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Resist 45

Last night we watched the interview of Laurence Fishburne on The Daily Show. He never said the name of the current President. He just kept saying 45.

I really like that.

I have this UPG that 45 is an evil magic user and every time his name is said it gives him power. He just strikes me as an abusive ass who lives, not just believes, lives that all press is good press. Like, he’s got bins somewhere that fill up when you say or type his name.

I can’t say it. It leaves a terrible unsettling feeling in me. Ian B and I have been struggling with ideas for resistance buttons at Portland Button Works. We dont want to use his image or his name so I really enjoyed Laurence Fishburne using 45.

45 is now. 45 is one in a series of Presidents. 45 is one in a series of numbers. There will be a 46. I am just going to say 45 from now on.

Resist 45.

Crash course on fake stones/misrepresentations

Because I have been too lazy to type this all up.


  • If your quartz has teeny air bubbles it’s glass.
  • If it’s got a fruit name it’s dyed. End of story. (strawberry, cherry, lemon, pineapple, blueberry) yes there may be some very rare exceptions-fire quartz being dubbed strawberry- but due to the rise in fakes with that name it’s generally called fire quartz now.
  • Aura quartz is a regular quartz that’s been bonded with another material. (man made)
  • Cinnabar Infused Quartz usually reconstituted and mixed together to make a red crystal.
  • Green quartz can be grown in a lab and anything that forrest green color is


  • Magnesite and howlite look very very similar to turquoise when they’ve been dyed, magnesite will have very deep cracks in it though.
  • No there is no white turquoise. 
  • You can do a uv test to see if it’s real


  • Often faked with Copal. They look nearly identical.
  • Amber will float in salt water-copal will not.

Irradiated/dyed stones:

  • Very vibrant colors!!

Irradiated: (they irradiate the crystals to get a deeper or more vibrant color)

  • deeply pigmented topaz or kunzite
  • dark (almost black) smokey quartz 
  • very deep pink or red tourmaline 
  • colored diamonds 
  • some cultured pearls 
  • vibrant yellow heliodor 


  • Pearls
  • Agate
  • coral
  • other stones may be dyed as well, generally if it looks is.

Heat treated stones: (really not a bad thing but if you’re going for natural)

  • Amethyst-lighten color+remove brown
  • Citrine-heat treated amethyst.
  • Aquamarine-remove green
  • Ruby-clearer stone 
  • Sapphire-clearer stone

Rainbow Cal-Silica

  • Nope, completely fake 100%
  • Literally just car paint layered with calcite and resin.

Citrine: (im so sorry)

  • Much of the citrine on the market is lab made.
  • If it’s lab made it’s usually amethyst that’s been heated until it changes color
  • The bottom of these stones will be white with more color at the tips.
  • srry

Lapis Lazuli:

  • High quality is vibrant blue, hard to come by, and very expensive.
  • Low quality howlite, jasper or sodalite is dyed blue, and passed off as lapis.
  • Acetone will remove the dye but damage the stone.


  • The clear green obsidian you see all over ebay is slag glass.
  • Natural green obsidian has been found but it is opaque and is more gray than green.
  • there is red obsidian as well but again, it’s not a vibrant red and is more brick colored.
  • Wikipedia is not always right.


  • it’s glass it’s legitimately just glass


  • also glass. 
  • real opalite exists but it’s green and not commonly found
  • once again, don’t believe everything on wikipedia.


  • Doesn’t naturally form in the crystals, lab made!!!
  • rlly pretty though


  • Not naturally magnetic!
  • Magnetic hematite is 100% man made!

I’ll add more as I come across them~

Today I unlocked the tragic backstory of my Sharpedo

I got Omega Ruby right when it came out, and about midway through the game got a Sharpedo via Wonder Trade with a name in Japanese. It was level 40 and filled a gap in my typing so I stuck it right in the party with a couple HMs. As I’m typing this it’s nearly 2 years old, level 100, a permanent party member and a many-time Pokemon League champion

It’s named いらないよ (Iranaiyo), which I just learned means “I don’t want/need this”


Development of Celeb Crushes
  • Me: Wow what a classically beautiful person.
  • Brain: Uh-oh...
  • Me: No it's fine, they're not my type. Ha. I can appreciate a beautiful person without having to watch their entire back catalogue of work y'know.
  • Brain: You don't have time for this!
  • Me: Relax, it's just one film.
  • Brain: It's one film now, but then there's the three hours of Google Image Searches afterwards!
  • Me: Nonsense! I just want to make sure I'm immune.
  • Brain: Oh boy...
  • Me: It's fine. I can look at them and feel nothing.
  • Brain: ???
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: Why have you spent 45 minutes looking at their pictures?
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: You're imagining lazy Sunday morning cuddles with you as the little spoon! This is it. You're gone.
  • Me: I feel nothing. Maybe I am incapable of love now.
  • Brain: *eyeroll* Batten down the hatches, lads, she's gonna go - in three... two... one...
  • Me: Shit!
  • Brain: Here we go!
  • Me: They really are beautiful! Like oh my god look at them it's like they were carved by angels!!! Oh no no no no no!!! Not this! This can't be happening! Oh no! I thought I was immune! Why you play me this way, Brain?! WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE?!?!?
  • Brain: *facepalm*

magmellian  asked:

; ︵ ; ) your ff gear is very cool (the eye bandages could have been srsly neat... now i wish i could see how it'd fit the dif species) but i am more than glad you'll end up using it in land of lions! still so very exited about it! if you ever hesitate to drop some snippets and teases, please, just drop it, drop it hard. i'm currently famished for more trivias about the races (naming conventions, type of clothings and such!)

I’mma drop it like it’s hot!

I have a full notebook of notes on Land of Lions now. From details about the different races and variations within races, the cities and countries, magic, religion, regional children’s games, updated maps and more! 

I will organize my notes and share tidbits! 


I actually made a small post a few weeks ago when I found this particular picture on Sarah’s pintrest.
Keep in mind this is just a theory.

Gist of it is Elide Crochans bloodline. We know she has witch blood. Now at the time we only knew of Manon’s Ironteeth Blood. So my proposal is that the witch blood in Elide’s veins is actually Crochan, and an oracle. I also think that the Crochans are actually hidding in the Southern Continent. (Chaol!!!) Now for the evidence!

The name Lochan mean in Sanskrit The Eye.

The Crochans have been in hidding as Healers and Wise Women .

Annieth Goddess of Wise Things.


“The term “wise woman” usually refers to a folk healer or midwife, often in the context of pre-modern European peasantry.

A wise woman can be a type of witch
One of the cunning folk” CUNNING FOLK

Cunning Folk (Wikipedia again) Cunning folk, also known as folk healers or (more rarely) as white witches, are practitioners of folk medicine, folk magic, and divination within the context of the various traditions of folklore in Christian Europe (from at least the 15th up until at least the early 20th century).

Now the part that intrested me in that was Divination.
Divination (from Latin divinare “to foresee, to be inspired by a god”,[2] related to divinus, divine) is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual.

Or an Oracle. (Wikipedia again) In classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination

WISE is the keyword there.

See how it becomes full circle?

*Elide pretended to be an Oracle in EOS and part of her costume was RED ROBES. EOS374 We also know from EOS that Rhiannon was Brannon’s oracle and she wore a crown of stars. Matron Blackbeek owns that crown now..

*Elide is constantly decsribed as cunning.

*Lorcan often says the “cunning witch in EOS”

*Uncle Vernon didnt trust healers to fix Elides leg.
Why is that? I argue because they could have been a Crochan and would realize Elide as one of their own, and that would upset Vernon’s plans.

We also know that Cal and Marion were very protective of Elide and sheltered her. But wanted to seen her to Magic school also. (HOF)

* QOS p211 Marion and Call visted the Southern Continent.
* HOF Manon is hunting the Crochan in Fenharow, where Yrene is from. Yrene goes to the Southern Continent to learn to be a healer.
*P70 HOF Manon killed her first Crochan in the mountains 100 years prior. Marion is a bastard born in the mountains of Roseamel (Possibly Marions grandmother or great grandmother )

Now in EOS Elide’s says that the Wyrdkey speaks to her it whispers EOS12-14.
Also she can sense Lorcan and danger.

Elides scent is another that is constantly thrown in our face. Cinnamon and elderberries.
Here what google has to say about each:

*Cinnamon can increase concentration and helps with focus, especially if practicing divination.

*Elderberry is a potently magical fruit that has been used for healing and blessings, but it also finds itself used for curses, summoning ghosts and evil spirits and banishing as well.

Maeve herself offers up a clue in EOS p645

“Lady Elide Lochan, daughter of Cal and Marion Lochan. No wonder the witch itches to retrieve you, if her bloodline runs in your veins”

Which bloodline is that?

And now on to those images. They are from SJM pintrest , and really what got me to look into this whole thing. If you add up everything in my opinion the evidence is strong that Elide is a Crochan witch not an Ironteeth.

Also would like to note that @propshophannah has a post about Elide’s scent and another about her part to play. I didnt link it because I’m on mobile and cant find it. Im not sure if anyone eles does.

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Exactly when in the Scandalore au do you think they realized that obi wan is the Duke of Mandalore, legitimately? Not just as a joke, as Satine's husband he is technically the ruling Duke even if she probably ranks above him. Also does that mean he needs to wear fancy clothes for formal events now? Was there a belated coronation type thing? If so he probably climbed into the Jedi temple rafters to hide and mace is #sodone

Ohhhh my God, I sure as hell hope Obi-Wan had to have a Fancypants Coronation Ceremony, and that he has to wear some kind of Special Ceremonial Cape at certain functions. 

CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE ANAKIN AT OBI-WAN’S DUKE OF MANDALORE CORONATION?! I’m not sure if he’d be dying of laughter or like “He’s SO BEAUTIFUL PADME LOOK AT HIM” while sobbing happy tears into a commemorative Duke of Mandalore handkerchief.

I lost a bet last night, now I have to name the baby Fetty Wap, regardless of gender. Seunggil is going to kill me.
—  Phichit Chulanont

Anonymous said: Does Sayuri have her own Cursed Gear? All I’ve seen her use are fuda and that weird paper sword thing.

According to my fanbook, the sword is indeed her cursed gear called Kukuri, the two kanji for the name being Chrysanthemum and the other one for justice/logic/truth. It is a possession type of the Dakini series. “A spell sword. Even though it is low in durability, it can be used any number of times as long as there are spells.” (The kanji used is along the lines of “renewable resource”)

here’s your chance to be nosy!!

Gimme some letters in my ask box and i have to answer honestly!!!!!!!

A: How tall am I?

B: Who’s my ultimate bias?

C: What do I want to be when I’m older?

D: What’s my biggest fear?

E: What’s my sexuality?

F: What is my favorite song?

G: If I could be anyone for a day who would it be?

H: Who was my first kiss? How was it?

I: What do I like to do on rainy days?

J: How long has it been since I last hugged someone?

K: Biggest turn ons?

L: Biggest turn offs?

M: Ideal type?

N: Group that got me into kpop?

O: How many pets do i have? what are they? their names?

P: Favorite movie?

Q: Salty Foods or Sweet Foods?

R: Most used word?

S: Do I want to get married?

t: Do i like anyone right now?

U: Do I want kids? If so, how many?

V: Favorite style of jeans?

W: Birthday? (excluding year)

X: Do I prefer Cold or Hot more?

Y: What song am I currently listening to? (i always have music playing in the background of my room)

Z: My favorite blogs/mutuals?


I have questions about this

1) “The Dragon’s Gate in this world, found on Valor, opens onto other worlds.”

Worlds, plural.

Is this trying to say that the dragon’s gate can reach many worlds, like an Outrealm’s gate of sorts? If so, how would one be able to reach a world different from the world of Dragons that Nils and Ninian came from? Why didn’t Nergal know about these other worlds? Do you need a different type of energy to reach them?

2) The fact that info about their world is found within Bramimond’s tome.

Now I can buy that Bramimond would somehow have info on other worlds. What I want to know is what is the extent of that info. Do they have info on other destructive beings like Medeus? Fomortiis? Ashera? Grima? What other info does it hold? Can it tell me what the Light of Zwei is? Can it tell me the name of the continent Fates takes place on?

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Could you do an evaluation on German Shepherds?

I knew this question would come. German Shepherds are so notorious from a health perspective. They are also extremely common and a well-loved breed with many devoted enthusiasts, and I’m bound to offend somebody by not being suitably approving of their favorite breed. So let me start with this disclaimer:

Now, with that in mind, let’s talk specifically about German Shepherds.

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong… in a German Shepherd.” - Veterinary Pathologists

Many a vet student wizened to the fact early in their studies that if they were presented with a question like “Name a breed in which X occurs”, there was a better than 50% chance that ‘German Shepherd’ would be one of the right answers. That should tell you an awful lot about the breed.

Keep reading

So after doing a TON of work today and figuring out that YES - the Lizzington Poll that CarterMatt posted that was suppose to be for fun  - was indeed HACKED. This happens a lot to any type of “Pro Liz & Red” polls. We see these comical polling results that turn the poll either against R&L and Pro…another ship that will not be named. Many times, and we shrug our shoulders and move on. 

But I have had enough!

Now as much as I want to name, names…cause boooooy do I want to. You know who you are. You know what ship you are in. What you did was low. And TOTALLY unacceptable. 

Not only have you proven NOTHING - you also made Jessica and Matt Carter really disappointed and upset that you would go out of your way to hack a poll to make others feel bad.

The only thing that was proven here today, is that there can be some really jerk / asshole shippers that think this is okay. Its not. Its vial. Its abusive. Its hateful. and full of disrespect for not just Lizzington fans, but for all ships! Even the one I am glaring at digitally across the internet waves. 

No ship deserves to be attacked. No ship no matter how small or large it thinks it is, deserves this type of treatment. 

If the person that has hacked this poll sees this, I hope these words hit home, and you become a bit more humble. 

Just because you think your ship is the right ship, or canon, or the eventual end game. Doesn’t mean you get to be an asshole until the curtain closes. 

Cause at the end of the day. 

We can all be wrong.  

Tumblr descriptions

As of today (2017/01/21) I’ve noticed that Tumblr descriptions that have HTML integrated in them no longer show up properly. Tumblr now completely ignores and deletes any custom HTML and only shows plain text. One way to fix this problem:

  1. Go to your Tumblr main page, right-click and view page source. Do this BEFORE you click “Edit Theme”
  2. Search for your description text in the source page by typing the exact words of your description
  3. Copy your description text. It should be in between <div class=“desc”> and </div>. Note that the word “desc” can be anything, it’s just the element name that holds your text
  4. Go into “Edit HTML” of your Edit Theme page, and replace {Description} with your description text you just copied

All the HTML of your description should now be intact. Note that you will have to repeat this process if you change your theme.