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icecream sundaes till sunset….

After ordering triple scoop sundaes topped with wafers and fresh fruit, Pia, Katy and Beau sat down and chatted happily until the sun began to set~

The second half of my Trashcans United Collab with @pottery-sims and @something-wicked-sims. I think I like these pictures better! I’m so jealous of our simmies, look at that beautiful scenery .__. Again, credit to @rubyred-sims for the lovely caravan I got to renovate! 

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I hope I'm not being rude when I say this or that I don't think your criticism doesn't have value (bc i think victor should have retired), but I think that some themes and things in YOI are focused more in an Eastern perspective rather than a Westerner one?? Yuri himself has stated that his theme on love is abstract... idk

this isnt rude! however, i wholeheartedly disagree

(ive also seen this come up a lot as a reason for no “i love you” scenes, for why the kiss wasnt shown directly, & sorta thrown around as a general “ppl dont understand yoi for REAL!!!” so im happy to have a reason to address it.)

ive mentioned this a few times, but i study sociology & psychology! so i def get the idea of where ppl are coming from in regards to cultural norms/POVs, and japan is def super different from the USA (which is where im from) or other western cultures

however, before “cultural differences” is tossed around as a blanket justification, its important to understand the culture in question, the background cultures of the characters, and put yoi into context of not just japan, but of japanese anime. &, honestly, in context of yoi itself (more on that later)!

so lemme address the cultures in general, and then apply it to yuri on ice.

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All right, my next three big projects are:

Berserk (fantasy!AU), Zugwang (crime!AU), and No Treble (Pitch Perfect!AU)

(If you have any songs you’d like me to include in that last one, feel free to send them to me!)

My next miniseries is:

Five Proven Ways (to Impress a Girl) [Gajevy, Nalu]

And my next one(two? three?)shots are:

Magnolia Drive (angsty), Peaches and Poppies (fluff with a little angst), and the still untitled Clay Dragon!AU

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What's your favourite thing to do with/around Sasster?

I, uh, hope this sums it up for you. ^^’’’ 

Sasster belongs to @stealthnerd

Where every other anime leads to...

This been in the drafts for soo long it deserves to see the sunlight finally… or moonlight, considering it’s midnight there.

AKA Meet my newest Tenipuri AU based on a thing I’m currently watching, and have a look at the headcanons I have for it- The Cheer Danshi AU version.

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last day in the city today cos next week i already have classes and so i shall be spending this day with nothing ahead of me. nah, i started the day early, watched titanic and i just realized now how that movie is such a freaking heart throbber it’s my fave as of the moment. my sisters all have classes so im alone. im in a cafe, but compared to last summer i am less obsessed with it. i dont go everyday hahahaha yeah the intensity of my interest in cafes back then is beyond compared to what i have now because i have got my eyes set on something else *holds dearly my vanguard cards* and im going out to play with some of my homies there right now actually but i better finish this drink cos im so cold and i dont know why cos im wearing pants and a jacket and those are all the possible sources of warmth i can get in a clothing so how come it’s like this, is my skin that weak? or my body is simply naturally weak against such temperature disturbances. meh, i shall go

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ahh I'm residing a series of unfortunate events right now, and I want to finish les miserables and dune. I have lots of animes I want to watch and I wanna finish stranger things ☺️

les mis is one of the longest novels ever written when you combine the 48 books and 365 chapters!


So this is how dates work right

Love Square Week Day 6: Kisses

I know I’m late (im still in finals) but i really wanted to do something for this one. The Ladynoir one wasnt working tho xD. Also self indulgent Marichat because i can.


  Prodigy Hero Bby | Bakugou Katsuki | ♥  ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ *:・゚✧