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Prompt: Mathew Grey Gubler smut. You are a guest star on criminal minds and you play a role that involves you kissing a another man, Matthew gets jealous and asks you to come to his trailer and well smut happens if you do this thank you

Pairing: Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Word Count: 1918 words

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: liked this prompt so much, just had to write it tonight. It’s 3 am and I just finished, so I’m terribly sorry for any spelling mistakes but I’ll have to check them later. Basically the reader is a guest show on criminal minds, playing the love interest of Shemar, when she goes off script and things get more heated as Matthew is watching, and then meets her in the trailer for some revenge. Hope you enjoy! My inbox/ requests are always open xxx


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Hello, @gracethecactus ! I know this is long overdue, since I had to read up on LGBT to understand this. But it was definitely an interesting read! When I looked and asked around (thank you, shy Korean anon!) , I realized that some countries in Asia still tend to be conservative towards dealing with the LGBT community in terms of rights and how society views them. It’s a slow process, but I’m hopeful that people will come to realize that sexual preferences shouldn’t really be a basis on how to treat another person. You take out those labels, everybody’s still human with the same body parts and bodily functions, even if their ways of thinking and preferences may be different.

I feel bad that you had to go through that, but please don’t mind those jerks. I bet you’re a better person than they could ever be! I have a couple of friends who are either bi, lesbian, or gay, and they are some of the most wonderful people I know (I’m straight, but they’re fun to hang out with)! I’m not saying that I’ve never laughed at a gay joke myself (what’s funny is funny but to a certain degree), but it irks me whenever people treat others like shit just because they deviate from society’s status quo. So please don’t be disheartened and be proud of who you are. Also, hey, I’m not a native speaker either, so no worries!

P.S. I couldn’t find the original ask d/t my crappy connection, but luckily, I have the screenshot!


RFA x MC who comes out as bi/poly/pansexual

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But guys

Like just imagine Swarkles married life. Post series.

Imagine all the little escapades they go on, like how sometimes Barney just wakes Robin up in the middle of the night and tells her they’re leaving, no questions asked, and sometimes they end up on a beach in Farhampton at midnight, other times they take a plane to Mexico.

And how Barney makes Robin breakfast sometimes, and occasionally he burns it, and on his birthday, she tries to make him pancakes in the shape of maple leaves and they come out really freaking good and delicious.

Imagine when they take goofy pictures in a photobooth at Coney Island, and they put on big fluffy hats, fake mustaches, and oversized sunglasses.

Imagine Barney waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, and Robin holding him, and comforting him, and gently stroking his hair to calm him down.

Imagine when they go on their first cruise together, because they travel a lot, and how Barney wants to reenact the scene from Titanic, and they do, and Robin almost falls off the ship, and Barney is laughing so hard that he slips and falls himself.

Imagine when they take their dogs, Chewbarka and Han Roll-o-ver, to the local dog show in the park, then get upset when they don’t win the contest, so they sabotage it and let all the other dogs off their leashes, watching and laughing as their owners scramble to catch them.

Imagine when they’ve been banned from laser tag due to assaulting children, so they come up with an elaborate scheme and sneak in after hours because Barney’s gotten the key, then they graffiti and TP the place, writing their names in giant lettering on the wall before “doing it” on the floor as a final rebellious move.

Imagine them playing sexy Twister together.

Having a rainy day inside, trying to figure out what to do, and they end up just having sex and calling it a day, then snuggling up in bed together, Barney as the big spoon, wrapping his arms around Robin, smiling contentedly as he buries his face in her hair, the only sound in the room that of the falling raindrops outside and their own breaths and gentle heartbeats.

The first time that Robin travels and Barney can’t come with for whatever reason, and when they Skype each other, and maybe even end up getting intimate through video chat somehow.

Barney being there for the birth of their child, helping and joking Robin through labor.

The first Halloween they have with their daughter, how Barney dresses up as Mario, Robin as Princess Peach, and their daughter, Ellie, as Yoshi, even though they’ve never wanted to do matching costumes before, but they wanted to make it a first.

Just picture Swarkles. Being happy, growing old together, and never ending their love for each other. Imagine it.

All Yours

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Halloween was, without a doubt, your favorite holiday. You absolutely loved the dressing up, the candy, the movies, the decorations; there were so many things to do and so many people to scare. You were one of those people who planned their costumes a year in advance. On November first every year, you’d cross another character off your Halloween list and set to work choosing the next.

It was just who you were.

However, you’d never dealt with having a partner who was just as excited about the holiday as you. Hyunjung was the first person you’d dated that even partially cared about Halloween. And as much as she cared about the holiday, she also cared that the two of you had matching costumes.

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diminishtheboundaries  asked:

I always like hearing you opinion so sorry for always sending asks after a compition. But thought on Tessa and Scotts programs. I really liked the additions to the sd especially the ntss. I found the fd was a lot better then aci there was more emotion to it and i connected more with the program. And i love the burgendy dress. Its just crazy how they keep getting better. I find they are so much more confident now then they were in 2014. Their love for skating is much more apparent now.


that music cut still makes me angry, but they executed it really well. they need to be cleaner and more in sync in the midline, and i still don’t like the stop, but they had great energy. also their costumes match better this time


first of all, scott looks like a nietzsche scholar who does slam poetry in a vegan cafe on the weekends….. MY KINGDOM FOR A WHITE SHIRT AND SUSPENDERS I MEAN HONESTLY. overall a huge improvement on aci, even if tessa fluffed twice in the first step sequence. that last lift with tessa’s arms is beeaaaautiful and even the quieter ending really worked for me this time. there’s one moment in the diagonal where tessa is twizzling and scott is literally doing nothing which really pisses me off, but overall i rly dug it and hope they can finally skate clean at nhk. also those twizzles are always kissing the edge of disaster in both the sd and fd, they need to tighten those up rl fast

Creature Curse

Tittle: Creature Curse

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested: Yes

Warning: None

Rating None:

A/n: since these are the same I am just putting them together. Also since I wasn’t given any information on who was casting the curse, I had a little fun with it. Yet another note, this is going to based around Halloween.

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     I stood behind the tree, watching as the lost boys worked on getting the island ready for Halloween. The longer I watched them, the more  my resentment grew. I had spent years trying to convince Pan to allow us to have Halloween. I loved the holiday, the whole idea of is what drove me. When I came to Neverland I fully believed that Peter and the Lost Boys would enjoy it, which is why I tried so hard to give it to him. A holiday devoted to mischief and fun, it was as if it was made for them, but Peter never allowed it. Whenever I asked he would become angry, shoving me to the ground while screaming that the lost boys didn’t need some stupid holiday to have fun.

    His view on that changed the moment the shadow brought her. The moment Peter saw her everything changed. She was the female version of himself, just as cold hearted and evil. When Pan figured that out, she became Queen. She became the first lost girl, or the one that mattered anyway. She was allowed to boss the lost boys around and they listened. She was allowed to change the island, to introduce the Lost Boys to Halloween. She had my life, only better.

  Peter never yelled at her, nor did he ever hit her. He respected her, listened to her. With me he never did any of that. It was for that reason that, among others, that I hated when Peter agreed to be the Joker to her Harley Quinn for Halloween. She loved the couple and often called her and Peter Neverland’s Harley and the Joker. They weren’t like that though, not really. Not if Peter never harmed her. That was going to change though and soon. I would see to that.

     Peter’s P.o.v

    “Okay so since Neverland is all decorated it’s time to change. You can find your costumes in your huts! Once everyone is changed, the real fun begins!” Y/n called out, her words earning excited cries from the Lost Boys. The moment she was finished speaking, the lost boys ran towards their huts. Once we were alone, she turned to give me a smile, her eyes twinkling with pure joy. “Thank you.”

   “Your welcome darling.” I chuckled, smiling at her as I opened my arms. Instantly she ran into them, curling against my chest. I hummed as I pressed a gentle kiss to her temple. “Come my little Harley Quinn, it’s time to get ready.” She let out a cheer, running towards the hut we shared. I made to follow her, only to pause half way. I suddenly couldn’t shake the feeling that something, someone, was about to change Neverland.

   “Peter!” Y/n called out, her head peeking around the door frame to out hut. “Are you coming?”

   “Of course darling.” I replied, shaking my head as I moved towards her. She smiled at me before running back into the hut. “Just ignore it Peter, nothing and no one is going to change Neverland.” I muttered to myself, a smile tugging at the corner of my lips as Y/n began to sing. “At least not again.” I couldn’t deny the fact that Y/n has changed everything. Neverland now had a Queen, one that was just as good as the King.

   As I walked into the hut I was greeted to Y/n pulling a red, white and blue top one. She paired it with a red leather jacket and pair of short blue and red sparkly shorts. She turned in the mirror, checking herself out from every angel, before leaning down and putting on a pair of white high heels. “It’s on the bed, I’m going to have to help you out though. You need the jokers tattoos.”

   “Sounds great darling.” I replied shrugging off my green shirt as I did. Behind me Y/n hummed, focusing on putting up her hair. I let out a hum as I glanced down at the carefully placed costume, or pants I should say. Two baseball bats layed on the bed beside it, one with a red handle and the other a blue. Once I was finished pulling the pants on I turned to Y/n, smirking when I saw that she now  pink and blue hair.

   “You need green hair.” She said as she took in my appearance, smiling at me as she snapped her fingers. I didn’t need to look at the mirror to know I know had green hair and pale skin to match hers. “Perfect. Now you just need the tattoos.” It took her about half an hour to get the tattoos finished to her liking. After she was finished with my tattoos she worked on the few she had, her brows pinched together in concentration.

   “Finished love?” I asked as I watched her carefully sketched out the tattoo on her hip. She smiled at me and nodded, turning around on a careful heel to walk towards me. She kissed my cheek before handing me one of the baseball bats, grabbing her own and headed to the door.

   “Let’s go!” She said happily, smiling at me as she headed out the door, swinging the bat over her shoulder, holding with it both hands, as she stalked into the camp. The moment she was out, the lost boys gathered around, all of them smiling and cheering. The lost boys, minus Felix who Y/n insisted be Batman for some reason, had dressed up as the Joker’s minions. All of them wearing some creepy clown mask.

   “Let’s get this party started!” Y/n called out, earning a cheer from the lost boys. I smirked, swinging my on bat upwards so it rested on my shoulder. Around me the lost boys began to spread out, all of them getting ready for the first game Y/n had planned out. I stayed at the side, glancing around the camp as the sinking feeling from before washed over me. No matter how hard I tried to shake it off, I couldn’t. The only thing I did know was that I had to save her.

    unknown p.o.v


   I took a deep breath as I glanced down at the carefully written spell. I had created it, with the help of Rumple, just for the lost boys, Pan and Y/n. It took a lot of time but I managed it. Once I cast it, they all would become the people they are pretending to be. So Y/n would finally know how cruel Peter can be. The idea filled me with joy, surely she would run once she figured out the truth, then I can get my life back.

   “I call on the powers of the old and the new. Today I ask this of you. Take these people and turn them into those they are pretending to be.” I read aloud, smiling as the wind suddenly picked up. I could feel the magic moving around me, moving quickly towards the camp. As it was washed over them all, they froze, their faces going blank as the curse took hold. Slowly they all began to change. The clown makes became the boys faces, and the tattoos Y/n carefully drew on burned into their skin.

   “Have fun.” I whispered as I turned away from the camp, heading back to the place I shared with Tink. “I will see you all soon.”

   Third Person: Three Months Later

     Times have changed since the curse was cast. Y/n was now Harley Quinn, and Peter the joker. The lost boys had became their crew, following every order without question. Felix, now known as Batman, lived in a cave near the top of the hill in Neverland. He sat there plotting, building as many cells as he could, preparing for when he would finally lock away Harley Quinn in the Joker. While they fought Carter sat back with TinkerBell, admiring the curse she cast. Tink had spent the last three months, trying to convince Carter that this, changing them was wrong.

   This did nothing to get what she wanted. The curse worked to well. It changed them completely. Their features turned into that of the characters, their minds following soon after. Any traces of the people they were before the curse was gone, vanished, whipped away by magic. The people she was trying to punish were gone. She didn’t see it that way however, she still fully believed that they were still in there, hidden under the curse.

   In a way she was right. Every full moon they would turn back into their true selves. They would awake, dazed and confused for a short time before they figured it all out. Then the would spend the rest of the night trying to find a way to break it.  By the time morning came, they would once against be who Carter turned them into, their true self locked away and put to sleep once again.

   Y/n’s P.o.v Another Three Months Later

      It only took an hour until I remembered everything. Before it took half the night, leaving us with little time to make a plan. It seemed however the longerwe were under it, the quicker it wore off. For that I was thankful, beyond glad that I was finally able to get myself back. The only thing I hated was the massive chunk of missing memory. I never remembered being her, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

   “Love.” Peter said softly, his voice startling me from my thoughts. I glanced over at him, a small smile breaking across my face as I caught his green eyes.

   “It’s wearing off faster.” I said after a moment, reaching my hand out so I could cup his face. He hummed and leaned into my palm, turning his head so he press a kiss to it.

   “It is, so let’s use it. We have to find a way to break this.”

   “And I know how.” A voice said softly from behind me. Instantly I spun around, my brows pinching together when I noticed Tink standing in between two trees. “I also know who cast it.”

   “Who.” Peter demanded, the same time I called out how. Tink looked between us both before keeping her gaze on Peter.

   “Carter. She despises Y/n and how your letting her run Neverland beside you. She wanted to make you all suffer so she created a curse, a curse that turns the person into the thing they are pretending to be. She calls it the creature curse.”

   “How do you break it?” I demanded instantly. If she knew who and how it was made, she would know how to break it.

  “You have to kill Carter. She linked it to her life. As long as she lives, you remain under the curse.” Tink said softly, biting her lower lip as she turned to me. “She’s at Peter’s thinking tree.” Peter didn’t waste any time before vanishing in a puff of green smoke, his arm still wrapped tightly around my waist.

   When the smoke cleared again Carter came into view. She was leaning against his thinking tree, humming silently to herself, unaware we there. Peter pushed past me, storming towards Carter.

  “You think you can curse me?” He screamed as he picked the startled girl up and threw her against the tree, his hand wrapped around her throat. “You think you can curse my Queen, my Lost Boys and I will let you get away with it.” Each word was driven home with a slap from his free hand.

   “I didn’t think it would wear off.” She gasped out, tears streaming down her face as she struggled to free herself from Peter. Peter only snarled, his grip on her throat tightening. I moved towards the two, my steps slow and steady, my gaze never leaving her. Once I was behind him, Peter rammed his free hand into her chest and ripped out her heart.

   “You’re going to pay for this.” Peter snarled, his fingers curling around her heart as he let her go. He took a step back, joining me at my side. In front of us Carter screamed out in pain, clutching at her chest.

   “Peter don’t.” I said softly, my words stopping him from crushing her heart. “Death is to easy, to kind. She needs to suffer. So let’s keep her heart and make her our slave. The new shadow. She can go out, grab more lost boys.”

   “I don’t like it.”

   “You haven’t heard the best part. The first boy she’ll bring us will be her baby brother, the one she saved that night the shadow brought her here. She’ll bring him to us, then she’ll kill him.”

G'day ladies~

My costume is actually coming together really well so far! Now I’m just waiting on the boots and my special undershirt to arrive in the mail. The vest and a new weapon need to be made, but I can’t start those until monday or so since I have something important to do tomorrow.

I would have made the vest sooner, but I wanted to match its colors to the hat.

After the full outfit is complete, I’m going to spend the rest of my time until the convention making a flower crown to fit on my hat and some decorative vines to wear under my vest and on my arms.

Yup, you guessed it, I’m a huge nerd and bringing flower accessories to reference Exi’s fanfic The Nucleus Incident.

Edit: Accidentally put in the wrong link. Fixed it now though.

Halloween Through the Years: Year Four

So, I think I’ve said before, but I’m really terrible with timelines and keeping continuity going (just ask poor @moghraidhjamie who’s had to deal with some of it). So bare with me for this one. As we know from the Love and Waterfalls piece I did, modern!Claire got pregnant some time around their fourth anniversary. I’m terrible with timelining so we’re just going to assume she know’s she’s pregnant, but isn’t really showing yet. (I also cannot remember for the life of me what time of year they got married in canon, so whatever.)

Year One 

Year Two 

Year Three

We were going to win this year. I just knew it. Jamie had tried to talk me out of going at all, but I refused. I was pregnant and that in no way prevented me from attending the pub’s annual costume party.

“Perhaps the next bairn will be timed better,” he said as we looked through the costumes.

“Timed better?”

“Aye. Can ye no’ think of all the things we could do wi’ your belly huge and round?”

I glared at him.

“What do you want to do, dress me up like a doughnut hole?”

He eyed me for a moment.

“Aye, that could do. But I’ve got other ideas.”

“Like what?”

“I’ll no’ tell ye unless it works out.”

I rolled my eyes again.

“Fine. What sort of costume do we want this year?”

“I believe it’s your turn to pick, as I was ‘lazy’ last year and used the same kilt.”

I smiled.

“It’s true. Even Alec noticed. This year, perhaps… Oooh! Look at this!”

I pulled off a red silk number and held it up to my body. Jamie surveyed it and I saw his eyes spark.

“That would be something ye wear at home. Wi’ me. Not out at the pub.”

“You’d like me in this, would you?”

“Aye. It would hug your sweet round arse nicely. Which is why you’ll no’ wear it out.”


I continued hunting through the costumes, seeking inspiration.

“This one?”

I pulled out a sweet outfit, thinking I could make it look like a vampire if I found fake teeth to go with it.

“Aye, that’s no’ bad.”

“Shall I go try it on then?”

“Aye. I’ll go-”

“One person in the fitting rooms at a time. We almost got kicked out last time.”

He huffed but nodded. If this one worked out, he’d need to get something similar to match.

In the fitting room, I slipped the outfit on. It was a nice deep maroon, with black lace accents. The top portion fit almost like a corset, but without the lacings. It had a high collar and no sleeves, instead opting for black lace that came most of the way up my arm. The skirt was a bit short, but there was an attachment that hung down almost to my ankle in the back. It was a little similar to the witch outfit I’d worn a few years before, but not too close.

I looked at myself in the mirror. It did look very nice on me, I thought. With a nice pair of black heels and maybe fishnet stockings, I could pull the look off.

I opened the door to the fitting room to see Jamie’s back. He was looking over a nun’s habit costume with approval.

“Sassenach, I think this might-”

He stopped, having turned and looked me over.

“Would you let me suck your blood?” I asked sweetly, leaning against the door frame.

“Ah… Aye. Aye, I would. I’d let ye carry me away to yer lair so long as ye wore that. Christ Sassenach, ye look…” He looked around hastily before coming close to me and dropping his voice low. “Ye look fit for the taking.”

“Do I then? Well, I just need stockings, shoes, and fake teeth and that’ll be the whole thing. Now we just need to find you something to match.”

“I’ll no’ look quite as good as you, though.”

“How sweet,” I said, popping up to kiss him. “Go and start looking. I’ll change out of this and come help.”

He looked me up and down again.

“Must ye change?”

“Yes, love,” I laughed, pushing him away. “I must.”

The men’s costumes weren’t as exciting as the women’s by a long shot. But we found one in the same color scheme as mine. He had a nice black shirt and a black vest with the same lace pattern as my outfit. There was also a maroon silk scarf that went with it, tying the look together. All we needed now was the fake teeth.

With our outfits bought and ready, all we had left now was to wait for Halloween to come.


The night finally arrived and we dressed excitedly. I’d refused Jamie all day when he begged me to wear the outfit. I knew if I did, he’d take me to bed and the outfit would likely be damaged. I had no reason to keep it intact after tonight, but I wouldn’t win anything in half a dress.

“I dinna look near as sexy as you do,” he grumbled, fastening the last button on his vest.

“Maybe not, but you cut a very nice figure. We could remove the sleeves of your shirt if you wanted to look sexier.”

Jamie snorted.

“I think then I’d no’ look so much a vampire as one of those men that strips for a living.”

“Oooh now there’s a costume that’ll win us that bottle.”

He glared hard at me.


“We’ll talk about it next year. Could you do up my zipper?”

I turned my back to him and felt his hands roam up from my hips.

“Would it be too much to ask, Sassenach, for ye to wear this home?”

“Well I don’t plan on going home naked, so I’ll likely be wearing this.”

“But will ye wear it while I take ye?”

I looked over my shoulder at him. He was staring unashamedly at my buttocks, wrapped tight in the fabric of my dress.

“I suppose I might. If you agree to wear the vest. Just the vest.”

He smirked at me.

“Ye have yourself a deal.”

He gave my backside a firm squeeze and got our small case of fake blood. He put a little drop coming from the corner of my mouth and I put one coming from his. 

Some friends had saved us a table at the pub and we sat with them a few minutes later. Jamie brought me a nice glass of water while he sat with his whiskey.

“No whiskey for you then, Claire?” Angus asked.

I took a deep breath, smelling Jamie’s drink as he took a sip.

“No, not for a few more months. Can’t drink while I’m pregnant.”

Before I knew what was happening Angus and his best friend Rupert were on my side of the table, picking me up and spinning me around. Angus, rather unashamedly, patted my backside and whooped.

“Hands off my wife!” Jamie bellowed through a laugh.

“Took ye long enough!” Angus said, sitting back down. 

“I ken it isna always easy,” Rupert said, taking my hand and giving my knuckles a sweet kiss. “And ye’ve wanted a bairn for some time now.”

“Aye, we have,” Jamie said. “It all happened in God’s timing.”

Angus flagged down one of the barkeeps and ordered another round of drinks.

“God’s timing, aye,” he said. “Or maybe ye didna ken how to properly use yer cock!”

Rupert burst out laughing with Angus while Jamie’s ears turned quite red.

“I’ll no’ speak of that wi’ you idiots,” Jamie retorted, taking a long drink of whiskey.

The smell of it made my mouth water, but I refrained. I had a life inside me to protect. Jamie must have seen it in my eyes, though. He gave me a sweet smile and leaned over to kiss me, his tongue invading my mouth gently. I couldn’t drink it, but he could let me taste it.

“Hey!” Angus said. “Where’s my kiss!”

Jamie pulled away and smiled at him. 

“I dinna ken. Certainly not wi’ Claire. Though, if you’re that desperate Angus, I’m sure Rupert would oblige.”

“I wouldna!” Rupert yelled. “I ken where that mouth’s been!”

We all laughed for a few minutes until it was time for us to go up for the contest.

I surveyed our competition and thought we had a very decent chance this year. Jamie and I slipped our fake teeth in and checked on the small blood smears on each other’s faces.

“Ye look verra bonny, Sassenach,” he said. “If we dinna win it’s because the man is blind.”

Quarter of an hour later, it was down to Jamie and I and a couple dressed as a princess and a frog.

To my irritation, the damned frog won.

“It’s probably for the best, a nighean.”

“Why is that?” I demanded, taking out my fake teeth and putting them on our kitchen table some time later.

“Ye couldna drink the brandy for some time anyway. Perhaps next year, when the bairn’s older, we can win it and you’ll drink as much as ye like.”

I sighed and sat down to take my shoes off. 

“Ah… Claire?”

I looked up at him, brows raised in inquiry.


“Would ye… Would ye no’ mind leaving those on?”

“You want the whole outfit?”

“If ye wouldna mind it?”

“I can be persuaded. But I’ll have to take the fishnet stockings off or things won’t… happen.”

He nodded and immediately began stripping his own costume off. Just as I’d asked, he put the vest back on and buttoned it up. It was sort of a funny look, him standing there naked save the vest, but he looked good.

I put the heels back on once the stockings were off and he smiled.

“That is what some men dream of,” he whispered, coming closer.

“A woman in a tight dress and heels?”

“Aye. I’m a verra lucky man to bed a woman like you.”

I smiled, pleased. He bent his neck and kissed me, still tasting of whiskey. I pulled myself closer to him, already feeling his cock hardening against my thigh.

“This is the first time we made it all the way to our bedroom,” he said, carrying me out of the living room.

“Yes, it is. Though it was fun doing it in the car two years ago.”

“Aye, but I had a cramp in my leg for the next day.”

He set me down on the bed and I laid back, watching as he crawled above me. I’d been with a few other men before I’d met Jamie and he knew it. But none of them had ever known me as fully or intimately as he did. Jamie was my true match and I was thrilled to be carrying his child, to be married to him.

“I love you,” I blurted, my eyes locked with his.

“Aye, mo chridhe. And I love you as well.”

He kissed me then, long and slow. One of his hands pulled up the hem of the tight skirt until I was fully exposed to him. He teased me for a moment, making sure I was aroused and ready for him. Then, just before he took me, he sat up.

“Ye ken the ancient ways of the Highlanders?”

I snorted.

“If I recall, they had lots of ancient ways for all sorts of things.”

“Aye,” he smiled. “Aye they did. But I’m thinking of part of the marriage ceremony, something that’s no’ done anymore.”

“And what would that be? Having witnesses for the consummation?”

“No’ that, though I’m grateful it’s no’ a practice anymore. I mean the blood vow.”

I searched his eyes, trying to understand what he was thinking.

“I think I heard about it a time or two, when Frank was doing some of his research.”

His jaw clenched at the mention of my former lover, but he said nothing about it. Jamie understood Frank had been a part of my life and he was bound to come up but that I no longer loved him.

“Aye, weel… It’s a bit pagan and barbaric, when ye think about it. But the bride and groom have their wrists cut. No’ deep enough to kill them, just enough to bleed a bit. Then they put their wrists together, letting their blood mingle.”

“That’s really very unsanitary.”

He smiled again and kissed me. Both hands moved to mine and laced our fingers together.

“Aye, it is a bit. But then they say the blood vow.”

“How does it go?”

“I’ll say it in the Gaelic and ye repeat it, aye?”

I smiled and tried not to laugh. I could see this was a very serious moment for him, no matter how silly it sounded to me.

“Aren’t we already married though?”

“Aye, we are. But you’re wi’ child now and… It just feels right, aye?”

“Alright. What do I say?”

He spoke each Gaelic word carefully so that I might repeat it accurately. I was picking up his native language after being married to him for a few years, but I was in no way fluent yet.

When we finished, he surprised me yet again by pulling out the maroon silk scarf he’d worn with his costume.

“So what exactly did I just say? Did you make me promise to be meek and obedient all the days of my life?”

He laughed as he wrapped the silk around our wrists.

“Och no. I dinna think anyone would ever accuse ye of being meek and obedient, Sassenach.”

“Good. Then what did we just say?”

“Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone. I gi’ ye my body, that we two might be one. I gi’ ye my spirit, ‘til our life shall be done.”

He tied the scarf off, using his teeth and free left hand.

“That’s rather romantic.”

“Ye are, Claire. Blood of my blood and bone of my bone. Ye carry me inside ye, always. And now ye carry my child. No matter what might happen in future, we are one in this bairn we made.”

“Oh Jamie… You do kill me with loving you.”

“I’ll no’ ask to cut ye, but ye said the vow freely. We are bound, you and I.”

“I’d have it no other way. I don’t want to be bound to anyone else. Ever.”

“I’m verra glad to hear that, mo nighean donn.”

Nestling himself between my legs, he came slowly home to me. I’d thought, by the way he’d been acting earlier and when we’d purchased our costumes, that this would be one of those hard and fast evenings. It wasn’t. He took his time, holding still once he was fully inside me. He waited until I looked into his eyes and nodded. 

Long, slow strokes had me trembling in his arms. Our bound wrists meant I couldn’t claw at him like I usually did. Instead, he kept our fingers laced together while he loved me slowly. 

Over and over, he came home to me, our bodies moving in steady waves like the ocean tide.

“Oh Jamie! Please!”

“Please what, a nighean?”

“Please! Come with me. Oh God!”

“Aye, mo chridhe. Aye let us fall together.”

Whatever self control he’d been clinging to, he let go. It didn’t make his thrusts any harder or rougher, but he no longer held himself back. The hand that was tied to mine squeezed my fingers as he leaned down to kiss me. My body began to shake with the nearness of my release. Then his lips pressed close to my ear.

“I love you,” he whispered.

That sent me over the precipice into bliss. My whole body locked around him, my fingers squeezing his back. I felt him hot inside me, releasing his seed. But it had already taken root in my womb, that piece of him. 

“Now we are properly wed,” he said a short time later.

I was still on my back, my arm left above my head even though he’d untied it. One of his large fingers traced circles around my belly button, which I knew would start to expand outward soon.

“So have we been living in sin the last four years?”

He barked out a laugh and kissed my cheek.

“If we were, I dinna think I’d much care. I thank ye, though, for saying the vow.”

“I meant it. Every word.”

“Aye, I ken ye did.”

“I do love you, Jamie.”

“Aye. I ken that too. And ye ken how much I love you.”

I nodded, wriggling to be closer to him.

“Yes, I do know how much you love me.”

Looking back on this tour, I have soooo many emotions…but mostly, (sorry this is lonnnnnng)..,

I AM PROUD…soooo proud of Taylor. She has come so far and is truly a superpower in the music industry. I can’t even put it into words how proud I am of her. She started so small and now LOOK!!! She gives me hope for my own career in music. I’ve loved her for 9 years…when I was in first grade she played a tiny Country Thunder festival in my small hometown in Wisconsin. AND NOW SHES A MEGASTAR!!!!

And I am THANKFUL!!! So many wonderful things happened…I got to go to THREE shows. We won tix to all three!! Two nights in Chicago. Then my mom won a trip to Night 2 in Nashville. Although I didn’t get Loft and never met Taylor (and honestly after Chicago I was really bitter and devastated about it…I’ve since gotten over it because I know that I will meet her someday and it just wasn’t my time yet), so many great things happened in Nashville. I met Kevin from TN. Alli from TN actually remembered me from the Chicago shows and gave me a huge hug. I met new friends!!! I sang karaoke IN NASHVILLE AT THE BRIDGESTONE!!!!! (This is huge…singing is my ultimate dream and Taylor is my inspiration). And I saw Mr Swift too!!! I also won like five Taylor prize packs from the radio station and had a bunch of tshirts that I was able to share with other Swifites. That was awesome to make people smile. But that’s just me…TAYLOR did so many wonderful things for fans this tour!!!! How awesome is that??! And I’m thankful for my Mom - who I have successfully turned into a huge Swiftie - for entering contests, texting to win when she’s at work, dressing in matching costumes and her love for glitter!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

TAYLOR I LOVE YOU!!!! THANK YOU SOOO, SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL. OMG IM CRYING RIGHT NOW. I JUST FEEL SO BLESSED AND THANKFUL. @taylorswift 💖💖💖 and I’m sure she will probably never see this. She doesn’t follow me and hasn’t noticed me. But that’s okay…I just need to throw this out into the Swiftie Universe to express my gratitude for my idol @taylorswift. Thank you for being there for me through your music during every happy and heartbreaking moment in my life. You mean the world to me and I will never be able to thank you enough.

I NEVER WANT THIS TOUR TO END! @taylorswift THANK YOU!!!! 😘😘😘😘