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“Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.” — William Arthur Ward

Hey guys, how was your day?🤓
Mine was okay, I managed to study a little bit and I’ve also done my Weekly Study Schedule (printable from @emmastudies) because I am now on holidays but still have exams at the end of April and beginning of May! After my exams I’ll have 3months and a half of holidays! I AM SO READY FOR THAT TBH!

So here is a little picture of my desk area from today!📚🙌🏻
I’ve also read an article saying that drinking water helps boost one’s mental performance: STUDY! To sum up, it basically helps your brain to work faster! (Now you can picture me drinking 900L of water before my finals hahahaha)😂😂😂

Side note: I ordered “Long Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela”, I’ll have to wait around 2 weeks before getting it because I bought a used one from Amazon for only 3€ (I’m obsessed with used books with pages discoloration, notes and highlighting inside)🙌🏻

Have a nice day guys, I hope you all doing okay, don’t forget to stay motivated no matter what!💪🏻 xx

ninaaberry  asked:

Hi, Bianca! So I was reading Harry Potter 5 and I found the part when Trelawney says that Harry will die old, be Ministry of Magic and have 12 kids. (Ch. 26) Instantly I picture your Hinny's art (you know, they laughing about it or Gin making a joke) and I thought it would be perfect! So, could you do something like that? 😍😍😍 pleaseeee? I love you ❤️

Hello! hahahaha that would be something they would laugh about. Idk, maybe in the day Lily Luna was born, Harry would be the one who makes the joke: 

“She’s so beautiful. 9 babies to go now, honey”. 

and Ginny looks at him, laughs, but suddenly she gets a little bit worried and whispers “are you serious-” 

“Wait, no. I was joking.”

“Well, the last time I thought you were joking, you actually named our son Albus Severus, so… I just really needed to check.”

  • Draco: *walks up with confidence*
  • Draco: Potter!
  • Harry: what now, Malfoy?
  • Draco: i have come up with yet another challenge to completely humiliate you in front of your stupid friends!
  • Harry: *sighs*
  • Draco: *snaps and holds out his hand to Blaise without breaking eye contact with Harry*
  • Blaise: *rolls his eyes and hands Draco a galleon*
  • Draco: heads, i win. tails, you lose.
  • Harry: wait, wha-
  • Draco: *elbows Blaise*
  • Blaise: *looks at his palm* winner gets bragging rights. loser has to kiss the winner.
  • Draco: ooooooooohhhh man, Blaise! that's harsh! how'd you come up with that?! hahahaha! ok i'm in.
  • Blaise:
  • Harry:
  • Draco:
  • everyone else:
  • Harry: but-
  • Draco: sCARED POTTER?!?!????
“The family’s girl” (Batfam x reader) Part5

Hi there!

Sorry for the short hiatus. College was murder! But here I am again!

Have you heard the news??? A Noghtwing movie!!!! i’m so to give and now..


i’m scared they’ll mess up .

Nonetheless! Thanks for you support, ask and coments. Really, I love reading them. So, i’ve found a pattern. @hamsterforlive seems to coment in almost all the chapters and! reads them repeatedly. Their last comment in the part 4 made me laught, so… you got a little something in the story. ;) Probably this Sunday or Monday will come the part 6, as this one is a bit shorter than the others.

Love you, little wings!

(Promps open!)

Part1 Part2  Part3 Part4 Part5 (here you are!) Part6  Part7


A wild hamster appeared between the two of you, hitting Dick straight in his face, you grabbed the pet before it hit the ground as Dick sweared and grabbed his nose. 

Following the wild hamster came someone who was wearing a hamster hoodie and a mask. They apologized profusely to the two of you, you smiled at them and said that it was alright and then ran away, blushing and hamster in hand… Then Dick looked at you, and realization got to him and blushed he then said,

“Well, I have to go. Tomorrow I gotta go to work early” Dick smiled, but if you looked deep in his eyes, the frustration was there. Because, God, what does a guy gotta do to get laid with the girl he likes, dammit!

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Good night Dick.”

“Good nigh-“You pecked him in the lips before blush hard and run inside your house. As the door closed you leaned on the door.

Dick had frozen, fingers touching his lips. Realization seemed to get to him and suddenly he was yelling happily, dancing and giggling. After his little happiness dance and act like a crazy person, Dick entered his flat.

You smiled as you saw everything through the peephole.

God, he was such a dork!


The next day.

As you were walking home you remembered you had to go shopping…aaand you had forgot the money back home.

“S*ht” You facepalmed.

“What troubles the most beautiful girl in the universe?” A guy dressed in red and blacks, medium black hair and what seemed like wing as a cape landed in front of you, smiling at you as he flipped his hair out of the way.

“Who are you? I thought Nightwing was the only superhero in the ‘Haven.”

“I’m Red Robin, achanté m’lady” He kissed your hand sweetly. You blushed at the same time your stomach decided to be a b*ch and roared like a tyrannosaurus rex.

“…sorry” You smiled awkwardly.

“You hungry? I know a pretty fine place not to far” Red robin suggested.

“I-I don’t have money on me…” Red robin smiled at you before messing your hair.

“Don’t worry about it. Is on me”






That were the thought that were battling in your head as Red Robin had bought you..

To a batman themed McDonald’s.

Oh my f*cking god

“This isn’t as classy as you deserve, but I-I didn’t bought to much cash. This suit is really tight you know?” Tim-I mean Red Robin rambled, a soft blush on his cheeks.

“Red, don’t worry. I love it” You touched his cheek sweetly as his face broke in the cutes smile and the reddest blush.

“C’mon lets go inside! “ You grabbed Red’s arm and dragged him towards the door.

He got a cheeseburger and you got a Batmeal, It’s like a happy meal but batman themed.

 You two were sitting in one of the ‘Haves highed rooftops eating you food, joking and laughing. He told you embarrasing stories about Nightwing and some about his other partners. He asked what you were doing and if there was someone for you.

You blushed as you said no, Red smirked flirtatiously.

“I don’t understand, how someone so beautiful is single” You laughed embarrased at his flirtaious coments.

“Thanks, red. But I don’t think I’m that beautiful” Your smile became strained and sad. 

“You’re kidding right? I’ve meet aliens, superheroines, amazons and you are the most beautiful of them all. With that adorable face, those sparkling (e/c) eyes that silky (h/c) hair….gosh” Red sighed dreamily.

“heh” You said as his declaration leave you speechless, realization got to his brain and his face matched the red of his uniform.


You broke in a laughing fits and after a few seconds Red started laughing with you, his fit was more out of nerves than of finding this funny.

After the two of you calmed down, you found yourself sitting close to Red with his hand around yours.

“What toy did you get?” Red asked you, whishing it was his toy and not his brothers.

“Look! I got a …..”


Tim smiled


Tim smile disappeared.

He frowned as you started playing with the toy.

“pew pew! Hahahahaha”

“How about we do this every Wednesday? Just you and me” Red asked, his warm hand wrapping around yours.

“I-I don’t want to be a burden”



“Y’know, you remind me of my best friend. His name is Tim.” You smiled sweetly and Tim felt cold sweat run through his back.

“TIM? NO, I DON’T KNOW HIM!!!!!1 WHATEVER IS A TIM???!! HAHAHAHAHA TIM DRAKE???! WHAT? I’M CUTER THAN HIM! HAHAHAHA-Sorry, normalyi’mmore seriusandintelligent,youjustaresobeautiful,idon’tknowhowtoact.” Tim rambled, blushing.

“Hey, it’s alright. I-I think you’re handsome to.” Tim face sparkled happiness all over.


Tim thought while smiling softly at you and kissing your cheek, then your nose and then your hand.

“I have to go now, but I can’t wait to meet again”

Tim grabbed you bride style and flied out of there.. He bought you back to your place, entering through the windows.

“Well, goodbye (Y/N). I hope to see you soon.”

“Likewise, Red!” You kissed him European style and Red Robin jumped out, his silhouette disappearing in the sky.

Your phone started ringing.

Tim Drake said:

(y/n)!!! Are you home? I bought movies and popcorn!

You said:

Timmy! Yea come up! I’ll prepare the couch and the blankets.

Tim Drake said:


Meanwhile you got everything done, a nervous Tim Drake was changing in the alley next to your flat. He tried to change at Flash speed, but no. He fell to the ground trying to get out of the stupid tights.


He fought his pants a bit more before successfully changing to his civvies.

“I’m ready. (y/n) get ready to be sweep out of your feet!”


The doorbell rang as you finished preparing everything. You got the blankets ready, you had your comfy pajama and (f/d).

You smiled and went to get the door.

“Hey Timmy!” You smiled at the young man, dressed in a red hoodie and black pants. His hair was a mess and he looked out of breath.

“Hey, (y/n). bought the popcorn!” He said dangling the popcorn in the air.

“Great!” You grabbed it and went to your kitchen. Tim took a deep breath and looked in the mirror, arranging his hair and encouraging himself to confess.

“Timmy! Come in, don’t stand there.”

“oh right! What do you want to see? Tim sat in the conch

“What did you bought?” You sat next to him, covered the two of you in your favorite blanket and put the bowl between the two of you.

“W-Well, we got “Bridget Jones” “The conjuring” “Lego” and “Noah’s diary”. So which one?”

“hmm I feel like seeing a scary movie, so… “The conjuring” I know I’ll regret it but… YOLO”

“hahaha.” Tim laughed at your funny face.

You got up and put the movie in the DVD player. Then sat again next to Tim, but this time your head was tucked in his shoulder, he smiled and put his arm around you. In his head he was high fiving himself and doing a little victory dance.


In the most scary parts, you and Tim sat closer and closer until you were in his lap and Tim was caressing you shoulder absentmindedly. The two of you made a cocoon of the blankets. Tim mussed up the courage to kiss you.


Tim kissed you cheek first then his kisses trailed down to your neck. Sweet little kisses draw a map on your skin. Soft moans escaped you and Tim’s courage increased exponentially.

The movie played in the background as Tim kisses distracted you, playfully you kissed his neck, making him the moaning mess. Most when you found his sweet spot, wich you used against him when you felt like it or he did moved under you, breaking your concentration.

As the movie was almost finished, it had started raining. Loud thunder and lightning painted the sky.

As you were sitting in Tim’s lap and your head was hiding in his neck, your kisses had stopped as the first loud thunder broke the peace of the night. Tim was hugging you his face tucked in your hair, he had stopped kissing you and now was trying to calm you down, when suddenly the light went out.

“AHHHHHHHHH” You and Tim screamed.


Someone was hitting the door.

“OH MAI GAT, TIMMY PROTECT MEEEH” You screamed as hugged Tim tighter, your legs came around his waist.



“SSHHHHH” Tim shushed you.

You went towards the door, your phone’s flashlight illuminated your way. You looked at Tim for reassurance, he gave you a thumps up as he grabbed a frying pan and came next to you, ready to hit the monster.

“1…2….3” You whispered before opening the door.

“AAAHHHHHHIYAAA” Tim tried to hit the shadow in the door but it stopped the pan before it hit it. It growled menacingly and Tim grabbed you and put you behind him, you used the distraction to go get a weapon, that turned out to be a vase, with flowers and everything.

“WHO ARE YOOUU?” You screamed as Tim thought of ways of fighting the shadow without blowing his secret identity.

Lighting and thunder decided to appear now as the shadow of a man entered your flat, it smirked at your despair.

Tim grabbed your phone and illuminated the intruder’s face.

“YOU” Tim said outraged.

“me” It smirked evilly

It was-

To be continued….

Who do you think is the shadow??

smartcookie727  asked:

Omg. If you need requests I am happy to ask. I always figured you were super busy. I absolutely love your language and the way you describe a scene. I can't put down anything of yours I've read. Ok. Praise done. Two ideas. Roll with what inspires you. Gajevy: breakfast in bed for pregnant Levy who has morning sickness/weird cravings and keeps sending the food Gajeel makes her back. OR Levy & Gajeel have to take care of Lily who has accidentally gotten drunk.

Your praise destroyed me. I needed a minute before writing. Hahahaha. Thank you so, so much!! I decided on the first one because it just seemed so cute???

;The Woes Of Pregnancy

Levy eased herself up off the cushion. No matter how she tried to settle, the nausea just wouldn’t let her relax. It was as though the very lining of her stomach had come unravelled and now sat in her throat, waiting to explode all over the clean bed sheets. She shivered at the thought.

‘All right,’ Gajeel’s voice was partially muted in the hallway. He appeared in the doorway a moment later, a tray laden with food balanced in one hand. ‘I brought every kind of sweet I could think of. I even asked Erza for help. If you don’t like these, it ain’t my fault. It’s hers.’

Levy let out a quiet laugh. Gajeel was doing his best to take care of her – actually, he was doing more than his best. He was exhausting her with his efforts. He treated her like glass with cracks along its base, just threatening to give way. Levy didn’t want to burden him. She wanted this – her pregnancy, the birth of their first child – to be a blessing. Not a curse. 

Gajeel set the tray down on the bed and sat beside it. ‘Does the smell do anything?’ he asked. ‘You feel sick? Woozy? Anything?’ 

Levy took a cautious breath. ‘No…not yet.’

Levy’s morning sickness had started late into her pregnancy. Late enough that her stomach was already swollen to an amount that said pregnant and not really loves her sweets. Though, both of those things were true. 

Placing a hand on her stomach, she opened her mouth and waited for the first bite of what would probably tip her over the edge. Gajeel slipped a finger-shaped cookie into her mouth. Coated in sugar, it spread a sweet taste through Levy’s body. Taking a bite out of it, she swallowed a small piece and waited for the inevitable to come. It didn’t.

Gajeel stared at her stomach, as though it might show signs of the outcome. Levy found herself laughing. His gaze snapped up to her own.

‘What’re you so happy about?’ he asked.

‘I just am,’ she said, tears trickling onto her cheeks. ‘I’m so happy, Gajeel.’

Gajeel reached over the tray to trail a hand across her cheek. ‘You’ve become a real crybaby, Levy,’ he said.

Levy pouted. ‘I can’t help it.’

‘Yeah, yeah. So how was it? Think you can eat another?’

‘Yeah!’ No. As soon as the word left her mouth a tide of nausea undulated through her body, crawling steadily, slowly, out of the pit of her stomach. She gripped the duvet in one fist, Gajeel’s arm with the other, and let out a heavy breath.

‘Don’t you dare!’ he warned. ‘If I have to change again today I’m revoking the rule on wearing clothes in the house.’

Levy couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled to the surface. ‘Stop making me laugh,’ she scolded. ‘I feel sick as it is.’

When the nausea seemed to pass, Levy drew in a long breath and held it, too afraid to let it out. 

‘You have to eat something,’ Gajeel muttered. ‘I’ll get Lily to bring something over. What do you want?’

Levy shook her head. ‘No more running around,’ she said.


‘Lay here with me,’ she said. ‘Please. Just for a little while.’

Gajeel let out a long sigh. ‘You gotta eat afterwards, got it?’

Levy nodded. ‘Promise!’

Gajeel moved the tray onto the bedside table and quickly crawled into bed beside her. Levy nuzzled against his side, feeling comforted by his presence.

‘It’s really weird that your cravings are all over the place,’ he said. ‘I mean, you crave something and enjoy it, and then the same thing makes you sick. It’s like your stomach’s playing tug of war with what you eat.’

Levy’s lips twitched up into a smile. ‘Yeah…it’s certainly strange.’ She glanced up at her husband and slid her arm across his chest. ‘Well, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, when Wendy comes for a visit.’

As it turned out, Levy’s stomach was playing a game of tug of war with her cravings. Or, rather, the troublesome twins inside her womb were. 


Now accepting requests for: Boku no Hero Academia, Fairy Tail and Fullmetal Alchemist. | Prompts | Oneshots | Multi-Chapter |


oops my hand slipped

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ihavenotfallenyet  asked:

Minor trio reacting to mc being a competitive ice skater??

✿ has someone been watching Yuri on Ice? because i sure have hot damn is that show hella gay

Unknown (Saeran)

  • w h a t
  • ok, when you first told him, Saeran thought it was stupid. ice skating? what a dumb sport!!! why don’t you do something cool like play professional rugby or quidditch
  • (saeran, harry potter isn’t real please shut up about it)
  • but you laugh, and invite him to one of your competitions and he’s like…
  • alright fine. it’s not like he wants to or anything, but he’ll come support you if it makes you happy.
  • b-baka.
  • He’s fidgeting up a storm in the audience when the lights dim a bit, and since you’re the first one showing today, it’s you that serves as his first introduction to competitive ice skating. 
  • and he just
  • stares at you like
  • w h a t.
  • AND
  • WH
  • wow that’s a nice outfit hahaha
  • ha hahahaha wowie he’s kind of weirdly jealous that other people even get to look at you right now.
  • Anyway, you break a record that day for your performance, and Saeran is waiting for you as you skate off the rink and you just throw yourself into his arms, beaming and grinning like the sun.
  • “I saw how happy you looked!” you say, not even having taken your skates off yet. “You liked it, didn’t you? I knew you’d like it! I skated my best so you’d understand why I love it so much!”
  • the implication outright statement that Saeran, good-for-nothing Saeran, served as an inspiration for that basically makes him want to melt. which, y’know, he tries to disguise by telling you to take off your skates first before you celebrate, but…
  • he hugs you properly before the both of you go to watch the next competitor. 


  • It’s… a bit difficult for V at first, because he can’t see too well anymore, and when you tell him that you’re a competitive ice skater, his first thought is of how much he wants to photograph you on the rink. But he can’t
  • and it’s his fault
  • for being stupid and - 
  • “No,” you say, shushing him lightly. “It’s okay. Don’t destroy yourself with guilt, V.”
  • There are other ways for the two of you to be happy.
  • He comes to all of your performances and competitions. You tell him the program beforehand, describing it to him in detail… so he can imagine it at least, and hear the cheering, and listen to the sound of your skates cutting across the ice.
  • (Eventually, he can tell just by listening whether or not you’ve made your jump.)
  • Sometimes, when you’ve got some free time to just… be on the ice, you take him out with you.
  • He’s clumsy, unbalanced, and you can’t really do anything fancy with him, but you lead him around by his hands, letting him feel what it’s like to skate.
  • At first, he’s nervous and terrified he’ll fall… and he does fall a few times, but you’re always there to help him back up, and eventually he’s good enough to skate comfortably around the rink with you, hand in hand.
  • (no way ur getting him to twirl though shit he doesn’t need to have a heart attack )


  • ok so what religion worships you, because they’re converting
  • holy hell
  • holy hell
  • they didn’t know something so beautiful existed, and if their face gets any more red while watching you, they’re going to melt the entire rink.
  • you do some spinny triple something-or-another and their heart is beating so loud it drowns out the people cheering around them. Quite honestly? They can’t take their eyes off you, not with how your outfit sparkles in the light… and god, how you move
  • how you move
  • You glide across the ice like you’re dancing, like the blades of your skates are singing, and Vanderwood - Vanderwood might be crying a little, okay. you’re so pretty.
  • you’re too pretty.
  • they can’t believe that someone as filthy as them is getting to watch something as gorgeous as this… and they can’t believe, after you’ve landed from the final spin in your program
  • that the first thing you look at
  • the first pair of eyes you seek out
  • are theirs. and you grin, and you blow them a kiss, them, and they have to grab onto the railing because their knees are so weak.
(Translation) Kare Pillow vol. 10

大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ 年上彼氏と温泉デートで 編 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Hirakawa Daisuke

T/N: Commissioned! Thanks for the huge tip as always~! ♥

Tokuten (AfterStory) is included in this post, use CTRL+F to jump to tokuten. More comments at the end to avoid spoilers ahaha

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//“ I had the WORST nightmare !! I was studying AND working!

…Oh wait “

Ok, this blog is again dead, but really my life is a bit busy HAHAHAHA …. I want to be here again, I’ll try to do my best for this but don’t expect anything…. I have my day off in the wednesday, maybe I can move in that days.

For now, a little test in Emofuri (8) I’ll use it for a project in my university ahdjssadsa

Ciao !!//

You’re Not Him

Prompt: Your eyes heavy, nightmares robbing you of sleep.

Tagging: @wonderofthemind - For you.

Ship: Lams (OTP: Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships)

Word Count: 628

Summary: Alexander was dead. John longs for him.

Warnings: Hallucinations/Ghosts.

A/N: Basically, an AU where Alexander dies and John outlives him.

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anonymous asked:

After that pool kiss... can't they date already? Like, what's the name when you wanna have sex with each other and don't wanna other people to have sex with the another? A RELATIONSHIP! Let's just wait for Beca and Chloe realize that now. Taking their time. As much as they want. While. I. Die.

Hahahaha…. I mean….

forcearama replied to your post: Alba vague blogs about vague blogging

Now I kinda wanna vagueblog about you. “At least I’VE never written extensively about a torrid affair between a pirate and a Gardner UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE”. (OK fine I guess I sort of have but I couldn’t even think of anything to call you out over, hahahaha.)

LOL this is a callout post for @forcearama who made me picture Sheev Palpatine running a B&B and Anakin Skywalker in a kimono and Obi Wan and Anakin having couples spats in Space!IKEA. 

BTS Reaction #58

BTS’ reaction when you (an idol) overhear him telling his other member about how much he likes you.


*tries to calm himself down* “It’s okay Jin, it’s all under control. You be lookin hella fine right now, I’m sure she’d want a piece of you” *checking himself out in the mirror*

Originally posted by chimchams


“You know, Yoongi, the other day I heard you and your members–”

“–yeah?? What did we say again??” *glares at you just WAITING for you to finish your sentence* *pretends that he has absolutely no idea what you’re saying*

“uM PRACTICING! Yeah you guys sounded really tired hAHAhahA”

Originally posted by smolbean-v


*looks up to see you nearby cackling*

“o-oH MY GOD SHE HEARD SHE HEARD! ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION. HOLD ME GUYS” *falls off his chair and starts squirming around*

Originally posted by jammingjimin


*starts taking out all his frustration on tissue paper* 

“AHHH IT’S ALL OVER, WE HAVE NO FUTURE TOGETHER NOW, IT’S ALL OVER!!!!” *lifelessly walks away to go and confess to you*

Originally posted by imemegines


*immediately puts on his sunshades*

Taehyung: What’re you doing, Jimin?

Jimin: I’m sorry but Park Jimin no longer exists!11!!

Taehyung: So I can go ask her out then-


Originally posted by bangtanupdate


*sees you in the distance* “oH MY GoD SHe sAW she HEARD” 

*starts squirming and hiding his face in his hands* “I wAS GONNA ASK HER OUT TONIGHT WHAT DO I DO NOW???”

Originally posted by lovingbangtan


*bolts out as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog the second you walk into the same room* 

“WhY DOEs lifE HAve tO BE SO unFAIR??? IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN LIKE THAT” *collapses onto his knees in despair*

Originally posted by jxnhyungs

Basic Math Tutorial with Giles Christophe (kid!MC & others)
  • Giles: Okay, listen to me. Alyn has 50 chocolate bars and he eats 35 of it. What does he have afterwards?
  • Louis: Cavities. Alyn has cavities.
  • Leo: No, he has diabetes! My parents say that if we eat too much sweets, we'll get diabetes.
  • Giles: No. Both of you gave the wrong answer.
  • Byron: But you asked what does he have, sensei. You didn't ask HOW MUCH does he have now.
  • Albert: King Byron was right.
  • Nico: Wait, why do you call Byron king, Al?
  • Sid: I don't care how much or what does he have. He should've sold it.
  • Robert: Can I use the chocolate for painting?
  • Princess: Alyn! Why didn't you share your 50 chocolates?! I hate you!
  • Alyn: [frowns then he turned to Giles] Now she's mad at me. You better fix this.
  • Giles: [facepalm]
SHINee Reaction To You Falling  & Not Getting Hurt

Request: Can I have a SHINee request where you are both joking around with each other and you accidentally fall down the stairs in a funny way without getting hurt. - Anon

here you go, darling, I hope you enjoy the reaction……I changed it a little bit because I couldn't think of some stuff so I hope you still enjoy it

~Admin Kirra-Jane~


Originally posted by shineemoon

“look I can do it too… it’s not that hard all you have to do is this……”

he would just take the time to laugh at you and then make you laugh in return because he is a nice and funny person he wants his jagiya to be happy and laughing he is also just very happy that you did not get hurt.


Originally posted by kim-byulroo

“What are you doing jagiya…. did you just….. fall over *bursts out laughing* omg jagiya I’m sorry are you ok”

He would be generally concerned after he realised you could have been seriously injured, but he is also ver, very happy that you didn’t cause he doesn't want his jagiya to be hurt.


Originally posted by shineemoon

“HAHAHAHA now its time for me to laugh at you after all of the times you have laughed at me when I was learning the choreography, Y/N fell over………Wait are you ok jagiya you’re not hurt right……right”

Starts laughing and making fun of you and then feels bad because you could have been badly injured but he is happy that you didn’t get hurt 


Originally posted by duwbu

“Get out of the way jagiya it’s my time to shine ……… are you ok……. you’re not getting off of the ground…….please tell me I didn’t hurt you that bad when I pushed you…..thank god you scared me I thought I hurt you really bad" 

Concerned when he pushed you over because he didn’t want to hurt you or anything so he was very cautious from then on so that he didn't hurt you when the two of you were playing around.


Originally posted by leetaemined

"AWWWW come on jagiya how could you fall over it is simple choreography….. ok maybe I need to give you a break I mean you aren’t the best dancer but at least your trying right…… but seriously are you ok…..good then let’s get back to learning the choreo..”

was teaching you his new choreography and we know how hard his choreography is so when you fell over he was concerned but really just wanted to get back to dancing but not before checking whether you were ok or not.

Free! Eternal Summer 08

And on this episode, we have coach Makoto!

Makoto, you found the job of your life

Makoto senpai noticed you, you should be happy!





He doesn’t seem very pleased





You have a good waifu, Makoto.

Another cute character that had problems with almost drowning. Poor thing.

By the way, I think it was torture to force him to go to a swim school with an unresolved trauma, but ok.



This was interesting!

Awwwww ~

He will fall in love with you, Makoto!

I don’t wait to spoil anything, but….YOU CAN’T SEE THE SKY INSIDE THE GYM, MY FRIEND



Ren and Ran. I really have fun with these names!

Haru staring at him…The love in this anime <3

He will really miss it!

And now the anime provided you something new to ship!

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Hetavision 2016 in a nutshell
  • Australia: GG
  • Austria: tbh I was gonna use graphics but dressed like a disney princess
  • Belarus: I'll make wolves fly just to impress russia
  • Belgium: nee chan wuts da pressure
  • Bulgaria: collide me if u dare
  • Cyprus: ignored me for that stupid foolish song... You don't like me??
  • Czech Republic: finally someONE NOTICED ME
  • Denmark: soldiers has lost a war :(
  • Estonia: I think I'm getting old :'(
  • Finland: sing it away and there will be no matter if u qualify
  • France: bish i deserved the victory
  • Germany: no one noticed me again *sits in a corner*
  • Greece: o-o-oh my god... *shocked*
  • Hungary: if I wore something wilder would I win?
  • Iceland: I hear them ignoring me
  • Latvia: a little bit disco...
  • Lithuania: i have been waiting for top 10
  • Moldova: my star has just fallen
  • Netherlands: yes i hooked on girls to get vote
  • Norway: I'm gonna.. Just... Die
  • Romania: poor af
  • Russia: I had my too fucking much work on it ;)
  • Spain: oh Wet floor Sorry :'D
  • Sweden: I can even beat other countries in my home town
  • Switzerland: I'm never the last of a kind to be a non-qualifier
  • Turkey: I'm hERE AGAIN SYKE!!
  • San Marino: dude that didn't work at all
  • Ukraine: I just c a n n o t believe it !!!
  • UK: I'm alone with the last 5
Hands on experience with Natasha

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Request: do you take requests and if you do can i make a smut request, can you do a smut were the reader is a virgin and other than the basics she (the reader) doesn’t know anything about sex and natasha guides the reader through the experience and takes her virginity.

Oh my gosh this is so humiliating I really hope no one comes home and hears moans. That would be embarrassing. I can’t believe I’ve resorted to watching porn to learn about sex. I mean of course I knew the basics from what my friends have told me. Butthey painted an awkward picture of it and well that why I’m 24 year old virgin. Ive come close to doing it with previous boyfriends but they always ended up being assholes. Right now I’m trying to comprehend how a girl can have both her legs around her own neck as the guy is fucking her. It looks painful.

“Y/n are you here? I came back early from the mission. Are you here alone?” I heard Natasha’s voice from the other side of the door. I got so startled that I accidentally raised the volume of my laptop. A woman’s moan boomed from the speakers and I froze when I saw Natasha walking in. “Well well well, who would of thought little y/n watches porn” Natasha teased as she sat beside me on the bed and took the laptop from me. “Wow you’re into some interesting stuff, I can’t even do that” Natasha raised one eyebrow.

“I … I was just”

“You don’t have to explain yourself we all gotta get off sometimes.”

“I was just trying to learn about sex and I thought maybe if I watched a porn video I would learn something” I wanted to crawl in a hole and die of embarrassment.

“Learn? Wait are you”

“Yeah Nat I’m a virgin, you can officially laugh now” I tried to hide my face but Natasha stopped me.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed y/n it’s actually sweet. You know cap’s still a virgin right, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” I gave her a puzzling look. “Don’t give me that look everyone can tell he has a massive crush on you” my eyes went wide “oh shit you really didn’t know ! ! ! ! Hahahaha surprise he does”

“Really ? Great this makes things even more complicated for me because if we do end up dating and he wants to have sex” “you will” Natasha interrupted “ok we I do I want to be able to please him without looking like a dumbass”

“You won’t, uh do you want me to show you what you could do? We can keep it between so cap won’t get jealous” Natasha offered with a little smirk.

“Uhh ok but how are you going to show me?”

“Hold on” Natasha rushed out of the room and came back a few minutes later with a sex toy. “This is a strap-on we’ll use this. But first let’s set the mood, you don’t want to have sex with someone if the mood is off.” Natasha set the strap-on and laptop on a chair by the bed before sitting in front of me. “Ok to set the mood you have to start off by kissing. You have kissed before right?” I nodded my head Natasha inched closer to me “ok let me see if you need improvement in that department” Natasha leaned in and kissed me. Her lips felt so soft against mine, that caused me grab the back of her neck and deepened the kiss. I felt her smiling as she slipped her tongue in my mouth and began to slide her hand up my shirt. “You my dear have no problem in the kissing department that’s for sure. Steve’s going to go nuts. Now let me put this on” Natasha got up and started to take her pants and underwear on so she should could put on the strap-on. I moved myself so I was sitting on the edge of the bed and Natasha stood in front of me.

“What should I do ?”

“You start off my peppering kisses all over the cock. Go on” I held the fake penis in my hand and started to leave kisses all over it. “Now take the tip in your mouth and suck on it, Steve will lose his shit trust me”

“Like this” I then took it in my mouth and started sucking cautiously.

“Suck a little harder. Don’t be afraid to get a little rough, his cock isn’t made of glass. Just don’t bite it, guys don’t like that” I chuckled before I started sucking harder. “Now take more of him in your mouth and pump what you can’t fit in your mouth. Don’t feel bad if you can’t fit all of him in your mouth, you shouldn’t push yourself.” I took more in my mouth and stopped when I couldn’t fit anymore in my mouth. I pulled back and took it back in, soon I started bobbing my head. Natasha tangled her fingers in my hair, I looked up at her and saw her smiling.

“Like that y/n oh Steve is going to be at your mercy every time you go down on him. Ok I have a question, do you want to be a virgin when you have sex with Steve?” I shook my head no. “Ok because I think you might scare him when he enters you for the first time.”

“What do you mean” I started to get nervous. Natasha kneeled down and looked me in the eyes.

“Oh sweetie it’s ok, it only hurts the first time and only for a few minutes. Please relax, do you still what to do it?” I nodded my head

“I would rather be in pain in front of you instead of him.” She nodded and pecked my lips.

“I need to get you ready for it ok? Make sure you are nice and wet before he enters you, it’s painful when you’re not wet. Take off your pants and underwear and lay back on the bed.”

“Should I take off my shirt and bra?”

“If you want to” once I was laying completely naked on the bed I noticed Natasha staring at me. “Wow your gorgeous” she started to kiss her way up my legs, biting my hip bone before making her way up my stomach. She began tracing my nipple with her tongue before taking it in her mouth. Closing my eyes I started to enjoy her lips on my nipple and feeling her hand running up and down my pussy. Natasha switched nipples as she inserted a finger inside me. “Mmm I actually don’t think you need prep, you’re already soaked. I’m just going to have a quick taste” Natasha slid down so she was in front of my pussy and gave one long lick before she started sucking on my clit.

“Nat ahh that feels good ” I began playing with my nipple.

“Make sure Steve does this, he might die when realizes how good you taste. I’m going to add a second finger in you to stretch you out ok” I just nodded. I felt a little uncomfortable but eased up as time went on. “Ok well I feel like you are ready. Are you ready?” Natasha sat up


“Ok well I think the best position is you on top. That way you can go at your pace, so come over here and hover the dildo” she patted her lap and I did what she said . “Ok now slowly sink down. If you go too fast you will hurt yourself” I slowly sank down but stopped when I felt a sharp pain. I looked at Natasha scared. “It’s ok y/n look at me” I looked up “it’s ok the pain is only temporary just go all the way down and we can wait till you’re ok to continue.” I nodded and continued to sink down as tears were streaming down my face. Natasha being a sweetheart kissed my lips trying to distract me until I was all the way down. We stayed still for what felt like hours until I felt more at ease and started rocking my hips. Natasha pulled away and smiled as she raised my hips before letting me sink back down.

“Oh Nat” i copied what she did as I started removing her shirt and bra in the process. My lips attached themselves to her nipple as she was holding onto my ass, encouraging me to move faster. “This feel so good Nat fuck”

“I told you sweetie, you look so hot, now cum for me” Natasha started playing with my clit until I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach.

“Nat I think-”

“You’re about to cum y/n, cum for me” she started moving my hips faster until I let out an inhuman noise.

“Ahhh Nat ! ! ! !” I let my orgasm wash over me.

“Oh sweetie you look so hot when you cum” gradually I slowed down until I was no longer moving. I carefully got off Natasha and laid down on my bed.

“That was amazing Nat, you’re a great teacher” earning a smile from her.

“Well you’re an amazing student. Is it ok if I leave.” I nodded yes and Natasha bent down and kissed me before she started putting her close back on “see you tomorrow”

“Bye Nat”

*the next day*

Walking into the kitchen I spot Steve wearing a suit and holding flowers.


“Y/n I wanted to ask you something. You can say no but I just wanted to ask you out on date. I’ve liked you for so long and Sam told me I should man up and ask you. So will you go on a date” Steve sounded nervous.

“Yes” I got on my tippy toes and kissed his cheek. Just then Natasha walked in.

“Well well well you finally did it Rogers ? I’m proud of you y/n is a very special girl, you better not break her heart. I’m might just have to kick your ass” Natasha threaten before walking away.

*three months later*

“Wow y/n you were amazing. The things you did with your tongue was just wow.” Steve beamed with happiness. “Are you sure I didn’t hurt you ? Sorry if I did it was my first time and I guess I don’t know my own strength” Steve asked the morning after we had our first time together.

“You were perfect Steve, you didn’t hurt me at all but I am hungry let’s go eat breakfast .”

“Do we have to ? I want to stay in bed with you all day” Steve started teasing my clit.

“Yes, I’m hungry but after we eat we can come back and continue” I got up and pulled him with me. Making our way into the kitchen Tony, Clint, Sam and Bucky started whistling causing me to hide my face against Steve’s chest.

“Woohoo y/n finally deflowered our little capsical. Did you taste his cum? What did it taste like? Oh I bet it tasted like freedom ! ! !” Tony laughed while saying it, causing everyone to laugh as well.

“That’s enough Tony, it’s none of your business, lets go get your food so we can go back to the room.” Before I made my way to the kitchen Natasha pulled me aside. I nodded to steve to go ahead.

“Did you do what I taught you”



“Mind blowing, I had to drag him out of the bedroom. Thanks again” she gave me a wicked grin

“You’re oh so very welcome”

“Y/n come on I got us food” Steve showed up with scrambled eggs and toast.

“Damn Steve pace yourself you might be a super soldier but y/n isn’t” Bucky laughed at his friends as he eagerly made his way towards his room.