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Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p11) (Q&A part)

Here’s the Q&A part that was published with the episode commentary and I didn’t have time to translate the other day.

Regarding the question about Chris’ acquaintance, you may want to read the report of the other day’s talk show to get a more complete idea.

(Side note: I still haven’t had time to answer some of the questions I received, please wait a little… I will also work on the very long interview with Kubo on the magazine Febri from tonight. Interview rush this month, really.)

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Mitsurou Kubo presents Q&A exhibition!!!
We asked Kubo-san about curiosities that didn’t fit the commentary, in a Q&A format.

Q. Why is Victor cold to JJ?
A. He genuinely doesn’t care (LOL). He doesn’t even remember JJ’s name correctly, but that’s because he is the type of person that doesn’t try to remember things he isn’t interested about. It’s not like he’s looking down or him or doesn’t get along, he really just doesn’t care. Until this point we hadn’t clearly shown Victor not being interested in someone, so I was thinking about a character who wouldn’t feel hurt even if Victor didn’t care about him… and realized that it could only be JJ. In fact, he wasn’t really bothered.

Q. What is Victor to JJ?
A. I think he is someone he has to challenge. The type of person he wants to confront and beat when they’re both in their very best condition. He would never want to win because Victor is in a bad condition or just out of a slump. More than admiring him, I think he wants to be his equal rival. And he believes that if he does his best he will get the gold medal. Therefore, to avoid looking at Victor like someone who is no match for him, he takes the liberty of speaking with him in that overfamiliar way. But I think that JJ is currently the one who is fighting against the fear of losing more than anyone else. It also looks like he didn’t really have a good relationship with his previous coaches and people didn’t understand him.

Q. Is Victor worried about the “whorl” of hair on his head?
A. More than Victor, this is something many Russian people care about. Though in Victor’s case I think it’s more like his hairline than the whorl (LOL). But I think that having such a weakness makes him a fascinating person. Before the FS in episode 7 Yuuri even presses the top of his head while a large audience is watching. In this scene I wanted to do something that people wouldn’t actually do in the real figure skating world, I had fun drawing it.

Q. We want to know more about Otabek!
A. In his private life he is also a DJ, and he’s kind of a street style guy. He actually has many mischievous friends. That’s why he finds Yurio really cool, because he has so many things that Otabek doesn’t have and admires. And he’s also the type who doesn’t give importance to hierarchies, so Yurio was happy that he wanted them to be equals. So you figure what happens when he asks him “will you come or not?”… (LOL)

Q. Who is the handsome guy always together with Chris?
A. He’s a man from the Swiss Skating Federation. I created him because I didn’t want Chris to feel lonely (LOL). I’m not going to say anything about what his relationship with Chris is, but we believe that he’s a former ice dancer that belongs to the Federation.

Q. We want to know some secret anecdotes about the last episode!
A. When I wrote the storyboard, I added “They say Katsuki is retiring.” as a subtitle. For Victor’s line I also considered “the ‘katsu’ in ‘Katsuki’ is the ‘katsu’ from ‘selfish’!*”, but I thought “nah, Victor is not that good at Japanese” and I didn’t use it (LOL). Also, in the storyboard there was a scene where Yuuri, before skating, is trying to tell Yurio that he’s going to retire but in the end isn’t able to tell him. But there was no time, so it was cut in the anime…
[*translator’s note: “Selfish” in Japanese can be said “jibunkatte” 自分勝手, where the kanji for the “kat(su)” part is the same kanji as the “Katsu” in “Katsuki” 勝生. I’m glad she didn’t use that because it would have been impossible to translate properly… though Victor does still use the word “jibunkatte” in the episode. Also, in the end they are supposed to be speaking in English together, so yeah. By the way, the subtitle she originally thought, which in Japanese is “Katsuki, intai suru’tte yo” is probably a reference to the title of the novel “The Kirishima Thing”  that in Japanese is “Kirishima, bukatsu yameru’tte yo” and was adapted into a movie. The ’~tte yo’ wording has kind of become popular after that.]

Q. How did you decide the way Victor cries?
A. I drew it so that Victor’s tears wouldn’t stream down his cheeks but “drop from the tip of his eyelashes”. Sometimes people who aren’t used to crying do not move their facial muscles and don’t wipe their tears, so they just trickle down. The way Victor cries is something I had already roughly sketched in a meeting with the director.

Q. Why didn’t Phichit talk to Yuuri about his dream?
A. I think the reason Phichit-kun still hasn’t talked to Yuuri about his dream of holding an ice show in Thailand is that he too wants to surprise him. They have this kind of relationship. I think that all skaters, even if this time they couldn’t achieve their best results, are thinking about what they can do to create a skating world that they can enjoy even more than now, and about what they can do for their home countries.

Q. Why does Michele speak in the Hiroshima dialect?
A. In the setting he is from Naples and speaks English with an Italian accent, so to express that I decided that he would speak in Hiroshima dialect.

Q. Tell us how you feel now that the series is over and about the future!
A. I am very well aware that you are all hoping for a continuation of the show, and with director Yamamoto we always talk about what we would like to do if we ever have the chance to work again with the staff that has gathered to make this series. We still do not know if a “St. Petersburg arc” would be the best. However, it’s definitely not something that I can do alone, and to draw this series again we would need to collect a lot of information and find many new things. It wasn’t a series that was possible to create just inside my head. But we must create something convincing, otherwise people are not going to follow us, and it wouldn’t come true. More than anything, the thought that we might not see Yuuri, Victor, Yurio and the other characters again makes us sadder than anyone else. Actually, I’m going to go on a trip abroad with the director soon (LOL), and we are planning to talk about the future too. I hope we have time to discuss carefully about what lies ahead for “Yuri on Ice”, and I’ll be happy if you keep on supporting us in the meantime.


First, I want to apologize. I took too long to realize how I feel about you. And I was scared too. This might sound like an excuse, but I was afraid that I might not be good enough for you. Because I took too long, it seems like you’ve given up your feelings for me and moved on. And that’s okay, I respect that. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not asking you to change your mind, or to like me again. Since I respect your decision, I hope you can respect mine as well. So in other words, please let me continue to like you. Just leave me be. I won’t pressure you. I’ll never interfere with your peaceful life. Things can stay the way they are now. Then one day, if you can open up to me again and change your mind, I’ll be waiting. Take your time.

Caught red-hooded - Jason Todd x Reader

Given the fact that the second anonymous asked me four times to “write more Jason Todd”, I kinda felt obligated to do so…But not really because Jason is my favorite Robin and I love writing about him. Slightly NSFW and warning for language as well. Here we go ! Hope you’ll like it :

PS : I’m not even sorry about the terrible pun in the tittle. 

(My masterlist blog here :


Oh this was awkward. So uncomfortable. You thought that the time Damian, Jason’s youngest brother, walked in on you and your boyfriend making out was already the most embarrassing thing ever…But you were wrong. 

Getting caught making-out by Bruce Wayne, Jay’s father, was even worst. 

You slowly slipped the hand you had up Jason’s shirt out, and he gets off of you a bit awkwardly to sit on the side of his bed. You join him there, sitting next to him and…you both just sat there, in front of goddamn Bruce Wayne, not saying a word. He breaks the uncomfortable silence that installed itself : 

-Hum…I was…I came for…Hum…Sorry, I should’ve knocked louder. I’m uh…I’m gonna go now. 

And on that note, he leaves Jason’s bedroom, closing the door gradually and gently. You turn to your boyfriend, and with a sigh, burry your face in his neck. His arms go around your waist, and you snuggle closer to him. 

-Well, that was awkward…

-No shit Jay. 

-I’m sorry, I should’ve lock my bedroom. Should’ve learn my lesson from the time Damian walked in…but like, what’s their problems with knocking on the door uh ? They never do it…

-He did, he just didn’t wait for an answer before coming in…

-Same thing really. I’m sorry again. 

-Oh it’s quite alright, I always dreamt of being caught making out with you by your father. It was definitely a good moment. 

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Title: Dive

Pairing: Female reader x Dean

Theme song: Dive by Ed Sheeran

Summary: Dean’s catching feelings for the reader and needs to be convinced to dive in

A/N: This song just has such quiet bar vibes. 

Word count: 2,000ish

Your name: submit What is this?

The old bartender working the quiet Tuesday afternoon shift had poured Dean another glass of whiskey before he’d even opened his mouth to ask for it. Dean looked up from his hands long enough to give a nod of thanks before pulling the new glass to his lips and taking a sip.

The bartender returned the bottle to its shelf and smiled behind his wiry beard.

“Thought you could use another,” he said, “You’ve got that look.”

“You’re not wrong,” Dean said.  The man waited; Dean said nothing.

“So what is it?” he pressed. “Love? Money?”

“Those the usual culprits?” Dean asked. The bartender kept his smile, waiting. Dean looked down at his glass again and turned it slow in his hands. Pushing away from the counter, the old man grabbed a mostly dirty rag and started away, taking the hint and his leave.

“You let me know if you need another,” he said over his shoulder.

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Since Cas got back, Dean’s been clinging to him like a koala bear.  Sometimes literally.  

Even though Cas doesn’t need sleep, Dean insists on having him in bed with him while he gets his obligatory four hours, arms wrapped wrapped tightly around his midsection and refusing to let go.

Cas doesn’t mind this part.  After all, he can’t get bored the way humans do, and it gives him an opportunity to watch Dean sleep without being accused of creepiness.  He’d also read in John Winchester’s journal that Dean had slept the same way with Sam as children after their mother’s death, which he found to be both endearing and sad. 

What he did mind, slightly, was everything else Dean had been doing since he’d gotten back.  He couldn’t do anything, and I do mean anything, unless Dean knew exactly where he was. 

He hadn’t even been able to interview witnesses alone, as Dean always came up with some innocuous excuse for why he needed to accompany him.  He was virtually never alone, and for someone as introspective as Castiel, that made him a little uncomfortable.  Not to mention the fact that he still wanted desperately to prove his competence and usefulness to the Winchesters.

When he found out about the demonic possession at a Catholic girls’ school in Main, he nearly jumped at the chance.  

“I can take this,” he blurted, practically before the Sam had finished describing the case.

The Winchester’s both looked up, blinking in surprise at the abrupt request.

“Care to repeat that, Cas?”  Dean asked, leaning forward on his elbow.

“I can exorcise the demon,” Cas repeated.  “I’m ready for this.  I’m certain.”

Dean, if anything, looked offended.  “No.  No fuckin’ way.  Not happening.”

Cas resisted the urge to role his eyes.  “Dean -”

“No.  This is not a discussion,” said Dean, arms folding stubbornly.  “You need more time to recover.”

Cas nearly scoffed.  “Recover from what?  I am not injured, Dean.”

“You died, Cas!”  Dean exclaimed.  “You can’t just bounce back from that shit.”

“Didn’t you?”  Cas pointed out.

“Yeah, well.  That was different.”  

Cas folded his arms, eyes narrowing obtusely.  “Different how.”

Dean opened his mouth, then closed it again.  Turning to his brother, he said, “Sam, help me out here, will ya?”  

Sam, who seemed determined to stay out of this till this point, cleared his throat delicately.  “Well.  I think if Cas feels comfortable going alone -”

“Sammy, you fucking traitor.” 

“Dean, I hardly said anything,” Sam sighed.  

“Yeah, well I know what you were going to say, and I don’t wanna here it,” Dean huffed.  “Cas, you’re not going.  And that’s final.”

“Dean, I’m significantly more powerful than you.  I can leave when I want,” said Cas defiantly. 

“Ha.  As if,” Dean muttered.  “You’re just a cute little nerdy dude with wings.  I could take you easy.”   

Cas opened his mouth to point out that he was an Eldritch Horror who could easily reduce cities to ashes, but Sam discretely gestured for him to leave it.  Cas, for his sake, reluctantly did.  

“Why are you so opposed to me leaving?”  he asked instead.

“Why are you so opposed to staying?”  Dean shot back.  “This is your home, Cas.  We’re your family.  Why don’t you wanna be here?”

“Well, you certainly weren’t my home or my family when you told me to leave,” Cas snapped, frustration and old hurt bubbling over.

The hurt look on Dean’s face made him immediately regret it.

Blessedly, Sam stepped in.

“Look, Cas.  Dean was lying to both of us back then, and we both got hurt from it.  He was wrong to do that, just like you and I were wrong when we’ve lied to him before,” he explained.  “But this is your home, and we’re your family.  And you belong here just as much as Dean or I do.”

Dean nodded, looking relieved that Sam’s communication skills were marginally better than his own.  “And I wouldn’t make you leave again, Cas,” he assured him.  “Not for anything.” 

Cas nodded, swallowing wetly and feeling unexpectedly emotional.  “Thank you.”  

There was a pause, before he added, “But if neither of you minds, I would still like to try and do this alone;  I, as one of you would put it, ‘need a little space,’ and I’d like the chance to prove to myself that I can still do things alone.”

“That was really well-put, Cas,” said Sam, before Dean could protest.  Turning to Dean, he continued in his best Therapist Voice, “Now Dean, why don’t you tell Cas why you don’t want him to go?”

Dean opened his mouth, then closed it.  He looked at the floor, adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed.  “What if you don’t come back?”  he whispered, voice coarse as sandpaper.

Cas slumped, all confrontation leaving his posture.  He moved to Dean and hugged him, foreheads pressing together.  “I will always come back.” 

Sam, in the background, looked resigned to his usual position as chronic Third Wheel.  

Cas, of course, successfully exorcised the demon.  None of the girls were hurt, though one or two did confuse him greatly by referring to as a “DILF.”  He resolved to look up what the word meant when he got home.

He was so happy to see Dean, already asleep when he got home.  He’d missed his human so much;  he didn’t think he’d be able to leave home after this for a good long while.

He crawled into bed beside him, and was only slightly surprised when Dean, barely conscious, wrapped his arms around his middle and pulled him close.  

He blinked at him with sleepy green eyes.  “You came home,” he murmured, voice sleep-roughened and full of awe.

Cas, unable to help himself, pressed a gentle kiss to Dean’s lips.  “Yes, my love.  I’ll always come home.”  

[SUMMARY: Negan doesn’t allow his wife to work in the sanctuary on Valentine’s Day. Although she still tries to so that she can gain respect, Negan leaves the men with a warning so he could have her all to himself.]

Smut/Semi Fluff

Negan and Ebony.

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Only Fools Rush In (College!Shawn)

A/N: This has been sitting in my writing folder for quite some time now and I hesitated with posting it because there is so much College!Shawn fanfics on here already and I don’t wanna bore you with this stuff. But because I am a college student and I have recently started a new semester a few ideas popped into my head that may be worth writing about. I hope this is not completely shit and actually worth reading. Enjoy!

Word count: 1,940 (kind of short but I need to know if you like it before I dig in deeper)

“I love you!” I mumbled, the alcohol clearly taking over the control of my words.

“I love you too,” he chuckled.

He didn’t understand how I meant it. He didn’t get it.

“No!” I raised my voice. “I don’t mean it like that. You don’t understand!” The frustration in my voice starting to build up. “You don’t understand!”

“What do you mean?” He was confused and clearly had no idea what was going on.

I sighed and sat down on the pavement completely exhausted. I was utterly worn out after everything that had happened and I just wanted he’d finally see. I pulled my knees up to my chest, put my face in my hands and mumbled “you don’t understand”.

He just sat next to me, put his arm around my shoulders and waited for me to calm down.

“Come on, let’s take you home.”

He picked me up and carried me to his car. After putting on my seatbelt, he climbed onto the driver’s seat and drove away. As soon as we reached the main road the sobbing had already drained the last bit of energy out of me and I calmly fell asleep.

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Why Not Me

James Potter x Reader

A/n: Probably gonna do a part 2 if you guys want one because I feel like I could keep going with this. Warnings: some swearing, a little angst. Words: 2155

 You had known James Potter since you were three years old. You lived in the house next to his and you two had grown up together. After being best friends with someone for 13 years obviously you get attached, and it’s natural to be protective of them. That’s how you were justifying you’re feelings at this point, but it wasn’t working out too well. It wasn’t painfully obvious that you felt more then friendship towards James, everyone knew you two were close so no one suspected a thing. Especially not James, he was too head over heels for Lily Evans. Lately he hasn’t played you a lick of attention, he was too busy trying to catch hers. It’s not that you didn’t like Lily in fact you two were very close friends, you just envied her. You envied how easily she captured his attention and had him wrapped around her finger with a few simple words. It was just so frus-”Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!” Your other best friend Victoria was frantically waving her hands in front of your face standing in front of where you were previously spaced out sitting at a library table.  “Yes” you replied in a monotone voice, still in a daze from your little disconnection from reality and a little thrown off  by your thought path. “What are you doing I’ve been looking for you forever!” she shrieked. “Why what’s wrong?” I asked. “No. You’ve just been missing for hours and everyone was getting worried. It’s almost curfew and no one had seen you since last class. Did you skip dinner? Have you been here the whole time? I swear I checked here at least five times.” She bombarded you with a tsunami of words. “Wait is it really that late I didn’t even realize” I said as I rushed to pack up all my books and parchment. Had I really been zoned out for that long? “Well hurry up I don’t wanna be caught out past curfew I already have detention for what feels like the rest of my life” she overdramatized. “Okay, okay I’m going as fast as I can” I said as we made our way through the halls back to the commun room.

When we entered I felt nauseas at the sight of Lily and James basically snogging each others faces off on one of the sofas. Victoria saw you quickly look away and whispered in your ear “Just ignore them.” Linking your arms together and ushering you to your dorm. Your other roommates were all sitting around in the room doing their own little things. “Finally you found her!” exclaimed Abbey. “Wait honey what’s wrong?” asked Cara as she looked up form her book seeing your solem expression. “Ah it’s not because of that Potter boy again is it? You just need to get over him,” stated Abbey matter offactly. You didn’t even respond, instead just flopping down on your bed. “Look Y/n it’s gonna get better you’ll get over him,” said Victoria sitting down next to you. “How am I supposed to get over my best friend, I’ve known him for so long?” I asked “Well first you’ll realize that he’s a bloody bloke if he decided to choose her over you. Then you’ll find a new boy and you won’t even give Potter a single thought.” Abbey said as if she just solved a difficult math question. “It’s not that easy Abbey” victoria chastised her. “No she might be somewhat right. What if you found another boy to get over James, like a rebound?” Cara offered. “Is it really a rebound if we were never together?” I asked still replaying the scene from the common room over in my head. How happy they looked together. “It’s the principal that counts” Cara said. “Yeah that’s a great idea! It doesn’t have to mean anything. You can find a boy Saturday at the party after the quidditch game’” Abbey was way too fond of this plan. “I don’t know guys, I don’t even think i’ll go to the quidditch game” I said sitting up. “Now that’s just ridiculous of course you’re going to the qudiditch game and for once I actually agree with Abbey.” Victoria said “Well thanks for letting me know how you really feel about me,” Abbey mocked hurt.

It was Saturday night and the Hufflepuff team were down by so many points that they couldn’t even win if they caught the Golden Snitch. Of course it was James who was scoring all the points as he was ‘the best chaser in Hogwarts history’ as he liked to refer to himself. There he goes scoring yet again as the seekers continued to chase the golden snitch around the pitch. It wasn’t long before Gryffindor caught the golden snitch and the crowd went absolutely ballistic. James being the cocky bastard he was did a victory lap around the stands winking at me as he flew by. Everyone started making their way off the stands and towards the players to congratulate them. It seemed like Lily was the first one down, throwing herself into his arms like you used to when he still paid his “best friend” a care in the world. Using that term loosely now considering he hasn’t given me more then a handful of acknowledgments since him and Lily stated their little love affair.

Meanwhile I was still sitting on the bleachers next to Remus, the rest of our friend had been lost in the crowd. “So I assume you’re going to the party?” he inquired. “I don’t really know yet I’m not in a party mood tonight,” I replied in a slight daze, James and Lilys display having thrown me off. “That’s exactly how I feel but Sirius would have my head if I don’t attend the ‘most legendary party ever’ as he’s been calling it” he said. We both laughed lightly because only Sirius could make such a big deal of one of the hundreds of partys thrown every year. “Well I suppose if you’re going it wouldn’t hurt to give you some company” I said with a slight smile somewhat distracted from my previously gloomy thoughts.

We walked together, in no rush, back to the Gryffindor common room. By the time we got there the party was already in full swing and it seemed that Sirius was already wasted as he stumbled up to the two of you “What a surprise my two favorite people,” we said while balancing his entire body weight on Remus, leaning against him with an arm swung over his shoulder. “Where’ve you two been? James was asking ‘bout ya” he slurred his word together at the end making his words barley eligible. “Why was he looking for me?” remus asked confused. “Not you Moony the pretty one” Sirius said grabbing a lock of your hair twirling it around his finger and winking at you before he went prancing off sloppily to some other people. “We should probably try to slow his drinking,” you said. “There’s no point trying, you take a cup of fire whiskey out of his hands and the second you turn around he’s got two more.” He joked even though we both knew it was true. Shouldn’t you go talk to James anyway, find out what he wanted?” He more so pointed out then actually asking. Just then as you looked across the room you spotted him a cup of alcohol in is hand and Lily perched on his lap. Averting your gaze “I think I’ll enjoy your company much more.” you said and he gave you a goofy grin.

As the night went on you and Remus had found a couch that wasn’t occupied by drunk couples trying to get it on. You were slightly intoxicated, that’s putting it lightly. Your friends kept popping up to have a quick chat and handing you different concoctions every couple minutes. Remus on the other hand was sober as could be, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying the beautiful giggling girl hanging off his arm and practically sitting in his lap going off about how her little brother once brought a niffler home and tried to keep it as a pet. His cheeks blazing at the extremely close proximity. You hadn’t even noticed how close you were to him, not really being aware of anything all your senses were slowed and your brain was fuzzy just saying anything that came to mind. “We should go for a walk” you said giggling again even though you hadn’t said anything funny “It’s getting really stuffy in here I need some air” Grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the exit before receiving a reply. You two were in the hallway in no time, you prancing around and Remus trying to keep up. “It’s still so hot out here,” you exclaimed cursing your clothes. You ripped your sweater off and threw it away, Remus scrambling to pick it up while you keep gallivanting away. “Woah Y/n maybe you should slow down” You stopped abruptly and turned on your heels grinning wildly as he skidded to a stop right in front of you. Your breath fanning across his chest before you looked up to his eyes “Thank you Rem, you’re a real great guy” looping your arms around his neck, your fingers playing with the little wisps of hair at his nape. “Why are you thanking me I haven’t done anything” he stuttered out, trying desperately to not stare at your chest that was pressed against his “Oh but you’ve done so much for me” you said barley above a whisper but it was loud and clear to him. His heart racing a mile a minute as you leant closerand closer until your lips met.

You tasted of fire whiskey and sweetness. He placed his hands on your hips as you kept tugging on his hair. Neither of you hearing the loud steps comig your way. Your reaction was slow when Remus was so quiqly pulled away from you and pushed against the wall by a fuming James Potter. “What do you think you’re doing mate.” He yelled at Remus. “Woah Prongs calm down” Remus tried to defuse the situation but if anything he just made James more livid. You still drunk off your ass decided it would be a good idea to jump on his back to try and stop him “Rem run i’ll hold him off,” you said in a panicy tone “and see ya tomorrow save me a muffin at breakfast” you giggiled totally forgetting how paniced you were a moment ago. Remus jogged off down the hallway you still on James’ back.

“What the bloody hell do you think you were doing with Remus of all people” James pried you off his back so he could face you “What’s that supposed to mean?” you questioned giggling because of James furrowed eyebrows. “You two were just snogging in the hallway, you can’t just going around doing that Y/n” he elaborated still so very angry. “Why not you and Lily do it all the time? Why am I nto allowed to do it” you started getting upset, all the suppressed emotions rising up in a fury. James soffened as soon as he saw you getting upset “look Y/n I’m-” he tried apologising but you interrupted him “No James tell me why can’t I be happy? You think you can just leave me and i’ll stop everything I’m doing until you come back? No James I’m done. I am so over always being second to that Lily Evans.” You were now yelling hysterically, tears streaming down your face, completely inconsolable. James was shocked into silence not knowing how to respond to your outburst. “Why not me? Why wasn’t I good enough? I loved you so damn much and you picked her. You chased after her all these years while I was here the whole time. Then as soon as she acknowledges your existence I’m completely throw aside, I get replaced by some stuck up red head who ignored you for years!” It was all coming out now, your body racked with sobs. James pulled you into to his chest ignoring your attemps to push him away just holding you close whispering “I’m so sorry” and “I didn’t know” over and over like a broken record. “Do you know how much it hurts? I loved you. I love you, and you don’t even care about me, all you care about is her.”

That’s how the remaider of your night went. Not really coming to a resolution, just letting it all out as James held you, and when you finally fell asleep he carried you back to your dorm placing you in bed. This was a conversation for tomorrow, when you were sober, right now you just needed to sleep. To live in your dreams and shut out reality.

I’m So Sorry Part Two

The ending of I’m So Sorry. Glad everyone enjoyed the first part so much!

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

I’m So Sorry Part One


“It’s okay, Jay.”

The words had barely left her mouth before Y/n’s eyes fluttered closed. Jensen tried shaking her again, but nothing was waking her up. Her head lolled gently to the side and Jensen had never felt such fear before in his life. Sudden there was a loud commotion behind them and when Jensen turned back he saw the paramedics finally bursting onto the set.

“About damn time,” Jensen hissed, exchanging looks with an equally terrified Jared. What happened next was a bit of a blur to him. The paramedics crowded around her and in no time, were lifting her into the ambulance, and before he knew it he was left standing on the back lot with Jared, watching as the ambulance and Y/n in it drove off.

“Jay, Jay, JAY,” Jensen snapped out of it and turned to his friend. Jared nodded to the parking lot. “Let’s go, Cliff said he’ll drive us down to the hospital. I want to be there and I know you do to.”

Jensen numbly nodded, he was still in shock. Not only did Y/n, one of his best friends, just suffer a major injury, but it was his fault. How did he not realize it wasn’t a prop? And better yet, which asshole, who has about to lose his job, gave Jensen the wrong knife?

Jared looked up from his phone, as his whole chair shook from Jensen’s constant fidgeting. The older man was still clearly beating himself up over what happened. Jared sent one more text to Gen before closing his phone.


“I’m gonna kill that friggin prop man,” Jensen steamed.

Jared sighed, he knew Jensen well enough to know that he was really just mad at himself. “I know Jensen, and that guy is as good as fired. What I’m more worried about at the moment is Y/n and you.”

“Me?” Jensen scoffed, “I’m fine, but I’m worried about Y/n too. There was a lot of blood Jared.”

Jared gulped and nodded at his friend, “I know man. I can’t stop seeing it.”
“Me either,” Jensen looked down at his still stained red hands. “I can’t believe I did this to her.”

“Jensen, c’mon. You had no idea and Y/n knows you’d never intentionally hurt her.”

“It doesn’t matter. I still did. Jared, I stabbed Y/n.” Jensen’s voice rose as he continued to grow in hysteria. “I stabbed Y/n. She’s in here because of me. Jared, this is all my fault.”

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lip bite // Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x reader

25. “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.”
& 26. “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.
& 51. “You’re not the boss of me.”
& 58. “Can you shut up for five minutes, please???”

warning: none but i feel like this is really bad lol

Jug sitting there on your desk, writing on his novel, with his eyes narrowed together as he types word after word while licking his lips was not a bad view. It was actually enough to make you want his lips on yours again. Jug on top of you. Hands tangeled in each others hair. Legs interwined. Neck kisses. Soft moans in each others mouths. That’s what you desperatly need right now.

You didn’t notice, that you were biting your lip again, too deepened in your thoughts, but Jug did notice. „That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.“ he commented while looking at you with a smug grin on his pink lips. Oh his soft pink lips. It was true, that you find yourself quite often biting your lips while you’re thinking about Jug. And he often discovers you deepened in thought looking at him with that lip bite, which he could’t say didn’t like.  You blush, a little embarassed, that he caught you again. Usually Jug makes a joke or sarcastic comment about it and you brush it off, but why not try to get what you want this time?

„So what you’re gonna do about it, Jug?“ you say, biting your lip again and looking directly in Jugs eyes. He seemsto be suprised by your comment but soon his eyes land on your lips and stay there a second too long, which makes your lips turn into a smug smile. Your boyfriend notices that and quickly looks at you again, collecting his thoughts. „Well I’m going to write in my novel about a crazy girl in town, that is obsessed with lip biting.“ he says, clearly satisfied with his answer, and turning around in his chair to write on his laptop. Oh but two can play that game.

Smirking you sat up on your bed and began to stretch yourself, putting your arms in the air and pushing your breasts out in Jugs direction. Sofly you moan while doing it, clearly noticing Jugs slighty turning his head in your direction to hear you better. Next you expose your neck to him, knowing, that Jughead likes to give you love bites right there. You moan again. „This feels so good“ you say, as seductive as you can. Jug looks at you from the corner of his eye and you know that he likes what he sees. „Stop (Y/N).“ he just says but he doesn’t stop looking at you. You’re putting your arms in front of you and try to push your breasts a bit together. „Well Jones, your’re not the boss of me.“. Again you stretch your arms and moan one more time. “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself“ he says, now facing you completely. His voice is deeper and raspier than usual, which you have to admit, turns you really on. His face looks serious but his eyes always stay on your lips.

„Why don’t you?“ you ask, looking directly in Jugs eyes, until his eyes find yours. Its like you have a staring contest for a minute. Then, suddenly, Jug stand up from his chair and quickly joins you on the bed, before crashing his lips on yours. With his weight he quickly pushes you back, so that you lie on your back with Jug on tops of you. As he cups your face with his hand  his tongue instantly finds his way in your mouth, fighting with your own tongue. As you put your arms around Jugs neck, you play with his hair. As yo lightly tug on his hair you hear Jug moan. You break the kiss, smirking. „Someone’s really eager, hm?“ you ask him, only to get an annoyed look back. „Can you shut up for five minutes please???“ he answers, clearly frustrated by you. „Anything for you, loverboy.“ you say, before pressing your lips together again.

We’re All Monsters Here

Originally posted by realmonsterwoo

Kim Young Woo was a monster in everything he did.  He was the poster child for a Bad Boy.  Not much is known for sure, but it’s rumored he is banned from certain countries.  He was a walking mystery and you wanted to solve it.

First time you saw him was at a club in Hongdae, he terrified and aroused you.  You had never seen a man that big with that many tattoos.  Or a man that big that could move his hips as well as him.  The next time you saw him he was sitting on his custom made chopper, drinking a beer and talking with his friends.  You were staring, you didn’t realize how bad until he looked up at you with eyes as a dark as coal that held the promise of danger and sex.  He said something to his friends, they shared handshakes and ‘bro-hugs’ before departing.  Once they were gone he finished his beer, looked back to you and held out a helmet towards you.  It was too loud for words, the Weeknd’s ‘Acquainted’ was blasting from the speakers outside.

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On Point

Here it is! I finally decided to write and post one of these. It hasn’t really been edited, but it’s a start. This one is very fluffy and simply about having a bad day at work and Harry cheering you up. Let me know what you think! xxh

It seemed to just be one of ‘those’ days.

Normally your job doesn’t bring too much stress, but you’d stayed up late trying to finish up some loose ends of a project for the following day. So late that you forgot to set your alarm for the morning.

You woke up just minutes before you should have been at work, you left your apartment in a hurry, and in doing so, you left your laptop on your desk.

You didn’t realize this, of course, until it was too late and your boss passive aggressively agreed to let you take a longer lunch break than usual to go home and get it. It was an uncomfortable encounter, and just added to the terrible day you’d been having.

But just when things couldn’t possibly have gotten worse, your phone buzzed.

Have a question for you. Know you’re busy working hard. We can talk later. xx

Normally texts from Harry were a sweet thing to look forward to throughout the day, but this one just felt … different. He was busy today too, he was doing interviews and such so he probably remembered something quickly and texted you to remind you both. But what could it be?

Nonetheless, you carried on with your day, somehow managing to spill coffee on your progress reports you’d worked so hard to organize, and called your new supervisor by the wrong name … twice. By the time your shift was over, you were more than done with the day and wanted nothing more to be home.

It was raining as you left your office for the day, typical for this time of year. It only seemed to add to your mood and it was nowhere near positive to start with.

You were walking to the Tube when you remembered the text you’d been sent earlier by your boyfriend. What could he possibly need to talk about in person? You started to wrack your brain of the recent conversations you’d shared – last night sleepily together on the couch in your apartment, that morning in a tizzy about being late for work, last weekend about his Mum’s stories of him and Gemma that he was so excited to tell you about – nothing sparked you as needing to talk about. Had you been doing something? Had you not been paying attention?

The journey home seemed to take longer and longer as your thoughts raced, your senses numbed by the anxiety you could feel rising in your chest. It wasn’t like Harry to text you so vaguely; he knew it made you nervous. (Obviously that didn’t stop him some of the time, he was quite the tease).

Making your way up the stairs to your front door, your shoes were squeaking from the rain and your clothes were beginning to chill against your skin. You shivered and then grabbed for your keys, opened your door, and were embraced by the warmth of your cozy apartment.

You walked a few more steps inside to find Harry in the kitchen, humming to himself and dancing around. You were tense, mind still mulling over the text you’d received and on defense mode from your day at work.

He continued to bop around the room, doing his little cupcake sway you loved to see onstage, and turned around to face you. He looked a bit startled, but his face softened as he walked over to you. “’lo, pet. Missed yeh all day today. Couldn’t wait for yeh to get home,” he said as he embraced you. He held onto you tightly, almost like he was afraid to let you go.

You looked up at him and weakly smiled, “I missed you too,” you replied, voice starting to shake. You swore at yourself in your head, you weren’t going to get upset over this day. You were going to try and shake it off, enjoy your evening, and start over tomorrow.

The tears in your eyes were hardly noticeable, but Harry sensed the shift in your demeanor.

“Shh, hey now. What’s a’matter, love?” Harry tried to catch your gaze, but you wouldn’t look up at him. You were too prideful to cry over something so small as a bad day at work.

He then took your chin softly in his hand and tilted your head up. You could feel his gaze and knew he wouldn’t look away until you gave him the eye contact he was demanding.

“Pet, what’s goin’ on? Did I say something? Did something happen?” he asked again, still holding onto your chin.

You slowly nodded, but when you tried to talk, your voice cracked and the tears started streaming freely. Between hiccups and sniffs, Harry could barely pick up what you were trying to blubber at him. He pulled you into his chest and rocked you back and forth, wondering what on Earth had upset you so badly.

You pulled away from his arms, took a deep breath, and started to explain how badly your day had started, continued, and was now seeming to end too. Sniffing again, you looked back up at him, “I just feel like I disappointed a lot of people today, why do they even keep me at my job? I mess up more than I do well, it’s so frustrating,” you sighed.

Harry looked you in the eyes, green gems focused on yours. “Love, yeh work so hard. Yeh love so much. Yeh do everything to its fullest potential, including beating yourself up, especially when yeh don’t deserve it,” he said, “Yeh don’t realize how much yeh mean to me, Pet, and how much yeh put into everything,”

He then pulled you back into his arms, even more protective now, placed a kiss onto the top of your head, and led you to the couch. The two of you settled into each other and you finally felt some tension leaving your body. Harry got up to go start the kettle and left you to your own thoughts.

A few moments later, he brought you a steaming cup of chamomile and sat beside you. Taking a sip, you then cleared your throat.

“What did you need to talk to me about? It sounded important,” you questioned and held your breath.

“Oh, I almost forgot, s’been a long day,” he said, smiling, “Do I snore? Is that a problem? Interviewers asked me for a flaw of mine, odd question ‘innit? That’s what I could think of on the spot, but then I thought about it. Do I really?”

You shoved his shoulder, receiving an annoyed “Oi!” from your boyfriend.

“Harry Edward Styles, you had me worrying all day about whether I’d messed up in some way that we needed to talk in person, and all you needed to know was if you snore or not!?” you cry out, annoyed but also humored.

“I know petal, wasn’t the best way to remind myself to ask yeh, but it came up earlier and I needed to know!” he said laughing and pulling you in closer, “’m sorry you’ve had a long day, let’s spend some time together and just relax, yeah?”

You sunk into the couch next to him, enjoying his company, “that sounds wonderful,” you said, turning the TV to a random sitcom.

“Wake me if I start snorin’, yeah?” Harry asked, yawning. “Wanna know if it’s bad or ‘on point’.”


(Mature content)

The more I looked upon her face the more sweaty and shaky my hands has gotten. Her smile was exquisite and her features are resplendent. My hands craved for her body and my body yearned for her body against mine. The urge to know her grew at a breaking point. Whereas I stood in front of her, her back was facing me. Her curly hair is admirable. My eyes quickly glanced down on her ass that was beautifully covered in leggings. I immediately looked up feeling guilt wash over me for staring without her permission.

“I’ll see you around,” y/n said to her friend. Quickly turning the other way around and bumped her head towards my chest. “Oh my god I’m sorry,” she giggled rubbing her forehead. I was going to say it’s okay but I couldn’t. I stood frozen in place as her captivating eyes pierced into mine. “Do I know you?” She asked raising her eyebrow. Great she didn’t even know who I was, I thought to myself.

“I-uh. I-um,” i started but no coherent words seemed to form. All I heard was Khalil’s stupid words in the back of my mind,‘she’s not going to say yes.’ I felt an excruciating pain on my chest from my heart beating so hard. This was the closest I’ve been to her, my crush since 8th grade and she was finally looking back at me. I couldn’t find the words to speak.

“I’m y/n,” she smiled putting out her hand to shake mine. I fought the urge of saying ‘I know’ figuring she’d find it creepy.

I connected my hands with hers. Her hands were vastly soft. The amount of times I imagined those hands along my stomach and further down was numerously. I quickly pulled my hand back to my side digging them deep into my khaki pockets.“I-I’m Justin Bieber,” I finally spoke out.

“Are you new here?” Y/n questioned. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.” I’ve felt my heart sting in affliction. The girl I was head over heels really had no idea who I was. I couldn’t blame her I never talked to anyone unless I was spoken to but no one spoke to me. Just Khalil, that douchebag. I shook my head no looking down in embarrassment. “Shit I’m sorry.”

“It’s o-okay,” I smiled through the pain.

“Well do you need help with something? Or,” y/n asked.

“Um never mind it’s doesn’t matter anymore,” I said turning away wanting nothing more but to leave this dreadful conversation.

“No wait,” she grabbed on to my hand pulling me back towards her, closer than ever. “Tell me,” y/n demanded.

“I-i um,” I tried to speak but couldn’t focus when I felt her fingertips drawing shapes against the palm of my hand.

“Well?” She asked staring up at me.

“I wanted to ask you out on uh a date,” I confessed feeling a weight lift off my shoulders. “But you don’t have to come I-I understand you didn’t even know wh-”

“I’d like to go out with you,” y/n smiled. I felt the feeling of nervousness wash over me replacing the feeling with jubilant. I was overexcited. I never thought this would ever happen. I felt my face going red. “Where are you taking me? So I know what to wear,” y/n interrupted my thoughts.

I completely forgot to even think of a date idea. I didn’t think she’d actually say yes. “I don’t know,” I sighed.

“Well you can come over to my place and we’ll hang out there if you’d like.” I nodded my head maybe a little too eagerly. She took out a post it and a pen writing down what I assumed to be her address. “Come at 8. And don’t come before that because I’d probably look like a mess,” she giggled handing me over the paper. How can such beauty look like a mess. “I’ll see you tonight,” she smiled and waved walking around me to her car.

“Dammit Khalil I’m so nervous,” I spoke into the phone. My heart was accelerating. My mind couldn’t actually comprehend that I was here. In front of y/n’s house.

“Justin calm down shit. First of all what are you wearing?”

I looked down at my outfit. “A blue button down shirt with dress pants,” I grinned impressed with my choice.

“This white boy,” he muttered. “You going over to her house or Obama’s house?”

“Her house,” I signed rubbing my temple.

“A t-shirt and some joggers could’ve been fine. Now how many cars are in front of her house?” Khalil questioned.

I looked over my window,“Uh just one. The one she takes to school.”

“Great. My boy is gonna get laid tonight,” Khalil chuckled.

I furrowed my eyebrows,“How would you know that?”

“She invited you over when her folks are away Justin!” Khalil exclaimed as if it were common sense.

“Forget this Khalil. You’re just making me nervous than I was before,” I groaned and hung up. I took the roses that were placed in the passenger seat and hopped off the car. I looked down at my watch seeing it was 8:02. My eyes widen knowing I was late I rushed over to the door knocking on it slightly.

“Coming!” I heard her angelic voice yell. The door opened and there she was. Beautiful as ever. She was only wearing Nike spandex and a fitted white shirt. Her curly hair was in a half up and half down with her edges running smoothly against her forehead. “You look so handsome justin!” Y/n smiled up at me.

“T-thank you,” take that Khalil. “These are for you,” I handed her the roses. They looked beautiful with her complexion.

“Thank you so much. Come in,” y/n pulled me inside her home. “I’m gonna put these in a vase.” I nodded. Her home looked cozy and big. I looked at frames and wow she’s been ravishing her whole life. Her mom is a real beauty too. “My parents aren’t here so it’s just gonna be the two of us if that’s okay,” y/n said walking back over to me. “So what do you want to do?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Just being around her presence and having her acknowledging me meant everything right now. “Anything,” I said.

“Well we can watch some tv,” y/n grabbed my fingertips and leading me to her couch. The tv was already on and playing Drake and Josh. “You like this show?” I nodded. “I never thought that it be so simple but I,” and she continued singing the rest of the theme song. I laughed a little too loudly when she was done. “What?”

“You sing t-terrible,” I giggled between words.

“Like you can do better,” y/n crossed her arms. “Let me hear you,” she demanded.

I shook my head immediately. Feeling shy I looked down again. “Never mind i take it back you sing good.”

“Nuh uh. Come on sing something,” y/n turned her body to face me and muted the tv.

“I forgot to tell you you look beautiful tonight,” I said trying to get out of the situation but also realizing I actually haven’t told her that since I’ve been here. God I’m such a jerk.

“Nice save.”

“N-no I really mean it. You look really beautiful today,” I gazed over at her. “And yesterday,” I remembered the smile she had on all day yesterday and that new lipgloss she wore.

“You’re pretty good looking yourself. You must have girls chasing you,” y/n said looking me up and down. I shook my head. “Are you serious?”


“Well its not your fault. Girls in high school are just figuring out what type of person they want to be with. But they do mostly go for the loud outgoing guys. I used to be like that.”

“I remember. There was Matt, Anthony, Tyler, Sean and god he was terrible,” I shook my remembering when he would grab y/n’s ass in public no matter how many times she said no. “So was Chris. Also-”

“Okay I get it i was foolish,” y/n rolled her eyes.

“I don’t think you were foolish,” I protested. “Sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good,” I said.

“I see what you did there,” y/n smirked.

“What?” I asked.

“You were referring to yourself as the good.”

“No I wasn’t!” I exclaimed trying to hide my smile but she caught me and my weak flirt game.

“Justin Bieber just flirted with me!” She gushed. “I feel special,” y/n teased

“I know I suck at flirting,” I hiding my face behind my hands feeling embarrassed.

“Don’t,” y/n giggled grabbing my hands away from my face looking at my eyes. “It means you don’t go around doing it as often.”

“How do you flirt?” I asked curious wondering if she used it on me without me realizing.

“It’s simple. I just give the look.” I scrunched my face in confusion. “You have to look the person in the eye,stare at them-you know really look intrigued. Smile. Look away. Then look back.”

“Have you um,” i coughed. “Tried that on me?”

Y/n shook her head no. I coughed again trying to give the awkward tension some living. “It’s cause I never looked away from you since we met today.”

I felt fireworks explode in my stomach. No one other than my mom has complimented me like that before.

“You know why?” Y/n asked.


“Cause my brain is trying to process how can someone be that hideous.”

My smile vanished my face. I got a sudden feeling of insecurity and wanted to disappear immediately. “O-oh.”

“I’m just fucking with you,” y/n burst out laughing. “You should’ve seen your reaction shit. O-oh,” she imitated me. I started to laugh too,she was so damn adorable.

“Don’t take me serious,” her laughter died down. “You’re really charming. I mean it.”

“You too,” I complimented back.

“Thank you,” y/n smiled. “You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to but how long were you planning to ask me out?”

My body stiffed. I didn’t want to come across as if I waited forever but I did. It’s exactly what I did and I couldn’t lie to her. “8th grade,” I sighed.

Y/n looked taken back,“8th grade?” She repeated. I nodded. “We’re seniors now. Why’d you take so long?” She furrowed her eyebrows.

I shrugged,“I guess I was too shy to talk to you. And I don’t seem like your type.”

“That’s because the guys you’ve seen me with before are dicks.”

“I don’t really know what type of guy I am. I never been with a girl,” I cringed in embarrassment. She probably thinks I’m a prude.

“What a about a guy?” Or gay. “I always see you with Khalil,” she said.

“You know him?” I asked having no idea they talked. He could’ve introduced me to her long time ago.

Y/n nodded,“I had to work with him in a science project. He made me do all the work that douchebag,” she scoffed.

I smiled knowing we share the same thoughts. “He has his moments but he’s a good friend.” Y/n smirked raising her brow. “What?” I asked a little confused.

“You never denied my question.”

“What quest-” but then I remember her asking me if I was ever with a guy. “N-no!” I exclaimed. “I like girls!” I exclaimed nervously. She still smirked seeming as if she didn’t believe me. “I like you,” I confessed.

“I don’t want to be fake and say I like you too but I sure as hell am interested.”


*2 weeks later*

“Don’t forget Justin. My place 8 o'clock.-”

“And don’t come before that because I’d probably look like a mess,” I finished for her. She smiled and walked away with her friends.

“She so likes you bro,” Khalil smirked.

“I don’t want to get carried away but god Khalil she’s everything I wanted in a girl. She’s funny, loyal, honest, beautiful, empowering, confident-”

“Aight man I get it.”

“Y/n’s everything. I love talking to her whether its texting or calling. I-I just love hearing what she has to say. I’d hear her make up routine for gods sake,” I smiled feeling my dimples pop up.

These past two weeks was pure elation. Every minute I spent with her or talked to her I was on cloud nine. We joked, we talked about what we wanted for our future, our aspirations in life, we hung out everyday, we had deep conversations late at night, we disagreed in certain topics but that’s okay because listening to her talk for what she believed in showed this side of intelligence in her that was incredibly sexy. She’s surprising and unpredictable.

“Have y'all kissed?” I blushed looking down to my feet. “Bro,” Khalil grabbed to my shoulder. “You kissed the finest girl in school and didn’t tell me?”

“She kissed my cheek 2 days ago,” feeling fireworks erupt my stomach from the memory.

“This white boy,” Khalil muttered. “I’m talking about a real kiss. Lips to lips tongue to tongue.” I shook my head. “Why the hell not?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed. “Maybe she just sees me as a friend.”

“Well not tonight. I’m gonna fix you up for tonight.”


“Look at yourself.”

Feeling excited I stood up walking over to the vanity mirror and felt disappointment wash over me quickly. “I look like every guy at our school,” I groaned looking down at the adidas joggers accompanied with a baseball jersey and white shirt underneath. “And my hair!” I furrowed my eyebrows. “What’d you do?”

“I just cut the sides a bit, gave it a little fade.” Khalil shrugged as if it were no big deal. “Oh wait this completes the look,” he said and threw some chains over my neck.“

“This outfit doesn’t even match.”

“Who cares? You make it look good bro,” Khalil patted my back.

I looked down at my watch and saw that it was 8:10. “I need to go I’m late,” i said rushing to get out of his house. I had no time to buy y/n flowers so I just took a few from Khalil’s porch. I got into the car turning the engine on and drove 10 minutes until I got to y/n place.

I got the roses and made my way to the door knocking it. “Hey Justi-woah you look different.” Y/n said astonished about my look.

“Khalil dressed me up,” I said and walked in handing her the roses.

“Thank you so much,” y/n smiled. “I’m gonna put them with the others.” I walked over to the living room sitting on the couch. I’ve been here for about 5 times now and I still get the same feeling I get when I was first here,nervous and shy. “Hey let’s go to my room tonight.” Y/n said leading me the way to her room. “As hot as you look right now please don’t let Khalil dress you,” she chuckled.

“Why not?” I grew comfortable to the clothes feeling my body breathe more than the dress pants, khakis, or button downs ever did.

“I like your little nerdy look better.And before you go into my room just know that I haven’t decorated it since like freshmen year so don’t laugh,” y/n said and pulled the door open.

My eyes wandered around her room and I found nothing wrong with it. Just a lot of pink and gold. A few stuffed animals in the corner but that’s it. “It’s cute,” I grinned.

“Exactly what I mean. Cute. That’s a word used for 5 year olds,” y/n said sitting down on her bed. “Can you sit here please I need to tell you something.” I took a seat on her bed my back against the headboard. My heart was speeding so fact and my mind kept trying to go back thinking if I did something wrong. “So we’ve been talking for awhile now and before I let you get your hopes up I wanted to tell you that I thought about it and i don’t feel the same way about you. I just want to be friends.” I felt an aching pain in my chest. I don’t know if I should feel furious at her or mad at myself for thinking I could have a chance. I feel embarrassed and humiliated. “I’m joking!” Y/n exclaimed noticing my nervousness.

“What?” I cried out in disbelief.

“I’m just joking Justin oh my god,” y/n fell back laughing. “You’re so gullible baby.”

“Y/n that was mean,” I pouted.

“I’m sorry,” she her laugh calming down. “But on a serious note I actually like you too. In a like like way,” she blushed.

“R-really?” I gulped. I couldn’t believe my ears. I sat frozen in place my heart was beating so fast. A girl actually likes me. And it’s not just any girl, it’s y/n.

“Yes,” she smiled. “And I’m kinda hoping you say you like me back unless you lost feelings after you actually got to know m-”

“I like you too!” I interrupted. “In a like like way.”

Y/n continues to blush,“I wanted to try something but if you’re not comfortable just tell me.” And all of the sudden I felt her face coming closer to mine. I never had my first kiss before I don’t know what to do. I copied her actions and leaned my head forward and closed my eyes. And that’s when I felt those perfectly plump lips against mine. So passionate and so sweet. Her lips moved against mine and I swear there was no better feeling in the world than this. I let out moan when I felt y/n straddle my legs. Her lips moved towards my neck and I felt my private arouse when her tongue swept against my skin. Y/n detached herself from my skin,“Justin we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”

“No,” I said catching my breath. “I want to. I-I just don’t know how,” I admitted feeling embarrassed.

“Well I don’t want your first time to be here…like this.”

“Y/n it doesn’t matter. I dreamed of this moment since I was like 14. I want to do this,” i chuckled nervously.

“Okay well,” y/n pulled up her shirt revealing her light pink lace bra to my ardor eyesight. “Do whatever feels right because ,” her hands came in contact with mine and moved upwards to her covered breasts. “I’m all yours.”

I choked on my own breath. This was my first time my hands ever landed upon a girl’s chest but thanks to porn i wasn’t clueless on what to do with them. I caressed her through the material. I slightly squeezed them and heard her whimper but I wanted to go further. “C-can i take it off?” I asked. Y/n nodded watching me. My fingers pulled her straps down. My hands made their way to unclasp the material but it wouldn’t budge.

“Let me do it,” y/n giggled. All of the sudden the bra popped open and y/n threw it on the floor. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to me so I have a quick access to massage her breasts with my mouth. I felt myself harden more underneath her. I nibbled, I twirled my tongue to give her the gratification she deserves. “Justin,” she moaned arching her back wanting to feel more of me. I let go catching my breath. Y/n was quick to have my shirt taken off and I felt insecure. “Your body is mesmerizing,” she said. I felt her fingertips unbuckle my belt pulling my pants down along with my boxers. My dick was hard urging for her lust, her seduction. “Shit you’re so big,” she mumbled kissing the tip of my dick before taking me all in.

I let out a loud moan from this new sense of contentment that my own right hand couldn’t give me. Her tongue was voracious for my dick as I felt it swirl, sweep, and glide on me. Her captivating eyes stared into my own only this time it wasn’t in the hallway when we first met, it was on her bed while she was sucking me dry. I groaned gripping onto the bed sheet, my legs feeling weak as she bobbed her head up and down. She quickly removed her mouth making a pop sound as she let me go. “Tell me when you’re gonna cum okay?” I quickly nodded urging to feel the devotion she was giving me again. When I felt my dick in her mouth i threw my head back taking in the satisfaction. “Baby,” I cried out. “I’m almost there,” i said in between grunts. “Y-you don’t have to swallow if uh you don’t w-want to.” But y/n kept sucking until I came in her mouth.

“How was that?” She smirked.

“I never knew it could be that good,” I said in between breath closing my eyes feeling weak.

“Babe you’re tired already?” Y/n pouted crossing her arms pushing her boobs more up. I looked up to her face and shook my head no. “You can stare and touch me as long as you want I’m not gonna push you away,” she whispered into my ear. I gulped. Y/n backed up so she can undo her jeans. My eyes wandered on her beautiful thighs and legs. “Can you take off my thong?” She asked seductively.

“Mhmm,” I hummed too shock to speak. My fingertips found the side of her thing and I pulled on it slowly wanting to treasure and remember every single moment. Her vagina came exposed to my eyes and I felt my mouth water feeling greedy to love her. “Shit, I don’t have a condom,” I groaned.

“It’s okay I’m on the pill just lay back,” y/n said pushing my shoulders back. “Do you want me to go slow or-”

“It doesn’t matter I might not even last long to be honest,” i interrupted desperate for her.

Y/n lined herself up and sat down on me. We both moaned at the feeling. “F-fuck,” I grunted. She began rocking back and forth I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head. My breath was heavily breathing. “You’re so tight,” I moaned grabbing her hips and thrusting rapacious into her.

“Holy fuck Justin,” she whimpered. Looking up at y/n she had her mouth slightly open and her eyes shut. My hands moved behind to grab her fat ass. I wanted to return the pleasure so I quickly rolled over and pounded her harder. I felt sweat forming its way on the top of my head as the headboard clashed onto the wall over and over again. Feeling my lips ache for hers I kissed her luscious full of flavor lips roughly. Her tongue swept my bottom one asking for permission which i hungrily approved yearning for more.

“I’m almost there,” I breathed out. Y/n wrapped her legs around my hips. My thrusts got harder when I heard her loudly moan assuming I’m hitting her g-spot.

“Lets cum together.” I quickly nodded going rapidly faster in her sweet tight fucking vagina. She arched her back taking me in. “In 1…2,” she cried out. “3.” I felt out juices coming together at the same time. I gasped at the new feeling. I rolled myself off and laid next to her our breathing the only thing in the air.

“Holy fuck you were amazing,” y/n said laying her head on my chest drawing shapes on me.

“I felt that I was awkward,” I admitted.

“Well it was only your first time. If you’re not happy with yourself we can practice a lot more but I-shit that was everything. And I heard you curse too,” y/n gazed up on me.

“Those were the only word that describes the feeling at the time,” I grinned.

“Can you sing for me?”

I quickly nodded singing the first thing that popped into my head,“Girl change into that Victoria Secret thing that I like…”

End. Good thing this is called an imagine bc shit like this only happens 2% of the time. This is probably the worst imagine I ever wrote considering how I couldn’t connect to the charater,last time I had a crush was in 8th fucking grade with a student teacher.But I rushed to write something before Irma hits my ass. Send requests.

Last Night

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k

Plot: Best friends turned lovers.

The night before…

This is insane, how can someone look so stunning just in her bedtime clothes? I can’t take my eyes off her, much less my thoughts… I wonder.. I almost let my thoughts slip. Nervously, I licked my lips. 

Y/N looked absolutely beautiful. She was wearing my favorite black long sleeved shirt, but it was a size or two too large for her petite body. I could see the bright frilly pattern of her underwear barely peeking out from underneath the shirt. Her hair was tucked away under a beanie that I gave her for her birthday last week. 

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I’m really starting to like Cass’ friendship with Clayface.

Detective Comics #953 offers a close look at Cass trying to cope with who her parents are and it’s heartwretching, especially with how it appears she was clinging to the belief there is a mother out there who loves and misses her, when being subjected to David Cain’s training. And now it turns out her mom is Shiva, who continues razing Gotham City and now sent assassins to murder Batwoman. I really liked Clayface trying to help Cass deal with it, it was clear before that she feels compassion for his struggle, but it’s really heartwarming to see it works the other way around as well. Bruce also tries to help, in his own way. And I like it – he tries to stop Cass from confronting Shiva again, but doesn’t fight her, just tries to talk and lets her let her anger out, even if it costs him getting his ass kicked. He is trying and I think this approach might be the best one. I mean yeah, seemingly it didn’t work, but then, when Cass confronts Shiva, she refuses to fight as well and instead tries to talk, even when mother kicks her ass again. In that Cassandra pretty much proves Bruce’s point that David and Shiva being her parents don’t define who she is – because in that scene she proves to be much more like her adopted father than either of them.


Thank you guys so much for your patience! Got stuck at work longer than expected, but I’m here and I’ve got the results of the contest for ya. Before we jump into it, I wanna say I loved each and every one of the entries I received, and it wasn’t easy at all to pick — I’m gonna have a little blurb on each, and everyone reading, please, please be sure to follow them and shoot them some love for their work! Everyone did fantastic and I love the results.

Firstly, anyone not selected in the winner results below, please still e-mail me at — you will be receiving a notecard drawing of Sam and some stickers for your participation in the contest! Just let me know who you are, your entry, and your address, if you’re comfortable with that. 

The winner of the contest for the prize of the comic prompt is @withthedemonblood! Please e-mail me and we can get your unique Sam-centric comic started for you, your eyes only! Unless you wanna post it when you get it. Y’know. Whatevs.

The two winners for the fanfiction category is @brothersapart and @womanoflettersinthebunker ! The two winners for fan art is @sketchydean and @fioreitaliano (which is not letting me ping you, what a butthead tumblr is). The two winners for fan edits are @samprincesschester and @jaredbottoms!  Let me know if you would like The Little Golden Hunter’s Book or a grayscale copy of Ask Sam Stuff Volumes 1 or 2. If you would like to wait, you can request to have grayscale Volume 3 when it is completed! If you would rather have a drawn piece that is SPN-related, let me know, we can work something out that is non-book-related.  

(IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST BELOW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will add you and you will still be able to get a gift for partaking for your hard work — a Sam notecard of thanks and stickers! Apologies to the helpful notes left on the previous post before this one; I was at work so I couldn’t respond. :’))


Metal by @waytoomuchanalysis : A fantastic continuation of the bend the spoon entry, it dives into the potential of Sam stil having his powers! Look out for the warnings, and enjoy a dose of hurt!Sam, too! I love me some hurt!Sam.

The Long Road Home by @brothersapart : A wonderfully well-written ‘novelization’ of here and here, where Dean died as a child in the fire with their mother. Really awesome to tackle this one, and you did a great job conveying additional things in the narrative!

I’m Okay by @ultimatefandomtrash61 : A gritty and heavy covering of the entry involving Sam’s feelings after Toni’s deceit in 12x02; heed the warnings at the start! It’s a tough subject for sure, but it’s done very well!

As Dreamer’s Do by @withthedemonblood : Really wonderful descriptions and details as this goes, this takes what is a pretty silly entry and adds a lot of personality and weight to it; I love me some weechester stuff, and there’s even a little hurt!Dean in there for you guys who like fairness in torment, haha.

Manoir de Mes Reves by @captain-sodapop : I gotta say, I didn’t even remotely consider the twister entry on Sam’s Birthday bash would end up as an entry! Great humor and a fun concept, check this one out.

I Love You, Too by @manuscript-or : Based on Sam's addiction to coffee (dude sometimes there’s such a thing as too much), this AU of the pilot episode is pretty cute and full of Jess and Sam goodness! And y'all know I’m a sucker for Jess and Sam. Check this out!

Happy Halloween by @womanoflettersinthebunker : Based on the halloween post about Abby the little sassy cowgirl with read hair and freckles! I really love the alternate route this took, and it gave Sam a fun little adventure to boot — love the details of Sam naming trick-or-treaters in this head! Fantastic work. ♥

Proud Defense by @my-pen-is-my-sword : Very, very neat — an expansion of this strange creature from a pre-series comic! I’m impressed with the attempt to tackle this one, since it was one of the more vague and mysterious comics I’ve thrown out there, but it ended up being a really great piece! Excellent job.

Scars by @samsexualdeancurious :  A short but sweet Jess/Sam entry, exploring a panel in this entry a bit more. Did I mention I’m a sucker for Jessica and Sam? Because I am. Great job on expanding on that entry, and great writing.

A Long Night (Part 1 | Part 2) by @borrowedtimeandspace : A lovely write-up of a section of the Ask Lil’ Sam Stuff plotline; I really loved doing that story, and I’m tickled to see that it was chosen to be done for the entry! They’ve done a really good job adding little narrative touches to this, and it’s a nice addition to the bitty!Sam collection!

Fan art:

BANANA SAM by @fioreitaliano : Based on this. I cannot believe my eyes. A+ banana!Sam. I’m so happy to have laid eyes on him in all his wonder.

No but Really, Call Me, Cont’d by @saintedsam : The cutest little continuation of Max Banes and Sam Winchester, from my entry of Max hitting on an oblivious Sam. And here he is, continuing to be oblivious! What a cute art style, I love it! (And that shirt, Max.)

The Purple Dog Shirt, Pt. II by @sketchydean : What a great follow-up to the purple dog shirt comic! It can be tough to whip up comics, but this is done extremely well and feels like such a solid continuation, I love it. Now - where the heck did that shirt go!!

Dean, I Made You More Pie by @h3dgehogjohn : Isn’t this so cute? A picture of little Sam from this entry making more 'pie’ for his brother! I love them in their little socks; great job, and a+ freckles. ;)

It was a long night by @dovesdanceatdusk  Banana!Sam strikes again!! This time with some backstory! I love the way Sam’s drawn in this, what an excellent style, and — yeah, it was a long night.

I’m Gonna Rip Your Lungs Out! by @nisaki-chan : Oh man, protective!Dean, weechesters, and the threat of lung-ripping. Our favorite! Great art style and an excellent choice in topic. I approve.

Take Care of Yourself! by @dozmuffinxc : Look at this cute entry! A Sam swathed in blankets! A really adorable art style, and a good point to keep in mind for everyone, especially over-working little Sam.

Samulet? … Deanmulet? by @sakurinn : Based on this post, sakurinn made an excellent video of Sam getting his own personal samulet! A Deanulet? A wonderful shout-out to you for making a video entry!! This is her first post on tumblr, so please be sure to send lovely wishes and a welcome to the community! ♥


Lack of Agency by @jaredbottoms : An excellent study in gif-form of some of the lack of agency in Sam’s life, based on this post — it’s crazy to see it all laid out, and important to remember. Great selections for a strong gifset.

Cute-o-Meter by @samprincesschester : Something a little less serious — a good ol’ cracky screencap comic, based on this cracky lovefest of a post! I love the humor in this, and I love the team effort going into reminding everyone what a cutie-patootie Sam is. Thanks a ton, Team Freely Loving Sam Winchester.

Once again, give everyone a hand and some reblogs/notes/follows, they’re all super awesome and I’m so happy to have seen their work! Again, if you have an entry that isn’t here because I’m a dipstick and missed it, or I lost it while pasting together this monstrosity (so much linking, so much writing, ieieeeiee), message me and let me know! You’ll certainly still get yourself some stickers. ;)

Until the next contest??? Maybe??? 

I’ll just see you next entry, haha.

— Ashlee

P.S. Happy birthday, Sam. Congrats on being alive somehow in your canon!

Missing You. (Wonwoo Smut)



We had asked a special someone to write this for us and her name is ciara, as her bias is none other than the person you requested, we figured she’d write something really cool, and absolutely adorable like kjfhjksnkf i was smiling the whole time! WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS, AND WE HOPE YOU’LL LOVE IT. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ASKING, AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS ASKED, PLS BE PATIENT! WE WILL BE SURE TO CATCH UP ON WHAT YOU GUYS HAD REQUESTED. WE LOVE YOU!

-admin kate x

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Let’s Just Have This

BUCKY BARNES x Plus Size Reader

You and Bucky try spring cleaning, but you’re both really good at getting distracted.

Content: Fluff, mild and brief sexual context (literally just grinding and ass grabbing for 2 seconds)

It’s one in the afternoon, you’re elbow deep in multi-surface bathroom cleaner, and trying to blast Dua Lipa through the house. Your boyfriend is supposed to be in a similar situation in the kitchen, but the fact that he’s dancing around the bathroom door and the song just changed from Dreams to SWEET by BROCKHAMPTON proves otherwise. You’re on your hands and knees, bent over the bathtub and scrubbing it like your life depends on it, and he’s just swaying his hips in the doorway, hand over his chest and pointing at you with his whole hand.

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