what I’m doing! It’s…this way! Come on!”
  • “Oww! I hit my head on somethin’.”
  • “Yeah, my head.”
  • “Is that your answer to all problems? Motion?”
  • “I don’t see them!”
  • “Come to life, come to life…BREATHE! Come on…”
  • “Is-he-gonna-be-okay-is-he-gonna-be-okay-coz-he’s-not-breathing-he-doesn’t-look-very-well– Stop hitting him!”
  • “Look, a message came through, we have to take the mountain trail.”
  • “ I’m beginning to see there isn’t anything you can’t do.”
  • “I’m seeing a few things too…and it’s making the ice melt…”
  • “You oughta learn how to swim someday…”
  • “You’re going on alone?”
  • “Won’t be the first time.”
  • “I do not like leaving you out here alone! Who’s going to tell you how cold you are?”
  • “Maybe we should listen to him.”
  • “Since when do you need a pedigree to help someone?”
  • “I… don’t want to fight.”
  • “That can’t be legal.”
  • “Hey! Hey! Goin’… too… fast!”
  • “Well…he’s tracking them.”
  • “You’re alive! You’re back! Where ya been? Are ya okay?”
  • “Yeah, what happened to you?”
  • “You know he… he just wanted so much to be a hero in your eyes.”
  • “He couldn’t see the patch of ice…the snow, the wind…and then the log…sniff…and the cliff, well he just didn’t have a chan-… He just… I’m sorry… ”
  • “He… made me promise to take… care of you”
  • “You’re lying.”
  • “Oh great, things are not bad enough! Now we got wolves!”
  • “That’s the most amazing, the most fantastic, that is the most incredible, that’s the most phenomenal, I… I never…”
  • “I can explain.”
  • “Steady there, steady.”
  • “Easy now, that’s had a long journey.”
  • “He’s gonna be okay.”
  • “There’s someone who wants to see you.”
  • “I fell asleep.”
  • “They should build a statue of him!”
  • “ Maybe, with practice… a lot of practice.”
  • For me?! Is it a jewelry box?!”
  • “Pretend that it’s me singing.”
  • “But I am your confidante.”
  • “My music box!”
  • “Keep up with me, darling!”
  • “I never saw her again.”
  • “My underwear got frozen standing here all week!”
  • “Thank goodness for the gossip that gets us through the day!”
  • “Have you heard what they’re saying on the street?”
  • “It’s a rumor that’s part of our history.”
  • “I’ve got my part done.”
  • “It could be worth a fortune if it belonged to her.”
  • “Everything is going according to the plan.”
  • “We’ll have three tickets out of here.”
  • “Who else could pull it off but you and me?”
  • “We’ll be rich!”
  • “ I got you a job in the fish factory.”
  • “You go straight down this path till you get to the fork in the road, then go left.”
  • “Are you listening?”
  • “You’ve been a thorn in my side since you were brought here.”
  • “And for the last ten years I’ve fed you, I’ve clothed you. I’ve kept a roof over your head–”
  • “How is it you don’t have a clue as to who you were before you came to us but you can remember all that?”
  • “So, you want to go to France to find your family, huh?”
  • “It’s time to take your place in life.”
  • “And be grateful too.”
  • “I am grateful. Grateful to get away!”
  • “Well, I know what’s to the left.”
  • “But if I go right…”
  • “Send me a sign, a hint, anything.”
  • “I don’t have time to play right now.”
  • “I’m waiting for a sign.”
  • “Would you please leave me alone?”
  • “I can take a hint.”
  • “Heart, don’t fail me now.”
  • “Don’t turn back now that we’re here.”
  • “People always say life is full of choices.”
  • “No one ever mentions fear.”
  • “I know someone’s waiting.”
  • “Years of dreams just can’t be wrong.”
  • “One step at a time.”
  • “One hope, then another.”
  • “Who knows where this road may go?”
  • “One ticket to Paris please.”
  • “No exit visa, no ticket.”
  • “Where can I find him?”
  • “At the old palace, but you didn’t hear it from me.”
  • “And I look like a princess, and I dance like a feather.”
  • “Next please!”
  • “We’ll find her. She’s here somewhere, right under our noses.”
  • “Do you know where that is?”
  • “Did you hear something?”
  • “Anybody home?”
  • “This place is… it’s like a memory from a dream.”
  • “I almost remember.”
  • “What are you doing in here!”
  • “Stop stop stop stop stop stop. Hold on a minute.”
  • ”How did you get in here?”
  • “Excuse me child.”
  • “Do you see what I see?”
  • “Perhaps. Depends on who’s asking.”
  • “I need travel papers.”
  • “Look, I know it’s strange, but I don’t remember. I have very few memories of my past.”
  • “You do kind of resemble her/him.”
  • “Are you trying to tell me that you think I am the grand duchess?”
  • “Ever thought about the possibility?”
  • “I could be royalty?”
  • “Why didn’t you tell her about our brilliant plan?”
  • “I’m telling you, we’re walking away too soon.”
  • “I got it under control.”
  • “Walk a little slower.”
  • “Three… Two… One…”
  • “Did you call me?”
  • “It’s all just an honest mistake.”
  • “Sounds plausible.”
  • “Either way, it gets you to Paris.”
  • “The dog stays.”
  • “What are you talking about, the dog goes.”
  • “The dog does not go.”
  • “I say he’s going.”
  • “I’m allergic to dogs.”
  • “Am I right my friend?”
  • “Enough already with the glowing and the smoke people!”
  • “Just leave the dog.”
  • “I am not leaving the dog.”
  • “Come, we’ve got a train to catch.”
  • “Who dares intrude on my solitude?”
  • “Get out! Get out! OUT!”
  • “Is that you?”
  • “Something’s happened.”
  • “I knew it!”
  • “Yeah, ain’t that a kick in the head!”
  • “I guess a curse just ain’t what it used to be, huh?”
  • “I’m stuck here in limbo!”
  • “Look at me. I’m falling apart. I’m a wreck.”
  • “Is this the face of someone who would lie to you?”
  • “Come on, for a minute there, you had your old spark back!”
  • “What, you mean this old thing?”
  • “Where did you get that?”
  • “Alright, alright. Don’t get so grabby.”
  • “Terror’s the least I can do.”
  • “Stop fiddling with that thing!”
  • “I make it my business to know.”
  • “Look, I’m just trying to help, alright?”
  • “Do you really think I’m royalty?”
  • “Stop bossing me around!”
  • “Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot.”
  • “Apology? Who said anything about an apology?”
  • “Don’t talk anymore, okay? It’s only gonna upset me.”
  • “You think you’re gonna miss it?”
  • “What is it with you and homes?”
  • “Thank goodness it’s you. Just please remove him from my sight.”
  • “What have you done to her?”
  • “I was just trying to have a simple conversation.”
  • “Attraction? To that skinny little brat … have you lost your mind?”
  • “I was only asking a simple question.”
  • “How rude.”
  • “I propose we get off this train.”
  • “Sorry, I thought you were someone else.”
  • “I think you broke my nose!”
  • “We’ll freeze in here.”
  • “Get off of me!
  • “I think someone has flambaed our engine.”
  • “We’re going way too fast.”
  • “After you.”
  • “Come on, I need a wrench, an ax, anything!”
  • “Come on, there’s gotta be something in there better than this.”
  • “What do they teach you in those orphanages?”
  • “You were saying?”
  • “Give me a hand with this.”
  • “If we live through this, remind me to thank you.”
  • “Here goes nothing.”
  • “Well, this is my stop.”
  • “I hate trains. Remind me never to get on a train again.”
  • “Wow, hey take it easy there.”
  • “You know, really you should watch your blood pressure.”
  • “Ah, you’re right. It’s very upsetting.”
  • “You idiot!”
  • “What are you muttering about?”
  • “Nobody ever told me I had to prove it!”
  • “Show up – yes. Look nice? Fine. But lie?!”
  • “You don’t know it’s a lie. What if it’s true?”
  • “I just thought this was something you had to see through to the end no matter what.”
  • “You’d behave when your father gave that look.”
  • “What happens now?”
  • “If I can learn to do it, you can learn to do it.”
  • “Follow in my footsteps, shoe by shoe.”
  • “I hear he’s gotten very fat..”
  • “Here, I bought you a dress.”
  • “That dress is really beautiful.”
  • “I’m feeling a little dizzy.”
  • “Maybe we should stop.”
  • “Pretty jewelry box, isn’t it?’
  • “Are you sure that’s what it is?”
  • “Anything’s possible.”
  • “Hello, sunshine.”
  • “Come into the water!”
  • “It was a nightmare. It’s alright, you’re safe now.”
  • “I am calm.”
  • “I am heartless. I have no feelings whatsoever.”
  • “I feel a sudden onset of clarity.”
  • “You know what they say. If you want something done right…”
  • “We won’t be fooled next time.”
  • “My heart can’t take it anymore.”
  • “That’s why you’ve got me.”
  • “Well this is unexpected.”
  • “You hear that? You did it!”
  • “I refuse to budge till an answer occurs to you.”
  • “Do you like the Russian Ballet?”
  • “Here, have a flower on me.”
  • “Forget where you’re from.”
  • “Come dance through the night!”
  • “We don’t have anything to be nervous about.”
  • “Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys.”
  • “We’re going to go through with this as if nothing has changed.”
  • “You’ve got to tell her.”
  • “Everything’s gonna be fine.”
  • “Come on, I guess it’s time.”
  • “Relax, you’re gonna do great.”
  • “Look, we’ve been through a lot together…”
  • “I intend you no harm.”
  • “Wait, don’t go, please! If you’ll just hear me out!”
  • “No, it’s not that, it’s not what you think.”
  • “How much pain will you inflict on an old woman for money?”
  • “It was all a lie, wasn’t it?”
  • “ No, no, no, no look it may have started out that way… but everything’s different now.”
  • “Stop it! From the very beginning you lied… and I not only believed you, I, I actually..”
  • “I don’t want to hear about anything I said or remembered! You just leave me alone!”
  • “You have to know the truth.”
  • “Stop this car immediately.”
  • “You’ll stop at nothing, will you?”
  • “I’m probably about as stubborn as you are.”
  • “What happened to the party idea?”
  • “Forget the girl!”
  • “I remember now, how much I loved them.”
  • “You sent for me?”
  • “You were the boy, weren’t you?”
  • “Why the change of mind?”
  • “Trust me, this is the only thing I’m doing right.”
  • “I can’t stay. I don’t belong here.”
  • “You’re next.”
  • “You’re on your own.”
  • “This can only end in tears.”
  • “I’m not afraid of you.”
  • “You can thank me later.”
  • “You’ll get a kick out of this!”
  • “Right, I couldn’t have aid it better myself!”
  • “They’ve eloped. Isn’t it romantic?”
  • “It’s a perfect beginning.”

When Dex first learns how to read, he’s not entirely sure what it means. Is he chilling lemonade? Chicken salad? How is that a complete sentence? How is that the first thing his soul mate will say to him? His parents ( “hot chocolate is for the weak, lady” and “don’t you mean intelligent?”) laugh with a wry kind of amusement when he tells them, patting their adorable little boy on the head and telling him he’ll understand eventually, wondering how their quietest child will end up in a position to warrant the sentence so earnest that half of it is in italics. 

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12 Days of Sanvers Christmas, Day 6

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

Superfriends snowball fight, ft. heat vision, snow forts, sledding, and snow kisses.


He jumped nearly a mile high, and Alex bit down a smirk. “Alright there?”

“Whatever it is, it wasn’t me, I swear. Unless it’s a good thing, then sure, maybe I had something to do with it.”

This time, Alex did allow herself to smirk.

“Maggie’s sad,” she told him without preamble as she folded her arms across her chest and leaned her hips against his desk.

Winn tilted his head to look up at her. “She certainly seems happy enough whenever I see you two together,” he prompted, and was rewarded by that doe-eyed smile Alex wearing more and more often these days.

“Yeah, but I think… I think she misses home, you know? Like, whenever I say it’s cold, she kind of laughs and says this cold is nothing. I mean, it’s nice because she gives me her jacket – ”

“Awwwww.” He earned a smack in the head, but lighter than normal, and he waited for Alex to continue.

“But you know, I can tell she just… the weather, you know, it doesn’t feel like Christmas to her. Here. I think she wishes it were colder. She used to go ice skating with her dad every weekend, you know, and I think… I think she’d like it if it snowed.”

Winn scoffed. “Snow. In National City. Too warm even for typical fake snow. You’d need a full on atmospheric shell and an ice converter to – to – ”

Alex was grinning down at him, now, and he looked around them nervously. “Alex.


“You want me to steal equipment from the DEO just so your girlfriend can get her snowball fight on?”

Alex squinted at nothing in particular in the distance and leaned down closer to Winn. “I was thinking more like… borrow.”

She fixed him with the most innocent, isn’t-it-sweet-how-much-I-love-my-girlfriend face she could muster, and sure enough, within seconds he started stammering.

“I – it – I could – alright, alright. But you’re helping.”

“Of course I’m helping. Can’t let you have all the credit.”

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To Change A Life 3/?

Summary: Dan and Phil live in a world where Nekos are real and are treated like slaves. Phil lives with his mum and dad who are almost always too busy with work to worry about him. One night, Phil is up late on his laptop and he hears a strange sound coming from outside and decides to check it out. He never expected to find something that might change his life forever. 

Warnings: Mentions of abuse (sexual, physical and emotional)

First Chapter   Previous Chapter 

About two hours later, Phil had finally convinced Dan that it was time to go inside. They had built a snowman, went sledding and had a snowball fight before they just went on a walk through the neighborhood. Phil loved watched Dan’s eyes light up as he marveled at each tiny speck of snow that littered everything that they passed. A few times a bird would fly over and land on Dan’s shoulder; whistling its chirping tune as if it were just sat on a tree branch.

The ebony haired teenager knew that Nekos were known to kill birds and other small animals for sport, so he of course worried for the small bird’s safety until Dan giggled and kept walking like the bird wasn’t even there. Phil almost couldn’t believe it; a Neko that was so gentle and tame that even a tiny bird was safe.

“I thought Nekos liked to hunt birds.” Phil had said nonchalantly as they began their walk home.

“Not all of us do, just like not all humans like to hunt deer and bear for fun. I don’t like hurting things unless I have to for food; I’d never hurt a bird though, no matter how hungry I was. I love their music too much, it’s so pretty.” Dan whispered, looking at his feathered friend happily.

Phil smiled fondly and shook his head happily, “You know you can sing like them, right?”

The brunette went wide eyed and shook his head, “I can? But how?”

For the rest of the walk home, Phil tried to teach Dan to whistle. He’d feel slightly bad when Dan would try really hard and get so disappointed in himself when he wouldn’t be able to make the sound that Phil demonstrated. Phil knew that Dan would be able to do it soon enough, he just needed to be patient.

“Hey Phil, you know a lot about me but I know nothing about you… can you tell me some stuff? I mean… if you want to.” Dan whispered, looking at Phil expectantly as his tail swished very slightly behind him.

Phil giggled softly and bit his lip as he thought about himself. He never knew how boring he really was until someone asked him to talk about himself, which thankfully, very rarely happened.

“Um… I love animals; especially lions, cats and Nekos. I love the internet, video games and being alone for the most part, but I love having you around more than anything.” Phil whispered thoughtfully.

The brunette beside him smiled shyly and stared into Phil’s eyes happily, “I’m glad you found me last night. I’m actually glad that my old owner left me like he did; you’re a much better owner.”

“Dan, I’m not your owner silly, I’m your friend. You’re free to leave me at anytime you want; you’re free to stay as long as you want to. I don’t want you to feel like a slave or a pet.” Phil sighed, holding Dan’s hand gently in his as the approached Phil’s home.

The young Neko nodded absentmindedly and looked down at his tan fingers that were interlocked with Phil’s pale ones. He loved Phil’s touch, but he didn’t know why. He had always hated being touched by a human; their hands were always dirty and rough. Dan had learned at an early age that all humans were cruel, violent, evil creatures who only ever thought of what they could do for their own benefit; but Dan never wanted to believe it.

The brunette never thought humans were cruel until his first ever owner died and he was put into training for his next. In training, he was whipped everyday; it seemed like he could never do anything right. He would be whipped for eating messily, for smiling or frowning, for crying and especially for trying to play with other Nekos. Dan just hated to be alone in the training center, and since he made that obvious he was always kept alone with his personal trained; a man that was worse than the devil himself. He was even worse than Dan’s old owner. He was the person who made Dan actually believe that humans were evil.

Phil wasn’t like that at all; Dan could already tell. Phil was so gentle, sweet and giving; it was almost unbelievable to the Neko. He had really gotten lucky that somehow Phil had heard his mews for help over the wind and had actually gone out to investigate. Most people would have realized that it was just a Neko and wouldn’t have bothered.

“Do you want some hot chocolate?” Phil asked as they entered the warm house.

“What’s hot chocolate?” Dan asked curiously as he struggled with the zipper on the coat that Phil had let him wear.

Phil’s blue eyes grew wide and he looked Dan up and down; trying to find a sign that Dan was just joking around.

“It’s only the most amazing hot drink ever!” Phil said happily, giggling softly as Dan continued to struggle with the zipper.

“Really? Alright, I’d like some please.” Dan smiled, blushing as Phil helped him with the coat and his boots.


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anonymous asked:

Oh great and powerful blogger if you can find it in the kindness of your blessed heart do you think you could write something about the inner circle and feysand all getting drunk and camping out in the cabin. Thank you. We are not worthy

Only because you sweet-talked me into writing it, anon. 

Just kidding, I would’ve written one even if you hadn’t been so kind. Thanks for the sentiment! Here’s an incredibly fluffy one-shot of the Inner Circle getting wasted: complete with Moriel and naked Cassian. Enjoy!

That same dark soap that had smelled of smoke and pine was now being used as leverage against the approaching figure of one very pissed off Illyrian.

“Feyre,” Rhysand began, “where are you hiding it?”

She cursed as she stumbled into something, albeit a bit surprised at her falter due to the copious amounts of training she and Cassian had done. But upon further sensory inspection, she hadn’t really stumbled over anything. Rather, someone came up behind her to cage her within their tattooed arms. Feyre snarled in aggravation.

From her perch on the window, Amren rolled her eyes. “No tag-teaming allowed, you oaf.”

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counterpunches  asked:

Three word prompt: fire, hook, slipper

The knock rouses her.  “Snuh?” she says, and sits up, hair clinging to half her face by way of the drool also smeared down her cheek.  “Nnn-zhm?  Who’s it?  Wha’?”

Shadows shift under the door.  Someone’s shuffling their feet out there in the hall, and the floorboards creak and Anna squints, waking up a little more.  “Anna?” comes the whisper.  “May I—”

“Oh, hey!  Hey, yeah Elsa, come in, ’s’open!”  Anna throws off her covers.  The door groans on its hinges as she’s hunting for her slippers and in comes Elsa, hunched up thin in her nightdress, her own feet bare despite the chill.  No surprise there.  She’s got her arms wrapped around herself like she’s cold, though, and Anna frowns because yeah, no.  She says, “Elsa?  You okay?”

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A Day With the Princess, a Frozen FanFic

Category: Frozen 
Genre: Friendship, Fluff
Characters: Kristoff, Anna
Rating: K
Words: 2,101
Summary: Kristoff has never fit in with any of the other kids, and he certainly has never had a friend, but maybe a visit from the Princess will change everything. 

A/N: So it’s an AU pretty close to Frozen, only main difference is that Anna isn’t confined to the castle after she’s struck, just under constant supervision from her nanny, Gerda. This sets up the perfect opportunity for childhood!Kristanna, am I right? Happy Kristoff Week! 

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What sparks my hearthstone’s flame (Single Father series, part 4)

<<Previous parts || Masterlist

Not proofread, it’s 4:45 am. Hope there aren’t many mistakes.

“Andrej, where did you put the multiplication table we bought? We have to study.”

He didn’t answer, looking at me playfully. I knew he had hid it before I got back from the bathroom. He’s been a handful lately. I understand that he’d rather play than study but he seemed to understand his obligations during the first two grades better. Now it’s become harder to keep him interested and sometimes, even, focused, depending on what he’d been doing before studying. Since he had watched a cartoon previously, I’m up for an eventful afternoon.

“Andrej, where did you place it?”

“I’ve not touched it, dad.”

“I know you did; now you go bring it so we can study. Unless you want to miss Ninja turtles?”

He ran to his room and was faster back than there. I learnt these little childish tricks worked better than saying I won’t allow him to watch the cartoon if he doesn’t bring the table back. If I did that he’d cause a tiff, he is very stubborn and you’ve no idea how hard his spite is to manage. Mum says she thought no one was more obstinate than me but it looks like I found an heir. It isn’t easy to study with a child because their mind drifts off if you don’t make the lesson interesting. Luckily, his teacher seems to be doing a good job and making them keen on schoolwork. So whenever there’s a lesson that’s a bit more difficult I try to find a way to simplify it or bring it closer to Andrej with a plain example where I usually, somehow, incorporate something his fond of. Works every time.

“So this is like the ABC for maths, buddy.”

“So very important?”

“Exactly. Now, we’ll learn this together.”

He’s been doing well in school and I always made sure to let him know I was proud of him. Lately it’s become very hard to kick him out of my atelier. As soon as the new canvas arrives it’s ruined before I get the chance to get him away from it. Regular paper has become dull and arid for him. So we made a deal. He gets one with every package. I’m definitely not a strict parent but I don’t think I’m too loose either. I try to stay somewhere in the middle, so he does know who’s in charge but to also know we’re friends. I’m trying to build our relationship on trust and love, not fear and punishment. So far so good, I’d say.

This is Andrej’s last year with Désirée as his teacher. It meant the end of my agony. Since our quick separation she’s not come to the gallery, at least not when I’ve been there. But I saw her every day I’d pick my son up at school. I tried not to pay attention to the woman in front of the main door, making sure all children are taken by their parents or guardians and not wandering off on their own. She seemed like a very thoughtful and understanding person, she was very good with the little ones and that draw me into her even more. While trying to stop thinking about her, I thought even more. My mind wasn’t helping me at all, creating a complete counter-effect. As if looking at her from afar wasn’t enough, sometimes she’d send a smile my way which wasn’t doing any good to me. The night we shared kept repeating itself in my head, as a film, a film I could not forget, something I wish I could repeat over and over again, but not in my mind only. I know she was only being polite but I would’ve done better if I wasn’t constantly reminded of what a charming smile the French woman had.

Once every term we had a parent-teacher meeting to be informed how our children were progressing, which let me know she was a very conscientious teacher and really did want the best for her pupils. The first one was extremely awkward, at least for me. But later on we became very good at this game of not knowing each other any better than she knew Peter or any other parent. One time she even asked me whether I was helping a little too much to Andrej when it came to his art homework. I had explained that I, of course, did not draw a single line and how my son started drawing when he was a small toddler, to which she replied with a compliment to my own work, saying that Andrej must’ve inherited his talent from his father. We had a meeting about some school trip to the museum, and many more later and all that time I struggled to pay attention to her words, because pictures I tried to supress were erupting to the surface. I still wanted her, if not even more than before. I was greedy. I had a piece of that passion once, two and a half years ago, but I wanted more. A lot more. I yearned to feel her shape again, to sense her skin, feel her nails dig in my back and hear her soft sounds of pleasure. To me her body was art, and her personality intriguing enough to occupy my thoughts too often. For some reason, whenever she referred to me as Mr Styles, it felt like a slap to my face. A slap from the harsh reality.

“Dad!”- Andrej raised his voice, laughing, to get his father’s attention.

“Sorry, where were we?”

“Seven times five.”

“And how much is that?”


“Good. See, it’s not so hard. We studied before, and with a bit of revising you’re all good to go.”

“I can’t wait for summer so we can go swimming again.”

I remember how fast he learnt to swim last summer, not being afraid of the water as most children.  He’s a lover of summer, of the heat and sunlight, just like I am; but he’s definitely not as intolerant to coldness as me. Noticing that, I decided to spend as much time by the beach with him. So we’d take little road trips for a day by the sea, visiting Kent or Essex every Sunday; sometimes even Saturday if I had a day off. He enjoyed travelling; always thinking of the songs we could burn on a flash drive and listen to in the car, looking at the scenery as if he saw it for the first time, searching for new details, things he’d missed the previous times we drove by. What made me happy was that he even tried to draw what he’s seen so far, not because he was following my steps but because he found something he enjoys a lot, a healthy hobby rather than just sitting in front of TV. I had too many photos of him in the sea or making a sand castle, or with his new beach friends. I just wanted to cherish every moment that I sometimes caught myself snapping photos instead of actually enjoying the present. I remember keeping my hands under his tummy as he worked with his hands and legs, and then slowly letting go while he was relaxed enough not to notice, kind of like when you teach them to ride a bicycle. He’d maintained on the surface for a minute or two before he noticed I wasn’t holding him and due to panic stopped moving. He was mad at me for good twenty minutes saying I used his trust. But I explained him that that was the best way to teach him, and reminding him how he was doing very well on his own while he thought I was supporting him. Later we practised, he’d stay closer to the beach while I’d be a metre away, telling him to come to me. So he swam without noticing I was going backward a bit every now and then. Soon he got a hold of the moving around in water and his smile due to fun he’d been having was all I needed to call it a great day. Unlike me he had a dimple on both cheeks, and his lips seemed a little fuller, giving you that Cheshire smile that would knock you off your feet. He was aware of it and used it whenever I’d tell him that he couldn’t eat sweets before lunch, and I hate to admit it, I’ve succumbed under his charm way too often. He seems to enjoy every season for different reasons, but summer remains a favourite one because we spend most of the time exploring different things, as he’d said it. So I decided to make winter fun for him as well. He wasn’t too keen on the skis but sleds caught his interest right away because he’d be rolling in the snow as soon as he was at the bottom of the hill, therefore earning a few bruises on his leg, but he didn’t seem to be affected by the falls because of the adrenaline he felt, but as soon as we’d be back in the resort he’d complain about them. He loved sitting in front of the fireplace, adding the wood on his own and just sitting there drinking hot chocolate and scribbling something, and during the night we’d watch films or cartoons together. I wondered how he was still so excited to watch Ratatouille for the thousandth time, but don’t we all have that one thing we keep going back to, even if it’s as meaningless as a favourite chocolate bar. It represents a safe routine, a minor form of it, but still equally important.

I try to make his childhood as non-monotonous as possible; always engaging in some activity, even if it were cleaning. Someone has to dust up the house, right? He often tries to help but he usually pushes something over, so I give him some task that can cause no damage, like folding his clothes and putting books in their place. Small assignments that make him feel important and let him know I value his aid. He has expressed his interest in going ice skating but for now we’ll have to postpone it because I’m worse than him on the skates; that until I find someone who’d go into the ring with him. He was slowly preparing for the next step of elementary school, i.e. not having one teacher for all the subjects anymore but one for each. It’s a big change. A lot of pupils even see their teacher as a second mum, since they spend so much time there, especially if the teacher has a worm and relaxing approach to them.

His summer break starts in exactly two months, and in the meantime I was working on my next exhibition. This time I’ll be presenting some new work. It’s been three years since I showed something new. I’ve been more inspired because my mind has been going back to the same situations, to the same person. So I did as I was advised, used to it to my advantage therefore emotional struggle and pain, as well as a kind of disappointment was evident, at least to me. I was never straightforward with showing my feelings when it came to my drawings. I showed my rage and hurt with colours and composition not blankly putting a painting of a broken heart. I was mostly proud of my dark forest, dying trees and grass, a dark cold night, and a wolf whose eyes were the only light thing on the canvas, a neon-like yellow being the first thing your eyes would land on. Those two small circles out of the whole mess of branches and leaves, black birds and a grey sky with a faded moon, whose light was too weak to make much difference. Another one that was very close to my heart was a rainy autumn day in London, a man staying still with an umbrella as time passed by, the wind blowing, discoloured leaves flying by, raindrops reflecting off of his hat, all blurry as the Big Ban’s hands were multiplied and that way showing incoherent time.

I poured all my sensations into my work, some being a little more sexual than others, some being a little calmer while some screamed pure anger. It showed the phases I’ve gone through before I made peace with the situation. Like I’ve mentioned, I kept going back to that night of delight we’d spent, where some of my more mature work found their beginning. And over all this time I had moments of anger, anger at myself, my mind and destiny, even though I did not believe in the concept of faith, there I made many of my vividly coloured stuff. I had long calm times, where I tried to understand the effect this had on me, and painted a little darker look on the world, on life and love. Even though I definitely didn’t have time to develop these feelings, this meant another failed attempt on a search for that someone to be by my side. And in those times I’d remember I have an amazing son, my little human who intrigued me and made me the happiest person ever; giving me confidence and a certain feeling of pride.

“Well done, buddy,” I said after we’ve officially finished the multiplications table.

“Dad, I want to show you what we did in art classes yesterday!”

He was out of sight in a minute, reminding me of all those Christmas, New Year and birthday cards he’s made me over these years. He’s a very understanding fellow for his age, always making one for all of us, not wanting anyone to feel left out or uncared for. Even makes one for Ava who he fights with all the time, even now. They’re like cats and dogs: can’t seem to get along and despite that still stick to each other like glued.

“We were making figurines of little animals, guess which one is which.” – he dared.

“Is this a duck?”

“No, it’s a swan, but I know the neck is short.”

“And this is a dog, a hedgehog and a giraffe?”

“That’s a dinosaur not a giraffe,” he laughed.

“These are very nice, A.”

“Thank you, dad.”

I think it’s very important to praise your children and therefore boost their confidence. It’s a very small thing for you but goes a long way for them. The main job of a parent, besides guiding them, is supporting them. They may be little but they see things better than we do sometimes. For that same reason I let him help me with preparation for my exhibition. This time I had no idea in which order I wanted to place the paintings so I let him decide, and I must confess that he did it better than I could’ve imagined. It was arranged in emotional waves: passion, rage, calmness; as if he knew. He didn’t stay, as he went to Gemma’s place, like he was promised, as soon as the school year ended. June has recently started and he already keeps asking when we’ll go for a swim. I barely made it on time, being stuck at work for longer than I thought I’d be. A computer bug messing my designs so I had to get them back somehow and that took a while. I literally ran in through the back door, took a quick look at myself, making sure I looked presentable. I took a deep breath and went out, the nervousness before the exhibit doesn’t lessen with time. This was my fifth one and I’m as nervous as the first time. I looked from afar as people walked in, politely smiling towards the ones who greeted me. I was happy to see them intrigued and interested in my new work, hoping this one would be presented as long as the last one was.

“’Allo?”- I answered my phone.

“How’s it going, daddy?”

“It’s going rather nicely, buddy. Are you having fun with your aunt?”

“Yes, we’re going to make pancakes!”

“Make sure aunt rolls them then,” I smiled. For some reason he didn’t like it when they were folded in a triangle.

“We’ll leave some for you too.”

“I’ll probably be back late, so I’ll eat something at home; so you can eat it all.”

“Challenge accepted, dad!”

“Don’t overeat, your stomach will hurt.”

“Don’t worry, those are pancakes.”

“Be careful there, okay?”

“I’m a professional cook, need I remind you? I’m Ramsey’s heir!”

“Of course you are.”

“Love you, dad. Have good night.”

“Love you too, Andrej. Goodnight.”

I shook my head at his silliness and playfulness. Ramsey’s heir… he’s assertive, isn’t he? I looked up as to see if everything was still going smoothly to recognise Désirée in front of the forest painting. I couldn’t believe she actually came, at least while she knew I’d be here. It meant a lot that she appreciated my work, but this was just pocking what shouldn’t be pocked. I tried not to look her way, not to pay attention but massively failed. Whoever approached me to say a few words didn’t receive my full attention as my eyes were always wandering in order to find her. Even though there were other women here I somehow concentrated on the clicking of her heels, following her lean figure. I decided it was enough and that I should move to the other part of the room. I couldn’t help but admit how nice she looked in washed out jeans and a red sleeveless shirt with a small, loose tie. I focused on the talk with the visitors, glad to hear a positive feedback.


I knew who that voice belonged to and I wasn’t sure I’d react properly when turning towards her. I didn’t want to seem too happy to see her but I didn’t want to seem rude either. I felt my palms sweating a little, having forgotten how to keep cool long ago.

“Hi,” I replied, but my voice came out raspier than it usually is.

“Another amazing exhibition,” she complemented.

“Thank you, I’m glad you think so.”

“How have you been?”

“Busy with this and work. And then spending time with a very active child, but was worth it, will always be worth it.”

“It can’t be easy to juggle it all, you must be a very organised person, unlike me.”

“It’s all a matter of practise. What about you? I hope you’re well.”

“I am I am. A little bummed I won’t be teaching this grade anymore. I can’t help but become attached to them.”

“It must be hard to go through that every three years.”

“It is, so I try to approach it from another angle, to facilitate myself.”

“You’ve been wonderful to Andrej, these few years; he’s learnt a lot. I’m happy you were his teacher.” Even though it messed up my plans I was grateful for everything she’d done for my child, educated him the right way.

“It’s teamwork, and he always paid attention and showed will to progress. You’ve raised a lovely boy.”

“I like your new hair colour,” I said quite awkwardly. A fiery red cover over her dark brown looked amazing; not over her entire hair, having a nice transition on different places. I probably shouldn’t have said it but it just came out. So it is what it is. Word’s cannot be taken back. I gave her a loopsided smile when I noticed her slight blush.

“Oh, thank you. It turned out a lot more different than I imagined but I guess it looks nice.”

“No, far from it. Really looks amazing.”

We talked for the rest of the display. It felt good to exchange a few words with her without the constant reminder that I should tentatively watch what leaves my mouth because she’s my son’s teacher. She was seriously breath-taking, her full lips calling for me but I had to restrain myself. 

Since she stayed until the very end I offered a midnight snack, well a dinner for me. So we went for a pizza, one of the rare places open at this time which wasn’t selling tasteless fast food: Pépé’s. I’m not sure what made me order coffee, but it turned out I did need something to help me stay awake. If this would be the cause of my sleepless nights I wouldn’t mind not sleeping at all. She called a taxi, refusing my offer to drive her back home. While we were waiting for it, we stood next to a street lamp, my desire took over me so I leaned in for a risk: another kiss of those soft, red-covered lips, finally. To my satisfaction she kissed back. With her back pressed to the street light and my lips attached to hers as if they were air, and my hands glued to her sides a small whimper went past them. A taxi was ditched and she was back where she was three years ago. In my bed. And on my counter. 

What I felt cannot be described. I was like a starved person who finally got a piece of bread. In that moment I lived her, I breathed her, I felt her, I had her. My mind was rushing, telling me this will do more damage than good, but I didn’t care. I needed my cure. I wanted my muse. Her lips were remedy, and her pants and screams were clarity. I never had someone whose sexual energy was so compatible with mine. No words needed to be said, touches were easily translated, and a long story was written on our bodies, and a lingering feeling left in my soul. Her brown eyes held an unknown sparkle, the only guiding light my art needed. Her hair matched her temperament: fiery and ardent. My hearthstone found what sparks its flame. She demands but also gives, teases but just the right amount. The smell of her perfume was like paradise to my senses, the taste of her skin was the taste of sin, her aura inviting and heavenly pleasurable. She was a mix of delight and mystery, pure sex but indescribably intriguing. I didn’t restrict from letting her know how much she aroused me, how mesmerising her body was. But I didn’t want to leave it at physical compliments only, but for that I needed time. And I hoped we’ll have that time. We’ve already wasted too much.

Please, let me know what you think. It’d mean a lot. 

Preference #122: Snow Day
  • Liam: You were suppose to be doing homework for the class that you had the next day, but you couldn't help but stop and watch the snow that was slowly falling outside your window. The news said that it was going to be a small storm, but from the looks of it, it looked like it was going to be much more. "It's beautiful out there isn't it?" Liam asked as he walked into the living room where you sat, with a cup of hot coco in his hands for you. "Yeah. I wonder how much we are going to get." "Hopefully enough for them to cancel class for you tomorrow." "That would be wonderful." Liam moved the books off of your lap and pull you over to sit on his instead. He placed your mug on the coffee table before he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you. You two must have gotten a little lost in the kiss because the only thing that brought you back to reality was your phone ringing. You instantly recognized the number as your school and once you picked up, it was a pre-recorded message telling you that all classes were canceled for tomorrow. Your face instantly lit up and Liam picked you up off of the couch. "Where are we going?" "To our room because now I won't feel so bad about keeping you up tonight."
  • Zayn: Your two children were so excited to hear that they had off from school that day and they quickly got dressed to go outside and play in the snow. You smiled as you watched from the kitchen as Zayn played with your two boys outside. They were tackling each other and laughing their heads off as if seeing their dad fall was the funniest thing that they have ever seen. Your boys had a blast sledding down the small hill that was in your backyard and snowman seemed to be all over by the time you called them in for lunch. As your little ones sat down at the table, they wouldn't stop talking about all the funny things that had happened while they were outside and Zayn smiled proudly at his boys as their eyes shined with excitement. You gave Zayn's cheek a kiss before sitting down next to him to continue to listen to your boy's stories.
  • Niall: "What are ya doin'?" Niall asked you as you stood with your face practically smooshed against his sliding glass door. "Just look at all the snow Niall!" "Haha I know. I can see it." He smile and wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. You turned around and looked up at him before asking, "Can we go play in it?" He smiled and nodded his head and you immediately took off to go get dressed in some warm clothing. Seeing Niall waddle around outside, all bundled up, had to be one of thee cutest things that you have ever seen. His nose and cheeks were bright red as he constantly tried to readjust his scarf to cover them. After spending a few hours outside, you and Niall had successfully built some sort of fortress out of snow and you managed to take an adorable photo of Niall poking his head out of the entrance. He quickly got out and attacked your face with kisses which made you laugh uncontrollably. Days like these, made Niall think about what it was going to be like once you and him had kids of your own to play with one day.
  • Louis: Last night, was the first big snow storm that your town has had in a long time. Once your son and daughter woke up to learn that they didn't have school that day, they were so excited as they learned that Louis would be taking them sledding instead. Your little family got all bundled up and headed over to the closest park to your house that had a HUGE hill. A few children and their parents were already there and your kids eagerly joined the other children. You struck up a conversation with your neighbor who happened to be there with her kids as well and you watched Louis take turns messing around with your kids. One of the best decisions that you ever made was the decision to start a family with Louis. It really made him one of the happiest guys that you have ever known and he loved spending every moment with those two kids. Just seeing the three of them rolling around in the snow made you realize how much you truly loved being a mother and a wife. Louis quickly made his way back up the hill towards you before he gave you a big kiss before he ran off to chase after your son.
  • Harry: Clearing the driveway and the sidewalk wasn't one of your favorite things to do when it snowed, but it was something that just needed to be done. So after breakfast, you and Harry got all layered up and ventured outside to get to work. As you started to shovel the sidewalk, you felt something hit your back and when you turned around to look at Harry, he was just standing there with a smile on his face. "Oh you are so on Styles!" You declared as you dropped your shovel and bent down to grab some snow yourself. Harry took off across the front yard but since the snow was so high, he didn't make it very far and he ended up falling down as he tried to avoid your snowball. You started to laugh so hard that you didn't even notice that Harry got back up and he threw another snowball back at you! The fight continued on for a bit more until you both were sitting on the ground, in hysterics. Afterwards, the shoveling was long forgotten and you were both back inside, under a nice warm blanket and some hot chocolate in your hands.

mikalas-other-world  asked:

Hey! Could you do a fic about the gang going on a winter retreat to a cottage kind of thing with sled races and snowball fights and there Bellamy and Clarke find out they like each other and have a beautiful moment? Sorry if this is too specific but thank you so much!

“So, how hard did you make Octavia beg?” Clarke asks. Bellamy raises his eyebrows at Clarke, not entirely sure how to respond. She grins and adds, “I know you like pretending you don’t like us.”

“Spending Christmas alone is even sadder than spending Christmas with your sister’s friends,” he says, like Octavia didn’t make exactly one argument to convince him to come: Clarke’s going.

“So, do you have a chart you consult to decide what life choice would be most pathetic, or is there an app for that now?”

“You’re making me regret offering to give you a ride,” he says. It’s an obvious lie; Clarke knows she’s his favorite, although he hopes she doesn’t know exactly what that entails.

“Please, you can’t even use your own GPS. You’d die on the way to the cabin and miss out on all the winter fun.”

“How terrible.”

“You secretly like fun. We all know it.”

“I brought my laptop. I’m working.”

“Of course you are.” She grins at him. “But we’re going to have a good time.”

“Uh huh,” he says, putting on his sunglasses and starting the car. “Keep telling yourself that.”

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ohfuckthisshit  asked:

"I was having a snowball fight outside and you were casually walking by and oh my god im so sorry i accidentally nailed you in the face AU" with McKirk, cause that's just so McKirk (pretty please <3)

okay, okay, okay, I was JUST ON MY WAY TO BED, but then you sent me this, and I had an idea on how to twist it around to how you probably expected it to go, so here’s a super quick ficlet by a tired Lessa, so apologies for any mistakes and all the ridiculousness <33

Leonard isn’t the type to have a snowball fight. In fact, before today, he probably has had two snowball fights in his entire life. Possibly three.

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Or at least a once-in-a-decade-or-three chance, either way, Leonard is not risking it.

Joanna is visiting him for a week and San Francisco is experiencing the first snow storm in 140 years. Okay, snow storm by San Francisco standards - there’s just about enough snow to allow sledding, but that means there’s definitely enough snow for a snowball fight. They are in the little park at the edge of the Starfleet Academy campus and Joanna is hiding behind a tree next to the main path running through it. Leonard starts gathering snow to form a snowball - packing it tight enough to hold together, but not enough to hurt. He can hear Joanna’s giggles from behind the tree, but more than that her coat gives her away - “command red, daddy!!” He sees a flash of it appearing behind the tree and throws his snowball - expecting it to hit Joanna’s shoulder and instead having to witness it nailing Jim Kirk straight in the face.

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Bellarke Xmas Day 4 - Tobogganing

“This is a terrible idea.” Bellamy grumbles, peering down the snow covered hill dubiously.

“It’s fine. People need to unwind a little. You need to unwind a little.” Clarke tells him, watching Jasper and Monty go zooming past on their homemade toboggan. The air is full of whoops and joyful screams, and it’s the happiest sound she’s heard since they made it to the ground. She glances over at Bellamy, his shoulder stiff. “Unless you’re scared?” His head snaps around to glare at her.

“I’m not scared.” He mutters. She just raises her eyebrows.

“Prove it.” Clarke holds out the sled that Raven helped her make. It’s big enough for two. He frowns at her, and it’s hard not to notice the way snowflakes keep getting caught in his long eyelashes. She resists the urge to brush the snow from his hair. Finally, he grabs the sled from her, the look on his face like a man walking to the gallows. She swallows her laugh.

“Fine. But I’m going in the front. I don’t trust your driving.” She shrugs, and watches him set it down on the snow. Another fully loaded toboggan goes by, this one carrying Raven, Octavia and Wick. Bellamy stares after them, a mixture of incredulity and mistrust on his face. He glances back at her before folding himself into the sled. He pats the space behind him. “Hop on, princess.” She does so gladly, winding her arms tightly around him. He smells like home, and she presses her face into his back. She wiggles a little, using the momentum of  her body to get them going, and Bellamy lets out a surprised noise when the sled starts to move.

They pick up speed, and Clarke tightens her grip, not wanting to fall off and drag her face through the snow. She lets out an exhilarated laugh, and they’re flying down the hill now. Bellamy has yet to make a sound, and she bunches the fabric of his jacket in her fists. After a few minutes, the hill levels off, and they slow to a stop. Clarke lets go of him, rolling off the sled and onto her stomach. She can’t remember the last time she had so much fun. Bellamy stands up, brushing the snow off his pants, his expression unreadable. 

“So?” She prompts. For a moment, he’s silent. Then his face cracks into a wide grin. 

“Want to go again?” He asks. Clarke jumps to her feet, pressing a wet kiss to his cheek.

“Absolutely. But you’re carrying that back up.” She informs him, already starting the climb back up the mountain. She can hear him chuckling behind her, and suddenly there’s an arm around her legs, sending her sprawling into the snow. She rolls over to find Bellamy pinning her to the ground. He kisses her, slow and smoldering, and just as she reaches out to tangle her fingers in that unruly hair, he pulls away.

Breathless, she watches him walk away, admiring his ass as he makes his way up the slope. Never one to turn down a challenge, Clarke bolts after him, tackling him and sending them both flying into the powder. She straddles him, and leans down to finish what he started. Her lips crush onto his, fingers finally tangling in that messy black hair. He moans her name, and tries to sit up, to take control. Instead, Clarke pushes back to her feet with a laugh , taking off running up the path they carved with their sled.

The game continues, and by the time they make it back to the top of the hill, they’re both soaking wet and the sun is beginning to set. As they make their way back to camp, arms intertwined and grinning like idiots, Clarke leans in to whisper in his ear.

“See?” She asks, lips brushing his ear. He shivers. “I told you you needed to unwind.”