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Not In The Script ZEN X MC

Imagine being in school with Zen. He was the most popular kid in school. Due to that, it came as a shock when the drama department gave him a lead role along side a “ nobody.”

When your drama club, that you both attended religiously, announced they were putting on a new production, the two of you were stoked. You immediately auditioned, shooting to the stars for a lead role.

It sort pained you to hear envious girls call her a simple “ nobody ” with such disgust, but the pain washed away when Zen came running up to your locker.

“ MC! So you’re the one that got the other lead role? ” his smile was practically radiating charm.

“ Yeah, that would be me ” you ignored the girls staring you down.

“ Well it’s nice to meet you. You should come over after school tomorrow and we can look over the script together. I wanna start rehearsing with you as soon as possible ” Zen leaned against the locker next to you.

“ O-Oh! I’ll ask…. yeah. Definitely ” you stuttered out, feeling your knees weaken at his offer

“ Why do you look so nervous, babe? ” Zen smirked as the heat rushed to your face “ I don’t bite. Now let me walk you to class. ”

Zen took the books from your hand and you were astonished. As he walked you everybody seem as shocked as you were. Envious glares from strangers, excitement from your friends.

The moment you got home you were absolutely terrified. Your mother was on a business trip, so how were you supposed to ask your father if you could go to a boys house to study a script?

“ Dad! ” you called out, closing the front door. He was sitting on the couch, watching his favorite show. “ I got a role in the school play. ”

“ Are you going anywhere to rehearse? ” he spoke, his eyes still glued to the screen.

“ O-Oh well… I wanted to ask you if I could go- ”

“ Be home by ten ” your dad mumbled as the characters on screen began to strip of their clothing.


School was a breeze the next day, and you were standing nervously next to your locker. Zen was extremely late.

“ I’m so so so sorry! Fucking Jumin held me back and I kept telling him I had to go but he told me this bullshit story about how I couldn’t because his damn cat was lost and I ran here- ”

“ It’s okay ” you mumbled, cutting him off.

“ I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Luciel is gonna give us a ride home, okay? ” Zen scanned your eyes for any signs of distress and you nodded. The two of you walked out of the school and to his friends car. You didn’t know the red head too well. All you knew was that he was some infamous genius that played seven pranks on every single staff member.

“ You’re bringing a lady home!?!?!? I should tell Jumin that you’re not gay ” Luciel was practically radiating joy.

“ Zen! Who’s this? ” A younger looking blonde chimed.

“ Luciel, shut the fuck up. Yoosung, this is MC. We’re going to my house to rehearse. She got the female lead ” Zen sighed, visibly annoyed.

He remained tense the entire way home as Yoosung and Luciel yapped in the front seats. You couldn’t believe hanging out with Zen was such a hassle, and he felt so bad about it.

“ Thank you for the ride, Luciel. It was nice meeting you, Yoosung ” you and Zen stepped out of the expensive sports vehicle.

“ MC, I’m sorry about all of this. Can I make you some tea? We can start rehearsing right away or we can talk for a little bit ” Zen opened his door for you.

“ I would love some tea, and let’s get with rehearsing, okay? ”

Zen was truly passionate about acting, and you could see why. He was so talented! Every word that escaped his perfect lips were filled with emotion. His expressions and gestures were absolutely beautiful and you were ecstatic you had the privilege to see his acting when it was just the two of you.

“ My love ” Zen padded over to you, script in hand.

“ Who gave you the right to call me that ” you hissed. Zens face contorted in confusion. Fuck he was good.

“ You gave me the right you started calling me your boyfriend ” Zen brought up his free hand to caress your cheek.

“ And I’m revoking the right now that I’m calling you my ex ” you swatted his hand away, turning on your heel.

“ Are you seriously going to play with me like that!? ” Zens voice boomed, a sudden change of emotion just as the script had said. You face him, snarling at his words.

“ Oh, I’m playing with you now!? You weren’t playing with me when you cheated on me? You weren’t playing with me when you left me to hang out with all of your exes when I went to parties with you? You weren’t playing with me- ”

“ It wasn’t my fault! ” Zen cut you off, squeezing his lids shut. He didn’t even have to look at the script anymore.

“ It… wasn’t your fault? Who’s was it then? Lauriann? You seem to be real close with her ” you snapped.

“ Amira please! Lauriann knows things about me, and she hates you. I was going to tell you sooner or later that she was blackmailing me ” Zen began to pace his bedroom. You padded over to the bed, sitting down and burying your face in your hands.

“ Leave me alone. I don’t need this, Connor… ” you huffed. They had to give him the most basic name?

“ But I need you ” Zen kneeled in front of you. You set your arms on your knees, gazing into his loving eyes.

“ What do you want from me ” you whispered.

“ Your company. It’s all I’ve ever wanted from you ” Zen sat there, not moving an inch. He was like a statue. A sexy, sexy statue.

“ Get company from Lauriann ” you stood and went for the door but Zen quickly got a hold of your wrist.

“ Hear me out! ”

“ Let me go! ”

“ I love you, Amira! I’m not ready to let you go so easily ” Zen pulled you towards himself and wrapped his arms around you, tightly.

“ Let me go ” you repeated in a hushed tone.

“ No ” Zen spoke firmly, lifting your chin and scanning your eyes for discomfort.

“ Let me go ” you repeated.

“ How many times to I have to tell you that I love you…. and I can’t let you leave me? ” tears began to prick his scarlet eyes.

“ If you love me let me gooooo ” you quietly sang, causing Zen to break out into laughter.

“ That’s not in the script ” he lightly pushed you away as you giggled to yourself.

“ I’ll send a complaint to the writers. I felt like it was necessary to spontaneously break out into Panic! At The Disco “ you protested.

” You’re cute “ Zen chuckled.

” Go away I’m a potato “ you spun on your heel.

” You’re a beautiful potato “ Zen pulled you back into his arms. ” How about we restart? “

” Alright, from where we left off “ you nodded.

” How many times to I have to tell you that I love you…. and I can’t let you leave me? “ Zen’s eyes began to well up once again. How the hell does he do it?

” As many times as you like, but I won’t be listening “ you turned your head away.

” I’ll have to force you to then “ Zen narrowed his eyes, tilting up your chin. Your legs nearly turned to jelly being so close to Zen like this.

“ I’d like to see you try ” you hissed. Instead of speaking his next line, Zen closed the gap between the two of you.

The Zen was kissing you.

“ That wasn’t apart of the script either ” you mumbled, turning your head away as the feeling of his soft lips lingered in your mind.

“ Not yet, it’s further on in. Like I said, I want to start rehearsing with you as soon as possible ” Zen stepped away, scanning through the script to point out the kissing seen.

“ Very funny ” you pushed him away further, heat rushing to your cheeks.

“ Let’s continue ”

~ Admin Taylor

-So, Gunther, it looks like you and your brother simply will not stay your asses at home lately, and I keep finding your homework in the litterboxes. You two better keep your grades up because I have made important cat adoption plans for the minute you leave for college!

-Aw dad, pretending to be a responsible father is cute but you can relax, we’re definitely gonna study today! I mean it’s Sunday morning, what else are we gonna do? Hit the clubs?

We arrive at the Lulu Lounge! Loving that red carpet, Jojo this is the place for you.

-Ugh I know, I feel so at home.

Well you do look great, especially next to our car!

Do you guys remember Komei’s boxing thing that he has thankfully stopped doing? I think that apart from the jaw, Jojo has also inherited those faulty genetics, because all he wants to do at any given moment is play this stupid punching game. Not only is it annoying as fuck but pretty disturbing as well. I’m talking Anastasia Steele teas.

-Punch me Gunther! Punch me like you mean it!

Ugh freak. Time to hit something else.. the dancefloor!

Panic! At The Disco.


Thank god the tension is quickly overcome with some inappropriate brotherly dancing!

-Nice, now knee me in the testicles, Gunther!

JFC. Jojo really, I’m not judging, but this is a legacy not the fucking Story of O. Let’s at least find someone who is not a blood relation to beat you up? 

Like blondie here, look he’s cute and he wants to dance with you!

-UGH gross, not only is he age appropriate but I don’t even see a ring on that finger! Hard pass. OMG. IT’S HIM. HE’S HERE.

What? No, that’s impossible, there is no fucking way-


-Sunday morning, time to cut loose, am I right?


………………………………….fucking jfc I’m so done. Jojo I hate you.

-Well well well… Following me now, Stephen? Oh how the tables have turned..

-What? Do I know you?

-Haha that’s funny. So this is how you wanna play this then? Alright. Yes, I am a complete stranger..

-Oh wait, you’re that legacy freak that keeps spying on my family, aren’t you?

-That’s right I am. Does that turn you on?


-You can stop playing hard to get, you have me already..


-Well he can say what he wants but he did buy me a drink..


-I fail to see the difference. 

OF COURSE YOU DO. Let’s gtfo before you get arrested.

We go to Rodney’s Hideout to literally hide out. Gunther runs into Ruskie and things immediately escalate..

..while Jojo finally has one solitary bolt with someone and it’s Craig here, who is very cute and also..

A NERD. We have struck gold! Jojo don’t fuck this up istg.

-I can’t believe I’m saying this to someone who is not my mother but.. I don’t hate you.

-Oh my!

The very definition of different speeds. But it doesn’t matter, we’re getting there, just keep up the non disturbing conversation about hats, Jo!

-So you see, Craig, just as Napoleon thought the battle was his, he sees a sea of Prussian spiked helmets, or pickelhaubes, approaching-

-Actually, the Prussian military did not adopt the pickelhaube until 1842, it’s a common misconception aided by representations of the battle of Waterloo in modern media..

Oh dear god we’re gonna be here all night.

Even Mrs Crumplebottom doesn’t care enough to interrupt this lameness. 

-I don’t know when I’ll be able to go on a date with you, Craig, as I don’t subscribe to the arbitrary concept of ‘time’.. 

Ok you know what, NO. Get up.

There we fucking go. WAS THAT SO HARD

-You are pretty attractive even though your clothes are. ridiculous.

LMAO take a look in the mirror lately Jo? Whatever, Craig likes you for some unfathomable reason so let’s do this already.

If you’re wondering what Gunther was doing during this time, it was watching his harem smustle. He had 2 bolts with Ivy but Ruskie wouldn’t gtfo so we’re getting to Ivy later. As if we’d let her escape!

Busting a move worked like a charm on Craig, legit god knows why. Craig you’re a fucking weirdo. 

-I can’t help it, he looks so cool!

Is cool the right word for it? Is it really?


-Honestly, my dear, far be it from me to criticize my mother in any way, but I really don’t know what she was thinking marrying Komei!

Yea let us guess who you would prefer she marry instead.. Gee that’s a tough one.

Yes, there we go, we’re so close Jojo! Please don’t say anything creepy and scare him away, please ❤ Who knows how long it will be till we find someone else who likes you, probably never LETS BE REAL

-I really wasn’t expecting this to happen with someone so unmarried and so not middle-aged such as yourself.. And dressed in this delinquent manner.. I mean are you wearing an actual necklace, good lord.. Now that I think about it this may have been a mistake..


YAAAAS. I forgot to turn the special camera off like a moron but whatever! Get it Jo, fucking finally. 

AW. Fuck Jojo looking rough in this pic, can’t believe Craig went for you tbh. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS

As soon as the first kiss is over this is what Craig hits us with:

Very promising. Jfc Jojo wtf did you do to him?

-NOTHING! I was a perfect gentleman, I even whispered in his ear that I’ll see him again when he’s married!

Oh yea, that’s what everyone wants to hear! Whatever, our work here is done, let’s go home. Gunther is so tired from being a slut he’s ready to pass out.





I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake,                                               baby, snap out of it,
I get the feeling I left it too late, but baby,
snap out of it,
if that watch don’t continue to swing                                                                   or the fat lady fancies having a sing,                                                                 I’ll be here waiting ever so patiently for you to                                               snap. out. of. it. ♪ 

fuckign witches part 6


also here’s a shoutout to @blepbeans​ for sending in shit that im totally using if thats ok bc it was so cute and i couldnt not!!!

pps. keith is totally somewhat autistic and has a hard time Undertanding

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 (you r here) - PART 7

Shiro and Allura had arrived just after Hunk had gotten back with the milk replacer.

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Baekhyun x Reader  Complicated 18+ (Requested) (3/3)

“Anonymous said:Rose : BaekHyun is the son of the woman your father is going to marry. But his also your crush, can you make it angsty please ? :)”

Part 1 Part 2 Extra

Thanks for waiting guys! Hope you enjoy~ <3

//Gif is not mine.//

You gawked at him as he fixed his hair in the mirror. “What do you mean you’re going to a mixer?!” You sat with your arms crossed on his bed, unable to hide the anger in your voice and expression.

“The guys wanted me to go, what was I supposed to say?” He defended.

“How about ‘no’?” You scoffed, flicking your hair over your shoulder.

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anonymous asked:

are there any headcannons on the sparkly farkly incident? if not could you please write some? sorry if i'm bothering you

never a bother!

  • Okay so the OT3 are in like, 3rd or 4th grade right
  • It’s a long weekend, they’re all bored, and Designated Dad Cory Matthews is determined to get them to do something that doesn’t involve a television screen because he’s in that kind of mood
  • Like it’s partially a mini war on technology but also partially “I can’t believe they finally grew out of performing musicals non stop what the FUCK they’re growing up too fast I need to invent some quality bonding time before I have a bunch of angsty teenagers on my hands”
  • So Topanga takes lil baby Auggie out for some mommy/baby bonding time and since he’s the one they’d need to worry about choking hazards for, Cory decides they should try an art project or something right
  • But he can’t find any actual good ideas for one after googling for like an hour so he decides to just gather all the arts and crafts supplies they have and just let imagination do the rest lmao
  • So he’s getting out paint and glue and feathers and crayons and glitter and sequins and buttons and yarn and uncooked macaroni like he’ s going to town here and the kids are lowkey flipping out they’re hype about his
  • He’s got his camera out and everything trying to film all the cuteness like he’s having the time of his life watching them goof off and helping them with cutting paper and everything
  • Riley starts face-painting everyone but it’s non-toxic so he lets her turn him into a dog while Maya and Farkle get painted like a cat and an alien awww lol
  • Maya’s just gluing feathers to everything she can and he’s pretty sure there’s no method to the madness but she looks like she’s having a blast lol
  • Farkle’s like actually trying to construct something out of paper and popsicle sticks but Cory has no idea what and when he tried to ask the kid launched into a tangent about calculations so he’s lost af
  • This was Cory’s grave mistake
  • lmao
  • Okay so they’re all messing around and talking and laughing it’s cute. Cory only leaves the room for like five damn minutes
  • The poor man just had to use the bathroom omfg
  • He’s in there when he hears this fucking loud “BANG” followed by the girls squealing in surprise so he’s panicking and running out and he gets to the living room and
  • Riley and Maya don’t look hurt, but they are wide eyed with their mouths hanging open looking like they just saw the freaking rapture or something
  • His gaze turns to Farkle who is just
  • Head to toe
  • Back to front
  • Literally every inch of this poor child’s body is covered in glitter omfg
  • Cory just collapses on the floor cracking up. Farkle took off his glasses so you could see his eyes, and he just has a huge, unamused pout on his face and his little arms crossed in a huff and that just makes Cory laugh even harder omfg this man is gonna bust a lung he’s w h e e z i n g
  • He tries to pull himself together so he can ask what the hell happened but it’s hard and he starts snapping pictures which just makes Farkle pout harder which just makes it more adorably ridiculous omfg
  • He’s calming down but he can’t even begin to get words out so he’s just helplessly looking at the girls for an explanation and Riley’s just like “Farkly was trying to make a feather cannon but me and Maya put glitter in it instead and it exploded earlier than we wanted it too and now he’s all sparkly” omfg
  • But then Riley and Maya’s eyes get wide and they look at each other like ‘omg’ and right as they start to open their mouths Farkle goes “Don’t say it-” but they cut him off yelling “SPARKLY FARKLY!!!!!” and start loosing their shit giggling as Farkle groans
  • And Cory lowkey thinks better nicknames for this are out there but the girls look so proud of themselves for coming up with that and this is still so ridiculous he’s still laughing
  • Like he can’t even bring himself to do anything about this he’s just like “do you think if we turned out all the lights and got a flash light he’d turn into a disco ball???” and they keep up with shit like that for an HOUR while Farkle is just like “will someone please get this off me” omfg the poor soul
  • Although he learned a valuable lesson about not trying to build canons anymore so that’s good
  • Anyway after Cory has sent the pictures to everyone he knows captioned “There’s been an INCIDENT”, Farkle’s whined enough, and Topanga gets home, they finally start trying to help him get cleaned up lol
  • I t  w o n t  c o m e  o f f
  • They realize he got too messy with the glue and it dried to the paint all over his face omfggggg
  • It takes like 4 days to get him completely clean this poor boy omfg
  • The girls refuse to let him live this down
  • They exclusively call him ‘Sparkly Farkly’ for the rest of the year no matter how much he complains lol
  • They eventually go back to calling him Farkle, but every now and then, for like, the rest of their damn lives, ‘Sparkly Farkly’, ‘Sparkly’, and just ‘Sparkle’ will make it’s way into conversation every now and then as a pet name
  • He acts so annoyed but they KNOW he likes it lol he just won’t admit to it because he’s a boooooyyy
  • Cory will never get rid of the pictures and is not above using them as blackmail sometimes lmao
  • Legend says that even to this day, if the boy sneezes hard enough some glitter might fly out his nose
  • What losers
AYEM Shorts #8

This takes place in the AYEM universe while Sans and Papyrus are still young living with Dr. Gaster. These are snippets of their daily life as requested by readers.

The Talk

The school day was winding to a close, Sans already waiting outside in his usual spot as Papyrus pushed open the large double-doors and headed outside. He caught sight of a monster that had been talking with Sans after school nearly every day for weeks now before she smiled and left, waving to his older brother before all of Sans’ attention turned to Papyrus.

“hey bro. how was class today?” Sans asked as they started to walk their usual route home.

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