now i gotta make cat's post

hey I guys I hate to make this post, but I gotta. So my cat Sassy is starting to have asthma attack way to close to each other. She’s has this for a very long time. We normally every three months take her to the vet and get her a steroid shot. We haven’t been able to get her to the vet due lack of money and being in a new area, so we’re not sure which vet is the best to take her. So, I’m posting this now, because I need to take her to the vet. It’s time to get her shot. I’m worried that I’m going to get some fees for being a new and what not, and I also just have no idea what the local price for a steroid shot is here??? back in my old area it was around $40-50 plus fees. I will make some calls on monday, and maybe get some prices and a appointment for sassy. 

So hey if you like cats, and commissions, maybe commission me?? Maybe be even reblogging this or my commission?? I would appreciate it a lot if you did.
Here’s my prices so you don’t have to look:
Full body:
Sketch $5
Line art $8
Flat color $11
Color with Shading + simple background $15
Shading +More detail background $24
Bust with simple background:
Sketch $5
Line art $7
Flat color $9
Shading $12$10 to add another character
($5 for sketches)

Thank you for reading this and reblogging this if you do. 

Ok but.

I totally understand that the joke was that even if the Northwest had to sell their mansion, they still are super rich but.


The horror in her face! Like. She can only keep ONE?! 

And i’m just thinking… Pacifica has grown as a character in the serie, she isn’t the stereotypical rich spoiled kid she shows in her first appearance. So what if in her horror gasp she doesn’t think “we’re poor” but instead : I have to choose which pony I’ll keep?! 

Now, I can’t afford ponies or horses, so yeah she’s super rich, but i can afford dogs and cats and i have like 3 dogs and 2 cats at my place. If my mother told me “Yeah you gotta choose one between the 5 cuz we can’t take care of them all anymore” I would actually be making Pacifica’s face right about now! 

To me this face is more like “I gotta choose between Prince, Putter, Ladybelle and Atlantica?!” 

Alright sorry that’s just my headcanon for this scene xD 




D 1 R T Y  H A C K E R ? “

So I was thinking… Hacker!Frisk?? In which Frisk hops from timeline to timeline just fucking things up and being a general troll to everyone by changing the code a little. 

For example: 

- Targeting Sans’ shortcutting. Oh, Sans wants to go to Grillby’s? Nope. He’s at the MTT resort now. Oh, he’s gotta go to his post near the ruins? Nope. Temmie Village, bitch.

- Changing everybody’s fight songs to the dog song.

- All hot dogs are hot cats now.

- Everybody looks exactly like Toriel. But only to Sans. Except for Toriel. She looks like JERRY. 

- Making all the Echoflowers just sing the Rick Roll song over and over.

- Everyone sounds like Papyrus now.

- R A I N I N G  H O T D O G S .

I haven’t thought of a backstory for how Frisk became Hacker!Frisk but this is basically based off the DIRTY HACKER ending you get when you change the code of the game.

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Here! Now! If you’re able to support this, either by pledging or spreading the word, it’d mean the world to me.

I’ve been doing these comics for three years now, and this feels like the NOW OR NEVER moment to make a cool book of them happen. I’ve got some fun rewards up for grabs - and hey, if nothing else, check out the video I made where I act like a dork, and my cat shows up to be cute.  This is all kind of terrifying, and I’m not sure if it’ll make it, but hey — I gotta try.


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Okay! I’ve had this idea for a good week now and finally decided to make the account! I’m actually really excited to do this ya know? And I’m not gonna post every five minutes no no, I’m gonna post maybe twice a day because I have other blogs I gotta post on, I’m watching movies and TV Shows a lot as well to get ideas, and I’m having to watch my cat because she’s in heat. 

Now, I will allow you guys to help, if you want. All you have to do is message me and tell me your idea, and tell me which characters you want it to be. It isn’t really that hard. Right, I’m also not gonna use human photos and I’m gonna use fanart so none of the profile pics or photos are mine unless I say.