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Updates are slower than usual

Because I had to go get my mom at the airport <3 

She’s back from San Francisco and she’s brought me a skele-ton of stuff <3 <3 

Now I can draw pages while I munch on my Mc Crea’s Caramels and premium quality milk chocolate, that’s the good stuff <3

Also now I have a pusheen plush!! ENVY ME

 Ok, no, really…. now I’ll get to draw more xD Wait for updates!!

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It's such a gross double standard that same sex ships are the ones seen as mental and delusional. No one calls hendall shippers mental. No one cares that people still ship him with Taylor even years after it ended. No one even cares that fans ship Harry with themselves (which is awkward and weird as fuck)

“No one calls hendall shippers mental. No one cares that people still ship him with Taylor even years after it ended.”

Why don’t boomers understand

























A Doctor’s Log (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Summary: Being a collection of impressions, observations, and ruminations, by one Dr. Lexi T’Perro, staff physician on the Tempest. 

Notes: Spoilers abound, but specifically for Liam’s armor request and part of Jaal’s loyalty mission (through the end of “Flesh and Blood”). Pre-romance (incipient Sis!Ryder/Jaal).

This is loose, this is messy, and hopefully, this is funny. There may be more to come, but we shall see! <3

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Entry One:

Our young Pathfinder certainly has a talent for finding — well, talent, in the most unusual places. From what I understand, she found our resident krogan on Eos, slaughtering the local wildlife. I believe he’s wearing the bones of his kills.

And yet, he’s charming, but anyone’s standards. A little gruff, but that’s to be expected. He and Vetra seem to be getting along famously, if what I overhear from the crew’s quarters is any indication.

Cora is still dealing with residual frustration and resentment over the Pathfinder’s role passing from Alec to his daughter, but she is a consummate professional, and after an initial tense conversation with Ryder, has allowed herself to process and grieve in private. I’ve made a note to check in with her — something Cora will be astute enough to recognize — but I foresee no future issues in that quarter.

Sometimes it’s best simply to let time and distance do all the healing work. Harry, if you ever read this, know that I can hear you smirking.

Entry Seven:

Liam continues to impress me — his good humor and willingness to reach out to everyone has defused more than a few potential arguments. I’m rather amazed at how he dismantled what could have been a rather explosive argument over the last of the Fishdog Food Shack nuggets (I shudder to think what was in them, to have lasted so long in suspension!). His loyalty is unquestioned. He’d be an asset on any team, but I’m glad he’s with us.

Ryder stayed in her quarters for an extra forty-three minutes this morning. SAM assures me she was simply working out, but I’ve made a note to watch her stress levels a little more carefully. Excess exercise may be just one symptom of a larger problem.

I do hope they’re able to wake up her brother, soon. Her role is a lonely one.

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42? :)

“stop being so cute.”

“I’ll leave you to it,” Robert murmured, his voice low enough that only Aaron could hear. He pressed a kiss to Aaron’s forehead, giving his shoulder a quick before he walked over to Victoria, who had made herself at home in a patch of the late evening sun, curled up on the garden seat Robert had agonised over for weeks.

Aaron still thought it had been too expensive.

“Hey.” Robert greeted, moving Victoria’s legs so he could sit down, rolling his eyes slightly as his sister shoved her feet right onto his lap, smiling sweetly at him. “You okay?”

Victoria nodded. “My feet are just knackered, those heels are no joke.”

Robert laughed. “I don’t know why you even bothered wearing them.”

“It’s not every day your brother gets married!” Victoria slapped his arm half heartedly, her newly blonde hair glinting in the sunlight. It was early August, and Emmerdale was at it’s very best, the summer clinging to the rolling hills of Yorkshire.

It had always been his favourite time of year, those brief few weeks before the autumn began when the summer felt like it was going to be endless, long sunny days and fresh green grass making the village picturesque.

Robert glanced over to Aaron, his husband slouched in a chair, talking to Chas and Paddy with a bright grin on his face. He looked good, wearing a white shirt and blue trousers, his jacket long since discarded and his sleeves rolled up. 

“I can’t believe it’s happened.” Robert admitted, thinking back to the year they’d put down. More than a year, really, because it had been over a year since that first wedding they’d had.

“You deserve it. You deserve to be happy, the two of you.” Victoria said, giving her brother a reassuring smile. “You’re in a good place now. Right?”

Robert nodded. “Counselling saw to that.”

“Then let yourself be happy, Robert.” Victoria nudged. “I know you, stop overthinking all this. Aaron wouldn’t have married you again if he didn’t want this, so just, be happy.”

“I am, I am happy.” Robert was surprised at the tears that welled up in his eyes. “I don’t deserve him, Vic.”

“You do.” 

Robert looked at Aaron, who was sniggering at something Paddy had said. He looked so gorgeous, his beard trimmed and his hair gel free, a pair of Robert’s sunglasses perched on the bridge of his nose.

They’d decided on a small family affair. The registry office in Hotten, and a garden party for their reception. Robert had spent hours making food with Victoria and Marlon, and somewhere along the way, Aaron and Liv had managed to turn their small garden into a fairylight filled, flowery wonderland.

Not Aaron’s taste at all, but it was his.

Aaron looked over at him, still smiling. “I love you.” he mouthed, his lips carefully making out the words.

“I love you too.”

“Stop being so cute.” Victoria teased. “Come on, dance with me. I never did get to dance with you at you and Aaron’s last wedding.”

Kaede and Tenko sang a special song for Kaede’s birthday!

Why am I ALWAYS wrong???

I mentioned to my mom about signing the boy up for the Big Brother program, I think it would be good for him having another male role model. He gets super attached to any guy I bring around, even if the boy doesn’t know we are dating. Like Manny, he thought we were only friends. So she tells me today that if I sign him up it’s basically telling my dad he’s not a good enough role model and I’d rather have a stranger around instead of him and it will hurt his feelings. No matter how I’d respond to that I’m fucked. Yes my dad is around and a role model to look up to, but d-bag isn’t around and the boy can’t have enough men to look up to. Not to sound like a bitch, but it’s not about my dad, it’s about what I think is best for my son.


Okay so, I did another redraw because I lack creativity at the moment– ;;

I was dying to draw DiE hahaha;;;; kill me and I wanted to do this to see how much my art changed./////// To be honest, the first one is not that old too, it’s from 2015 I think? but yes, me and my drawings surely changed a lot… ;//////; ♥



But why? That’s what I need to know. Yep great, we’re getting clothes sharing, I am excited about this prospect of Robert Sugden in a hoodie and Aaron in a jacket (Please let it be one with elbow patches) BUT WHY?

There is no plausible reason I can think of that this would happen? I need to know. Did they get dressed in the dark or something? Why is this bothering me so much? I have no idea.