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smuttttyyyyy mafia boss yoongi one shot au where he treats everyone he knows like shit and doesnt care about peoples lives or his ones except for the reader ( his loving girlfriend ) annnd min holly 😌😌😌😌 with body worship dirty talk light phone sex while hes at his office or safe house whatever and just fluffy stuff with his gf he only loves her and min holly 😂

I’m actually working on a mafia bts fic (I honestly don’t know when it will be up) but yoongi is the boss and I’m still making the plan right now, because I need A LOT of things to happen in it lol. I also need to read some mafia aus because it’s out my comfort zone, but I’m excited!!!
But I must say 😂😂😂 you made me laugh with the “only loves his girlfriend and min holly.” It wasn’t in my original plan, but I can see what I can do lmfaoo. I can just imagine him buying her a dog to keep her happy while he’s off killing people…

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what an amazing parents, they're never alone with that kid, bribri always has olivia, her mom or trashley and louis always has oli and used to have this body guard, like???? you can't go outside just on your own without all your friends???

Ikr is so weird. One can’t go out with the girlfriend without the bff glued to them, the other always need a nanny to watch over her when she’s out with the kid… like lol 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I saw there are even two pics (for now) (on twitter) from those pap pics after the X factor performance and even if it’s just Louis and Lottie hugging is still makes me feel so uncomfortable

Yeah, they were not in the mood for pics 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:lool, this time i`m thinking they`re actually gonna end it, first day of spring see you later …

Let’s see, anon. Let’s see… 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Olivia is abandoning the ship before it sinking lol

lol she is

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Okay like how many DEO agents know about Alex being gay?? Like she literally relayed her entire love life story (or rather her lack of love life) to Maggie while sewing her up while a dude was directly behind her, she giggled and said "I kinda have a girlfriend" in the presence of two female agents on computers, and now she said "barenaked ladies-*gay gasp*- I NEED TO CALL MAGGIE" like sweetheart if they didn't know before, they sure as hell know now


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I mean hell, WE all knew last season. The DEO agents all probs did too COME THE FUCK ON NOW they’re all just super relieved she finally gets it and is getting some because she’s probs a lot less likely to randomly slam them into walls and threaten them with her index finger now.

Monogamous dealbreakers that are my everyday...

“Hey, who’s bra is this? I found it by the bed and it’s definitely not one of mine.”

Texting a partner to see if s/he wants anything from the restaurant in the middle of a dinner date with another partner.

Wife pulls a long hair out of my beard, holds it up to the light to see the color, “Red? Must be Tali’s.”

Kids who confuse one girlfriend’s name for another.

“Hey, I know we just finished hooking up…but now my boyfriend wants to hook up. Is that cool?”

“Is that your wife who just came home? Awesome! I need help picking out clothes for my date tomorrow night.”

Anything else fun to add to this list?


have it as proof that i’m still alive

Brett was horny right after his training session at the gym.
He told me that he doesn’t like taking care of business by himself if he could help it, But as his girlfriend was overseas for the next 2 weeks he thought that was the only thing he could do.
- I couldn’t help imagining how big and hard he would be under those tight black shorts.
As I moved over on the couch where he was sitting i touched the inside of his leg, with a smile I said “a hot guy like you has many options” he was pretty quick to dismiss my offer by telling me he wasn’t gay … I got up, closed the blinds, locked the door and said “we have been Mates for years now, trust me”
Walking back to him I said close your eyes if you want, but you don’t need to be gay to fuck another guy, just horny.

Even now that his girlfriend has come back from her trip, Brett sometimes still comes over after his gym session.
But he closes the blinds and locks the door himself now ;)

john: do you have a gf?
sherlock: girlfriend? no not really my area
john: Oh Okay hehe sooo do u have a boyfriend then?
sherlock: (why does this guy wanna kn-)
john: which is fine btw
sherlock: *rolls his eyes into the back of his head* i know its fine (omg wtf i dont need your straight pity)
john: so you have a boyfriend?
sherlock: no (ugh wtf this is so invasive like leave me alone CLEARLY i dont)
john: good, so you’re unattached. just like me. good.
sherlock: (ok u weirdo….o-OH)…..uh….john im soo flattered but im not looking for a boyfriend right now
john: (SHIT) uh no no omg i wasnt asking you out
sherlock: (sure. uh huh.)
john: i was just. saying. its cool . (that you’re gay). its all good.
sherlock: th..anks………

(you know how in a lot of kdramas when the female character isn’t “pretty” she usually needs a makeover first before getting with the lead, change her look altogether or they’ll get together but the male lead will still joke about her looks; but then in WLFKBJ Joon Hyung is just like “my girlfriend is so pretty!” “i think she’s sexy the way she is” etc and its not even said as a joke, like he means it 100% and i think its so nice~ okay bye now)

I got a letter tonight from a teen inmate that made me cry.

I usually don’t share this type of stuff, but I thought I’d share this today because it gave me a lot of perspective.  If this person (a juvenile sentenced as an adult) can be happy, why can’t we?  He’s still under 21.  When I met him, he was suicidal.  Just a kid in an adult prison with no will to go forward.
Now he is flourishing and I’m so proud of who he’s become.  
So I will share some snippets of the letter.  I don’t use names, so I’ve just put blanks where names are.  The two names are my own and his girlfriends.  I just want you guys to know that writing just one person when they need someone in their lives can make the biggest difference.  So if you feel compelled to write someone you feel needs a friend, don’t hesitate.  Throw caution to the wind.  Just sit down, write your letter, and mail it out.  You might really change the persons life forever.  They might change your life forever.  You never know.

Hey ____,

Hopefully you don’t get this too late.  Prepare yourself for a super lame sappy ass letter.  It’s the best present I can give you, sorry.
Anyway, I can’t even begin to express how much you’ve done for me in the 3 years that I’ve known you.  You’ve basically held my hand & helped me through my lowest, darkest points in life & I assure you that I don’t take it for granted for a single second.  If you hadn’t started talking to me I guarantee I’d be dead right now.  Seriously, you are the first person who has ever made an effort to show me that you support me & believe in me without wanting me to be someone I’m not.
Honestly, for the longest time, the only reason I didn’t kill myself was because I couldn’t bring myself to do it before I got to give you a hug & actually talk to you face to face.  & if I didn’t have you then I wouldn’t have met ____ & I can’t thank you enough for getting her to write me.  That is the best thing you could have ever done for me, & I will always owe you for that.  Without you I wouldn’t have a TV, or be as good of an Artist or even have what little bit of a relationship I have with my mom.  You are the most reliable person in my life.  I know that if you say you’ll do something for me, it’s as good as done.  I’m a very untrusting person, so it’s nice to have someone who I know I can trust & rely on 100%.  I can’t thank you enough for that.  I defend you vehemently whenever my family tries to criticize you, which by the way they’ve stopped doing.  It makes me incredibly angry when they try to say you’re not a real friend.  I’ve told them repeatedly how without all you do for me I’d have killed myself & then they’ll say I have them & I’m like “NO I DON’T!”.  They don’t like when I point out how they’ve sat back & let me do my time on my own, & you’re the one who’s done all the stuff they should be doing   I wish I could like do something for you.  When do you think you’ll be able to visit again?  I wish I could see you more often, but it’s okay.  I promise I won’t always be so awkward, I just have to get used to you.  I really did love seeing you face to face though, & giving you a hug was great!  Although I was unprepared for the kiss & it startled me (I only kissed him on the cheek guys so don’t get any ideas) but it was nice too!
I don’t know if ______ told you, but she’s gonna try to kiss me on the lips & if that happens I swear I’ll die!
I just got my books, & want to thank you endlessly.  Honestly, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.  I always feel bad cuz I don’t call you more often & you do so much for me, but every time I use the phone I call ____.  I can’t help it.  I’m in love with her!
& My mind is much clearer these days.  I haven’t done any drugs in over 3 months!!!!  I love you & can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done & continue to do for me!


This little shit is Pudgington.He’s a one legged toad who wants to promote body positivity and racial equality. Pudge is a pro feminist and resides in Florida, home of the gators, sun, and serial killers.

Expect more Pudge from this blog and his instagram (run by my little sister).

His instagram is SirPudgingtonToad

BTS Reaction - When you break up cause you think that you might not be good enough

Thank you anon for this request! To all my beautiful people out there, never let anyone make you feel like you are not good enough <3


“And in what twisted world do you think that i would agree on breaking up because of that? You are my everything and more then good enough”

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“Please say that again. It’s my girlfriend you are badmouthing and that is not okay, even if it’s you talking shit about yourself”

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This sweet angel would not know what to do with the words he had just heard from you. “I need you, and you know that! Please don’t leave me and quit talking like that about yourself, cause it’s heartbreaking to hear my everything getting shit for something that’s not true”

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“Good luck breaking up with me, cause it’s not happening. Now tell me who got this bullshit in to your head, cause i have some business with that asshole”

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“I hate that you feel that way. I just wish that you could see yourself through my eyes. Then you would know how much i need you to be able to live”

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He would not have this. He knew that you had been getting some hate from the fans and could only imagine what you thought of yourself after reading all the comments. He would come home with the biggest bouquet of roses since he knew how much you loved them. “The only thing that matters is that we love each other, and don’t let anyone  say anything else”

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“What made you think like that? You are scaring me, so quit saying those stuff. You know deep down inside that it’s not true”

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The One That Got Away [Chapter One]

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Series Request from the amazing @jinbumg7 !!! Hope you enjoy, dearest! I tweaked it just a tiny, tiny bit, hope you don’t mind :)

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Warnings: None

You awoke to the sound of your phone vibrating on your nightstand. You groaned sleepily, the sun was just barely up. Who could be calling this early? Didn’t they know you needed your sleep?

“Hello?” you grumbled.

“Happy anniversary, Jagiya!!!” You heard an excited Jaebum yell from the other end.

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“I think there’s an emotional undercurrent that expresses how my life has changed priority-wise. There’s nothing overt, nothing that comes out and says ‘I only care about my girlfriends now, and I don’t need a man to make me happy.’ It’s just the idea that right now I’m thrilled, excited, fascinated by things other than boys.



i’m crying and screeching inside someone please help m e-

Reaction (BTS): When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

Jin: “Quick let me take a picture so I can marvel at your beauty even when you’re not here.”

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Namjoon: (The girl is his girlfriend) “Why are you insecure, huh? I think your eyes are just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

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Yoongi: “Damn baby, you can’t be cooler than me, it’s not allowed.” 

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Hoseok: *taken aback by her new beautiful trait* “I think you are so absolutely perfect.”

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Jimin: “Wow I think I love you even more now. My beautifully unique baby.”

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Taehyung: “Wow baby that’s so cool. Why have you hidden this from me?”

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Jungkook: “Awe no need to be insecure. I think that it makes you even more beautiful.”

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According to Barry Allen/The Flash “there is no flash without Iris West.” I really don’t recall Caitlin saving Barry or the day a ton of times. I feel like I need to go back and watch season one and two.

I just saw so much crazy in the Flash tag. Someone wrote, why haven’t Barry and CS kissed yet. Simple, he has a girlfriend. Like I’ve said before; when Barry was single he was not interested in CS. Why would he be interested in her now that he is finally with the love of his life.

I have never seen CS or Barry express any romantic interest in each other. Even if Iris was not around Barry and CS wouldn’t be together. You know who she has great chemistry with, Cisco Ramon. They are both closer to each other than either is to Barry. That is a ship I can totally see build up for.

What is CS and Cisco Ramon’s ship name?

It Was One Time

Caspar frowned as he watched Joe inch closer to the woman he was talking too. It was clear that his best friend was drunk, which meant he was probably going to do something stupid. He usually did.

Glancing down at his phone, Caspar checked the time. He only had a few minutes until Y/N was due to meet him here, and he really didn’t need her to see this.

Or that. Caspar thought as he stared wide eyed at Joe, who was now kissing the woman he had been talking to.

The woman who was not his girlfriend.

“Are you fucking kidding me.” Y/N spat, causing Caspar to jump and spin around. She stood there, hands clenched into fists, eyes narrowed and flashing with anger as she looked into the bar they were both stand outside of.

“Wait, Y/N. He’s drunk…” Caspar tried to plead, but she shook her head.

“No. I came here to apologize, even though he was just as in the wrong as I was, but instead I find him kissing another woman?!” Y/N moves towards the door. “Drunk or not, it’s not excuse.”

He opened his mouth to stop her, but all that came out was a strangled noise as Caspar watched her move into the bar. He flinched as Joe pulled away, smiling up at his girlfriend. Knowing it would be smarter to be inside, Caspar pulled the door open and followed the path Y/N had just taken.

“…such a fucking asshole.” Caspar heard as he walked up.

“Come on, love! Was just having fun!” Joe slurred, eyes lighting up when they fall on Caspar. “Look! It’s my best friend!”

“Joe!” Y/N snapped, pulling the attention back on her.

“What?” He sighed, running a tired hand down his face as he leaned heavily against the bar. The woman he had just been kissing excused herself quickly, looking shameful under Y/N’s hard stare.

“Let’s just take him home,” Caspar said softly to Y/N. “Then you two can talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” She told him. “We had one stupid argument and he comes here to get drunk off his ass.”

“I’m not that drunk.” Joe muttered.

“Shut up. And then he makes out with the first girl he sees? There’s nothing to talk about there, Caspar.” Y/N shifted her stare over to Joe, who does flinch slightly. “There’s nothing to talk about in regards to us anymore.”

“Wha’ does that mean?”

“It means we’re done, Joe.”

“Because I kissed someone?”

“Yes! Because you kissed someone, Joe!”

“It was one time, Y/N!”

“Who’s to say it won’t happen again? Who’s to say that the next time we have an argument, whether it be over something even more ridiculous than tonight or be something serious, that you won’t come and get drunk? And next time, you might do more than kiss. You looked like you were ready to do more than just kiss her before I walked in.” She finished, breathing deeply. “I thought I could trust you, Joe.”

“You can.” Joe said softly, her words getting past his drunken haze.

“Clearly, I can’t.” Wiping away a tear quickly before it fell down her cheek, Y/N turned to face Caspar. “You can take him home. I’m not dealing with this anymore. I’m going to stay a friends tonight. I’ll be by tomorrow to grab my stuff.” Without another glance at Joe, she walked past Caspar and out the door.

“What just happened?” Joe asked, shifting his eyes to Caspar.

“You just lost the best thing to happen to you.”