now i get to sit around all day with my dog

sugamonstae  asked:

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22. description of crush.

oml I could go on forever but… She’s super pretty and loves glitter so much and I find it adorable. She does amazing eye makeup and sometimes puts ribbons in her hair. Her laugh and smile turn my bad days into the best ones. We have the same ancient history class where we sit together and she plays with my hair and holds my hand and I get all giddy and she runs her long nails around my arms I love her so much omg. but. she’s straight…

 23. fear(s)

DOGS, I was on the bus and some trainer dogs came on and I felt like vomiting I was terrified 

25. role model

Min Yoongi, he’s worked so far to get where he is now and continues to share his story through music.

get to know me, pick some numbers.

signs in algebra class (based on a school year of observation)
  • aries: oh my fucking god is this old ass toad looking teacher serious right now.......
  • taurus: ~scribbling numbers, face close to notebook for first 15 minutes but by end of period is snoring~
  • gemini: wish i was dabbing rite now...(puts notebook and pencil on table and stares at the wall for the rest of the period)....i love animals
  • cancer: *quietly sits behind me giggling at teacher until the last month of school* this is the first cornell notes i've ever take what da fuk is this shit
  • leo: *sexual tension with aquarius all year, mimes jacking off and passing joints in the back of the class, nonstop giggling* where am i
  • virgo: (speaks to no man)(stares intently at notebook)
  • libra: (me)(on drugs every day, talks to anyone near, makes very crude jokes constantly, flirts with all of the boys around, gets told to shut the hell up every five minutes by teacher man)
  • scorpio: (sits next to libra and takes no notes...sexual tension between libra and scorpio increases until libra goes too far and scorpio recedes into his dark dark cave)
  • sagittarius: (isnt even enrolled in the class but comes in to flirt with virgo for first 20 mins every day)
  • capricorn: only fuckin bitch payin attention and still hates everything
  • aquarius: nonstop flirting with leo and talking about snakes and making sexual jokes and awful puns every 4 seconds
  • pisces: sits in back corner, very confused, stares out window at trees and clouds

- today in the most melbourne thing that’s ever happened to me in the city of melbourne: a barista i’m on first-names-casual-chat-basis with asked me to come to his hip hop/jazz gig in brunswick on anzac day

- which of course means i now have to either go to the gig or never get coffee there ever again

- even if i go to the gig i may never be able to get coffee there again

- anyway it’s the long weekend and it’s cold so i carpooled w all three dogs down to shoreham to drink wine and sit by the fire and read my book and ignore the generalised anxiety that’s been trying to consume me all day
- i haven’t been around a lot recently, sorry!!!!
- the world has been kicking my ass for the past two weeks but tomorrow I’m gonna get up at seven and im gonna sort myself tf out so hopefully i can chuck some art up in a couple of days
- hope you’re all swell!!!!!! kiss ur pet for me!!!!!!