now i hab it

Are you Fucking kidding me! What coach in the NHL would have Max Pacioretty, David Desharinais, and Andrew Shaw on the same line; as the SECOND line for any game! Why the hell is Tomas Plekanec centering the THIRD line! The line that did the most work this game was the FOURTH god damn line! Hell now that I think about it. The fourth line of the habs have done most of the work, during this great start to the season! 

  • Habs: NO we're tied we can't be tied!
  • Pacioretty: Why what's wrong?
  • Habs: The bruins are winning!
  • Shea: oh no, we can't lose
  • Habs: NO! we need to get them in the playoffs
  • Pacioretty: *clutches at his heart* i've missed them so much
  • Habs: we know, now get out there and get the B's a W.
  • Scherbak, internally: I'm gonna win the fuck out of this game don't worry bruins

I once read somewhere that Sidney Crosby didn’t like Michel therrien because he treated players like shit and I didn’t believe him because the habs were winning at the time and now I know he was right and pls fire Michel therrien

Well, it’s over

And tomorrow I’ll start ranting about this team again, but right now? Right now I just want to thank the habs. 

Are they perfect? No. Was this a disappointing result? Yes. 

But during the whole year, this whole roller coaster of a season, they gave us a reason to smile, to laugh, to cheer for. From the beginning of the season (who remembers when we went 3 and 0 in the first three games?) to that 2-1 win against Tampa, we cheered. 

We cheered when Pacioretty scored, we cheered when Price made a save, we cheered when Gallagher grinned, we cheered when PK dazzled us and we chered when Chucky scored a hat trick.  

We cheered when Beau stepped up for Gonchar against the Leafs, we cheered when Christian Thomas fought in Columbus. 

We cheered when baby habs scored their first NHL goal, we cheered when Carey Price broke a team record. 

It’s sad to see it end this way, but we cheered for them the whole season, and we will continue to cheer on. 

After all, the torch never dies. 

So, habs, regroup. Rethink your plays, Perfect your shots. Come back better than ever. 

See you next season. 

You know what? I like the rebranding of the Stars. Them being known as les Canadiennes de Montréal now is probably gonna give them more visibility. I want kids to see them as the equivalent of the Canadiens de Montréal and not just that girl hockey team that doesn’t matter. I want girls to be able to think “Hey, I could actually become a Habs now.” They might not be in the same league or organization, but it still has the image of being the same…family of hockey? Like the Habs have a male hockey team and a female hockey team now? 

As a bruins fan, i love the habs

NOW DON’T GET TOO CRAZY, i don’t love them in the sense that i would ever touch a jersey of theirs. I don’t love them in the way that would stop me from chirping habs fans. I don’t love them enought o drop my new england stubbornness and ever root for them against anyone. And if a player i liked went to their team, well i wouldn’t like that player much anymore.

but as a bruins fan, i do love the habs.

I love the habs because there’s something extremely special about the bruins/habs rivalry that is unmatched by other teams. These two teams have such a past and a history together that you could completely change the rosters TOMORROW and still have one of the best rivalries in all of sports.

I love the habs because when i turn on that TV knowing the bruins will be playing the habs that night I feel an extra something in side, something more than excitement. I love the habs because when we win against them I feel like i’m top of a fucking mountain but when we lose to them (even if it was deserved) i get to bitch and moan about it and no one expects anything different. 

I love the habs, because as a bruins fan i couldn’t imagine hockey without them. I love the habs because they give hockey that extra something, that extra kick, that keeps me coming back for more.