now i have to deal with these toby feels

vulnerable happy gets me every time. And toby is getting so much better at responding to it. He was never bad at it per say but he made light of it like it wasn’t a big deal so he wouldn’t send her running. But now that he know she loves him, he’s not afraid that she might bolt at any moment and just lets her know it’s okay to feel these things and responds with the same vulnerability.  It’s no longer ‘hey don’t worry we’re still cool and you haven’t changed things between us’ it’s ‘Hey I love you, all of you, and seeing more of you only brings us closer’

To me personally, this matters a great deal. Especially right now. I want people to speak out, I want people to defend what matters, and the people we admire in the entertainment industry matter to us. And they have a platform, and people pay more attention to them, let’s be real. So any time of them speaks out, it makes me feel a little better about the world.

Especially when the person in particular just finished a four season run on a fantastic queer-positive show where they played a gay character. Like that fucking matters. 


Hi everyone! This is the team’s pixel artist Miki o//

Honestly I have so much to say I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been part of Aurora for more than a year now, it’s amazing how time flies. Over that time, I’ve really gotten to know members of the team, and formed lovely friendships with people such as Fran-kha and Tobi. It makes me happy to say we’re a group that’s been brought together by doing things we love - art, music, story-making and programming. This project is more than just a game to us, it’s a great deal of effort and love (at least I feel that way ///). 

It was saddening to have to see Fran leave, and later see some of the messages directed to Tobi as well. But with that I saw the incredible amount of support from you all, and it was incredibly heartwarming (the team were gushing over the kind messages you precious cinnamon rolls). We’re trying our best to work on Aurora in our free time, and I’m lending a hand with managing the blog and posting updates so we can avoid any incidents with concerned followers. (So expect a few pixel sneak peeks and trash doodles maybe?)

I hope this post and doodle can be a small apology for our inactivity, but more than anything, a big, big thank you to all of you out there who have been following and supporting Aurora. It really means a lot to us!

Love, Team Aurora <3

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Hello. Can I request Iwaizumi + Oikawa + Akaashi + Kageyama s.o. attend rival school and turn out to be super close to one of the boy in the rival volleyball team that the boys get jealous?

Hmm… Aoba Johsai’s rival school should be Karasuno and Fukurodani’s rival school should be Nekoma so yeah they are gonna get jealous from one of the boys in that certain school!! I’m assuming this ask is gender-neutral (thANKS DREE for the reminder!) so I hope you like this! - Alicia <3

By the way, I put the other two under read more because it was getting to long! 


“We’re going to Karasuno?” Iwaizumi questioned as he gazed at the scenery from the bus’ window besides Oikawa as he nodded his head to answer his question. “Yup, apparently our coach wanted to have a match with them,” Oikawa said casually as he smugly added, “I can’t wait to beat Tobio-chan and see the disappointment on his face.” Iwaizumi could only stare at him with an absurd look on his face, seeing his best friend laugh wickedly to himself.

He stared at the window once more, and smiled gently, thinking about his significant other in Karasuno. The bus trip soon ended and both teams were warming up for the practice match, with (Y/N) sitting beside Karasuno’s managers , chatting happily. When (Y/N) saw Iwaizumi, they ran over to him to give him a hug. “Hello there Hajime~ I missed you!” they cooed as he started to blush. 

“Oh anyways good luck out there! We won’t hold back!” they said while giving him a wink, as Iwaizumi blushed and the Third Years started to tease him.

The whistle blew and the first set started. Both teams were playing at their fullest - from Oikawa’s serves to Daichi’s receives, (Y/N) was amazed at how Daichi could actually receive Oikawa’s serves -  they are pretty tough to handle. 

The real surprise was when Karasuno’s ace hit the ball with vigorous force.

The ball blasted through Kindaichi and Iwaizumi who were blocking and landed on the ground so hard that the floor shook. Aoba Johsai were startled and surprised - Iwaizumi can hit a ball hard but this was just like a meteor that came from above. The one who broke the silence of the gym was the blow of the whistle from the referee and Karasuno broke into cheers for the ace. (Y/N) abruptly stood up from their seat , their eyes shining with wonder as they skipped over to Karasuno’s side of the court.

“T-That was amazing! Asahi!! Nice kill!” They exclaimed as they started to bounce around Asahi. He slightly blushed, it’s not everyday when someone would compliment him so freely. As they rambled on about the spike, Aoba Johsai could feel a nasty aura surrounding their side of the court, causing everyone to look at the source of this aura - Iwaizumi. Oikawa flinched and gulped, seeing Iwaizumi sending glares towards Asahi. 

“Uh oh this is bad…Iwaizumi’s mad with jealousy.” Hanamaki cupped his mouth in his hand and warned loudly, trying to get his point across to his significant other across the court. (Y/N) seemed to have heard it as they whipped their head to look at their boyfriend who had turned his back to them the second she turned their head to look at him. Karasuno seemed shocked at this and (Y/N) excused herself from them to see their jealous boyfriend.

Walking over, they stopped in front of Iwaizumi and saw frustration written over his slightly pouting face. Cupping his face in their hands they let out a small giggle. “What’cha giggling about…” He mumbled , trying to look away. “I’m sorry but you don’t have to be jealous you silly boy,” (Y/N) softly reassured him, “ No matter how cool his spikes are, you’re still the coolest in my eyes, and I love you and you only, so don’t worry and play hard.” They pecked him on the cheek, and made their way back to the benches, seeing that Iwaizumi’s jealousy had gone down, much to the team’s relief.

However on that day, Iwaizumi really did “play hard”, much to Asahi’s horror as Iwaizumi’s spikes were always thundering near him - fearing that he might actually lose his head.


Ah Karasuno. The school that he really wanted to defeat and the school of his genius kouhai, Kageyama. Oh, did I forgot to mention it was also the school of his beautiful, wonderful significant other, (Y/N)? Skipping into Karasuno’s gym, he saw (Y/N), discussing pointers with Yachi. Oikawa immediately sprinted over to lift them up and give them a big hug while smothering their face with kisses.

“(N/N)-chan!! Oh how I missed you!” He started to say dramatically, spinning them around. “Tooru?! Tooru s-stop, I’m getting dizzy!! Iwaizumi-kun, anyone…! Please stop him!” They shrieked as they flailed their arms around, trying to get Oikawa to stop. “Trashykawa you asshole stop that RIGHT NOW-!” Iwaizumi shouted as he threw a volleyball accurately at Oikawa’s head - hard. Oikawa let out a whine as he dropped (Y/N) and clutched his head. “Ow Iwa-chan you didn’t have to hit that hard I was just-”

“Are you alright, (Y/N)-san?!” Another voice called out beside him.

Oikawa whipped his head to find the source of the voice and he saw the man he oh so hated so much - Kageyama. And he was holding his significant other’s hand like it was no big deal and pulling them up from their position. “Ah…yes I’m fine, thank you Tobi-kun.” And they are on first-name basis?! No. This needs to stop now. Oikawa could feel the jealousy bubble up in him. “Ah, Tobio-chan!~” Oikawa said too sweetly to Kageyama as he grabbed their hand from Kageyama’s, “Thanks for helping my significant other, you can go and practice your tosses with Shrimpy now~” 

“Tooru! That was so rude!” (Y/N) chided as they dragged Oikawa somewhere around the corner of the gym, pointing a finger to his chest. Oikawa seemed to have felt something snap in him as he flipped them onto the wall and roughly slammed a hand at the side of their face on the wall. “So, I can’t spin you around but Tobio can grab your hand like a lover?” he taunted, his face scrunched up with annoyance and jealousy, “Oh and he can be on first-name basis with you - what kind of relationship are you having, huh?”

“Oh my gosh, Tooru, are you… jealous of Tobi-kun?” (Y/N) gasped as they tried to stifle a chuckle. Oikawa’s face turned into one of shock and he immediately moved away from them, puffing out his chest, trying to regain some of his pride. “Of course not! Why would I be jealous of Tobio?!” He snorted as he turned his head to the side, pouting heavily. What a drama queen. 

(Y/N) gave him a hug and buried their face in Oikawa’s chest. “There is nothing for you to be jealous of Tooru,” they giggled, “ Tobio’s my cousin you big idiot. How can I love my cousin like how I love you?”


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Another interesting episode. Heres what I picked up on:

  • At the blood drive - the girls were eating cookies and brownies. Makes me wonder if the infamous -A who is always eating sugar has a medical reason for it. Also why did they have to make Ashley the organizer…. I hope it didn’t mean anything but I can’t help but be a little suss.
  • Aria and Andrew - We have had Emily busy with Talia, Hanna with Leslie, Spencer with Johnny. I was waiting for Aria to have a new distraction. Am I the only one who is shipping it?
  • Camp Koatohee - This was the sign along the track when Emily & Talia were bike riding. I need to do some anagrams of it.
  • Johnny’s mural - Did anyone else notice that it changed from when Spencer held up the newspaper to when it was displayed on her computer. The Animal testing = torture is on the bottom first and on the top the next time we see it. This show keeps doing these subtle changes. I refuse to believe that is another production error. I think they are trying to tell us to look at everything closely and watch out for slight changes.

  • Emily talking to Aria in Andrews car - Did anyone else notice Emily falter. She said “Okay well no word from Hanna,  but Spencer’s getting on the highway so I’ll just text her when we get….  UH UM  get to where we’re going” I think that the girls recognized where they were going. I think they have been to the Diner for business before. Why else did she stop herself. She wasn’t talking about getting her blood back because at that point they thought Mike was just going to meet someone with the $400.
  • The Diner - Finally the infamous -A Diner has a name. “Jonah’s” and they sell pie! This place has been the main home of shady dealings for a while now. I really think the girls have met there for shady dealings before. Spencer knew to meet Toby there in the s3 finale! I really feel like everything in the show is starting to come together.
  • Mike with the blood and the money - We saw Mike in his room with 1 vial of blood (not 3). I personally think that he switched the blood at the drive, not stole it. I think that Mike met Hank/Cyrus and really did hand over money (or something else) like the girls first thought. The only reason the girls swapped to thinking that he gave Cyrus their blood is because of the pxt. But that whilst sent whilst Mike was still at the diner. I don’t know what Mike is up to or why he is cahoots with Ali, but I’m sure that he didn’t give Cyrus the girls blood.  I’m starting to think that Mike know’s that Ali didn’t kill Mona which mean’s he must have an idea who did. Maybe he knows it was -A and maybe he has joined forces with her to try and take down -A.
  • Hank Mahoney - Another alias to add to the list for Cyrus Petrillo. The others were: Cyrus Hart, Robert Hart and Cy Enfield. Does anyone have a connection yet? Also how awesome does Jake Weary play the role of Cyrus. They way he reacted to Andrew with his his baseball bat, Just so believable (I applaud). Meanwhile dear Andrew trying to help the girls…. silly goose.
  • What can’t Emily tell Talia - Talia asked what Emily feared the most. Is it that she is being stalked by -A. Or is it why she is being stalked by -A. AKA she has a mega secret from that night that she can’t come clean about and that is why -A is stalking them.

Well that’s about it - let me know your thoughts!?

New Guys, New Lies Thoughts and Theories.

Byron- Okay he seems to suspicious right now so it’s probably not him but that doesn’t mean he’s not working with or knows who did kill Charlotte. Clearly he and Ella are both suspects but I think the Montgomery Family member we should worry about is Mike, (yes I know Cody is on another show, however so was Vanessa when the writers decided that CeCe/Charlotte was A) From what we know both Aria and Mona were still very terrified of Charlotte. Aria was going to say in court that she wasn’t but she was and ended up telling the truth. Mona was going to tell the truth in court but ended up lying and saying she was no longer scared. Mike would want to protect both Aria and Mona (if he and Mona are still together of course we don’t know because Marlene never gave us a chance to see them reunite after the dollhouse) Anywho, he is going on the suspect list. He has a motive and he would also be Byron’s motive to be protecting the person.

Toby- Toby is really rubbing me the wrong way after this episode, why is he so worried about how long Spencer plans to stay in Rosewood? I don’t think he’s the guy walking around like an old man because we clearly saw him with Yvonne right before creepy dude walked out behind Aria. But there has to be a reason Toby is ready for Spencer to return to DC, he literally mentioned her leaving like 5/6 times this episode.

Ezra- Has been completely removed from my suspect list at this point. I didn’t think he had anything to do with it but now that we know he may have seen who was involved I’m gonna say Ezra isn’t the person. 

So this new big Bad, or not A, or stalker or whatever you feel like calling them must have gotten those uniforms in as we seen him in both a post man’s uniform and a door man’s uniform. that being said this person really is hiding in plain sight. So who could it be?

Lucas? we know he was “leaving town” but maybe he wasn’t maybe getting Hanna into his house was a ploy because he could spy on her and her friends. (who knows how many hidden camera’s are in that place) I said at the end of last season that something isn’t right with Lucas and I’m still sticking to that, I don’t know why it would be Lucas but my gut tells me to keep him on the suspect list. 

Jason- ah, my favorite A candidate. Him not being around is making him suspicious. we’re like 4 episodes in and the only thing we have heard about him is that he didn’t want Charlotte released. That can only make one wonder if he decided to do away with Charlotte once and for all, like the liars Jason was brutally tormented by Charlotte once we realized Charlotte was CeCe and she had actually pretended to date him for a while. that can totally mess up someone’s head and cause him to react irrationally.

Maybe the person isn’t someone we know from before, but if that’s the case then we are going to need more new male characters to chose from because at this point we’ve only met Liam and Jordan and neither seem to be this new A. But we did learn that HANNA KNOWS THIS PERSON. which is another nice nod to LUCAS. 

So clearly Toby is still hung up on Spencer for whatever reasons. And Hanna is still having some feeling for Caleb. It’s really kind of unfair. See Toby and Hanna have both moved on yet they both keep making it hard for their friends to be happy. At least Hanna can acknowledge that she has these knee jerk reactions. But Toby won’t admit to anything and would rather Spencer just hurry up and leave so he doesn’t have to deal with his feelings. I’m worried Spencer and Caleb won’t last because they are going to always feel like they are hurting their friends by being together.

Aria was so rude and obnoxious this episode, but I get it. She is clearly still dealing with all her trauma from not only Charlotte but even Mona, she was stalked for so long and she finally got away and now she’s drug back into the pit of it all with both her dad and her ex looking quite shady. However she needs to cut her friends a break because Hanna and Emily have both put their neck on the line for her now.

Where are the other key players. I thought (from the sneak peek of 6b) that this new big bad was after Ali, so why haven’t we seen Ali? Where is Mona? Why is no one suspecting her? If I started getting texts again which claim to know my secrets (much like the A texts when Mona was A) I’d be going to Mona to see if she too is getting texts. 

There is also always a chance that we are dealing with a twin that we have yet to meet. If I had to put money on someone having a twin I’d have to go with Charlotte, Noel, Jenna, Lucas, or Mona. I think for everyone else we know too much about them.