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Cameron Dallas - Revenge

Imagine for Ria


Cam could be such a moody little boy, sometimes I questioned why I was dating him. It was a Wednesday evening, we were at my place, I had a lot of work to do before the next day and he knew how big of a maximalist I was, but he still tried  to distract me and it just made me get mad at him.

“Cam, you know I love you, but I have to finish these before tomorrow,” I said looking up at him with a tired look.

“Ria, you work too much,” he whined outing his lips at me.

“Well, not everyone gets money just for posing for pictures,” I replied sassily, turning back to my papers.

“Ouch!” he gasped pretending to be hurt as he walked over to my bed and threw himself down. “You know I also work hard.”

“Then let me do the same!” I sang feeling myself getting lost in the numbers on the paper. I heard him growling, but he didn’t say anything else so I thought he realized it was better to just let me do my thing. I didn’t even listen to what he was doing behind me, I focused on my work, but then a few minutes later he appeared in sight without his shirt. “Cam?!” I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

“What?” He turned to me pretending like nothing was wrong.

“An hour earlier you whined about how cold it is in my apartment, now you are shirtless. Put it back on,” I told him.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. It’s pretty… hot in here,” he said obviously flexing his muscles. “Maybe I should get rid of it too.” Without another word he pulled his sweatpants down leaving him only in his boxers. I couldn’t believe that my 21 year-old boyfriend was trying to seduce me because I didn’t pay enough attention to him.

“Cameron what the Hell?” I laughed shaking my head.

“Don’t bother, just do your work,” he waved at me in dismiss still flexing. He knew it so damn well that I couldn’t say no to his perfect abs and delicious biceps and he used this against me. I knew I should have just turned away, but you can’t ignore a man like this only in his boxers in the middle of your bedroom. That’s impossible.

I let out a small chuckle standing up from my desk and walked over to him with the intention of stealing a few kisses and lay my hands on his beautiful body, but before I could touch him in any way he snapped my hands away.

“You have work to do, young lady. Go back and finish it.”

My jaw dropped to the floor as he held his nose up high and crossed his arms on his chest.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“No. You chose work,” he shrugged and without a word he walked out of the room. He couldn’t mean it, but…

“Two can play this game,” I mumbled to myself making my way to my closet.

I quickly forgot about my work and paid my attention fully to my revenge. When I turned eighteen my best friend got me the sexiest lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, but I never got the chance to wear it, but now was the perfect opportunity to put it on. I quickly changed into the hot, red, lacy bra with the matching thong and put on my white, silk robe. When I checked myself in the mirror and made sure I looked good enough to fire back at him I made my way to the living room. He was on the couch, still only in his boxers and he was expecting me to go to him and beg, but I just walked to my bookshelf, and started to pretend like I was looking for something. Then when I was sure I got his attention I turned to him.

“You are right, it’s really hot in here,” I said furrowing my eyebrows and then casually let the robe slide down on my arms and fall to the ground. I swear I heard a soft moan leaving his mouth and I tried to hide my satisfied smile.

“What the Hell are you wearing? No, that’s not the right question. What the Hell are you NOT wearing?” he asked standing up and he wasn’t able to look into my eyes, he was scanning through my body without stopping.

“What are you talking about? It’s my favorite outfit to wear while working,” I said with a small shrug and then grabbing a book from the shelf I made my way back to my room. I made sure to give his crotch a pat before leaving him behind. I couldn’t even sit down before he rushed into the room after me and grabbing my wrist he pulled me against his body, but I pushed him away just like he did with me. “Hey, I have to work, leave me alone!” I told him with a serious look, but I was about to start to laugh very badly. His face was simply priceless.

“You can’t drop a bomb like this and then walk away,” he said raising his eyebrows.

“Oh really?” I asked mirroring his actions. “That’s funny, because if I’m not mistaken, you did the exact same thing earlier.”

“That’s not… It’s just… It’s not fair!” he exclaimed not knowing what to say, because I was clearly right.

“It is, baby. It is,” I smiled at him sweetly. He stared at me for a brief moment before without warning he attacked my lips.

He pinned me up against the wall and I tried to fight him for a moment but then the amazing feeling of his body against me took my mind away and I let my act fall down. I let him roam his hands all over my body, but as soon as he tried to undress me I pushed him away.

“Hey, stop, I still have to finish those papers,” I said trying to catch my breath. He gave me a confused and disbeliever look.

“Seriously? You are thinking about that shit right now?” he asked running his fingers through his hair. I laughed at his expression, he looked like I said the stupidest thing in the word.

“No, I mean, yes, because I do have to finish them,” I said stepping to him and hugged his neck. “I just wanted my revenge.”

“Well, fuck you and your insanely hot body, because now I feel hornier than ever and I’m not letting you sit back to that desk unless you are naked and I-“

“Okay, stop, let’s… compromise!” I suggested and it was hard for both of us to concentrate to anything else than their significant other’s almost naked body. “Let me finish at least the one I started, and then I’m yours. Okay?” He hesitated before answering.

“Only if you put on something, because I already have troubles… down there…” He cleared his throat grabbing his sweatpants and he put it on. I giggled doing the same and quickly got dressed. “By the way, can we talk about why I haven’t seen you in these?” he asked pointing at my lingerie.

“I didn’t know you needed such things,” I shrugged grinning at him.

“You’re right, you are better without them, but I would love to see you in things like this.” He leaned closer and gave me a short kiss before sitting back to my bed.

“I’ll keep that in my mind. I’ll try to be quick, I promise,” I said sitting back to my desk.

It took an hour to finish the one I started before our little scene. I was relieved to finally put my pen down and I turned around excited, but found my lovely boyfriend asleep on my bed, curled up under the covers. He looked like an innocent little puppy with his pouty lips and messy hair. As much as I wanted to finish what we started earlier, I was also quite tired and didn’t want to wake him up, so switching the lights off I slid under the cover next to him and hugging him from behind I made myself comfortable.

“Ria?” he asked in a throaty voice and turned to me.

“Sleep, baby,” I whispered kissing his lips.

“Sorry I fell asleep. I couldn’t wait anymore.”

“It’s okay. Sorry it took me too long,” I said closing my eyes. He covered my hands with his warm palms and sighed.

“It’s okay, baby. I love you,” I heard him mumble even though he was probably half asleep.

“I love you too, Cam.”


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“I don’t remember falling in love with you. I just remember holding your hand and realizing how much it was going to hurt when I would have to let go.”

Summary: You’re Kai’s best friend and you’ve been invited to stay with them for a little while they are on tour. You expect just normal visit where you spend some time with your best friend that your grew up with.. But little do you know, feelings get developed from someone in the group…

Previous Parts:

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Part 7 everyone~

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”Y/N!” you heard your name being called and you opened your eyes. You slowly sat up and realized you fell asleep on Chanyeol’s chest.

Whoops you two must of fallen asleep after watching the movie.. You began to hear more banging in the hotel door and you dragged yourself from the bed.

“Good morning,” your hear and you look at Chanyeol finding him awake now.

“Morning,” you smiled.

“What time is it?”

You grabbed your phone ignoring the knocks on the door and looked at the time.



You walked to the door and continued to hear knock after knock.

“Hold up,” you opened the door and find Kai and D.O.

“Goodmorning,” you smiled and they both smiled.

“Morning, did we wake you up?”


“Sorry.” D.O says and you giggled.

“Do you know where Chanyeol i-” before he could finish his sentence Chanyeol pops up behind your rubbing his eyes and he smiled.

“I accidently fell a sleep here last night..”

“Last night?” D.O asks and you looked at the two boys standing in front of you..

Now they probably think you two have something going on…

Just what you needed..


Kai began to give you one of those looks like something's up. D.O however didn’t seem to happy. He didn’t even seem to have any face expression… he was just so serious.

“I should… probably go to my hotel room now..” Chanyeol says awkwardly. 

D.O and Kai pushed to the side and Chanyeol awkwardly slides between them and walks away.

“Um… I’m going to go check if the others are awake…” D.O says awkwardly and you felt you heart drop. 

You liked D.O… but he probably thinks Chanyeol and you have something going on…

Kai steps in your room and closes the door behind you.

“Care to explain?”

“It’s not what you think,” You said walking to your suitcase.

“Hmm what would you assume if you came to my room and a girl comes out.”

You stayed quiet and continued to look through your suitcase… It did look bad but it wasn’t what it looked like. To be honest last night Chanyeol and you talked about D.O and your past. Then you two watched tv and just ate snacks till eventually you two fell asleep without noticing.

Chanyeol didn’t try to make a move and you didn’t either. The two of you are in innocent in this situation.

“Okay you have a point but I’m being serious nothing happen,” you said walking over to Kai and you sat next to him.

“So what happened?”

“So last night I was coming to my dorm.. like maybe around 2 in the morning..” you said awkwardly and Kai’s eyes widen.

“2 In the morning!? What the hell were you do-” before he could finish his sentence he stopped himself from talking and you looked at him.

“D.O came around that time too… What were you guys doing?”

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask him where was he.” You said rolling your eyes but Kai continued to look at you.

“I thought he was probably with the boys.”


“Anyways what were you two doing at 1 in the morning not in your hotel room.” Kai questions you and to avoid the question you got up and walked over to your bathroom and closed the door.

“You can’t run away from this question forever,” Kai says at the other side of the door and you sighed and grabbed your toothbrush.


You came out of the bathroom showered and clean and you still found Kai laying down in your bed. You thought he probably left since he stop speaking but you guessed completely wrong.

“Time to answer questions.”

“Kai yah,”

“No speak up. I’m your best friend you know we don’t keep secrets from each other.” Kai says crossing his arms and you sat down next to him and sighed. 

He was right. You two made a promise and that was to never keep anything from each other. 

“Well.. I was in the mood to swim last night and I did kind of wanted to spend some time with D.O… so we went down at the pool..”


“And what?”

Kai crossed his arms and looked in your eyes and off the bat he could tell you were hiding something.

“Something had to happen between the two of you.”

You sighed and look forward. But instead of telling Kai.. the memory of D.O and you kissing revisit your mind and made you smile slightly.. 

You never been kissed the way D.O kissed you. You felt you heart start to race, your cheeks up heat up and butterflies kick in.

“Y/N to earth,” you shook your head and looked at Kai. 


“You guys kissed didn’t you?” Kai smiles and you looked at him.

“How did you know?”

Kai eyes widen and he continues to smile.

“No wonder D.O kept touching his lips and smiling to himself. I looked at him weird a couple of times but I don’t think he noticed.” Kai says and just hearing those words made you heart beat faster that it originally was.

Does that mean D.O feels the same way? After all he did make the first move.. 

“Yeah…” was all you could say.

“So what happened to the I’m not going to date anyone at all.”

“Who said anything about dating?” you said getting up and looking at Kai.

“Y/N. Come on you clearly like D.O as well.”

“Is it that obvious?” you asked Kai and he shook his head. “Well actually I thought you liked Baekhyun at first.” Kai says and you just continued to stare at Kai.

“Anyways, just go and tell him already, so you two can go out already.”

You giggled and just shook your head.

“We have a problem…”

“Right… he thinks you and Chanyeol have something going on now..”

You just nodded and sighed. At last when you finally decide to confront your denial mind… things do wrong with you and D.O…


“Breakfast is going to be so awkward,” you whispered to Kai as you two go out of the elevator.

“Of course it is, but just go along with it.” Kai winks at you before you two entered the restaurant and you followed behind Kai to the table. 

As you two arrived, you found all the band mates already sitting there talking amongst each other except for D.O… 

He was quietly looking down at his drink.

“Good Morning.” you smiled awkwardly and the boys all said good morning expect for D.O. 

Awkwardly there was a seat available between D.O and Chanyeol… 

Isn’t this just great!

You sat down and the awkward tension was so big you were pretty sure the other boys could feel it too. 

Someone speak please!

“How did you sleep Y/N?” tao asks and you could feel D.O glancing at you. Great question to freaking ask you.

“Um good.”

“And you Chanyeol?” D.O asked and your eyes widen and all the boys continued to stare at you and Chanyeol. 

Even more great…

You glanced at Chanyeol and see his cheeks heat up. “I slept good and you?” He replies back and D.O completely ignores him.

At last the waitress arrived in time before anything else could get more awkward.

“Hello, I’ll be your waitress today,” she smiles as she hands everyone a menu and you smiled but you really wanted to jump out of your seat and run.

Was that wrong?

You all began to look at your menu and you could feel Chanyeol confused on why everything was awkward between everyone and you two. 

You lifted your menu high enough to hide you face to make it seem like you were reading the menu but you were actually trying to talk to him without anyone hearing.

“What is going on?” Chanyeol whispers you sigh.

“They think you and I have something go on.

His eyes widen and all you could do was nod.

“Well only Kai and D.O but I explained to Kai and he seemed to understand..”

“Have you spoken to D.O?”


You heard someone clearing their throat making Chanyeol and you put your menus down and all the boys were staring at you…

You just made this situation worse probably..

“What are you two talking about?” Baekhyun asks smirking and your cheeks began to heat up.. Not because you were hiding anything but because you were being put on the spot..


They both all began to smirk even more expect for D.O…

Disappearing right now sounds like the best thing to do at this very moment…


Luckily after that awkward moment, the boys all went back to having a normal conversation and everything was perfectly fine. 

D.O still didn’t a word to you but at least Chanyeol and you weren’t the topic of the morning anymore. 

You two got up from you seats and walked your way to the elevator doors.

“Breakfast was so awkward,” you mumbled to Kai.

“You should fix things with D.O now or this awkward tension could get worse and worse..” 

You sighed and watched the elevator door open right in front of you.

“D.O.” you said stopping him from stepping into the elevator. He looks at you.

“Can we maybe take the next elevator alone?”

The boys all looked you and and stepped in smiling. Surprisingly D.O stayed next to you and you two watched the elevator door close.  


“So..” you said as you watched the elevator door close and you felt the elevator slowly make it way up.

“What did you want to talk about?

“Well… I wanted to explain about what happened with Chanyeol and I in the room. N-” before you could finish D.O cuts you off.

“You don’t have to explain yourself… If something is happening between the two of you.. That’s cool.”

He says not even looking at you.

“But nothing is going on.”



He was about to speak but before words left his mouth your two felt the elevator stop. You were expecting the doors to open but instead it didn’t… 

“Um what’s going on?” you asked confused and that’s when it hit you.

You two were stuck…. 

in an elevator…


To Be Continued

I don’t blame Hayley for leaving twitter one bit, especially with how things have been as of late. It became less about celebrating something she was proud of and more about complaining about how it wasn’t what you wanted.


While two of the above are valid complaints, they aren’t things Hayley is responsible for. She’s fought, and openly expressed a desire to see more diversity and more female roles, but HAYLEY DOES NOT HAVE POWER OVER THOSE DECISIONS.



She’s been ready to go for a while. She hung on just long enough to finish the dubsmash wars, and now she’s done. I think she would have left earlier had the dubsmash wars not happened. 

So there we have it. Hayley’s headed for less stressful waters and god speed to her. Lord knows she tolerated a lot more than I ever would have.

anonymous asked:

I'm a writer and one of my characters has autism. I was wondering if you had tips that would make her more realistic? Anything that i should avoid? The last thing I want is to misrepresentate what autism is like! I'm sorry if this is dumb. Thank you!


I’m really glad you’re writing about an autistic character and that you’re bothering to ask autistic people about it! 

Firstly, I’m happy they’re a ‘she’ instead of the typical cis male because while I accept that there are many autistic boys who love maths and numbers who deserve representation, not every single book has to be about them. 

Autistic people are as varied as allistic people so there is no one way to write an autistic character. One thing to do to make her more accurate would be to have a read through the posts at thatautismfeel to gather an idea of the kinds of experiences both good and bad which actually autistic people have. Also browse the #actuallyautistic tag for more posts by autistic people. 

Don’t constantly portray autism as a bad thing. There are many positives too! I’d recommend having a look at itsnicetobeautisticwhen to get some ideas for really great autism feels. 

Don’t let her appear to be a burden on any of the characters to the reader. I think it’s okay to show another character failing to understand her or seeing her as a burden because that happens, but it should be very clearly demonstrated that this is a flaw in said character and not the autistic character’s fault. 

Lot’s of books about autistic characters end with them ‘overcoming’ their autism. It isn’t something that needs to be ‘overcome’ or ‘hidden’. A good happy ending for an autistic that’s based on their autism (because obviously she deserves her own plot arc and ending based on that) is for her to be more accepting of her neurotype and/or other people finally appreciating her more. 

Hardly any autistic people fit all the diagnostic criteria. We all have different selections of autistic traits so don’t just base her off a list of signs or traits of autism from a medical website. 

Stimming!! and special interests! I love stimming and it’s not often in books and if it is it’s almost always hand flapping. Here are some other stims and here is a bunch of special interests which some of tumblr’s autistic community have. (Not all autistic people stim or have SIs though so this is just a suggestion) 

Autistic people don’t all totally lack emotion. We may just express this differently. Allow her to express her thoughts and emotions. Ensure that she is presented in a very human way.

Those are just a few things I can think of now. Anyone else, feel free to add any tips.

Anon, please come back and tell us about it when it’s finished and ask if you want any more advice!